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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 11, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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fanning out for clues, we're live with the latest in the search of a missing south bay teenager. two usc students found murdered near campus. what l.a. police are saying about the possible motive. scrambling for safety, people in indonesia are still on high alert after dealing with the shock of two large earth quakes. a live look outside, a little sun between the clouds this morning. the rain has been coming down across the bay area. we'll have a full look at the forecast.
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>> good morning, thanks for being with us, i'm marla tell ez. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. two quakes sent people scrambling this morning. a series of aftershocks followed including one that measured 8.2. numerous tsunami warnings were issued but canceled several hours later. ian williams has reaction to the quakes that rattled nerves. >> reporter: the u.s. pacific tsunami early warning center has canceled its alert for the indian ocean, that's been grant r greeted with enormous relief after the 2004 quake and tsunami that killed more than a quarter of a million people. >> i was sitting in the chair and the chair -- i thought it was shaking and the office people were running out,
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screaming and everybody was screaming that it was an earthquake happening. >> reporter: tall buildings swaying in bangkok and singapore. 300 miles from the epicenter, terrified people ran to the streets. it was followed by a massive aftershock, almost as strong as the original quake thankfully there are no reports of widespread casualties or damage. experts say the quake so powerful what they called a lateral quake, meaning the movement was side ways not vertical. they say that reduced the chances of a destructive tsunami. the quake was the most serious test yet of the early warning system set up after the 2004 tsunami and they do seem to have succeeded in getting people out of harm's way, even though today's quake generated mostly fear rather than destruction. back to you. >> thank you, ian. two rather usc students are dead
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in police say what may have been a botched carjacking near campus. the two students from china were found about 1:00 a.m. a woman slumped behind the steering wheel of a bmw and man outside the car. bmw was in the street and windows were shot out. police are looking for surveillance cameras that might have recorded the killings. >> we have a witness that gave us a report of seeing a male leaving the area, running away from here. other than that, just sketchy information right now, our detectives are twrying to lockdown other witnesses and any other possible clue. >> no arrests have been made and the names of the students are being withheld until relatives are notified. a somber ceremony in the east bay as friends and family of a daughter killed on a bike ride gathereded to say good-bye. stephanie is live where the service started just an hour ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the service is just about to get under way.
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people started arriving in the last few minutes, it's az little bit late but the burial happening here. the family estimated there would be a couple hundred people here. we understand the father has seven brothers, many flying in from the east coast and other family members as far away as afghanistan. they will begin the burial process with prayers facing mecca, their holy site. all happening in a section dedicated especially to islamic burials called the gates to paradise. friends and family gathered here to bury solaiman and his daughter. the community support has been a source of great comfort. >> vigil here sunday night and i can't tell you how many people showed up that i've never seen in my life. they are giving us hugs and cards. as you can see, that's a lot of love there. >> reporter: the teen driver accused of running over and
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killing the nuris was released from juvenile hall because prosecutors didn't file charges in time. the supervising deputy in charge says it's a waiting game and complicated case because they are waiting on final police report and police are waiting on cell phone records to see if the driver was texting or talking. they are waiting on the crime lab to see if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the investigation could take a couple more weeks. d a's office telling us that juveniles cannot be rearrested but their office can file charges later and in this case it would be vehicular manslaughter, one misdemeanor, three felony possibilities, the harshest one carrying a sentence of ten years. the family telling us they are focused on the healing and memories and leaving everything else to the investigators. nbc bay area news. >> a drunk driver who plowed into a young baseball fan near at&t park is being sentenced in
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san francisco. 23-year-old andrew vargas pleaded guilty to felony dui in exchange for a year in county jail. five years probation and community service. vargas was driving in the oncoming lanes last august when he hit 9-year-old phillies fan, ryan white who was in town with his family for a giants game. white was critically injured and continues to recover at his home in pennsylvania. the president of oikos university says the school needs help to improve the stigma from the shooting. classes have been canceled indefinitely. the university leaders say they could be held temporarily at patton university in oakland or unitech college in fremont to avoid further traumatizing students. the latest search for ciara
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lamar is being held, where they are focusing now. good morning, bob. >> reporter: they are still in morgan hill and south of gilroy, a couple of searches right here volunteers. they are searching this field and gully areas not far from ciara's home. we got word from the sheriff's office that investigators are analyzing underwater sonar images taken at the reservoirs, two main bodies of water that are closest to where she lived. if there is anything suspicious, divers will go in for a closer inspection. later this week, deputies on dirk bikes will be venturing into offroad areas for any sign of the missing girl who disappeared four weeks ago this upcoming friday. this morning the clock kids foundation launched another
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volunteer search effort. not as big as a turnout as in the past most plikly because of the wet weather but enough people to send out several teams to search morgan hill, west of theresa boulevard and south of gilroy. as the head of the foundation put it to us this morning, the good news is the searches have not produced any evidence that ciara is not alive. which has been very encouraging for her mom, marlene. >> what's giving me hope is that the process of elimination and i don't even want to say it because i can't but as far as not, you know, i have hope that she's alive and well out there. and i miss her -- i miss you, honey, more than you could ever imagine as each day goes by and it's longer. you know, i'm not giving up. >> i'm encouraged by the continued dedication from the
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community to this cause, the fact that it's early on a wednesday morning and it's going to rain today and probably 100 people have come through already. that's pretty fantastic. >> reporter: marc klaas says in the past few weeks he sent out 3500 volunteers like these volunteers right here. the sheriff's office says if you include the volunteer time and law enforcement time you're looking at 6500 man hours of searching a roughly 20 mile radius of morgan hill. if you're interested in volunteering like these people right here, you want to show up between 8:00 and 1:00 today at burn net elementary. you have until 1:00. you do need to bring proof of i.d. to show you're 18. you can see how people are dressed. it's wet, you want to have long pants and sturdy shoes and will be conducting another volunteer search launching that on saturday and sunday again at
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burnett elementary. 85 tilton avenue here in morgan hill. bob riddle, nbc bay area news. cracking down on cyclists who drive recklessly. unveiled the new safe streets program. the program increases enforcement of bicycle laws and allows a cyclist to pay lower fines in exchange for taking safety classes. it comes two weeks after a 71-year-old was struck by a cyclist in a crowded crosswalk at castro and market streets. the cyclist could face felony charges. hired a celebrity attorney in his bid to get his job back. shepherd cop has signed on to help defend him who he is fighting ed lee's decision to suspend him for misconduct. well, construction on the
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biggest public works project in silicon valley breaks off tomorrow, the b.a.r.t. extension. crews will begin work to connect tracks from fremont to west san jose. the project will include 16 miles of track and three new stations. construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015. there are plans on the table to build an underground tunnel into downtown san jose if the vta can come up with several billion dollars in funding. this will happen rain or shine. >> the ground is going to be pretty soft as the golden shovels they pull out for things like that. >> hard hats as well to keep them shelters from the showers coming down. we're getting a break from the rain but we warmed up under sunshine. as a result we're watching strong thunderstorms developing and that will be the case as we head throughout the afternoon. take a look at the totals so far. almost an inch and three
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quarters in napa. oakland, will 1 1/4 inch there. i want to take it live to the doppler radar and show you a couple of interesting looking cells, we have instabity in our atmosphere as a result of theta remnant moisture and we he strong storms firing off. this one moved through northeast san jose. i can give you an exact location. northeast road at mckee, take it easy. pockets of showers will continue to stream onshore throughout the day. heavier rain tonight. thursday morning the heaviest rain between 3:00 and 8:00 during the morning rush. we'll guide you through the showers and thursday night we get another wave of heavy rain and will see showers clear out before we get to the home opener, that's the burning question. i have a couple of great ways to answer that for you. i've got a good handle on it. >> i don't, i think delays at this point, likely.
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>> we've waited this long, we can wait a little longer. >> an infamous serial killer is up for parole again. there's something different about his request for freedom this time around. the u.s. attorney general speaks out by the trayvon martin case. see what eric holder is promising the teenager's parents. george lucas's plans for expansofin nean min uounty take an unexpected turn. te
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mitt romney has said his sites on the general election after santorum announced he's leaving the campaign. that leaves romney and ron paul and newt gingrich. romney is saying the general election campaign started yesterday. analysts say it's unlikely gingrich can catch up. >> back into single digits. it's hard to see him capturing that support that rick santorum
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left. >> the question this morning, who will santorum endorse? romney's campaign has asked to meet with him and gingrich has said he would welcome to endorsement. >> the attorney general eric holder says the justice department will take action if it finds evidence of a federal civil rights violation. speaking in washington this morning, holder says his department has already met with the martin family as well as authorities in florida and promises a thorough, independent investigation. >> if we find evidence of a potential federal criminal civil rights crime, we will take appropriate action. and at every step the facts and the law will guide us forward. >> in the meantime, the former attorneys for the man accused of killing martin hit the talk show circuit to defend their decision to quit the case. george zimmerman stopped talking to him sunday and disappeared.
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a special prosecutor will make an announcement about charges within 72 hours. parole denied once again authorities said no to charles manson and what may have been the serial killer's last opportunity to ask for freedom. this was the 77-year-old inmate's 12th parole hearing at the state prison in central california. he was a no show. manson will now have to wait until he's 92 for another chance. manson was con vicked of being the mastermind behind one of the most gruesome mass murders in american history. of sharon tate and six others in southern california. >> we should learn more about what happened during the infamous pepper spraying incident at uc davis. the officers union fought the release of the investigative report saying it would compromise officer safety.
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the names will not be released but the report will be posted online at noon. legendary film maker george lucas has thrown in the towel, announced he's abandoning the gradery ranch project over complaints from neighborhoods. the planning commission game the okay but instead lucas says he'll look at putting housing on that site. in a statement, lucas says, quoelt, we hope we will be able to find a developer who will be interested in low income housing since it is a scarce in marin county. if everyone feels that housing is less impactful on the land, then we are hoping that people who need it the most will benefit. the lucas valley homeowners association is surprised by this move. lucas said he will build new facilities for lucas films somewhere else. >> christina, busy weekend for you. >> we need the rain. nobody is scoffing at the forecast just yesterday.
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come friday, with more rain potentially two additional inches in some cities, you might just be cursing mother nature. we've got good news, we need the rain and a stretch of fair weather. lots of sunshine and 70s on my seven-day outlook. i want to take you live and show you what it looks like. we have interesting towers building over san francisco. not just a city by the bay. you'll notice these clouds bubbling up. these are thunderstorms. you'll want t out this morning. for the later portion of this afternoon as well as these little pop-up storms develop. we have one just over marin county coastline and another one north of san jose. we have a pretty heavy batch of moisture come through morgan hill and gilroy. spotty activity for today. we stop the clock at 2:00 p.m., still getting spotty action in the north bay. starting to see a little bit more of a steady rain into tonight. another wave of heavy rain comes
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through just in the heart of tomorrow morning's commute and get a little bit of a break between noon and 3:00 p.m., showers break apart and turn much lighter. take a look at what comes through, just again during your morning commute friday, heavy rain over the greater bay area. and san jose, we're talking about the potential for maybe an inch and a half, two inches of rain. your future cast shows that and it will get cold as well with the cold blast behind it. how much are we expecting? >> upwards of an additional inch and a half in places like napa. here in san jose, we're looking towards an inch and three quarters at the very least. finally getting a break from that rain but we will see enough shower activity to see at least minor delays at atat park. there's a chance it could start right at 1:00. with the shower activity pattern we're monitoring, it does look likely for delay. take a look at your temperature,
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just 55 degrees in san francisco. clearing you out and warming you up saturday through tuesday. back to you. thousands of children in east bay will get healthcare thanks to the reopening of the new health care center. nbc bay area is a proud sponsor of the tri-city health care center on liberty street. fund raising and donations between several groups including leadership dream on helped to decorate two rooms and child friendly waiting area. the clinic will serve thousands of low income children every year. >> we were passionate about taking this group on as a project because the patients that actually come in here, may not have insurance or have access to care. >> today is a grand reopening of the clinic. the celebration starts at 4:00. >> bay area transportation plan that's been talked about for years is finally becoming a reality. how you'll be able to zip from peer to peer in san francisco without worrying about tourists or traffic.
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become more aggressive and dogs will be allowed back on the trails with pupping season. sov over. the answer to one of the best kept secrets in television. .
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a quarter mile stretch of jfk drive between north lake and middle lake will be off limits to dogs after confrontations with coyotes, during the pupping season, coyote parents can become more aggressive and dogs will be allowed back on the trails with pupping season is over. the answer to one of the best kept secrets in television. nd therestothe
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