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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland where a new pilot program has some drugstores offering hiv testing. i'm explain coming up in a live report. a water adventure turns into a survival story for a bay area teen. the shark encounter that left her with a scar and certainly a story to tell. also on the brink of bankruptcy. the worst-case scenario in stockton becomes a cold, hard reality. >> let's take a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. you made it to wednesday morning, june 27th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good morning to one and all.
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the time is almost 4:31. i'm john kelly. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> a lot to get to this morning. >> temperatures this morning are cool. it's nice and crisp out there. we're in the 50s to start. 56 in san jose, 55 in livermore and 54 degrees in san francisco. we have a another beautiful day for you, however, noticeably warmer. temperatures today maxing out in the 80s. here's mike with the deprive. >> out to tri-valley, westbound 580 where we have reports of a hit and run involving a big rig. the car said the big rig kept on going. if you saw anything, call chp. there's nothing to slow down the suspect vehicle because they're not major traffic through the area. 14-minute drive to the dublin interchange. back to you. it is a disease that has hit the bay area hard. aids continues to infect
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millions of people. today in national hiv testing day. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live from oakland where a new program helps people confirm their status. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can already go to the drugstore for things like flu shots and blood pressure testing, but there is a new pilot program out there aimed at finding out if people would be interested it in going to their local pharmacy like this one here in east oakland to get an hiv test. two oakland walgreens stores are among dozens of walgreens across the country offering free hiv testing tomorrow through friday. this is just the start of the centers for disease control -- they had announced a $1.2 million to offer hiv testing at pharmacies in 24 cities. mike's pharmacy in oakland has been selected to take part in the program. the owner says they begin the
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free service soon. >> we're a maul pharmacy dedicated to patients. we have one on one contact with p patients, and this is going to be a great service we can offer. >> reporter: now at the alameda health department, they say they could use the help getting people to take the cheek swab test. nearly 5,000 people have been diagnosed with hiv in the county, and they're telling us that reaching those most at risk has been difficult. the test takes about 20 minutes to get a preliminary result. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the day. this morning we learn more about a violent death that has rocked an upscale east bay city. they have arrested a 62-year-old man for killing his long-time girlfriend on tuesday right in the kitchen of a home on maraga way. they arrested the man after he went to a neighbor's house to try and call police. they tell us that the murder weapon was dropped between the two houses, but to far they will not confirm the type of weapon.
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the name of the 51-year-old victim has not been released. this is the first home stid in orinda in about a decade. mistrial denied and testimony barred. another bombshell day in court. the trial of william lynch is moving forward this morning. he's accused of beating father jerry linder two years ago at a retirement home. lynch says he attacked the father because he sexually abused him and his brother nearly 40 years ago. the judge in the case says he will not hear testimony from lynch's niece who claims linder abused her as well. >> if i were to testify, he would be in there, and i wanted, you know, to have to face me. >> the judge has also thrown out father linder's testimony as he invoked his fifth amendment rights and refused to answer any more questions. lynch could take the stand later this week. rescue crews calling off the search for a baseball fan who
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fell in the bay after monday night's giants game. the 27-year-old was last seen walking away from a friend's car in pier 32. searchers and fire boats and helicopters scoured the water looking for the man on tuesday. search efforts were called off at about noon. he came to the game with a friend from the sacramento area. a start to a summer vacation for a livermore faj. sage was swimming with her father in maui yesterday when a shark bit her. it was about 10 to 15 feet from shore, shallow water 3 to 4 feet deep. she had a four to five-inch gash in her left calf. we spoke to her mother by phone. >> she felt something hit the back, and the next thing it went quickly. then i heard sage scream. >> authorities posted shark warning signs on on the beach and closed a portion of it. sage's mother says her daughter
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is doing fine. she's tweeting about the attack to her friends. shark attacks are rare in hawaii and rare globally. about 100 attacks reported every year. there were 17 recorded deaths caused by shark attacks in all of last year throughout the world. here in the united states we average 16 attacks every year and about one death in every two years. pg&e says the cause of the san bruno pipeline explosion lies deep in the company's past. the utility is saying a strength test done on that gas pipeline way back in 1956 is ultimately to blame. the company says an already defective weld was damaged during the test, and more than 50 years later it finally burst triggering that explosion. state regulators question the claim, insisting there was no such test. now in a statement the president of pg&e says it's important to note that while pg&e disputes many of the findings we do not dput or liability.
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the stex of stocks ton is the largest city ever to file for bankruptcy. the city council will file for xha chapter 9 protection this morning and they will vote on a budget to close the deficit. last night dozens of stockton residents were outraged. >> we've appointed you and put our faith in trust in you, and you have disappointed us and let us down. the world is watching, thank god, so we can see we are victims of a society failing us. >> the city is already reeling after making drastic cuts to unemployment as well as staffing in both the stockton police departments and their fire department. the state lawmakers have a lot on their plate this morning. top democrats are focused on accomplishing four items before going on vacation next week. first up on that list is fini finishing up the budget which lawmakers are set to vote on
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today. they want more foreclosure relief and more funding for high speed rail and budget reform. >> these are big issues, and i don't think they ought to be -- i prefer they not linger over a long, hot summer. >> he says all the issues have been properly vetted in public and should now be decided before their break, but critics claim there's not enough time to get everything done. 4:38. california teachers and students could have a shorter school year. a new education budget bill allows schools to cut 15 days in each of the next two years if voters reject tax hikes in november. the standard used to be 180 days and it could be 160 days. the going is rough out in colorado. a dozen wildfires continue burning out of control this p morning, the latest near colorado springs forcing the evacuation of 30,000 residents. now threatening the u.s. air
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force academy. the fire burned more than 6200 acres since saturday. that's nearly 10 square miles. forests of dead trees from the pine needle infestation and strong winds fuel fires across the state. the forecast for the coming days? more dry weather and temperatures in the 90s. the waldo canyon fire is one of the 12 fires. >> pretty mild whetheather here. we're in summer. warming up at all today? >> today we will hit our average high this time of year. good morning to you. we do it one day, and tomorrow temperatures come down again. we're at 55. good morning to you in livermore, and 54 degrees in san francisco. it's early out there. nice and crisp to start. if you're looking for the coolest weather of the day, it's a little warm later on. 85 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland. you want to get it done early today before noon as
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temperatures approach the low 70s. bayside and at the coast you can head outdoors anytime in the day in the heat of the day hitting 75 degrees by the bay and 68 at the coast. we have changes on the way as i previously alluded tochlt we'll get to those in my seven-day forecast. let's check your drive, and here's mike. >> we go to the south bay on the left of your side as we look at the map, we look at construction. four highway 85 between 237 and 101, some spots might be slowing. just the on ramp will be closed possibly until midday there. hoss teter road at north capitol and the new one 101 at 880 came in at the chp blotter. no details. it doesn't sound like injuries and a fender-bender there. we're looking at westbound 980. the action activity sounds like it's off of the roadway as well and we haven't seen any slowing,
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so we're okay. 680 north from al costa and san at that ramone. back on again at leverage. no big problems. this is the typical flow of traffic past the coliseum. back to you. >> thanks so much. 4:41 right now. s samsung sales stopped. why the galaxy tablet won't be sold for now. the shining stars of the gymnastics world have their chance to go for the gold in london. big finish.
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hey guys, can i get next? here you go kid. hey aren't you. yep. vogelsong and posey did you check the rating? the rating? yeah, it's simple. always check the rating symbol on the front and read the content descriptor on the back
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now that's a good call. thanks guys. ahh son, i don't think this game is for us. maybe you should get this one. this kid can play. [female announcer] for more information, visit esrb dot org. this is "today in the bay." >> welcome back on a wednesday morning. i almost stole a day away and put us back on tuesday. those are the sparkling lights over san francisco. still dark outside. the sunbreaks come up a little bit. another nice day and a little warmer than yesterday but still gorgeous. it's 4:44. for the nation's best gymnasts the final stop is right here in san jose. there's a lot on the line today. olympic dreams come true for one man and woman that represent team usa in trampolining. the trial for that sport got under way at the san jose convention center.
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competitors say it's how high they jump and how difficult the routine. gosh. got to raise the roof there. we caught up with high flyers including two brothers both vying for the one and only spot. >> you know, i just see him as another competitor. that's the way you have to. i try to leave, actually, the floor because i get a little nervous, and i don't need to be nervous for someone else right now. >> they're adorable. the trampoline competition is held in conjunction with the gymnastics trials at the hp pavilion. there are five spots for the men and women's team. that strength is outstanding. >> and the flexibility, too. fun to watch. a golden bear will compete for gold medals in london. dana vollmer is earning a spot. vollmer had to beat out natalie
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coughlin at the olympic trials in omaha, nebraska, but vollmer did more than win this, she almost broke a world record during the 100 meter butterfly event. looking and feeling good. coughlin, tough for her, missing out on the games. she finished in 7th place. all the good vibrations going on as you check out the exclusive olympic coverage on air and online. head to for the part. you can sign up for news alerts and you can subscribe to the torch for the day's most talked about olympic stories. 4:46. do investors like facebook or not? that's a question, and today we should find out the answer. the 40-day quiet period concludes for banks underwriters of facebook's ipo. wall street firms are barred for a period of time for putting out analyst reports on stocks they underwrite. they publish the research later today. >> that will be interesting to hear. sales of a samsung tablet
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now at a stop nationwide. for that store and the rest of the news we go to bertha live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, bertha. >> good morning. we have a number out so far. there's a mixed bag. there are a number of outperformed, capital vo gives an underperform and three neutrals so far this morning, but i'm sure they will come out. google holding its developers today expected to unveil a tablet. that tablet area is an area of convention. a judge issued a temporary injunction banning sales of galaxy's tablet 10.1. apple sought that ban saying they infringed on the design of ipad. they sell a variety of tablets and phones but lags behind apple when it comes to the smartphone market. futures are a little higher. stocks yesterday, it was a roller coaster session. we're up at the end of the day,
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but started down early on the day. comments from german chancellor angela merkel throwing cold water on the eu new proposed fiscal plan. markets recovered a bit after we got strong home price data. home prices rising in april. in fact, san francisco was biggest areas that saw the biggest increase in april. then we got some negative consumer confidence data down for the fourth straight month. you get the picture. it was up and down, up and down. a lot of mixed signals. today we're going to get durable goods sxeand pending home sales. the nasdaq ended up 18 points to 2854. san francisco in the s&p index did very well last month, so maybe a bit of a rebound out there. >> we hope so, bertha. thank you very much. in the south bay san jose state is trying to track down a hacker that left thoughs of
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students' names and passwords leaked. it was on the website server. now more than 22,000 students' contact information may have been exposed. the hacker bragged about the breach on twitter and on sensitive information including password and user names onto this site online. university says what first appeared were social security numbers were actually student i.d. numbers. >> i would hope they have firewalls or up-to-date protection to keep our information safe. everything we do is online. >> a security firm is advising students to be on the lookout for bogus san jose e-mails asking for personal information. on the subject of higher learning, education secretary arne duncan addressed the nation today in 140 characters or less. he takes to twitter it to answer questions about college affoab y
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aability. a subject will be interest rates on student loans. state leaders have a plan to try to prevent that july 1st hike, but the house has yet to weigh in on this. you can chime in on today's topic on twitter to arne duncan. >> for future generations, but still a lot of proposition in this great nation. it's the greatest nation there is. let's go outside and talk about what's happening out there. 56 in oakland, 56 in concord, and we're at 55 in san jose this morning. temperatures run mild to start at least until noon. it's on the hot side, so you seek shade inland at that point at livermore. we forecast 85 degrees later on today. a little area of low pressure came through overnight, and high pressure is building in.
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as it does so, temperatures today are going to climb by 10 degrees to yesterday's high. watch out for that. grab that water bottle for today, and tomorrow we take your temperatures down by just a couple of degrees, but staying nice and comfortable below our seasonal averages as we head into thursday. we're almost to thursday. you made it halfway through the work week. happy hump day everybody. at 4:00 p.m. we're talking about 85 degrees inland, so that's certainly warm enough to kick on an ac in the east bay or south bay if you're sensitive to the heat. by tomorrow we'll shave off about five degrees. friday cooler and saturday and sunday we get very spoiled around here. temperatures in the upper 70s only to make way to a warm-up. a big warm-up next week. we could talk triple digits, so enjoy this break while it lasts. >> thanks. it is 4:51 right now. coming up, the bay area getting
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a shot at the lead spot on the pga tour. we'll tell you all about it. perfection has its rewards. the special honor for pitcher matt cain just ahead. we're looking for perfection on the bay area roads. so far, 880 into the city is fine, but 101 into the city is fine as well but 101 in the south bay has issues. we'll give you the details coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. look at that.
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has the port ever looked so glorious? >> gorgeous. >> i think not. this is the port of oakland lit up this morning. beautiful start, and one of the beautiful vistas across the bay area. days after the u.s. open, the bay area leading off the pga tour next year. the open will be held in october 2013. the tournament will be part of the fall series this year. it will be held at the cordavall government resort in san martin. the giants beat the dodgers 2-0 last night. before the ball game, a little ceremony. matt cain honored for his pitch-perfect performance. >> ed lee presented him with a key to the city and something extra. >> we now on behalf of the city declare june 13th every year as matt cain did in san francisco. >> matt cain day!
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cain's wife and little baby daughter so cute. baby cain were on hand for the special pregame ceremony. i thought the key was larger. >> they used to be bigger. the economy shrunk it down. >> he pitched his first perfect game on june 13th. pretty cool. >> mayor ed lee was suited up. i think he got a couple of hits last night. >> another day game today. >> we wonder how the traffic is going over there. how is the traffic now? >> it will be an issue, because it's midday, 12:45 game so difficult through the city and at&t park and after the game bleeding into the afternoon traffic. we look to the south bay, though, where the san jose giants play. just north of there, 101 at 880 there's an accident here and traffic break going on. northbound side from oakland road. may see slowing over the next few minutes as they remove this from the roadway. unfortunately, at least one person doesn't get a no-hitter. matt cain got that, though.
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we look at 85 as well between 237 and 101. the on and off ramp will be closed possibly until noon, so keep it in mind as well. we look at some construction through palo alto and the dunbar ton bridge. we end with the san mateo bridge which is moving slowly. thank you, control room. >> they can do everything. >> they do it very, very well. thank you very much. coming up a central valley city busted, broken and on the brink of bankruptcy. free help in the fight against a deadly disease. shots
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and now hiv testing. i'll tell you about a pilot program coming here to oakland. implt a water adventure turning into a survival story for a bay area teen.


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