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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's not what we paid for. >> going clean may be costing taxpayers more green. why a program meant to save the south bay money, isn't adding up. thanks for joining us. >> tonight, on nbc bay area investigative unit exclusive. it's writing on the walls you don't want to see in your neighborhood. >> we're talking about graffiti here. and san jose taxpayers are paying up to take it down. but we've uncovered problems with this program. >> reporter: last year, the city laid off employees and outsourced its city cleanup to
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save money. a company based in los angeles got the contract worth more than $3 million. but our investigation showed that taxpayers aren't exactly getting what they paid for. these guys use one coat of paint to mask another. they clean it, measure it, then you pay for it. foot by foot. take these two swings in a park. how many square feet? >> like two? >> simple but important math because the company is paid by the square foot. that company is graffiti protective coatings or gpc. we pulled city records. more than 25,000 work orders to see exactly how your money is being spent. then, we grabbed the tape measure and checked gpc's math. so, how much did the company charge to water-blast these
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swings. 40 square feet. each swing is one square foot. this utility pole, records show workers painted 58 square feet. really? it's 12. and how about the scribble on this trash can? they charged 40 square feet to wash it off. >> it's obviously ridiculous. graffiti protection company has been in business with the city since last june. according to the five-year contract, they're budgeted to clean up about 1.5 million square feet a year. but nine months in, they've already surpassed that. didn't it upset you that they're overcharging the city and taxpayer dollars are being wasted? >> i disagree with you. >> reporter: the city's director of parks recreation and neighborhood services oversees
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the program. and that's after we showed her this. swings. 40 square feet. two swings to be rinsed off. >> again, i would have to check the square footage on this particular abatement and double check. >> this one is a sticker on a stop sign. they say that's five square feet. >> right. >> reporter: we crunched the numbers. records show 83% of the stickers removed were charged as being five square feet. that's almost 400 stickers. >> well, a sign -- i'm not an expert on square footage. >> neither are we. but we know this mailbox isn't 205 square feet. and how many trees have you seen covered in 20 square feet of paint? according to record, this is one of them. and work logs show there are 113 more. >> it's not what we paid for.
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>> reporter: city councilman javier comos can't get over the 40 square feet swings. >> i'm disgusted. >> reporter: that's not all he's upset about. according to the city's own study, graffiti has gone up in seven of the ten districts since last year. the city also says graffiti is down 7% overall. a stark contrast from six years ago, when san jose's anti-graffiti program was known to bringing it down to 129 tags citywide. rick ran that gram. he's now a graffiti consultant for other cities. >> it's a problem. >> reporter: city workers used to paint over just the graffiti. but now, gpc is instruc holeopa.
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it's called beauty kags. $2,800, for each one of these 7,000 square-foot-walls to make them look even. is it worth it? >> it's not to make them all look uniform, it's so the neighbors and the neighborhoods feel a sense of safety and security. >> reporter: gpc charged the city $1,600 to paint this 4,000 square-foot wall. can you tell the difference? >> i don't know if contracting out has been success at all. >> reporter: we wanted to talk to gpc. but they ignored our repeated request for an interview. we followed gpc workers in san jose. we asked them about photos from the prior month, like the swings. how much would you charge were that? >> one foot. >> reporter: 40 was written down. and the sticker. how many square feet?
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>> one. >> reporter: how was this not caught? >> i have supervisors that oversee the program. we do not check each and ever instance. if there's anything you feel is inaccurate, we'll follow-up. >> reporter: that's not my job. that's your job. >> correct. >> reporter: whether the job measures up to san jose standards, it depends on who you ask. >> they do a great job in our community. you should report that, as well. >> we went from having a national model to this. >> reporter: the owner of gpc declined our offer to set up an interview. she did say in an e-mail, quote, our company spot chex billings on a regular basis and have consistently found that the net result yields an underbilling as opposed to overbilling. i went by gpc's address in los angeles to try to talk to them in person. turns out, it's a p.o. box. 25,000 work orders that we
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reviewed on our website. just search graffiti. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail to the unit, at if he wasn't feeling lucky before tonight, he sure is now. >> thank your lucky stars you were working that night? >> go buy a lottery maybe. >> maybe he should buy that lottery ticket. an suv plowed right into his home on king road this morning. he usually would have been asleep in that bedroom that was destroyed by the crash. but it turns out he was at work when it happened. three others inside the house were not hurt at all. cops have the car. but the smash and run driver, that person's still missing. a los gatos family is offering a reward to track down the person who set their house on fire, not once, but twice. the family wants to remain
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anonymous. they've given half the $25,000 reward right now. someone set two fires at that home three months apart. that home is just east of highway 17. thankfully, no one was home at the time. 11 people are behind bars after a major drug bust in cepoli oakland. police seized 2,500 marijuana plants. 20 guns, including assault rifles and body armor from a house in east oakland overnight. they found $40,000 in cash and 50 pounds of dried pot. total street value, more than $1 million. all yacht racing out of the san francisco bay suspended tonight. the move follows that deadly accident nearly two weeks ago. the boat called the low speed chase, crashed into the farallon islands. racing will resume once the investigation into what went wrong is completed. members only is the apple exclusive you want to get in on. also --
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>> it might not be carmageddon. but the closure of doyle drive may ruin your weekend. i'll explain how to get around it in a live report. i started singing. and i went over the internet. >> what's it like to chashare t mic with the boss? we're going to show you the bay area money that found out. the one thing you probably didn't hear about at tonight's nfl draft. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. wind today that topped 25 miles per hour from the coast, right to the east bay. even a 28-year-old wind gust there in san francisco. temperatures warm up tomorrow. we'll talk about when the heat will ae 8grs.
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his name is angel. and his mom is praying for a miracle. her son was hit while riding his bicycle. tonight, an entire community is uniting to help him. and they're also learning an important lesson. george kiriyama joins us in san jose tonight with the story. >> reporter: the middle school is rallying around angel perez tonight recovering from a massive brain injury. we talked to his sister who is thankful for the school support. viviana hernandez is trying to stay positive. it's hard to do that when her brother is in a hospital bed with a major brain injury. >> it's terrible. you cannot predict this. it's really hard. >> reporter: her mother, angel perez, was riding his bike on
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tony road in san jose. as he went into the intersection, a pickup truck hit him. he was not wearing a helmet. >> we're worried about the head injury. >> reporter: doctors told angel's family they're waiting for the pressure and the swelling on his brain to go down. all his family can do now is stay by his bedside and pray. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: another challenge, money. angel will be in the hospital for quite a while. his mom had no health insurance. and her low-income wage will not even come close to paying a high medical bill. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. hopefully maybe somebody will donate or something. it would really help us out. >> reporter: what's keeping their spirits up are the community support. >> it's amazing, the first time i saw mom smiling was when she
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mentioned about receiving the banners and the cards. that was the first time i saw a smile on her. >> it's meant a lot. >> reporter: the story serves as an important reminder why you should wear a helmet when you're riding a bicycle. the middle school will raise funds for the family on may 22nd. they'll have a school open house that will serve as a fund-raiser also for angel. meantime, a fund has been set up at wells fargo bank. a student is caught cheating and punished. case closed. well, not so much. the 16-year-old sequoia high sophomore was caught cheating. the school kicked him out of his a.p. english class for the rest of the year. now, his parents are suing the school and the district. >> we hate to see that his abilities and his hard work are
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sidetracked because of a one-time bad decision on a insignificant homework assignment. >> his dad acknowledges his son signed a no-cheating pledge. because the document mentions the possibility of a second chance. when they were conjoined, they captured the hearts of everybody. six months ago, you'll member two months ago, angelica and angeli angelina sabuco were separated. and now, the twins will be in the public eye. this saturday, the twins, along with their families and doctors will hold a news conference to update the girls' progress. apple wants to feed its employees at an exclusive
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employee-only restaurant. apple wants to tear down an old eatery in san jose for members only. it used to house a japanese restaurant frequented by apple co-founder, steve jobs. locals weighed in on the eatery. >> i've been here for so many years. i'd rather be something around here that all of us can be enjoying it and using it. >> that's fine. as long as they have the money to buy it. people can always reopen restaurants somewhere else. that's fine. that's my take. >> if approved by the city, the two-story build willing feature a parking garage and a conference room on the second level. built in 1933, destroyed in 2012. a big piece of bay area history will come crumbling down this weekend. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from san francisco where demolition work on doyle drive begins tomorrow. a little headache here. but in the long run, it's all
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good, right? >> reporter: that's right. it will be all good. but as the old saying goes, no pain, no gain. there will be pain for the folks who depend on this structure. but you better get ready. signs are up. doyle drive is coming down. >> friday night at 8:00 p.m., doyle drive will be closed. >> reporter: closed to demolish a half-mile stretch of 101. it's 76 years old. a year younger than the golden gate bridge. locals used to call doyle drive blood alley. now, it's just not a safe roadway. >> doyle drive is from 1936. it's old and seismically unsafe. this has been a project to rebuild it. it's been under construction a little over a year. >> reporter: it will come down starting friday. this animation shows what the traffic shift will look like. the road will be closed at marina and lombard street.
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the bridge and highway 1 will remain open. when the road opens on monday, the traffic will shift to a temporary bypass. >> stay away from the corridor. if you need to get to marin or san francisco, go the other way around. we are asking people to stake ferries or the bay bridge. the bridge won't be an option for this woman. >> i'm looking to go to the giants game tomorrow. and trying to get a ferry ticket. but the giants ferry tickets are sold out. >> reporter: that's a bummer. what are you going to do? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: officials say if you're going to the game, you can take a regular ferry and walk to the park. or take the richmond bridge to the bay bridge. it will be a pain. but in the end -- >> it will be beautiful. anything that makes the park better. i love being outdoors here.
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>> reporter: the estimated cost for this project, $1 billion. but there's no price tag on your patience this weekend. >> thank you, cheryl. be patient if you're going to the giants game this weekend. if you need to find alternate routes and see interactive maps. go to our website, >> it's going to be warm. maybe you stay in and do a barbecue. >> if you're set going near the bridge, you can walk or get one of the bikes. it's breezy. 12 in oakland. and that wind, even though it's not strong at that hour, giving us windchills. feels like 43 in fair field. 45 in napa. 45 in santa rosa. we'll take you outside to our hd view.
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on nights like this, when temperatures are this cold, you get some very crisp views. that's what we currently have across downtown at this moment. as we bring you back to the weather headlines, we're setting ourselves for one of the coldest nights in two weeks. grab a jacket for tomorrow morning. and by this weekend, the numbers are going to get turned up even more. the dome of high pressure, starting to edge closer. that's why we'll continually find wind in our forecast for friday and also saturday. tomorrow, we're going to, you know, call it -- we're putting things on simmer at least. with temperatures in the 70s. as we head into saturday, we'll turn up the heat more, as we expect some 80-degree temperatures inland. with that said, high pressure overhead. stagnant conditions. everybody in the high category as we head into saturday and sunday. for the morning hours, 30s in the south bay.
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41 in livermore. our best shot of isolated 30s will be livermore, walnut creek and sandt to rosa. 45 in santa cruz. and friday is almost here. our numbers, not too bad. 72 in san jose. 73 in sunnyvale. and 74 in morgan hill. we'll keep a dry wind come poenlt. that will help keep it comfortable here. 71 in walnut creek. we'll top out near 65 in san francisco. and 68 in san rafael. if you're headed out to the water, small draft advisory for the weekend. waves aren't going to be too high. but with the consistent wave action, riptides will be dangerous. saturday and sunday, low 80s inland. at the coastline, we may eke out 70-degree weather. if you decide to head out to the beaches, not too bad. monday, tuesday and wednesday, we keep a trend of dry weather and a little above average here
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as we head into wednesday at this point. we had a little bit of everything. record heat last weekend. the rain, humid conditions yesterday. and today, it was just so nice, it was hard. even when you weren't in the greatest mood, you go out in the sun and put a smile on face. coming up, i'll bet you didn't know your smartphone could get you next job.
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a star is born. an east bay boy is showing bruce springsteen who the boss is tonight. >> he upstaged the legend at tuesday night's concert, when springsteen pulled him on stage. and the pleasanton third grader is having his glory days on youtube. several youtube videos posted by concertgoers showed nick singing "waiting on a sunny day."
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but watch as nick really wows the crowd, as he outspringsteen's springsteen's signature slide. >> he was coming over to the left side. and i knew that hey, you. are you ready? come on. i went up and started singing. and i went all over the internet. >> he has. lots of youtube hits. nick says he's been listening to springsteen with his dad since he was 18 months old. being on the boss' shoulders will get him into his book of dreams.
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welcome back. no surprise, stanford star, andrew luck was drafted first by the indianapolis colts tonight. the new nfl labor agreement limits rookie salaries.
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in 2010, the rams drafted sam bradford as the top pick. he earned $13 million a season. also tonight, the niners drafted a very fast wide receiver. >> with the 30th pick in the 2012 nfl draft, the san francisco 49ers select a.j. jenkins, wide receiver, illinois. >> we know the raiders love fast players. so does jim harbaugh. jenkins ron the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds. and he's talented. 90 receptions for nearly 1,300 yards last year. >> the 49ers knew early on they were going to select a.j. jenkins in the first round. putting his name in an envelope and sealing it before the draft started. but the wide receiver had no clue he was going to be the first pick. >> i was in the bathroom. the phone's ringing. they're playing a joke on me.
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and i got the phone. it was amazing. like, i had no idea. >> the 49ers are not at a loss when it comes to describing why they chose the 6-foot, 190-pound jacksonville native. >> talent. character. smart guy. >> you look at where can he align. some guys are simply xs. some guys can sit in the slot. we feel that we can -- this is a multialign guy. he can line up at any spot and have success in our system. >> while the 49ers are positive about all the traits that jenkins will bring to this team, the one area they want to see him improve, is getting stronger in the weight room. and the team will help him do that during this off-season. >> thank you, mindy.
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over to baseball. giants and reds, top of the fourth. a little history for pablo sandoval. 19-game hitting streak to open the season sets a new franchise record. panda looking good so far this year. to the ninth inning. giants down 5-3. how about divine intervention? find it in the form of an angel. pagan, three-run homer, gives the giants the lead for good. giants win 6-5. that will do it for sports tonight. don't forget, tomorrow, round two and three of the nfl draft. >>hahank you, henry.ouha>> toun.
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