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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 20, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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obviously, the individual involved who brought the cookies will be held accountable. >> reporter: police talked to the student responsible and those who ate the cookies wanting to know if they knew the baked goods were laced with drugs. >> you think they knew what they were ingesting. >> as our investigation under folds a little bit more, i believe so, at least some of them did. a cup aouple said they did. friday, april 20th, 4/20, is counter culture holiday where many smoke and ingest marijuana. the high school principal said his staff is trained on signs and symptoms of drug use and asked to be vigilant. >> with the day being 4/20. i don't think it would be unreasonable to assume. that would be conjuk checturcon. >> the principal says the student will be reprimanded according to the law and school district guidelines.
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>> one of northern california's busiest freeways moving tonight after a six-hour shutdown. the man who caused it all is on the run. chp stopped traffic on the stretch of i-80 west of sacramento. about 6:00 a.m. while they looked for an armed carjacker. he fired at police before hitting a median and then running off. the freeway closure stranded drivers traveling between sacramento and davis left baking in the stun while tactical squads searched with dogs and helicopter. many bay area residents heading to lake tahoe were stopped in their tracks. many passengers missed their flights at sacramento airport. >> about the same time, a traffic nightmare in the bay area. san mateo bridge was shut down in both directions. multiple problems. the first crash happened in a westbound lane of the bridge, 6:00 a.m. when a big rig hit a stalled pickup truck. that caused a gas leak which brought in the coast guard and the department of fish and game. about 45 minutes later, a driver
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in the east bound lane, distracted by the crash, ran into the back of a chp patrol car which hit a firetruck. look at the pictures here. a few hours of gridlock. traffic final leap got moving by 10:00 a.m. are you feeling the heat? we had odd weather the entire year. today should come as no surprise. a 20-degree jump in less than a week. a live look outside san jose as we speak. hot today. hotter this weekend. we'll be flirting with the 90s. >> jeff ranieri has the his eyes on the thermometer in the nbc bay area weather center. jeff, good evening. >> good evening, marla, also, raj. those temperatures jumping some 10 degrees from yesterday alone. not only the warmest weather of the year, but the warmest since october. as we are current leap fily fin and 90s. cupertino. south san jose, 88. still some of the most consistent heat overall at the
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current moment for the south bay, san jose to gilroyopping out at 91. now, about hot, high pressure bidding offsho building offshore. driving some of the winds through out the east bay. where we are finding a string of upper 80-degree temperatures. that alsoop includes walnut cre with the humidity staing to drop at 32%. that's also where you find nbc bay area's jodi hernandez. north broadway and civic drive. jodi, we hear while some people may be enjohn farleyingfarleyin be enjoying it, others are trying to get cool. >> that would be us. a few days ago i was bundled up trying to stay warm at my son's little league game here in east bay. today a complete turn around. we spent most of the day, searching for shade as the young kids are doing who have taken refuge under this shade tree.
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i will tell you we didn't find too many complainers. >> fir the first time, park workers pulled out the swimming ropes signaling start of swimming season. as temperatures hit near record highs. >> amazing. i can't bleach juelieve just a we were having lightning, thunderstorms, tornado watch. i just love the bay area for keeping me on my toes all the time. >> these women couldn't pass up the chance to get in some spring sun bathing. >> i had plans if i had a writers group. canceled everything. we have to be outside. >> oh, my gosh, i feel so bless i'd didn't have to work and can be at the beach with my girlfriends. >> and kids took advantage of the summerlike weather to splash. they didn't seem to mind the freezing cold water at all. 3-year-old julian couldn't get enough of it. >> it is really cold and good. >> reporter: in walnut creek,
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the temperatures hit the mid 80s. sending women rushing to the nail sa ln lon to get their toe ready for the sudden onsift sandal season. >> i have been wearing, boots, uggs, rain boots. all kind of boots. ready for the sandals and show my toes. >> you can bet nail salons around the bay area are going to be packed this weekend. as are parks, and playgrounds. like this one here with even -- hotter weather, in the forecast. reporting live in walnut skrek, jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> important to have the pretty toes. thank you, jodi. before you head out the door, check out your neighborhood forecast. clicking on the weather tab at san jose state, the oldest university in the csu system inaugurate aid new president today. mohammed kaome was sworn in as the the university's 28th president. kaome originally from afghanistan is son of a carpenter. he says education was his
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savior. today he hold two masters degree, mba and ph.d. the president says he is excited to lead san jose's 30,000 students into the future. >> all we can say with confidence is that change is constant endemic and necessary. thus the best way key can predict our university's future is to create it ourselves. >> several notable people at the event. afghan ambassador, san jose mayor, chuck reid and c. su chancellor. before his appointment he served as president for csu east bay. two developments in the trayvon martin murder case for accused killer george zimmerman. both raised emotions in this highly contentious case. >> i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. and i did not know if he was armed or not. >> that surprise statement by zimmerman stunned the packed florida courtroom later the
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judge in the case granted zimmerman a $150,000 bond. that move left martin's parents visibly upset as they left the courtroom without speaking. zimmerman will spend at least one more night behind bars while details of the release are worked out. we do know that he will be required to wear gps monitoring bracelet, and will be under a 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew. >> head of the secret service personally briefed president obama on the widening prostitution scandal in colombia. the agency now says 12 members are facing investigation. it was also revealed today that three more have resigned. meanwhile the pentagon increased the number of military members involved to 11. investigators are trying to track down the alleged escorts involved in this incident. coming up in a few minutes on nightly news, more information on this widening scandal including new details about the woman at the center irof the storm. coming up with brian williams. the wife of state treasurer,
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is resigning from her seat on the alameda county board of supervisors. latest episode in a bizarre scandal involving claims of substance abuse, assault and a relationship with an ex-boyfriend. she tells the bay area news group sheep is sending a lette and her priority is booing mother to her 8-year-old son. still suspended, he will reman off the job and face a city ethics commission. the decision of the san francisco judge who rejected his attempt to be reinstated. he will not be paid. the ethics commission begins hearings on his case monday and will make a recommendation to board supervisors. his suspension stems from a new year's eve fight with his wife that ended up with her having a bruised arm. >> five weeks since the disappearance of south bay teenager, sierra lamar.
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deputies in morgan hill, following up on new phone tips. tomorrow, more than 90 search-and-rescue members from across the bay area will unite and conduct a day-long search and cover morgan hill, gilroy and san martin. search-and-rescue dogs trained to find human remains will also be involved. happening now, search-and-rescue volunteers are searching spring lakes park for 15-year-old charlotte molinari, a santa rosa girl missing since saturday. journal entries indicate she may have been depressed. there is no evidence pointing to an abduct, at this time. she checked for directions to spring lake park on her computer. the search to continue there until sun down. north bay yacht club dedicating today's race to five crew members now believed dead after they were swept overboard near the local islands. one body was recovered. four crew members are missing. the survivors say the boat's low speed chase was hit broadside by a large wave. which knocked some of the
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sailors into the sea. the boat washed up on the rocks on theesttheest -- east side of island. they will hold a moment of silence before 6:25. take a look at this the vice president's plane on the tarmac in santa barbara. we learned it hit bird coming in for a landing last night. the plane landed safely but was damaged to the point where it did not fly back to washington. instead. vice president biden took an alternate air force plane back to the capital. jobs jump. new numbers show which bay area cities are best for finding work. >> also coming up, before you have the slice of cheese on your burger check if it is low fat. if it is you could be cutting your chances of suffering a health problem. >> what happens when silicone valley engineers try to turn a building into a tree. good afternoon. i am jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. widespread 80s, inland, eve, and
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89 in gilroy at the current moment. as we head into your week end. take a look at the forecast. temperatures still expected in the upper 80s for south bay. we'll let you know who will have 90s and also how this is affecting your allergies in a few minutes. with the week around the corner, lawrence scott and a look at a record setting show and its return to the bay area. >> a blockbuster is returning to a bay area stage this fall as "the lion king" makes its way back to san francisco in november. just last week, "the lion king" surpassed phantom of the opera as highest grossing ever on broadway. julie taymore won for direction and costume design. >> what it says you can push the envelope. you can create shows that do not patronize their audience. the audience wants to see new forms. and they want to be challenged to see things in fresh and original ways.
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>> pixar animation hosted an event with disney's theatrical president to trumpet the return of "the king." if you have not seen simba and crew on stage. >> you are seeing theatrical techniques at their highest level. pure theater. puppets. masks. costumes, brilliant staging. lots of color. but always with of a genuine story. that's what you find "lion king" on stage. with what you can expect to see even in the months ahead. i'm lawrence scott. s
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the dow fell after an early rally, but still closed in positive territory. close to home, apple stock fell for the eighth time in nine days. ahead of next week's earnings report. as for jobs, some interesting numbers. take a look -- bay area added nearly 11,000 jobs last month. hiring was spread even leap across our region. san francisco/san mateo, marin with 3,500. doubled its pace of job growth from this time last year. overall rate in california is 11%. >> three, two, one. we have liftoff from nasa's newest building sustainability. >> the first new building at nasa in a quarter century is like no other. designers were inspired to create a building that worked like a tree. and like a tree it breathes with an exterior which allows ventilation. the result may well be the greenest building on the entire
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planet. it creates more electricity than it uses and adapts automatically to weather, seasons and occupants. very cool. some special team work off the field today. the 49ers join the bay area women's sports initiative to host the conference for high school female athletes. more than 50 girls from across northern california attend the event which focused on maximizing girls potential to excel in sports, cool and community. participants got the chance to meet and learn from female olympians as well as the 49ers alumni and coaches. >> the ultimate goal its for each and every young girl who has come out here today to think that they have potential to go out and reach for something that maybe they felt was out of their realm. so to encourage them to aspire to be great. and in whatever -- arena that they choose. >> this was the fourth year the conference took place. >> a local story that is getting national attention. a san francisco father/son team its headed to london for the
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olympics. we first told you about the unique story of greg and alexander masiolis in february. dad, greg, three time olympian on the u.s. fencing team and been named head coach of team usa for this year's piolympics. his son, alexander found out he earned a spot on the team. alexander, heading to stanford in the fall is his dad's star pupil at masialis foundation. we will be live in london with the family for opening ceremony on july 27, here on nbc bay area. in health matters today. time to reach for the skim milk. eating low fat version of dairy products could reduce risk of stroke. in the study, 37 t. people who ate low fat, dairy foods, had a 12% lower risk of stroke than those who consumed milk, yogurt and cheese. reduced fat dairy products offer health benefits of calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin
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d. researchers from ucsf have a better understanding how people process language. they studied the so-called, cocktail party effect. when people are able to tune in on one person's voice, despite loud noises in the background. scientists monitored the brain activity in three patients and found neurological ability of the brain to filter out extraneous noises and psychological need to hear who we are talking to. researchers say the findings could be used in studies to help people with autism and language learning disorders. >> one of california's crown jewels, president obama created a national monument in monterey county. he signed proclamation protecting nearly 15,000 acres of the decommissioned fort ord military base. served as training ground for generations of soldiers. now the scenic coastal area is popular with hikers and mountain bikers. this is only the second time mr. obama created a national monument. >> glad the ac is on in the
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studio. it is hot outside. no joke. >> usually have a fan in here. for days like this. >> don't know what is going on with that. i was on vacation last week in florida. walked out of my car today on the way in, felt like i was back in florida. no come of plants from plaints . wind, north west. 10, 20 miles an hour. that is really where the healthy, numbers, 10, 15 degrees from what we experienced yesterday. one of the warmest, right now, in gil. >> reporter:. 90, 84, san jose. 86 in livermore. 86, concord. a mix from san francisco, san mateo. slight onshore flow happening at the moment. on weather headlines. can't rule out the coastal fog with us. that may produce drizzle against the immediate coastline. we have 90-degree temperatures coming back for saturday. the warmest wets since october. so, some nearly six months ago since we experienced heat like this. and eventually will get much-needed rain to return in the seven-day forecast.
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the storm track is poised wait off to the north. there is no hope of any kind of rainfall here for this weekend. or any cooler air. but i haven't heard too many complaining. it's that high pressure starting to build in. give us the early blast of summer weather. gripping, all of northern california. that will also drive down these dry northerly winds. across santa rosa. and east bay. saturday, few more 90s coming back. then as we get through sunday. cooling at the coastline. thinking about the beach. which day may be better. at this point, saturday. looks like date you will win out with the best forecast. and fog here, off the coast loon floon -- line for tomorrow morning. push back. clear out. everyone expecting a very sunny afternoon for our saturday. we will find ape f few records here. palo alto. 89 degrees saturday. last time it was this hot this time of the year. was way back in 1956. good. going to be outside. also going to have very high
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pollen. everyone in the high category, so if you do suffer from allergies. it is going to be a tough go, saturday and sunday. well, your numbers start out at 58. redwood city. 56. livermore. 56, napa. not a bad way to wake up tomorrow morning. the daytime highs will be topping out, on the low 90s here for morgan hill. also evergreen. gilroy. 90, 86, santa cruz. most widespread heat. back to the east bay. 91, wall nut creek. 90s, 90s, pleasantton. low 90s back in livermore. and string of 80s from alameda. freemont. san francisco, 78. 83, san mateo. 85 in san rafael. three-day forecast. the heat starting to gradually go down by monday. after we see the onshore flow. areas of patchy fog. coastal drizzle. then slowly, surely, temperatures start to drop off into the 60s. by wednesday, thursday, and fry day of next week. that will be great for the
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allergy sufferers. but for this upcoming weekend. few nights for the sun bathers to remember the spf, everyone. >> weird to see a 90 on the forecast. >> going to hit the nine. should i? should i? do it, jeff. >> thank you. coming up. end of an era for a bay area institution. we'll fact you there. >> beyond child's play. a unique eibit that gives new meaning to turning trash into treasure. xh
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creative 9-year-old boy who became a viral video sensation is bringing his talents to san francisco. if you are not one of the 2 million people to see this video, canes arcade, it is a farmer. cane mcroy built his arcade out of cardboard boxes, in his dad's used auto parts store in east l.a. a film maker made it famous on the web. today caine's arcade installed at san francisco explore-torium,
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about inventiveness and recycling. tomorrow, he'll be there to operate arcade games for any one who wants to join him. >> san francisco classic -- home of the rudest waiter is shutting its doors after 100 years. sam wo on washington street closing after public health investigators say they found several violations in march, rodent activity, and improper food storage. the owner tells the kron couchr it is too old to stay open. immortalized for insulting kuts me -- insulting customers. >> first went to sam wo's in 1984. never been the same. >> it's going away. >> we're back in a minute.
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get ready for the warm weekend. >> yes. we made it to friday. >> yes. >> not supposing you want to look at the seven-day forecast. >> no. >> 90 degrees. >> low 90s for tomorrow. >> we'll see you again at 6:00. >> nightly news is next. ♪
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