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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the home three asian women and two men lay dead. the crime scene that even brought out the police chief. >> we don't know the exact time of death of the victims. the reportee called us at about 7:45 this morning. >> reporter: investigators spent five hours processing the scene without revealing much information about the homicide. they were not looking for any suspects and at least two people appeared to have been shot. >> i want to assure the public that we don't believe we have anybody at large that's going to be looking to do random acts. we believe that this act was specific to this residence. >> department of public health counselors with the department of public health spent the day with neighbors in case they needed to talk about the tragedy. some say they're now questioning their decision to move here. >> definitely thinking twice why we moved here. but you never know. >> reporter: the medical examiner has not released the names of those victims. again, five people are dead in the home behind me, but two san
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francisco police officers are standing guard right now in front of that home. part of the reason the information is slow in coming out that the medical examiner arrived at about 1:30 this afternoon, so they have to go through their processes and make sure that they know exactly what happened. they're fought saying if there were any weapons recovered, but, again, police did tell us this morning that at least it appeared that two people were shot. we'll have more tonight at 6:00. live in san francisco, i'm damian trujillo. the efforts to find the 15-year-old morgan hill girl expanded today with the fbi stopping and questioning drivers. nbc bay area marianne favro joins us live. >> reporter: around 2:30 this afternoon, fbi agents and sheriffs' investigators went inside the home. then a short time later, fbi agents did a
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shoulder-to-shoulder mini grid search on the side yard. after that, we saw marlene lamar, her mom and her boyfriend, rick gardner get in the car and they took off for a while and they came back. the mother did not appear distraught. at this point we still do not know if investigators have found sierra lamrar. her mother believes the sharks jersey is the same shirt search and rescue teams found inside her purse in a field near sierra's home. today marlene lamar made a plea to anyone who might know where her daughter is. >> if somebody is holding her, find it in your hearts to release her. >> reporter: sierra left this home one week ago for school and hasn't been seen since. this morning fbi agents stopped motorists near sierra's home hoping to get leads.
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marjorie walker says the community hasn't done enough, so she's xeroxed 100 fliers and put them up around town herself. >> morgan hill is our community and she is one of our girls. we need to find her. >> reporter: sheriff deputies say a more exhaustive search is planned for this weekend. tonight, at 7:30, there will be a candlelight vigil at washington high school with sierra used to attend. she left there in october to transfer here to morgan hill. there are expected to be hundreds of people at that vigil tonight. reporting live, marianne favro. again, 7:30 washington high school in fremont where she went to high school as a freshman before moving to morgan hill. we'll post updates on our website, and just search sierra. don't be fooled, a beautiful friday but things will be changing dramatically. get ready for wet. nba bay area chief meteorologist
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jeff ranieri joins us. >> we'll see conditions deteriorate and we're not finding any raindrops in the north bay or the coastline but watch this as we put a tilt on the radar and clouds increasing throughout santa rosa and now throughout san francisco and the peninsula. as we zoom out, what we're tracking as we hd into saturday and sunday is the center of low pressure that's going to be advancing in, not only producing some rain, but also the possibility of some thunderstorms as we head into the next 72 hours. overall, our biggest concern will be the mountains where we could see an additional one to two inches of rain that will elevate our mudslide concerns and also at the coastline where we're seeing additional half inch to one inch. full timeline of this and when the rain will hit coming up later on in the show. >> thanks so much, jeff, we'll see you soon. more news now, a youth soccer coach is behind bars tonight on charges he sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl and today his bail increased by
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$500,000 to $1.5 million. 36-year-old emmanuel fabrizio faces 12 counts of child sex abuse. he will be held at the santa clara county jail. he can enter a plea on april 6th. well, it's a hot button debate and many people interviewing for jobs say the perspective employers are asking them during interviews to reveal their facebook passwords. facebook's response, you can't do that. business tech reporter budman is here. >> not many companies yet asking for your passwords during the job interviews, but a big topic. so big that facebook came out and said it wants to make sure they're not asking for those passwords. releasing a stam today from chief privacy officer that facebook may go so far as to sue companies asking for your passwords. sharing or even asking for a
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password is already a violation of the facebook user agreement. lots of politicians and groups are weighing in on this today, including the aclu. >> what this would do is basically put asking for login information for a social networking site as unlawful as asking a woman if she plans to have children. >> right now there are no laws on the books, specifically forbidding employers to ask for your password or login, but already an attempt in illinois to put a law on the books to stop it. one way facebook says it may try to keep companies from peeking into your facebook file. if that employer finds out you're part of a protected group and it doesn't hire you, it may open up itself to claims of discrimination. janelle? >> scott, thanks so much. in other business news, steady job growth in california, but the unemployment rate remains unchanged. the state unemployment rate stayed at 10.9% for the month of
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february and while there is a long way to go, four industries added a total of more than 24,000 jobs over the past month. they're manufacturing, information, professional and business services, as well as educational and health services. new developments in the case against a u.s. soldier accused of going on a killing spree in afghanistan. >> i can only imagine what these parents are going through. the president gets personal. his comments about the shooting of a florida teenager and what's hapwing the investigation right now. the obama administration celebrating a controversial anniversary. will health care reform survive its next challenge? and it's a giant jackpot. do you have your ticket yet? a look at what you can buy with all that money. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking the latest storm developing off shore with a few areas of showers just off the coastline. it is going to keep rain in your forecast for the south bay on saturday, but, well, it may be wet around the bay area and
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still plenty of things to do. our very own lauren scott has a look at some of your options. a journey under the big top is just part of what's on tap this weekend. having made a successful run at at&t park in the early part of winter, cirque du soleil has brought totem one of the stars of the show performing the role of crystal man. >> you want to leave a show and feel something, i don't want to use the word magical, because it's overused, but you want to feel something more. we do that. and i believe we do that because we feel it. >> reporter: the story of evolution told in the way that only cirque can. as part of the napa valley mustard festival, while along the silverado trail along the gallery, the photography of the ancient myth and vineyard light show are now on display. with this look at what
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store around t in store around the bay area this coming weekend, i'm lawrence scott. ♪
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the u.s. soldier accused of murdering 17 civilians in afghanistan was officially charged today. staff sergeant robert bales faces 17 counts of premeditated murder and now could face the death penalty. the release of the charges today marked the first formal acknowledgment by the military that the death toll had risen by one. bales alleged rampage earlier this month targeted afghan women and children. but bales' attorney is focused on the evidence or lack of it. >> most cases there's a crime scene, there's ballistics there's csi, there's confessions, which are written in this case. it's interesting how the government proves this case. >> bales is currently being held at ft. levinworth, kansas.
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he says military lawyers first must prove his client was responsible. president barack obama made some surprising remarks today surrounding the case of trayvon martin. the president rarely comments on controversial criminal cases but responded to reporter's question. the 17-year-old unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer last month in a gated community in sanford, florida. george zimmerman claims it was self-defense and the president is pleased thetarha t they appointed a task force to look into the incident and he also got personal. >> if i had a son, he'd look like trayvon. you know, i think they are right to expect that all of us, as americans, are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we're going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> in a showing of solidarity, students from more than a dozen
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schools in florida walked out of class to show support for the teen's family. two years ago today the nation's health care bill took effect and today republicans continue to fight what they call obama care. in louisiana this morning, presidential candidate mitt romney called health care reform the centerpiece of a failed presidency. he blasted the bill as an attack on personal freedom and free markets. and outlined his own approach to health care reform. >> i'd like, instead of having the government come in and mandate price and cost controls, i would like to have individuals have a greater incentive to shop around. and to make this act more like a market. >> opponents are scheduled to argue the constitutionality of the health care law before the supreme court next week. meanwhile, the white house released a statement saying it made a difference for millions of americans and over time it helped give more working and middle class families the security they deserve. another obama policy in the
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spotlight today. in sacramento hundreds of people gathered to protest the mandate to provide health insurance coverage that includes free birth control for workers. the protests at the state capital were sponsored by the group, catholics for religious liberty and is about 1 of 140 rallies taking place in cities across the country today. the leader of the catholic church landed in mexico this afternoon. the first time in more than a decade that the pope has visited the country. people lined the streets of the mexico city of leon to greet pope benedict xvi. 300,000 people are expected to attend the pope's sunday mass. before landing in mx co, he talked about the country's fight against drug cartels saying the problem is fueled by greed for money. after visiting mexico, the pope is scheduled to fly to cuba on monday. we will have a live report from mexico on the pope's visit tonight at 6:00. okay, as we head into the weekend, you might be feeling lucky. tonight's mega millions drawing is worth a whopping 290 million
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bucks. millions of tick vets have been sold since the most anticipated lottery since last march's $319 million jackpot. the multi-state jackpot is the eighth largest. in order to win, you have to match five numbers ranging from 1 to 56 and plus you have to get thal mega number. now, if you're the soul winner of the jackpot, you can take home an estimated cash value of $250 million. for some perspective, the entire giants' payroll is $117 million this season. the odds, 1 in 175 million. the drawing will be held at 8:00. you have another, what, about couple hours to get your tickets. >> i would buy the giants and give them all raises. >> you would spend half of your winnings to buy the giants. >> i still have half a million left. jeff and i were dreaming about winning the lottery before the show and how we love this place so much, we would still work
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here. >> i would, too. >> how much would it cost to walk away? but, you know, no price when you work at nbc bay area. look at the doppler radar as it scans around. we're having dry conditions here and that will be quickly changing as we head throughout the next 18 hours with our next storm system lining up. temperatures dropping after a beautiful day outside. a lot of sun throughout the midday hours. clouds increasing in the north bay and numbers dropping to 55 in nevada and near san francisco, that wind is now shifting more to an onshore flow and we'll take you out to our sky camera network in san bruno and starting to look stormy out here and shaking around a bit, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour and that cloud cover, as we mentioned, starting to ramp up. now, let's bring you back to our weather headlines. pretty simple as we head throughout saturday and sunday. chance of rain on and off for this entire weekend. pretty soggy as we head throughout saturday and for sunday we could see things ramp up a little bit more with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. satellite picture has the cold
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front now starting to move in from the pacific. it's starten to moisten up and still no showers detected in the north bay, but that is changing as we head into the early ov overnight hours. a huge, upper level low pressure system sitting out here in the pacific and that will continue to drop down as we head throughout saturday and sunday. bring us another big-time blast of some cold winter air throughout saturday. it will drop temperature down into the 50s for some folks and then as we head throughout sunday, that's when that upper level energy and jet stream looks like it is amplified enough to produce a few areas of thunderstorms. so, here's our timeline, tonight, it's cloudy. if you have dinner at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 you should be okay in terms of the raindrops but then into the early morning hours, we'll see rainfall begin to develop in the north bay around 1:00, 2:00 a.m. by 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. in the morning, everyone will get rainfall down to san jose and it looks like it will still stick by 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. turning more to shower activity
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by saturday evening and then into sunday, along with that atmosphere still staying active and the best chance of thunderstorms in and throughout sunday morning. overall totals, at least for the first wave on saturday, look to be the highest up in the north bay with a half inch and also near half moon bay close to a half inch and then for the south and east bay anywhere from a tenth of an inch to quarter inch expected in san jose. remember the second reinforcing shot of wet weather on sunday and some of these thunderstorms that do develop could produce another half inch to one inch. overall our biggest concern is that we have been highlighting the santa cruz mountains with even another two inches of rain and some of you in scots valley may be dealing with more mudslide danger like we did last week. just keep your eyes to the hills out here in the santa cruz mountains. tonight, not as cold as it was this morning. 44 in napa and 46 in san francisco and also some mid-40s into santa rosa and throughout your saturday, numbers drop. we've been up, down, all over the place this week. but tomorrow you need the jacket
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and you need the layers and you need that umbrella close by. 52 in dublin and 51 in hayward and 51 in alameda and back from walnut creek and also low 50s in alamo. for the coastline, down to pacifica and half moon bay and even san francisco may struggle to get out of the 40s on saturday. on your three-day forecast. we have rain saturday, as we've been mentioning and then by sunday that chance of thunderstorms. so, some of you may see something, others may not. that mixed bag kind of a day on sunday. and then into monday, we'll try to get a little bit of a break before another, yes, stronger system looks to be ramping up on the latest forecast model runs on tuesday and wednesday. so, i need to just come out and say something right now. i know, few weeks ago i was making fun of the groundhog. i think he might have actually been right. >> yes, for once. >> spring is here and here come s winter. >> a lot of little leagues are
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postponing or delaying their opening day. her son's little league canceled tomorrow. >> that's a good idea with the rain coming in. >> reschedule. >> reschedule. >> we all have to listen to pux tawny. >> thank you, jeff. coming up how a ruling feeding animals antibiotics could impact your health and the food you buy at the grocery store. some east bay students hatch a plan to provide free college for all californians. wheal show you who they want to foot the bill. ha
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can feeding farm animals antibiotics lead to antibiotic resistance in humans? a controversial question that dates back more than 30 years. a federal judge in new york sided with a lawsuit filed by a consumer advocate group ruling that the fda must cut down on the use of penicillin and other antibiotics which help the animals grow faster. the fda determined the practice could prevent drug-resistant bacteria in people but never took any action in that matter. a group of bay area high
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school students want everyone in california to go to college for free. students at life academy in oakland unity high school came up with a plan to make that happen and now trying to get it before voters. their campaign is called college for california. they need more than 800,000 signatures to get their idea on the june ballot. if approved, it would make state university tuition free. for full-time in-state students who maintain a 2.7 gpa or perform 70 hours of community service each year. a tax hike on californians who earn more than $250,000 a year would pay for this plan. well, have you read the books? have you heard about all the hype or do you any any young girls. fans are eating up "the hunger games." the movie opened overnight and almost brought in $20 million. the seventh best midnight total ever and it puts the movie well on its way towards the blockbuster opening weekend. rainy weather, should be perfect movie weather. comes in behind "harry potter"
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and twilight." a teenager forced into a televised death match with other kids. coming up, honoring people who make the bay area a place. celebrating hometown heroes, next. ♪
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a programming note. the giants are back on nbc bay area. we have game tonight at 7:00. giants and the rangers. you don't have to miss your favorite nbc programs while the giant are on. flip over to tv 36 to see "who do you think you are" and "grim." and "dayline" and bay area news right after the game is over. epitome of bay area proud. making a legitimate difference in their communities. more than two dozen people from
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around the bay area were honored last night. >> the rutunda building was host to the hometown hero gala. hometown heroes celebrates individuals doing remarkable things in our community. nbc bay area lauren scott was the emcee of the event where mentors and oakland city officials came together for the award show. >> every community the set of hometown local heros to sepup and do those things that we all wish we could do. >> this was the third year for the hometown heroes event. >> congratulations. sounds like a great time last night. okay, jeff ranieri, one last look as we look into little league stuff for tomorrow. >> the rain is a definite tomorrow morning from about 4:00 to 10:00 a.m. and then as we head throughout sunday, we'll find the chance of thunderstorms and even more wet weather into tuesday and i can't believe it's baseball time tonight. >> oh, here we go. >> 7:00, giants/rangers right here.
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