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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 9, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. members of a family killed in an instant and new questions about how it happened. we have the latest on the investigation into a deadly weekend crash. facebook making a big time announcement. a look at the company's hot new acquisition. also new research from northern california shedding light on the possible causes of autism. a live look outside at san francisco. it's pretty clear out there right now, but meteorologist christi christina loren says be prepared to have the umbrella handy the rest of the week. the news starts right now.
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>> nbc bay area news starts now. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. we begin with a family and community in mourning after an accident leaves a concord man and his 9-year-old daughter dead. a teen driver slammed right into them during this weekend on a morning bike ride. now investigators want to know exactly how this happened and if a cell phone may be to blame. we're live in concord with a memorial that's throwing. >> reporter: more and more people throughout this morning have come by with flowers adding to what is a mountain here at the memorial with balloons and candles from a vigil that happened here last night. people family with treat boulevard say the city need to use this tragedy as a lesson. >> great girl. always a smile on her face. cared about all the kids in the
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class. she's going to be missed. really horrible. absolutely horrible. >> reporter: these are the steps she never wanted to take, placing flowers in memory of hadessa nuri. the young girl known to many as hadeez was killed during spring break. a driver lost control and rammed into her, her father solaiman nuri and her sister as the three rode their bicycles on the sidewalk on treat boulevard. she worked with in a classroom with both girls. >> the thing that upsets me most is they were doing everything right. they had their helmets, they were on the sidewalk, they were with a parent. they were doing absolutely everything that we all teach our children to do. >> yeah, it's like a freeway out here. >> reporter: barbara says that drivers on this stretch ignore the 35-mile-per-hour speed
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limit. swnss reported seeing the teen driver speed before losing control of his cadillac suv, jumping the curb and then crashing into the nuris. investigators are checking his cell phone records to see if he was using it before he crashed. she adds that she's seen countless accidents from her office just steps from where the memorial grows. >> i hope they can possibly slow down the traffic. this tragedy is horrible. i feel terrible for the victims and the boy who hit them. i mean, he's ruined his life. he's ruined his whole family's life for one mistake. >> reporter: police are determining whether the 17-year-old was texting or speeding. all considering those possibilities. we talked with a spokesman who tells us he'll likely be charged with vehicular manslaughter, two counts of that. and whether they'll charge him as an adult depends on the circumstances in the police report. that might not happen in another
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week. live in concord, stephanie chuang. the department was fully staffed friday night but by 6:30 that evening, the department had 125 calls waiting for service with officers already working on 17 priority calls. the department says police were swamped and could not immediately respond to anything else. the department says if you do have a nonemergency, you should make requests online instead of calling dispatch. just need to log on to and search police report. a disturbing discovery in san francisco's sunset neighborhood. police roit now investigating racist graffiti on several homes near 23rd avenue and lincoln way. neighbors in the area spotted it early yesterday. now the words are covered until the property owners can remove it. police searching for suspects and a motive. we do have new information in the trayvon martin case, the
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teenager's shooting death will not go before a grand jury after all. the special prosecutor in the florida case announcing her decision this morning. this means the decision whether or not to file charges against george zimmerman rests solely with corey. he admitted shooting the 17-year-old unarmed when he was walking home in february. music continues at the university in oakland as a tribute to the victims. ♪ now, this started last friday, and it will run through the entire month of april. a concert being held six days a week at the school to remember the fallen students. one il gao has not yet entered a plea. the concerts will be monday and
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saturday at noon for a half hour. anybody wishing to pay their condolences is welcome to attend. >> supporters of the group known as the sprall 13 is rallying in front of the university of berkeley today. it's been five months since police used baton to break up an occupy camp. rally organizers say the charges were unjust and the protesters were arrested and beaten simply for linking arms to hold their ground at the encampment. this just in, a big announcement from facebook. it's spending $1 billion to buy the photo sharing software company instagram. it lets people apply filters to photos they snap with their mobile devices. some of the options make the photos look like they've been shot in the '1970s or on polaroid cameras. >> that's a major deal there. smokers in san jose could have a pretty tough time figuring out where they can
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light up if the city approves a new ordinance. the latest smoking ban up for vote. >> reporter: san jose already bans smoking in restaurants and citibles, but if city council approves a new ordinance, you won't be able to light up in restaurant pat yoes. the proposed ban includes sidewalks and would prevent you from lighting up while waiting in line such as to use an atm. it would ban smoking at outdoor apartment areas, condos and mobile home parks. some residents say it's too restrictive. >> i think it's pretty harsh, just the fact that, i mean, there's a lot of people that smoke. it's very addictive. they have trouble kicking the habit. and i mean, to have them stop, i mean practically anywhere, like you said, in line, atm lines, parks, in front of a restaurant, i mean, where can they go? >> free california is in favor
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of the ordinance. they submitted a petition with signatures supporting the smoking ban. city council will decide on the ordinance tuesday. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the coroner will perform an autopsy on thomas kinkade. the 54-year-old died over the weekend. authorities have not commented but his family says it appeared to be from natural causes. kinkade's paintings of ideal landscapes and cottages made him a multimillionaire but he had personal and business struggles in recent years including a battle with alcohol abuse and local battles with art gallery owners. he grew up in the bay area and attended uc berkeley. the humane society launching a social media blitz trying to save its shelter. the city may have to shut down the shelter because mountain view, one of the cities it's partnering with, want to pull
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out taking almost a third of that budget. the humane society says it's worried many lost pets will go unclaimed because people won't want to drive to distant shelters. a facebook page is set up to convince the city leader to keep that shelter open. we have a link to that. search palo alto animal shelter. closing california state parks might not save as much money as first thought. the california department of parks and recreation says some parks are home to historical items which will have to be packed up and stored. the state is hoping to save $22 million by closing parks, but it's not clear how much that storage will cost. 70 parks were scheduled to close this summer but almost a dozen were spared. spring on the slopes looking more attractive than this winter ski season did. tahoe resorts reporting 20 feet of snow falling over the last month alone. now reports say they need more than just light crowds to make up for a winter that definitely
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struggled just to get the thing started. >> i mean, last year we went from the third largest season on record to, you know, kind of a dry season. >> right now businesses just trying to lure skiers and snowboarders back out to the slopes. sugar bowl even offering free lessons and free or deeply discounted equipment rentals. so if you got the fever, get out there and check it out. >> we're going to be getting some rain this week. does that mean they'll get more snow in the sierra. >> yeah, but unfortunately it will be above 7,000 feet, from the first of two systems we'll be dealing with this week. it is overall looking luke a very wet week. today is the best day for activities because it's dry out there but temperatures are nicely climbing into the 60s. 64 in sunnyvale. and tomorrow even in the heat of the day, it likely won't be as warm as it is out there right now. keep that in mind. we've got rain on the way as of this afternoon in the north bay, tonight moves into peninsula and
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spreads into the east bay. then we're talking about rain over the greater bay area as we wake up tomorrow morning. i'll continue to time the system out for you. not just the green, though. we're talking about heavy downpours in the heart tomorrow. we'll tell you the when you can get a break from the rain and we're looking ahead to the weekend even though it's monday. >> not an ideal week to get a tan during spring break. >> i'll let you know exactly when you can get out there. >> i like it. see you in a second. an electronics giant slashes its workforce. why sony is laying off thousands of people. and a raging fire traps a group of firefighters in philadelphia. we'll have the latest on that inferno that ultimately turned deadly overnight. and new clues about the causes of autism. how an expectant mother's waist could play a role.
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right now we're following breaking news in sunnyvale. a gas main break near saratoga,
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sunnyvale road right now. firefighters are on the screen. the trucks are there and pg&e also en route to this. we have no information yet on any injuries or evacuations. we'll have a crew en route that will bring you more information as we get it here in the newsroom. >> two firefighters are dead and three others hurt after a massive warehouse fire just outside philadelphia. the fire began 3:00 a.m. eastern time in the town of kensington and quickly spread to several buildings and homes. five firefighters were trapped when the wall of an adjacent burningble collapsed. one of the injured firefighters is in critical condition. from the campaign trail republican presidential candidate newt gingrich says he's down but not out. once one of the biggest rivals for the candidacy, today gingrich is saying that running for president much harder than he thought. he's not dropping out yesterday. gingrich is more than $4 million in debt and riding on a
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shoestring budget. he calls mitt romney the most likely nominee. if romney secures the nomination, he'll campaign for him. slowing tv sales and mounting losses causing sony to cut 10,000 jobs. losing major money the last four years and expects to lose 2.7 billion in the year just ended. the job cuts represent 6% of sony's work force. this deal worth more than $1.1 billion. aol shares jumping 43% in the morning trading after that news broke. aol says it intends to return a significant portion of the sale proceeds to shareholders. >> cvs and walmart are the latest stores to add self-checkout lanes. it makes it more convenient to shop but store owners say it make it easier to steal.
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theft rates are 5% higher at stores using the self-checkouts. some stores are getting rid of the self-checkouts for that reason. it will increase by 10% in the next few years. a mother's weight during pregnancy could increase her child's chances of having autism. michelle franzen has details of this study just published today. >> reporter: the risks for autism can be elevated even before a child is born, not just of genetics but rather the birth mother's weight. >> her chemistry has a profound impact on development including brain development. >> reporter: a new study finds that women who are obese during pregnancy are 60% more likely to have a child with autism and two times more likely to have a child with a developmental delay. having type ii diabetes, a condition often linked to obesity often increases the risk. >> diabetes in particular was associated with poorer scores in
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terms of language. >> reporter: the researchers say that conditions cause a spike in insulin can starve a mother's tissues of oxygen, lowering the oxygen supply to her unborn child and affecting its development. right now more than 60% of women of child bearing age in the u.s. are considered overweight or obese. >> if you are planning a pregnancy, you might think about losing weight and getting your exercise routine in order and making sure you're controlling your blood sugar. >> reporter: factors that could help the next generation's physical and mental health. michelle franzen, nbc news. the study found children without autism whose mothers were obese or diabetic during pregnancy had deficiencies in problem solving and language though not as severe as those diagnosed with a developmental disorder. this year's warm winter is shattering all kinds of records. temperatures the were 8.6 degrees above normal for march and 6 degrees higher than
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average for the first three months of the year. forecasters say that weather patterns like la nina caused the warm start to 2012. they also say the unusual heat has been confined to north america. the rest of the northern hemisphere has been pretty cold, though. meteorologist christina loren will tell us what's going to happen the rest of the week. >> it will be rainy. you'll need the umbrella. temperatures are warming. we're in the 60s in some cities. san jose one of the cities taking a look live at downtown san jose. we do have some clouds out there. still, a lot of blue sky overhead. that will be the case for the next couple of hours. then those clouds will thicken up. san francisco right now mostly cloudy conditions. you'll hit 65 there later on. about 71 degrees in san jose. and this is the last day of the 70s even in the extended period. temperatures dropping like a rock. as the first of two systems
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start to make it way onshore. i want to point out a couple things here. you can see we're still under the control of high pressure. arcing up and over the ridge. and this is very well organized area of low pressure drops into the bay area. the front is going to move through as we head into tomorrow morning. that's when we're expecting the bulk of the moisture starting up in the north bay. heavy rain through the south bay as we head through the second half of your tuesday. it all works out like this. we'll see a few showers in the north bay this afternoon. then it comes through starting at 5:00 a.m. we'll get a heavy downpour between the hours of 8:00 and 11:00. wednesday you might be able to get outdoors. you have to wait until the second half of the day. mostly dry at that point. then the next system move ps on shore. a stronger system. take a look at what's headed towards the south bay. see that yellow and orange,
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we've got a lot of rain headed our way that week. let's show you which days you might just be able to get outdoors. wednesday, the second half of the day, i do believe we'll have some sunshine in the south bay. by thursday, rain arrives. heavy downpours. then friday the home opener at&t park, yeah, count on on and off showers. then you can get outdoors finally getting spring-like weather and your tan on, if you're jon kelley. >> you know me. >> what about if you're marla tellez. i want to tan. >> come out with me. put your lotion on and get your shades on, girl. >> coming up, no such thing as a free ride. why a plan to give san francisco children a pass on muni may now be going to the wayside. and plans for a brand new development at at&t park. f
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a few days after the san francisco giants unveil a new plan for at&t park. the golden state warriors are working on their plans for a new waterfront home. they are looking at building a new stadium on 13 acres of land at pier 30 through 32. that's an area once slated to be the headquarters of the america's cup race. at one point the giants were pushing the idea of teaming up with the warriors, but when they showed plans for housing and retail development last week, there were no mentions of any partnership. the warriors lease at the oakland arena expires at the end of the 2016 season. the giants have their home opener on friday. crews shutting down the northbound side of lefty o'doul bridge near at&t park this morning. workers will apply anti-skid coating to the bridge.
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the work will wrap up 9:00 friday morning. putting the brakes on free rides. the plan to provide free muni passes for some or all children in san francisco could be derailed by the agency that was supposed to fund it. directors for muni say they'll approve the free passes for at least low income children only if the metropolitan transportation commission provides $5 million in funding. several members of the mtc now that i they're skeptical of using regional money for a project that would only benefit san francisco. up next, how the best aredevil bikers o thet are training for the olympics and right here in california.
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showers spreading to the south. heavy rain in the forecast. by wednesday on and off showers, you'll be able to get outdoors from time to time. then we'll clear the whole thing out late friday into early saturday. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. finally this morning, well, let's face it. bmx riders may not be the first thing you think of when you think of the olympics but they're training for the games. >> they're in chula vista riding for a chance to make it big. an exact replica of the london track being built for 200 bmx'ers as they're called. >> those are great point of view shots. >> hard to believe but we're just 108 days away from the opening of the olympics which you can catch right here on nbc bay area. >> i'm pumped up seeing the promos. >> are you a big bmxer?
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>> back in the day? jumped a fill hills, broke a few bones. i left that alone. >> see you tomorrow. the word is swapportunity.
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