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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 16, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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in just one hour, instructors across the csu system will start voting on whether they'll go on a two day strike. i'm christie smith. in a live report, i'll tell you what's fueling this. also, an emotional announcement for friends and family of sailors missing in san francisco bay. and the new front in national security, the homeland security secretary visits the south bay to talk about cyber warfare, how it is one of the fastest growing threats in job markets. and a look outside. man, that is spectacular. a stellar spring weather forecast.
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christina has it all. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. marla tellez has the day off. could be the largest strike of higher education teachers in history. the california faculty association will be voting on whether to walk the picket line at all 23 csu campuses. christie smith is live in san francisco with why the strike vote comes at a particularly turbulent time for the school system. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that gets under way at campuses in about april hour. i have been speaking with instructors. they're confident they're going to get an overwhelming yes vote to authorize a strike, and they think this is what it might take to get administrators' attention over things like a salary freeze that they say has been in effect since 2008. the california faculty association had voting and
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information tables set up in the student union. 24,000 csu employees are voting over the next two weeks to authorize a two day strike, and this comes as they seem to have reached an impasse april 6 for a new contract. they say it is about a number of things, fighting layoffs, cuts to summer pay for instructors, while top administrators get raises and at a time when student tuition keeps going up. one student said she supports this movement because some of her small classes now have more than 200 students. first, here is a professor. >> we're hoping a strong vote pledging to strike will bring the administration back to the bargaining table and we can get through this mess, sign a contract, and work together to get more funds for public education. >> it is not for the -- we are trying to take a stand. we may miss two days of class but looking at the bigger
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picture. students need to stand by the faculty. >> the last one day strike was in november at two different campuses. this one involved 23 campuses, potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of students. i did speak with a csu administrator by phone. he says it is unclear what the future will hold because they lost nearly a billion in state funding since 2008. he says the fact finder is now involved with both sides. if the vote is yes, it is up to the union to decide what to do next. no word if approved when the strike will be. christie smith, nbc bay area news. new this morning, a deadly accident on caltrain tracks, forcing hundreds of passengers from the commute. they were forced to slow down service, move to one side of the tracks after a man was hit at the hayward park station. witnesses say the man did buy a
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ticket, but caltrain says t incident is under investigation. >> any time anything like this happens, whenever we have a fatality, intentional or not, caltrain takes it seriously, and it's something we wish never happened, but just know that we do all we can in terms of education, engineering and enforcement. >> for the record, right now, caltrain says riders can still expect about an hour of delay time. today marks one month since sierra lamar's disappearance. the 15-year-old disappeared in morgan hill march 16 on her way to school. hundreds of volunteers spent weeks combing through fields near her home searching for clues. tonight, they will have a balloon release at burnett elementary and prayer vigil where the searches have been organized. more searches scheduled for wednesday, saturday and sunday. we now know a toddler found in a parked car at a san jose shopping center is the daughter
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of two victims of an apparent murder suicide. the girl is now in protective custody after being sound saturday in south san jose. she was strapped into a car seat a few feet from where he shot the girl's mother and turned the gun on himself. officers haven't released the name of the gunman or the woman he killed. what is an emotional day as a search is suspended for sailors near the farallon islands. >> they hope they will all return home. nbc bay area's bob redell has more. >> reporter: the coast guard called off the search sunset last night. had been looking on the farallon islands, 30 miles outside the golden gate. spent roughly 30 hours looking over an area that covers 5,000 square miles, trying to find the four missing sailors who were on board. the low speed chase, a 30 foot long racing sailboat, see it on
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a youtube video posted before the weekend. saturday, huge waves hit the boat, slammed it into the rocks. several sailors were knocked into rough seas, including this man from belvedere. they recovered his body. allen cahill is still missing as are two other men and one woman. >> now we have lost not openly like these amazing, beautiful human beings, but the top sailors in our entire county. like if anyone could have made it, they should have made it. it's just -- it's not right. >> reporter: you can see rescuers used a helicopter to pluck at least one of the survivors. they were cold, bruised, one broke his leg. the missing sailors were wearing life preservers and weather gear, but nothing to protect from the ocean's cold temperatures. last night, about 400 people held a vigil at the sap fran
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yacht club in belvedere where some of the sailors are members. here at vista point, bob redell, nbc bay area news. happening now, the u.s. secretary of homeland security is meeting with college students at san jose state this morning. janet napolitano will talk about cyber security and hiring more people to work in it. the secretary recently called cyber attacks by china and other countries one of the most rapidly evolving, most serious sets of threats. homeland security increased cyber security staffing by 500% in the past few years. the recommendation is board up. efforts under way to keep occupy protesters from squatting in vacant buildings. the police department asking property owners to stop demonstrators from entering empty structures. owners are urged to board up, cover up, or fence buildings. the warning after word of a possible takeover of protesters set for may 1st of an undisclosed property. people are starting to
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recover from devastation in oklahoma today. a sixth person was found dead and dozens more injured after almost 100 tornados ripped through the southern and central plains over the weekend. nbz's jay gray is in woodward as people try to begin the healing process. >> reporter: more than 100 tornados ripped through the heartland this weekend. >> this was a monster system. >> reporter: it did not sit still for long. the storm pushing across the southern and central plains, tearing away anything in its path. >> everything is gone, everything we worked for all our lives. >> reporter: now as survivors sift through pieces left behind, there are some things in the strike zone that can't be cleaned up or carried away. overnight, they confirmed another death in woodward, oklahoma. brings the total to six. the dad and children trying to ride out the twister in a mobile home park. >> they were grandma and
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grandpa's girls, and it's just going to be hard without them. >> reporter: it is an emotional struggle in this tight knit community. adding to their grief, the knowledge that warning sirens were damaged during another storm saturday and didn't sound as that twister moved in. >> i thought about that ever since i found out we lost five week. so i would think it would have helped, yes. >> reporter: help so many desperately need now. jay gray, nbc news, woodward, oklahoma. >> how do they even begin. >> so difficult back there. our prayers go out to those guys. on a brighter note, looks like the week ahead is more sunshine like the weekend. >> yeah, we have a lot of sunshine this weekend. what's interesting, too, that's the same system that spawned all those tornados that came through here thursday into friday and
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generated 850 plus lightning strikes in the bay area. so that was not a system to mess with. this week, high pressure bringing in tranquil weather all week long. we have a great looking forecast. and hey, you deserve it if you got through last week. 68 degrees, almost 70 in sunnyvale. the weather headlines tell the story. tuesday, more clouds. same for wednesday, temperatures level off. and we might get a north bay shower. high pressure is firmly in control of our weather pattern. it amplifies. end of the week, talking about potential for 90 degree weather in some bay area cities. i will break it down in the forecast in the next report. back to you for now. >> thank you very much. coming up, the president weighs in on allegations the secret service agents not so secretly solicited prostitutes on the job. and a traffic headache and historic collapse. the san francisco construction project marking the end of an era. tupac shakoor appears in
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concert. we have the video. we'll show you coming up.
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flights resuming in london after emergency landing by a flight bound for orlando. the virgin airbus returning to the airport after reports of smoke and it landed on the main runway. the airport calling it, quote, a technical problem. more than 300 people were evacuated. in all, 26 flights were diverted, and nine flights were cancelled. the president is calling for thorough investigation after accusations of nearly a dozen secret service agents hired prostitutes. the men allegedly brought the women back to their hotel rooms in columbia before the president arrived for summit of the americas. while none of the agents were assigned directly to protect the president, there's concern the agents may have left themselves open to blackmail while protecting obama. >> if it turns out that some of
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the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course i'll be angry. >> the agents have been placed on administrative leave. $53 million in a single month, that's the kind of fund-raising power supporters of president barack obama hope will keep him in office. the question is, is it enough? the campaign announcing today $53 million he made in march brings his donation bank to nearly 350 million since last year. on the other side, gop candidate mitt romney raised about 75 million and jointly raised 32 million with republican national committee. critics say the president raised slightly more than this time in his 2008 campaign before he had the full arsenal of the democratic party. the senate is set to vote on the buffet rule to raise taxes on million heirs. last week, president obama
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surrounded himself with several business executives and their assistants who he says agree with the principles of the buffet rule. the idea if you make more than $1 million a year, you should pay the same percentage of your income in taxes as middle class families do. the buffet rule is named after millionaire warren buffet who says he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. a few local restaurants hoping to ease tax pain for ladies and gentlemen serving free food. that tax deadline is tomorrow. ashies, offering free curly fries, if you like their page. and panda express, it will get you a shanghai steak. chili's for a free appetizer or dessert. pf changs giving 15% discount to
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ease the sting of tax day. the offer is only valid tomorrow. this concert was streamed live on youtube. one performer surprised everyone. >> because one of those performers was technically dead. take a look. tu pock shack your was a hologram. he went to high school in marine county. one of the best selling hip-hop artists of all time. notice we don't have the music with that, gosh darn it. couldn't find any versus we could have on television. you can see it on youtube. tupa krrkc murdered in vegas in. australia wants apple to stop calling the new ipad 4g because 4g technology is not available, down under.
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we should find more about yahoo!'s future as they report profits. when things go as expected, scott thompson, the ceo, will get on the phone with reporters for a conference call and answer some questions. some tough questions about what he intends to do with the ailing company now that he's cut 2,000 from the payroll. back to you. >> thank you, scott. tom petty is hoping money may help thieves back down after stealing some of his instruments. he is offering $7500 reward for five guitars stolen from an l.a. studio last week. they include his 1967 12 string rick enboker. and a gibson stg junior. they also got instruments belonging to the band mates. the band says the reward can be collected, no questions asked, with the instruments returned. tell you what, better news
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than tom petty losing the guitars, the weather around here. it will be spectacular. sunshine through the week. 70s, right, christina? >> 70s and 80s. by week's end, at least one of your friends will be complaining how it is too hot here too quickly. our extremes continue. this week, we'll see extreme warmth. temperatures are easily touching on 90 degrees as we round out the work week. picture of san jose, nice and clear out there. getting a lot of sunshine, and we want you to know about the best beach cities. let's get to it. maybe you have the day off. 63 degrees in san francisco. going to be on the cool side if you hit the marina. should be beautiful, glassy with light winds. 67, that's the beach, santa cruz looking comfortable there. we have a ballgame, baseball weather, starting to really feel nice out there. at&t park, giants back at it, taking on the phillies, 7:15 game time.
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58 degrees. i don't think weather will come into play all that much, because winds will be light out of the west, 5 to 15 miles per hour. really just getting clear conditions at that point. good news if you have tickets to that game. we have that game wednesday night here on nbc bay area. high pressure is in control for now. it will boost the storm track to the north the next 48 hours. for us, it means a few more clouds drift in as that tracks just to the north. still situated over northern california. by wednesday, a light shower, overall, nice and mild, plenty of 70s. not just today, tomorrow and wednesday, holding on to the 70s inland. then things change. winds are driven offshore, push the marine layer back to sea. for us, that's a warmup. look how with warm we get between wednesday and thursday, climbing to 77 degrees. then friday, peak warmth tows ee
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conditions, 85 degrees in places like san jose. that means 90 degrees in morgan hill and gilroy. saturday, sunday, level off, 80 degrees. then temperatures tumble sunday. if you try to make plans, it is early, want to help you do so. saturday is the day. >> thank you for that feel good forecast. we want to warn you about a commute change. golden gate bridge marking a milestone when it turns 75. southern approach, doyle drive will be torn down tonight through april 27, shutting down the far right northbound lane of doyle drive. the lane closed weeknights and mornings between 8:00 p.m. and noon. weekend nights, closed from 9:00 p.m. until noon. demolition work needed to prepare for full closure of doyle drive beginning april 27th, and going through april 30th. still ahead, a million dollar investment by one chain to keep cigarettes and alcohol out of the hands of kids.
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and thinking outside the imaginary box. why san francisco leaders think these guys, mimes, could help the crowded bar scene. live look outside the shark tank. are you feeling the san jose pride? how you can get in on the hockey playoff fun. >> like the sound of that. join the discussion. check us out at facebook. search nbc bay area. back in minutes. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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is shaken violently. 30% of victims die, as many as 75% have permanent injury. starting today, a popular convenience store will make it less convenient for minors to buy cigarettes or alcohol. 7-eleven equipping all 1600 stores with high tech equipment to check ids. they scan the driver's license to verify birthday date stored on the card. the program is part of the battle against underage sales of alcohol and cigarettes. 7-eleven spent a million dollars to upgrade all the cash registers. san francisco may send in the clowns to cut back on late night noise. we got word of a facebook page being used to track down noise pollution in paris. the san francisco entertainment commission could do something similar by sending mimes into neighborhoods known for night life. the goal to raise awareness
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about noise pollution. they say the plan is an exploratory phase. >> with all due respect, they freak out. the sharks ready to take a bite out of the playoffs. how you can get in on the teal and black love.
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the sharks are gearing up for the playoffs. >> you can show your sharks pride alta street rally outside the pavilion this afternoon. starts at 4:30 on autumn street. >> and they're hoping for a repeat of this scene when the sharks beat the blues last week. the sharks tied in the series against st. louis with one victory a piece. tonight, the puck drops at 7:00. if you aren't doing anything, join me at the game, watch some hockey. happy birthday for marla tellez. hopefully she's at a spa
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relaxing. >> hi, marla, happy birthday! have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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