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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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is in oakland with the latest for us. >> good evening. police tell us that they have tracked down the owners of this building here behind me, but they're still trying to locate the people who leased out the back part of this warehouse, where the pot farm was found. so far, no arrests have been made. now this fire was reported at about 4:00 this morning here at a warehouse at broadway near 30th street. flames shot about 20 feet into the air and took fire crews several hours to get those flames under control. and once they did, at the back of the warehouse they found about 00 pot plants, a large filtering system and an electrical system that had been altered to support the grow operation. fire investigators believe the fire originated on the second floor and at this point they aren't sure if the pot farm had anything to do with causing the fire. a business owner next door told me the owner of the warehouse that burned deals in restaurant supplies. >> blew my mind. i just had no idea. they're quiet tenants, nice people. older couple of people that use
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this places aa restaurant warehouse. that's the only thing that i'd ever seen. >> a neighbor said she never noticed anyone coming in or out of the back of the warehouse, and assumed the equipment and the pot plants were brought in under the cover of night. police are waiting to execute search warrants so they can move in and remove the plajts and other evidence, and fire officials say that the damage is estimated here at about half a million dollars. live in oakland, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. volunteers cleaning a south bay river made a gruesome discovery this morning. san jose police say volunteers found the body of a man in his 50s along the guadalupe river in san jose. they say no foul play is suspected in his death. authorities are not releasing his name until they notify family members. a difficult milestone today in the search for missing teenager sierra lamar. the 15-year-old girl disappeared from her home two months ago
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today. his dad said he's grateful volunteers are still turning up to find his daughter. >> it's not a milestone that we wanted to be marking, but, we're here and we're doing everything we can to find sierra and bring her back home to us. >> the search for sierra is attracting interest around the world. today, reporters from the bbc were on site to do a story about the use of qr codes on posters in the search. the quick response codes seen on the poster can be scanned with cell phones to bring up more information about sierra and the search. police say they are still receiving new tips every day. pg and e is warning about a scam targeting its customers. con artists are reportedly posting flyers claiming that president obama is providing a credit or directly paying utility bills and they are sending text messages with that same claim, as well. customers are asked for social security numbers to apply payments to their bills. that, of course, creates a risk of identity theft.
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pg&e says it doesn't ask customers ever for social security numbers. with seconds left to go before liftoff the unexpected happened at cape kamcan after retoday. take a look and a listen. >> three, two, one, and liftoff -- we've had a cutoff. >> it was supposed to have been the dawn of a new era. the first space launch by a private company to the international space station. but when high pressure was detected in one of the engines, a computer shut down the launch. the president of space-x says the system worked as it should have. >> it is not a failure. we aborted with purpose. it would be a failure if we were to have lifted off with an engine trending in this direction. >> the ceo and founder of space-x is the same man who runs tech plus, headquartered in southern california. space-x, that is. the launch is now rescheduled for tuesday morning.
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tomorrow, an 81-year-old grandmother from mountain view plans to be up very early and running with tens of thousands people in the bay to breakers race. s raceta o on t bay at market street, rises steeply along hays street hill, along the panhandle to the golden gate park to the finish line at the great highway. nbc's bay areas akimberly talked to her and has more on her commitment to this annual tradition at 81 years old. >> it is a commitment. for martha jones this will be her 28th bay to breakers run. she only started exercising -- running that is, for exercise, in her 40s. and once she started doing it, she says she really started loving it. at 81 years old now, she told me she's down to a couple miles four days a week. her first bay to breakers race was back in 1984 and joan says her favorite part continues to be the people she meets running next to her and those who are
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standing on the sidewalk or steps cheering her on. >> it's been fun. i've met a lot of fun people, enjoy enjoyed all the people on the stairsteps of the places. the bands, the music. and people are just fun. >> joan says this might be the last year she runs. and because of that her son came from santa monica to do this year's race with her. but, just so you know, she did say the same thing last year, and of course, committed again to running this year. live in mountain view, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> my bragging rights, my father-in-law is 79 running it tomorrow with my son. rhetty cool. thank you. and people watch and run the bay to breakers. some do it because they try it freeing, in the nude in other words. not my father-in-law or my son. we caught up with some of them
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today. a clothing optional get away. >> my feeling is there's only one place you can get away with doing this you might as well make it last as long as possible. so rather than run an hour and a half, why not walk it in three. >> all right. it's going to be cold, i just want to say. one man came all the way from new zealand to walk naked in tomorrow's race. it is his first visit to the u.s. and he's kicking off his vacation by baring it all. crews have already shut down several streets ahead of tomorrow's race. for a complete list of closures visit our website, all you have to do is search bay to breakers. coming up next, a feast for your eyes people across the bay area will soon be treated to a rare ring of fire in the sky. also, you might not know you have it. that's why federal health officials are encouraging baby boomers to get tested for it, and there's a free screening tonight. we'll have information on that. plus stopped in their tracks.
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authorities say three men planned to attack president obama. we'll show you where they planned to carry out the terror plot. and right now we're seeing a stronger sea breeze picking up around the bay area. temperatures outside still some 80s inland around fairfield and concord. tomorrow more low clouds on the coast, especially by this time tomorrow evening. how will the low clouds affect our solar eclipse viewing tomorrow? we'll talk about that and some cooler changes in the forecast coming up.
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authorities in chicago say they have arrested three men who are now facing terrorism charges. the three are accused of planning to attack president obama's campaign headquarters in chicago. 20-year-old brian church, 24-year-old jared chase and 24-year-old brent betterly appeared in a chicago federal courtroom this morning. they are charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, possession of an explosive device, and providing material support. prosecutors say the three had planned to attack during the nato summit this weekend in chicago. targeting obama's headquarters, as well as mayor rahm emanuel's home and other locations, including police stations and police cars. meantime the g-8 summit is under way at camp david in maryland and it has attracted
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protesters. more than 200 ethiopian activists packed a small town to protest their prime minister's involvement in the summit. the leaders of the world's biggest economies say they stand united on fixing a global economy on the brink of disaster and they say their most pressing concern is the greek financial crisis that's threatening to spread. >> all of the leaders here today agreed, growth and jobs must be our top priority. we agreed that we must take steps to boost confidence, and to promote growth and demand while getting our fiscal houses in order. >> president obama and many of the same leaders, of course, will continue their talks in chicago. that summit will be heavily focused on the war in afghanistan. there is a silent killer affecting lives of baby boomers at a disturbing rate and tonight the federal government is suggesting all boomers be screened for hepatitis-c. under the proposal, people in their 40s, 50s and 60s would be screened for the virus at least once. more than 3 million americans
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already have hepatitis-c. a liver illness transmitted by contaminated needles, blood transfusions done before 1992, and possibly sexual contact. according to the cdc, 1 in 30 boomers has been infected with hepatitis-c and most do not know it. there were free screenings today in berkeley and san francisco to boost awareness that the disease is often kurable when treated an i believe that the testing in berkeley continues until 9:00 tonight. this weekend people in san francisco are celebrating the life of harvey milk. the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in california. today, friends and supporters of supervisor milk met in the castro to rededicate a memorial plaque that was stolen last year. milk was elected back in 1977. he and mayor george mosconi were assassinated less than a year later. state lawmakers made his birthday a day of significance in 2009. milk's birthday, by the way, is tuesday. touched by a little girl's story of triumph over struggle,
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people in the south bay laced up their running shoes to do some sweating for sami today. that's the name of the race. this race benefits 5-year-old samantha green. she was born with a rare genetic disorder and cerebral palsy. this is the second year of the fund-raiser. it helps samantha's family pay for special physical therapy she desperately needs. >> it works on the effects of her cerebral palsy, the tight muscles, and her balance and things like that, and she's improved tremendously. so we're really excited about today. >> about 200 people participated. there was a 5-k, 10-k and kid's run. just ahead, it was the biggt ipo ever. but does that mean anything to the average consumer? and a solar eclipse unlike anything you've seen at least ii the last two decades is happening again tomorrow. and we'll be watching that around the bay area, as this time tomorrow, but how will the weather cooperate? today the sun doing its work
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with some mid 80s outside. but tomorrow, watching a sea breeze that could push some low clouds our way. we'll let you know what it means for your sunday forecast when we come right back.
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the solar system is scheduled to put on another spectacular show this weekend. you might remember a couple of weekends ago we experienced the super moon. tomorrow it will be the ring of fire looking a little like this. a solar eclipse in the afternoon and early evening with the peak at just about 6:32, 6:33. this natural phenomenon occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, casting a shadow on earth. right now we're going to
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check in with ron and he's going to tell us a couple good spots to check this out. >> for the bay area our inland valleys will have a pretty good view as we won't have to worry about any low clouds. around this time tomorrow we should be nearing the peak of the annular solar eclipse. it begins just after 5:00 our time and will continue through about just after 7:30. but the peak viewing will be right there at 6:32. now the best viewing in northern california we're going to get about 94% coverage of the sun will be from about your eke ra, redding, heading over towards reno. the bay area a good view as well. 80% to 85% coreage of the sun. this all happening right around 6:32 tomorrow. now, if it happened today, we'd have no problems with viewing because we've got clear skies from most of our inland areas down to the coast. outside, we've got mostly clear conditions, a little haze there blowing in to san francisco as that late day sea breeze starts to pick up. which looks like on the coast
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tomorrow as the eclipse gets under way we will start to see some patchy low clouds. right now down to 62 degrees from a high of 66 in san francisco. to our friends in livermore, where it was 85 today, now down to 79 degrees. gilroy cooling off down to 78 degrees. we got the good onshore breeze going. you can see the south winds reaching into the north bay valley. that will help to cool things off and that stronger sea breeze tomorrow will mean unlike what we see right here on the satellite view where we're free of any low clouds tomorrow, climbing those low clouds starting to come back late in the day. the jet stream is going to dip a little bit further to the south. this is going to bring in the low clouds to the coast late tomorrow. then on monday, actually punch in those low clouds across the bay area leading to a cooling trend for the inner bay and out along the coast during the day tomorrow. in terms of the low clouds during the day tomorrow. what we're going to start to see from solar points southward towards santa cruz, the stratosphere approach the coast. right around 6:00 tomorrow evening and again our inland
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g eas, probably still some goodi inewduring the evening tomorrow for the solar eclipse. temperatures tomorrow, looking at inmostly low to mid 80s from san jose south down towards morgan hill. tri-valley, still pretty warm. may even see some upper 80s tomorrow before the sea breeze really starts to kick in. then on the coast, look out for low clouds. pacifica down toward half moon bay late in the afternoon. the three-day forecast shows tomorrow will be the last of the really warm days. as that sea breeze cranks up it's going to get windy again. on thursday we had some gusty conditions. we're going to get the same pattern setting up tuesday into wednesday, cooler and maybe unsettled heading towards next weekend. but i do think for the solar eclipse tomorrow most of the bay area should get some pretty good viewing of that. we're going to bring it to you safely with all our cameras around the bay area. >> all right. thank you, rob. and still to come, a little scuffle on the red carpet. we'll show you what prompted actor will smith to slap a tv reporter. ttz4z5z5z5
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as you probably heard by now, facebook is finally a public company. it was the most anticipated initial public offerings in years. and despite soaring expectations, shares closed fairly above their opening price. the stock finished with a 23 cent gain on its opening day to close at $38.23. some say that means bankers priced it just right. but others were disappointed there wasn't a big run-up yesterday. either way, here's just a little perspective on how big this company is right now. >> the fact that a company that didn't exist eight years ago is able to be created from nothing, and is now worth more than bank of america, worth more than mcdonald's, there's incredible wealth created and it's great for the economy. a $12 billion windfall for the state of california alone. >> indications are that facebook was bought primarily by individual investors, not institutions, yesterday.
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after last night lieutenant governor gavin newsom has a new occupation to add to his resume, talk show host. the first episode of the gavin newsom show made its debut on current tv. that's the cable channel founded by former vice president al gore. his first guest was cycling star lance armstrong. in a recent interview newsom said he pitched the idea for the show after clearing it with his lawyers. he plans to donate his salary to charity. at the premiere of a movie in moscow a journalist got a little too close for comfort. the tv reporters approached smith on the red carpet, put his hand on his shoulders and tried to kiss him. smith pushed him away, gave him a light slap across the clique. the movie star went about his business promoting "men in black 3," the new movie. right now we're checking in. game two of the series. >> wow. >> i know, bam. what's up? >> don't mess with will smith, okay? don't get too close.
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too close could for comfort. speaking of hitting someone, game two of the bay bridge series had the fans a little nervous down the stretch. no punches landed. that's a god thing. but ryan vogel son and tyson ross, we'll tell you who was celebrating when it was all over. plus a player and a reporter hit in the face with shaving cream when it was all said and done. great video there, stay tuned. sports is next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. you know, bay area teams playing with an attitude. that's what's going on with san jose rights on the line you know a's and giants are not seeing eye to eye right now and they'll do just about anything to win the bay bridge series. oakland looking to even the series this afternoon, game two of the three-game series. top of the first, jamar weeks, going to the plate. now this is one of the a's best players. hits the fly ball to left. melky cabrera. no way you can make this catch. then again we're talking about melky. nice grab right there. ryan vogelsong got the start for the g-men mowing the a's down left and right. in the second inning, oh, you can't hit that. but about kurt suzuki in the third? swing, can't catch up with the heat. vogelsong was perfect through 4
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1/3 innings. bottom of the sixth, arias grounds into the 5-3 double play. third double play by tyson. runners on first, no outs, vogelsong squares up the bunt. the ump says the pitch hit him. vogelsong says yes i definitely was hit. in fact of all places, he pointed to his chest. now bob melvin, the a's skipper, was not buying it. he went out there to argue. there's no way it hit him in the chest. he would have been knocked out. three batters later bases loaded, one out for cabrera, a sac fly to right and here comes the first run of the game. giants take the lead. 1-0. next batter was busty posey. but he hits into a ground rule double! so right center. ryan vogelsong will score. it's now 2-0 san francisco, and they continue to roll. angel pagan has been red hot. he singles to center.
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two more runs come in, it's 4-0 giants and bob melvin has seen enough. he went back out there to argue, ejected for the second time in three games. giants win 4-0. that's the a's eleventh straight loss at at&t park. >> ryan vogelsong continues to show the 2011 was not a fluke. in his last four starts he's not allowed more than one earned run, and has pitched at least seven innings in all of them. >> threw well to both sides of the plate. commanded the change-up well. had a good curveball going. >> i don't know if we squared him up a whole lot. one of the times this year that i've been here that we haven't hit the ball hard. just one of those days where you've got to tip your hat to that guy. he was really good today. >> the giants starter still feels there's room for improvement. he has a long way to go to prove the daughters wrong. >> i think i need to do it for the whole season, and you know i
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talked to you guys about that a little bit. at the end of last year, and spring training, and that's a big goal of mine for the season is to have another solid year. and kind of be able to put that beside me for going forward. i still feel like i have a lot to prove. >> continue where he left off last year, and we're fortunate to bring him back and what he did for us last year. but you know, the run off a nice streak like this, give off one run shows you how good this guy is. good series going on there. finally kentucky derby champ i'll have another returned to the track for the second leg of the triple crown. an exciting finish in the preakness. i'll have another battles the favorite bodemeister all the way down to the wire. i'll have another given by mario gutierrez gets the victory.
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next up the belmonte for the triple crown. the last triple crown winner was a horse named affirmed. and that was 34 years ago. horse racing living at the top of the world right now. that will do it for right now. we'll talk a little bit later. >> thank you, henry. we have an update. we're learning that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg apparently got married this weekend. there's a picture on his facebook time line at least at this point. but he was in the bay area yesterday. where he opened the nasdaq from his facebook headquarters in menlo park. we'll have more as soon as we get it.


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