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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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confidential informant and is live in san francisco with an interview you'll see only on nbc bay area news. >> reporter: carl marino spent three weeks working under cover for investigators gathering evidence. he says the doj called it some of the best videotape evidence they have ever seen. today he shared a snap shot of his story with nbc bay area. >> i want to move on with my life honestly and put this behind me. you know, it's one of those things where i wouldn't want anyone to have to do what i had to do. >> reporter: carl marino says the past year and a half has been a whirlwind. the former director of operations for the private eye firm butler and associates found himself in the middle of a huge police corruption scandal involving shady undercover schemes, dirty duis, and drugs, dealings allegedly carried out by private investigator and aspiring reality tv star christopher butler and the
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former head of the contra costa county narcotics task force norman welsh. >> this is the guy that goes into schools telling young kids to stay off marijuana because it leads to crystal meth. then he is the guy putting the crystal meth on the street. it's the ultimate of hypocrites. >> reporter: marino says he came forward agreeing to go undercover for the department of justice. for weeks he secretly taped drug deals helping gather evidence that eventually led to four arrests. >> it was absolutely frightening. here i am having to audio and videotape the, basically the king of stings himself. that's what he does for a living. then also the commander of the narcotics task force who also does that for a living with equipment he is very familiar with. so it's always on my mind at every moment that they could figure this out at any time and if they do they'll probably kill me. >> reporter: he only recently broke his silence and is expected to be the star witness
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in the case. while he has put his own safety and reputation on the line, he says it's every bit worth it. >> i want other people out there that might be put in the same situation to not walk away, not take the easy road, and just look away and pretend it is not happening but come forward and do something about it. >> reporter: both welsh and butler have pleaded not guilty as has another east bay officer. a fourth law enforcement officer pleaded guilty several weeks ago, agreeing to testify against the others who now await trial. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> pg&e will pay the city of san bruno $70 million as restitution for the 2010 pipeline explosion that devastated a neighborhood and took eight lives. the city will establish an independent group to decide how the money should be spent. the goal is to benefit the entire community. city leaders say there's never been a payment like this to a
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city before. but after months of negotiation san bruno officials stressed to the utility the entire city suffered that day and still suffers. >> a little girl, boy says to her father, you're lighting the barbecue. is it going to be okay? some kids still can't sleep at night. it is a citywide issue. there isn't a day goes by that we as council members and staff are not affected by this so this is going to last. >> the payment announced today is in addition to what the utility is paying for damages and neighborhood restoration. it is also separate from the dozens of civil lawsuits filed by victims of the explosion. a surprise plea deal in the domestic violence case against san francisco sheriff karimi but his troubles are far from over. he pled guilty to a misdemeanor so the criminal case is now closed but he still faces a political fight.
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we go live to the san francisco city hall where he just spoke with the mayor. >> reporter: good evening. his future as sheriff hinges on what the mayor will do because the mayor has the power to charge him with misconduct and seek his removal. late today the mayor expressed doubts that he could effectively serve as sheriff even now that the domestic violence case has come to an end. >> i think now i have to focus on this charge because there's been a plea an admission of guilt and therefore i got to go forward with that assessment. it is my legal duty to make that determination and i will do so in the best interests of the city. >> reporter: he says it could take at least a week to decide whether the sheriff committed misconduct because the mayor says he needs to confer with the city attorney. earlier in the day he appeared in court where he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment in connection with an incident on new year's eve when he allegedly inflicted a bruise on his wife's arm. in court, he apologized to his
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family and to the people of san francisco. eliana lopes did not appear in court for the brief hearing but her attorney told us lopes is looking forward to moving on from the ordeal. >> she is absolutely relieved that this is over. absolutely hopeful that, you know, she is going to get to have a great life, that ross is going to get a great life. >> reporter: under the plea deal the district attorney agreed to drop the three other misdemeanors including a domestic violence charge and he avoids any jail time. he'll serve three years' probation, has to complete one year of anger management counseling, is 00 hours of community service, and pay a fine of about $600. if the mayor decides to charge him with misconduct nine of the 11 members of the board of supervisors would have to agree to remove him from office. we caught up with supervisor david campos and several others at city hall today but under advice from the city manager none of them would comment. and again, he is still the
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sheriff and the political fallout from all of this remains unclear. he is set to be sentenced on monday and until then the stay away order is still in place. that means he is not allowed to see his wife or his son. live in san francisco tonight, monty francis, nbc bay area news. in other local news tonight berkeley's police chief has apologized after sending an armed sergeant to the home of a news reporter in an effort to change a published story. in a written statement chief michael meehan wrote, quote, i have apologized to the reporter personally and i take full responsibility for the error in judgment. i am planning for an independent review of the department's policies and practices regarding release of information to the media. the chief's mea cul a kua kula m an order he gave thursday to send an officer to doug oakley who later changed an article about the chief's remarks in an
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article. the train for bart to san jose arrived today. it is the final financial hurdle for this part of the extension. we go live to san jose with what's next. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. there is the rail system already in place behind me. it's actually also right behind the various flea markets here in san jose. by 2016 those bart trains should be rolling right through here. a toast to a project that will finally make its way to san jose. >> we are well on our way to delivering the impossible. today we have secured all of the funding needed to deliver the b.a.r.t. silicon valley extension. >> reporter: that means b.a.r.t. trains will soon rumble all the way to san jose. it means they'll no longer stop in fremont and it means the express bus currently the link between b.a.r.t. and the silicon valley will be changed. >> i think it's terrific.
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often i have to go to san jose and take a bus through traffic on the highway. >> reporter: today the feds signed off on a deal to bring the final piece of the puzzle to the b.a.r.t. extension, the first installment of a $900 million federal grant. in 2016 the b.a.r.t. tracks will end next to the san jose flea market with future plans to bring it all the way downtown. >> we're going to loop the bay area. >> reporter: the project also means 3,000 new jobs. labor groups say that's just what the south bay needs to help rescue the sagging economy. >> nothing changes the economy like construction jobs. so that's why we're so excited about today and also that so many people will share in this bounty. >> reporter: four decades ago south bay leaders said they didn't need b.a.r.t. in san jose. today they raised their glasses to linking the rest of the bay area to the capital of silicon valley. they're expecting about 23,000 riders on this line on that
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first year, 2016, and then perhaps by 2035 that number will double. we're live in the south bay. nbc bay area news. grab your umbrellas. the forecast is drastically changing. prepare for a week of rain and wind. >> we have a series of storms. not just one, huh? >> several systems we'll be watching. i think over the next week or so and right now this evening no worries about rain just yet. the temperature is not too bad. mostly the upper 50s outside. you probably are starting to notice the winds picking up. you've been seeing this throughout the day, mainly winds out of the south that will turn up to about 30 miles per hour or higher overnight tonight. and yes what about the rain? right now the radar is dry as you head up the north coast though it's where you're starting to see the rain fly as we watch this pattern shift that will bring not just one, not just two, but probably three storm systems our way over the next week or so. the first one coming in starting later on tonight.
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so tonight the winds will pick up turning gusty 35 miles per hour for most of the bay area. stronger on the coast and a very rainy start to your morning commute in the north bay. by this time tomorrow the rest of the bay area seeing rainfall being measured by the inch. we'll talk about more of those rainfall estimates and some amazing snow totals we expect in the next 48 hours and the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, rob. next at 6:00 clash of two silicon valley tech titans. >> a lawsuit filed today on the eve of facebook's multi billion dollar ipo. plus, one green set of wheels. makers of the first all electric car in northern california hope to get you all charged up. computers taking a cue from kids? what bay area scientists are hoping to learn from youngsters that could lead to a smarter computer. ♪
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with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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it's a battle of the silicon valley web giants and the first shot was fired today. >> yahoo is suing facebook. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. this comes as facebook is close to going public. >> all the facebook stockholders looking at the news today a bit nervously. yahoo is suing facebook in san jose federal court claiming the social networking giant knowingly and improperly violated yahoo's intellectual property. the two companies have been going in opposite directions for sometime. yahoo is said to be on the verge of more layoffs. facebook on the verge of raising something near $5 billion in an ipo. facebook responding today saying it's disappointed in the lawsuit and will defend itself. a couple other bay area dot coms getting along so well they're now joined together. twitter today says it will buy group blogging tool posturous which claims 15 million monthly users and $10 million in funding is now part of twitter. in the south bay get your mobile
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devices ready. a partnership between city and local companies is bringing free wi-fi to downtown san jose by this summer. unlike the limited wi-fi san jose rolled out back in 2004 this promise is to cover a much larger area in downtown. the rollout being paid for partly by san jose's parking and general fund. speaking of mobile devices, apple today says it has completely sold out of new ipads available for preorder. that will likely push the shipping date for your new device back a bit. the newest ipads go on sale this friday and yes we expect some lines outside apple stores. shares of apple stock touched a new all time high today settling at $552 a share. as for the rest of your money a mixed day on wall street despite a new debt deal in place for greece. the dow slightly higher. the nasdaq closing with a small loss. oil still well above $100 a barrel. the average price of a gallon of gas jumping by a nickel over the weekend. marla? >> say it isn't so. okay. thank you, scott. san francisco democrat wants
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to close a loop hole in prop 13 the landmark proposition that limits property taxes in the state. assemblyman tom am yano says the state could bring in an extra $9 billion annually by tightening a rule defining when businesses must have their property reassessed. he claims businesses use the loop hole to avoid reassessment cheating taxpayers of their due property revenue. higher gas prices have many drivers thinking about alternatives. prices hit $4.41 in san francisco today and hovered just under $4.35 in san jose and oakland. with prices so high, many car makers are looking for ways to make vehicles more fuel efficient. a new electric car was unveiled today right here in the bay area. nbc bay area's christy smith shows us the new electric coday. >> reporter: it seats five with a roomy trunk. coday's all electric vehicle is rolling out and the makers think it has family appeal. >> maybe the husband has a big suv and this is their second car
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or the wife has a minivan and the husband is driving this. it's happening. >> the final assembly is unveiled today at a plant where the mayor took us in to see the impact with double-digit jobs. >> this is really great for us to have jobs to create economic activity because there are a lot of services necessary for coday to operate. >> reporter: the specifics? the epa rating, 88 miles on a charge. coday says it can get up to 125 miles. it takes six hours to fully charge. inside all the controls are pretty much where you would expect them to be, where they would be in a standard gasoline powered car tan has a lot of pickup. it's rated at the 85 miles an hour and costs $27,000 after tax credits. sean del grand runs the only bay area dealership. >> most importantly it is available. there is no year waiting and the car will be ready. we have 25 coming in this month and 50 next month.
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people who want all electric codays will get them. >> reporter: with gas prices well over $4 a gallon the bet is buyers will take note. nbc bay area news. new life and a new look for what could be ultimately san francisco's tallest tower. a stalled skyscraper project is moving forward. it's the developers of the so-called transit tower who have submitted plans to the city. it's a slimmer and shorter design and they say it's also more elegant. the 60-story high rise would be built next to the trans bay terminal. under the current proposal it would be 220 feet taller than t the trans america pyramid which is currently the city's tallest building. time to bundle up. let's check our forecast with meteorologist rob. >> this is the last day we'll keep rain drops off the map. pretty nice day with the southerly winds, warm air out of the south. look at morgan hill not too bad. 65 today.
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66 in south san jose. downtown san jose 64. 60 in san francisco. temperatures tomorrow cooling a little bit but i think the wind is really going to get your attention tonight and eventually rain moving from north to south. our evening temperature is not all that bad. again, we're wafrpg the winds picking up out of the southwest around the north and central bay. it'll be a southeast wind that cranks up through the central valley locations and also through the santa clara valley tonight pulling up from gilroy into san jose. we could get wind gusts close to 35 miles per hour a little bit later on tonight. we're talking wind and rain. it's going to be a one-two punch for the bay area. rain to come later tonight in the north bay so tomorrow morning looks like a very rainy commute north of the golden gate and we see that rain moving north to south as we go into wednesday. so the satellite view will show you that we get the jet stream which has been really absent from our weather dropping down over northern california. this is the runway for storms that are going to start to come on in. you'll notice this for tomorrow morning in the north bay especially, heavy rain at this time tomorrow evening. looks like a sloppy commute with the rain filling in for the
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central and south bay locations. as we get into wednesday we'll see most of the rain moving on, scattered showers toward wednesday evening. rain totals will be impressive for the coastal range. both the santa cruz mountains and north bay hill tops really looking at almost 2 to 3 inches of rain or at least around ben loemen and an inch and a half for the east bay hills. wednesday in the sierras a lot of snow. talking almost 4 feet of snow up there by king vale, just round one by the way. we'll see lowering snow levels as we get into the weekend. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning temperatures near 50 degrees. gusty winds. rain moving from north to south. as we take a look at your high temperatures tomorrow near 60 in san jose so it's not going to be chilly to start. the weekend though is when things start to get chilly. temperatures around the north bay and peninsula tomorrow in the mid 50s so we're tracking round one. tuesday on into wednesday, and then friday and saturday how about highs upper 40s and low 50s. snow levels low or lower than mount tam come this weekend. we'll talk about the wild
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changes in your seven-day forecast a few minutes from now. >> see you soon. sugary drinks not so sweet when it comes to men's heart health. researchers at harvard asked 40,000 men questions about their diet in a 20-year study. the bad news? men who drank a soda or sweetened juice drink a day had a 20% increased risk for heart disease. the risk existed even after researchers accounted for other factors like smoking and family history. artificially sweetened drinks were not found to increase the risk. the study was published in the journal "circulation." more than just child's play. uc-berkeley researchers are tapping the cognitive smarts of babies, toddlers and preschoolers to get computers to think more like humans. they're simply trying to figure out how well and how early in life we can perform complicated tasks and problem solve by imagining possibilities. and one task a child is shown a box that only plays music when a certain object is placed on it. the box is removed and the child
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is asked to imagine it is still there and which object means music will play. experts say pretend play helps the project. that very spontaneous activity that children are engaging in is actually itself a reflection of this kind of deep learning and reasoning and understanding that's going on. >> scientists hope to mimic what goes on in a baby's brain in computers. if computers can pretend play and learn from experience they may have better interactions with people and tasks like computer tutoring programs and answering the phone. facebooking on the taxpayers' dime? the campaign status updates that have staffers for a california political candidate hitting delete. plus, one new bay area based social networking site has millions of people posting their favorite things for everyone to see. why investors are paying attention.
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facebook not so friendly for one state assembly candidate. he is under fire for his rival supporters over facebook posts they say were done while he was on the state's dime. the 26-year-old assembly staff member is accused of 52 separate updates posted during regular business hours. he says most of the posts were made during his lunch hour. his account has been deleted. it is illegal to use state resources to run campaigns. forget about the computer. new statistics show more and more latinos are going mobile. the hispanic chamber of e-commerce says they cannot seem to part with their smart phones. latino mobile usage is growing four times faster than the general population. the pew research center reports the group makes up a quarter of the iphone owners in the u.s. this growing trend is prompting companies to develop new apps.
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>> we want them to have something a little more tailored and not done through a translate button. >> the creator of the app says it is the first lifestyle app to be offered in spanish. you can get it free from apple's app store and google market. 140 characters not enough to express yourself? well the latest site to rock the social media world hopes you will want to show off what you love the most. >> reporter: welcome to the fastest growing social network you've probably never heard of. pint erest is the newest subject of phenomenon in social media. >> reporter: it is a social sharing website, digital pinning board where for now two-thirds of the visitors are women. >> think of it as a book marking site where you basically book mark images and share your interests with people. >> reporter: it has captured the attention of millions and because it can generate
6:26 pm
conversation about products, business and wall street are watching, too. >> for the month of february they had over a hundred million total visits from consumers. this is a site that continues to see phenomenal growth over the last few months. >> reporter: although the site's mission statement is to, quote, connect everyone in the world to the things they find interesting, it clearly has huge word of mouth advertising potential. >> if i say wow this is the greatest pizza i ever had and i put up a picture of a pizza whether i took it or it comes off the restaurant website i kind of told you the whole story right there. >> reporter: if only it were that simple for the founders to make money. the company operates the website in california with 16 employees, virtually no revenue, and therefore no problem. a picture that might change, though, if millions continue flocking to the site. a massacre half a world away is sparking a call to action here in the bay area.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: they want the troops out of afghanistan asap. i'll have local bay area reaction in a live report. plus, it is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. human trafficking. next the new training program here in the bay area to stop sexual slavery coming through our airports. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol.
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sunday's shooting rampage by an american soldier against civilians in afghanistan has the country's parliament calling for a public trial. an army staff sergeant is accused of killing 16 civilians, most of them women and children. >> this is not who we are. and the united states is committed to seeing that those responsible are held accountable. >> the shooting spree is fanning the flames of anti-american sentiment in the country and further straining relations between the u.s. and
6:30 pm
afghanistan. the taliban has already called for revenge. the act of violence is threatening to change the future of the war. right now a recent poll shows only 35% of americans believe this war is worth fighting. the sentiment is echoed by many in the bay area. let's go to the council on american islamic relations in santa clara. >> reporter: well, leaders here hope this horrific attack will lead to a turning point that will get the u.s. troops out of afghanistan much sooner. >> similarly the people in afghanistan are thinking is this what liberation looks like? >> reporter: at the council on american islamic relations in santa clara the executive director reacts to the massacre of 16 villagers in afghanistan by a u.s. soldier. >> some of the care directors in other parts of california are from afghanistan and, you know, to them they've described it as feeling dead inside. >> reporter: she says after u.s.
6:31 pm
soldiers burned the koran in afghanistan last month the recent killings are just another painful reminder american troops there need to come home as soon as possible. >> i think that people are out of place where it's hard to even fathom what would be next because everything that's horrific that they could imagine has happened. right? this is ten years of occupation and of sort of thousands of innocent afghans being killed followed by the very public slaps in the face. many would call it pouring salt in the wound. >> reporter: congresswoman barbara lee from oakland fears the shocking attack on civilians including children sleeping in their homes will spur retaliatory attacks. >> why keep our troops there so long to be targets of such hostility and anger? we need to rev this up a bit. the public needs to begin to demand an end to this over ten years of war. >> reporter: which is why she supports bringing the troops home earlier than the scheduled date at the end of 2014. she has authored a bill to help
6:32 pm
make that happen. even more important than negotiating the drawdown date she says it's make shoourg those responsible will be punished. >> i think the perpetrators of these violent crimes need to be held accountable. that means trials where they are actually brought to justice. but then on top of that it's incredibly important that we withdraw our troops at this time. >> reporter: tonight at 7:00 at uc-berkeley's plaza there will be a candlelight vigil to remember the 16 civilians killed in this attack in afghanistan. we want to tell you more about that vigil. the uc berkeley afghan student association will gather for the candlelight memorial on sproul plaza at 7:00 p.m. and a coalition of anti-war activists will hold a vigil at president obama's oakland campaign headquarters at 16th and telegraph also at 7:00 tonight.
6:33 pm
stop the violence immediately is the message the u.n. is sending to syria. >> the killing of civilians must end now. the world must send a clear and united message that this is simply unacceptable. >> the u.n. special envoy kofi annan met with the syrian leader today. the two could not come to agreement to end the violence. at the same time assad's forces mounted a new assault on rebel strong holds. his opposition is calling for safe zones where civilians can avoid attacks. activists report at least 47 people were killed by the military in attacks over the weekend including women and children. the government blames the rebels. meanwhile, friends and family laid the american journalist killed in syria last week to rest today. marie colvin was a new york native and war correspondent for "the sunday times of london."
6:34 pm
>> more than being a hero, being brave and all of that, her life to me has been a love letter to the world. her love to humanity. >> colvin died in the city of holmes while covering government attacks on rebels february 22nd. the british government has ordered an investigation into colvin's death. a sunnyvale woman was killed while hiking in hawaii. 58-year-old san cheng was in hawaii for a conference by herself crossing a stream on a rugged hiking trail on the island on saturday when witnesses say the rushing waters swept her out to sea. rough weather forced rescuers to cut short the search for her. on sunday her body was discovered about four miles offshore. she was a former tech worker who shifted careers to become a spiritual teacher for a group known as the crimson circle. sex trafficking is considered the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.
6:35 pm
that's just one reason why anti-trafficking training is taking place at airports like sfo. an estimated 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. up to 300,000 minors are forced into sexual slavery within the u.s. annually. a charity program known as airline ambassador ls international has developed a training program that will teach airports, airlines, and hotel employees what to look for and help crack down on the awful crimes. >> having been through this awful ordeal myself being trafficked, i have a deep desire to help others escape from the monsters who are dealing with buying and selling human beings. >> airline ambassadors has built safe houses in haiti for victims as well as provide medical care to children in more than 50
6:36 pm
countries. stanford is planning to build a satellite campus in redwood city and today was the last day for anyone to speak up about the project. the new campus would spread across 35 acres near highway 101, an area called mid point technology park. the public comment period of the environmental impact report wrapped up today. if the project does go through, eight existing buildings would be torn down and 13 new ones would be built. the city is reviewing whether any buildings qualify as historic as well as how traffic in the area would be affected. traveling on b.a.r.t. on the weekends could soon be a lot cheaper. the transit agency may slash fares up to 50% on saturdays and sundays. b.a.r.t.'s director says money can still be made even if the new rates are approved. the proposal will be up for discussion over the next few months as b.a.r.t. works on its new budget. new at 6:00 a lawsuit has been filed in the ongoing eviction battle involving san francisco's famed gold dust lounge. attorneys for the hotels filed
6:37 pm
the suit in superior court today. the lease holders of the gold dust say they have the right to terminate the lease with a 90-day written notice. supporters of the lounge want to save the establishment and have it declared an historic land mark. animal welfare groups rally in oakland tomorrow to protest state plans to repeal a law that protects sheltered animals from euthanasia. the governor says the state can't afford the law which gives stray and abandoned animals a minimum of four to six days in shelters before they are euthanized. the state reimburses shelters for the cost. the governor wants to reduce the required holding period to 72 hours. shelters say the new rules will result in the deaths of many more animals. they want to explore alternatives before any decisions are made. there are a lot of heavy hearts on hate street in san francisco following the death of a local famous dog named jake. the 11-year-old english bulldog was known as the mayor of hate
6:38 pm
street. a photographer for the san francisco chronicle took these pictures of jake last fall and has now written about his death in his blog called city exposed. he describes jake as a dog people couldn't resist saying hello to. jake's owner brought him to work every day. he kept watch and entertained people passing by. >> poor jake. well it is a disaster etched into the memories of millions of americans but tonight a new perspective. >> next at 6:00 the footage of the challenger explosion just uncovered in one man's home. and around the bay aaa this evening we're seeing the winds picking up before the rain arrives. right now we're seeing winds up to almost 20 miles per hour around parts of the north bay. the radar dry for the moment but that will not be the case later tonight as the series of storms aims in on the bay area. we'll watch the time line when we come right back. plus, taking a bite out of twilight's fan base. the hunger games makes its debut in l.a. tonight. we'll take you there. t
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welcome back. 26 years after the space shuttle challenger accident that killed all after the astronauts aboard a never before seen home movie of the fateful flight has surfaced. a florida man recently found the film in a storage box. jeffrey alt was an employee with disney world in 1986 when he took a trip to see the space shuttle take off. he filmed every second with his super 8 camera. he decided to look for the film after he heard a news report saying only two amateur videos from that day existed. alt found his version and had it digitalized. >> you realize these two trails were going off and you saw this out there and debris falling.
6:42 pm
you just knew something was wrong. everybody was just grasping for some sort of hope that somehow the astronauts had survived. >> alt believes he has the only footage of the incident that is actually shot on film. it is incredible what people will tweet. arnold schwarzenegger's 18-year-old son has been hurt following a ski accident in idaho on saturday. patrick reported he received stitches down his lower back after the accident. he also tweeted this photo and thanked the doctors who cared for him in sun valley. details of how he actually got hurt were not provided but according to twitter patrick was all recovered and skiing by sunday. >> looks a lot worse than it really is thank goodness. let's check the forecast. it's changing. >> it is. the winds are picking up. the rain will start to arrive as we go through tonight.
6:43 pm
right now a live look at the golden gate bridge, one of the few times for the rest of the week it's going to be dry. we'll talk about wind, rain, and a big time snowfall on the way coming up in your weather forecast in a couple minutes. and i am tweeting that i am impressed that marla ran an 8-k on saturday and is back to work a double-shift. coming up in sports march is here and that means plenty of college hoops madness. monday was ladies night. find out how stanford and cal fared in the women's bracket. plus with peyton manning possibly landing in the 49ers division the niners counter by signing a legend of their own. we stole a sneak peek, next, from the xfinity sports desk. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. twilight and harry potter better watch out. the latest teen novel turned movie is making a highly anticipated premiere tonight. >> the hunter games movie facebook page already has more than 2 million fans ahead of the nationwide opening this weekend. theaters have been selling tickets for weeks. producers haven't even shown the movie to test audiences in hopes of bringing their tricks for bringing the book to life secret until the premiere. tonight fans who camped out for days are finally satisfying their hunger.
6:46 pm
here's a look over the nokia theater in hollywood tonight. 400 fans who stood in line for days were given tickets to that premiere. >> going to be a hot film. i still have to read the trilogy. >> i don't know anything about it. kind of like sci-fi. it's great. have you read it yet rob? >> no. it seems library everybody is talking about especially on facebook. likes like a fun thing to do. indoor plans would be a great thing. go see that movie over the next few days because we've got some rain and some gusty winds picking up a little later on tonight. right now not too bad. in the 50s outside. don't have any rain yet but you'll notice the winds are picking up especially by 11:00 tonight. i think we'll see those winds out of the southeast anywhere from 15 to maybe up to 35 miles per hour. so at least the start if the rain is going to be coming in later on tonight but the winds will be picking up and for your morning commute tomorrow for the golden gate bridge northward it's where we think the heavier rain will be moving south for your tuesday evening commute and wednesday morning still some rain in the south bay and then a brief break before a very cold
6:47 pm
system drops in on us as we get toward the weekend. so want to show you the rainfall and snowfall averages to date because the totals are really going to start to go up over the next week or so. for the bay area 40% or so of average in the north bay. only 25% of average in san jose. these numbers i think over the next week should climb past 50% or higher. now for the sierra it has been a little dry of course but these numbers may double i think by the time we get toward sunday talking feet of snow coming down in the high country and the pattern change that is responsible is the jet stream dropping to the south on top of northern california. we get our first system late tonight through wednesday and then another one arriving late thursday night on into friday. so the timeline for the rain tomorrow morning plan on heavy rain around the north bay. shifting to the central and south bay for tomorrow evening. then by wednesday maybe still some rain here in the south bay. notice the clearing for wednesday afternoon. thursday morning's commute looks okay. but as we get toward the late evening we'll see the next batch of rain drop in as it will take us into friday. so the rainfall totals to start
6:48 pm
in the north bay you'll see more of the rain adding up there at the start tomorrow morning. then as we go through the afternoon you'll see the totals start to ratchet up looking at least at an inch to inch and a half around the east bay hills and the bulls eye for the rain should be in the santa cruz mountains. you know how it goes. we'll see at least 3 to 4 inches of rain come down there. san jose on the opposite side of the santa cruz mountains closer to an inch of rain. just look at the totals in the sierra. if you've been waiting for big snow there it is close to four feet of snow with the first system. we'll probably see another three to four feet with the next system so you add it up between now and the end of the weekend you could see the snow totals getting up to 6 or 8 feet of new snow and the snow level by the way will drop down as low as auburn. in the sierra we're talking low snow levels. bay area as low as 2,000 feet on sunday. tonight temperatures close to 50. the winds out of the south are going to keep our temperatures up overnight. high temperatures tomorrow. close to 60 in san jose around the east bay. should see highs also in the low 60s and if you get back to san
6:49 pm
francisco and to the north bay we'll see those numbers in the mid to upper 50s so progressively wetter during the day tomorrow. rain to start wednesday. a brief break wednesday evening into early thursday and then that thursday, friday system is going to open the door to canadian air conditioning. highs upper 40s to low 50s. snow levels down to 2,000 feet. we'll hope for the luck of the irish. nbc bay area is out at the dublin parade on saturday but it looks cold and a chance of thunder showers, too. a little bit of everything for the weekend. good news for the sierra snow pack. >> we need it. thank you. let's check in on sports. hey, jim. how is it going? >> very well. >> thank you for the props. >> my pleasure. i am a big fan of regional 8-k races so i like to keep my eye on who is doing what. >> sure. >> stalking has such a negative connotation. i just don't like to use that term. let's move on to sports.
6:50 pm
here's what we've got. nfl free agency starting tomorrow for the 49ers. they are wasting no time taking a look at guys they feel could help the team even if said player is 35 years old. monday the 49ers held a workout with randy moss and this has just come into the newsroom. espn's adam schefter reporting that the wide receiver has signed a one-year deal to play for the 49ers this coming season. we'll have more on this at 11:00 but as to who will be throwing passes to randy moss in 2012, owner jeb york spoke about the workout and after the workout and said here is the status of alex smith's contract negotiations. >> it's been good. i think alex is trying to figure out what he wants to do. >> are you at an offer right now that is as far as you guys will go? >> i'm not going to talk about where we are, you know. we have good conversations going back and forth and hopefully alex gets everything locked up soon. >> the ball is in his court. he knows that we want him to be here. we'll see how it ends up.
6:51 pm
>> all right. on to baseball to glendale, arizona as and white sox. here's what we have for highlights. top of the third. bases loaded. singles to right. that scores two. 3-0 the as have the lead. two batters later bases loaded. rip that double, baby all the way to right. five-run inning for the athletics. they win it, 9-4. they're 8-3 in cactus league action. the cal women's hoops team finished this season with 24 wins. that was good enough to earn them an eighth seed in the raleigh region of the women's ncaa tournament where they will take on kansas state in the first round. as for cal and the men. kate longworth was in berkeley as they began their postseason journey. >> reporter: coach montgomery says the team hasn't had much time to digest its seating in this year's ncaa tournament but as the madness of march set in the bears took the court in berkeley for final practice before boarding a bus heading to the airport to go to dayton, ohio facing what the team knows
6:52 pm
is a do or die situation. >> hopefully they have a chip on their shoulder. we're one and done now. there is no more we can do at this stage. so hopefully they'll be ready to go and again you have to perform. it is not like you can go there and get another one. we have to perform. >> an understanding of how important this is. you know, get a mindset and just be on the same page. >> reporter: and should the bears beat south florida on wednesday, that will be their 25th victory of the year. that will be the bears' most wins in a single season since back in 1960. it also extends cal's trip from dayton, ohio, until nashville, tennessee, where they will face number five temple on friday. in berkeley, i'm kate longworth nbc bay area. >> thanks, kate. no surprise in palo alto as the stanford women got the number one seed in the women's ncaa tournament. they'll take on stanford university in the first game
6:53 pm
saturday. the cardinals are currently riding a 28-game winning streak. from the sublime to the ridiculous this man is covered in feathers. why? well, the bird man rally took place in melbourne, australia yesterday where contestants take to the skies using home made gliders and aircraft. this is in the 40th year of this competition. well done, sir. well done. look at that. another high flying star monty ellis named the western conference player of the week in the nba. led the warriors with a 3-1 record averaging jufrt over 20 points a game. you guys getting ready? that is a look at sports. you going to run a marathon next or triathlon? what you got going on? >> i think i'll do a half. >> do a half? >> yeah. >> she runs a half every day. >> i do not. >> i run a half in a lifetime. that's what i'll do. >> exactly. the only half i have is a sandwich with a bowl of soup or salad on the side. >> that sounds good. thanks so much, jim. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage you can watch sports net on
6:54 pm
comcast sports tonight at 10:30.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 turning the homeless into hot spots. we'll explain the charity some are calling exploitation. at a press conference in 1973 former president richard nixon announced to the world, quote, i am not a crook. well, this week we're learning the man also had a sensitive side. this friday the richard nixon presidential library unveils a new exit bit of love letters written while nixon and his future wife pat were still
6:57 pm
dating. in the letters he calls his wife dearest heart saying quote every day and night i want to see you and be with you yet i have no feelings of selfish ownership or jealousy. let's really grow together and find the happiness we know is ours. the presidential library in yorba linda including the letters in the present exhibit celebrate what would have been the 100th birthday of the former first lady. >> nixon quite the romantic. let's check what's coming up at 7:00. more reaction after the u.s. soldier opened fire on afghan citizens. we have a pair of experts to look at what may have triggered that attack and what it means for u.s./afghan relations plus two hot new tech companies. we take a look at the buzz around them and what it could mean for several other high tech companies. and what we learned from the japanese tsunami one year after it struck. the global and local warning system. we'll take a look to see how it's been impacted. that and more on comcast 186 in a couple minutes. i'm getting the hangup right
6:58 pm
now. as soon as i press send everybody will be able to join. >>us thaou >> thanks so much. we'll see you at 7:00 and see you back here at 11:00. throughout california thousands of public school teachers are once again anxiously awaiting to see if they'll get pink slips on march 15th. that's the deadline for districts to notify staff if there is a chance they'll lose their jobs. imagine what that does for morale. it's not the teachers' fault. it's our state government. unable to plan a balanced budget. what other industry threatens its work force with layoffs year after year? yet we expect teachers to soldier on and keep mentoring and nurturing our kids. last march 20,000 california teachers and staffers were given
6:59 pm
layoff slips. even though 8,000 jobs were later saved the emotional damage was done. nbc bay area believes this has to stop. districts should only notify those employees they truly have to layoff. tell us what you think at nbc >> hey, guys. breakfast. now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check.


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