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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, the life and times of a broadcasting legend. more on the passing of mike wallace, who was the foundation of the most influential primetime news show in history. plus a suspected drunk driver, a tanker truck, and an explosion. a raging fire engulfs a southern california freeway and how everyone made it out alive. we'll take you around the world and check in on easter celebrations including one in the bay area that's nearly a century-old tradition. the news at 5:00 starts right now. >> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening, i'm janelle wang in for diane dwyer.
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he was fearless, not afraid to ask the toughest questions. known for hard-hitting interviews, mike wallace was an iconic news man, an original correspondent of "60 minutes." he passed away at age 93. ron allen takes a look back at the career of this broad was itting legend. >> reporter: no one conducted an interview like mike wallace. >> to get anything done, money. >> reporter: he was aggressive. >> why are you so reluctant? >> reporter: hard-hitting. >> i have no intention of leaving till you tell me what's on your mind. >> reporter: no holds barred. >> they must be ashamed of something. >> reporter: even with friends. >> you're going to be in japan and i'm told it's a $2 million two weeks. >> they're getting two of us, they're working us like crazy. >> it's going to be a well-recompensed two weeks. >> it is for everybody that goes there. you really didn't need that question. >> reporter: he was there every
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sunday on "60 minutes," the program that became the most influential primetime news program in history. wallace's work covered more than half a century of american history. just about every significant newsmaker of his time. presidents and prime ministers. >> may i ask my question please, sir? >> translator: are you the representative of the zionist regime or a journalist? >> if his is the teflon presidency, nothing sticks. >> mine is the opposite. >> reporter: myron wall loss was born 1918 in brookline, massachusetts. he became a broadcaster at university of michigan. he was a news writer in the '40s, served during world war i ii. he moved to new york in the 1950s and ginned cbs, handling a variety of broadcasting news. everything from entertainment -- ♪ hello everybody >> reporter: to hard news on fv
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and radio. he briefly standard onstage, on broadway. 1956, an interview program called "night beat." >> good evening, i'm mike wallace. >> reporter: challenging guests with tough questions, something new for tv. >> what kind of people are your friends? >> reporter: he covered most of the great stories of the '60s, including vietnam. 1968 -- >> it's a magazine for television. >> reporter: "60 minutes," a program that would create much of the legacy wallace leaves behind. ron allen, nbc news, new york. >> mike wallace is survived by his wife and two children. he was 93 years old. there's a growing memorial in concord where a father and his 9-year-old daughter were killed on a bike ride yesterday morning by a teenaged driver who police say lost control of his suv, possibly because he was on his cell phone. investigators are now checking his phone records.
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nbc bay area's kimberly terry is live in concord with more on the investigation tonight. >> reporter: janelle, as you can imagine, it is a somber easter weekend for family and friends of that father and daughter who were killed here yesterday. people continue to come by and drop off flowers and candles at a memorial that as you mentioned continues to expand at treat and oak grove in concord. i spoke to loved ones of the victims who are devastated by loss of two family members who were on a bike ride enjoying the sunshine. 9:30 saturday morning a 17-year-old driving westbound lost control of his car, hitting a fire hydrant and then the family. >> he was a really loving father and a great husband to his wife. they were in love, they were married for 14 years, they were best friends. right now the family's going through a lot because it's a great loss and he lost his daughter as well. hopefully with all the prayers
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that are being sent to them, they'll be fine. i know that his wife will come out strong and so will his other daughter. >> reporter: the man died at the scene, his two daughters taken to the hospital where one of them, 9-year-old hadessa died. the 12-year-old treated for injuries. they're looking into whether the teen driver was distracted before the accident, looking at cell phone records to see if he was text organize talking on the phone. family and friends of the victims are expected to gather for a candlelight vigil at 7:00. they say the public is welcome to attend, to come pay respects. hundreds of people got a very early start to their easter celebrations this morning, gathering on top of the highest peak in san francisco. >> lives are saved like our lives are saved. >> many based chilly weather for the 90th annual easter sunrise
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service at san francisco's mt. davidson cross. local clergy from all fates took part in the service which began at 6:30 this morning. organizers say the cross is the largest in america and those who go to the service every year say it's an easter celebration like none other in the bay area. >> it's a special day. it's easter. and no other places offer services outdoors and i love outdoors. >> many city and community leaders attended the morning service. mayor ed lee was not there. the first family attended easter sunday services at a church near the white house. they walked there hand in hand. president bowl, the first lady and their two lawyers went through lafayette park before heading to st. john's episcopal church. during the service they took communion and greeted other members of the congregation who prayed for the president himself, congress, and the u.s. supreme court. ♪
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songs and prayers filled this sunrise service in afghanistan. troops stationed at camp leatherneck in helmund province attended a special easter sunday celebration. the service was also attended by nato forces and civilians. all troops are expected to withdraw and transfer complete military control to afghan forces by the end of 2014. a street in gilroy is getting some unwanted attention tonight. two robberies just five minutes apart. police don't believe they're connected. george kiriyama is live in gilroy with more. police are looking for more than one suspect? >> reporter: gilroy police say there's significant differences in each robbery, leading them to believe there's two different cases. last night two incidents happened on the same street wind five minutes. oddly enough police say the two ropries happened on a street called the independent order of oddfellows avenue, ioof.
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here's why investigators believe the cases may be different. the first attack happened at this intersection 10:30 last night. the intersection of ioof and murphy avenue. police say two guys hopped into the back of a taxi and demanded money. the suspects then attacked the cab driver, punching him and trying to choke him from behind. the men were able to get away with cash and they ran south on murphy. five minutes later, feet away, another suspect robbed a man at knife point. investigators saying this suspect ran away with the victim's cash and other items. he also ran south on murphy avenue. police have not made any arrests and right now they're asking for the public's help for any tips. live in gilroy, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. part of a southern california freeway remains closed after a massive tanker truck fire last night. the gas tanker burst into flames after being hit from behind by a honda sedan on highway 134 in
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dmen detail just after 11:00 p.m. the truck hit a guardrail and overturned. it was carrying gasoline. it took two waterdropping helicopters and 150 firefighters over an hour to put out the fire. body drivers were able to make to it safety and no injuries were reported. the driver of the honda has been arrested for driving while intoxicated. eastbound lanes have reopened but westbound lanes remain closed at this hour. next at 5:00, u.s. and afghan leaders have agreed to a deal aimed at stopping civilian casual casualties. what types of operations will now have to be approved first. also, an egg hunt in san jose that means more to the community than just an easter tradition. it's been nearly a year since we've seen buster posey do what he did today. we'll show you if it was enough to help the giants win. good evening from the weather center. high pressure our saving grace on easter sunday.
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night raids. today the u.s. and afghanistan signed a deal that resolved the contentious issue between the two allies. the raids are widely resented by afghan civilians. troops descend on homes without warning in search of insurgents. now all special operations will have to be reviewed and approved by a panel of afghan government officials. today's agreement is a key step toward finalizing a long-term strategic partnership governing the u.s. presence in afghanistan until they leave in 2014. >> now that we have concluded these two critically important memoranda of understanding, one on detentions, and one on special operations, we are now ready to look forward to a successful summit in chicago in the wake of the signing of the strategic partnership. >> the u.s. military says night raids are essential for the capture of taliban and al qaeda commanders. the world is getting an unprecedented look at the satellite and rocket north korea will soon be launching.
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a group of foreign journalists got a sneak peek today. north korea is vowing to move forward with its controversial plans to launch the long-range rocket. space officials claim it's sending an observation satellite into orbit. the u.s., japan and britain are skeptical and have urged north korea to cancel the launch. they warn firing the rocket would violate u.n. resolutions and north korea's promise to refrain from e engaging in nuclr and missile activities. >> syrian rebels say they'll respect a cease-fire deadline that's part of a u.n.-backed peace plan. the peace plan brokered by u.n. arab league envoy cofy annan calls for troops to withdraw from towns and cities this tuesday and a truce to start 48 hours later. the united nations says more than 9,000 people have been killed since the uprising began last year. amateur video posted online claims shelling is still continuing in the city of homs. nbc news could not authentic date this video. escalating violence by both sides has already raised doubts
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about this cease-fire. still to come, buster posey does something on the baseball field that he hasn't done in almost a year. we'll show you why a south bay community hopes an easter egg hunt does more than just make kids i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video.
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it's an easter egg hunt with a purpose. for a san jose park looking to revitalize its image.
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dozens of children gathered at this easter egg hunt at st. james park in downtown this afternoon. it's the city's latest attempt to change the community's perception of this park which has been a haven for homeless people in san jose for decades. there have been many other attempts to make the park more family friendly over the years, including summer concerts and movie nights. but none have brought about any lasting change. people in the community say they hope today's hunt will make a difference. >> the people who really spearheaded this this time were the people that are working to make st. james park used for families, where we can, you know, have soccer games and families can come here and enjoy the park. >> the hunt was organized by many neighborhood groups including the first unitarian church, the st. james neighborhood association, the san jose athletic club, and the third street community center. beautiful weekend, beautiful day for an easter egg hunt. but changes i hear are on the way.
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>> you said it right. we had a beautiful day, picture perfect weather. the only thing you might be able to complain about are the winds. a blustery day from los gatos, up to 26-mile-per-hour wind gusts, richmond, hayward, san martin, blustery but beautiful temperatures. still right now if you're making plans to head out it's still very nice. sunnyvale 65. gilroy 67 degrees. you're yoetsser headlines does involve a little bit of a change, unfortunately. we are offering rain for the north bay tomorrow. as we get towards monday night, if you live in the peninsula or the east bay, that will be your shot to see the first raindrops. that will continue through tuesday. in fact, those showers will spread toward the south bay. tuesday during the day. so everybody gets a little bit of rain as we head toward this upcoming week. it's because of this system you can see spinning across the pacific. the cold front associated with it has already brought showers to northern california. they've been looking at rain for the past three days, since about
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thursday. it's been raining there with these on and off showers. the system is going to move in as we head toward the day tomorrow. the north bay, you'll see the showers tomorrow. most likely in the afternoon. but as this front moves a little bit closer it does look like those showers will really spread inland as we head toward tuesday. tuesday's a better chance for rain across the bay area. you'll notice the showers are going to move in once we get towards about midnight monday into tuesday. then they'll be with us. you'll notice some of that yellow on the map, that denotes heavier rain for tuesday morning. we get a little bit of a break for wednesday. you'll notice the yellow, the deep green, that does indicate heavier shower activity. we're thinking once ge get to wednesday this will be a little bit of a break then we do it all over again. keep those umbrellas handy, they're going to get a good workout this week. temperatures tomorrow morning not too bad. definitely not as cold as it has been. 44 santa rosa. 50 san francisco. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay you'll be dry. these temperatures will reflect
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a nice day as today. 69 san jose. milpitas 70. dublin 66 tomorrow afternoon. fremont 67. and a little bit cooler, a change here especially along the coast with that onshore flow, thicker clouds. it does look like showers will start to fall across the north bay tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow during the day, mostly a dry day. tuesday, that's when the rain's going to start to spread in. one more nice day to enjoy especially south bay or peninsula or inland areas. the north bay, that's the spot to watch out for tomorrow. keep umbrellas handy. good idea to put it by the door tonight because you don't want to get caught, especially in heavier downpours. you've got to consider the hair too. >> i was driving up from central coast today and i noticed blustery winds. >> both hands. >> the safe way to go. >> 10 and 2. >> thanks, anthony. a got going on in sports this weekend. let's check in with scott reiss, how's it going? >> janelle, going well.
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busy on a sunday. the sharks have their first-round playoff schedule. we have the particulars. we have bu particulars. ster and the giants, and a nail biter in phoenix. [ crickets chirping ] st
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] scott reiss back in the comcast sports net news room. the giants 0-2 start not exactly reason for panic but certainly didn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy, especially being two down in the n.l. west just like that. today, a breath of fresh air followed by intense hyperventilation. giants/d'backs.
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spoiler alert, this doesn't end well. top two, brandon crawford, that will play into the left field corner. it's 2-0. crawford with a double to third on the throw. giants in business up 2-0. buster going yard, a welcome sight for giant fans. his first homer since last easter, april 24th, 2011. it's 6-0 san francisco with matt cain on the hill, what could possibly go wrong? yeah. ryan roberts, two-run shot, it's a 6-4 game. next batter, are you kidding me? next pitch, as a matter of fact. lyle overbay. back-to-back jacks. it's a 6-5 giants lead. bottom seven, they're leaded. here's chris young. pablo coming home. buster's foot is off of home plate. maybe thinking about the terrible collision at home last year. but he does not keep the foot on the plate. so run safe. aaron hill scores what is eventually the winning run.
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tossed, arguing to no avail. 7-6, diamondbacks sweep the giants. sunday at the masters, always special. even with some deflated by tiger woods' noncontention. plenty of drama and one of the most incredible golf shots in masters or any other tournament history. take you to augusta and show you what went down. louis oosthuizen the story early on. second shot on the par 5 2nd, 250 yards out, 4 iron, lands on the front of the green and it rolls. and it rolls. radar lock. that, my friends, is a double eagle in golf vernacular, an alba tros. a 2 on a par 5. oosthuizen had the lead at that point. one shot back, tee shot on the par 3 4th. i don't think that's going to work, off the grandstand, he would triple bogey.
5:26 pm
bubba watson nails the bird on 16, that's four birdies in a row for bubba, a tie atop the leaderboard. on 18, watson to win it. stays right. oosthuizen would par 18. we go to a playoff at augusta. watson taps in to win his first career major. and there's charles schwartzel, last year's champ, giving the green jacket to watson. sharks against st. louis, game one thursday, pregame coverage at 4:00 from st. louis. game two is saturday, game three the first in san jose one week from tomorrow. and every game of the series can be seen in spectacular high definition on comcast sports net california. so janelle, a lot of sharks fans excited about the prospects of this playoff season. for the first time in six years they come in as an underdog, we'll see if that role suits them. when we come back, nearly
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100 years later the "titanic" seail
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a cruise ship has set sail from england to retrace the famous voyage of the "titanic." the cruise liner left from southampton, england. on board, relatives of some of the more than 1,500 people who died on the "titanic" nearly 100 years ago. the ship will feature lectures from "titanic" experts as well as a stop to the actual site where the "titanic" sank. the memorial cruise is carrying the same number of passengers that the doomed vessel did as well. >> we've got an awful lot of descendents on board this ship traveling today. for them they can't think of any other way to commemorate their loved


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