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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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following a head-on collision. sedan.alert, a big rig hits a i'll give you a bigger picture at your traffic tuesday slowdowns coming up. and a live look at an overcast san francisco. that's just a gorgeous shot on this tuesday, april 24th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, thanks for being with us. it is 6:00. i'm marla tellez, in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm john kelley. new this morning, an innocent driver caught in the cross fire as bullets fly in the east bay. christie smith is live with a look at what led up to this overnight shooting. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. oakland police are now saying that witnesses are telling them that at least 50 rounds were fired at this one street corner in east oakland. three people hit in the gunfire including one man who may have
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just been in the neighborhood driving home. this is what they're saying. it looks like he was there wrong place, wrong time and oakland police got a call to 98th and holly street and found two gun shot victims down. two men, one hit in the leg, the other in the chest. police not sure if they were firing at someone else or each other. but they say a third man happened to drive by. and he was grazed by a bullet too. we spoke with his roommate. >> i just got a phone call. he just was up here, i guess he drove from where he was shot from and just pulled up in front of our house pretty much. it was just caught in a cross-fire somewhere down oakland. and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: now his car window was blown out in all of this, but he was able to make it home before being treated. that roommate says he was hit in the collarbone, he thinks, but he was talking and the watch
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commander on duty says at this point it appears that everyone will be okay. reporting live in oakland, "today in the bay." 6:02 this morning. new claims from a death row inmate that more human bones are buried on dozens of new sites in the central valley. convicted killer wesly shermantine has given police another map of where more bodies are kept. lyndon is a town in san joaquin county. this is the second time he supplied information leading to remains. shermantine and his now dead partner were dubbed the speed-free killers after several murders in the '80s. a man accused of killing several people at oikos university is in the infirmary this morning. he has not eaten since he's been in jail. goh is offered three meals a day
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along with water and juice. they do think he has sipped on the water and milk. a sheriff department spokesman says goh's refusing food because he's ashamed, not out of protest. out of service but not out of sight. san bruno city leaders may order pg & e to remove the pipeline left underground after the deadly 2010 explosion. live in san bruno now with more on this plan. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. here along glenn view, you see the equipment that was left behind by construction crews that should be getting here in a couple of hours. they've been working monday through friday from the morning till night to help repair some of the damage left behind. and the pipeline in question line 132 was built here decades ago, but now people are pushing for it to get out of this neighborhood. the pipeline has been out of service since that 2010 blast, but it still runs 8,200 feet through the neighborhood. it's physical evidence of the
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deadly blast that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. so some neighbors have been pushing the city to help get that natural gas pipeline, which is 30 inches in diameter to be torn out of here. of course, it'd be a long and pretty messy process, but it is something city council members will consider at the regular meeting tonight. now, the second option is what pg & e suggested, plugging the pipe with concrete or a third suggestion that city staff has been recommending, a mixture of both. tearing out 900 feet and plugging the rest of the pipeline with concrete. no matter what is decided, pg & e expressed the company will pay all the costs associated with this project, with this operation. those are the three main options. neither the mayor nor city council members have said what they will support. live in san bruno, "today in the bay." san jose city leaders getting a look at the report on the police department this morning. and an independent audit, the auditor looked at all complaints received enclosed in audit
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against that department in 2011. that report will include a recommendation on how to improve sjpd operations. this morning, it appears suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's fight to win his job back could drag on for months. an ethics committee hearing is now underway into allegations of official misconduct following mirkarimi's guilty plea to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. his attorney wants to move quickly calling for an open hearing and the right to begin subpoenaing witnesses. but attorneys for san francisco say they want to proceed in june. >> other witnesses have not been so cooperative. we've had to serve subpoenas, one witness who has disobeyed a subpoena. >> attorneys for both sides of this case will spend the next few weeks submitting witness lists and filing briefs. the ethics commission will meet again and discuss the next step at the end of may. well, there is a new policy
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in place at schools in morgan hill following the disappearance of sierra lamar. the mercury news says if students don't show up to school, the district's automatic calling system now notifies parents in the morning and that evening. the 15-year-old sophomore wz was last seen at her home on march 16th. she never made it to school and her motor home was not notified of her daughter's absence until that evening. in the meantime, america's most wanted says it'll be in morgan hill this week to tape a segment surrounding sierra's disappearance. an east bay community could lose an emergency room facility. they'll soon take ownership of san leandro hospital and there are fears in the community that it will close the hospital and turn it into a rehab facility. the county operates fairmont hospital in san leandro, but fairmont does not have a trauma center. emergency admissions would have to go to highland hospital in oakland or eden medical center in castro valley. there's no official word yet
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from what it plans to do. based on the coming weather, assume that christina loren is telling us, don't bother washing your cars today. >> unless you're extremely ambitious, then you might want to put the shine on, but mother nature will do it for you, especially over the course of wednesday into thursday. so you want to park outside that night for your free car wash. as you can see, we're looking pretty good this morning. we do have mostly cloudy conditions just about everywhere except for the south bay and the east bay. here's a live look now at san francisco. beautiful shot this morning where we have more cloud cover, obviously, you can see the clouds are darker, thicker. that means it's going to take longer for the sun to breakthrough. once it does so, temperatures today, very comfortable. we're starting in the upper 50s this morning, headed toward the 70s. patchy fog, little drizzle especially along the peninsula. i think you'll find drizzle, as well through the higher elevations with upslope fog up there. 17, 152, you want to take it easy. the rain returns through tomorrow and thursday. so enjoy the sunshine, light breeze that we have for you
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today. 64 degrees by noon inland, up to 71 at 4:00 p.m. and we'll still hold on to the mid-60s at 4:00 p.m. by the bay at the coast, 64 degrees at 4:00. get ready for the rain. we'll time that system out for you in my next report. mike, it's starting to get busy on a traffic tuesday. >> it is. over here, 121, this isn't the major commute concern for the majority of the north bay, but if you're going through sonoma at 8th street east, there is that accident. a sig alert because of a big rig that smashed into a sedan head on. typically we expect tragic results, but there's an ambulance called to the scene, but doesn't seem to be a lot of buzz about injuries. the big concern is getting a tow truck to clear lanes. i'll continue to track that. meanwhile, the rest of the north bay moving smoothly for 101 and across that bridge, the build continues for livermore out of the tri-valley. and slow now at northbound 101 at san jose, following the south bay build, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. you may want to think twice
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before you toss out your b.a.r.t. ticket. the agency has been collecting unused tickets from recycling plants in san francisco. over the past months it took in over $1,500 of passes, they say they will donate those to the food bank. people loving in the city can also tape leftover tickets on their recycling bin and that will give them directly to a collection worker. the secretary of commerce is visiting silicon valley for the first time this morning. john brison is attending the ceo business climate summit at ibm research in san jose. governor jerry brown will be there, as well. along with the governor of colorado and local mayors. the results of the ceo business climate survey will be released at the summit almost 200 silicon valley ceos took part in that survey. it tackles hiring, layoffs, and challenges facing businesses. from the campus known for marching to a different beat, some berkeley leaders want more
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autonomy from the uc system. the east bay group proposing that all ten uc campuses be allowed to set their own tuition, place limits on out of state admissions, and approve campus construction projects. opponents say this plan would split apart the uc system with campuses fighting each other for state funding. well, a west coast war of words is swirling this morning after the governor of washington dissed california wines when she was in france. >> one said, well, but governor, what about california wine? and i said they make jug wine, we make fine wine and -- >> the governor's remarks came as she signed a new capital construction budget that includes $5 million for a wine center. california has by far the most wineries in the country, washington ranks second in that category. can't we all just get along? >> yeah. bitter party, table for one. it's 6:10 right now. coming up, a 12th member of the
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military linked to the prostitution scandal. the latest on the investigation coming your way. and san jose loses a big-time event. find out why the s.a.p. open is skipping town next. and how much is ada worth?h? he's worth $1. we'll tell you why coming up. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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welcome back. this is one of the benefits of waking up early. a live look at the sunrise. this is over san jose right now. on a tuesday, it is 6:13. polls are opening up this morning. another wave of gop primary elections. connecticut, delaware, new york, pennsylvania, and rhode island all have primaries today. mitt romney has all but claimed that nomination. currently has 537 delegates. the former house speaker newt gingrich has 137. gingrich says he is staying into
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the race until the republican national convention to be held down in tampa. well, the secret service scandal has claimed yet another casualty. the 12th member of the military has been relieved of duty as investigators look deeper into the partying and prostitution allegations that proceeded the president's arrival in colombia two weeks ago. white house attorneys are also looking into whether any white house staffers were involved. the top republican on the senate judiciary committee wants details of that investigation. he is asking who was involved, how long did it take? was the pentagon involved? he wants those answers by thursday. it is 6:14 right now. the criminal trial of former presidential candidate john edwards in north carolina. he is accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign finance money to cover up an affair with rielle hunter. the star prosecution witness is former edwards' aide andrew young who managed the cover-up
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of edwards' extramarital affair and activities claiming to be the father of hunter and edwards' daughter. the trial expected to last a total of six weeks. this november, california voters will decide whether or not to due away with the death penalty. it would make life without parole the harshest penalty prosecutors could seek. the 725 inmates now on death row would have their sentences changed. the state has not put anyone to death since 2006 when a federal judge put executions on hold until upgrades and changes were made at san quentin. and putting spending on lockdown. state prison officials say they have a plan to overhaul the troubled system. they claim it would save billions of dollars. construction projects would be canceled. one lockout would be closed. and thousands of inmates would be brought back from other states. quick check on sports now. the giants in cincinnati today taking on the reds. that game starts at 4:10 this afternoon. and the g-men pulled double duty
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yesterday in new york against the mets. buster posey gets the party started. that's his second home run of the season. and up on the mound, tim back in form feeling his groove out there. gets out of a jam there, bases loaded. actually, that's not bad. that's a home run by somebody. anyway, the giants go on to win 6-1. this is the double play. all right. anyway, on to game two. this time pablo sandoval flexes one on this, puts the giants up 2-0. then madison solid day on the mound giving up three hits and seven innings of work, giants take this one 7-2 and get the magical double-header sweep. it is game, set, and match for the s.a.p. open tennis tournament in the south bay. sharks sports and entertainment says expense and limitations of hp pavilion are the reasons why
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they are pulling out of san jose. restaurants around the hp pavilion say they get a lot of business from fans who attend that tourney. >> the only famous tournament in the bay area on the south bay i mean. that's going to hurt the south bay. >> the open follows a long line of events that have vanished from the south bay over the past few years. after next year, the s.a.p. moves to memphis. >> going to miss that one. that's a good event. guys like andy roddick don't show up. 6:17 right now. let's check in to find out what's happening on this tuesday and beyond. >> at least we still have john kelley in the bay area. we've got a good-looking forecast for today. holding on to the mid-70s for one more day. i wanted to show you the sunrise. yeah, beautiful sunrise over san francisco. you're not going to see that sun for long after it starts to make its way above the horizon. your official sunrise in just about four minutes from now. 6:21 this morning. 59 degrees in oakland, 59 in san
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mateo, 57 in santa rosa, and we have changes on the way as of tonight. this is the last day of the mid to upper 70s. bringing in cooler weather, wet weather, that rain-cooled air as of tomorrow morning. and what's going to happen is it will take a ride on the jet stream and mostly impact the north bay even though it is coming in from the south. this is what you can expect for today, a little drizzle on your way to work. tomorrow, we'll be talking about rain showers as we meet back here. future cast shows you rather light at about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. at 11:00 a.m. during our midday broadcast, we'll likely be tracking significant rain showers over the greater bay area. getting a little break overnight and then heavier rain moves in 7:00 a.m. thursday morning up in the north bay. that'll slide to the south over the course of noon thursday and then the whole thing blows out of here thursday evening. enjoy the 70s while they last today. 76 for san jose and 70 degrees for oakland. a little thunder in if the forecast for tomorrow, as well.
6:19 am
85 degrees saturday. check your drive with mike. >> we expect to see a slower drive, and it is. westbound 580, 20-minute drive out of the altamont pass. livermore, speeds into the 40s and 30s. and makes it a little worse because the disable vehicle reported here. and another one at portola. two things to distract you traveling westbound. sounds like both are out of lanes, but this could cause more congestion coming in toward the interchange. now, 680 and 880 smooth in both directions through fremont. that's good. as you get into the south bay, 680 makes a turn. northbound 101. that's where there's an accident in the slow down as well and we've got a live look at oakland. the volume increases heading toward the toll plaza. metering lights are on. >> thank you very much. here's something i've never ever said on tv before. and somehow i think i never will. tweet about a squirrel, earn a dollar. scott mcgrew, help me understand why i'm saying this. >> it's a fun project on
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twitter. it's, in fact, true, seen here on the left loves squirrels. he says he will donate a dollar if you tweet about them. so here's what you do. you add the #squirrels4good, four with the number there. to whatever you tweet about and this will cause craig to send a dollar, he says to the national wildlife federation. all right. other news. the south bay's netflix has more subscribers than it did when it hiked prices last summer and drove so many subscribers away. the ceo said in a conference call with reporters on monday afternoon he's not done fixing the damage, though. and he said netflix took its first loss since 2005. mostly due to the cost of expanding the service overseas. the granddaddy of them all is apple. that company talks with reporters, opens the financial books this afternoon. apple used to be untouchable turning in record quarter after record quarter, but all of a sudden there's this nagging doubt with some investors. apple shares have bounced around
6:21 am
by as much as $30 up or down in a trading week. and it looks like history will have to be delayed. that rocket launch by private company space x planned for next monday will be pushed back. the unmanned dragon capsule will be the first private vehicle to dock with the international space station. space x, that's run by the same guy that runs tessla says it needs to work on the software on the robotic control of the capsules so they can safely approach the international space station. guess what, scott? i just tweeted squirrels -- doing good for squirrels. >> he's out there helping the squirrels. >> good samaritan, i like that. i'll have to jump on too. 6:20 right now. a new report looks at how kids are affected by foreclosure in the u.s. each year. find out how many it's affecting next. land o'lakes spreadable butter with canola oil
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welcome back, everybody. yes, the sun is up, the traffic is flowing. and looking live at the golden gate bridge out there. traffic not too bad. looks like some of those early clouds are starting to clear out. christina loren will fill you in on all the day's weather. brace for rain tomorrow and mike will talk about the traffic. 6:24. it is the adults who have to deal with the mortgages, but kids are deeply affected by the foreclosure crisis, as well. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning with a look at the numbers.
6:25 am
tra krr tracie, good morning. >> 8 million kids according to the d.c. group first focus. and for a couple of years now, they've been looking at the impact at foreclosures, at children specifically. now this year they also rolled in kids living in rentals as a result of this crisis. looking at mortgages that failed between 2004 and 2008. they think these numbers might be bigger. but here's what they've got. almost 2 1/2 million children living in homes lost to foreclosu foreclosure. another 3 million in homes at risk of foreclosure. another 3 million in rental homes as a result of foreclosure. of course, california along with arizona, nevada, and florida, the state's most impacted. in california alone, over 1 million children this study found, about 12% are living in homes that were lost or at risk of being lost. and now we're getting a good idea of the impact on children according to this report. it affects their health, interrupts their development and affects their school
6:26 am
performance, marla. what they said is that being forced to move is about the equivalent of losing one month of school and they see the impact in lower test scores in both reading and math. >> sad to think they're just innocent victims. thank you. >> tough reality out there. it is 6:26 right now. we check back in with christina loren to find out how rainy it's going to be coming up. >> it's going to be rainy enough to where you will want that umbrella tomorrow and especially over the course of thursday morning when the bulk of the moisture comes through. but this morning, we're actually seeing another sort of precipitation, drizzle generated by pretty thick low clouds. you can see that vividly over the golden gate bridge and now the sun is up. believe it or not, the sun is up out there. it's going to take its time to breakthrough those clouds as it warms up the top layer of that marine layer. for us, we're expecting full sunshine by about noon, 60 degrees, really comfortable conditions by the bay. even warmer at noon inland, 64 degrees rounding out the day in the mid-70s.
6:27 am
we'll time out that system at your doorstep coming up. first, let's check your drive with mike. >> good traffic tuesday to you. boom, traffic. and it's tuesday. highway 4, down to 10 miles per hour at the l street sensor. okay through pittsburgh and bay point, congestion around the krispy kreme. it's new. looking over to the maze, a smooth drive approaching the bay bridge, metering lights are on slowing now, coming off the richmond bridge and down the berkeley curve. at the incline, that'll sort out. live look at the golden gate bridge, a smooth drive and clear view to the north bay. reminder, we have that sig alert for sonoma. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:27 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," there's a debate in san bruno about exactly what to do with the remains of the pipeline that exploded last year. find out why some people want it removed. others want it left alone. and three people shot including at least one man who seems to have just been in the wrong aeact the wrong time. a live report from oakland next. e
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new this morning, a gunfight breaks out on an east oakland street corner overnight and a man who happened to be driving by was caught in it. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you how he's doing in a live report. and the pipeline at the heart of the deadly san bruno explosion in 2010 may be on the way up. what exactly city leaders are considering later today. occupy protesters have big plans today. find out whose shareholders meeting they expect to crash. i'm christina loren live in the nbc bay area weather center. a mostly cloudy start. i'll let you know when the sun will breakthrough those clouds in your city more importantly rain in the forecast. we'll tell you when coming up. >> and we continue to follow this major injury accident. a sig alert in the north bay affecting your traffic through sonoma. i'll give you a bigger look coming up. and right now, we give you a
6:31 am
live look outside above san jose. picturesque as the sun peeks between those clouds. some ominous clouds as we get ready to shower us with rain. it is tuesday, april 24th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. the time is 6:31. >> and i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. oakland police are investigating a shooting that sent three people to the hospital. one of the people wounded may have been an innocent passer by hit by a stray bullet. christie smith with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. well, oakland police are now saying that witnesses are coming forward telling them they heard 30 to 50 shots coming from one east oakland street corner. three people hit including one man who may just have been
6:32 am
driving through the neighborhood wrong place, wrong time. this morning, police are calling him an uninvolved bystander. investigators arrived in east oakland after 11:00 last night. two men hurt, one shot in the leg, the other in the chest. at this point, they're not sure if they were shooting at each other or if others may have been involved here. but talk about timing. a man drove up, he was hit, the roommate was grazed in the collarbone, but he was talking when he saw him. a neighbor says this was a loud shootout. >> sounds like he made at least 30 shots, two different guns, long, rapid fires. just longer than what you usually would hear. >> now, the roommate says that the manmade it home, but the windows of the car were blown out. he was treated and the sergeant tells me this morning that everyone is expected to be okay. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." also this morning, thousands
6:33 am
of san francisco occupy protesters planning to crash wells fargo's annual shareholders meeting. demonstrators gathering at the plaza at 10:00, then they will march to the merchant exchange building on california street. that's where the shareholders are gathering. we're showing now video from last year's wells fargo protest by occupiers. protesters say they plan to shut down today's meeting. that includes an end to what protesters call fraudulent foreclosures and predatory lending practices. well, some changes coming to the oakland police department's crowd management techniques in the wake of some violent occupy confrontations. police chief howard jordan announcing yesterday that outside experts will be brought in to train officers on crowd control procedures. the move comes after mayor gene quan and the chief came under intense criticism when officers used tear gas against
6:34 am
protesters. the result of two investigations into that response are due in the next few weeks. it is a horrific and deadly event. now san bruno city leaders ordering the pg & e pipeline left under ground after the 2010 explosion that it may be removed from that devastated neighborhood. stephanie is live in san brew kn bruno with more on this plan. >> good morning, john. for over a year and a half now, the people who live here in the glenn view neighborhood have been waking up to sounds of construction, a closed off street. there have been constant reminders of what happened here back in september of 2010. well, they want one of those major reminders gone. some neighbors asking city leaders to order out at least part of line 132, that's the pipeline at the heart of that deadly explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. it would be a long process because the steel pipeline runs 8,200 feet through this area. but city council members are set to consider that as an option in
6:35 am
moving forward at their regular meeting tonight. now, there are two other choices that have been brought up. what pg & e suggested before which was plugging the pipeline with concrete or going with a combination of both ideas. tear out roughly 900 feet of the pipeline and plug the rest of it with concrete. now no matter which way city leaders move forward, pg & e expressed it will cover all of the costs of this operation. we are expecting, of course, there will be a pretty nice big crowd at the meeting at 7:00. that's at the senior center on crystal springs road. live in san bruno, today in the bay. 6:35, the alameda county board of supervisors is expected to make the resignation official today. it will embattled supervisor and wife of the state treasurer stepped down last week. in her letter of resignation, she says she needed to focus on being a mother to their 8-year-old son as she recovers from drug and alcohol addiction. the supervisors will have 60 days to appoint a temporary
6:36 am
replacement. an election for the seat will take place in november. a suspect shot by fairfield police has died. the 51-year-old man was shot on gold coast drive near dover avenue last night. investigators say the officer was following up on an investigation when he was involved in a violent struggle with that suspect in the doorway of a home. the officer called for backup but ended up shooting the suspect before the backup arrived. he is a 16-year veteran of the force and is now on administrative leave pending an investigation. well, more charges are expected to be filed this morning against a san francisco man accused of impersonating a plastic surgeon. he is already charged with operating a dermatology clinic on mission street without a medical license. now, one patient claims he smoked a cigar and made her hold her own i.v. bag during her liposuction procedure.
6:37 am
well, now more victims have reportedly come forward leading to new charges by the d.a. well, first plastic bags and now styrofoam. san jose could continue the green streak with a vote at city hall. today the city council could decide to ban plastic foam containers in city facilities and at events in city venues. the move could put the city on track to ban containers city wide which would make san jose the largest city in the state to do so. plastic foam is banned on city property with more than 1,000 people in attendance. 6:37 right now. let's check back in with christina loren. not a bad thing it's raining out there. we're still pretty dry, right? >> that's exactly right, john kelley. and you know what they say about the april showers? they bring in the may flowers. and a lot of growth. beautiful wild flowers. we'll likely get more of that as mother nature brings in another inch of rain up in the north bay. beautiful morning over san jose
6:38 am
getting some of that sunshine. we had mostly cloudy conditions yesterday expecting more sunshine today especially between the hours of 10:00 and 2:00 p.m. 58 degrees in sunnyvale, starting out nice and mild, a couple 60s earlier, everyone now in the mid to upper 50s. patchy fog drizzle underway this morning and then the rain returns tonight up in the north bay. and what that means is those clouds will start to thicken up over the course of this evening into tonight. it works out like this today, 64 degrees inland, 71 degrees at 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work. touch cooler by the bay, and 63 at 4:00 at the coast. so i'll time out that next system to your doorstep, let you know how much you're expecting in your city. 6:38 first. we want to get you out that door on time. >> that sig alert, reports of a major injury accident after the big rig had a head-on collision. highway 121 at 8th street east.
6:39 am
use napa road as your alternate. things are backed up and the tow truck having trouble getting there because there's not a shoulder to use. that's why this is taking time to clear here. meanwhile, the rest of the north bay moving smoothly, highway 37 and 101 through san rafael. westbound 580, an accident there, and additional delays getting through livermore. a look at your south bay coming up, guys. back to you. it is 6:39. coming up on "today in the bay," the yacht that crashed and killed five people is back on land this morning. find out what's next for the slow speed chase coming up. and a trip down the sidewalk. >> oh. >> oh, my goodness. >> takes an unexpected turn. see who came to her rescue. [ girl ] my mom always tells me: if you want something done right, then do it yourself.
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welcome back. it's 6:42. there are some things you really have to see to believe. this is one of those things. in northern china, a teenage girl fell through a sidewalk almost like there was a trap door. you have to see this. surveillance cameras caught the fall. you see the girl walking down the street and suddenly she slips through the pavement. a cab driver passing by saw it happen. he climbed into the 20-foot deep pit to help her. eventually firefighters pulled them both out. investigators say the ground was unstable because of water erosion. >> hopefully she was okay. >> yeah.
6:43 am
and you just saw that explosion, several close calls for firefighters in orange county. they suffered minor burns after this series of explosions from an underground electrical vault. two firefighters went to the hospital. they were treated and released. good news there. the cause, though, of those explosions still under investigation. 6:43 right now. coming up, 15 minutes of uninterrupted news. find out what crews will do now with the yacht wreckage recovered from last week's deadly accident that left five dead. plus, we will check the markets and something coming from google maybe. , he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
6:44 am
so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we don't care anymore? we just eat whatever tastes good? excuse me? [ man ] like these sweet honey clusters, they're awesome so no way they're good for you. but i guess that's okay right?
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actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? ya know? cancel the gym membership. bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. rise and shine, everybody. giving you a live look off in the distance, that is san francisco. the camera is in oakland.
6:46 am
looking across the bay there. looks to be an overcast day. we will check that forecast with christina loren in just a moment. 6:46. well, the sailboat at the center of a deadly accident is back on dry land this morning. a special salvage helicopter plucked the low-speed chase from the rocky shores yesterday. and then flew at 30 miles to the half moon bay airport. the delicate operation took a total of two days. the boat weighs between 12,000 and 15,000 pounds, and there were concerns originally about damage that could be done to the wildlife and the marine habitat out on the island. later today, the yacht will be loaded on to a flat bed truck and taken from the airport and arrive to a secret location. >> sounds like it was a very good operation. we're very happy about that. obviously this was a terrible human tragedy. >> it has been more than a week since the boat was crashed into
6:47 am
by waves and five sailors were washed overboard. one body has been found, but four people are still missing at sea. one of those victims will be remembered during a service at at&t park next week, 26-year-old alexis bush was a former bat girl for the giants. she was working when barry bonds broke the home run record. she's we're being told the first bat girl in baseball history. the public memorial will be held monday at 1:00 in the afternoon. >> 6:47 now. in the wake of thomas kinkade's death, the artist's girlfriend is facing legal trouble. attorneys representing kinkade's wife have filed a rep straining order against kinkade's live-in girlfriend. the request is scheduled to be heard by a santa clara county judge this morning. they want to prevent the girlfriend from disclosing information that would break a confidentiality agreement she signed last year. it is 6:47 right now. and there's no question of if,
6:48 am
but exactly when the rain will hit, christina. what are we looking at? >> looking at rain for tomorrow and the first part of thursday, as well. but we're not expecting all that much, especially down here in the south bay. the north bay could pick upwards of an inch at best. and even that is not all that impressive for us around here. as you know, some of these storm systems that come through can provide up to 2 to 3 inches up in the north bay. not a juicy system, but hey, we need whatever we can get at this point. as you can see, gorgeous, gorgeous day shaping up in san jose. you can see the clouds breaking apart already here. we did have the marine layer penetrate this morning, it's not going to hang around that long in the east bay or the south bay. as a matter of fact, i think you're going to get sunshine in san francisco by about 10:00 a.m. today. and if you want to find out if i'm right, meet back here with us at 11:00 a.m. for our midday broadcast. we've got an area of low pressure bringing in some showers. as we head through tonight up in the north bay, more so we'll see more of an onshore flow and a cooling breeze. then the significant rain, the
6:49 am
steadier rain will arrive as we head through wednesday for the second half of the day into thursday. your future cast shows you that by 11:00 a.m. wednesday talking about light rain over the greater bay area. we continue that future cast stop again at 11:00 p.m., a little bit of a break and then the heavier moisture comes through between 8:00 and 11:00 tomorrow. after that, a nice dry break starting at about 4:00 p.m. lasting all the way through thursday night. the temperatures will drop off from the mid-70s down to the low 60s. 76 degrees for today. in san jose, 74 in fremont. 75 today, down to 60 degrees for thursday. but we're going to bounce you right back up to 85. a nice rebound for the weekend. lots of sunshine, great beach weather. let's check your drive with mike. >> we're looking at a typical pattern as far as the slowing goes. northbound 101 up from 680 up to the airport. 87, 85 also showing 40s as you're north of union and winchester. now, southbound 880, unusual slowing. there's an accident at brokaw
6:50 am
and another one around 237. both are clearing from lanes, but the one at brokaw causing slow down. expect that into san jose out of milpedas. through hayward toward the bridge and continuing past the san mateo bridge toward the dumbarton, typical pattern here for the castro valley y and a live look at the oakland camera shows us the northbound side which is moving very smoothly past high street all the way through downtown. the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza, of course, which has a slowdown backed up over the 880 crossing. >> thank you very much. new this morning, oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting that sent three people to the hospital. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in oakland. what are police saying happened? >> reporter: well, good morning, marla. oakland police are saying that witnesses are telling them that this was a loud gun battle.
6:51 am
30 to 50 shots fired at one street corner. they found three people hit, including one man who may have been driving by the scene on his way home. wrong place, wrong time. an oakland police sergeant says they got a call to 98th and holly streets after 11:00 and found the two gun shot victims down. police say they think it's possible they may have been firing at each other. then a third man drives by, a bullet pierces his window. we spoke with his roommate. >> i just got a phone call. i guess he drove from where he was shot from and pulled up in front of our house, pretty much. was caught in the cross fire somewhere down oakland and happened to be in in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: he was able to make it home before being treated. that roommate tells us he was hit in the collarbone but was talking. a sergeant says all three are expected to be okay. reporting live in oakland, "today in the bay." this morning, new claims
6:52 am
from a death row inmate that more human bones are buried at dozens of new sites in the central valley. convicted killer has now given investigators a hand drawn map that includes dozens of sites where more victims could be buried. one location is a well near a creek in lyndon, a town in san joaquin county. now, this is the second time shermantine has provided investigators with locations where bodies were dumped. he and his now dead partner were dubbed the speed-free killers after a drug-fueled killing spree during the mid-'80s. the man accused of killing seven people at oakland's oikos university is in a jail infirmary this morning. one l goh started refusing meals three weeks ago and has not eaten since. his jailers in dublin say goh has been offered three meals a day along with water, juice, and
6:53 am
milk, but all he's taken is sips of water and milk. well, marla, this one could provide needed closure for the san bruno neighborhood scarred by the deadly gas explosion. city leaders deciding today whether to order pg & e remove the remaining sections of the pipe from under the ground. live in san bruno with more on this plan. stephanie, gooed morning. >> reporter: good morning. construction crews should be getting here pretty soon. they've been working monday through friday from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night helping to rebuild the infrastructure here. folks who live here want some more work to be done. they want line 132, that pipeline to be out of here. they want it removed from this neighborhood. the pipeline has been out of service since the 2010 blast, but still runs more than 8,200 feet through the neighborhood. it is physical evidence for that deadly blast that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. and so some neighbors have been pushing city leaders to help get this pipeline, this steel
6:54 am
pipeline torn out, which, of course, could be a long and messy process. but it is something that city leaders, city council members will consider at the regular meeting tonight. now, there are two other options. one is what pg & e had suggested, plugging the pipe with concrete, or a third option is what city staff has suggested, a mixture of both ideas. tearing out roughly 900 feet of the pipeline and plugging the rest of it with concrete. now, no matter what is decided, pg & e has expressed that the company will cover all the costs associated with this project with this operation. the mayor and the council members really haven't indicated which way they'll go on this. but they will be meeting tonight at 7:00 to consider all the options. live in san bruno, "today in the bay." san francisco teachers wa want -- hundreds of teachers, parents, and school supporters will rally at the board of education meeting at 5:00me.
6:55 am
they want the board to rescind layoff notices sent to teaches and other employees in that district. they're also protesting a proposal that would trim five days from the school year. how is this one for a wild story? an alarming and very dangerous trend, teens getting drunk on hand sanitizer. los angeles doctors say they've seen at least six e.r. cases in recent months of teenagers sickened by the sanitizer that they've ingested. kids apparently learn how to distill the cheap liquid online and then create a very powerful, 120-proof shot. for the record, most hand sanitizers do contain 62% ethel alcohol. the future of social security is bleaker than previously thought. the trustees who oversee the trust funds now say those funds will run dry in 2033. that's three years sooner. the trustees are calling on congress to take action. if no changes are made, the system will be able to pay just
6:56 am
3/4 of full benefits after 2033. they say retiring baby boomers and the weak economy are contributing to the problem. and thousands of californians unemployed will soon lose their federal jobless benefits. as of this week, california no longer qualifies for the federal program that provides up to 20 weeks of benefits to the long-term unemployed. the benefits known as the fed ed will be terminated in mid-may. about 90,000 people across the state are currently receiving fed ed. the president will sit down with jimmy fallon tonight. "late night with jimmy fallon" will broadcast from chapel hill. the appearance makes the president's first late-night tv outing -- marks this outing since the first presidential contest became a two-man race. you can catch this interview right here on nbc bay area at 12:35. a popular airline out of sfo is thinking about ipo.
6:57 am
earlier today, a senior executive says the airline could launch a public offering over the next 12 to 24 months. the airline launched 4 1/2 years ago and it flies out of sfo to more than a dozen cities. and how about this? a new way to get your sugar fix. this morning, a brand new krispy kreme donut shop holding a grand opening out there. lots of free hats, good vibrations, and free donuts. this morning, these people have been in line since 8:00 a.m. yesterday morning. they've been waiting for a chance to win an ipad. and get this, a year's supply of donuts. that is a grand opening. >> well, looks like the economy could use a sugar fix. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew looks at the evidence. >> good morning. evidence that the economy may have stalled out a little bit. the weekly jobless claims showing fewer people getting jobs as we watch the nasdaq open this morning. dow industrials this morning doing better than they did
6:58 am
yesterday. boy they got crushed yesterday. dow is up about 50 points. we're also watching ibm, it's going to increase its dividend and netflix down better than 12% this morning. google will offer an online storage solution today. lots of companies already do this including drop box and microsoft and apple and ever note. i know i use my ever note all the time and i convinced boe edf you guys to put yours on your ipad, as well. >> i highly recommend it now. thank you, scott. it's 6:58. now ipad needed, she's got the forecast. >> yeah, even though that was a solid triple endorsement. we've got a good-looking day shaping up. temperatures climbing into the mid-70s from the upper 50s and 60s out there right now. by noon today, you'll be peeling off a layer with temperatures already in the 60s just about everywhere. and this is the last day of the mid 70s tomorrow morning when we meet back here. tracking showers on the radar.
6:59 am
have no fear, mike and i will be here to get you to work on time even with those showers coming down. let's check that drive right now. >> that's right. we have 580, which we talked about. more slowing, the accident in the median, but it's a distraction. jam coming in through livermore now. now the east shore freeways are right 25 minutes from the bridge. that sig alert at 8th street east. use napa road as an alternate, big rig major injury accident involved with a sedan. that's an issue for sonoma. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we've been talking a lot about this morning about free krispy kreme donuts. can you hook us up? >> well, thanks to coran, she brought the crew krispy kremes. get out there and enjoy the donut. >> gave away free ipads and a year's worth of free donuts, i'll take just one, cheers. >> cheers


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