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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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back to the london olympic games, bay area athletes continue making headlines at the london games. >> amazing. two have won in dramatic fashion in the pool. back to raj mathai in london. what a night for nathan adrian and christian ipson. >> nathan, we'll start with him, a good looking guy, great strength, he's got a gold medal and is smart. he wants to be a doctor when he grows up, he says. 23, amazing what we saw. did you see this, this is one of the tightest finishes we'll see in olympics history. he won by .1 second. the 23-year-old from uc-berkeley, soft spoken, he outtouched australia's swimming star. for nathan it's his third medal
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but this was the best. >> don't know if you can see it in my expression but i looked up and thought i saw one next to my name. then i was like wait, did i really win? and then i double-checked and there was a one next to my name. >> reporter: nathan, you won it for sure. it's all yours. the last american male to win gold on the 100 free was another cal product, back in 1988, now nathan adrian in that rare territory. another local that's done well. not a gold but a bronze. nothing wrong with that. we're talking about christian, the diver. it looked great. he and his partner win bronze. christian is 19 years old. he grew up in the east bay. he was fired up. >> working super hard on our
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cinch-cro. i'm so happy it worked out. >> very nice. christian like we said was a phenom, grew up in clayton, went to school in concord, now an olympic bronze medalist. in terms of christian ipson, most have part-time jobs, he is going to come back and do his job. his job is at skipili's pizza. his parents own it so he's going to work when he gets back. >> keeping it real, raj. they have to name a pizza after him. >> they mixt the phone has been ringing off the hook. when i get back there. this is a free plug. >> they deserve it big time.
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we'll check back. you might be waking up with bay area athletes in the water. we're about to show you some of the scores. if you would like to hang on to your drama and wait so you can watch later we suggest that you turn away from the screen. we'll play some music. when it stops, come back and look again. >> great results.
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no matter if you are michael phelps or kerri walsh, even a victory comes with a price. it's the taxes that american athletes can expect to pay on winning when they return from the games. one lawmaker proposing a change. scott mcgrew will have that information coming up at 6:30. >> time to check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. gold winning. >> you know, we're going to see another day of the gold, especially bayside. and at the coast gorgeous conditions. taking a live look at san francisco. good morning to you. mostly cloudy start here. these clouds are going to last probably the first part of the day, then clear out very quickly by about 9:00 inland. and that means best weather today will be found by the water. 54 to start out in san francisco this morning, we're at 59 in sunnyvale, 57 in san jose. and look at your beach conditions in santa cruz. phenomenal. by 2:00 p.m. you'll be at 70.
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75 at 4:00 p.m. abundant sunshine, good air quality. things change into the weekend. the beach day, not going to be as nice saturday and sunday as they will be today and tomorrow. that's your hint you want to hit the beach. you have to deal with the weekend traffic if you want to head out saturday and sunday. today and tomorrow, phenomenal. 96 inland. 80 bayside and 69 degrees at the coast. your full forecast in a few moments away. we'll get to that. first mike inouye and the drive. >> we'll look at the maps and we still have this, typical northbound 101. made worse because in the last few minutes an accident northbound 101 right near the mckee off ramp. it's in the center divide. a motorcyclist is involved. no reports of immediate injuries. expect more slowing. we'll track this. 101 slow, 280 okay. the volume picking up a tad. christina talked about great
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beach weather. 17 tough coming back prom the summit. keep that in mind. a live look will show you how things are shaping up at the san mateo bridge. taillights out of hayward, no deal but we have haze building and clouds may play an issue along the coast. >> 6:07. if you are planning on taking a dip at a popular east bay lake you might want to listen before diving in or sending your family in. a health warning has been issued. for pleasanton's shadow cliffs lake. christie is live with what was found g. morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the gates opened up at 6:00 this morning. there was a line waiting to get in. it's beautiful out here and today it's going to get hot. shadow cliffs lake is open but there is an advisory, a warning posted for swimmers. it has to do with the water. it's advising swimmers no to the
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swallow the water because of high bacteria count. keep an eye on little ones who might. routine water tests just performed found higher level of bacteria above acceptable state levels. don't drink it. also they advise after you swim you shower and dry off completely. it's not that unusual to have these high levels when it gets hot at bay area lakes though the levels are high they weren't high enough to pliger a splet closure for swimmers. >> happening now fire crews expect to have a massive wild fire in riverside county contained in the next two hours. flames destroyed two large hillside mansions as they burned across more than 400 acres. this morning we're learning a
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highway worker mowing in the area may have started the blaze when he ran over barbed wire. >> a corning to tell you about. make sure to keep your doors and windows locked there. a man tried to break into a woman's dorm room, even scarier did woman was inside of the room. when the suspect tried to get in the suspect pushed open the unlocked window. when he saw her he took off. anybody with information on this is urged to call stanford campus police. >> a bay area community backing off a bag ban. the city of berkeley is dropping plans to expand its band on plastic bags to include small businesses. smaller stores will not be added to the list. right now only stores that take in more than $2 million a year are prohibited from giving out single use bags. the council rejected the are
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idea because of the $175,000 cost to implement it. still ahead, a man hunt ending. we'll have an update. >> and the fab 5 -- gabby douglas, aly riceman go for the gold in the gymnastics competition. we'll have a preview live from london. >> the south bay running away with a gold when it comes to job growth. >> right now a beautiful live look outside. i believe that's san jose with that sun peeking through. the clouds like a lemon sandwich. >> never had one of those. >> i'll get you one.
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>> 6:12. time for a quick check on the top stories. a 400-acre wild fire expected to be contained later on this morning. this one started yesterday afternoon. we are happy to tell you nobody was hurt but two homes destroyed by flames. right now a total loss. >> high levels of bacteria have been found in shadow cliffs lake in pleasanton. swimmers are warned not to swallow water, and shower immediately after getting wet. despite the levels the reservoir remains open. >> a warning to students on the stanford campus. keep your doors and windows locked. a man tried to break into a woman's room. >> right now here we go, strike up the music, we follow breaking news. we've been following all morning long, the manhunt ending the past 20 minutes for a man who
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escaped stanford police while being taken into custody. >> stephanie chuang is live on the scene with the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: 15 minutes ago police caught the man they were looking for who escaped police custody here on stanford campus. he was in a parole car and managed to escape. i'm joined by the police chief. thanks for joining us. there were a lot of people here so the good news is he's caught. >> exactly. we had tremendous assistance from the city of palo alto in establishing a perimeter and using their canine dogs to search for the suspect. >> i understand a police officer saw him. what did he see and notice? >> my understanding is that he saw him walking out of the perimeter area nonchalantly, apparently scott thought he would look like a morning walker and walk out. he mooches the description of
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himself and had handcuffs on. the officer requested backup and scott surrendered. >> i know that the limited information on how he escaped. what do you do to make sure it doesn't happen again? we'll be determining whether the officer followed protocol. >> scott foster was arrested for domestic violence, a felony, now he's going to add evading arrest, a misdemeanor. good news is a few minutes ago he was caught about a mile from campus. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you. back to the olympics. we'll show you that olympic stadium, the caldron burning brightly inside. the fans enjoying all of the fess tifts. >> let's go back live to raj mathai where he caught up with
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da ne danell leyva. >> every athlete you speak with, they got this great glow about them and it's not over. they don't just go home, now they hang out with the other athletes from around the world. we're talking about danell leyva who won a bronze medal. so charming, so good on the mat and he was with us a short while ago. >> how do you feel, this is so many years of preparation mentally and physically. >> definitely. it's like you said so many years of hard work and ups and downs. this made it worth it. when they put it around my neck the whole thing went through my mind, the work, the struggle, the sweat, everything, it's amazing. >> reporter: a lot of sweat equity goes into the olympic
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medals. now to nathan adrian. he gets the gold in swimming, the 100 freestyle, nathan is 23, lives in the east bay. how about this finish last night. he beats out james magnusen by .1 second. he gets the gold. amazing for the smoking young man. >> it's incredible to be on the body come, your flag being raised. it's awesome. >> reporter: congratulations to nathan. 23, we mentioned the last time an american won gold, it was almost 25 years since we had an american male dominate in terms of swimming and now we have two of them from the same area, cal,
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both cal alums. that will do it for now. again, janelle leyva, he wants to host "saturday night live." does he have a shot? >> i bet a campaign will start to get him. >> it might happen. as long as he brings his coach too. >> coming up on prime time coverage, mem's gymnastics, beach visibility qualifying rounds. >> another big day as well. >> whether or not you're into the olympics you are probably into the forecast for today because it impacts everybody. let's get you out there now. 6:18 taking you live to san francisco. mostly cloudy conditions here, somebody turn that catch cool ant on. that's going to keep your temperature hi. live to san jose. show you the start here.
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you can see how and mid level clouds, also low cloud cover here. but talking about a comfortable day. 85 for you. we're starting out in the 50s. we have a couple of 40s, 46 in santa rosa, 54 san francisco and 59 degrees down in sunnyvale. we stop the clock on future cast. mostly clear conditions from marin county down through the silicon valley. if you have tickets to the giants game, they are back at it. it's a day game. you're going to be spoiled with gret weather. prezy conditioned 66 degrees 2:00 p.m. we're talking about temperatures close to 70. 58 pacifica today. half moon day, 70 degrees there.
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santa cruz we'll hit mid-70s. elsewhere it's going to be hot in the east bay. look at some of your temperatures in the east baytry valley region. 96 in livermore, 85 in san jose. 70 in san francisco. cooler weather, saturday and sunday, mid 80s back to average. >> we'll start with the look at 101 and the follow continues north. but the maps show you slowing as well as the accident we're tracking. the motorcycle, the car, all in the final clearing pages so we is slowing from 680. in fact. this yellow stream, that's el camino real up the position. 101 or 280. 101 clear but 902 slowing pops
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up. we'll end with a live look at the other side of the bay. oakland with a fool drive. >> it's 620. >> thanks for the surging tech industry. >> scott joins us. we're adding jobs but the rest of the nation still struggling. >> true. santa clara's job market, the strongest in the nation according to the labor department. over the past year the south bay saw 3.8% increase in job totals. san francisco area in second place, 3.6%. and the houston sugar planned area came in third. if you look outside the bay area, there isn't much to be happy about. tomorrow you get the july jobs number. the nation added about 100,000 jobs in the pat month. another place we're excelling is the housing market.
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the south bay up into san francisco, all of those markets have turned the corner from the 2007 lows. >> don't get too excited. we expect a sawtooth bottom. a little up, down, more importantly it's a micro story at this point. so you have markets like atlanta or detroit still in free fal. here in the bay area home valleys are doing quite well. >> facebook, we'll look at that as we open the market. trading a few mennies. >> 6:22. what's behind the food on your table? children saying they have been working long hours in the field since they were as young as 8. medications?
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>> our investigative unit examines the issue of child labor. >> as many as a half million children work on huge farms picking the food you eat. steven traveled to witness it first-hand. >> we talked to some two dozen children of migrant workers. some of them said they started working in the fields as young as 8, 10, 11 years old. while most of us may have had jobs when we were young or teenagers, say, mowing the grass or working in a store, consider this. these kids are working full
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time, nine, ten hours a day in the fields in 100-degree heat. this is not some foreign country. this is happening here in california. ralph is among two dozen children we talked to and followed throughout the 20,000 square miles that make up the san joaquin and sacramento valleys. it's all legal. u.s. labor law allows children 12 years of age or even younger to work the fields. >> that allows children to work younger ages for unlimited hours, in dangerous conditions. even though they couldn't do that same work in an office or in a burger king. >> when i started at the age of 8 it was difficult. i had to carry buckets that weigh 55 pounds. >> i had cuts on my fingers. i got really tired. it was really hot.
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i didn't really like it but it was worth it to help my mom. >> what is the hardest crop to pick? >> tomatoes. >> why? >> i have to like bend over, standing up. carrying the bucket and throwing them. >> we take you deeper inside the world of child labor. come with us as they cover the field and follow the children into the fields that ends up on your table. >> just ahead on "today in the bay," olympic athletes all hope for a trip to the podium. but when the tax man comes calling why one lamber wants to tax laws [ ringing ]
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hello? [ sea ] hi! this is the sea calling. i'm talking to the sea? is this for real? [ sea, laughing ] yeah! what's what what what is what... [ sea ] i want you to close your eyes and imagine a place in the middle of me where the world revolves around you. can i go now? [ sea ] sure! ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back everybody. a live look at wall stwreet the opening bell just rang. there it is. nice. perfectly timed. we'll see if the stocks can rebound after falling yesterday on the news that the fed will not be doing anything to spur the economic recovery. scott mcgrew has all of our business headlines ahead. >> if you want to get outdoors today inland, right now is your time to do so. it's going to be a summer scorcher. 90s, 80s, 60's at the coast. >> a live look at palo alto highway 101, construction crews and a new accident. commuters may find some showdowns. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. you represent your country in the olympics, now we're learning there is a price for bringing home a medal. it's not just the hard work and dedication. did you know there is a tax bill for winning. a movement is under way to
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change that. scott mcgrew is here to explain. i was astounded to learn there was a bill for it. >> i didn't know this. most don't realize but you don't just get a medal, you get prize money. $25,000 cash for winning gold, $15,000 for silver, $10,000 for bronze. thaws that's income it's subject to tax. >> here we're representing our country and they want to tax us? >> the conservative americans for tax reform wants to change this. republican senators are working on a bill that would exempt olympic winnings. an athlete could pay as much as $9,000 in taxes for gold if the athlete were in the top stax bracket. if michael phelps had a reallied about accountant this would be. most make little income.
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most don't have jobs outside of their training. but again, congress will look into it. >> although you take a breet threat like phelps -- >> absolutely. one would think there would be some way -- theoretically, wining every time. >> i wonder if it forecast waits. the price of gold. >> see if the athletes line up for the gash for gold sites. breaking news we're following in palo alto. the manhunt ended, a suspect who escaped police custody has been recaptured. it all happened this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. that's right. a man that police have been looking for is being talked to. this is where he was in a kroll car in handcuffs when he managed
6:32 am
to escape after being arrested for comesstic violence. we look at scott foster, either is a student here but at least twoon of his parents is a retired faculty member. police were able to track him to the area around el camino and cal rez, north into the city. laura wilson says her department will investigate. >> moving forward this grabs the department's attention. >> we'll be conducting an investigation to determine if the officer followed our policies and procedure for how we process. if she didn't we'll take reaction. >> the police chief adding the
6:33 am
bept was very busy. usually there are two movers to go to arrest a suspect. it was a female in charge live on the stanford campus, "today in the bay." >> christina loren says it's cooling off now coming with a warning this morning. christie smith is live in pleasanton with details on a health hazard at a local lake. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the sun's coming up. it's going to abhot one. people were heined up at 6:00 this morning to be the first ones in here. you can bring your boat, go fishing but it's the swimmers that are getting a warning this morning about the quarter quality. signs are posted because of the high bacteria count you don't want to swallow the latter. probably easier said than done.
6:34 am
recently was found bacteria levels way above acceptable health standards. not only don't swallow it, they advice you have a shower and dry off completely. when it's not it's not that unusual to have bacteria levels to trigger a complete closure. >> california may be losing up to 1500 prison inmate firefighters. the state youth specially trained lower level offenders. come january thousands will be transferred from state prisons to county jails. experts say the inmates are a critical addition and fire stations may have to spend houses trying to replace them. more than 1,000 inmates are fighting blazes in six counties.
6:35 am
>> president observe is giving the cia to give covert aid to syrian rebels. no details about the kind of aid being given though the pentagon says the u.s. is not supplying weapons. meantime, a bill designed to slop more sanctions on iran heads to the president's desk for his sigd. congress voted to increase pressure on tehran hoping it will key rail its speck it nuclear program. >> we're creeping closer to the and. >> feel good friday. tomorrow, friday even. looks pretty good. a live picture over san francisco, the low souds. we have pockets here. when it comes to the surface in the south bay temperatures are
6:36 am
comfortable. we're at 57 to start out in san jose, 60 in sunnyvale. 54 in san francisco. peak warmth today. sunny and breezy later on, not quite as hot. sunshine stays and the real coin continues. temperatures balance tack in mid-80s. about 80 at noon. bay side and at the coast. you break for lunch up to 80 degrees. changes in the seven-daysh that's my next report. see if there are problems on the road. >> we're tracking the one on the peninsula where we were watching the northbound side. an accident reported right around embarcadero, you see the off ramp. no accidents scene. they may have moved it off the clearing.
6:37 am
101 the south way. may have the off ramp chosed for an ta mouth. up to the expressway and the build also for 87 into downtown. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:38. coming up we'll take you back out to london live. raj mathai is there and he's got look. >> a high profile murder case could come to an abrupt end today.
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>> 6:40. a ruling on a mistrial is expected any minute now in the drew peterson murder case. chicago prosecutors trying to prove the 58-year-old peterson killed his third wife back in 2004. peterson has pleaded not guilty and says her death was an accident. he's also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife stacey peterson but never charged in that case. legal experts say the ruling could result in the warmer police sergeant going free. >> the guardianship of michael jackson's children hang in limbo. catherine jackson is fighting to get back guardianship. her attorney says she wants to add the children's cousin as a co-guardian. the move appears to remove
6:41 am
pressure from the mother. catherine jackson was reported missing but turned up in arizona. >> coming up bay area, athletes is talking next. >> you might want the think twice before going for a swim in one east bay leg. why officials are concerned about what is lurking in the water. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> welcome back everybody. yes, bay area olympic athletes stepping up representing and making the u.s. proud at the london games. >> it's amazing to see. let's go back out live to raj mathai. he's got the latest for us. good morning. good afternoon to you.
6:44 am
>> reporter: okay. yes. good afternoon. it's almost tea time here. it is almost 3:00. tea time starts around 4:00 so i've got to go soon. what's your favorite event so far? what do you think? >> we missed the question. >> i said gymnastics. >> christina says gymnastics. >> sorry. so many people in our ears. ask us again, my dear. >> christina, we miss you. it's rainy. your favorite event. >> i don't know. i'm loving swimming. >> i'm track and field. and dream team hoops. >> so jon, your events are coming up. track and field begins tomorrow. swimming and gymnastics, let's talk about swimming, nathan adrian wins the gold. amazing. this guy is going to be a star. not going to be, he is a star. you hear about phelps, lochte,
6:45 am
but nathan adrian getting up in that territory. last night the gold in the 100 free, did you see this, he barely wins. it was amazing. he won by .01 second. he outstretches the australian swimming star. nathan adrian, 23 years old, is gold medal winner in the 100 free. >> don't know if you could see it on my expression. i thought i saw a one next to my name. then i was like wait, did i really win? then i double-checked. this was a one next to my name. >> reporter: .01 second i should say. he got it. the last american man to win gold in the 100 free was a cal product back in 1988. another local star, this time we're talking synchronized diving. beautiful to watch. from the east bay, kristian ipsen, amazing what he and his
6:46 am
partner did winning the bronze, 19 years old. now here in london, a bronze medal. >> working super hard on our sinkro. >> what's he going to do now? he's going to get a summer jock like most college students but his summer job is at his parent's restaurant in the east bay. if you heard of skipili's pizza. if you are waking up now, about an hour ago we were joined by bronze medalist danell leyva. this guy was awesome. he wins the bronze in gymnastics and this morning with us, well, showing off his medal having a great time.
6:47 am
he is from miami. he wants to host "saturday night live." we are with him, behind him, 100%. speaking of danell leyva, here's the deal, taxes. i think scott touched on this. florida senator marco rubio says he wants to make all olympic winners in terms of medals exempt from paying taxes on their prize. he doesn't want to punish people who succeed. the u.s. olympic committee pays you for winning, $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver, $10,000 for bronze. for winning a gold you are taxed about $9,000 for a bronze taxed about $3500, if you are a big star, not a big problem because you have endorsement money. if youing like danell leyva you get taxed $3500 you're not a big star, that's what the aim of this bill is to do.
6:48 am
a little olympics. that's how we do. christina, now you can jump back in. >> nobody puts baby in the corner, raj. >> it's fun to see all of the coverage. thanks, raj. >> great stuff. >>you can always head out to to find out which bay area athletes are competing and when. look up events and find all of those on line listening at >> time to check out the area. it's going to be nice, you and your gymnastics. >> if you wanted to do gymnastics, get it done. you'll likely be checking inside your vehicle as probably reading about 95 degrees in livermore. it's going to be a hot day, necessary for the visor in your vehicle where if you park in the sun it's going to be 20, maybe
6:49 am
30 degrees warmer than the surrounding air. keep that in mind. it's best to keep the pets indoors. getting warm today. a live look you can see the sunshine from high atop san bruno mountain. a beautiful start, beautiful day ahead. at least for the first part of the day. not too hot if you have an air conditioner. we're in the good to moderate range so stunning over the bay area. temperatures are at 60 degrees. comfortable in sunnyvale. 56 degrees in santa cruz, that's going to be the best beach city. with a cool sea breeze that will am my fi so we expect the winds, they will drop off. hot inland. 5 to 8 degrees cooler for friday. best beach city, santa cruz. lots of sunshine, a breeze out of the west carrying in that
6:50 am
gorgeous ocean air. the pacific ocean. that's our natural ac so if it's too hot, head to santa cruz until 7:00. hot enough for the ac all night long. mid 80s return. if it's too hot 72 hours. we talk to mike about your drive. >> the on ramp is closed, over to great america parkway, but on 101, the showing because of that accident and distraction and the volume slow all the way from capital expressway to 280, let's not per fete that. the volume building up here as well, slowing right there as you are passing the off rapp. san mateo bridge westbound direction from the toll maza. you see some slowing toward the
6:51 am
high rise. there is an incident. i'll let you know. >> 6:51. in palo alto, the stanford campus the scene of a man hunt. a suspect managed to escape police custody. the good news is they caught him. a resolutionp haed within the hour. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the focus is on the investigation into the police department protocol. usually they send two offers to arrest someone but the chief says the department was so busy it sent one. and foster was in her care when he managed to escape from a car. a half auer after they arrested him for domestic. police say one of his parents is a retired faculty member. earlier palo alto police helped
6:52 am
in the search with canines and proked him about a mile from where he escaped. he was trying to walk nonchal t nonchalantnonchalan nonchalantly in his handcuffs. m chief says her department will see if the officer who lost him followed protocol. foster is being -- he is going to face in addition to the domestic violence charge, two charges of resisting arrest and escaping. that is the latest here from stanford campus, stephanie chuang. >> a dip in a lake could come with a cost. christie smith is live in pleasanton with news of a health hazard in the waters of shadow cliff lake. >> good morning. some boaters are here, shadow cliff is a popular place but it's the swimmers getting a
6:53 am
warning about the quality of the water. specifically that there are high levels of bacteria in the water and the warnings do not swallow it. easier said than done. the terrific does routine water testing and found high levels of bacteria. they have signs up, also advising if you get in, make sure you shower and dry off when you get out. really it's it new unusual to get high levels of bacteria. it doesn't high enough to trigger a complete closure. >> thank you. 6:54. police are looking for the people responsible for a double shooting at the intersection of warm springs drive and mini docka avenue in east san jose. two men believed in were shot.
6:54 am
we're told their injuries are not life threatening. >> a shift in priorities. commanders want to keefe up 911 response. that means moving offers for burglary at a time when residential burglaries are up. some think officers should be added, not removed. officers say they are doing the best they can. >> i think we're all a little frustrated. we all want to do police work. and it's hard. >> the police chief says if the patrol division needs adignal help he will pull others. >> investigators say 20-year-old victor flores shot agents outside his home back in may. the agents were preparing to arrest flores for his role in a
6:55 am
triple murder. if convicted morris could face 60 years in prison. >> a family adventure has ended in tragedy. 41-year-old maria was on a guided tour with her husband and two other family members on tuesday. they hit level 5 roapids. the raft wrapped around a rock. she got stuck under the raft and drowned. >> san francisco's police chief continues to appeal for the rit to arp his officers with sun finances. a shooting involving one of his officers could have been annoyeded if they had tasers. he shot the man after the officer was turned on.
6:56 am
the death is being exploited for political purposes according to some. >> a struggling knelt work may have more fake accounts than first thought. scott mcgrew is going through the filing. >> good morning. when you get to page 35 of this that things get interesting. facebook says here 83 million of its users are not regular straight up users. some are duplicates, people have two or more accounts for some reason and cats and dogs and other accounts. and then there are fakes. probably around 1.5%. facebook has slightly less than a billion users. that's still 15 million. looking at facebook stock it hit another low. down 2.5%. the dow industrial down 62 after the head of the ecb said he would do whatever it takes to
6:57 am
save the euro but hasn't been doing anything about it. >> 6:57. one last check on the weather. >> good morning guys. beautiful morning. a fantastic start. the sun is amazing. i wanted to point out 96 at 4:00 p.m. inland. 80 bay side. 69 at the coast and mike, it really is gornous automatic there. are we slow down. >> we're watching the san mateo brich, we have reports one lane is blocked at the high rise. use the dumb parten if you can. we see a good volume heading westbound but the one rain to 60 percent of your traffic flow. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> here's a look at some of the stories you'll hear throughout the day.
6:58 am
this afternoon, planners considering a plan to build a mosque on 15 acres of land. some rising concerns about construction contaminating drinking water. >> your drinking water. high levels are found and swimmers are warned not to swallow wadder and shower immediately after. the reservoir remains open. >> knock the olympic games, two gymnasts competing for the individual gold medal. the biggest prize in that start. you'll be able to watch all of the action of course here on nbc bay area, the action starts tonight at 8:00. >> all these young fresh faces winning a lot of medals. thanks for joining us this
6:59 am
morning. good morning. by a fingernail in one of the closest races in olympic history. swimmer nathan adrian grabbed gold for the united states. >> adrian with the gold for the u.s. by.01 second! >> as gymnast danell leyva roared back from 17th place, nailing his performance on the parallel and horizontal bars to win bronze in the all-around. now it's the women's turn in what could be ryan lochte and michael phelps' final duel in the pool "today"


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