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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 2, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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mnmnmnmh good morning. more than a year after vandals defaced it, the san jose veterans memorial is back. that's coming up next. plus, a sierra skier dies in an avalanche. the investigation into what triggered a wall of snow to come tumbling down. and yelp's glowing review as it debuts on the stock market. the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning. thanks forring with us i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. this morning, a memorial to bay
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area veterans, once smashed and tagged by vandal is now fully restored, thanks to an army of volunteers. live at san jose where the new panels are, once again, standing. what a great thing. hi, damien. >> reporter: it is. good morning, marla. this is where the people of san jose came to honor its men and women in uniform, the san jose veterans memorial, the rededication will take place in the next couple of weeks. this is where they came to honor the men and women until vandals got to it. after that vandalism last year, we brought a vietnam veteran to see the damage caused. he was in disbelief, and said it was one of the most disgusting things he has ever seen. the glass panels were boarded up after someone shattered three of them. each costing $18,000. now this morning, gill came back to see the finished product. he tells us the donors and
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volunteered just brought pride back to san jose. this is a place where you honor freedom and the men and women who defend it. >> last night, it was very, very emotional. today it is emotional. to see this back up again means a lot to me and a lot of world war ii veterans, korean veterans, to sacrifice their life for us. >> reporter: the new panels are made of more durable glass, and it's cheaper. each panel costs about $2,000 each, compared to $18,000 of those old panels. a lot toelebrate here for the veterans in south bay. live in san jose. hundreds are still left without electricity in the east bay after a car slams into a power pole. the accident in kelly street and bayview avenue caused the outage in the nearby fair view
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district. pg&e working to repair the pole for hours. work is expected to be finished by 3:30 this afternoon. right now, more severe weather in the south. a supercell emergency workers describe as a tornado or several small tornadoes tore through alabama. just into the newsroom, reports homes and a high school are damaged, and that many are injured and without power. meantime, cleanup continues in harrisburg, illinois, where twisted metal, splintered wood, broken glass scattered for miles. at least 13 people are dead across 5 states, 6 of those victims in harrisburg. more than 100 injured. crews are coming through and piling up debris. many can't clear away chilling images of the storm. >> nervous. i'm shaky. i'm tired.
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it's -- i just don't have words for that you feel. >> my husband looked at me and said, well, do you want to build it back? i said, why, sure. we've been here since 1972. we're not going anywhere. >> today's round of storms expected to run throughout the evening. starting in the missouri valley and running through the deep south. well, deadly avalanche conditions have rescue workers on edge in the sierra today. weekend skiers and borders are headed for the slopes, just a day after 29-year-old benjamin bracket of olympic valley died in an avalanche. brian hickey joins us with the latest. >> reporter: an area ward canyon a back country area not far from the alpine meadows ski resort but accessible off highway 89 near sunny side, where three men were skiing yesterday near an area called stanford rock. they say an avalanche triggered
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near the ridge top and carried one of the parties down the mountain, where he was then stuck around a tree, swept away by that avalanche. one of the men in the group skied out and subjected help the other stayed with the victim. they had to climb up 1,000 feet up to get to the man where they found him wrapped around a tree. >> a big slide and the victim was -- there were three guys and one was caught in the slide, right from the get-go, and taken down the mountain quite a ways. probably 300 feet down. >> reporter: at the time of the avalanche yesterday, the sierra center rated the hazard as high. today they downgraded the hazard to considerable. anybody in the back country should know what they're doing. you cannot replace knowledge. second, you need proper gear. everyone should be carrying one of these, which will help friends find you if your buried, poles, and a shovel to dig you
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out or dig your buddy out if they become buried. equipment and knowledge going into the back country, especially with unstable conditions. >> great advice there. thank you, brian. if you are headed up to the sierra, she's the lady you want to talk, meteorologist christina loren, what can they expect? >> some places in the sierra nevada around tahoe picked up three to four feet, feet, of snow. and that actually doubled, the snow depth in many areas. the heavy, recent snowfall waite weak snowpack underneath it causes that area to collapse. it's very easily triggered by humans or wind. your best bet headed up to tahoe enjoy that fresh powder. take it easy. stay on the main lines where you can be visible from everybody and stay out of the back country for the next two days until conditions become more stable. we have more snow on the way to tahoe. we'll have to wait for it next week. what we're expecting for this
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weekend in the bay area. quite a difference. we're at 60 degrees already in napa. at 11:06. we didn't even see the 60s yesterday across the bay area. we're on our way to mid to upper 60s. tomorrow 70s. we're still in winter, marla. rain returns in you seven-day forecast. another storm system as we head through next week. a weaker system than the one that came through here but we need rain. more on the way. >> snow in the sierra, rain in the bay area. let's talk business and tech. plenty to cheer about at yelp. [ bell ringing ] >> yelp co-founder ringing the opening bell this morning at san francisco bay company goes public. for more on yelp's first day of training, let's turn to bob pisani live. >> good morning. the hometown boys made a big
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splash down here. jeremy was just effusive and a great guy. he brought his mom with him. brought the employees. they're all so young. and did i tell you, they're making a lot of money today. look at this, yelp is behind me. priced at 15. it opened, marla, at 22.01. it's trading at 24 all throughout the day. so they were all here, all employees shaking hands and taking pictures of each other. met the mom, met jeremy. we had a wonderful time. it's not clear how long the price will hold up like this. hopefully it will for a while. the company's got to prove they can generate profits not just increase revenues. they've been doing the revenue part. they've got to start making money right now. >> bob, any insight into the fact that it was supposed to open between 12 and 14? >> yeah. well, the price talk was 12 to 14. the price talk means this is where they go around, they do the shows with all of the brokerage firms and say, we think it's probably reasonable
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to price around that area. so what happens, the demand was so strong, so many people wanted that, that the guys putting the stock out, the brokerage firms, said, heck, let's price it higher. that's a very good sign. when it opens, price at 15 opens at 22, trades at 24, that indicates demand is stronger than even they anticipated. >> bob, something to yelp about, you might say. thank you very much. okay. to decision 2012. republican presidential candidates kicking off their final weekend on the campaign trail before super tuesday. newt gingrich's campaign calling 150,000 voters in super tuesday states claiming rick santorum is no conservative and too closy with labor unions. santorum's blasting mitt romney for saying he doesn't support employers opting out of the contraceptive coverage. republicans decided not to the split them evenly, but to give
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romney more. syria's most besieged city has the help of the red cross. an aid convoy reached the snow-covered city of homs this morning. its main objective, get much-needed food and medical supplies to those injured by weeks of shelling by government forces. amateur video claims to show the ongoing violence there. the united nations estimates more than 7500 people have been killed since the uprising by the assad regime. which began a year ago. two french journalist whose survived the attacks in homs and escaped have arrived back in france. this convoy of suvs, believed to be carrying the two, was spotted driving last night after the pair smuggled across a lebanese/syrian border. well, just four days after a high school shooting rampage leaves three students dead, chardon high school in ohio is back in session.
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police hooand as a precautionar measure as students arrive. even students from other local schools stood outside to show their support. one student said it's hard to believe the shooting even happened. >> i just feel like i've been watching it through my tv about another school, another little -- another school in another small town and it's not chardon. >> just to show chardon that we're supporting them and that we know what they're going through and just to tell them to stay positive, even though negative things have happened. just to keep their heads up. >> that is good school spirit. accused gunman 17-year-old t.j. lane has been charged with three counts of aggravated murder two counts of attempted aggravated murder, one count of felonious assault. this morning a key ruling expected in the domestic abuse trial against san francisco's new sheriff. right now a judge is meeting behind closed doors with ross mirkarimi's ex-girlfriend, christina flores who filed a
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police report when they dated four years ago. no charges will be filed in the case. the prosecution wants florez to testify, the defense does. facing domestic abuse charges for allegedly abusing his wife's arm in front of their son new year's day. coming up, unexpected caffeine jolt for bay area food banks. how they wound up with four tons of free coffee beans, just ahead. and everything you wanted to know about that city in the sky but were afraid to ask. the latest exhibit at tech museum in san jose.thatryoming .
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welcome back. a lot of people heading out of town for the slopes this within, but it seems our own bob redell might have missed his turn-off. he took a wrong turn. live from the international
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space station. am i reading this right, bob? >> reporter: unfortunately, you're not. i wish i was in the space station because that looks like the ultimate party bus in the sky. you and your five closest friends range hanging out orbiting earth. a new exhibit, destination station. and i've got kelly humphries with nasa. i didn't realize how large this was. >> as big as a football field from end zone to end zone. a five-bedroom house on the inside, it's got a laboratory, gymnasium, 360-degree bay window that gives you a perfect view of thor thr below. >> reporter: they are learning taking back to earth for scientific advancements. >> research about bacteria, for example. they've learned that you can fine the gene that turns on and off certain food poisoning bacteria called salmonella. working on a vaccine, commercial companies, prevent food poisoning, which is a serious
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health problem around the world. >> reporter: this wouldn't be something to do on earth, the environment helped them figure it out. >> that's the key to research on the space station. every experiment on the ground has one variable always the same, gravity. the space station takes that variable away lets you learn new things about everything from medicine, materials, to the universe itself. >> you're not here to educate students, we've got a class walking through. hey, guys. we're literally open for business. i don't know if people realize. >> took ten years to build the international space station, a partnership of 15 countries around the world. now we're open for business and it's officially u.s. national laboratory by act of congress in 2005, and that means that if you are at a company or at a university or another laboratory that wants to get an experiment on the international space station you can do that through the center for the advancement of space and science. we're going to have a big expo
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on thursday where you can meet and greet people that have done that kind of science, maybe can help. >> reporter: go to i recognize that voice, one of the voices of mission control. say it. >> this is mission control, houston. >> reporter: now, space shuttle taking off and two tubes break apart. >> solid rocket boosts are ready to separate. shuttle will be on its own with the external tank. >> reporter: the shuttle landing and the fluffy thing pops out. >> that's the drag chute. nasa's landed. >> reporter: a greatest hits cd? >> no, i don't he. >> reporter: kelly, appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. we'll have a big downlink message at the tech on the 7th. >> reporter: it's going to be here at the tech the exhibit through march 12th. have a good weekend. >> bob, you too. you don't want to hear him say, houston, we have a problem, right? >> reporter: no. i don't think he's the guy saying that, either.
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>> thanks, bob. in south bay, you could call it sousa palooza. >> look, there's the very fair i've always wanted. not today, dear, her mother sighed. >> she looks too adorable. laura garcia-cannon spent the morning at baker elementary school in san jose reading one of dr. seuss' most famous books. today schools across the country celebrating dr. seuss' birthday by reading aloud as part of read across america day. good stuff, laura. let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. she has practice, she has triplets at home. >> she does. and we all know she knows how to read. good morning to you. it's kind of cool out there right now. we've got temperatures in the 50s, even 60s popping up on your temperature map this morning. as you can see, we're at 60 in napa. 55 in concord. 57 degrees in san jose. if you haven't been outside today, i can tell you, it's just
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absolutely beautiful. now that the temperatures are creeping up, it's going to be comfortable and beautiful. the combination making for great outdoor activities. calm conditions in fairfield. wind out of the southeast at three miles per hour. wind out of the west at ten miles per hour san jose. winds are strong and continue to strengthen through the day. high pressure sets up over the great basin. driving winds-off shore. a warming effect as they pump from land to sea. kicking your temperatures up ten degrees from yesterday's highs. we're going to tack on an additional ten degrees between today and sunday. so we're talking about a major warm-up. notice the difference. you'll probably want to get outdoors because you've got the weekend ahead. 66 in san jose. 65 in milpitas. 66 in evergreen. temperatures on the cool side, places like castro valley, 62. 67 in concord. san francisco touching on the low 60s. 62 in the city by the bay. oh boy, our giants are back on
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the mound as of tomorrow. the first preseason game against the diamondbacks out of scotsdale stadium. 80 degrees. it's going to be warm. they're going to jump up on sunday to closer to 90 degrees. so excited to be the home of the giants right here on nbc bay area. as we head through the next two days, temperatures really start to climb. take a look at that, marla. 77 degrees. peak warmth on sunday. monday into tuesday, we get another round of rain, cool and cloudy, 58 tuesday with showers. 63, though, by wednesday. we warm you back up to 65 thursday of next week. back to you. >> pretty good looking forecast. thank you. east bay food banks are full of beans thanks to an unexpected donation from starbucks. delivery truck for the coughty chain on its way to stores in navato when the order was canceled. the truck stopped off at the food banks and dropped off four tons of those starbucks beans. the food bank says it's a
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welcome surprise. >> big score. excellent score. something that we seldom get given to us. great at bread, items given to us on a regular basis. coffee's a luxury item that so many people would like to have but don't have and it was a great opportunity for us get something to give people good stuff to drink. >> the food banks will distribute the coffee to a variety of agencies. coming up, cirque du soleil warms up for opening night in the south bay. behind the scenes look before the curtains go up. and then, the one stop shop for your sue gar fix. the atm that hands out cupcakes. can you believe it? honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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welcome back. opening night for cirque du soleil's latest show in san jose. we caught a glimpse of the performers practicing on the eve of the opening. a show that follows journey of the human species from prehistoric creatures to the ultimate desire to fly. the show has travelled to four countries. it will be at the taylor street bridge in san jose through april 15th. coming up, your frosting fix at the touch of a button. the atm that hands out cupcakes. just ahead. t
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might be looking out your window wanting to get outdoors. not just great weather today it's going to continue through the weekend, up to 77 degrees by sunday. peak warmth. and then next week, we're going to clear up, add mor m clouds, and then we get showers on tuesday. i between remind everybody that if you're headed up to the sierra nevada in tahoe, stay out of the back country, as we have that avalanche danger through the one. why would you want to leave? it's a hard chance. >> it's snow or sun. you can't go wrong. >> what do you do? >> do you have a sweet tooth? i do. soon getting that sugar fix will be as simple as heading to the atm, not for cash but a cupcake. check out the country's first cupcake atm created by los angeles-based sprinkles cupcake store. known as 24-hour sprinkles, the machine will spit out freshly baked cupcakes, mixes and sweets for your dog around the clock 24 hours a day. if you want to try the grab and go cupcake craving machine go to
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