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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 16, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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developing news in the south bias a wanted felon holes up inside a home. the latest on s.w.a.t. stand-off and a live report. the frenzy over tbrand-new ipad. live coverage. a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is wet outside. staying two steps ahead of the weather as the bay area braces for more wind and rain. good morning, i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. the news at 11:00 starts right now.
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this morning we again with developing news, a san jose s.w.a.t. team has a wanted felon surrounded. right now, police are outside a vacant home on blossom near blossom hill road, trying to coax the man out peacefully. this is where nbc bay area's damon joins us live. we understand the suspect is wanted for a string of violent crimes. >> reporter: talking about carjacking, marla, and some other robberies and some other incidents that make this guy a really wanted felon here in the city of san jose. we do know that the s.w.a.t. team still has a house rou surrounded. we did hearded a flash bang aga grenade 20 minutes ago. they spotted this suspect before 4:00 this morning in south san jose and followed him into this one house that police say is abandoned. neighbors say it's a home that's gone through foreclosure. they say they he is a wanted
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felon with home invasion robbery and carjacking. we did speak to one neighbor who can't get into her house because of this lockdown right now. >> yeah, really scary. really scary. with the bank robbery that just happened last month and now this, so kind of makes me nervous. >> reporter: and this neighborhood is right next to earl frost elementary school here in san jose. we understand that the superintendent has actually told nbc pay area that the kids are not in any danger right now, they are not in the lockdown situation. they're just not allowing them to go out to recess at any point. we are waiting for the public information officer for the san jose police department. he has yet to arrive to kind of fill us in as to what's going on here. but the situation continues. it sounds like this man is barricaded inside this home on blossom avenue. live in south san jose. crowds storming apple stores
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to get their hands on the company's latest must-have gadget. probably figured out it the brand-new ipad. team coverage on the first day of sales. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew telling you why your boss may buy you one of these. bob redell live at apple store on stockton street in san francisco where crowds waited all morning to get their hands on a brand-new ipad. any left? >> reporter: yeah, there are. you might be wondering if those people who waited overnight in the line for ipads are thinking, hey, i could have been here right now, there's no line and there's still plenty of ipads in stock. doors opened at 8:00 this morning, jon, to a crowd of anywhere two 200 to 300 apple fans packed in a line that wrapped around out front. first in line, that guy right there, scott mine, a welding instructor from livermore
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waiting since 9:30 last night for one of these, the third generation ipad. comparing it to ipad 2, much better resolution, side by side, comparisons you can tell the difference. you can see pixlation on the 2, not so much on the 3. ipad has a faster processor and access to lte mobile network which adds a ton of speed surfing online. just a few reasons these people had to have it day one. >> took too long to buy it online. this was the only way of getting it. >> i inadvertently smashed the screen on my ipad 2 and it happened two weeks before this one, so you know, things happen now and then. >> reporter: sometimes car ma's not a bad thing? >> yeah, it was a freudian slip tvg fe it fell off the table. cheaper to get a new one. >> reporter: the ipads start at 499 go up from there. they are still available at the flagship store here in san francisco. you know right now, people have
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to talk to their businesses and let them use an ipad at work. but scott mcgrew says soon your boss may force you to, is that right? >> the fancy term is consumerization of i.t., people like using consumer level technology. businesses were resistant to that idea but are adopting it like this doctor's office which uses an app to take patient records. a few years from now ipads may be issued to employees and that is good news for apple. apple stock is down slightly this morning. but take a look at this chart. this is over the last couple of months. you can notice from february until now apple stock has jumped more than 100. steve wozniak stayed dry by heading down to los angeles to get his huh i pad, delighting people at century city. >> thank you, thank you. all happy about the apple products, meant so much in their life and they tell stories about themselves and what they do. i meet a lot of people, a lot of
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autograph signing and photographs. it's just -- it's easy for me. >> marla, often spotted in his hometown los gados. a nice guy. stood in line for his own ipad 3. >> that's great of him. good guy. thank you, scott. into plenty of jeers with cheers as the ipad was released this morning. in san francisco a group of apple users and activists from rallied outside the apple store on stockton. the protesters say they're calling on the company to create a worker protection strategy for its chinese factories. >> saying apple time to take the next step, think different, think ethical and create a protection strategy for your workers so we know they're not going to be abused, injured in the workplace and not dying from overwork. >> apple is partnering with the fair labor association to audit labor at its factories in china. that report should be released within the next couple of weeks. the audit was ordered after
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reports allegedly workers were being overworked and mistreated at chinese factories that make apple products. despite any controversy -- >> we are following breaking news right now. happening in the south bay, we are getting word of a very serious car crash. this is on highway 17 at laurel. mike inouye joins us in the newsroom with latest. this is a dangerous laurel curve. >> that's right. there's a curve and a break in the center divide. folks know highway 17 heading down to santa cruz as the roadway that has that center divide. the cement barrier. at laurel there's a break in the barrier and sounds like it might have played a part in the collision between two big rigs. to the maps, first locating the south bay, police car at the bottom where damion is with the s.w.a.t. activity for blossom avenue. 17 further south, over the summit, laurel road, that's where reports are two big rigs head-on collision right there at the break presumably. we got word from chp someone has
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died as a result of the accident. north bound side first shut down. now the southbound side has shut down, a hard closure. closed the freeway in both directions and we don't have word from chp when they expect it to reopen. a major reroute for locals through the area. some have special ways. highway 9 a good distance out of the way as well as san jose, socal, only if you're familiar kit the area. if if you don't have to go down to the mountains over the summit do not take that. highway 17 currently closed by the deadly head-on collision between two big rigs at laurel road. we'll update online and twitter account as well. we'll send it back to you guys for now. thank you for the updates. we've had all kind of weather this week. busy in the bay area weather center. meteorologist christina loren to fill us in. more storms on the way. >> that's right, jon kelley. having a hard time keeping up with rainfall totals. more and more keeps coming down
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especially the north bay. ben lomond almost a foot of rain. san rafael over 8 inches. orinda, over 6 inches. oakland 3 3/4 of an inch. san francisco even 2 inches. talking about a lot of moisture and already-saturated ground. getting light showers now. light showers just the green over the north bay. but we've got the yellow and red on the way tonight. it all works out like this. the main cold front, the most potent of the few systems that have passed through the bay area comes through tonight. that's going to produce heavy rainfall, potentially 5 to 6 inches in the higher elevations. and then we get another wave as we head through this weekend. talking abo low snow levels. so we'll time systems out for you. i'll let you know when you might be able to get outdoors. and then we have a potential for water a spspouts and thundersto. we'll take you through the forecast and help you stay safe
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this weekend. back to you. >> a lot happening before the first day of spring tuesday. this in morning we know a woman who was hit by gunfire in oakland early this morning was shot by another woman. officers say they found the injured woman 2:00 this morning on franklin street near 21st street. she is recovering at the hospital. so far officers have not found the shooter. also today, gilroy police trying to fine a woman whose son was involved in a horrific murder suicide. investigators fearing the 52-year-old martha gutierrez might be critically injured or dead. her son, 27-year-old able, shot and kill his 11-year-old sister before killing himself. able gutierrez was an iraq war veteran who family members suspect may have been suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. his sister was a sixth grader at south valley middle school. a dangerous situation for napa firefighters as a home
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filled with weapons and ammunition goes up in flames. the fire began in a garage on the home only mustang road 9:30 last night. it quickly spread to rest of the home. firefighters had to keep their distance as they fought flames because ammunition inside the home was exploding. the homeowner, a man in his 70s managed to get out safely. the home is a total loss. coming up, it looks like a scene from a hollywood movie but guess what? this is real life. how george clooney ended up in cuffs just ahead. also, a funnel cloud caught on camera before going on a continue-mile path of destruction. twisted metal and broken beams where houses once stood. we'll have that coming up the verdict is in a jury decides fate of a young man accusfspyin ying on his roommates with a webcam. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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found guilty of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate. 20-year-old ravi shook his head at the jury's verdicts, as they were read. guilty of invasion of privacy and anti-gay intimidation. prosecutors say ravi set up a webcam in his dorm room and then caught tyler clementi kissing another man. clementi killed himself after learning ravi tweeted about it it. ravi faces ten years in prison and possible deportation to india. this morning, actor george clooney under arrest after protesting outside the sudanese embassy in washington, d.c. >> you can see it here, clooney cuffed while protesting alongside his father, nick, and martin luther king iii. the president of the naacp, ben jealous and democratic congressman jim moran of virginia, were also arrested. police say they warned them
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three times not to cross a police line outside the embassy. just days ago clooney appeared at a senate hearing to accuse sudan's president of blocking food and aid from entering a border region in south sudan. we are still waiting to learn the name of the u.s. soldier killed of killing 16 afghan civilians during an ugly midnight massacre. the soldier's attorney coming forward with the details of the father of two and what made have led him to ultimately snap. richard engel joining us with a look at man of the crisis. >> reporter: new details emerging about the american staff sergeant, 38-year-old father of two arc excused of war crimes here in afghanistan. the suspect has retained a lawyer. the lawyer is speaking out. he describes his client as a decorated veteran who served three tours in iraq, one tour in hereinafter began stan, injured twice in iraq, one with a
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concussion, another injury to the foot. hess client wasn't expecting to receive that fourth deployment, the one here to afghanistan, he was training to be a recruiter when he received surprise information that he would have to go on yet another combat tour. >> i think that this case is more political than legal, and i'm used to legal things, not political things. i think there will be an effort to try to paint him as a rogue soldier rather than a focus on how we're treating our g.i.s in general and whether we should be over there to begin with. >> reporter: the damage on the ground may have been done. there have been protests. the president of afghanistan hamid karzai made a surprise announcement yesterday, calling on all american forces to be confined to big bases and to be pulled out of afghan villages. we have been told, however, by u.s. officials, that the american military never agreed to those new conditions and will
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continue operating as normal in villages and in other places across afghanistan. richard engel, nbc news, kabul. twisted metal and scattered debris all that remains of some neighborhoods, after two tornadoes touched down in southeast michigan. cameras caught incredible video of one of the tornados that it approached dexter, northwest of ann arbor. more than 100 homes are damaged, and 13 more destroyed. the tornado packed winds estimated 135 miles an hour and its path on the ground was some ten miles. >> it was wind gusting. we saw squirrels flying in the air. i mean hail. it was -- it was -- it got so dark and so windy so fast, and like it just changed so quickly. >> meteorologists say two other tornadoes also touched down in other parts of the state. no serious injuries reported.
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crews expected to survey the damage today. we can tell you flood concerns not putting a damper on the santa cruz beach boardwalk, after all. weather permitting the boardwalk will stay open this within. maintenance crews had to do quick work to keep the swollen river from undermining the historic landmark. the creek took out a set of wooden stairs before crews finally had a chance to build a protective barrier. guess what? it's not over. more activity expected later this evening especially for the evening commute. let's check it now with meteorologist christina loren. >> yeah, the santa cruz mountains in the north bay look like they will get the most rain out of the next system. it's moving in right now. but we're getting light rain. for most part, confine order the golden gate bridge. showers stream south as we head throughout the day today. it's going to get worse before it gets better. to the north bay where they're getting quite a bit more rainfall. little bit of yellow here. yellow pockets, moderate rain coming down headed towards
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navato. san rafael picked up 8 inches this week. additional rain will add to potential for flooding. by 5:00 p.m. we start to see the bulk of the moisture from the main cold front arrive. that's going to slide to the south by 9:00 p.m. once it gets to the south bay it will dump rain over our area, maybe for an hour. after that it moves out. we could pick up a half inch to an inch here in san jose. by 5:00 a.m. saturday, we get a bit of a break. but the cole blast moves in and it's going to be windy at that time. st. patrick's day not looking ideal for outdoor activities. a lot of people celebrating the holiday in san francisco. after all it falls on a saturday. 51 with isolated thunderstorms in afternoon hours. 45 that night. cold, cloudy, windy. just not ideal to be outdoors. bring a jacket if you're out and about in the city. on sunday morning it starts to get interesting. take a look at this. the ping you see here, that's a
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mix of rain and snow. potentially down to 500 feet. you see that purple, that's snow over mt. hamilton and we get more as we head through 6:00 p.m. it blows out of here by monday. residual showers. tuesday, first day of spring, a nice dry break. some cities might hit the 70s by wednesday. travel around cautiously this weekend. >> thank you for the update. there is a nur ruew ruling forcing a berlin museum to turn over thousands of rare posters to a man in florida. the posters were seized from peter sack's father by nazis and now the federal court of justice ruling sacks is the rightful own or of the art valued between $6 million and $2 1 million. sacks has been if f. a legal fight with a germ. museum. finding a place for the posters
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to be displayed for the public. thai taxi driver returned 500,000 of gold left by a passenger. the driver turned the jewelry over in cardboard boxes. the jewelery deal bought the gold in bangkok but forget it in the taxi while helping his sick wife. the grateful owner rewarded the driver with two necklaces worth $10,000. two cats reaping the reward of a power outage. a restaurant donated 20,000 pounds of steak to the zoo after the restaurant lost power tuesday. what a break for the cats. the bengal tiger, an american -- an african lion and a leopard dined like kings. enough leftovers to feed the cats for weeks to come. eat up, guys. 21,000 customers lost power in the boston area tuesday, after a transformer there caught
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fire. power was turned back on by wednesday. let there be light. hoping for a comeback. three weeks until the season opener and the giants' star 5050/50 to play this weekend.
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we can tell you there's a 50/50 chance the giants' second baseman freddy sanchez will get his first spring training start tomorrow according to bruce bochy. sanchez has three weeks to go before the april 6th opener. sanchez hurt his shoulder last june and had surgery to repair that in august. he now says he still feels tightness and soreness but very, very happy with his progress. the giants take on the a's tomorrow, game time 1:05 in the afternoon. catch that on comcast sportsnet bay area.
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welcome back. live look at highway 17 in san jose, further south head-on collision has northbound 17 closed. we just got an update. learning southbound 17 heading towards santa cruz has been reopened. plenty of wind throughout the bay area today. >> but likely none quite as strong as the gale that hopefully will be rolling over purdue on the basketball court. the saint mary's men basketball team taking on ten-seed purdue. tip-off set for 4:27 this afternoon. the gale force will be out in full force to watch the game. viewing parties going on. choose maybe 4:00 starting with students watching dryden hall on
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campus in moraga and another at ruth's chris steakhouse in walnut creek. all kinds of school spirit today. quote of the day to mark tehan. why the saint mary's team will beat him. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause
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