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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far. good evening. in san francisco, gay pride celebrations are under way. we are told roughly a million people are taking part of the festivities this year, and many people said they are more hopeful than ever thanks in part to president obama's decision to openly support gay marriage. hello, monte, where the party is still going strong. >> reporter: this weekend is about celebrating and having fun, but there is also a political aspect to it. this year, presidential politics came into play.
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the san francisco group called dikes on bikes led the parade followed by floats and thousands of participants. >> this is the most overwhelming thing i have done in my life. this is fantastic. >> i am so excited to be here. it's all fun, but it's such an important year. >> reporter: an important year say many at the march because of president obama's recent announcement that he supports gay marriage. there is no federal recognition of gay marriage, but those that marched say it's a sign society is changing. >> we are so proud to have the president say that marriage is for everybody in this country. he is truly our president. we have so much to be proud of today. >> i think it's been just a whole historic movement for our
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president to say that marriage equality is here, and it's time that we do this, recognizing just equality means full rights for everybody, not separate and equal, but full rights. >> reporter: after the parade the party continued at the plaza with entertainment on the main stage, with an estimated $1 million in the city, and organizers say the parade and week-long celebration, it's the biggest celebration in the nation and expecteded to bring in $100 million to the economy. the party here ends at 6:30, so in 30 minutes or so organizers are calling this event and parade one of the most successful ever. >> thanks a lot, monte. santa clara leaders say they
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are keeping the money in tax funds despite the fact that was promised to the new stadium. the 49ers say voters specifically earmarked the resoement money to the stadium and the county has no right to keep it. voters approved the funds back in 2010. the 49ers' front office said it would absorb the loss if they cannot get it back, but many say it could likely end up in court. and then a small brush fire is burning in south san francisco and crews shut down the connecter from 101 to 380. firefighters say now it's nearly out and they hope to open the connecter ramp soon. in the meantime, it could cause traffic delays in the area, which is, of course, close to the san francisco international airport.
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and then tonight chp officers say they found a man they think have caused this accident. this is what was left of the woman's car after the the accident. police say she lost control of her car and slam into the a street in mountain view. it happened at 6:30 last night. chp said they had a license plate of a car driving recklessly in the area, and chp says they have not arrested the man and he is cooperating with the investigation. being a cancer survivor is not unusual anymore. modern medicine has provided much improvement, and now we have a cancer survivors day. cancer doctors participate as well. >> this is our third annual
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cancer survivor day, where we really celebrate that cancer is now a chronic disease, and people no longer, once they get the diagnosis, it's not the same as years ago. >> there were 2 million u.s. cancer survivors, and now it's closer to 12 million thanks to earlier diagnosis. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. when it comes to gymnastics, the best of the best are here to compete for one of the coveted spots to compete on the team that will go to the london summer olympics. right now, workers are busy and are setting the stage for the athletes competing in the trials and of course the tens of thousands expected to attend.
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training day starts tomorrow, and they will work through the evening to make sure everything is in its place. five men and five women will represent the united states in artistic gymnastics. most of these athletes have been training for this one week for ten to 11 years and are expected to shine under this pressure proving they have what it takes to represent the u.s. at the summer games. >> it's all on the line. this is where you peel back the onions and you go out and want to perform your best. some have trained ten, 11 years, in order to qualify and compete. when you are here you want your best gymnast to come forward. >> reporter: among some of the athletes competing this week, world champion and if you cannot
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make it to the games, but love gymnastics, this could be your chance at seeing the best of the best. the countdown is on. the olympics are scheduled to start in just 33 days. can you catch all the action including the opening ceremony right here on nbc bay area. coming up next at 6:00, egypt has its first democratic elected president tonight. plus, a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico is headed to shore and we will show you where it's expected to cause the most damage. and when she came down, she came down, bam, it just shook. >> this time when we say it's a while of a story, we are not exaggerating. we will exaggerating. we wl share an unusual tale of
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&tat ♪ egypt has its first democraticly elected president tonight. he is due to take office july 1st. while celebration filled the streets today, next month he and
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his supporters may have an uphill battle in getting everything done. egypt's ruling council stripped away much of the power of the president. the question is now to what extent the administration will fight to win back some of the decisions. a court ruling that struck down a law would mean to an end with protection for some people and an end to help with small businesses. those with preexisting conditions will likely see the results go up, and those suffering from serious conditions such as cancer will again be faced with lifetime spending caps that end coverage once a patient has wracked up a big enough medical bill. many will go into effect in 2013 and 2014, and either is said to
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have a substantial impact on this year's election. preparation in the form of food, water and batteries. francis coe has the latest on where hurricane debby could be headed. >> rough surf, high winds and rain raked much of florida's gulf coast. a tornado left a trail of damage in southwest florida late saturday. roofs were ripped apart and trees up rooted in east naples. red warning flags were out along the beaches as waves pounded the shore. tropical storm warnings are in effect as debby inches closer to the coast. and forecast models are impacting the coast greatly.
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>> current weather models suggest the problem with the storm is it's not going anywhere too quickly. right now mainly impacting florida. the path of the storm is moving towards the florida panhandle. sustained winds at 60 miles per hour. the problem with the storm is it is slowly moving across florida. here in the bay area, we have a bit of a cool down and maybe misty skies. we will explain more of that in the forecast when we come back. thousands of people there
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a sailor has quite a story to tell about an encounter with the whale. >> reporter: welcomed home by family and friends. >> truly wonderful. i was not sure this was going to happen. >> it's wonderful to have him back home again. >> reporter: his sailing trip around the world was interrupted by a whale. >> when she came down, she came down. it just shook. if those sail bags were not there i would have slid off the
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boat. >> reporter: his boat began to sink on june 12th. >> i got the coast guard call. >> reporter: he was able to activate his emergency trip, but the coast guard could not get there until the next day. >> i have a 3-year-old granddaughter that has leukemia, and that's a big driving factor. >> reporter: he made it home in time just in time for his 23rd wedding anniversary, as well as his granddaughter's 4th birthday. >> got home just in time to take me out to dinner. >> i will go out. i have to. that's -- i love it out there. i single handsed went across the atlantic. >> reporter: this is not something his wife is not ready to hear. >> he needs to find a new hobby.
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>> that boat never let me down. it didn't let me down that night. it was not the boat's fault or the whale's fault. it is what it is. >> max young says his retirement adventures are far from over, and next year he plans to climb mt. everest, and that's something his wife says they will have to discuss. >> you need to discuss those things with your spouse, don't you think? >> yeah, just a normal vacation could be nice, but around the bay area today, it was gorgeous for any competition of plans you could have had today. in san francisco, it was gorgeous. sunshine. 60s and 70s. overall, pretty mild for this time of year when you are only looking for 75 in santa cruz. gilroy, still 75. look at san jose now, down to 69
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degrees. we have that good push with the sea breeze, and it will continue to stay that way probably through 8:00 this evening, and the winds will back off as we head towards tomorrow morning. we will start the workweek. temperatures probably cooling a few degrees. the upper low has been off the coast. it looks like another mild day for monday, and then we trend in the middle part of the week, and we should see temperatures climb up by wednesday and thursday. again, the visible satellite view shows you puffy clouds outside, and no fog in the way of outdoor plans today. the area to watch, the spin of the clouds, it has been offshore for the last three to four days. the low kind of opens up and swings across northern california, and it will strengthen the sea breeze tomorrow and you could see patches of area low clouds, and if that all-day sea breeze, it
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will be cooler along the coast and peninsula, and the temperatures will start to warm up. 40s and 50s for tomorrow morning. it's fairly unusual to see these types of temperatures this time of year, and you will see have in san francisco and oakland, a little on the cool side for summer. cool temperatures for the afternoon. today's high in san jose, 71 degrees. and it will be about the same tomorrow. not much change in the santa clara valley. upper 60s to low 70s, and back to the peninsula and the bay. we will see temperatures mainly in the 60s and near 70-degree temperatures in napa. monday, the coolest day we think of the week ahead. by tuesday, you should start to notice a warmup, not so much on the coast, but all areas come wednesday and thursday, and 70s to low 80s around the base, and
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it will be that time period from wednesday, thursday and friday, we will at least see mid-80s, and maybe close to 90 on thursday, which should be the warmest day. just in time for next weekend, cooling off. turning breezy again. >> no. >> which is not good for allergies allergieses, i know. but the temperatures are nice. and the science of dating, all based on your sense of smell.
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some single folks are abandoning high-tech and using the most primitive tools to find a mate, their nose. and now l.a. singles are hoping body scents will lead them to mr. or ms. right. they sleep in the same t-shirt for three nights and then bring it. it's loosely based on science. researchers are shown humans can detect subtle body scents lead to genetic combination, or smelly t-shirts. so there you go. let's look at sports. hopefully the baseball guys are not doing that because that could be awful. >> you never want to go to a hockey dressing room.
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>> that could be bad, too. >> the a's and giants played three games against each other this weekend, and the giants won the first two. who won sunday? the answer should be obvious. if you are not intostick stick around, we have the recap next.
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san francisco giants took over the coliseum, their fans took it over, and then the a's fans treated to a memorable finale. plus, posey got the party started. top of the first a. two-run homer. it was off of griffin. made his big debut. and then smith up, two outs and runners on first and second.
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and it's down the line and it will be a two-run double. not so fast. they called it foul, even though it appeared on the replay it should have been a fair ball. and melvin argued. and a's fans had the last laugh. bottom of the ninth with two outs down to the last strike. derek norris, his first big league home run. the a's win 4-2, and we have more from the coliseum. >> reporter: matt cain was in line to win his ninth consecutive game and the team was poised to sweep oakland for the first time here at the colise coliseum, but that came crashing down with one pitch. >> he had done such a great job, and he went to the well once too many there, but what a job he has done for us. and these games could have gone either way and it went there way today. they came back on us.
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>> it was a walk-off by everybody. not a good feeling. we have to put it past ourselves and play tomorrow. >> they are playing great ball. we are going to have to do the same, play great baseball against them. this is the beauty of this game when you are playing your rival, a team ahead of you ask it should be a great series. >> every game could potentially have weight come into the year, and as good as these guys have been playing we need to be ready to go tomorrow. >> the giants must now turn their focus on the dodgers who come into at&t park on monday. >> thank you. the a's start a seven-game road trip in seattle on monday. meantime, dale earnhardt jr. got his first win in four years last
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week. he would not repeat. and the first ever win of the season for him. and he would burn out his fuel take and he has to walk to victory lane. we have more from sonoma. >> reporter: it began with a bit of drama as he got into a traffic jam on his way to sonoma raceway. he got out of the car and jogged the rest of the way. boyer ended up taking the checkered flag for the first time. >> came from kansas, growing occupy a dirt track, and i never thought i would be able to compete against these guys week in and week out, and let alone and come on the real courses and beat them finally, and it's just a dream come true. >> to stand up and be able to
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cheer and see clint take the checked flag, after all we have been through it's special. >> only two caution periods in the entire race which is an all-time low at sonoma, and he held off the challengers, two guys that know how to drive on the road. >> thank you very much. one final note, the euro cup 2012 quarterfinal between england and italy today came down to penalty kicks. italy advanced to the semifinals. we are checking out the weather again. it's going to warm up a little? >> yeah, you can see the camera behind us. breezy and moving around a little bit. we have the sa sea breeze going. a little drizzle tomorrow, but not too hot with 70s and 80s midland.
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>> i don't like the wind. >> temperatures are good again, and things kick up with the wind. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area at 6:00. we will see you tonight at 11:00. good night.


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