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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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[laughing] man: yeah. that will certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. goo everyone good evening. we begin with strained relations between the united states and afghanistan. an american soldier reportedly shot and killed 16 innocent people in afghanistan and officials therea are calling it an act of terrorism. nbc's brian moore has the latest. >> reporter: 16 civilians including nine children were gunned down as they slept in this afghan village. an american serviceman is in custody. president obama phoned afghan president hamid karzai to
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express his condolences but insisted this act does no not represent america's military or its respect for afghanistan. karzai called it an act of terror, that will never be forgiven. >> it was a senseless tragedy. the larger problem will be this is a spark landing on this tinderbox of afghanistan following the koran burnings. >> reporter: the burning of the muslim holy book in a trash dump on an american air base in afghanistan left dozens dead including six members of the u.s. military. in washington, president obama's 2014 timetable for a troop pullout is facing new scrutiny. not everyone is ready to pull the plug. >> i understand the anger and the sorrow. i understand understand and we should not forget that the attacks on the united states of america on 9/11 originated in afghanistan. >> now, after a decade of war,
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one stunning act of violence is threatening to unravel what's left of the frayed relations between the united states and afghanistan. defense secretary panetta promised a thorough investigation and swift justice with. brian moore, nbc news, washington. in the united kingdom the british government plans to take a significant step this month to legalize same-sex marriage. the government plans to launch a formal plan on how to change the legal definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, but it is running in to fierce opposition by catholic leaders in the country. today a letter written by the archbishop was read during mass in dozens of churches warning of the dangers of legalizing gay marriage. >> it's consequences should be taken seriously now the law helps to shape and form social and cultural values.
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a change in the law would granchly and inevitably transsocietytran transform society's view of marriage. >> 36 opposed and the rest are undecided. >> in pacifica today, search and rescue teams canvassed the coastline for a former marine who vanished more than a week ago. 27-year-old joseph mchenry was last seen on march 2nd at his home in san bruno. officials found his car in pacifica. the san mateo county sheriffs department organized the search with the help of 40 volunteers. mchenry said he was heading to pacifica to camp at a secluded beach and do rock climbing. >> we continue to believe there's a possibility he's in a search area which is why we are looking. we found some gear during our search on thursday, some of his camping gear. >> the former marine is
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described as healthy and athletic. we're told the search turned up no clues today. police in san jose are investigating whether alcohol played a role in a deadly car crash overnight. police say a car slammed in to a tree in east san jose killing 18-year-old per rez and injuring the 19-year-old driver and another passenger. as you can see, the car was destroyed in that accident. the crash happened just before 1:00 a.m. and neighbors say it sounded like an explosion. crews rushed them to the hospital but officials have not released their conditions. no other cars were involved in the accident. the bart to san jose extension is moving forward. the valley transportation authority is scheduled to receive the first ill installment of funds from the federal government for the project and it's been a long time coming. kimberly tere is at city hall where a signing ceremony is
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planned for tomorrow morning. >> reporter: the first installment of $100 million will be put to work almost immediately. in fact, some work is already underway in fremont for the 10-mile maria bartirobar bart e jose. all told it will cost $2.3 billion to build. the rest of the money will be from the taxpayers with some help from the state. this project is a long coming for those who have worked for the last decade to make it happen. >> overall the entire project, we're about 79% locally. so they like that. i think they will look at our model as a model for the country. >> the congressman says it will create thousand of new jobs. the ground breaking set for next
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month and the complete date is 2017. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. the weekend started off sunny but ended cool around much of the bay area today. and now much-needed rain is in the forecast for the weekend. we will check in with rob to let us know which parts of the bay area might get hit the hardest. what's up? >> we are tracking what was a weak system that went by today. dropped a little light rain, mainly in the north bay. as we go lu the week it will be the north bay. right now as you can see from our ra totals very light. only saint helena that picked up a quarter inch of rain and santa rosa had 500 of an inch of rain. there you see the skies clearing on the satellite view. the wide angle view shows we have more moisture lurking to the pacific northwest that will vechlly slowly but surely slide to the south. so let's give you a sneak preview of the rainfall pro-jeks between now and wednesday. look at this.
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through tuesday, san francisco south ward, that's not a lot. the models backed off on the rainfall setting up for the south bay, at least to start the week. keep an eye on santa rosa, napa and nevada. as you get to wednesday two to three inches of rain and steadier rain drops south of the golden gate as we pass the middle of the week and that's part one. we will probably double those totals as we go through the rest of the week and we are watching lowering snow levels. we will walk you through the timing of the individual systems as they come in to the bay area in a few minutes. still ahead at 6:00, the disaster in japan one year later. we will take you across the globe to japan today and show you a bay area tribute in a live report. also, teaching history through satellites. a system that educates teachers about one of the biggest and most tragic events in world history. march madness is officially here. cal and st. marys get an invitation to the big dance.
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it was one year ago today that the earthquake and tsunami killed nearly 20,000 people and set off a nuclear crisis. today, people remembered.
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sirens marked the moment the earthquake hit one year ago. people in the city the of kesennuma prayed and left flowers in the rubble that remained and people said silent prayers in fukushima nuclear reactors lost power and hundreds gathered in japantown this afternoon to mark the anniversary, as well. monty francis is in the city with more on that for us. >> reporter: well, good evening people in the bay area have given more than $4 million to help the victims of the tsunami. today, many of those who gave also paused to remember the victims. ♪ the japanese cultural and community center of northern california, here in san francisco, organized the remembrance in japantown which was emceed by nbc's george
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kiriyama. a moment of silence was observed the moment the earthquake struck a year ago. they received $4 million from people in the bay area since the disaster happened. some of the money has gone to help fund mental health services for survivors. >> people are dealing with post traumatic stress in japan and people culturally don't talk about stress they have. there's a japanese term called gaman and that means you suck it up and endure and don't complain. we are seeing a lot of stress and mental health problems coming out of that. >> reporter: the memories of the tsunami are vivid one year later. some members of the jcc travelled from the bay area to japan last september and told us there's still a lot of devastation this. on one hand a lot of progress has been made but on the other, they say it could take decades for many of the small fishing villages to recover. the jcc says it continues to receive money each month, about
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a few thousand dollars every month. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in palo alto that a cherry blossom tree was planted today. this tree was special significance to that city. the government of japan gave palo alto the tree as a thu for support after the earthquake. that city raised more than $16,000 in relief funds to help with the recovery. palo alto has close ties through the neighbors abroad organization which aims to promote international friendship. dozens of high school teachers around the bay area gathered in san francisco today for a high-tech lesson on the holocaust. 70 teachers gathered for day one of a thee-day education summit. the united states holocaust memorial museum is simulcasting sessions to the american jewish university in los angeles and csu pakers field. the goal is to show teachers how to best educate their students
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on the complex subject. >> holocaust is not only part of our state standards of teaching students in history but complex subject matter. so it is an important that teachers have the opportunity to learn how best to approach the sub matter because of the complexities on the history and individuals that are involved. >> reporter: california is one of 0 five states that require holocaust education in high school. and still ahead at 6:00, thousands of people converge on a popular south bay shopping district this morning. we will show you who they honored. two bay area basketball teams are going to the big dance but who and where are they playing? we will let you know coming up i'm tracking a pattern change that will throw plenty of rain our way, but the timing of the rain seems to be slowing down. this is making a big impact and changes to your monday forecast. we will shar bay area !
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the the final curtain call for cinequest festival. movie lovers have been going to watch the most popular films of the festival. organizers say it has been a big hit this year and attendance has been extraordinary and based on the lines today it is still going strong. people are enjoying the gourmet food trucks also that have been parked outside of the theater for encore day today. >> you come out and connect with 100,000 people for 50 countries. it is a great way for us to enjoy each other and meet more people and have a fabulous
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celebration. >> this year's festival featured more than 250 screenings and 26 parties. and right now we are going to check in with rob because the party is about to get rainy around here, isn't it? >> the curtain call on the 70 degree temperatures ended on friday. this weekend has been cooler as we saw from the day's highs. sunshine and upper 50s and low 60s for highs. 61 san jose and 50s around san francisco. 61 oakland. right now a cool evening but not too bad. 52 san francisco. 55 oakland. 56 san jose. good, healthy sea breeze going with the winds from the west northwest at 17 and blowing in to san jose. the change we are talking about for monday, other than mist and drizzle on the coast is a mainly dry day. any showers that we see will be north of santa rosa for monday and then things change come tuesday, especially if you are north of the golden gate bridge in the north bay. that's where the heaviest rain will fall between now and midweek.
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you can see the next system is lining up off shore. this will slowly drop our way. as we go through late tomorrow, you can see 9:00, look at that the bay area is looking good other than mist and drizzle for the morning. lighter to moderate rain in to tuesday morning and this looks to be rain in the santa cruz mountains and light rain spilling over the santa clara valley. the heaviest rain is tuesday evening. it is hung up in sonoma and marin county. as we head to wednesday, now the central bay area and north bay seeing the heavier line of showers and rain cross the golden gate. it may take until wednesday before the south bay and areas south of san francisco sees more moderate rain. this is mainly a north bay event through wednesday. second half of the week we will see rain totals increasing in the south bay. as you saw in the progress of those maps it will be the north bay between now and say wednesday afternoon. we should see two to three inches of rain, but a lot of that falling north of the golden
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gate. the south bay missing out the first half of the week. heavy stuff in the north bay. winter storm warning with most of the focus being to our north. most of the heavier snow is north of 80 and shifting to highway 50 to yosemite by the time we get to the second half of the week. tomorrow i tnkhit will be a little warmer for the south bay and a dry day for most of the bay area until the everyoning for the north bay. we will see rain creep in. mid 60 for a few areas tomorrow and then monday in to tuesday we are talking mostly north bay rain. it will be breezy bay areaside wide on tuesday and the rain line moves south wednesday, thursday and friday and the days to watch, next weekend, st. patrick's day. snow levels near 2500 feet and maybe thunder. >> that's weird. all right. thank you, rob. coming up, the beard made
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oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. thousands took to the streets of san jose to honor the life of pat tillman. the five-mile race is called the 408-k race. it started in downtown and ended at santana row. as you may remember the gave up an nfl career to enlist in the army in the wake of the september 11th attacks.
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he died two years later in a friend fire understand dment afghanistan. the race raised $10,000 for the pat tillman foundation. his family, friends and supporters say it is a celebration of tillman's life. >> we are celebrating his life because he lived an incredible life. some people are probably here and never heard of him but now they have. which is great, right? you made the point it is eight years but some people are learning more about pat and women and men like him who have the courage and conviction to step up and do what they believe. >> two of our own staffer thes ran in today's race. that's morning anchor and reporter marla tejas and will adams. congratulations to them for a race well done. all right. let's bring in jim for a look at what is going on in the sports world. what's going on,ing jim? >> we are going to jump on. that we have an issue on
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ourened. to let you know from the xfinity sports desk where we are always working for you, diane. the beard making his debut and wilson tells us how he felt on the mound. and march madness takes center stage in the bay area. sports is coming up next. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge!
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♪ and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! [laughing] man: yeah. that will certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. good evening, everyone. without question this is one of the most fun days in sports. selection saturday for the ncaa tournament. locally the cal bears were on the bubble. weren't sure if they were going to make it to the tournament. damon andrews was at cal for reaction. >> reporter: somewhat of a national holiday for basketball players who are in position to dance in the ncaa tournament. the cal bears are one of those teams. heading in to the tournament they weren't sure.
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as you can see relaxed. >> reporter: relaxed if you will because they know they are in but that wasn't the case earlier today. >> because we were the last bracket they showed. everyone was pretty tense but a lot of these guys are real excited and just happy to be in. happy to get the chance to play more games. >> i'm just glad we made it. this is my first experience actually making it to the tournament so by us playing i'm happy we made it. >> now it is up to us and go and prove we belong and we are a decent basketball team and that the league is good. it is up to us and colorado to go in and make some hey. >> it is fun and games right but that will change tomorrow as they hit the plane and takeoff for dayton where it will be a business trip. in berkeley, damon andrews, bay area. >> thank you very much. . today the gales fans gathered at
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the saint mary's campus to watch the selection show. the gales get the number seven seed. they will play a ten seed in perdue. that will be on friday. their second march maddin' appearance in three years. chris townsend caught up with the head coach randy bennett. >> it is easier when you know you are going to be in. >> makes for a better day, better week. >> today's more of who you play and you are ready to come pete against again. i think a lot of the nervousness is gone. because you are not worried whether you are in or not. >> going to the tournament two out of three years. how big is it for you, the university, the program. >> when you make a tournament you want to make another one and another one. i thought other two year we could have been in but didn't get that large bid. it's a sign we are consistent program.
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>> as a head coach, i'm proud of the group of guys and the group of coaches. >> from hoops to baseball to the desert where buster posey took his spot behind the plate for the second time this spring. bottom of the third is when things get going. cabrera singles to right and scores burriss. that one ties the game at one run apiece. you know that guy, wilson comes on and makes his spring training debut. he gets vinny swinging. and strike him out throw him out. giants win. one inning, one strikeout. the elbow a nonissue. >> i try to tell everybody it's not a big deal. but you know people obviously want to see some action rather than just be told. i know it is going in people's minds. we will have to see how the next nine go and opening day an
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all-star break. >> football nfl journeyman randy moss, an lent swrournnyman could be heading back to the bay area. the 35-year-old wide receiver will be working with the 49ers on monday. he sat last season because he said he was retired. i guess that is over now. at 11:00 we will have highlights from the warriors. they are in southern california to take on the clippers. good day for the locals st. marys and cal. a 41-year-old from action zk is poised to be the first woman to win the di iditarod in 20 years. she is in the lead a week in to the race. it started march 4th. she's expected to complete the last stretch to nome in the next couple of days. the winner receives a little more than $50,000 and a new truck and hopefully gives those dogs a little break because they
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have to be exhausted after this whole process. look at that. >> cold but gorgeous. >> yes. i need to go to alaska. >> thank you for choosing the bay area at six. we have 30 rock up next.


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