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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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thunderstorms. today we spent the day searching for shade much like these children here who have found a nice cool spot underneath a shade tree and this is just the start to a very warm weekend. temperatures hit the mid-80s in walnut creek as the summerlike heat wave caught many off guard sending women dashing to the nail salon for the sudden onset of sandal season. >> i've been wearing boots, ug it gs, rain boots, and now i'm ready for the sandals and show my toes. >> reporter: at oakland's lake, park workers pulled out the swimming ropes for the first time this year, signaling the start of swimming season. >> we're having our winter a little bit late and now our summer a little bit early, i guess. >> reporter: the kids didn't seem to mind at all that the water was icy cold. 3-year-old julian couldn't get enough of it. >> it's really cold and good.
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>> this is what we wanted for the last two weeks, we've been looking for swimming weather. he's been begging to go swimming. >> reporter: and these women couldn't pass up the chance to do some spring sunbathing. >> spur of the moment, gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky. so we thought let's go get some sun. >> amazing. i can't believe just a week ago we were having lightning and thunderstorms and a tornado watch. i just love the bay area for keeping my on my toes all the time. >> reporter: and we are back here live. you are looking at walnut creek civic is park. the playground is parked this hour with children and their parents. despite the temperature gauge down the street reading 86  degrees, it's actually cooling down quite comfortably right now just in time to light up those barbecues. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri who is in the nbc bay area weather center. you know what, jeff, all this heat is going to make all my
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makeup run. >> you still look great. i think you're going to be fine this weekend. you may need to find a bit of shade and also plenty of water. this will be the warmest water we've had in about six months this region of high pressure is more reminiscent of what we would have across early summer is now starting to grip a good section of california. widespread 80s but we also, yes, had 90s. our official highs topped out with the warmest at 91 degrees across the peninsula. cupertino at 90. gilroy and walnut creek at 89. as jodi mentioned those temperatures are start to go level off with low and mid-80s in the east bay but still is going to be a very mild night ahead for us and a warmer day expected for saturday. with that said, and everybody heading outside if you have allergies, this is not going to bunch. we'll talk about the forecast and how long we could see this 90-degree string of weather and
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that seven day. >> thank you, jeff, and go to n for a complete weather coverage. just click on the weather tab to find the seven-day forecast. that is as you might know it's a popular day for the marijuana community referred to as 4/20. and it's marijuana cookies that made several students sick at a south bay school. >> kimberly tere joins us. certainly cause for concern for parents, the questions are, are the kids okay and are you going to be disciplined? >> reporter: the kids are, in fact, okay. they were treated and released to their parents. we were able to talk to the high school principal who says that the students who handed out those drug-laced cookies will be held responsible according to the law and school district guidelines. emergency crews rushed to live oak school, one student acting
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erratically was brought to the office and it was quickly discovered she and others had eaten cookies laced with what is believed to be marijuana. >> we're talk iing less than te students involved and yet this is not the amount on school campus is accept nl. >> reporter: paramedics treated four girls at the school. none had to be taken to the hospital but all voluntarily wept to the police station for blood tests. do you think they knew what they were ingesting? >> i believe so, at least some of them did. a couple admittedly said they did. >> reporter: school officials and police are dealing with the student responsible for handing out the tainted treats. >> sometimes young -- well, sometimes all people make bad decisions and they have to suffer the consequences. we're just very fortunate that everybody is okay physically. >> reporter: friday, april 20th, or 4/20, is the counter cultural holiday where many celebrate marijuana and make a point of smoking or ingesting it.
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>> this is stupid. it's another day and everybody decides to get high. it's stupid. >> reporter: the school principal said his staff is trained to look for signs and symptoms of drug use and asked tore extra vigilant on days like this. >> obviously with the day being 4/20 and the incident unfolding i don't suppose it would be unreasonable to see the link behind that but that would be conjecture. >> reporter: most parents we talked to were very upset. they didn't want to talk on camera but did tell us a couple thoughts went through their heads. first, i hope it isn't my kid and, second, that they are just disappointed this happened in the first place. live in morgan hill, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> they say they're not going to take it anymore. medical marijuana advocates in oakland marked today with a row test at the city's federal building. they're urging changes in the nation's drug policy. many were students at the
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cannabis college raided by feds, federal agents, on the 2nd. marijuana plants, computers and other equipment. >> the university grew it and gave it to me. i'm going to have to go buy it now and i'm on a limited income, so it's really going to be ditch. >> since that raid in early april, the found earp of oaksterdam has stepped down. others are keeping the university going. the university specializeness marijuana cultivation. nadya lekier is resigning from the board of supervisors, that's what she tells the bay area news group. it's the latest episode of turmoil and scandal which began when she reported an ex-boyfriend had assaulted her. that led to revelations about addiction and trouble in her marriage to the state treasurer bill lockyer. she is sending a resignation
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letter to her colleagues and now is being a mother to her son. bill lockyer said he if fully supports her decision noting, quote, the last year took a great toll on nadia. it's best for her, for diego, and best for our family that she leave public office. mirkarimi has lost another battle. the official misconduct case is heading to the city's ethics commission. hearings begin monday. from there the commission will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors which will make the final decision. mirkarimi's attorney says the process is fundamentally unfair. >> you could have this ethics commission, these members, decide these are the rules we're going to play for in this hearing. five years down the road in separate removal proceedings for somebody else, it could be completely different rules. that just shows you that there
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are no standards. >> i'm not surprised by most of what's happened so far. >> mirkarimi pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment after an incident that left his wife with a bruised arm. a judge sentenced him to three years' probation and other penalties. mayor ed lee suspended him without pay last month. new tonight at 6:00, the suv that crashed into a father and daughter riding their bikes in concord is linked to another investigation. walnut creek's police chief confirmed a week before that deadly crash his officers issued a juvenile, a drug and weapons citation, and that cadillac escalade was involved. the chief won't say what they found or who received the citation because he's a minor. this is the same suv that hit and killed solomon nuri and his daughter on april 7th. concord police said a 17-year-old driver was behind the wheel. so far charges have not been filed.
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the search for sierra lamar continues. they are preparing for a day long search that will take place tomorrow in southern santa clara county. areas of morgan hill and gilroy will be explored on foot. about 90 law enforcement officers were around the bay area will take part in the search. authorities believe lamar, the 15-year-old, was likely kidnapped on the morning of march 16th before school. search and rescue volunteers are still searching spring lake park for 15-year-old charlotte molinari, a girl who has been missing since saturday. journal entries indicate molinari may have been depressed. there's no evidence pointing to an abduction at this time. the search is expected to continue until sun down. the man who caused gridlock on one of the busiest freeways is still on the run. the chp stopped traffic on this stretch of i-80 just west of sacramento. if you didn't see this today, take a look at all this backup. this happened about 6:00 a.m.
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while they looked for an armed carjacker. they say he fired at police before hitting a median and then running off. it stranded drivers who were left baking in the hot sun while tactical squads searched the area with dogs and a helicopter. officials got reports many were stuck in traffic and missed their flights. quite a distinction for one bay area county. we'll tell you the highest life expectancy for men in the entire country. i'm scott budman. good news if you're looking for a job here and it's official. high-tech ipos are back and we haven't even gotten to facebook yet. and you might call him the mosquito man. why this guy is allowing those annoying insects to bite him on purpose. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area water center. wall-to-wall sunshine today, a
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preview for saturday. and this warm weather may have you heading out to the beaches. we have a small craft advisory, flags flying into this weekend. be cautious of that. oth otherwise for the south bay, temperatures in the upper 80s tomorrow and for the east bay you could be the warmest with 90s. we'll detail your full weekend in minutes.
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it is the rumor ripping its way through the internet tonight. hundreds of thousands of computer useers in danger of losing internet access in july. oues binuss and tech reporter scott budman is here to explain what people are worried about. scott? >> reporter: the threat actually applies to about 80,000 people in america anywhere between 300,000 and 500,000 worldwide. the good news is, though, there is a fix. it's the government putting the word out that the fbi while tracking a group of hackers
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discovered that a number of computers had already been infected and that virus could shut out users from accessing the net through microsoft's windows operating system in july. we can expect lots of updates on how to rid the virus in the weeks to come. better news from the latest bay area job report says our area added 11,000 jobs in the month of march. about 2,000 each for the south bay and east bay. and get ready to see more job postings because lots of bay area tech companies are going public. more ipos now than we've seen in years which means both happy investors and more growth ahead. at the new york stock exchange infoblox rang the opening bell while proof point waved in the first moments on the nasdaq. two silicon valley companies dominating wall street on what has been a hot streak of local companies going ipo. splunk up 100%.
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jive software and yelp also popping with new money. in fact, scenes like this one at recently public vocera are happening all over the valley these days as ipos return with a vengean vengeance. >> you look at the companies that went public today, all silicon valley companies all driving growth, all driving employment, and clearly establishing silicon valley as a critical hub of innovation. >> reporter: some recently ipo'd companies like zynga and linkedin. others like annie's are smaller, each exciting investors reminding others of past crashes. >> we don't want to have to repeat the early 2000s with a bubble. >> reporter: instes investors want steady growth with companies that will stick around for a while. >> in theory if they'll take that cash and hire more workers and maybe even expand in real estate which is what a lot of these guys have to do to bring
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in more people, it helps the local economy, the state economy and helps grow the market. >> reporter: and speaking of growing the market we put the question to the latest wall street darling, proof point. >> absolutely we have lots of open positions and would love to see thein resumes. >> reporter: from wall street to new jobs you can bank on it. after yesterday's doubling of splunk's ipo price, infoblox rose on day one. downtown men low park could be getting a makeover. a new plan would add more than 600 new homes, buildings. those buildings up to five stories hige andarge t large parking lots over the next 30 years. they are is set to review the latest plan on april 30th. controversy in palo alto on a connect are are oed between the arts center and main library. the city says the new road will allow drivers to move from one parking lot to another without
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having to use newell and embarcadero roads. others say it will negatively impact a nearby garden. community leaders discussed the plans with concerned residents. palo alto will consider the p - proposal next month. >> san jose state is the oldest university in the csu system and today they inaugurated a new president. he was formally sworn in as the university's 28th president. he is originally from afghanistan, is the son of a carpenter. he says education was his savior. today he holds two masters, an mba and a ph.d.. the president said he's excited to lead the 30,000 students into the future. >> all we can say with can have did dense is that change is endemic. thus the best way to protect our university's future is to create it ourselves. >> several notable people at today's event including the afghan ambassador, san jose
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mayor chuck reid, and the chancellor. before his appointment he also served as president for csu east bay. this fall san jose state will convert a floor into freshman lbgt students. resident advisers saw the need after learning about the difficulties of dorm life for gay and lesbian students. many keep their orientation a secret for fear of discrimination. the unity house promotes understanding and helps students connect with campus resources. the goal is to help students with their education and to promote and understand gender identity development and expression. >> if you feel threatened and you feel frightened in the environment you are in, you have no place to go where you are safe, it takes away your ability to concentrate on your studies. >> placement priority will be given to students based on their gender identity and gender expression. >> well, we hope that you have plans to dine outside tonight.
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it's perfect outside, right? >> do we have an nbc barbecue here? >> i hope so. >> that would be mice. >> crank it up. i'm hungry. >> we do have a barbecue. i know that. the request question is, did anyone bring any food? that's the issue. probably too late but maybe we can figure something out. 88 in san jose for your high. my weather watcher calling that in. thank you so much. 90 in gilroy. 88 in livermore. 90 in concord and also plenty of low 90s from cupertino into redwood city. one of the main proponents today of getting some of these temperatures to surge while others can did not with this west/northwesterly wind. you can seep it's primarily out of the northwest in gilroy. that's where we've seen the past couple of days, a drying wind as it moves across the land versus pushing over the cool pacific ocean t. now as numbers start to drop right now, it will still be a mild night, still holding on to 83 in san jose. 87 in gilroy.
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85 in livermore. a little bit cooler near the coastline with 68 in san francisco. this is a slight twist in that wind is helping to produce a bit of an onshore flow. as for this weekend it's all about high pressure as we head into saturday, also sunday. what we're going to see happen tomorrow when that heat is going to peak is that high pressure is going to take a slight jog off to the east. that's going to put a lot of that dry, sinking air across california and that's why we'll have a few more 90s coming back into the hicks. for tomorrow morning it will be mild to start with plenty of upper 50s and low 60s. 59 in san jose. 58 in los gatos. 59 in san francisco and also 56 in napa. day planner has those warm temperatures, of course, and our interior sections by 4:00 p.m., low 90s. bay side upper 80s and even at the coastline it'll be your best day at the beach as we head into saturday and real quickly we also wanted to take a look at our next six to ten day outlook when it comes to rainfall with all this dry and warm weather.
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so maybe you still want the rain, of course. we need it desperately. right now there's more than about a 40% chance that we may get an active pattern over the next six to ten days. we'll detail that further. >> we look forward to, thank you, jeff. we are seeing all the signs of spring this week but one of those signs was on a place in the south bay. a pair of baby owls. look at this. they look confused and angry and it's no wonder. they were found last night at the base of a eucalyptus tree in san jose. a passing horseback rider brought them to the wildlife center of silicon valley. late today a local tree company helped volunteers put them in a new and safer nest in that same tree. wildlife experts say property owners should be extra careful clearing brush or trimming trees this time of year. >> tiny little guys. still ahead at 6:00, for the second time in his presidency, mr. obama designates a national monument, a place familiar to many of us here in the bay area.
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the end of an era. a local restaurant with a unique reputation prepares to close its doors for good. and the robot wars, we'll fight, dance, gh-tech e,danc ev tend bar.
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welcome back. san mateo's fair grounds have been taken over by robots as part of this weekend's robo games expo. >> the sparks are flying. here is joe rosato jr. >> this is 151 pounds of steal. >> it takes a real glutton for punishment to build the fighting r robot and kevin young seems to be one of those people. >> you spend so much time building one of these, put heart and love into them, and then
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you're going to roll them in and it's a free-for-all. >> reporter: young estimates he's dumped a few hundred hours into his fighting machine despite the obvious risks. >> i think if you run in your mind all the possibilities of perhaps winning but you have to be realistic. >> reporter: and it at the row bow games expo today reality revealed itself in the form of a pounding steal ax. following the brutal beating, young gathers his fallen soldier. >> part of the fun is you have to put it back together now. >> reporter: while the demolition derby may grab center ring, the annual robot expo isn't all destruction. there are robots that dance, wr wrestle, and even tend bar. this particular one here is the cosbot designed to make a cosmopolit cosmopolitan. >> reporter: that's right, a robot that pours a stiff drink and doesn't require a tip. >> this can make up for the fact we never got our jet pack. >> well, almost. >> reporter: one group of
6:26 pm
college students from ohio came up with a robot controlled fooz ball table. >> sometimes you want a challenging opponent if you're very good at it. >> my name is rooney. >> reporter: hunter lloyd programmed his bot to greet airport security agents as well as turn on the coffeemaker and television. >> i can tell espn and he knows it's 206 on my tv and he'll change the channel. my wife doesn't like that. >> reporter: lloyd says the french-made robots could come with different apps for playing soccer or serving as an alarm clock. it's a room full of reminders that the future is here even if it doesn't look like the jetsons. perhaps it's just a little more violent than originally thought. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> that looks like a lot of fun. still ahead at 6:00, a new twist involving a state lawmaker arrested for an alleged dui in the bay area. coming up up air force two is grounded on the central coast after an incident involving vice
6:27 pm
president joe biden. and a surprising turn in the trayvon martin case as the alleged gunman speaks out in court and adses parents
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a new turn in the trayvon martin case today. the man accused of shooting the 17-year-old was granted bail by a florida judge. >> but it's what zimmerman said during his bond hearing that's getting the most attention. nbc's jay gray has the story. >> reporter: the surprise move stunned the packed courtroom. george zimmerman reaching out to the parents of the teenager he shot and killed almost two months ago. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am, and i did not know if he was armed or not. >> reporter: the apology came during a long and contentious
6:30 pm
bond hearing. >> wouldn't you agree that a lot of statements are contradicted by the evidence, either witnesses or based on what he said himself? >> reporter: which ended with judge lester agreeing to defense request. >> i'm going to grant the motion to set bond in the amount of $150,000. >> reporter: he will spend at least one more night behind bars while details of the release are worked out including questions about whether he will be able to live out of state. we do know zimmerman will be required to wear a fw ps monitoring bracelet and under a curfew. trayvon martin's parents' attorney talked about the statement and impending release. >> tracy martin had tears in his eyes as he watched the killer of his son, and it was devastating that he got to give a self-serving apology to help him get a bond. they were very outraged.
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>> reporter: a concern for zimmerman's defense team as they try to decide where he will go when he walks out of jail. >> it's an enormous ly high profile case. a lot of emotions exist. i don't want that to spill over into my client's safety. >> reporter: emotions that have been on edge since the night of the deadly shooting. jay gray, nbc news, sanford, florida. an unexpected turn of events for vice president joe biden on the central coast yesterday. a picture of air force two in santa barbara. we just learned that the plane struck birds while coming in for landing last night. the plane landed safely but was damaged to the point it did not fly back to washington. he took an alternate air force plane back to the capital. yacht clubs are designated events to five crew members now believed dead after being swept overboard near the fair line
6:32 pm
islands. a moment of silence was held just a few minutes ago before tonight's race. tomorrow night the san francisco yacht club in belvedere will hold a memorial flotilla in honor of the crew. one body was recovered but four crew members remain missing. survivors say the boat's slow speed chase was hit broadside by a large wave which knocked one of the sailors into sea. yachts will meet up at raccoon straight between belvedere tomorrow night at 7:00 to take part in the flotilla. hopefully you weren't caught up in this mess, the morning commute was a mess on the peninsula. the san mateo bridge was shut down in both directions by two separate crashes. the first happened in the westbound lane of the bridge at around 6:00 a.m. when a big rig hit a stalled pickup truck that caused the gas leak which brought in the coast guard and the department of fish and game. look at our shots from the helicopter here, about 45 minutes later, a driver in the eastbound lane was distracted by that initial car crash, ran into a chp patrol car which then hit
6:33 pm
a fire truck. a few hours of gridlock ensued, traffic had finally gotten moving again by 10:00 a.m. a new stoplight was turned on at a san francisco intersection today in honor of a college student killed there four years ago. 20-year-old stacy krause, a san francisco state university student, was hit and killed in this cross walk at this intersection off san juan avenue in 2008. this is near balboa park. her death prompted a local community group to call for safety improvements in the area. today that stoplight was turned on for the first time in her honor. a lawmaker arrested for drunk driving in the bay area was reportedly behind the wheel of a state car. the west covina democrat says roger hernandez voluntarily relinquished his right to drive assembly pool cars today. he was driving one when police in concord pulled him over last month after reviewing the rules the assemblyman told the newspaper he should not have
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used the state vehicle for travel outside the capital to the bay area. however, hernandez believes test results cleared him of those dui charges. until today president obama had done 0 this only once during his presidency. today he created his second national monument just south of the bay area. the president signed a proclamation protecting 15,000 acres of the decommissioned ft. ord military base. it served as a training ground for generations. now the scenic coastal areas popular with hikers and mountain bikers. in a statement president obama calls ft. ord one of the crown jewels of california's coast. all this week green is universal as we celebrate earth week and today what's believed to be the greenest building on the planet had its official opening at the nasa research center. it is the first new building in more than 25 years. take a look. it creates more electricity than
6:35 pm
it uses, and it adapts automatically to weather, s seasons, and occupants. architects even incorporated the winds off the bay into their design. >> the building captures those winds. the windows are all operable. computer operated. and in the late afternoon and the evening in the summer the computer will open the windows, will capture the cool air, store that cool air under the floor that we're standing on right now and recirculate that cool air the next morning. >> only in the bay area. the sustainability includes nasa technology such as water recovery systems originally designed for the international space station. >> pretty awesome. well, still ahead at 6:00, you never know what our bob redell will be talking about. a man with a very unusual relationship with mosquitos. >> and the bay area county with the highest life expectancy for men in the entire country. and for women, they farewell there, too. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area
6:36 pm
weather center. some of the warmest weather with us. numbers are dropping very slowly. if you're heading out tonight, no jacket needed. still 85 in livermore and a sneak peek shows upper 80s for the east bay and even at our beaches it looks to be warm for saturday.
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in health matters life is good in morin and longer in morin. 81.6 years of life exactly, the average life span of men in marin county, higher than any other county in the united states. the study by the university of washington found that women's life expectancy is not too bad itself. 85.1 years. which is the second highest rate. the marin independent journal revealed the biggest factor wasn't prosperity but preventible causes of death. marin county residents are less likely to smoke and be obese. also more likely to exercise and eat healthy foods. a san francisco classic known as the home of the rudest waiter is shutting its doors after 100 years. sam wo on washington street is closing after public health investigators say they found several violations in march
6:40 pm
including rodent activity and improper food storage. the owner tells the chronicle the building is too old to keep open. the restaurant was famous for a waiter insulting customers and insulting their menu choices and one of the few restaurants which stayed open until 3:00 a.m. those are hard to come by. >> and part of the charm was the dirty kitchen. it was part of the culture of the restaurant. >> he was a customer. >> i loved it. i have a place in chinatown i love to go to. you go in and order something, no, no, no, we have something better. you can't refuse it. >> they know that. we know best about the weekend forecast and it is going to get even warmer tomorrow. who will be the hottest cin up in a few minutes. and 40 years ago the a's won a world series, and they are celebrate that go 1972 triumph
6:41 pm
tonight. we'll take you out to oakland for the festivities. plus barry zito and the giants. an update on the most scrutinized elbow in the bay area u events like this that bring together fans are a common occurrence each year here at the
6:42 pm
ballpark. >> i'd like to right now thank every one of them for supporting baseball here because my favorite say something let's go giants. >> on the homem laence s the gc i'm lawrence scott. year after year. reds more int feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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bob always seems to find the
6:44 pm
most interesting people in the bay area. >> we love bob. >> hot weather means mosquitos aren't too far behind. >> unless you're the scientist in charge of stopping them. then you roll up your sleeve and let them bite. bob redell explains. >> reporter: once bitten, twice shy, right? >> they're just using you. >> reporter: not this doctor, not when he's in a fight against mankind's number one nuisance. he knows that in this battle there are going to be casualties. let's see that. whoa. too many mosquito bites to count. once a week this entomologist keeps alive the very pests he is ultimately trying to destroy by letting them feed on his own blood. >> at least a couple are starting to fill up. >> reporter: you can't scratch those, can't you? >> reporter: there will be pay back. when mosquito control uses these born and bred. >> that's our reason for being
6:45 pm
here. >> you probably are wondering why doesn't this guy just feed us animal blood? that stuff, too, is yummy in my tummy. the doctor says it would be too expensive and inconvenient. >> reporter: let's say the doctor and the rest of mankind were able to kill every single mosquito on the planet, could we live without them? scientists don't really know. >> i do, i do. we are food for some kinds of man i mals. >> reporter: but whether they're necessary for ecosystem, the experts just aren't sure. >> we don't really know. hard to predict what the impact would be. i am ready to quit now. >> reporter: hold on. for a scientist bit over 150,000 times, what's a few more nibbles here and there. can you do it for another ten minutes, because i don't know if we got enough already. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> torturing the poor guy. >> he needed more b roll. hang tight, sir.
6:46 pm
>> keep getting bit. the mosquitos like the warm weather. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is going to stick around for the weekend? >> i thought you were going to ask for a mosquito forecast. i don't have one ready. talk about a dedicated guy there, and bob redell, too. 90 in the valley. the 0 in gilroy and our hottest spot was along the peninsula with 91 in redwood city. slightoff shore wind bumped the temperatures up. it's going to be a mild night. low to mid-80s from san jose down. we're starting to see a bit of cooling from san francisco to san mateo. in the east bay heading to san francisco it's not going to be quite as mild as you are experiencing there. that's because we have a little bit of onshore flow that will even bring back some is coastal fog for tomorrow, maybe even a few areas of drizzle. if you have a beach day planned, get over the fog first and then plenty of sunshine. we could have the warmest day all year shaping up for
6:47 pm
saturday. now eventually we'll get some rain back in the seven day forecast but our nearest sign is about 900 miles out here. and typically this would have an easy time. we have this unusually strong region of high pressure building in from the pacific and it's not going to go anywhere the next 48 hours, stay firmly entrenched right over all of california helping to drive this heat. so far saturday we'll have a few more 90s returning, possibly a couple of records, and then as we head into sunday we'll get a cooling coast with that marine layer coming on back. so if you're looking for the beach day, it looks like saturday will be the best because as we head throughout the morning and the afternoon, we'll see that marine layer push on back and we'll have a sunny finish for everyone on saturday. for santa cruz, by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, temperatures in the mid-80s. so some spectacular weather coming our way for saturday. 55 in redwood city to begin. 59 in san jose. also expecting 57 in concord and 56 in oakland.
6:48 pm
and saturday it will play out like this. looks like the south bay will come in second with some of the warmest temperatures. 90 in morgan hill. 92 in evergreen and expecting 90 in los gatos. the east bay looks to have the most consistent with 90 in concord down to dublin and 90 livermore at 91. near the bay alameda to fremont mid to upper 80s for saturday. san francisco close to the 80s. right in the middle of downtown, we did he haefinitely could hav 80s. if you're heading out to the beach, we gave you that forecast. watch out. small craft advisory in effect. waves not that high. the undertow could pull you out. the fog starts to roll back in with drizzle. then for tuesday, wednesday and thursday and friday of next week, numbers gradually start to tick down and we'll get some 60s in here and our best chance of rain looks to be on thursday.
6:49 pm
i don't want to crush anyone's weekend mojo here. forget about the rain, saturday and sunday, unbelievable. >> a ten this weekend. >> yes. >> do not forget the sunscreen. it's very important. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, jeff. >> girl power was the theme in 49ers headquarters today in santa clara. the team joined the bay area women's sports initiative to host a conference for high school athletes. more than 50 girls from across northernc california attended te event which focused on maximizing the potential to excel in sports, school, and community. brandi chastain paid a visit along with alumni and coaches. >> good for them. time now to get to sports. >> let's bring in mindy from our newsroom. and we've got some giants news going on, don't we, mindy? >> oh, yeah. i'm sure you've heard of the elbow. san francisco, that's all they're talking about. the seven game road trip in new
6:50 pm
york tonight but before the game they got some good news. brian wilson is now one step closer to getting healthy again. wilson's reconstructive surgery was a success. the tommy johns procedure was performed pensacola. needless to say giants manager bruce bochy is quite pleased. >> it went very well and it's good news. they feel like surgery went great. starting rehab, which is a long road for will he go down but he's been down it before and he knows what's ahead of him. >> well, as far as the giants themselves playing the nets in new york and there's a former met leading off the top of the third and says don't you guys miss me. his first homer as a san
6:51 pm
francisco giant. but leading off the bottom of the fifth returns the favor. this one off barry zito. mets down only one at this point. later in the inning with the bases who'ded for ike davis he pops up. brandon crawford handles it just fine. zito gave up two earned in fe innings pitched and the giants lead by one in the ninth. after winning three straight in anaheim, the oakland a's return home to host the cleveland indians tonight. the green and gold commemorate the 40th anniversary of their 1972 world series triumph. kate longwood has more. >> reporter: it wasn't hard to miss the stars of the '70s in their bright gold throwback uniforms and just moments ago i tracked down players as they were celebrating oakland's first ever world series title. >> it was nice seeing the guys. i haven't seen my roommate in about ten years, the last time we were here. the story's the same.
6:52 pm
they just get bigger like our stomachs. >> a lot of tradition here in oakland, in this park and in this organization. we won three and they won another one, i think it's four total, right? a lot of teams are in the playoffs. got to the playoffs and that's huge in itself with the competition being so difficult. >> it's like we haven't been apart. some of the guys we haven't seen since the 2002 reunion, some of the guys came in so it's been ten years for a lot of us. sit down and start getting on each other and telling war stories. >> and to tinsel britting tomorrow csn has teamed up with the athletics to give ought these bobble heads, and i had a chance to talk with the former athletics star, and he told me he gives it his stamp of approval. i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area.
6:53 pm
warriors and mavericks in a little hard court action. jenkins gets the steal and then to klay thompson. the lay-in. they lead by two at this point. then jeremy tyler. he has a nice move and the lay-in. that puts the warriors up fwby three. shawn marion gets the nice and easy dunk. mavs led by one at the half. 50-49. the third quarter just getting under way. tonight we'll have all of those a's and giants highlights for you. gottfried starting for the a's. he'll be opposed by jimenez. lots of baseball action and some great weather are for the weekend. i hope everyone gets out to the ballpark to see a game or two, raj. >> how cool to see fingers and all the gang from that 1972 squad. what a great event tonight and throughout the weekend at the coliseum. >> it's always fun. i love it when the old-timers come around. they probably don't like that work. so much character. >> you mean it affectionately. >> of course. i do. absolutely. >> all right, mindy.
6:54 pm
thanks a lot. for a full half hour of sports coverage watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. >> and leadt'.s on tt lead.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
a creative 9-year-old boy who became a viral video accept sayings is bringing his talents to san francisco. if you are not one of the 2 million people to see the video called cane's arcade it's a charmer. he built his arcade out of card can board boxes in his dad's used autoparts store in east l.a. pretty cool stuff. a filmmaker made it famous. cain's arcade was installed in the city as part after display
6:57 pm
about inventiveness and recycling. tomorrow caine will be there in person to operate his arcade games. so it if you're interested, stop on by and check it out. >> give credit to my wife. she was on that one weeks ago i got an e-mail that said you have to watch this. >> 2 million people. >> can you say resourceful? here to talk about what's next at 7:00. >> we're going to have more on the top stories today including this heat wave we're in the middle of. we're going to have an educator on set. traveled to china and will tell us why what they're doing there can help us here. plus you may not have heard this story, fascinating, about sea l lions euthanized around washington to protect salmon. we'll talk to a reporter that covered the story. >> have a great friday night. we hope to see you back at 11:00. >> have a good night. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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