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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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pretty simple request. now that we are olympic champions can we please meet justin bieber? shortly after guess who tweets back. there you go. justin bieber says congrats on your gold medal and #believers win gold and #proud. that's how we start out this morning after they win the gold. an amazing night it was. they all performed nearly flawlessly. team usa's first gold medal in the all around team gymnastics since 1996, the atlanta games and second time in olympic history that team usa won gold in this event. remember a lot of it started in san jose for the team trials and now here in london they are champions. coming up later today we'll go one on one with the fab five. i just met with them a short while ago and those interviews ar yet to come. they will aware on the "today" show in a couple of hours from
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now. from gymnastics to swimming. here are the numbers. 18 and 19. we're talking about michael phelps. we wins olympic medal number 18 and relay team wins number 19. 19 medals in his olympic career and that's number one any sport any gender any country michael phelps is on top of the world. as for our local swimmers not quite michael phelps. this is scott welsh. he's looking for medal number one. phelps has 19, scott looking for medal number one. this guy is phenomenal. from san jose. he used to sell cars to make end meet. tonight he's looking to win in the breast stroke. the wells family are here in london to cheer him on. we have a bit of a controversy now. what do they say in baseball no crying in baseball. in badminton, no cheating.
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the governing board of badminton charged eight players with misconduct. eight female athletes all part of their badminton teams from china, indonesia and south korea for deliberately trying to lose their matches. they wanted to advance and get better seedings in the tournament. if they lost certain matches they would get better seedings. that goes against the spirit of any spirit in any country. they charged eight players with misconduct. so that's what's going to happen. pretty amazing. >> raj, we're getting word -- >> we're just hearing now. >> i'm just getting word that they were charged earlier today and now they are disqualified. the olympic committee coming down harsh because that's something obviously a horrible precedent you don't want to set. those eight players, eight female players have been disqualified from the olympics from indonesia, china and south korea. so a bit of developing news as
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we're learning it. guys, back to you. >> amazing. change the face of the play of that game. >> absolutely. not in the olympic spirit. >> thank you very much, raj. of course you can catch all kind of olympic action all day long on our nbc network channels including swimming qualifying heats, beach volleyball, women's volleyball, women's water polo as well as cycling, rowing and canoeing. to make sure you don't miss a moment of that olympic action check out our viewing guide on there you'll find our olympic tv schedule sorted by sport, day and time. 5:04. new this morning big changes in health care. the next face of the affordable health care act and women are the beneficiaries. we have a look at the new coverage and the old controversy. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this new provision just went into effect today could help a lot of women, 47 million
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women according to the government. starting today new health insurance plans must provide preventative care for women at no cost to the patient. now up until now some women have avoid preventative care because their insured didn't cover it or it charged really high co-pays. now the law mandates there be no co-pay or deductible for things like routine breast and pelvic exam, contraception unless you're a religious organization and test for hiv, and hpv. hpv the virus causing cervical cancer. >> if we can find cervical changes at the very early pre-cancerous stages we can prevent cervical cancer from ever happening. same with mammograms. >> reporter: this new provision going into effect today has been controversial for religious institutions that have a moral
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problem with birth control and, therefore, don't think they should have to pay for contraception. the government has given them an exemption for a year while both sides try to work out a compromise. reporting live here in san jose, bob riddell. >> more than four months that lamar disappeared volunteers look for the missing teen. they will be searching for more clues. it comes a day after a south bay judge postponed a hearing for torres. he's the man accused of kidnapping and murdering lamar. the 15-year-old disappeared on her way to school back in march. police believe she was murdered but her body has not been found. >> the career of a serial car thief in santa clara county may be over. gomez shattered car windows and then grabbed purse, wallets and
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small electronics in san jose, campbell, sunnyvale and san ramon. the palo alto y just upgraded its security cameras which were very helpful in tracking down gomez. >> made an upgrade about a month ago, and we have a number of cameras that are really good resolution and they are in color and hd, and showed some good footage. >> gomez was caught trying to use a stolen credit card from palo alto, a victim from palo alto. after searching gomez's home they found a cache of items. >> oakland city leaders are waking up to a new scathing report slamming the police department for wasting millions on unused technology. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in oakland right now and she has the latest blow on that embattleled department. >> reporter: seems like the hits keep coming against the oakland
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police department. this time in a report from the city auditor's department that even with budget problems the oakland police department spent nearly $2 million on technology equipment that it either didn't use or didn't use enough. starting with the shot spotter technology system, the city spent almost half a million dollars on it. what it is a series of microphones that pick up the sound of gunfire and help get police to the scene quickly. the report found that there were some staffing issues involved and police had only one computer for it and that wasn't always monitored. the report covers five years from 2006 to 2011. it also found while police spent about a million dollars on a video system for patrol cars, that could record interactions with residents it didn't even work and the vendor went out of business but the system was tweaked into lapel cameras for officers. three other vendors dealing with the oakland police department went out of business with no opportunity for refunds.
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the report doesn't go into the radio system that didn't work the night that president obama visited but it does criticize the i.t. department for record keeping problems and not work well with technology staff. now, the city auditor made 22 recommendations to improve the overall system, including make being sure that they have a long term budget plan for technology. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." the list of proposed sales tax hikes is growing in the bay area. santa clara county supervisors will take a final vote tonight to ask voters in november for an eighth of a cent increase, puts it up 8.5%. generate an estimated $500 million often years. money raised would go to preventative health care programs at santa clara county medical health care center. last year a total of six bay
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area counties boosted sales tax rates to some of the highest in the state. it's 5:09. checking that calendar. day one of august already. meteorologist christina loren tells us that's when things get warmer outside so be ready. >> indeed. it is going to be a hot one today starting with this live look. this is a reason y-completely clear conditions in san jose. temperatures are comfortable for any outdoor activities and remain comfortable until noon. let's get to those numbers. we're in the 50s just about every where. 54 degrees in san francisco. 60 degrees along the coastline in santa cruz. cooler readings up in the north bay. might need a jacket but only for the first part of the day. innd cities will be in the low 80s already at noon rounding out the day at 94 days. bay side 80 degrees in oakland and 69 at the coast. your full forecast is coming up
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in just a few minutes. seven days it's wednesday, first day of august we want you to make those outdoor plans for the weekend just around the corner. mike starting out in the south bay. >> what we have is a disabled vehicle. mountain view southbound 101 at san antonio road. that just cleared. it was blocking a lane and that's probably why we see a little slow down there as the crews cleared. meanwhile we're having this on the roadway both directions of highway 85. construction takes you down a few lanes but no major slowing through the area. live look outside shows you first of all looking at fremont, southbound with the headlines coming out past the tesla plant. no problem. now we have color. look at that. another live shot out there. see how things are shaping up. here's fremont. that was san jose. this is fremont 880 past tesla. same volume, same speeds. for the north, san mateo bridge, the toll plaza and heading west
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of there those taillights smooth drive and your commute towards the peninsula, folks. back to you. it's 5:11 right. if you're just waking up, olympic athletes are hitting the pool and the pavement. we'll show you overnight scores just ahead. >> we can also tell you they are not going for the gold. but as you can see yes the force is definitely with them. another bob riddell special. we'll show you the bay area training grounds that can teach you,000 fight like a jedi warrior. >> a story so complicated i won't tell to it. i'll explain why coming up. this is the plan for back to school.
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. 5:14. silicon valley will take a break from its trial of the century.
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scott, so far apple has made a strong showing. >> very early in the process. both sides tuesday made their opening arguments and apple's head of marketing testified. the whole thing will pick up again friday in federal court in san jose. tuesday samsung tried to convince the jury that the black rectangle look that samsung is accused of copying from the iphone is a common design, in fact it predates the iphone. but apple threw down several accusations against samsung that seemed to stick including accusations the company has been tricking standards bodies. this is really inside baseball stuff. so if you are interested, i posted and explained it on the headline is did samsung game the system? remember it's back with new owners who bought the former high flying website for the same price as a small house in san carlos. the new dig likes a newspaper
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than a list of stories. it's online now. let's check the broader markets before the bell. we go live to cnbc headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning to you scott. we're looking at an opening picture on wall street that looks a bit higher the dow looking higher right now by 40 points. mean time automakers are reporting july sales numbers today. those sales are expected to hold steady from june but rise about 10% from a year ago. heavy incentives and july fourth of july holiday sales may have prompted americans to replace their old cars and trucks. and google is delaying the launch of its music and video streaming device. saying that it wants to work on making it better. the nexus q which costs $299 was unveiled in june and was supposed to have shipped this week but doesn't have a lot of features. it only place video from youtube or itunes. anyone who pre-ordered the
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device will now get it for free. >> good for them for holding off. coming up in just a minute we'll talk about some bad news for homeowners who are trying to save a buck. we'll that have hat in about 20 minutes. thank you very much. time now to get back to those summer olympic games. some of those sports are already in progress. >> we're about to show you some of those scores, the sports have not aired yet on nbc. so if you want to wait watch them later, look way from your screen. we'll play a little music while we show you the scores when the music stops you can look up again. there you go. >> we got you up to date. 5:17. there's a chance you maybe have been watching fencing during the
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olympics and may be interested in the sport, but if you're like me you don't like the idea of being jabbed with a pointy piece of metal. >> we found the force is strong in this young man. ♪ >> red five standing by. >> this is redel. life saver school here in san francisco. luke had obi one. these students have alan block. for a few hours every sunday he'll teach the proper techniques of the jedi's weapon of choice. twirls. >> when you start doing it fast. >> figure eights. behind the backs. even the man who once struck down a jrnedi master drops in f a refresher every now and then.
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>> it's awesome. >> i wonder if people go it's time to grow up. >> yeah. >> i'm 40 next year. >> yeah. >> if you move forward and act like hey this is me, this is what i like that nobody is really going to question you in the end. >> five. and six. >> alan bases a lot of his instruction on frame by frame analysis of the franchise's most famous duel. his favorite between darth and luke. >> no dialogue. through their motions you can see them telling a story. >> alan would like to teach his students how to re-enact that scene. >> that sort of fantasy of acrealabeing
5:19 am
a real jedi warrior. >> alan? >> in san francio, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> he's going to be okay because they are still enrolling in light saber school. head to you can be yoda. >> hot the weather will be today. hot the weather will be today. good morning to you. yeah, if you want to get your light saber on, better idea to do so early. don't take that saber out later it will be hot. temperatures are running rather mild this morning. we are in the 50s all across the board. glad you can union us this morning. beautiful live shot over the bay bridge. crisp out there, comfortable, at
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46 degrees. only chilly spot is up in north bay in novato. great looking forecast shaping up. high pressure is in control of that forecast. you can see that's taking the jet stream well to our north. any showers are going to be carried into canada. for us see that monsoonal moisture trying to creep into southern california. that will impact us next week. today staying nice and comfortable with that dry heat in the bay area. even the hottest across the bay will end up at 94 degrees. that will be livermore. plenty of 60s and 70s at the coast. today's highs work out like this. good air quality. open up those within dpos you don't have an air conditioner except in the east bay where we have moderate air quality. 91 degrees. 79 in fremont and 71 degrees in san francisco. we are going to get a little bit of that monsoonal moisture saturday and sunday but also expect cooler conditions with more cloud cover limiting that sunshine. we'll talk more about that coming up. 5:21. we have the man who knows what
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your drive holds before you even walk out the door. >> the green is strong on this map. nice flow of traffic heading over to the bay bridge. i want to point out crews still there on east bay. oakland, 880 between 23rd, north of high up to fruitvale. let's look at the live shot. not a lot of slowing. just building the volume of traffic. here's some flashing lights with crews getting ready to clear the area. traffic break north coliseum. another live look outside, light volume traffic southbound 680 steady flow down in through fremont. now we're looking at the congestion building through livermore. live look across the bay, palo alto, 101 heading up to the city. no delays. across from the city across east
5:22 am
bay nice traffic. ice weather at the bay bridge. lower deck upper deck both moving smoothly. >> it is 5:22. coming up what's it like when your bff becomes a golden girl. melissa franklin's friends watching.
5:23 am
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yeah you're taking a look at some of the friends swimming phenom melissa franklin getting together to watch missy in the 200 meter free style. she ended up fourth. franklin's friends say it's surreal to watch her on tv. >> we don't think of her as missy the swimmer, it's missy our friend. for a lot of us it hasn't registered yet. but it's amazing to be able to
5:25 am
see her and watch her on tv. not many people get to say that. >> good for her to get that support. her friends still have plenty for her to cheer about. franklin has two more individual events to go. she won her gold medal earlier this week. >> good luck to missy. she dedicated that gold to the state of colorado. 5:26. let's toss it over to lower. another sunny day ahead. >> if that's inspiring you to go for a swim today will be a great day. hot out there. 94 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland. 80 degrees bay side. 60 degrees at the coast. changes are on the way. we'll take you through the seven day forecast. 5:26. let's check that drive. >> south bay looks grade. no major incidents. 101, see the volume of traffic holding pretty steady. eke up a tad bit. another live look outside shows you the foster city side getting
5:26 am
off of that high rise, the san mateo bridge. it's wednesday so as you come over the mid-point of the week high rise of the bridge moving very smoothly. it's 5:26. coming up time to move over magnificent seven, time to make room for the fab five. we'll show you the women's gymnastics team. >> plus is this a side where politics collide with religion. controversy over plans to build a mosque in the south bay just ahead. >> speaking of the south bay giving you a nice look outside of san jose. the sun peeking up over the mountains as the light begins to shine on the city. we'll be back in about a minute.
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. time now to keep those good vibrations flowing with the summer olympic games. right now a live look at london. that's the olympic torch still burning brightly. the skies over london maybe a little bit cloudy right now. that's how it works over there.
5:29 am
but the u.s. gymnastics and swimming teams basking in all that golden glow right now. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. always glad to have you. it's almost 5:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. not everything golden. breaking olympic news involving several athletes being disqualified. raj mathias joins us live from london with the details. good morning, raj. >> reporter: good morning to you. good afternoon for us here in london. ate big development within the last 30 minutes eight olympians have been disqualified from these london games. they are all badminton players. let's tell you why. this is not doping. this is about intentionally losing matches or trying to lose matches. why would you try to lose a match? they are trying to get a more favorable draw in terms of badminton bracket. they were hitting into the net and trying to lose. they were reviewed by the committee and within the last 30 minutes eight players all female
5:30 am
players have been disqualified. they represent indonesia, china and south korea. so eight badminton players are being sent home. now to the more positive story. all about michael phelps. yes, two medals yesterday. number 18 and number 19 of his career and now he's number one of all time, the most decorated olympian. really the story is just as compelling outside of the swimming pool. you'll recall michael phelps, bumpy ride for him personally. in 2009 a british tabloid printed that photo of him on the front page smoking marijuana. last year he admitted that he was not as hungry or motivated in terms of his training. obviously things have turned around and michael phelps turned it around just in time in london and now the most decorated olympian of all time. the other big story here in london, how about team usa gymnastics. the fab five, electrifying the crowd last night. same fab five that electrified san jose last month for the olympic trials to get here to
5:31 am
london. they win gold. only the second time in american history, team usa wins the overall gold in gymnastics. i wouldn't say i got a souvenir. on loan. later on -- it's very tiny with crystals, did you help me with the pronunciation. >> it's adorned with swarski crystals. >> i'll explain all the details coming up. >> i would imagine someone would want that back too. >> reporter: don't tell anyone. don't tell anyone. >> they trust raj. thank you very much. yes indeed. we'll be checking back with him.
5:32 am
he's on the air for us. also still working when you don't see him. for the latest olympic updates check him out on twitter. follow him at raj mathias, all sorts of good insights. >> it's 5:32. out of control driver who crashed into two homes in east palo alto has come over. a 20-year-old man admitted to driving the cadillac that crashinged into the home barely missing a sleeping baby inside a bedroom. we brought it to you live. the driver and his three passengers ran from the scene. police say they will forward the findings of their investigation to the district attorney for possible charges. it is 5:33 right now. unfortunately another deadly shooting to tell you about in san francisco. one man was killed, a second wounded near san bruno drive and white street at 10:00 last night. police say two men ran up to the victims and started firing shots then took off in a white four door car. on monday two people died in a shooting less than two miles away and on sunday a teenager
5:33 am
was found shot to death in a diamond heights backyard. so far no arrests have been made for any of these murders. a memorial service will be held this morning for the san jose couple murdered in their very own home in front of their children. pedro and mary belle were shot to death last week with their three small children inside of that house. the suspect 31-year-old pedro medina is still out on the loose. police say he once dated mary belle and could have killed the couple out of jealousy. >> new this morning another blow to oakland's embattled police department. the city auditor released a report blasting the department for wasting millions of dollars on technology. spit smith has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. seems like the hits keep coming against the oakland police department. this time a report found that even with budget problems and staffing problems the oakland police department went on ahead
5:34 am
and bought a lot of equipment, spendive equipment that it either didn't use orb didn't use enough. that according to at that report being released today by the city auditor's department including the shot spotter gunshot detection system. that's a series of microphones around oakland that can pick up the sound of gunfire and get officers out to the scene and in that case it was the lack of use was because of staffing short jags and apparently officers received inconsistent alerts about what was going on. the report covers a period from 2006 to 2011 and indicated that nearly $2 million was spent on things that were not used enough. another system that was mentioned the cameras that are in oakland police cruisers didn't work as well as planned. the cameras among other things were bought to bring oakland in line with a federal judge's ordering stemming from a civil rights lawsuit. the camera vendor eventually went out of business.
5:35 am
another system used to identify at risk behavior by officers wasn't used because that vendor also went out of business. the auditor made 22 recommendations for improvement. this morning i have reached out to the oakland police department for comment. and haven't heard back yet. if i do i'll let you know what they had to stay. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." a campus police officer involved in last year's pepper spraying incident at uc davis has left the department. lieutenant john pike was caught by cameras dousing occupy protesters with spray last fall. that video went viral and now has more than 2 1/2 million views. uc davis will not say whether he quit or he was fired. but pike and another officer were placed on administrative leave after that incident. investigative report released in april called the use of pepper spray unreasonable. 5:36. in is south bay, county planners
5:36 am
will consider a controversial mosque. the islamic center wants to build a mosque on 15 acres land in san martin. tonight county planners are discussing the project. the cordova center would consist of a mosque, cemetery and multipurpose building. some residents have raised concerns about construction contaminating local in the trunking water. the commission will consider approving the center on thursday. 5:37 right now. meteorologist christina loren joins us again. >> we got a great looking day shaping up. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. starting with a live look over san francisco. you can see a little bit of that marine layer left over. we're not expecting a lot of cloud cover. best conditions today will be found at the beach. take a look at your santa cruz forecast. just want to point out where we are this morning. 58 degrees in san jose. 54 in oakland. chilly up in novato at 48 trees
5:37 am
but still not too cold. take a look at where we're headed beach side. at 2:00 p.m. 70 degrees in santa cruz. fantastic conditions for hitting the beach but make sure you bring the shades also the spf is necessary. with full on sunshine as we head throughout this afternoon. that means a hot day inland, 94 trees at 4:00 p.m., 80 bay said, 69 at the coast. changes just around the corner. we'll take a look at the giants forecast. your seven day is ready to go. let's check your drive first. >> things are heating up here as far as the volume of traffic. no major incidents. this is coming out of the altamont pass. livermore and pleasanton moving. smooth drive to the dublin interchange. further west fremont 880 moves southly southbound with headlines. northbound with taillights. this is just north of the
5:38 am
dumbarton bridge. 280 in san jose, this is northbound with the headlines towards 17, 880 all freeways here about the limit. the 101 starts to build the volume. i do want to show you 101 further north through palo alto. holding steady into san mateo. no delays for bayshore or 280. 5:39. coming up more ruffled feathers at chick-fil-a. how supporters are flocking to that chain. >> reporter: new rules for health insurers that could benefit millions of women. i'm bob redell. we'll have that story coming up. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy.
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welcome back, everybody. fresh off a huge international mess, yes finally some good news for the people over in india. ing the lights finally back on. power restored yesterday to more than 620 million people after electrical grid collapsed for a second time over two days.
5:41 am
that blackout brought more than 500 trains to a screeching halt trapping thousands of riders inside. traffic lights they stopped working. so did atms that was a mess. the outages raising questions about the country's long term economic prospects. celebrated play wright gore vidal has passed away. his best sellers included "myra breckenrid breckenridge" and "burr." new this morning controversial new coverage kicking in today for millions of american women. this is the latest phase of the obama's administration signature affordable health care act. bob redell is live in san jose right now with more on what women can expect with this. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you john. starting today health insurers, new health insurers must provide
5:42 am
preventative care at no cost to the patient. until now some insurance didn't provide this or if they did they charged extremely high co-pays which led to women avoiding or putting off preventative care all together. >> certain things like when she had illnesses she hasn't gone because of the cost and i had to tell her i would pay half if she would just go. >> reporter: that should no longer be a problem for that woman's sister and 47 million other women expected to benefit. insurers must cover for free routine breast exams, hiv and hpv, hpv being the virus that causes cervical cancer and contraception. that part of the provision has been controversial for religious organizations who have a moral problem with birth control and don't believe they should provide contraception. the government has given them an exemption for a year while both
5:43 am
sides try to work things out and find a compromise. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell. >> first the controversy and now supporters are flocking to defend chick-fil-a. the privately owned fast food chain is under fire after its ceo stated publicly that the company is opposed to same sex marriage. those comments have led to nationwide protests, including right here in the bay area. today supporter of the chain are launching chick-fil-a appreciation day to endorse the company's values. >> makes me want to come here even more and enjoy the great family values that chick-fil-a stands for. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee and billy graham are backing the chick-fil-a day. the u.s. women's gymnastics team celebrating all that golden glory. >> so excited for them.
5:44 am
raj mathias joins us live this morning from thrown. you just met up with the fab five? >> reporter: i did. i spent part of the afternoon here in london with them. do you know the names yet because these are all going to be household names. you want to take any guesses? can i put you on-the-spot. >> aly. >> aly, jordyn, gabby, mckayla. we don't do last names. we just go with the first names. speak being of the fab five, mckayla maroney will be joining us on our evening newscast. she's going to bring her gold medal with her. so speaking of that gold medal, they also slept with it in their
5:45 am
rooms, some put it underneath their pillows some under their mattress. one guy here, he plays for brazil, he's a judo guy and lost his bronze medal. >> how did that happen? >> he was in the shower, it fell and it cracked. it cracked the metal. big headline news today. they are giving him a new one. as for our local bronze medalist also in judo, marty malloy her bronze medal is intact. she was smiling. she's the one from san jose, went to san jose state. we asked her when she comes back to the bay area what is she going to do with mr. held? >> most important question where your going to keep this bronze medal? >> i don't know. i guess i should get a case for it or something. last night i put it on the bedside next to my bed and when i woke up i rolled over and
5:46 am
looked at it it wasn't a dream. maybe under my mattress or something. >> she's pumped up. that's marty malloy from san jose she took the bronze in judo. later on this morning we'll show you team usa gymnastics uniform and tell you about the crystals on it and check in with the girls all teenagers, aly, jordyn, gabby, and mckayla. >> just to see that thrill they are getting. >> i can only imagine how much fun you are having. great to watch. >> yeah. it's fun to see these girls. they are such nice young women and when they come back to the united states -- you know what they were saying when i was hanging without them, they were so excited about the crowd in london but also they brought this up to me they were excited about the crowd in the bay area when they were there for trials. we'll hear from them a bit later. snowboard excited to welcome them back. thanks a lot, raj.
5:47 am
>> check back with you later. our primetime coverage packed wall to wall tonight. it all starts at 8:00. we'll have check this lineup. gold medal finalists in swimming. gold medal final in the all around competition of the men's gymnastics, they have a chance to rub after that tough team competition. beach volleyball and men's diving and it runs through-month. >> gold medal finish for the forecast. we'll find you want, first day of august. >> it depends on where you live whether you'll get the bronze inland today. silver on the east shore and gold medal goes to your coastal cities. let's take you outside and show you, yes, jon just accepted that medal. we do have some marine air overhead. not going to help out too much in the heat of the day however keep your temperature in san francisco in the low 70s. so perfection. room temperature is about 72 degrees. we'll hit that room temperature reading here in san jose at
5:48 am
about noon and a little bit too hot for your outdoor activities between noon and 4:00 p.m. after that temperatures start to top off. let's get to those current readings. 54 in san francisco. 54 in oakland. 58 in san jose. meanwhile temperatures are going to be warmer today than they were yesterday as high pressure is still out in the pacific, actually going to strengthen today and get little bit closer to us. as a result we'll see warmer conditions also some northerly down sloping winds picking up as we head throughout the day. a little bit gusty through the wind prone areas. higher aviations in the east bay and at the coast where we have that friction over the open water. it works out like this. temperatures rather comfortable on the east shore. 79 in fremont, 91 in conconcord. giants are back at it tonight at at&t park. finally broke that losing streak with a big win last night. 58 degrees at about 8:00 p.m. comcast sports net bay area will have that game. flipping back and forth between
5:49 am
the olympics here on nbc and comcast if you want to catch that game. 89 degrees by saturday. thunder possible up in tahoe. we'll explain why. 5:49. first check your drive. it's wednesday, here's mike to get you out the door. >> good news for highway 85. in the next few minutes crews should be clear between mountain view and cupertino. eastbound 837 from sunnyvale towards santa clara, hazard in the lanes around great american parkway. expect to tap the brakes past lawrence. no big deal. here this is a bigger deal. northbound 101. north of 680. let's get a live look outside. the volume just kicked up over the last ten minutes and now seeing some slowing north of that 680 interchange. live look outside show you also oakland. volume of traffic holding steady right here but that construction clearing from downtown both directions, might find a little slowing as those crews clear
5:50 am
from the scene. live look from the bay bridge. a little bit of a back up for the cash lanes. no big issue. east shore freeway 50s and 60s from richmond into berkeley. coming up at 5:50 the artist formerly known as snoop dogg. >> did you get a strange e-mail about netflix? i'll tell you what to do about it coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week get whole seedless watermelons fresh off the farm for only $2.98 each. skip the warehouse. 24 rolls of charmin are just $11.99. and kellogg's frosted flakes are a buck 88. real big deals this week and every week.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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5:53. welcome back. a plan that would let most of us write a smaller check for our mortgages is in the trash bin this morning. the president want this. congress want this. no doubt homeowners want this. >> huge disappointment for
5:53 am
anyone with a fannie mae and freddie mac mortgage. many americans are under water. they owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. the plan called the home affordable modification program has been rejected by the one guy who could stop it edward demarco. he said it would not be a good investment for taxpayers. google has once again discovered data it was supposed to delete in this case data gathered by google cars in france. google got into trouble for scooping up people's private data with its wi-fi sniffing mapping cars. google said that was a mistake and was largely forgiven on the condition it delete the data. a few days ago google he in gleekted to delete the english data. they didn't delete all the french data eater.
5:54 am
dream works made money on their latest move on "madagascar 3." several lawsuits may be headed to zinga. i've talked to at that lot in past about executives there selling stock early. now at an all time low those lawsuits say zinga execs should have done a better job. back to you. thank you very much. 5:55. time for a look at that forecast. >> great looking day shaping up. especially if you're waking up with us around the bay or at the coast. you'll get the best of the best. bay side cities will hit 74 degrees at noon rounding out the day at an even 80 degrees in oakland. 63 degrees at the coast as you break for lunch there. comfortable conditions. now inland it will be a little bit on the hot side but the good news is we're in good to moderate air quality range. you don't have an air conditioner, open up that window, the breeze will pick up.
5:55 am
first let's get you out that front door on time. here's mike. >> we're looking at the altamont pass. still moving smoothly. live look outside the volume of traffic, 880 hold egg steady through fremont but building a tad heading through downtown oakland. things are shaping up in the north bay, no delays just some building coming out of novato. >> so long snoop. >> snoop is not retiring. but he's changing his name. request we no longer call him snoop dogg, call him snoop lion. he was born again during his je jamaican trip. he wants to move on with other things, make music that his kids and grandparents can listen to, redoing himself. the former gangster rapper
5:56 am
releasing a reggae album coming this fall. >> snoop lion. 5:56. who needs a gold medal when you can get a tweet from justin bieber instead. a teen dream fulfilled for team usa just ahead. >> the bieber fever. we got the olympic caldron for you right now burning strong, burning bright as team usa continues to work its magic over there in london. >> you can always get the latest news, traffic, weather, find us on facebook, just search nbc bay area or any of us individually as well. we would love to hear from you.
5:57 am
5:58 am
mike inou it's a great way to end the night. >> history made. yes, 19 gold medals makes michael phelps the most successful olympian ever. >> we're following breaking news out of london.
5:59 am
eight olympic athletes disqualified overnight. we're live from the 2012 games with the details. no co-pay, no deductible, why health care is changing for every woman across the country. >> you'll feel that first day of august temperatures. your full forecast in minutes. >> highway 101 and other spots we'll show you those slowing maps sensors. >> where did july go? it's wednesday, august 1, 2012. taking a live look over san francisco. you're watching "today in the bay." good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we're following breaking news out of london where we can tell you eight athletes have been disqualified from those olympic games that happened within the last hour. let's take it live n


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