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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 21, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now, 5:00, temperatures reach record highs. plenty of olympic spirit. how the olympic athletes are preparing for the london games this summer. hundreds of thousands of people could be without internet access this summer. we'll help you figure out if you are at risk. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. on this earth day, the temperatures around the bay area soared, nearly setting records along the way. we'll get to the forecast in a moment. first, with all the rain the past few weeks and now the hot
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temperatures, it's the perfect recipe for allergies. we have a look at what's going on today with the weather. hello, kim. >> reporter: diane, i can say personally i am suffering allergies. a lot of pollen in the air. what a difference a week makes. what extreme weather from rain and cold and wind to this heat. it's a beautiful day out here. very pleasant with a light wind. people are trading in uggs and rain boots. in san jose, a lot of people were soaking up the sun. they love this weather. many don't have plans other than to spend time outdoors enjoying the warm temperatures. >> i love it. it's great. >> reporter: any plans today? >> we are going to hang out, ride our bikes and have lunch. >> i think it's wonderful. we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. this is great weather for us. >> i was hoping water was
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running but it's not. >> i enjoy watching my granddaughter perform watching the dance competition. >> reporter: the warm weather is welcome by many, the allergies are not. the warm temperatures caused a surge in bloom. it could mean a more severe and prolonged allergy season. we found some people suffering the return of runny noses, red and itchy eyes and sneezing. it's just part of spring. last week, rain cleansed the air. with mostly sunny days ahead, season al allergy sufferers may have to adjust. in the last 20 minutes from 87 degrees to 89 degrees. like one man i talked to today, it's very, very comfortable weather, very pleasant unless you are in the direct sunshine.
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live in san jose, kimberly. >> thank you. on the peninsula, a man was electrocuted when he tried to pick up a downed power line. it happened last night in san mateo. he was driving in a pick-up truck when he came along the downed power .line he decided to move it off the street. the line was live and electrocuted him. he was pronouncedli dead. the downedined caused more than 3,000 people to lose power. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the line to come down in the first place. let's check in now with rob mayeda and the weather going on around here. rob? >> the weather around the bay area is certainly hot. especially from san jose south. that is where we are seeing the hottest temperatures now. let's take you outside to san francisco. i want to show you that we are watching a developing sea breeze right now. if you look closely, you can see the flag is moving around as the sea breeze is trying to pick up.
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no low clouds right now. are we breaking records? on the left side, you can see the records. they are high standards to meet. mid-90s break records in the valley. we were close in the north bay and fairly close in the east bay. san jose near 90. we saw the numbers climb up. gilroy, 97 degrees. if we broke record, it's south of san jose. a developing sea breeze hints as cooler changes as we watch the low clouds reforming on the coast. it's going to set the stage for more low clouds and ocean air-conditioning as you wrap up the weekend. yesterday felt more like august. tomorrow, cooler changes. look at the bottom of the screen. we are flip-flopping in the opposite direction. today, we add the heat. to the west, a big u-turn in the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know if we'll see
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the change coming up in the full forecast. diana? >> thanks, rob. search and rescue teams gathered looking for a 15-year-old. the santa clara sheriff's department organized the search. 90 men and woman took part including dogs. the team leader suggest new leads led them into the hills surrounding morgan hill, san martin and gilroy. >> at this point, we are going to end up suspending our search and rescue activities, again. however, if there's new evidence developed or new leads, we will resume searching again as we did today. >> she has been missing more than five weeks. they believe she was kidnapped the morning of march 16 because she never made it to school. in new york city, police continue their search for clues in the disappearance of a 6-year-old boy that happened three decades ago.
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brian mooar reports. >> reporter: working into the weekend, police investigators in new york continue their efforts to close the cold case disappearance of aton patz. for days, a forensic team was tearing apart a soho basement where he vanished in 1979. he disappeared in what should have been a short walk to the bus stop. each piece of rubble could hold the key to closing the case. after tearing down walls and breaking up the floor, searchers were sifting through the dirt for clues. >> a lot of work is going to be done. precise details, deliberate work is going to be done. >> reporter: etan's disappearance is what it was 33 years earlier. it is focused on a man responsible for etan's death.
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it's focused on a handyman that used the basement that is being searched. >> i'm not saying anything further about what happened to this beautiful young boy. >> police decline to say what brought them back to the neighborhood and whether the case is nearing a conclusion. in new york, hope, lots of movement but still no resolution in the search for etan patz. brian mooar, nbc news. the army is reporting soldiers in afghanistan are using illegal drugs including heroin. in several cases, it may have led to death. information shows the army investigated 56 soldiers in afghanistan in the past two years on suspicion of using or distributing heroin, morphine and other opiates. eight soldiers died of drug overdoses. it's twice as many in the previous several years.
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afghanistan produces 90% of the world's supply. two women are suing the military saying they were raped then punished. the naval academy tolerates assault and discourages victims of attack from reporting them. it comes after eight women filed a federal lawsuit saying they were raped, assaulted or sexually harasses during their service in the military. coming up next at 5:00, thousands of people celebrated earth day by volunteering their time. we'll show you what they accomplished. several olympians showed up. we'll show you why. the fbi has a warning, a hacker scheme could take your computer offline this summer. how you can prevent it from happening to you.
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today is earth day. that means tens of thousands of people around the united states spent the day volunteering. it also is comcast cares day. nbcs parent company giving back day. >> thanks for spending your sad morning with us. we are not done, we are just starting. we are just starting. get back. >> you recognize that guy.
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they joined thousands at an elementary school. they helped landscape the playground and do painting as well. laura garcia-cannon and mike inouye helped them roll up their sleeves. laura talked with neil smith about the company's efforts. >> this is the best day of the company. it's nice to have them here with us. thank you on behalf of comcast. we love giving back to the community we work in. we love dreaming big and getting in volunteerism and funding. it's very meaningful for us to be out in the community. we expected 3,000 volunteers and got 4,200 or more. we are working on 6700 projects around the country. i love seeing the kids and families here working together.
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it's part of our country. it means a lot to us to give back. >> again, comcast is nbcs parent company. volunteers showed up throughout the bay area to help with republican novations inside and out. i had a chance to participate at an elementary school in west oakland. as you could have seen, but you can't. comcast folks painted the stairs. we had a chance to plant flowers and clean up the classrooms. volunteers were out in force at the shore today. the leatherback sea turtle was the focus on the san mateo coast. they use earth day to clean up and restore has been at a tibit beautiful turtles. all right, hundreds of volunteers enjoyed activities
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and cleared trash off the beach. the sea turtle comes to the shore to feed on jellyfish. they are in jeopardy. still to come at 5:00, san francisco gets a taste of the olympic spirit. half a million americans will likely see their computers go offline in july. we'll show you why and the steps you can take to stop it from happening to you.
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believe it or not, the summer olympics are just around the corner. today, people gathered in san francisco to participate in the walk to london. the so-called walk to london began on april 7th. it continues each weekend in communities across the country where the kids get a taste of some of the olympic games. >> we actually are celebrating the fact the olympic trials are coming to san jose. they will be june 28 through july 1. there's various olympic moments. we are celebrating with kids from the gym clubs in honor of the olympic tryouts. >> organizers have been trying to bring the try outs here for years. june 23rd is international olympic day. by the way, nbc bay area will broadcast the olympics and they start in london on july 27th.
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hundreds of people joined in a casual run today in honor of pat tillman, a san jose organizer. it's a way for people to support runners in tempe, arizona where the run was held this morning. people gathered in san francisco and san jose for the run. many are graduates after the university. you may remember the nfl star enlisted in the army in the wake of the september 11th attacks. he was killed in a friendly fire in afghanistan. >> the alumni association along with the veterans want to support his memory, what he stood for. he was an iconic person. everybody felt connected to him. >> the run attracts more than 35,000 people eachyear. the 4.2 mile race is a major fund-raiser event for the foundation. >> we want to check in with rob
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mayeda to see what is happening with this incredible weather. you were out there helping as well. >> i was. we were out at the robert randall elementary there. it was toasty. this morning, temperatures in the 80s. take a look at the map over my shoulder. it's color coded. once you are in the 90s, you show up in red or dark orange on the map. from san jose to gilroy, still in the 90s. trivalley seeing the hottest temperatures of the day. upper 80s and low 90s. starting to cool off around san francisco. this is more typical of the summer, get the heat in the day and the mid afternoon sea breeze. we starting to see that around the bay. inland is plenty warm. one thing we have to watch is the low clouds reform on the coast. it's acting like coolant. the ocean ac is going to turn on for sunday. it should leave temperatures
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running cooler by tomorrow. by the end of the weekend, it looks dry. we'll see more fog coming back to the coast. for the week ahead, as quickly as we warmed up, temperatures are going to come crashing down by 20 or 30 degrees by monday and tuesday. don't pack away the coats just yet or the umbrella. i'll show you why in a moment. a nor'easter developing. late season snow in the northeast or parts of the great lakes. it's been a dry start to the weekend. we are seeing showers to the pacific northwest. this is a sign that high pressure that anchored itself across california is going to move toward the desert southwest tomorrow and monday. the 80s and 90s we had today is going to start to give away. the system to the west is going to weaken the ridge, send it to the east. what we'll see tonight into tomorrow is more of the low clouds pumped into the bay. this is going to cool us off tomorrow. monday and tuesday, we watch for a slight chance of north bay thunder showers north of sonoma
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county and a better chance of showers. we'll call it rain on thursday as temperatures really cool down for the middle part of the week. tonight lows in the 50s. low 60s in the hills. the marine layer deepens up. the inner bay is cooler. we'll get into the mid-80s in san jose tomorrow. same story east of 680 by the trivalley. the temperatures much cooler tomorrow. 60s and low 70s. the sea breeze is turning on for sunday. we go from the 90s to 60s and 70s for highs monday. roller coaster ride in the seven day forecast. if that's not enough, rain is coming back. >> that's impossible. >> and snow in the sierras. the ski season is ongoing because of the snow. >> my husband and two kids are there right now. they had a lovely day. >> more snow coming in. >> slushy. thank you, rob. let's bring in mindy for a look at what's going on in sports.
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what's up? >> hi, how are you? it's hard to be skiing is still going on. the sharks an bruins are going at it in st. louis. we'll have an update. they have to win or they are eliminated. plus, all the drama worthy of a broadway stage. giants in new york. you have to see the drama in the ninth inning. that's coming up next in sports.
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welcome back. i'm mindy from the sports desk. this afternoon's game againt the
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mets looked like it was going to go the same way. the dog days at citi field. they ran out the first pitch. straight to the ninth inning. sends it up the middle. buster posy is going to come around and score. the giants trailing by two at this point. in comes brandon to pinch hit. a huge at-bat for him. a high, fly ball. two outs. this will be the third one, right? nope, the mets can't get it. two runs come around to score. this game is tied. aubrey huff for the first time in his career plays seconds. this is critical. two on for turner. going for the fourth out. huff does not cover the bag. giants do not get an out. the bases are loaded. the next batter gets it to posy. he's going for the double play.
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he's hit and throws. that brings in the winning run. the mets win in the bottom of the ninth, 5-4. >> my natural instinct my hole life, the ball is hit, gi go to the right. >> throw to first. down the right field line. >> evidently, it did. when i released it, i thought it was online. it got yanked a little bit. evidently, it did. >> all right. the warriors will undergo art skopic surgery. he's repeatedly sprained his ankle. the sharks are in st. louis where they trail the blues three games to one in the
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quarterfinals in the western conference. they need to win this game or they are don. patrick's shot misses. shot is saved by elliott. karl left a shot on goal. it's saved. right now, the game is tied at zero in the first intermission. there was a perfect game in major league baseball today up in seattle. white sox phillip humburg through the the 21st perfect game in history. what's painful about the as is the as waived him in january, 2011. he threw a perfect game. oops. >> thanks a lot, mindy. >> anytime. >> when we come back, the fbi issues a warning. there's a computer v out there that could shut down a half million computers. we'll show you how to protect yourself. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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as you do your spring cleaning, clean your computer. if not you could lose your internet connection. hackers infected computers through an advertising scam. in an unusual move, they set up a safety net for the public. that system is scheduled to be shut down this july. to ensure you don't lose your internet connection, the fbi suggests visiting a website that lets you know if you are a potential victim. it's run by the agency security company, we have this information on our website, search for infected computers. again, they can let you know if you are a


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