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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 27, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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in san jose. a ten hour long standoff just ended. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. s.w.a.t. teams have been at a home on cleveland avenue near forest since 1:00 a.m. this morning in the rose garden district. it all started with a murder, then a barricaded suspect. christie smith was first on the scene, she's still there with the developments. christie, what can you tell us at this hour? >> reporter: good morning, jon. in the last 15 minutes, san jose police came out, spoke with the media, said the man they were trying to make contact with all morning has come out of the home. i'll step aside so you can see what's going on. they still have the neighborhood blocked off. they're not giving the exact circumstances, but they say he did come out and is in custody. a police spokesperson says there was more than one person in the home.
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right now, officers are in the home, checking it to make sure everyone is out. this started 1:46 this morning, with a 911 call from a home on cleveland avenue of a man that had been stabbed out in front of the home. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. police say they came back, tried to talk were the person in the home that made that 911 call. they say he shut the door on them, refused to cooperate. they say they got mixed messages over whether or not he may have guns in the home. they had to be extra careful. they called out s.w.a.t. teams and extra investigators that tried to make contact with him for hours. neighbors tell us that siblings live in that home and they see many people come and go. because of the police action, three schools in the area were on modified shelter in place to make sure. trace elementary, hoover middle school, and lincoln high school, and what that means is that students can leave their class, they're escorted to other classes, but basically can't be
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on the playground or open areas for an extended amount of time. right now, we're waiting for a police spokesman to come up and give us details of this. what they're saying again is that the man they were looking for, that they were trying to talk with all morning, is in custody. that's the latest. christie smith, nbc bay area news. doyle drive has been taking people to the golden gate bridge. tonight, it is closing down. >> we have team coverage of this day. make mi mike inouye has information on it, and bob redell shows us what's up next in this big time project. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom, marla. come monday morning, this half mile stretch of doyle drive that we're driving on right now will be rubble. some of the 40 machines that are going to destroy it are out to
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the right side, waiting to go to town and take down this 76-year-old structure. that demolition doesn't start until 8:00 tonight. that's when caltran will close doyle at marina and lombard, and keep it closed to 5:00 monday morning. highway 1 and golden gate bridge will remain open during this time, but those in the transportation business are asking you to avoid this area because traffic will be bad. doyle drive is coming down because it is so old and seismically unsafe. in its place will be the new parkway, a $1.1 billion project that incorporates four tunnels leading to golden gate. expect it in three to four years. this weekend will be busy for project leaders. they only have 57 hours to destruct, push aside the old doyle drive and open a temporary bypass that includes a new
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bridge and tunnel off the bridge. expect confusion for commuters monday morning. >> it will be quite a novelty. people have been driving this since 1936. we expect people to take time to adjust. it will be so new, some people will be looking around. we want you to pay attention. >> reporter: caltran says you may want to shift hours or take the ferry during next week the ferry will be operating on increased schedule. they ask you to be patient as commuters, fellow drivers are adjusting to what will be a new road alignment. there are also double schedules with the ferry this weekend, because if you want to get across golden gate bridge again, they say try not to be in this area. traffic is going to be bad. they're expecting there to be gridlock. if you are curious what's happening, you want to see the action. go to
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they promise live video. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> with all of this going on, you wonder what are the options when you head to the city. very good question. we have the man with the answers. mike inouye has a look at the routes to avoid this traffic nightmare. >> first off, best option, use the ferry. mary curry says they'll double the service to handle the flow. if you need your car on either side of the bay, here are other things to consider. with doyle shut down for visitors to and from the march eep a, they will find it cut off. drivers will flow on the van ness. add to the familiar mess we call 19th avenue as well. to avoid this, head east. that lower deck through berkeley and back across richmond, san rafael. more mileage, sure, but less headache. this means more traffic for the lower deck of bay bridge, too.
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if you get the option to use san mateo bridge to the south, then use that san mateo bridge to the south. good luck. back to you. >> good information. thank you, mike. a cabbie car jacked in the east bay. police are looking for the yellow taxi and the gunman that stole it. the taxi driver tells police he picked up three mep at the bay point b.a.r.t. station and took them to an apartment complex in antio antioch. when they arrived, they pulled a gun, robbed the driver and locked him in the trunk of his cab. later, dropped him in oakland and took off in the car. next action a los gatos home set on fire not once but twice. it is on vista delmonte, and the owners are increasing reward money offered for information lead to go the arrest. they're bumming it to $20,000. the first fire was set october 18th. the second on january 12th. at this point, we can tell you
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nobody was home, which is the good news. that house, unfortunately too daj damaged for the family to live in. they will welcome 19 new firefighters at a ceremony at city hall. they were hired thanks to a federal grant called safer. over the past year, they were able to hire 49 firefighters through the safer grant, bringing staffing back to prelayoff levels. tell you about a nice week, maybe crazy driving in san francisco, but it is beautiful. >> get out and walk. everybody is stuck in the traffic. that's going to be miserable. keep that in mind if you're headed to the giants game tonight. the forecast coming up in moments. right now, look at this spectacular sunshine out there over the bay bridge. the entire bay area. just sunny out there. it is hard to find a cloud in the sky. challenge you to do so. put it on my facebook page, that's a tough bet.
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60 in oakland and 57 in livermore. hitting the 70s today. i'll let you know if youry cit is fair game for that. 80s return tomorrow, and peak warmth over sunday. want to give you a taste of the weekend, look at this 70 degrees noon tomorrow at stinson beach. beautiful beach conditions. get that vitamin d while you can. >> work on the sun tan, cool beverages, hot weather. sounds like a perfect weekend. >> shades. >> beach side. thanks a lot. california often tries to lead the country in eco friendly measures. you might be surprised the new poll about the most polluted cities. and changing of the guard. the final salute to the man in charge of patrolling the coast c
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hey look, up in the sky. you don't see this every day. that's over new york city. that's the space shuttle "enterprise" that arrived this morning on the back of a jumbo jet. quite the piggy back. it floou over landmarks like the statue of liberty and over ground zero. once on the ground, the pilot displaying old glory. it will remain at jfk international for the next few weeks before being moved to a museum in manhattan. new at 11:00, a change of command at the coast guard station in alameda. within the past hour, a vice admiral assumed command of the coast guard pacific area, 74 million square miles. he takes over from brown who held the job the past two years. he is a connecticut native that graduated from coast guard in 1977 he served as federal on scene coordinator for deepwater
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horizon incident in the gulf. in less than 30 minutes, they'll cross the final ts and dot the is to have that in san francisco. they will bring the race to the city by the bay in 2013. it will be official start of construction to transform pier 27 into the race's starting and finish line. on hand to celebrate that moment, four-time america's cup winner, sir russell koots. if you want to breathe easier, don't come to california. five most populated polluted cities in america are in the golden state. bakersfield tops the poll by cnn money, mostly because of its location in san joaquin valley. followed by hanford, number three, l.a. top five rounded out by visalia and fresno. in spite of the findings,
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american lung association says pollution levels have been falling in the past decade, thanks to the clean air act. a new steve jobs biography released overnight has unique detail about a little golden ticket. scott mcgrew explains. >> reporter: good morning. it is called "insanely simple" and by someone that knew steve well, he helped apple run the advertising campaign. he said he convinced him to put the i in imac and every other product after that. as for golden tickets, jobs wanted to hide a willie won ka golden ticket into a box of an imac. you would get a charlie and the chocolate factory tour of the campus. it was dropped because california law said you can't require somebody to purchase something to enter a contest. i know you have that song in your head. so here you go. ♪ i've got a golden ticket
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>> and you'll probably have that in your head the rest of the time. the american economy not dancing, it is slowing according to gdp numbers that show growth of 2.2% in the first quarter, down from 3% in the fourth. further bad news, that slow down is severe in business spending, particularly software and equipment, which we make a lot of here in the bay. and ford says revenue fell sharply because it is having a hard time selling cars in europe. europe is inch bigger trouble than we are. great britain slipped back into recession this week. chevron in the east basis they earned 6.4 billion in net income. apple in the same quarter net brought in 11 billion. back to you. >> apple is never easy to keep up with. scott, thank you very much. meteorologist christina loren is tracking a nice weekend in store for us. >> yeah. you know what, it is festival
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season around the bay area. eggs and butter parade in pat a lum a, and weather will be fantastic up there. we're getting spectacular sunshine, even san jose. what you'll notice about this picture, you don't see a lot of haze in the atmosphere. we have good air quality. that's a result of showers that came through yesterday. that helps the weatherbug. 69 in oakland, of the in redwood city, we're going to see a gorgeous afternoon. temperatures drop like a rock when the sun goes down. as a result, we're talking 58 degrees, breezy conditions as the giants take on the padres tonight at 7:15, at&t park. could see winds become a factor out of the northwest, 10 to 20 miles per hour. that could carry that ball to center field. high pressure the next couple days. for us, that means we see a nice warmup. temperatures back in the 80s. basically not as warm as last week. where we had plenty of 90s across the board, talking low 80s for saturday. then more mid to upper 80s
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sunday. still eliminating the 90s. however, if you wanted to hit the beach, some great weather shaping up. a little breezy at pacifica. 74 there. fly into half moon bay, 74 degrees. gorgeous conditions there. but you're a big winner when it comes to temperatures at the beach tomorrow. santa cruz, 80 degrees. just gorgeous. lots of sunshine. maybe a few high passing clouds. we're not expecting much cloud cover for the entire weekend. things don't change all that much. monday into tuesday, we drop off a little bit. increase the clouds wednesday, and maybe get more rain late thursday into friday. back to you guys. >> thank you, christina. sounds like beautiful weather for a bike ride this weekend. a new type of bike is very much pleasing cyclists and those that care about the environment as well. >> bob nixon shows us how california wood is putting a new spin on how bikes are made. >> reporter: like most vancouver cyclists, al row back is no
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stranger to riding in the rain. but almost no one rides a bike quite like his. >> you get none of the clunkiness. it is a pleasure to ride. >> reporter: it is a bamboo bikes. brakes and other components are metal and rubber, but the frame is made out of one of the most versatile products. >> you have to ride one to fully understand the notion. once you hopped on one and have taken a spin, you get it. >> reporter: so robak built a bamboo bike. what makes it interesting and not eccentric, he wants to build one for you, too. with some friends, he formed a company to build bamboo bicycles. the raw product comes from california, then is dried and cut into appropriate lengths. it is lighter than steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and
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strong. >> could hold up a 200 pound guy with 7-8th inch thick. >> reporter: it starts to look like a bike frame. do you ever have a moment hey, i am making a bike out of bamboo. >> i didn't until i rode the first one. >> reporter: but first, each one requires 40 hours of work, soy based epoxy and varnish for water proofing. >> i treat each piece like it is a piece of art. we have had some people ask, hey, should we hang it on a wall in cafe and sell them there? it is like yeah, we can do that. >> reporter: they demand art gallery prices, nearly $2,000 a piece, compared to other high end bikes. will people buy them? absolutely, robak says, once you ride one. >> i don't think you want to keep this to yourself, we want to share it with everyone. >> reporter: it is a dream the partners share. someday you'll be able to buy these at a big box store. >> that was bob nixon reporting.
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san francisco is home to another company called bamboo bike studio. you can build your own bike at a workshop or have a kit delivered. the most basic model will set you back close to 800 bucks. happening now, a dolphin in distress. volunteers and wildlife leaders trying to work hard to free a dolphin trapped in the wetlands off huntington beach. we have a live look from the chopper. the dolphin is swimming in circles in shallow water since this morning. others in the group were able to get out there. this dolphin is having a tough time. they will continue. they need volunteers to free him up to catch up with his dolphin group. up next, a stanford grab, grabbing headlines across the country. thanking his fans on google plus. and the east coast got paul mccartney. who got the west on 30 rock
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everybody knew this was going to happen. andrew luck set to play with a hort shoe on his helmet next season. there was a surprise for google plus fans after the announcement after the colts made the stanford quarterback the first pick overall, he joined a google plus hangout to hang out, chat with friends. scott reports after seeing this, you get to understand luck is a thoughtful and intelligent young man. watch that whole conversation right now on luck. yeah, no luck needed for this. he earned it. he will make about $6 million a
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year. colts general manager says they felt luck was the perfect player to run their team's office. >> thoughtful, intelligent, now very rich. there were no do overs. 30 rock went live on nbc last night. 49ers got a shoutout during the special show ♪ i'll sing the latest news from the nfl draft. the niners drafted wide receiver ajakins. >> they worked in news of san francisco's first round draft pick, performance of the show's theme song. it is the second year 30 rock tried a live show. they loaded it with guest stars like brian williams, jimmy fallon, amy poehler. and some surprise cameos. >> that's the beauty of live tv. anything can happen. >> there's a bathroom in here, you can use, sir paul mccartney! use ]ers and ala >> the cast did two complete shows, one for the east coast,
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one for us on the west coast. east coast got paul mccartney. the west coast, we got, here she goes, kim kardashian. >> little something for everybody on that, right? >> i guess so. still ahead, a tribute to a baartaeauir ge hero. he
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welcome back. take a look at all of that foot traffic out there on the golden gate bridge. just a beautiful day shaping up. we just keep climbing in temperature as we head through the weekend. peak warmth sunday. temperatures are around 82 degrees inland. we're going to see a comfortable week next week as well with upper 70s and low 80s. back to you guys. >> thank you. big night for rock and roll fans. >> thousands of people are crowding regency ballroom to pay tribute to legendary bay area guitarist.
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that is bay area rock and roll royalty. they practiced for the montrose concert. he committed suicide after a battle with alcoholism last month. first album, bad montrose. they say he was a joker, loyal friend who always spoke his mind. tonight's concert sold out in seconds. members of styx, journey, alice in chains, even sammy hagar going to perform. >> nice lineup. >> thank you for joining us. here is a live look at dolphin rescue at huntington beach. they have him there. hope they rescue him before the weekend starts. thanks for being with us.
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