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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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but his personal battle is not. huff is battling anxiety. cheryl hurd joins us from at&t park. this is a very public figure going through a very personal issue. >> reporter: it's difficult when you're a private person. but when you're a public figure, it gets almost everyone's attention. giants officials are saying aubrey huff is suffering from anxiety. that's something, doctors say, is hard to diagnosis. >> anyone who suffers from worrying or nervousness, the lack of concentration, poor concentration. weak disturbance. >> reporter: dr. sonia kim is a certified e.r. physician, who has never treated the first baseman. but she's seen the impact of anxiety on her patients. manager bruce bochy says huff is
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on the disabled list so he can seek condition. it became clear that huff was going through some kind of emotional turmoil, when he left the team monday morning, prior to a doubleheader in new york. >> the family's here. >> reporter: the emotional highs of winning the world series in 2010, in the locker room, huff was open about his personal lows. >> my mom kept him on the stage. and to work hard. and if it wasn't for that, i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: huff's father was murdered. the trauma marks his career. right now, huff is experiencing financial and personal woes.
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it's not known why huff is being treated by the anxiety disorder. but dr. kim says it's important for everyone to seek help. >> reporter: now, huff isn't the only person in major league baseball to deal with anxiety disorder. dontrelle willis was put on the disabled list in 2009, for anxiety disorder. a lot of raining across the bay area tonight. check it out, the umbrellas at u.c. berkeley. people dodging the rain drops as thaz come down. jeff ranieri is live in the weather center. wet weather will be kicking around for a couple of days. >> at least in pars of thursday.
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it was a quick system across the area. some of the totals. now, let's look at the current supirol pushes up from the pi south and plentyf humidity. we're starting to see it break up across the south bay. nowers from gilroy, to st. martin. and we're finding some bodies n the eastay arodn plsanton. we're going have a short break rtfore we get into more want to bring your attenti to the 5 coenidor. very heavy and severe rolling that way. if you're planning a night rd trip on interstate 5, be forewarned. there is dangerous weather to the south of us. new at 11:00 tonight, signs
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nasa sending customers into space is out of this world. this time, the news began to them, giving them the gift of a galaxy. they have got to be excited. >> reporter: they are. and those who study research are ecstatic about the latest celestial event. and we're learning this is not just any. >> meteor rite changer. >> there's material that predates our son. 4.8 billion years is older. >> reporter: nasa scientists say the meteor was probably the size of a minivan when it entered our earth's at hoes fear. that created a sonic boom heard throughout nevada and parts of california.
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>> my husband said, what is that? >> reporter: as the meteor broke into smaller chunks, it released force one-fourth of the bomb dropped on hiroshima. >> headed for about six hours. holed in and parked. >> reporter: napa says meteorites drop into the ocean. >> this is an opportunity of a lifetime. >> reporter: nasa is asking people where it landed to check the facility around 7:51 or 7:52 the last sunday morning. nasa will help to determine how right this team was. contact nasa if your footage
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shows something. a contentious dewait in san bruno will stay open until december. the san bruno parks school district held a public meeting tonight. many of the kids as pressmore are victims of the disaster in 2010. after a strong show of communities, the governing board chose not to close the school. but will revisit the idea in necessary. >> closing a school won't bring you the money. enough money, like, you need. so, why go through the trouble to close our schools? >> a committee report says the
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move would save the district about $200,000. parents want the school district to seek money of the recent settlement of $70 million. gunpoint of a masked man. police are looking for the suspect in this surveillance video. he robbed a 7-eleven in walnut creek. you see his dark bandanna that covers his face. he walked into the store, flashed his handgun and took cash from the clark. he's about 22-year-olds old, a thin build between 5'7", and 5'10". police are looking for suspects linked to a pair of hate crimes in thecy. they tell us, the first victim was attacked on march 29th, at 2:30 in the morning on castro street. o broad.d occurred a week
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take a close look at the composite sketches. all would be 25 to 30 years old. one with black hair, the other with bland hair, and the other one with blonde, spiky hair. they spoke with an east coast accent. he's a miracle. a young german shepherd is recovering from surgery on one of its legs. the puppy survived after being dragged down a vallejo freeway for more than a mile. jodi hernandez has the emotional reunion. >> i love him. i feel a connection. >> reporter: it's a reunion they never thought would take place, after they saw what happened to this german shepherd pup.
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>> terrible. heartbreaking. >> he looked like he was whipped around like a rag doll. >> reporter: he lost his leg and nearly lost his life, after getting dragged down the freeway, tied to the bed of a pickup truck. >> i think of something whacking in the wind. i got closer and realized it was the dog. >> reporter: she immediately started honking to get the driver's attention. >> my horn was on lockdown. >> reporter: the rope broke, slamming the dog to the side of a concrete wall. but to surprise, the puppy survived. >> he's happy to be around people. three-way is what we've nicknamed him. he's an angel. and it shows that animals have
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unconditional love for us, no matter what they think. >> reporter: as the porter spends time comforting the dog they nicknamed freeway, they're praying he can have a good team. and whoever hurt him, will be caught. >> i hope and pray. if you did not know, that's a better thing. but he needs to be aware of what happened. >> reporter: jodi hernandez. >> the humane society wants to know who was driving the black truck on the freeway that was fell out of or tossed out of and drag. they want to know who the person is. the humane society is looking for a good home for freeway.
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up next, your plans for the summer may have just sunk. while a plan for youth may have been stolen from under nooelt them. we know who it belongs to. wait until you hear how it wound up in the bottom of the lake. rainfall totals keep rolling in from this quick blast of wet weather. san mateo picking up 0.44 in a 4-hour time frame. ♪
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tense moments in san diego today, after an suv carrying four adults and a child, check it out, dangled over a concrete railing over interstate 405. the suv hit another vehicle, overturned several times, before it slammed to the concrete rail. it actually came to rest over a ravine, which dropped down some 30 feet. it took two thours get all five people out of the car safely. tourists made a grisly discovery in the water of bodega bay. sheriffs are looking to see if the man who washed ashore this morning is the missing sailor. the body being so badly decomposed it could have been in the water for two weeks.
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the body of one crew member was recovered. but four others are still missing. we'll see now when the autopsy is performed. a summer kayaking program in east bay is in dangerf o sinking because someone stole the kayaks. the boats belonged to the california police activities league. but are used by the berkeley boosters at summer camp. the boosters notified place on april 13th, that the thieves had taken the trailer. criminal charges will be involved against a cyclist who struck a penitentiary in san francisco last month. witnesses say he was going too fast and possibly ran a red light and a stop sign before he slammed into the 71-year-old.
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prosecutors must now decide if he was reckless in order to charge him with felony vehicular mnz, rathder than a misdemeanor. >> a 5-year-old boy are -- 33-year-old jeffrey stone and his mother, 59-year-old rhonda matthews, from hercules, snatched 5-year-old porter stone from a st. louis hospital yesterday. porter, who is on a heart transplant list is on intravenous medication for his condition. police say the father and grandmother drove to illinois and taunted the family with text messages. >> officers located a vehicle matching the dripgsz in the amber alert.
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officers were able to determine which room he was located in. >> porter had enough medicine to survive. jeffery stone and his mother on a $1 million band. mammograms may not give a full picture of breast health. as nbc's marian shows ushgs those women may benefit from a screening tool developed here in the bay area. >> if we had stopped, i would have gone home and thought i'm okay for another year. >> reporter: luckily, diana greg didn't go home. she went on to enter a clinical trial, and found a tumor he'ding in one of her breasts. >> the fact that the mammogram was so completely clear was disturbing. i think a lot of women,
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certainly a lot of my friends, that it was okay. >> reporter: diana has dense breasts, a condition that makes it tougher to identify breast cancer. >> we like to look for a specific cloud in a cloudy sky. >> reporter: in a trial, doctors found tumors in 100 women. but in 20 cases, the cancer was missed by mammography alone. >> this lesion that is on our system, is difficult to see, if not impossible. and the dense breast tissue on the mammogram. >> reporter: that ultrasound was developed here in the bay area by youth systems in sunnyvale. the procedure takes only 15 minutes. >> those that present it to the fda showed about a 25% improvement in sensitivity over
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mammography alone. >> reporter: now, an advisory panel is rerming the fda approve the ultrasound. women like diana va that can ben flit from a second, more throwing look for tumors. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. do we see umbrellas? >> oh, yes. a lot of slick roadways and sidewalks. plenty of activity moving up, giving it a tropical feel outside of the bay area. in the south bay, you can see it is still wet out here this hour, out at the caesar chavez park.
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it's very quiet. let's bring you back to the radar. we'll take you where we're finding isolated showers. so, it's mainly across east pleasanton. that's the nature of what we find for the next four hours before we get another round of rain moving from. from st. martin to gilroy, isolated showers impacting you. nothing too heavy at this hour, compared to what we had earlier tonight. 61 in sunnyvale. 59 in napa. temperatures have dropped. but not too much from the daytime highs today. for tomorrow, a few spotty showers throughout the morning. by thursday, a little cooler for the afternoon hours. this weekend, we're going way back up on the seven-day forecast. here's what's happening. a trough of low pressure to the south. it's pumping up a lot of the subtropical moisture.
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now, southern california is really getting nailed with heavier rainfall. and here comes the next cool front for tomorrow. it's not too strong. we think a lot of it will break up by the time it gets here. but we can't rule out the showers for thursday morning. throughout friday, we're expecting dry forecast warning and temperatures that will rebound into the 70s. you can see our computers picking up on shower activity for the peninsula. having a real hard time with this, with that front breaking up as it moves across the bay area. be prepared for showers in the morning. then, by 5:00 p.m., sunny skies will be back here along the bay area. we begin with a new 40s. and instead of some of those upper 60s and low 70s, with a
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cool front, temperatures will drop to 66 in san jose. 65 in los gatos. the air will be drier, not as humid, to be more comfortable on the scale. are you ready? after the 60s, numbers going back up. by saturday, low 80s expected inland. and for sunday, we're going to continue the trend. monday and tuesday, temperatures near 80 degrees. and also, we're looking at mid-40s at the coast, possibly low-70s next week. a few showers tomorrow morning and we'll be done with it at least for six days. >> moneyback guarantee. coming up, a buried treasure is a m nrytereystery mmo y.erloscdi ♪
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police located the owner of a buried treasure found at lake merritt. six weeks ago, a group of students found two canvas bags, filled with gold and silver jewelry, antiques and other valuables. an oakland collector has come forward to claim the belongings. he had taken the items to an appraiser. when he was walking home along the lake, two of his bags dropped into the water. he didn't realize he lost the loot until he heard about the discovery on the local news. police say the man described the items in detail. they khe owner. 's
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welcome back. aubrey huff is used to stepping up to the plate. but right now, there's too much on his plate. as we reported earlier in the newscast, he's temporarily
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stepping away from baseball. huff has been placed on the 15-day disabled list while dealing with an episode of anxiety. he's not been with the team since saturday's loss to new york. huff is expected to rejoin his teammates on friday. the 35-year-old plans to continue a therapy program. best of luck to him. over to the giants and reds. top of the third. giants up 1-0. the panda at the plate. pablo sandoval extends his hitting streak to 18 games. ties the giants' franchise record for longest hit streak to begin a season. bottom of the seventh, game tied at 2-2. joey votto at the plate. later, at the at-bat, votto. hits a line drive to center. drew stubbs scores. and hector sanchez talking.
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reds get the win, 4-2. white sox versus the a's. the 14th inning. alexei ramirez doubles to left. two runs score. 4-2, sox. the green and gold in trouble unt until. flare to left. smith will come home and tap home plate. a's are going crazy as they win 14 innings, 5-4. you've heard of the old cliche. there's no crying in baseball. but there was an incident in texas tonight where you have to cut a baseball fan a break for allowing tears to roll down his cheeks. >> here's what happened. oh, my god.
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they can't give it to the kid? that's awful. we're in the eighth inning. it's 7-3, texas. they're actually like rubbing it in the kid's face. >> unbelievable. someone was nice enough to give the kid a baseball at the end. so, he did get a ball. >> it ended well. >> it did. back.
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a runaway puppy caused quite a stir on the tarmac at new york's laguardia airport this morning. she got out of her crate as she was being loaded for a flight to memphis. she got to security officers. they got the owner off the plane and on to the course so they
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could get the puppy. normal operations resumed. imagine being summoned off the plane. ma'am, your dog is loose. >> no good. >> thanks a lot for being with us tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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