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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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instead it wants to tear down the rink and put up more lucrative stores. >> i think it's very sad. >> reporter: why? >> because i love ice skating a lot. >> the rink offers everything from lessons to hockey leagues. it's also where olympic screams blossom. >> there just aren't places like this anymore and it would be shame to get rid of it. the other ice rinks in the area, they're full too. there's just not enough ice to go around. >> reporter: spa wants the city to a prove a change to the master plan which calls for an ice rink or other recreational space. ice rink fans hope this petition will hope save the rink. so far they have collected more than 2,000 signatures. >> reporter: hoping this ice rink will continue to inspire go
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ahead medal dreams the owner of this ice rink is offering to put in synthetic turf at a nearby park in order to make up for the loss of the rinks. >> sad for many to see it close. super bowl dreams in the south bay just got a step closer to reality today. construction crews installed the first metal beam for the new stadium in santa clara. the stadium should be completed in two years just in time for 2 the 2014 season. all the steel is american made and the land next door which has been vacant for years is now getting some attention. >> there's a lot of interest in the land around the stadium site that never had interest. they're going to build a
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five-star hotel. new tonight at 6:00, a troubling shortage at a bay area food bank. jodi hernandez is here with more on how you can help solve the problem. >> reporter: the food bank normally reaching out to the community when they need food donations, but that's not the case tonight, they have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies what, they need are volunteers. the ryan family spent the afternoon at the alameda county community food bank sorting and bagging oranges for those in need. >> i feel good about myself and i like helping people in need and help the community so i think it's nice that we get to do this. >> reporter: but the food bank desperately needs more folks by the ryans. while the warehouse is full of fresh produce, their volunteer
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ranks are running alarmingly thin. >> there's plenty of fresh produce coming in today, but that food can't get out to the clients, we need more helping hands to get it out to the community as quickly as possible. >> reporter: help so short some of the food is starting to rot before the food banks are able to get it out to the people who need it so they're making an you are urgent plea for help. >> most days only have a few people signed up for shifts. we need 40 to 50 people per shift to make sure we get the food out on time. >> i suggest that they come to help the community and help the people that are in need and that are less ford natt. -- fortunate. >> reporter: the food bank serves one in six alameda county residents, 49,000 people every week, so it is crucial that they get some help. they are hoping to recruit some
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1,200 volunteers for the month of august alone. reporting live in oakland, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. right now san francisco police are on the hunt for suspects in a deadly shooting in the visitation valley neighborhood. officers say the shooting started just before 1:15 this afternoon on the first block of burr avenue. at first the dispatchers described a fight, but when officers arrived, they found two men dead from gunshot wounds. a witness tells investigators that they did see several people yelling at each other just before shots were fired. police don't have any suspects and are asking anyone with any information to give them a call. a woman and two men are now facing multiple felony charges in connection with a july 11 robbery at a san mateo home that police believe is part of a
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prostitution ring. investigators say they could be tied to several other rocbberie. police say they found the victims' possessions in the victim suspects cars. a does sen riders at the theme park were left dangling when the superman ultimate flight ride suddenly stalled. those riders were stuck for nearly 90 minutes before the coaster started. the problem wasn't mechanical but says sensors can stop the ride when it detects a problem. >> they're doing diagnostic because there's sensors designed for safety reasons that would cause a ride to stop. but we don't know until we do further testing on it. >> no riders were hurt during
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the stall. the ride remained closed today. park officials say they will run more tests on it when the park closes tonight. another big night of olympic action in store here on nbc bay area with our own local athletes taking center stage. tonight san jose's marty malloy goes for gold in judo. then a huge day boot in the pool for the water polo team. we'll have more coming up in a little bit at 6:30. after competing at the at thens games, dana volmer failed to qualify for the beijing olympics. volmer took gold in the 100 meter butterfly last night. here's a look at how she celebrated her triumphant victory with her loved one it. >> reporter: good evening from london, we need you here out in
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london. if you don't have a ticket to one of the events, you show up here like eaveryone and you wath it on the big screen. everyone's having a good time and this place is packed. we're going to take you behind the scenes, not just the athletes, but the athletes' family and their spouses. late into the london night is the reward of gold medalist dana volmer. this is part of the olympics you usually don't see, not the coach or the trainers, but the husband and parents who shared her journey. >> she's got her life in order, she's figured out here food aller allergies, she doesn't have the stress she had in 2008. she's a lot more calm. >> she has a wonderful husband. >> gold does a funny thing to people. it makes them giddy and weak in the knees. >> i'm still shaking all over
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and seeing my family', i hadn't got to see them yet and that was just incredible. and by the way, volmer's husband andy grant is a former swimmer at stanford. the 2012 olympics is getting a record amount of coverage both on tv and on the net. 3,500 hours to be act. obviously we can't show you every image from the games, but we are making a serious effort. here's lawrence scott to show you how you can find the most awesome and most dramatic moments a far. >> we are several days into the 2012 london olympics and already we have seen some amazing images coming out of these games of the 30th olympiad. the photography capturing the summer games is a large part of how we see the events. we want you to know, we have got a way that you can browse the images of the games in london. and it all starts by visiting
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our website, scroll down to the first subsection, and click on dramatic photos. then you'll be able to click around the slide show with some of the best images being captured of the games. please do take a look. with this look at what's online and our coverage of the 2012 olympic olympics, i'm lawrence scott. >> many incredible moments and we have complete coverage, live coverage coming up at 6:30, including the twitter protest by athletes. and also the nbc bay area products we touch every day. which labels to look for and how to interpret them. plus apple and samsung head to court in the south bay, how it could impact your smart phone. and some say it has shades of the enron scandal. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a big-time warmup for us,
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now to an nbc bay area follow-up. we now know the cause of this four-alarm fire that took place last month. investigators say welders accidentally sparked the flames as they were attaching a ladder to a wall. the fire did more than $2 million of damage to the two story water front building along the erk bambarcadero. the building was largely vacant but work workers had been there preparing for next year's america's cup sailing race. a federal trial that could determine the future of smart phones including iphones got underway today with jury
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selection, it's a $2.5 billion lawsuit that contests what apple can claim and patent as their investigation. >> reporter: apple, samsung, just about every smart phone maker is watching this case for sure, but before you think that it's just a corporate courtroom battle, you should know that if you use a smart phone, you could get caught in the cross fire. apple says samsung copied its smart phone and tablet, samsung says that what apple did wasn't new, it was just better. hundreds of jurors showed up at the federal courthouse in san jose where once inside the judge described the trial saying this will be an interest case. the judge asked the jurors whether they had ties to apple, samsung or motorola. five jurors asked to be excused
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immediately saying they could not be partial. if you use a smart phone, the outcome will affect you, though probably not the smart phone you have right now. >> nothing really is going to happen. this is a war that's being fought by two titans. and they're not going to get stepped on, no one's going to come in and take the phone. no one's going to stop supporting, this will all get worked out. >> kevin rivet a patent attorney, intellectual property expert says this case will test what patents can cover and the look and feel of product. but in the end, it will be good for the consumers. >> once we determine what, you know, companies have to work around with each other, then we'll see actually a reduction of price, significantly and we'll see more features being added at a faster rate. >> there are billions of dollars
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with a b on the line, that the others will have to pay for royalties for the cool technology, but all of that will mean choice and variety and that is likely to drop the prices pretty quick. this is reminiscent of the enron skal dan, a big electricity trader as reportedly found a way to exploit weaknesses in the states $8 billion market. authorities are investigating jp morg more began chase. the agency that runs the state's power grid and oversees last minute electricity sales has already recovered to mi$20 mill from that company. jpmorgan isenying any wrong doing. as of today, stockton will
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be closed between ellis and geary. the $1.6 billion central subway project will go there. the plan is to create a new branch of muni to connect the south of market neighborhood to china town. the new subway will include china down and expect to open in 2019. it could soon cost you move to go to the san francisco zoo, but not because ticket prices are changing. transportation officials are talking about adding meters around the zoo. they say the idea is not driven by revenue, they're trying to manage demand for parking and traffic in both areas. so far there's no official plan in the works. someone out there is silting on a $52 million lottery ticket. the megamillions ticket. the store has sold one other big
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winner before, a $30,000 scratcher, but the owner says this one is pretty amazing. >> this one just blew everyone away, $52 million, with the lottery department and us, we changed lives. it's amazing. >> the winner has yet to come forward and has 180 days to claim the winnings. we all feel like winners already because of the beautiful weather out, right, jeff? is that the way we should look at it? >> we have a little bit of everything here on the weather board. so if that 90 in livermore was too hot, you can always make it cooler weather. some very warm to hot weather in the willamette valley with 95 and also 98 in gilroy. it's going to be a very mild night in place with 93 at this hour. 84 in san jose, and plenty of
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70s and 80s here from oakland to napa. let's take you out to that sky camera network. this is a lot different than we saw last week when we were fogged in. we had major airport delays, we had a lot of this offshore flow starting to set in and all that fog and marine layer starting to compress so that is leaving us with sunny skies in san francisco and we'll take you to the south bay and a lot of blue sky at the current hours. the big-time picture continuinging to show the marine layer that we had this morning. the only place we're finding any kind of cloud cover is back into monterrey bay, so for most of tonight, it looks like we'll have a fog free forecast for us, that is eventual going to set us up for some much hotter weather. now here's the thing, it's not only going to drive these winds off shore as well here across the interior valleys and helping temperatures to warm up, but it has a ton of warm air into the higher levels and that's also going to keep numbers up.
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how high we think, some 80s by the bay, and as interior valleys, by the mid 80s by the lunchtime hour on tuesday. and we're talking mid to upper 90s. you may have a few triple digits on tuesday's forecast. we're always going to have your london outlook here at the olympics. we're going to get into some cool and showery weather. temperatures in the 60s, then by wednesday, mostly sunny, a little bit warmer, but then by thursday, we get those typical london showers back and also temperatures in the 60s, plenty of coverage here on nbc. we also want to preview a little bit of this show, it's called "the olympic zone" at 7:30. i do have somewhat of my own experience, my own take on it that i'm going to share with you with all these athlete profiles coming up at 7:30 before prime
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time. >> we never doubt you had game. we're looking forward to seeing you at 7:30. coming up, looking a little bit closer at your jeans a local company's big step toward developing a controversial genetic home test. how the democratic party could soon be making a much bigger statement about same-sex marriage. and getti ting from sin city toe bay area could be as easy as riding a bullet.
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a bay area lawmaker is demanding changes after a santa cruz woman was killed on a party bus crash this weekend. chp says it happened just before midnight friday when two women who were fighting on the party
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bus fell out the door. a 35-year-old was killed and the second woman survived with scrapes and bruises. jerry hill is trying to get a bill passed that would tighten regulations on party busses. >> the driver of the bus company and a responsible mature 25-year-old or older individual is responsible in the future. that's what we're hoping will stop this from occurs. >> if the bill passes it could go in effect as soon as january 1. a source says party leaders have voted to include gay marriage in the official party platform. the push to include same-sex marriage gained momentum after president obama voiced his support earlier this year. it will be the first time in u.s. history a major political party has taken that position. and democra in san francisco have a new leader tonight. mayor ed lee officially announced the election of mary
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jung as the new democratic party chair. >> i'm truly honored to be elected as chair of the democratic party, especially at this time. we played a major role, not only in san francisco, but what happens in the nation. >> jung also works for pg&e. the committee has 250,000 members and it works to raise money and voter participation. california's high-paid rail could one day whisk you from the bay area to las vegas. private developers are planning on a plan that would link california to the las vegas rail line. the las vegas train backers are banking on the administration's backing of the construction of the $8 billion project. if it became a reality t trip from san francisco to vegas would take about four hours and even if it gets approval, the las vegas bullet train is at least 10 years away from completion. in health matters, mountain
6:25 pm
view based 23 is seeking approval for igeneticists. the zests are already on sale for $300 each. the tests have been criticized for being poorly regulated. it will be the first company to seek fda approval for its products. burned out nurses could lead to an increase in infections in hospital patients. that study was done by the university of pennsylvania and found that for every patient added to a nurse's workload accounted for 1 person getting an infection. the study says that more than a third of nurses surveyed reported high levels of job related burnout and that overworked nirss are more likely to not follow infection control
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practices. still ahead at 6:00, spiraling back at a mass shooting suspect, the unusual charges announced today for the alleged theater gunman. and a record stay for a local athlete. tonight, what chemicals are lurking in your favorite accessories. you see the prop 65 warning labels popping up on merchandise, what do those warning labels mean? we'll show you the fine print and show you the results of our tests on some local products.
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. live look from london with the olympic caldron burning and we are inching closer to nbc's prime time coverage. ryan lofty is going for another win in the 200 meter free style.
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>> last night was so good, i can't wait to watch now. phil rogers looks at the day that one of our own olympians had today. >> reporter: let's start out with water polo. you know, it really was a big day for one of your bay area favorites in the defeat of hungary, 14 to 13. maggies stefans of danville, the youngest member of that squad. over in women's beach volleyball. carrie walsh and misty may trenor has already beaten australia in these olympics. and marty malloy competing tonight in women's judo. that squad has only gotten one medal in the entire history of women's judo in the united states. that was a bronze in beijing four years ago. janell and jessica, i should tell you, it is pouring down rain here in london this morning
6:30 pm
and that is expected to extend well into the day when the sun comes up later today on tuesday. >> hopefully it won't affect any of the competitions. phil just mentioned marty malloy, she's from san jose state, known for producing olympic athletes. malloy has spent a lifetime waiting for her olympic moment. >> reporter: looks can be deceiving, 26-year-old marty malloy is usually all smiles, but don't let that smile or her small 5'3" frame deceive you. thud after thud, you can see and hear that she's a fierce combination of agility, speed and perhaps most importantly strength. >> my strength is definitely my strength. i'm pretty physical so i have that advantage in my weight category. >> she takes 60 kilo guys and throws them around. literally. >> reporter: in london, malloy will complete in the 57 kilo
6:31 pm
division, aka 125 pounds. >> malloy broke the mold when they made the 27 kilo woman. >> she has the right stuff to medal. >> she's beat some of the best girls in the world and i think she has a really good clans of medaling and on the right day, she can win the gold medal. >> reporter: despite suffering a reechb recent injury, malloy is ranked tenth in the world. >> i really messed up my shoulder, what the specialist said was that i took a hammer to it basically. >> reporter: malloy is now ready to show the world her strength, something she wasn't ready to do in 2008 when she just missed making the olympic team. she did go to beijing, but she served only as a training partner. >> i got to sit in the stands watching those i had beaten at the olympic medal. to get that close and not make it, made this olympics more of a goal of mine.
6:32 pm
i'm 26 this year, so 20 years this year, i've been doing judo. >> and we will be rooting for you. we'll here's a look at some of the other prime time competition tonight. after winning a surprising bronze medal in beijing, the u.s. men's gymnajigymnastic tea for the gold. and ryan lochte looks to add to his 200 meter free style. michael phelps goes for gold in the 200 meter free style. and missy franklin goes for gold in her first individual final. she already won a bronze in the team relay. she plans to swim a total of seven events. > a 23-year-old posted tweets
6:33 pm
insulting south koreans. saying, quote, they can go burn. morganella says he's sorry for what he's zeend is accepting the consequences for his actions. he's the second one to be kicked out of the olympics. u.s. athletes are protesting on twitter. they're upset over a rule prohibiting appearances in advertisements for anyone except official response sorries during the olympics. the athletes are calling for the restrictions mandated by the olympic charter to be relaxed. they started a twitter #titled we demand change 2012. olymp . first it was a squurt guard shortage, now it's olympic seats. locals watching the games on tv are outraged to see empty stands. many of them have spent months trying but failing to buy tickets online.
6:34 pm
today prime minister david cameron said he shares their frustration but he believes the problem will soon be solved military personal nell and teachers were offered free tickets to get fan into the stands but were no shows. more tickets were made available last night and they quickly sold out. you're looking now at the olympic caldron. crews moved it from the center of the stadium to make room for track and field events. it's still burning but it did cause some controversy because the flame is not supposed to go out during the games. spoiler alert for you now. we're about to show you the current medal count. we'll let you know when you can open your eyes again or take a little walk, come back, when the music stops, it's like musical chairs. its safe to open your eyes.
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>> and if you're wondering where and when you can watch your favorite events, head to nbc bay click on the olympics tab, scroll down and dlik on the viewing guy. you can look up events or by viewing times or find the online listings. plus still ahead here tonight, the man accused in that mass killing at a colorado theater makes his second court appearance. also ahead a bay area investigation uncovers potential dangers in the products we use every day. plus keeping tabs on the cops, the nationwide investigation involving police and license plates. and i'm jeff ranieri, in the nbc bay area weather center, the numbers have come down a little bit but still sizzling back in the east bay. as we look ahead towards our
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prosecutors in colorado haven't decided whether to seek the death penalty against the accused theater shooting suspect. they charged him twice for each person they claim he killed for wounded. that's 24 homicide charges for the people he killed and 116 attempted murder charges for each of the 58 victims wounded. the double charges are an important part of their sentencing strategy assuming
6:39 pm
he's found guilt. cameras were not aloud in the courtroom. >> we have seen him before, he looked like he was kind of spaced out or out of touch. he looked very, very alert today. and very lucid as to what was going on. >> holmes said only one word allowed in court today. he answered yes when the judge asked if he wanted to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days. republican presidential candidate mitt romney facing a new controversy tonight, plain leaders calling him a racist after his visit to israel. romney was speaking at a fund-raiser hosted by wealthy americans. he praised the economic success of israelis whose annual income reaches $35,000 versus the poverty of -- he said culture makes all the difference, signing a book on development.
6:40 pm
palestinian leaders are outraged saying that he failed to factor in the effect of israeli occupation. >> the israelis and palestinians may be in conflict buds they're still people. this statement does not serve those who are trying to protect and save lives in this region. >> a romney campaign spokesperson says his comments were grossly mischaracterized. tonight romney is in poland and is set to deliver a speech before heading home. what are police doing with your license plate data? that is the question the aclu is now asking police departments around the country. government officials say information captured on automatic license plate readers can be used to fight crime and terrorism. civil rights advocates are questioning how long police are allowed to keep that data. most parenapartments don't prov that information and now affiliates in 38 states are now
6:41 pm
pushing to find out. now jeff ranieri joins us to talk about the weather. >> outside i think it has something to do with the olympics. maybe you're going to get your olympic run on here, throughout tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we'll talk about this heat and how long it's going to last for your run outside in just a few minutes. no matter the season, i still get dry skin. introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond.
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fremont's deduct solar panel maker has now filed a -- it made headlines when it declared bankruptcy and abruptly shut its doors. solynzra was a defense department darling. the reorganization plan will decide which assets creditors will be able to go after in other words to recoup their debts. we're talking about shoes, wallets and purses, but what exactly are they made of. >> vickie winn shows us the labels on similar products and shows you will lead may be lurking. you don't think of lead being in purses. >> you think about children's
6:44 pm
toys or paints, but you have seen the prop -- they are starting to pop-up on purses, shoes and wallets too. the fine print tells us the products may contain products like lead. so we tested products sold at local chain stores and we asked a bay area watch group what consumers should know. california's prop 65 requires businesses to notify customers about, quote, significant chemicals in the products they purchase. for these bags and sandals. the fine print warns people the items may contain lead, a chemical known to cause cancer and birth defects. but shopper we talked to didn't notice the warning so we bought some of the bags and sandals and took them to a state certified
6:45 pm
lab for testing. caroli the group is fighting to get manufacturers to lose the labels and the leede all together. >> you're carrying your purse around, you're opening it, you're closing it. every time you open it, you get a small a lot of lead on your fingers. >> eating or breathing the metal is thought for more dangerous than touching it. >> but if you can avoid it how should. >> did not respond to our request for comments, but a spokesman for dede's tells us they're not plan -- to see our full investigation and more on the bag that have the highest lead content in the ceh report. looking forward to that report. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or sends an
6:46 pm
email to the unit@nbc bay just coming in right now, we're getting those certified close to 100 this afternoon in livermore, also 98 in gilmore, 95 in willamette valley. also 86 in los gatos. so the numbers are really varied widely depending on where that dry or northwesterly wind was setting up. nevertheless, we do have some much hotter weather coming our way. devoid of any kind of marine layer and fog, which is pretty rare this time of year. dryer winds scouring out any kind of marine layer at the coastline. warmer weather this hour, if you're heading out tonight. at least more milder in the next couple of hours. holding on strong to 93 in livermore, 84 in san jose and 84 in gilmore. what you're find tonight is a
6:47 pm
fog-free picture down in downtown san francisco. we have some haze, we can't rule out a little bit of patchy fog. we do have some showers in londs, at least local time and we do expect that to continue for tomorrow as the olympic flame is, well, you know, not getting wavered here about any kind of shower activity as that did travel only 69 days across great britain for that opening ceremony with 13 million people lining the streets. back home, what we're finding is high pressure sitting right out in the pacific. it's going to get a little bit closer in the next couple of days and that's why the increase in your temperatures and eventually we'll see a push off to the north. we'll bring a few numbers into the coastline, it's not going to get majorly hot or record setting at the coast. as we head into wednesday here's forecast, as that heat looks to peak out.
6:48 pm
we'll start off with 53 in santa ro rosa. mid upper 50s in the south bay, so a decent recovery in the morning, by 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, we expect temperatures to soar. 89 in san jose, mid to upper 90s from morgan hill to gilroy, and for the east bay, this will be the hottest widespread location. out in the sun, it's going to feel like 100 in walnut creek. remember that spf and if you happen to work outside, it's one of those days that you need to take frequent breaks. low 90s in sonoma and also in napa and 72 in san francisco. for all things olympic, right here at nbc, just in case you haven't noticed, we're going to keep that chance of showers with us, the event we're highlighting is equestrian, things will be cool for those horses out in the arenas in the upper 60s, we'll have dry weather on wednesday, a chance of showers on thursday
6:49 pm
and more typical london showers for friday as well. so not nearly as hot as it was last week, and speaking of equestrian events, did you know they actually started way back over 50 years ago and equestrian is made up of over three different disciplines, dress saj eventing and jumping. the women first started participating in those ekw equestrian events back in 1952. as we head into this upcoming weekend, we'll gradually see numbers dropping off into the upper 80s and low 90s and then even into bthd about monday next week, we'll keep plenty of heat with us as that weather will be staying hot. so a few showers for the equestrian events, but with dressage, give them a few carrots, keep them going, hopefully the showers won't deter them too.
6:50 pm
-- too much. >> it's going to be okay. more on olympic coverage. they are called the women's double skulls. its sounds a little scary but it's not, they are a rowing duo. they're set to compete in london in just about eight hours. being in sync isn't the only challenge for them. >> reporter: stroke for stroke t women eastside light weight double skulls are heavyweights in the water. totally in sync. and while they may look at ease, gliding across that water, rowing is no london cup of tea. it's all about strength, stamina and endurance. >> i think it is deceptive when people watch it, they think it looks so beautiful and fluid and you don't realize how hard we're working. we're killing ourselves. >> it takes a lot of hours of training together to try to make everything match perfectly and
6:51 pm
make the flow of the boat through is water feel like it's working the way that we want it to. >> livermore native julie nicholls and her partner kristen headstrom teamed up more than a year ago with women's crew coach dave o'neil. o'neill was also nichollhollnich at cal. >> he's been my coach my entire rowing career. >> reporter: it's been a long time coming for nicholls who was an alternate in the 2008 beijing games. >> i think it's going to be a totally different experience and i'm really excited about out. >> a nail biter all the way from start to finish, over just about a seven-minute race, we qualified by .09 seconds. >> qualifying by may allowed the
6:52 pm
team to fully concentrate on the london games. a key component of their training involves maintaining a certain weight. >> kristen and i together have to average 125.67 pounds. and neither one of us can be over 130 pounds. >> the phd mechanical engineering student talks about their weight like a precise mathematician. >> we both have our target weights and weigh in two hours before and then race. so it actually sets up a nice routine for us and becomes very systemat systematic. >> reporter: and it's a system they hope will lead them to that podium in london. >> the rowers are slated to compete in about eight hours. >> very unlady like and definitely unsportsmanlike, one of america's best soccer players got sucker punched columbia -- for the hit on abby wobach.
6:53 pm
and soccer star hope solo will be goalie for that game. the outspoken goalkeeper who's celebrating her 31st birthday today took to twitter to quitter today to criticize her opponent. she had some harsh words with team usa's defense. lay often commenting about defending and gking until you get more educated, the game has changed from a decade ago. solo says she is not backing down from her comments and will not be disciplined by the team for the tweets to chastain who last played in 2004. >> she's had a lot of controversy in the past relating to some of the comments she made in the past relating to other soccer players.
6:54 pm
we'll be right back.
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coming up tonight after the olympics, san jose's marty malloy will be going for the gold. again you can watch us tonight after the olympics. that does it for us, we want to remind you we have a new show a called "the olympic zone" that airs at 7:30, then after that at 8:00 p.m., prime time for the olympics. and after that, jessica and i will be back for nbc bay area news around midnight for all the
6:57 pm
day's highlights of today's competition. >> we might do some judo, too. >> good night.
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lights, camera, olympics. here we go. >> i've got a lot of fans. i hope you're okay with this. >> a helicopter, too. she parachuted in. >> the first lady and queen celebrate the games together but each in their own way. i'm bill belichic billy bush wie observe obama. >> a dream ends in tears for jordyn wieber. meet the proud parents of one aly raysman the


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