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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the ranks in the individual all-around. he became one of only two american men to medal in the event since 1984. >> a long road for him. nbc bay area's raj mathai got up with leyva. he continues to anchor our coverage from london. >> reporter: hello from london. yes, it's a big night for the women in terms of gymnastics. last night it was all about the men and look who we bumped into, danell leyva. congratulations. how do you feel? >> very, very happy. very excited about the whole experience. >> reporter: you know the first thing i'm going to ask you. >> what's that? >> reporter: show it to me. show me that medal. >> it's right here. >> reporter: this is obviously so many years of preparation mentally and physically. >> definitely. it's so many years of hard work, ups and downs. this definitely made it all worth it. when they put it around my neck, that's the whole thing that went through my mind, the work, the struggles, all that fight, the sweat, everything, man. it was amazing. >> reporter: a lot of people
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around the world were surprised that you won a medal. were you? >> i was -- i was surprised that i won a medal -- >> that's some truth. >> i'm going to be very honest, man, i was of the a lot of people wrote me off after pommel horse. i just kept telling myself, don't worry, man, you're going to win another, you're going to win another, otherwise i wouldn't have been able to come back. >> perspectivewise, from where you're from, you defected from cuba. what's it like to have this medal. >> this medal isn't only for me, it's for my coaches and my family and everyone back in miami, back in the u.s. really for the whole latin community ought only in the u.s. but all around the world. >> you were in san jose for the trials earlier this summer. are you going to come back and visit us in the bay area? >> yeah, i hope so. the trials were amazing. the crowd was beautiful, so loud, so helpful for all of us. >> reporter: can we have a little fun here. when you go back to miami, they
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like to have some fun in miami. what are you going to do? and remember this is a family program. >> yeah, i am going to have some fun but i'm definitely going to be resting on the beach a lot hopefully. first before i go on vacation, i'd love to go on new york and be on snl if that would be possible, if they'd have me. >> reporter: i would be your agent. >> i don't know. i think you'll to have fight with my agent now. >> reporter: danell leyva, congratulations. you want to do a little tv. why don't you sejd it back to jessica and janelle, back in the bay area. >> jessica and janelle, back to you. i heard jessica, you're also cuban american. much love. >> he's by compadre. that's fantastic for dannell. lane five is nathan adrian, he won gold by 0.01 of a second. he had been overshadowed by
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swimmers like phelps and lochte. the thrill of seeing the stars and stripes was simply overwhelming. >> you've got to fight back tears. it's incredible to be on the podium and see your flag being raised representing the best nation in the world. i don't know if you can see it in my expression. i thought i looked up and glanced and started celebrating. then i was like did i really win? i kind of double checked. lo and behold there was a one next to my name, so there was a flood of emotions. >> the last american to win gold in the 100, matt bonde back in 1998. another cal bear is now looking to follow the wave of the american swimmers to the top of the podium. anthony irvin will swim in the 50 free finals tomorrow. it's a sprint swim, one length of the pool. this man has stamina, speed and a lot of heart. irvin actually took home the gold in this same event back in the 2000 olympics but auctioned it off to help the tsunami victims in indonesia. also in primetime tonight,
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the marquee swimming matchup of the games, michael phelps goes for his 20th medal in the 200 individual medley relay. individual medley against ryan lochte. plus rebecca soni races for gold in the 200 breaststroke. and if that's not enough, you can see the women's gymnastics individual all-around tonight. our primetime coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. and is followed by nbc bay area news right after the olympics. sister act. today venus and serena williams won their doubles match against the number two italian team and now will advance to the olympic semifinals. the victory is especially amazing for venus. she's battling much more than just tennis opponents. she was kdiagnosed with an autoimmune disease that recently forced her to drop out of competitive tennis for months. marianne favro has a look on how bayer researchers are helping venus and how millions of other battle this syndrome. >> reporter: it's an autoimmune
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disorder who affects about four million people here in the u.s. it causes extreme fatigue. so many people who have it say they're amazed at how well venus has performed during the olympics. tennis superstar veen is williams won the wimbledon doubles title in july with her sister, se rerena and right nowe is working on her fourth gold medal at the olympics in london all while she faces another battle offcourt. >> it affects several systems in the body but primarily the sal vary glands. >> reporter: it causes fatigue and joint pain. for a world class athlete playing tennis in the hot sun for hours, extreme dry mouth and fatigue are tough opponents. doctors diagnosed her with it last year and she quit playing competitively for several months. here at ucsf researchers are leading the way to establish objective criteria that will help doctors better diagnose the
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disease and have established a registry for information, including biological samples from 700 patients in the bay area and beyond. >> we at this point have recruited over 3,000 participants in nine different sites. >> reporter: an estimated four million people, mostly women, have the disease. tennis players commend venus for continuing to play, including 11-year-old isha. >> i think she's really brave continuing to play tennis even though she has a disease, because not many people can do it. >> reporter: many say watching venus demonstrate what is possible with sjogren's is motivational gold. even though it's extremely hot out here, people are still playing tennis here at blossom hill park in los gatos, but they tell me they are anxious to watch as serena and venus go for their third consecutive gold medal in women's double tennis. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> we will be rooting for them.
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thanks so much. in other news, a scary morning in san bruno. survivors of the deadly pg&e pipeline blast of 2010 were evacuated again after the smell of natural gas filled the air just as it did two years ago. this year a construction crew hit a two-inch gas line almost exactly in the same spot where the 2010 blast occurred. there was no fire or explosion, but as many as 14 homes were evacuated as a precaution. pg&e says the contractor did not follow standard practices and was using a backhoe rather than digging by hand in an area known to have several power and gas lines underground. for people who live in the area as well as for first responders, the ordeal brought back painful memories. >> it's a very sensitive area. you know, i think everyone's hearts stop when we heard there was a gas line break which is right near ground zero. >> this is exactly why we go out and work with contractors all over northern and central california and tell them the
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extreme importance of utilizing safety techniques. >> crews had the line capped within 30 minutes. construction work in the area was halted for the day. the utility company is conducting a full investigation. now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. the rift is widening between the san jose police chief and his officers. nbc bay area has learned an officer on the poa board has asked for a vote of no confidence against chief chris moore. damian trujillo joins us now from police headquarters. you are about to talk to the chief? >> reporter: yeah. in fact i'm late for that interview as we speak, jessica. let me tell you let's get one thing straight. the chief's job is not in jeopardy. this vote of no confidence is symbolic. only the city manager can fire the police chief and she's not about to do that. however, officer howard johnson, seen right here at a shooting this morning, also sits on the poa board. he's put on tuesday's agenda the
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approval of a vote of no confidence. if the board approves, it will go to the rank and file. off camera, officers tell me there is no leadership at police headquarters, no vision and no plan for the future. others say the chief has not stood up against the mayor in defending staffing levels. the city manager, however, just told me she has no intention of firing the chief. >> i have tremendous confidence in chief moore. i'm sorry that he is confronting this. i am disappointed, but i have the utmost confidence that he is a professional and he will continue to work with all the stakeholders, even those who might be turning their backs on him during this difficult time. >> reporter: other officers also tell me they think this vote is wrong, that it seems more like a political move than anything else. i will speak with the police chief in just a couple of minutes. undoubtedly he will also say that he is not going anywhere. live at police headquarters, i'm damian trujillo, nbc news.
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the drought that is gripping the country continues to get worse tonight. find out how much of the nation is suffering and how it will hit you in the pocketbook. plus the investigative unit finds potentially deadly dangers on bay area roadways and why one family is suing, saying a badly maintained road led to the loss of their loved one. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. some fog is dropping our temperatures at the coastline with 60s. it is hot inland. 96 right now in livermore. with our cooling breeze, that air quality is going to improve. we'll have full details coming up.
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a santa clara woman says she became a victim after a parolee broke into her house and police shot her dog. police say about 4:00 a.m. joshua benson was reported as the suspect in a domestic disturbance. he is on parole for attempted murder. homeowner tamra pruitt said benson broke into her house
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while she was sleeping because he knows her son. police locked down the neighborhood and converged on the home. she warned police her pit bull was in the house but wasn't dangerous. however, when benson walked out and the dog walked out and she heard a gunshot. >> i was 99% sure that they shot the boy. then i heard my dog yelp. you killed my dog? no. no, we did not kill your dog. we shot your dog with a bean bag. she's fine. >> she says the dog was shot by police and one of her legs is broken so badly it needs surgery and might have to be autate. ten miles north on the stanford campus another predon manhunt was under way. they rushed to get a suspect. scott foster was wearing handcuffs when he got away. campus officers and palo alto police used dogs to track foster less than a mile away.
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the police chief says the department was so busy, just one officer was guarding foster at that time. >> in general we usually do have two police officers work with any one suspect. my understanding is that they were very busy last night and actually had another person in custody so the officers were getting ready to meet and have prisoners be transported in one vehicle. >> it turns out foster is not a student, but he does live on campus with a parent who's a retired faculty parent. a rut in a popular but badly maintained roadway, did it lead to the death of a man? his family is suing the city. >> from potholes to uneven pavement, lack of road maintenance can cause accidents, even deadly ones. elise kirschner has been looking into treacherous road conditions and she's here to show us how they can prove deadly as well. >> every day we drive on some of the poorest roads in the country here in the bay area and there's
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growing concern as roadways continue to be neglected. your chances of being in a car crash will only increase. >> potholes -- >> reporter: no one expected it to happen. >> it's so hard to tell your kids that their father is gone. >> reporter: gone at 53 years old. he slammed his bike into a pothole in oakland. his wife, nancy, says a car then hit him head on. >> the roadways need to be paved. that's why we have infrastructure. that's why we pay our taxes. >> reporter: terry creeper, a former traffic engineer with the city of berkeley says he is seeing more and more accidents like li's. during the last four decades, he served as an expert witness in a growing number of lawsuits against public agencies, due to
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poor road conditions. >> the accidents that result are serious accidents, not just small and trivial incidents. >> it loses its rough surface. >> reporter: david raglan says as pavement ages, it becomes more of a hazard. >> stopping distances are longer. there could be more rear-end crashes. more run off the road crashes. >> reporter: crunching the numbers from the national highway traffic safety administration from 2001 to 2010, we found nearly 70 people were killed in car crashes in the bay area. all were caused by road conditions, such as uneven pavement or poor signage. raglan says fatality rates could spike if roads are not fixed. >> you can have 20, 30, 40% increase in crashes. >> we have 40% of the funds that
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are needed for us to maintain and rehabilitate our roadways. >> reporter: caltrans admits it's differeiculty keeping up with repairs but says it has not impacted safety. >> do you think caltran can be fixing those potholes faster? >> our cruise go out on a daily basis and repair what they can daily. >> if they can't fill them right away, they should warn that the potholes exist. >> reporter: but creeper insists the state isn't doing enough to keep drivers safe. take highway 12 near fairfield, for example. during a five-year period, accident rates tripled there. creeper said that's because the state took so long to install a median. >> we can see that there's an issue that needs to be addressed safetywise, we always prioritize those first. >> reporter: widow nancy lee is now suing the public works department in oakland.
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whether the problem is planning or funding, something must be done. >> it's a shame that it came to this and it cost us my husband and their dad. >> we did reach out to the city of oakland. because the lee case is in pending litigation, they won't comment. caltrans argues less than 30% of the state's roadways are classified as distressed pavement. jessica. >> thank you very much, elise. tonight at 6:00, as many as half a million children work on huge farms picking the food that you eat every day. investigative reporter steven stock traveled to the field to witness it firsthand and talked to cute children of migrant workers. they work a full day, up to 10 hours in, 100-degree heat. it's happening not in a foreign country but right here in our own backyard. that exclusive at 6:00 on nbc bay area. if you have a story for the investigative unit call the tip line at 888-996-8477.
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a really warm day today around the bay area. let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. when are we going to see the cooldown? >> in about two days here, janelle. i know you're tracking that cooldown across the peninsula. it's been very hot for the east and the south bay. here's one of the reasons why. we always track these winds mainly out of the northwest, even in oakland. that was good enough to get our temperatures like this inland. one of the hottest, livermore, at 97. south san jose even 94 and morgan hill popping up to 94 as well. there's all the cool air at the coastline. the onshore flow was right up against the peninsula. what you can see this afternoon is the fog is not too extensive in san francisco but with that continual push of the marine layer tonight we do think it will stick around for us. we'll take you over to the olympic stadium. it's lit up very colorful tonight.
4:20 pm
starting tomorrow, one of the most prized events is going to be taking place, that is track and field. also otherwise known as athletics at the olympics. you want to watch out for yusai bo bolt, one of the fastest runners in the world. let's get a look at this marine layer and fog. it is very extensive offshore stretching several hundred miles. that's part of this cooling trend we're going to be seeing over the next two to three days. already slow clouds pushing up into marin and also the peninsula. that will just continue tonight up against at least these portions to the west. so for the morning hours, we'll see fog in marin, also near the san francisco peninsula. by the afternoon if you want that sunny sky, it looks like we'll even get in on some sunshine back up along the immediate coastline. not a bad friday coming our way. temperatures will start to go down. by the bay, upper 70s. inland, upper 80s to low 90s. a quick look at the olympic forecast and here's the thing to note. by saturday we are forecasting a slight chance of a thunderstorm
4:21 pm
so that may actually play into some of the competition. as we know, many of them are outdoors. we'll have the full seven-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, jeff. well, coming up, she's a young hero. >> you can't leave me, you have to stay with me, keep breathing. >> how this girl's superhuman strength saved her dad. and it's a family affair in the pool. get to know some gold medal favorites who have been working toward this moment since birth. their stories next. an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls.
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the u.s. women's water polo team is a favorite for the gold medal. >> this team is close it knit, packed with many bay area athletes, but a couple of players share an even deeper bond. they're sisters. raj mathai caught up with the sisters before they left for london. >> reporter: good evening from london. here's one of our favorite stories. a family from danville who is wet. in fact they have been very wet
4:24 pm
for years and they love it that way. imagine this, two sisters on the same team. and that team is team usa. not many babies pose with the water polo ball. for maggie and jessica stefans, the pool was their play pen. >> i just grew up all around the pool. we were all swimmers. my mom and my dad swam. my dad played water polo. >> reporter: fast forward 17 years and the pool is still their play pen, but now the world will be watching. >> good idea, mag, good idea. >> reporter: first came jessica and now kid sister maggie. a sister act for team usa water polo. >> to be walking through with my sister is going to be completely different and cool experience. how many people get to do that, together, you know, and then talk about it at the dinner table later. >> reporter: four years ago, maggie watched from the stands as jessica helped team usa capture the silver medal in beijing. managy was not only captivated, but inspired.
4:25 pm
her dad, a water polo star from cal in the 1970s, knew it was just the beginning. >> she was sitting right next to me. i looked at her, she looked at me. and i said now it's your turn to go get the gold. i was trying to test her. she said yes. >> watching her play was really a kick starter for me in my motivation. and so now being able to play with her is so fun, it's so awesome. it's definitely competitive like you were saying. there's no doubt any sibling rivalry, it's definitely there. but at the same time we have that great connection. >> reporter: it's a connection their parents couldn't be happier about, as they prepare to cheer on two of their daughters in london. >> we're just so thrilled. i mean honestly, you can't imagine how it feels to have two kids on the same team, doing the same thing. it's just -- it's just awesome. >> reporter: awesome and comforting for mom, who's happy that their oldest and youngest daughters are joining forces. not only amazing athletes, but great students. jessica is a stanford alum,
4:26 pm
maggie is heading to stanford this fall. oh, yeah, they have two other siblings that both played water polo at cal, but they all get along just fine. i'm raj mathai. we'll see you later on tonight. you wouldn't expect it but those sisters and many other athletes are playing in front of a lot of empty seats. it's a problem that's plagued the games since the start. coming up, london's new solution to an olympic-size problem. and a mistake sent three planes on a collision course midair. tonight the investigation intensifies. the story of the woman who helped prevent a tragedy. ay: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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communication breakdown. tonight the faa is reacting to reports of a near midair collision at reagan national airport involving three passenger jets. >> now, the agency admits the cause was miscommunication, but it denies the planes nearly collided. chris clackum shows us exactly what went wrong.
4:29 pm
>> reporter: the faa says an incident tuesday involving three passenger jets at washington's reagan national airport is under investigation but wasn't what the "washington post" made it out to be. >> the planes were on different headings and at different altitudes, so they would not have collided. >> reporter: the "post" reported air traffic controllers nearly had three commuter jets on a collision course, but averted disaster by seconds by diverting one incoming jet from the runway where the two others were waiting to take off. confusing the pilot of the incoming jet. >> we were cleared for the river back there, what happened. >> reporter: a minute later the recording shows the controller was confused too. >> stand by. we're trying to figure this out. stand by. >> reporter: that prompted a dramatic response from the pilot a minute and a half later. >> okay. we really don't have enough fuel for that. we've got to get on the ground pretty quick. >> reporter: the faa said
4:30 pm
approaching bad weather forced the airport to switch the direction flights were taking off and landing and admits that wasn't communicated promptly. but a defensive transportation secretary, ray lahood, praised the controller who recognized it promptly enough. >> this is a classic case where we had a well-trained controller who did exactly what she was supposed to do. >> reporter: the faa says all three planes were equipped with collision avoidance systems but none was activated by the incident. chris clackum, nbc news. new details now on a story we first brought you last night. the prayers of parishioners at a catholic church in campbell have been answered. the four-foot tall statue that was taken from st. mary's church has been found. a tip led officers to an area near hamilton and 3rd avenue where they found it safely wrapped up. it's now back in its rightful place. police are thinking the community and the media. they said without the story getting so much attention, the statue might never have been
4:31 pm
found. still, no answer on who stole the statue and why. the number of empty seats at the london games continues to be a problem for olympic officials. tickets sold out minutes after going on sale but many empty seats can be seen at the events. some of those seats have been held for sponsors and committee members who aren't using them. the tickets are given to organizations to sell internationally, but aren't returned if not sold. >> every empty seat disappoints me, because we need every seat filled to radiate the support from the british public, who are passionately interested in sport and absolutely 100% behind team gb. >> reporter: estimates are over 120,000 seats are empty at events so far. day six of competition at the 2012 london games and already a great medal day for the u.s. >> and during tonight's primetime there could be many more. nbc's mark barger continues our
4:32 pm
coverage tonight from london. good evening, mark. it's going to be a good night tonight too. >> reporter: yeah, it should be. it's been a great olympics so far. so far we've seen swimming and gymnastics dominate the headlines from a competition standpoint but today was an opportunity for a lower profile sport to bask in the olympic glow. great britain awoke to see its tower bridge bathed in olympic gold celebrating the nation's first gold medals of the games yesterday. but early today the american gold mush continued. >> america versus great britain. >> reporter: at excel arena, more olympic gold and history as kayla harrison won the first ever american gold medal in judo. brought to tears as she received a medal and heard her national anthem. >> i pictured it every night for the last four years. it feels real. >> reporter: at the same hall, russian president vladimir put
4:33 pm
en, who's written a book on judy, cheered their competitor and his gold medal performance. at the equestrian arena ann romney was cheering her horse, rafalca, in early rounds of dressage. american archer came up short in her quest for the medal but provided one of the most memorable images. the arrow that hit the camera in the center of the bull's-eye. a disappointing day but an olympic moment. i understand you have more on kayla harrison coming up later in the show. meanwhile coming up tonight on nbc's primetime coverage, two major events. women's gymnastics, the all-around final. gabby douglas and aly raisman going for the gold and two big races in swimming, ryan lochte in both of them. the second of those two races he will go head-to-head with michael phelps. >> mark, we want to talk about this nearby mall in london.
4:34 pm
there's a little bit of controversy. it's too popular? >> reporter: too popular, believe it or not. there's a mall about a quarter of a mile from where i'm standing called westfield mall. it's about 1.9 million square feet. it's so popular, they're going to close it to anyone without an olympic ticket tomorrow and saturday. so between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 in the afternoon, you have to have an olympic ticket to go to this mall to shop. they have been trying to discourage tourists from going to the mall. they want them to check out the other sights in london. >> forced tourism. >> a lot of landmarks in london. mark, thanks so much. all of the olympians are looking to capture that one moment in time where everything just comes together just right. >> so too are the thousands of media members in london with their lenses fixated on the athlete. lawrence scott is here to tell us where we can find those images of joy and so much concentration. >> the images of the games of
4:35 pm
london when captured at just the right moment can be packed with emotion and intrigue. they stitell a story of their o and we are featuring them online. in fact, we've got them front and center. in the very middle of the top row of icons on our home page, is a link to what we're calling awesome olympic pics. they're continually being updated for you to scroll through, take a look and perhaps share the link with others. we're bringing you video on tv and the web, but sometimes a single moment says it all. it's just one of the ways that you can quickly and easily get a feel for what's going on at the summer games via our website. i'm lawrence scott. >> thank you, lawrence. after the darkness comes the gold. the inspirational story of a woman sexually abused but she refused to live as a victim. see how she overcame the memory of that attack and went on to become an olympic champion.
4:36 pm
plus new hope for those battling spinal cord injuries. the procedure that could help the paralyzed walk again. and some of the images of the games aren't the most flattering. good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri. a summer sizzler in the east bay. a little cooler in the south bay with mid-80s and fog on the coastline. we'll have details on your weekend weather forecast in just a few minutes.
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4:38 pm
each athlete in london is giving it everything they have got to bring home the gold. >> that can lead to some really dramatic facial expressions. laura garcia cannon and jon kelley are here to show us the
4:39 pm
best. >> the world's greatest athletes create legendary and priceless moments. >> but of course with all that magic and beauty, it is truly do or die time for those olympians and on the field of battle it is not always pretty. >> take michael phelps, the greatest in history but suffering through the agony. still sort pg downer reaction after a rough qualifying round. >> the good news is he's had plenty to celebrate. from the pool we climb into the ring. how about a little boxing. brazil versus russia. forget the knuckle sandwich, how about an elbow hoagie to chew on. come on, fellas, can't we all just get a footlong. >> time to hit the weights. >> flex appeal. whoa there, big fella. that's what you call giving it all you've got. for a little different approach, it is the pass the mylanta, please. and the satisfying finger-licking, yes, i am so good. >> finally from our pain before
4:40 pm
pleasure chest. >> yes, that is right. they say all is fair in love and war and olympic competition. team usa backing that up on the soccer field. we finish with a little field hockey spritzer. smile team japan, you're on candid splash camera. >> for all your olympics coverage, turn to click on the olympics live blog on the upper right corner of your screen for links to some of these great shots. >> always fun to do. a reminder you can start your day with laura and i from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. hope to see you there. >> i have some intense facial expressions in the newsroom. i'm glad they're not captured by anybody. >> those are the pictures that friends post on facebook that you don't want them posting. how did you get me in that spot? that's not fair. >> good job. they were like -- >> so what's coming up, jeff? >> well, we do have a lot of sunshine after some very hot weather. we'll talk about this weekend cooldown coming our way in just a few minutes and of course that
4:41 pm
full olympic forecast.
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4:43 pm
new hope for patients with paralysis. the fda has approved cell replacement that he were. a patient's cells will be taken and harvested. a few weeks later they'll be injected into the injured portion of the patient's speenl cord. it's the only trial of its kind in the world and researchers say it could be a major step towards finding a cure for paralysis. a virginia girl is being hailed as a hero after a tremendous display of strength. 22-year-old lauren kornacki walked into the garage and found her father crushed. seconds later she did what most considered unthinkable. she moved the entire car, which weighs almost 3,000 pounds, off her father's body. >> lifted it right here and kind of threw it. shoved my body into it as hard as i could. i came back and dragged him out
4:44 pm
and started cpr. oh, my god, i'm going to lose my dad. his eyes were open, he wasn't responding to me. >> talk about adrenaline. lauren is a former basketball player and trained lifeguard. her dad has several broken ribs and some tractors but he is expected to be okay. >> she is amazing! she is tough. those are some good skills to have. we definitely are in full effect here when it comes to microclimates this afternoon. take a look at this temperature difference just in 20 miles. 66 in san mateo with the onshore flow. you head back to sunnyvale and it's 85 degrees at this hour. some of the hottest weather continues to be in the east bay with 96 in livermore and also 93 in concord. we'll take you out live to that hd camera network this afternoon and there it is, beautiful san jose tonight. we do have some mid and high level cloud cover overhead and of course that's a signal of this changes coming our way. so let's get to the changes that
4:45 pm
we do expect over the next 48 hours. it's all getting sparked off by this cloud cover out in the pacific. there's not a whole lot of rainfall with it but it is associated with slightly cooler air in the upper levels and also the jetstream here. it's just going to get a little bit closer and a nudge of this to the south with provide a cooling weekend breeze for parts of friday and also into saturday and sunday. at the coastline we'll go cooler for friday and saturday's forecast. instead of 60s and 70s, we'll go with more of a 50s and 60s scenario. for the interior valleys, instead of 90s like we had today, we'll generally see temperatures climbing on downward with 70s and 80s. so really by this weekend overall that's when you're going to notice most of our temperatures starting to feel a lot more enjoyable outside. as for our friday forecast, we're going down to the south bay in san jose. 70s in palo alto. janelle, did you hear that? 70s? 85 in milpitas. 92 in walnut creek, 91 in pleasanton, 93 in livermore and
4:46 pm
70s back by the bay. and for the peninsula, 67 in san francisco, 84 in santa rosa and low 70s from berkeley to oakland. all right, nbc and the olympics of course, this is going to be continuing all the way through. next week we do have a chance of a shower on friday. archery is going off with temperatures near 70 degrees. as we head throughout the next three days, the thing to watch out for if you are sitting in front of the tv like millions of viewers is the fact that my saturday we'll have a chance of thunderstorms. about a 40% possibility that may come into play for the events and another chance of showers sunday and also monday. on archery, we'll full of some facts here. it debuted in the 1900 olympics. actually didn't become a permanent part of the games until 1972 in munich. and the total distance from the area where you take the bow and the arrow and let it go all the way to the target is 229.66 feet. astonishing there. also astonishing, yes, i'm hosting a show at 7:30 called the "olympic zone" and it's
4:47 pm
going to be right here on nbc. for tonight it's going to be action-packed. we take a look at athlete profiles. sometimes we take you shopping and lit you do things for free and we're also checking in with the one and only bob costas. we also have our seven-day forecast real quickly, if we can get that into the end of the weather forecast. temperatures cooling off a little bit saturday and sunday with upper 80s. so, ladies, i know it's been very hot out there. we're trying to please everyone here. cool it down a little bit. >> i hike on the peninsula a lot and it's just been too hot to hike. >> jeff, i've got to say if this weather gig doesn't work out, you could be a great britain tour guide. thanks. earlier we told you about america winning its first olympic gold medal in the sport of judo and woman who won it for usa is kayla harrison. >> today's accomplishment caps off a journey for her that started out at the lowest of lows and now she's at the highest of highs.
4:48 pm
nbc's stephanie gosk has her story. >> reporter: roughly translated, judo means the gentle way. but gentle is not the first word that springs to mind when watching american, kayla harrison, compete. >> this is a time in my life. this is going to be the highlight of my life. >> reporter: confident, strong and driven. a far cry from the young woman coach jimmy pedro met six years ago. >> somebody who went from the lowest of low, who hated life, who had no self-esteem and no confidence, to somebody who's been on the top of the world hoed yum. >> reporter: harrison grew up in ohio and started judo as a little girl. at the age of 13, her coach, daniel doyle, started sexually abusing her. it took three years for her to finally tell somebody. >> i thought that it didn't matter because i thought he loved me. and i thought that it was okay because of that. and it took me a long time and a lot of therapy to realize that, you know, it's not okay. >> reporter: doyle went to jail and harrison's parents moved her
4:49 pm
to boston, so she could train with the best coaches in the country, jimmy pedro jr., a two-time olympic medal is, and his father. from the moment she arrived, the pedros were much more than just coaches. >> when it comes to the pedros, there is right and there is wrong and there is no gray. and they always do the right thing. >> we knew that what was done to her was wrong. we reinforced that with her. and we told her the best thing she can do is stand up for herself. you're a victim, but it doesn't define who you are. >> while harrison lived away from her parents, the pedros, especially jimmy sr., helped her get back into school and into therapy. >> i give everybody tough love. nobody is going to give you anything, you have to earn it. >> i don't think there's anything he didn't do for me. they have been amazing. >> reporter: it's emotional for you to talk about. >> it is emotional. >> reporter: i can tell. >> it's crazy. you know, when big things like this in your life happen, you look back and reflect on everything. i look at where i am now, you know, on the brink of making
4:50 pm
history. >> be confident, aggressive, live the moment. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: thanks, she says, to the pedros who showed her that judo really can be the gentle way. >> very inspiring story there, but something not inspiring, the giants. they have been on a losing streak. let's check in with henry in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> yes, jessica and janelle, the giants have lost six of their last seven games but still had a chance to split the series with the new york mets. day game at at&t park. let's take you to the action out there. barry zito was on the mound this afternoon. top of the first, bases loaded, two out, jason bay singles to left and this will bring in two scores to make it 2-0 new york early on. and it didn't get better for zito. the next batter, line drive to left field and this hits off
4:51 pm
melky cabrera's glove. milkman struggling right there. 4-0 mets. david wright got it right right here, singles to left. mets win 9-1. giants have lost seven of their last eight games. >> we've been awful here, you know, this past week. you get in these funks, they're not fun. unfortunately you do go through them. how we press on through these tough times will determine our season. you know, we're in a rut right now. we're not swinging the bats, our pitching is not as sharp. we've got to regroup here and hopefully that's what's going to happen as we take off to colorado. all right. over to football. usa today released their annual preseason coaches poll for the upcoming college football season. stanford checks in at number ape after an 11-2 season in 2011.
4:52 pm
you saw the cardinal lose in the fiesta bowl to oklahoma state. also out of the pac-12, oregon checked in at number 5, while usc is ranked third in the nation. to golf now, first round of the wgc bridgestone invitational. tiger woods with a nice approach shot on the par 4 less11th. take a look at this ball, lands only about four feet from the hole. tiger taps it in for birdie, shoots an even par 70 on the day. jim furyk is your leader at 7 under. that's going to do it for sports right now. jessica, janelle, i'm just getting warmed up. 6:00, much more coming up in sports. >> we will see you at 6:00. also tonight for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, you can watch at 10:30. we'll be right back.
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4:54 pm
don't go away. we still have a lot more news. ahead at 5:00, she was living the life of luxury. but it's a lifestyle that has a south bay realtor behind bars
4:55 pm
and we'll tell you why. plus the king of silicon valley isn't a person, it's a computer. we'll explore the real-life impact of the valley's most powerful computer. and the real cost of identity theft. why the government is being investigated for sending billions to criminals. we'll have those stories and more in just a minute. later tonight in primetime, we have the marquee swimming matchup of the games. michael phelps is going for his 20th medal in the 200 individual medley against ryan lochte, head-to-head again. plus rebecca soni raises for gold in the 200 breaststroke. >> you can see the women's gymnastics individual all-around. our primetime coverage starts at 8:00 and it's followed by the news right after the olympics. and coming up oentonight at 7:3 we have you hosting the "olympic zone." >> we're going to profile some of the usa gymnasts and take a look at some of the swimming events coming up. we also have this interesting profile that has to do with trampolines. >> trampolines? >> yes, i know, this is wild.
4:56 pm
and how easy you might think it is to jump up and down but really all it takes to do that sport, the trampoline. >> yeah, that's a big sport in the olympics now. and tonight aly raisman, gabby douglas, individual all-around. >> it's going to be a very big night for the u.s. web's gymnastics team. >> we'll be right back.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
right now a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> police chief in crisis? why some in san jose's own rank are now saying he's not fit to lead, and what they plan to do to drive that point home. plus -- >> she's not just a pit bull, she's a member of our family. we love her, she loves us. >> they were searching for a suspect but shot another victim. how a dog got caught in the crossfire in the south bay. and hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen. now investigators explain why they think a south bay realtor and a ponzi scheme are to blame. good thursday evening, everyone. i'm janelle wang.
4:59 pm
>> and i'm jessica aguirre. we begin tonight with a story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. growing problems tonight for the already embattled san jose police department. this time the turmoil is coming from within as some in the rank and file are calling for a vote of no confidence against the police chief. nbc bay area's damian trujillo first broke this story on twitter. he joins us now from police headquarters with more on what the officers and the city manager are saying about this brewing controversy. damian. >> reporter: jessica, we were not able to catch up with chief moore at 4:00, he had to step into a meeting so we're waiting any minute now. the city manager is actually the only one who can fire the san jose police chief and she's not going to do that, even with tuesday's looming vote of no confidence perhaps by the board of the san jose poa. now, here's what we do know so far. san jose police officer howard johnson sits on the board of the poa. this is him at a shooting earlier today. johnson will ask the poa board next tuesday to call for a


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