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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  July 28, 2012 6:30pm-7:30pm PDT

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hopeful eyes. perhaps the most famous bay area limp yaibi olympian this year is natalie coughlin. the biggest mystery so far in the olympics directly involves coughlin. we want to warn you that this next story gives away the results of coughlin's swim that has not yet been televised. if you don't want to know, now would be a good time to hit the mute button for the next three minutes. >> reporter: perhaps the most bittersweet and confusing night of natalie coughlin's career, essentially benched by her own team, one of the most celebrated swimmers in history was taken off the relay team for tonight's finals. what makes this so strange is that she did swim in the preliminary races and was fantastic, clocking one of the fastest times. we spoke with coughlin after the prelim. >> it felt really nice. it's good to get that first race out of the way and to know that
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we have starts and earned a place for our team tonight, which is the most important thing in the morning relay. >> reporter: soon after this interview, she was told she would be replaced for the final race. team u.s.a. did end up winning the bronze medal tonight. even though kacoughlin did not swim in the final, she, too, earned that bronze. ironically, this makes natalie the most decorated american female in olympics history with 12 career medals. i'm scheduled to talk with natalie tomorrow. a lot of questions about what happened tonight. from london, i'm raj mathai. >> thank you, raj. she grew up in the east bay, went to cal and now lives in lafayette with her husband. there are many swimmers here who know her and have practiced with her as well. nbc bay area is in where he spoke with an olympic hopeful who knows coughlin well. arturo, was she surprised by what happened to coughlin today?
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>> just as surprised as everyone else. and this young admirer is 17-year-old madison white of danville. madison has known natalie ever since she was in grade school and at the beginning of her own swimming career. they were actually on the same swimming team in 2010 for the short course championships in dubai. natalie coughlin was the captain of that team. madison has done some training with natalie's husband, ethan, for a number of years. madison did watch natalie swim today and like so many other people she's also wondering why natalie did not swim in the relay final. >> it was a little weird not seeing her in it. i'm not sure what the reason was why she wasn't it, but i'm sure she had a say in what was going on. >> reporter: now, madison is swimming with her shark teammates this year. when i asked madison if she would eventually like to win as
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many medals as natalie, madison said she would be happy to win just one. we're live in danville, arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, arturo. the 29-year-old won her first olympic medal in 2004 in the summer games in athens. at the 2008 games in beijing, she became the first american female athlete to win six medals in one olympic game. throughout her career, she has won a total, get this of 48 medals in major international competition. and again coughlin joins jenny thompson and dara torres as the most decorated female olympians in u.s. history. to another developing story out of london, a war of words between a south bay soccer legend and current star of the game. hope solo took to twitter today on a rant against san jose native and commentator brandi chastain, apparently unhappy with chastain's comments during
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the broadcast. chastain was critical of the u.s. defender, saying that the defender needed to improve on winning the ball and keeping possession of it. chastain arguably is one of the top defenders of the u.s. team and is best known for taking off her jersey for celebrating a victory over china. solo ratelled off four tweets, ripping chastain. the first one reads it's too bad we can't have commentators who better represent the team and knows more about the game@brandi chastain. solo writes lay off commentating about defending and gking, which we are interpreting about goalkeeping until you get more educated@brandi chastain. the game has changed from more than a decade ago. that was a jab at chastain, when she competed in the olympics in 2004 and won a medal for her
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team. first day of competition was not all controversial, however, including surprising wins and defeats. >> reporter: hi, diane. nice to see you. there are always story lines of intense rivalries of the olympic games. one of the key match-ups, which you'll see tonight here on nbc almost didn't happen. >> on the line here for phelps. >> reporter: close call for michael phelps today and the first medal for the united states at the games. >> phelps up there in lane four. >> reporter: phelps barely made it into tonight's 400 meter individual medley. >> i just want to get in the water. that's what i'm going to do. go out, have some fun tonight and race hard. whatever happens happens. >> reporter: he was the slowest of eight qualifiers, but it set the stage for tonight's matchup against u.s. rival ryan lochte, who qualified third. american elizabeth beisel, the
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top qualifier in the 400 meter individual medley. >> still four for the italians. >> reporter: u.s. men's archery team lost to italy by one point, taking a silver for the team led by phoenix archer brady ellison. the basketball women beat croatia in a preliminary round while the men's basketball team prepared today for tomorrow's opening against france, still marveling over last night's ceremony. >> you know, we were filming everything, taking pictures. >> reporter: on a picture perfect day, the olympics seemed to be everywhere in london. queen elizabeth paid a visit heret the olympic park, cyclists raced past her home at buckingham palace. beach volleyballers pounded the net near white hall and first lady michelle obama watched tennis action at wimbledon as they savored the start of their long-awaited games. for londoners the wait is over and the game is on. the u.s. women's soccer team
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advanced today. they shut out colombia 3- 0. they will face korea again on tuesday. that's the latest from the summer olympics. i'm phil rogers, nbc bay area news, reporting tonight from london. diane, it's 54 degrees here in london. don't hold me to it, but i think we had days in vancouver at the winter olympics where it was actually warmer. >> i bet you that is correct, actually. i have a quick question for you. natalie coughlin, we've been talking about her tonight. can you fill me in? is there any word there on sort of what happened with her today? >> reporter: you know, diane, the only word on that is just from the coaches, who said it was a joint decision by the coaches, that they thought they went with their strongest swimmers in that. and natalie was very gracious after it was over and said she certainly understood coaching and she seemed just happy to be bringing home a medal. >> all right. fair enough. phil rogers, thank you very much. wel be checking in with you
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throughout the next 17 days or so. thanks, phil. >> reporter: thank you, diane. a local girl made good on the ping pong table in london today as well. 16-year-old ariel singh, who will be a senior at valley christian high in a couple of weeks. >> my parents are just so happy right now. they're even more excited about it than i am, i think. of course, we all feel just so lucky and so blessed because we know there are so many other players out there that try harder, sacrifice more, work just as hard and they don't have this opportunity. >> nice attitude. sing has been training for the olympics since she was 8. her next step might be a little tougher. she plays a second round match against a 49-year-old woman from luxembourg. opening ceremony in london brought a record -- broke it, that is. more people tuned in for this
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year's ceremony than any summer games ever. an average of almost 41 million viewers last night, a million higher than the record set by the opening ceremony way back in atlanta in 1996. and 6 million more than beijing. as for tv overall, it's the biggest audience any network has ever had on a friday night in a decade. if you missed the opening ceremony, go to and click on london 2012 and scroll down and click on the title royalty and rock extravaganza. you'll find dozens of pictures from the show. the action continues on nbc bay area starting at 8:00. some of tonight's big events include the much-anticipated gold medal swimming finals and three different events, men's and women's 400 meter individual medley and 400 meter free style for men's. men's gymnastics team competition and beach volleyball, to name a few. you can find the entire list of
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bay area athletes competing tomorrow on the website as well. go to and scroll down to london 2012 and click on weekend watch guide. still to come, we have more of our exclusive olympic coverage. we'll go behind the scenes with the u.s.a. men's basketball team and hear what they think of their chances. plus, we're following other news tonight as well. it was supposed to be a fun night out. tonight, a young woman from santa cruz is dead after a ride on a party bus. and a cool start to the weekend. what's on tap for tomorrow? meteorologist rob mayeda will join us with a complete forecast. also -- for the first time we take you inside an east bay food distributor under a federal embargo. nbc bay area investigative unit has that exclusive video, a report you have to see.
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mouse feces, dead rodents, all of that uncovered in the warehouse of a distributor. a national food recall. you'll see why the state shut its doors and you'll hear directly from the whistleblowers at the center of a two-month nbc bay area investigation. chief investigator tony
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cobeleski joins us now. >> you're about to step inside a major food distributor, which sells products for food manufacturers and beer bottlers all over. two former employees disgusted by the conditions where they work. >> it's widespread. quite a bit of the product. it's everywhere. >> reporter: he's talking about the secrets inside these concrete walls. why are you sitting there now? >> as a person that i can't bear this anymore. somebody has to stop what they're doing. stop what their process is. this isn't right. >> reporter: he says he quit his job in june, in part because his employer failed to properly address a massive rode entnt infestation. the video takes you inside the 150,000 square ft warehouse
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located just off highway 880 in fremont. >> move another bag. more mouse droppings. and this is san francisco herb natural food company, fremont, california. >> reporter: take a close look. more than two dozen pictures illustrate the whistle blowers claims. >> what the mice do is they're on the ground and they'll eat from the bottom of the palette. >> the public, they're buying this product. >> yes, they are. >> reporter: do you think they have any idea? >> not at all. nobody would know. >> reporter: within days of learning of an ongoing nbc bay area investigation, federal and state inspectors moved in, posting this embargo sign on the door, closing down the business since july 11th. you've shut down the facility. why? >> because of the massive rodent
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infestation, evidence that products had become adulterated by rodent feces and urine. >> the most disgusting thing i ever seen was mice living inside there, reproducing in there, making babies in there. what they did was just take the babies out, throw them away and rebag -- resift the product and put it back in stock. >> reporter: he claims product contaminated by direct contact with mice and mice feces is regularly sifted, removing the feces and dead myself mice and sometimes repackaged and sold to unknowing customers. >> product contaminated with mice feces was resold? >> mice feces, hair, urine,
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sifted out and repackaged and sold. >> reporter: occasionally or all the time? >> all the time. >> reporter: clean mouse dropping droppings. >> you had you. >> reporter: it appears to be an order. >> absolutely. if you look on the top in the left-hand corner, there's initials, most likely fn, which is the supervisor. >> reporter: the two documents raise more questions. they are milling requisitions. this one from january 2011 appears to say clean mouse droppings first. and this one from february 2011 clearly says clean mouse droppings. >> it looks like a sales order number at the bottom which means there was a customer. after they sifted out the dropping droppings, package it out and ship it out. >> if that occurred and we're so actively involved in the investigation, that raises the level of concern to a whole new level. >> reporter: finally, take a look at this picture.
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the two whistleblowers say the contents of that plastic bag were also found inside the warehouse. >> a rat about a foot and a half to two feet, long tail and it was on product. >> reporter: the owners of this facility, are they aware of how bad this problem is? >> yes, they were. >> reporter: are they aware that you were instructed to sift out mice feces, mice from product and resell that? >> at times the orders, they were the ones who gave those. >> reporter: the owners of the san francisco herb and natural food company. do you have a problem with mice droppings in your facility? >> no. >> reporter: do you have a problem with mice droppings and infestation? i want to show you these documents. it's important you have a chance to talk about these. excuse me, sir? owners made it clear they had no interest in viewing the pictures and video we uncovered. >> i'm going to have to ask you
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to leave. >> i just wanted to give you an opportunity -- >> i have to ask you to leave right now. >> okay. i hear what you're saying. >> i'm going to ask you to leave right now. >> here is the latest. the state's investigation continues, fremont warehouse remains closed with no scheduled date to reopen. you should know our second whistleblower tells us he was fired for talking on his cell phone during work hours and said he answered a phone call from his pregnant wife. on wednesday they issue d a nationwide recall for 16 different products to see that list go to diane? >> tony, how can people figure out if any of that food is actually in their kitchen, in their homes right now? >> it's not an easy or direct answer this company sold to food manufacturers. their name is not necessarily on the product in your home. a list of those companies are still not public. >> thanks a lot, tone y if you
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have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail at the we're going to check in with the weather. not too hod hot, for those who like it that way. what will we have for tomorrow? >> just a little bit warmer in our inland valleys. not a bad start to the weekend. 64 san francisco for the high today. chilly there. most of our inland locations, 70s to mid 80s. right now you can still find some 80s, mainly out toward the tri-valley and gichlt lroy, garlic festival going, in and around parts of the south bay. close to 80 right now. 63 in san francisco. it's going to weaken a bit by the time we finish the weekend. inland locations will warm up a
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few degrees tomorrow. and we'll see the heat come back, perhaps as early as tuesday, wednesday, on into thursday. now the weather is pretty good for the san francisco marathon taking place tomorrow morning, start time just after 5:00 am. could have misty skies and clouds early, turning partly cloudy, but nice and comfortable during the day. on the coast we had a lot of low clouds. marine layer still thick. it punches all the way inland. north winds during the day, sunshine in santa cruz warming things up to the 70s. monsoon moisture trying to come out of the desert southwest should stay to the south of yosemite for the weekend. if your plans include south of lake tahoe tuesday, wednesday and thursday, look out for camping plans south of lake tahoe. we will see thunderstorms coming back. low clouds will move locally inland, temperatures mostly in the 50s. pretty comfortable outside. during the day tomorrow, a little bit warm, especially toward gilroy.
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near 80 in san jose. warmest temperatures out toward pleasanton, alamo, mid to upper 80s back to san francisco. good running weather, though, with numbers in the mid 60s. you should start to find mid 0s around the north bay. right now we're in the coolest part of your seven-day forecast. notice the jump in these temperatures, especially toward the end of the three-day forecast tuesday into wednesday. it's going to get hot again. not everywhere. san francisco may be closer to the low 70s middle part of the week. livermore and pleasanton, very likely will see mid to upper 90s come tuesday and wednesday. for now, pretty nice for those outdoor plans and good running weather for the san francisco marathon come tomorrow morning. >> thank you, rob. coming up, he was awarded a gold medal in 1936. the world's oldest living olympic gold medalist. now he's going to london. we'll explain.
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>> definitely my strength, you know. >> she's short, sweet and very dangerous on the judo mat. the san jose state student who has been preparing for the olympics her whole life and is finally there.
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san jose is known for producing olympic athletes. this year is no exception. raj mathai introduces us to marti malloy. >> 26-year-old marti malloy is usually all smiles. don't let that smile or her small 5'3" frame deceive you.
6:55 pm
thud after thud, you can see and hear that she's a fierce combination of agility, speed and, perhaps most importantly, strength. >> my strength is definitely my strength, you know. i'm pretty physical. so i have that advantage in my weight category. >> she takes 60 kilo guys and throws them around, literally. >> reporter: in london, malloy will compete in the 67 kilo division. aka, about 125 pounds. >> marti malloy basically broke the mold when they made the 67 kilo woman. >> coached malloy for years and says she has the right stuff to medal. >> beat some of the best girls in the world and i think she has a really good chance of medaling. on the right day, she can win the gold medal. >> reporter: malloy is currently ranked tenth in world despite a recent injury. >> i really messed up my shoulder. the specialist told me i took a hammer to it basically. >> reporter: she feels better
6:56 pm
than ever and is ready to show the world her strength, something she wasn't able to do in 2008 when she just missed making the olympic team. she did go to beijing but served only as a training partner. >> i got to sit in the crowd every day watching judo and also girl that is i had beaten fight at the olympic level. to come that close and not make it made this current olympics that much more of a goal of mine. >> reporter: it's now or never for a woman who spent a lifetime to get to this point. >> i'm 26 this year. 20 years this year i've been doing judeo. that's how long it took me to make an olympic team. >> good for her. raj mathai reporting. marti malloy goes for gold monday. our exclusive coverage of the 2012 london olympics continues right after the break. we'll take you back to london right after the report. stories of controversy, mystery and triumph are unfolding. bay area athletes are at the heart of them. we'll take you behind the scenes with the u.s.a. basketball team. major ratification effort in the south bay. why fruit flies are a concern
6:57 pm
yet again. fight on a party bus turns fatal. i'll have the details and also why police say witnesses aren't cooperating. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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bay area athletes are already making headlines. natalie coughlin, a fan favorite. tonight there's a bit of a mystery surrounding her status. we'll explain that. plus the men's rowing team, which trains at cal, won some bragging rights today. not a med al, but the next best thing. some of basketball's most familiar faces begin their quest for olympic gold tomorrow. what they have to say about this year's team. a live look at london where thousands of athletes are, no doubt, resting up for another day of competition tomorrow. and if you are coping with the aftermath of what happened today, welcome back, i'm diane
7:00 pm
dwyer. first full day of the games did not escape controversy. nbc's phil rogers is in london with a look at the mystery surrounding one particular swimmer as well as athletes that advanced in today's games. hello, phil. >> hi, diane. that swimmer is natalie coughlin. the story involves something she did not do. that's right, something she did not do. bay area favorite has a bronze medal to bring home this evening. she didn't even swim to get t the united states took that bronze in the 400 meter free style relay, but coughlin had been replaced in the final, swimming only in the preliminaries earlier today. still, that bronze gives coughlin a perfect 12 for 12 in olympic races, tying her with jenny thompson and dara torres for most career medals by an american woman. eight-man boat which trains at cal advanced to the finals today. coach mike teti is coaching the
7:01 pm
team and three members have bay area ties, zach vlahos, david banks and jake cornelius. 16-year-old aerial hsing, which trains, has advanced to the second round of table tennis. hsing has high-powered support, none other than warren buffett and bill gates, who have known her since she was a child. diane, i mentioned when i spoke to you earlier this evening that it was quite chilly here in london. i think i told you it's 54 degrees. we speculated about how whether maybe it was warmer at the winter games when we were in vancouver. i have checked in the interim and right now it is 70 degrees in vancouver, 16 degrees warmer than at the summer games. >> that's pretty interesting as well. how about during the day, though? finally at least the sun came out after all that rain for so many weeks.
7:02 pm
>> yeah, diane. it was a gorgeous day here today. and, you know, i remember you were in beijing and you remember those hot days in beijing and how warm it can get there. here today, it was really, really mild. probably in the 70s. perfect, sunny day. the queen was out here today. had to have a good day for her. >> we'll check in with you late later. >> thank you, phil. here we are. not the dream team, not the redeem team either. nonetheless, the two decades long evolution of the u.s. basketball men's team made up of nba pros. team u.s.a. starts the journey for the olympic gold medal tomorrow when the team faces france in the opening round. in this, the 20-year anniversary of the first u.s.a. basketball dream team, team u.s.a. is reloaded with the top
7:03 pm
stars of the modern day nba, looking to stay on top of the game. >> a big challenge for us, obviously. i feel like the rest of the world feels like they can beat us and, you know, for us, we're pretty -- in terms of joking around, laughing, but we know what's at stake, what's at hand and what we're representing. >> first-time olympians on this team, these games provide a chance to share in something truly memorable. >> all of us are blessed to be in this position and we want to try to take advantage of it. that's the only thing we can do. playing with such great players on an everyday basis, practice with them, go through everything with them and that's what we have here with these guys. >> for some it's an honor that began as a childhood dream, rooted in american pride. >> because it's so diverse in so many sports, the olympics is such a big deal. i grew up watching them at a
7:04 pm
very early age and it was a way of feeling patriotic and kind of putting on for your country. for me, this is a very big deal. some guys here that have been there, done that. this is new, has a different feel to me, different team. i'm looking at the prospects. >> reporter: 2012 olympics, i'm lawrence scott. the action continues from london tonight right here on nbc bay area starting at 8:00. some of tonight's big events include the much anticipated swimming gold medal finals in three different events, men's and women's 400 meter individual medley and the men's 400 meter freestyle. the men's gymnastics team competition and beach volleyball. you can find the entire list of bay area athletes competing tomorrow on our website. go to and scroll down to london 2012 and click on weekend watch guide. a change to report to you now in the wake of a series of nbc bay area investigations.
7:05 pm
chief investigator tony kobeleski followed your tax dollars and found two problems with the light rail service. now the publication has resolved those issues. >> good evening again. your tax dollars at work. monitoring and two-year delay of a program that was designed to make it easier for everyone to buy tekts. your memos after our report made it clear you wanted this thing working and fast. >> we welcome the scrutiny of all of our transportation services, the reports did increase the focus. >> reporter: our hidden cameras provided that scrutiny, showing why vta had the highest rate in the region, leaving thousands of riders comfortable not buying tickets. >> you're riding without paying? >> reporter: did you buy a ticket today? we also discovered these signs
7:06 pm
that said "coming soon." our investigation found a $6 million program to provide functional credit card readers was still not working two years in the making. do you believe it's going to be fixed? >> i do. you know, we could argue, should vta have been doing it all along? it certainly has been raised by you and i think it got vta to sort of think how can we be better? >> coming up tonight after our prime time liolympic coverage, u will see how vta has fixed the problems. our full investigation following the olympics tonight as we continue to follow your tax dollars, making sure your money is working for you. diane? >> thanks a lot, tony. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail at the a young woman is dead tonight after a bizarre incident on a party bus. nbc bay area's kimberly.
7:07 pm
>> reporter: ten minutes before midnight. highway california patrol says two women on that party bus got into an argument that became physical. somehow the bus' doors open and they both fell out on highway 17 just north of highway 9. a 25-year-old woman authorities have identified as natasha nolan, was killed. the second woman, a 20-year-old, survived with scrapes, cuts and bruising. there were 12 to 15 passengers in the bus at the time of the accident but no others were hurt. the chp says everyone, except the driver of the bus, was intoxicated. >> the investigation is really difficult because the witnesses cooperative. bus weren't very some of them actually fled the
7:08 pm
scene. we're trying to piece these things together and find out how the door got opened. we don't know if someone opened the door and tried to kick them out or the door was faulty. we just don't know how this door got opened. >> reporter: chp is hoping to conduct more interviews and get the full story here. we know that part of the problem is there were underage drinkers on that party bus, which could cause some problems for the company party bus of santa cruz. officers say the driver of that bus cooperated at the scene but they have not spoken to the owners. we did call the company and were told they have no comment. chp is investigating and also is asking anyone with information to please come forward. live in san jose, kimberly tere. >> kimberly, thank you. infestation of oriental fruit flies triggered a major r
7:09 pm
eradication today. four of the pests were found in morgan hill this week. workers are treating a 16-mile area using the male attractant technique. >> attract the male oriental fruit fly to a spot that contains allure, there's a small amount of insecretaryicide that will kill the fly. >> hung from trees and power lines. officials say the flies probably came into the country on fruit smuggled from asia or hawaii. thousands of people are flocking to gilroy and volunteers have also gathered there, looking for missing 15-year-old sichlt erra lamar, last seen march 16th and today volunteers set up a booth just outside the festival in gilroy. festival officials say they would not allow the group inside because the event is about
7:10 pm
celebrating garlic. instead the volunteers asked people for donations on their way in and sold pink bracelets and ribbons that said, quote, keep the hope. we're told the money will help to cover the day-to-day expenses for keeping the search for sierra center open. >> everybody coming into the garlic festival, catching everybody that is coming into the festival. and it's been useful. >> meantime, thieves stole around 1,000 tickets to this year's garlic festival. so far no one has tried to use those stolen tickets but say if they are used they will not be honored. the final day at the festival, of course, is tomorrow. just ahead, the world's oldest living olympic gold medalist lives right here in the bay area and he'll explain how he almost lost his precious gold medal. how a family is honoring her memory.
7:11 pm
try new gold bond friction defense stick. it soothes skin and reduces friction. thanks, jimmy. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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this was an emotional day for family and friends of jessica gawli. a memorial was held in san antonio, texas, where she grew up. her brother talked about how her dreams would live on. >> i just want to leave you with two things. if this coward could have done this with this much hate, imagine what we can do with this much love f you're putting your dreams on hold, you stop that right now. you chase those dreams.
7:13 pm
you don't know how long you have here. >> her brother went on to say that the family has started a scholarship to help others fulfill the goals that his sister was denied. there were services for two other victims as well today. albanian weight lifter was expeled from the games, testing positive for a banned troid earlier this week and a back-up sample confirmed that result. albania dropped him from the team over doping suspicions. mark adams hopes there will not be more offenders but say if athletes are doping, they will be caught. gold medalist from 1956 will soon be leaving from london as we look at a live picture of the city at age 98, the world's oldest living olympic gold medalist. he lives right here in the bay
7:14 pm
area. we caught up with him last night as he was honored again. >> reporter: belvedere tennis club is toasting the oldest living olympic gold medalist in the world. >> i was 23 years old and so young. >> reporter: the 98-year-old was on the hungarian water polo team while he studied for phd in engineering. >> get on my bicycle and i was there until 10:00. >> bringing back the 1936 games but he remembers every moment. >> in berlin, the crowds and everything, hitler there. everybody thought that the germans are going to win. but they couldn't beat the hungarians. >> reporter: he and his team won gold, a medal he almost lost in 2002 when his home came under fire. jesse owens' victory, he says, stands out. >> treated as the excellence is
7:15 pm
the human quality. it's not a privilege of any race or color. >> reporter: olympian still swims and will travel to london next week to root for the hungarian water polo team. he says while the games aren't as pure as they were in 1936, he hopes they continue. >> striving for excellence, the best qualities of the human nature come out. and if everybody would be like that, people wouldn't go into war against each other. we've been talking olympic sports. how about bay area baseball? let's go to henry wofford with comcast sports. what's going on, henry? >> right here in the bay area, coming up in sports, red hot k oakland a's look to continue their torrid pace in baltimore. we'll have a spoiler alert for
7:16 pm
you. things got ugly at at&t park today. highlights next from the sportsdesk. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm?
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welcome back to nbc bay area. things would take an ugly turn for the home team. let's get you to the highlights. a lot going on at at&t park between the dodgers and giants. however it was the dodgers doing the good thing, barry zito on the mound. matt kemp, two-run shot to put the dodgers up 2-0. top of the ninth, dodgers up 7-0. kemp again. rbi double to right. finishes a triple short of the cycle. dodgers win 10-0. jaymee sire has more.
7:19 pm
>> it was san francisco shutting them out for three straight games last time. this time around the giants are looking to avoid a sweep at the hands of their decision rivals. >> have to be ready for the next day. you're going to have games like this. sure, you don't like them. you look like you're flat. this game you have to put them behind you. you have no choice. hopefully, come out and get it going the next day. >> it's the major leagues. nothing is easy here. so, we're excited to come down to it and almost to august. you know, but we're excited coming down to the wire and fight it out for the next two months. >> 161, 62 games. you'll have a game like this. you just have to turn the page and come back tomorrow and try to get a w. >> general consensus is that these two teams will be battling it out last week of the season. they play nine more times, including the final three games of the season. reporting from at&t park, i'm
7:20 pm
jaymee sire. >> thank you, jaymee. game two of three in baltimore for the a's, top of the fourth. one on. no score. cespedes gets this baby out of here. off tommy hunter, 14th of the year. in the sixth inning, a's up 3-0. chris carter. are you kidding me? he gets ahold of one, it's way out of there. a's up 5-0, loving the long ball. 35 homers in july. they win 6-1. also the a's are close to acquiring catcher george cattaras. >> all right. we're having some technical difficulties as you might have noticed. we'll try to get back to comcast and more of those highlights. meantime, as you've been noticing, olympics are in full
7:21 pm
swing. all kinds of bay area athletes are competing. jim kozimor has more. >> the number one qualifier, best american sprinter on the scene. >> it really does come down to a sense of confidence. at the 2008 summer games, nathan adrian was the youngest man to suit up for the u.s. men's national swim team. four years later he's more self assured and ready to make his mark once again in the pool. >> nathan adrian, below in lane five is fegan trying to keep pace with adrian. >> a consistent national team athlete. i was completely awe struck and inspired by some of the guys i was on the team w moving forward
7:22 pm
into 2012 it's an experience where i'm going in, trying to perform well. >> adrian won his first olympic gold medal swimming in the preliminaries of the 4 by 100 meter relay in beijing. although he wasn't part of the final leg, his feat was vital to the team's success. >> we set them up in that middle lane where they were in control of the race. it's easy to look back and say, yeah, one goal. looking through that and the emotion and how team u.s.a. got that goal is really what makes it special. >> record pace as he has the lead. >> reporter: along with success in the pool, long-time ncaa champion is victorious in the classroom, senior at cal say 4.0 student, majoring in public health. >> what i really liked about it is that i could combine my passion about swimming, because i could take my physiology and
7:23 pm
anatomy classes and directly apply that to the pool and what i knew about my own body. >> reporter: understanding his body and understanding how it functions could only help him dominate in london. >> i would love to swim the individual race, 50 and 100 freestyle again and beyond the relay, try to gain back our world title. that's ultimately where a lot of succe successful feelings come from. >> what a great race. nathan adrian now has his individual event. >> all right. very nice. the quick update from comcast, apparently lost power to the newsroom. everybody is fine there. again, the a's won against baltimore 6-1. that's my sports report for you. let's check in with rob mayeda. a good one at that.
7:24 pm
chilly around san francisco with low clouds. 61, 62 in oakland. 70s and 80s inland. sea breeze is reaching into fairfield. you see the winds out of the south into napa and santa rosa, you'll get a cooldown, see patchy low clouds heading into tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be a little warmer for inland spots and big warming will arise very likely tuesday, wednesday and thursday, out toward the tri-valley. could see some mid to upper 90s. where it's not going to be warm is right down the coast, from pillar point to santa cruz, north winds helping to break up those lou low clouds. that's why you'll see mid 70s on this part of the coast but likely staying up in the 60s toward half moon bay come tomorrow. monsoon moisture, which has been staying away from yosemite and the sierra. the high builds back to the west. you'll start to see thunderstorms approaching yosemite. meantime tomorrow, by lunchtime, you'll see temperatures pretty
7:25 pm
close to the highs we had today and by late afternoon, here you go. close to 90 by antioch. mid to upper 80s by livermore. san jose, still pretty comfortable. still chilly around san francisco. you wrap up the weekend, warmer inland with drizzle out on the coast and temperatures start to really climb on up. tuesday and wednesday, we're talking mid to upper 90s for the inland locations out toward the tri-valley. not too bad around the inner bay, 70s to low 80s. we should start to cool down as we approach next weekend, but overall our weather pretty nice. if you're going to be camping in the high country, look out for those thunderstorms. they can make a big impact on your plans. >> not fun impact. thank you, rob. coming up next, a lot of people travel a very long way to see the london olympics, right? one man's journey started with a ri
7:26 pm
7:27 pm
. a man from china has pulled
7:28 pm
off an unusual athletic feat himself. 57-year-old traveled all the way from his home country to london in that, a rickshaw. he says the journey started in 2001. since then he cycled nearly 25,000 miles, passing through 16 countries and endurg all kinds of weather. olympic organizers gave him a ticket to the opening ceremony, which he described after as a magnificent performance. coming up next, rob mayeda hosts "the olympic zone" a behind-the-scenes look at the olympic games. take a look back at the spectacular opening ceremony, and we'll introduce you to a bay area athlete who is following in his father's olympic footsteps, showing lester holt what it takes to be a top fencer. that and much more in about 30 seconds. after the olympic zone, it's the olympic games in prime time. big events on tonight's schedule. once those events wrap up, a
7:29 pm
special edition of nbc bay area news which will include reaction from bay area athletes. we'll see you tonight around midnight. good night. we head to the olympic stadium to relive an unforgettable night. plus, why your teammates chose this woman to lead team u.s.a. into the olympic ceremony. london's oldest restaurant has been feeding britains for centuries. we wanted to know, how's the food? find out next on "the olympic zone."


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