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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and i'm really proud of that. >> when are you going to visit the bay area? ever going to squeeze time snin >> i'm moving out there to cally to l.a., so -- >> don't say l.a. just say the bay area. >> bay area. i'm going to swing in. >> what's next for you when you come home? >> i'm going to take a vacation. >> you should. >> i haven't had a vacation ever since i was in high school. so it's been a while. and i definitely want to go to bali. >> i know back in the beijing games you were eating mcdonald's v. you changed your eating habits? >> yes. i haven't really ate fast food in a couple of years. i mean, i've been watching really what i eat, the carbohydrates t protein, the vegetables, everything. i just have been really watching what i've eaten and i've seen a big kindifference in the way i k and my training.
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it's just jumped up dramatically. >> congratulations, ryan lochte, for a lot of people proud of you, five medals here. why don't you do tv work and say guys, back to you. >> guys, back to you. >> raj, can you have him do a personal one to laura? >> that's okay. i get it. we're out of time. >> reporter: he's got to go. see you later. >> thanks so much. >> no doubt going to be exciting to watch for team usa. the men's and women's finals and the track and field, diving and volleyball. then on saturday more swimming finals as well as track and field and the beach volleyball elimination round. then on sunday, women's diving, more track and field and individual gymnastics gold medal finals. >> of course your source for all things olympics. click on the olympics tab,
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scroll down and click on the viewing guide. you can look up events by sport or viewing time and then you'll find everything there on line. that is >> it's 6:04. a wild scene on several bay area freeways overnight. look at these pictures, high speed police chase across four counties. the highway patrol is trying to pull over a driver in pittsburgh suspected of stealing a car. a spike strip didn't slow him down. sparks flying off the rims there. the chase across the bay bridge into san francisco where the driver eventually headed east again. they finally caught up with him in concord, this, that was his tire t rim sheered off. the 28-year-old driver has been arrested. >> a south bay real estate agent once living a life of luxury is behind bars accused of scamming more than a dozen people in a
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ponzi scheme. stephanie chuang is live in milpitas at the elmwood facility where jill sill vi is being held. >> she is accused of plotting this scheme targeting victims as north as redding and south as morgan hill. one of the alleged victims says she considered silvy her best friend. she spoke with us, leslie robe a due, she said silve visited her shop. she is one of 13 people tricked out of 1 po i 2 million. sillvi convinced investors to loan cash to get monthly interest payments. investigators say the homeowners didn't know about the loans and that instead silvy was pocketing the money to spend on cars and remodeling her home. money that investors will never
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get back. >> a con artist expertise is in exploiting trust and the evidence allegedly that the stage is miss silvy exploited at both ends. >> no boundaries. she would steal from anybody, didn't matter. >> reporter: the deputy d.a. says several of these homeowners, the victims are elderly, people silvy met in past years. she could face up to 31 years in prison if convicted of all 44 counts. mostly for grand theft and forgery. she is expected to enter a plea on monday. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> 6:06. it's the weekend, it is friday, everybody feels good. we check in with christina loren to tell us how good we'll feel all weekend with the weather. >> doesn't this make you feel good on a friday morning. a spectacular sunrise.
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mostly clear conditions. the contrary along the coast where we have mostly cloudy conditions. feeling comfortable. a little on the cool side in novato and the low 50s. at 60 in sunnyvale and 56 degrees to start out in santa cruz. the story of the day, we're going to see the fog clear out by about 10:00. that's a little longer than we had to wait yesterday. not as hot. bright sunshine the second half of the day. the cooldown continues into the weekend. your day part hour by hour forecast, inland 78 at 9, at 89 degrees at 4:00 p.m. so get those outdoor plans done early. you can do them all kay. 79 degrees "today in the bay." your full forecast just a few minutes away. the fremont festival. i'll let you know how to meet our mike inouye. let's check that drive with him.
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>> folks, now we're introduced at least. we'll show you this lap we're going to speck on this one map for the south bay. unusual slowing northbound 101. i circled mckee road. nothing from ch prk but looks like this may have been an accident judging by the pattern. we have a live look and we'll see how things are shaping up over 280 through san who kay. no slowing. 280, 17 and 880. another live look outside shows you how things are shaping up at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning at 6:08, two bats found inspected with rabies. animal control will not say where they found them only that it happened july 25th at two different unkiss closed locations. no reports of injuries associated with the case but the
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terrific is warning people to be careful around any animal acting strangely. you don't need to be pit or scratched. all you have to do is come in contact with infected saliva. >> the police chief says he has no intention of resigning despite some officers call are for a vote of no confidence. those officers say they are frus rate issed with the way moore is running the department. the police officer's association board is expected to consider a vote of no contest next week. the city manager, the only be person who has the power to fire moore says her support remains strong. >> i have tremendous confidence in chief moore. i'm sorry. i'm disappointed but have i the utmost confidence that he is a professional and will continue to work with all of the stake
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holders even those turning their backs on him. >> we can tell you other officers tell us it's only a small fraction of officers who want more hours. >> bike riders getting a break on b.a.r.t. will it help or hurt your commute. >> some stanford logic behind the olympic magic. how it may impact the weekend's big events. >> a judge says no movie clips in court.
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>> 6:12. time for a quick hook at today's top stories a. high-speed chase led chp officers through four counties. the chase started in pittsburg and concord where the driver's tire was flattened and sheered
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off by spike strips. >> a south bay realtor will be in court on monday actually, answering to charges she ran an elaborate ponzi scheme. investigators say jill silvey convinced investors to loan money to homeowners in exchange for monthly interest payments. she is accused of pocketing that and spending it on cars and clothing. >> animal control officers found two bats infected with rabies. the animals were found in two locations. officials will not say exactly where. experts are warning residents to be careful around any animal acting strangely. >> new this morning, we can tell you your commute on b.a.r.t. could be more cramped. the agency launching a program to allow bikes on trains. more on this upcoming test run. >> reporter: good morning, jon. right now for cyclists the options are limited during the morning rush. you can throw your bike on a bus
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into the city but starting today you can add b.a.r.t. it's an experiment going on every single friday in the month of august where riders can take their bicycles on the train. b.a.r.t. has reconfigured some cars to make more room. it used to be bikes were banned in the commute direction except on one train line. so some loyal riders are wondering how everyone will fit. >> i think it's a good idea in theory but i go on rush hour a lot and it's like packed. so i'm not sure how bikes are going to fit. so the spirit is good, maybe they need a bike car at some point. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. has secure parking stations at four locations for those who need it. regular rules apply.
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>> we're going to take over because we lost her audio there. but common sense rules apply. you can't put the bikes on the first train of the car and obviously leave room for other passengers as well. something new they are experimenting with b.a.r.t. >> now heading back to the london 2012 games. where it's another big day for swimming. live look at the olympic caldron burning brightly. that's in olympic stadium. our raj mathai in london this morning. >> let's go back to him now, finished up interviewing and had a huge day with ryan lochte. raj, great interview. >> reporter: it was. he is an american legend. ryan lochte, 28. laura, i know you're similar to a lot of women around the country, everyone asking about ryan. and laura, it's almost like my wife. bring me back a souvenir from london, something like ryan
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lochte. i had to scratch my head on that one. the five-time medalist joined us like we said on his 28th birthday and he was all smiles. >> never have taken a vacation. >> you should. >> i haven't had a vacation ever since i was in high school. it's been a while. i want to go to bali. >> reporter: ryan lochte is going on vacation well deserved. why don't you move to the bay area. he said i'm going to move to l.a., we had to change him. nice spending time with lochte. from lochte to another superstar here. gabby douglas. how about that. last night she wins the all around individual in terms of gymnastics. she won two gold medals, the gold for the team and gold for the individual. gabby douglas near flawless to
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watch her. 1 sykes years young. she moved away from her home to see if she could find a better training facility. these girls are so young. they are so composed and come across so mature but she is the golden girl. we have a lot more coming up. i'll let you catch your breath again. >> i'd say. can you top that. >> interesting after ryan lochte said he was going to take a vacation, i saw you on line looking at bali reservations. >> no, i was not. >> i imagined that. >> a true sports man. >> you like his profile. >> a pretty nice profile. >> that's not the only thing. let's check out the weather. it looks pretty as well. >> yeah, not just the profile we're looking at. starting with a live look here, this is gorgeous conditions to start you out on -- let me say
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it one more time -- friday morning. you made it to the weekend. you have probably been running 4 ac nonstop. in livermore, san francisco hit the low 70s and here we hit the upper 80s. today we're trading the temperatures in for 5 to 8 degrees of cooling and temperatures are going to be phenomenal by the bay. 60 in sunnyvale and 54 degrees in san jose. so minneapolis is in control. it's got a bip in the jet stream. we'll see a breeze out of the west carrying in the cool ocean air. beautiful conditions. mother nature leaving on the natural ac all weekend long. then it's going to get hot through next week so if you want to make outdoor plans, washington the car, any sort of summer gleaning this is probably the weekend. next weekend looking warmer.
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comfortable conditions at the beach. 82 in san jose. remember that, we've got changes on the way. it's going to heat up. look at your bay side readings. i'm talking about fremont, the festival. it's going to be a great time. nbc bay area a proud sponsor. you come out we're bringing done lun here to fremont. you can get a picture, 4 picture. arms up in the air. whatever you would hike it to be. we'd love to meet you. we included scott because he is so darn good looking. wouldn't you agree. >> i would. how did you get a picture. that was amazing. looking here to the south bay, i do have to give you an update. we had slowing around mckee, thought this was an accident there. just before oakland road moved to the shoulder.
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that is the pattern we saw. i got word that the area is temporary closed. a good point to get off as you pass through that for the off ramp and accident. we're looking at slowing for the east bay over to the dublin interchange. we're going to wend a live shot. this is palo alto 101. >> not a problem at all. the patent trial of the century resumed. apple is trying to prove that samsung copied its ideas on the ipad. scott says samsung lawyers better come to court being concite. >> yes, i think so. the lawyers have been on the roong side of the judge over the last couple of days. lucy coee pressed her annoyance.
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samsung argues what they talk about outside doesn't count. early in the trial she warned sam sung to stop fidgeting so much. apple up head a ruling that samsung could not show this movie clip to jurors from 2001, in the slip it shows one of the as vo stauts on the right to be a tablet computer. wall street reacting the 0 job numbers. the country adding 1 sucks 3,000 jobs in july. it's not great, it's also been worse. unemployment picked up .1%. jobs added in the unemployment rate arrived at in different ways, a tenth of a percent is irrelevant. facebook shares start at an all-time low. mountain view's linkedin and yelp doing well after turning in
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real solid numbers. >> sounds good. thanks. >> word that a brand new whole foods is coming to the south bay. >> a sailing competition with few competitors. why a lackluster interest could be bad news for the america's cup race.
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>> welcome back. a live look on this friday morning at london, the olympic games are taking place.
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moments ago raj mathai was interviewing ryan lochte. he is becoming the heart throb of the game. women in the newsroom, just stopped in their tracks to watch. >> respect for the tleext. >> is that what you call it these days. >> happy birthday, ryan. talking about a 25-year-old athlete now considered the fastest man in the world. this weekend we're going to find out if usain bolt will set another record. >> he lit it up in beijing. bob redell lighting it up for us. he set out to find out how fast this guy s. he met one moon says bolt is about to hit that human speed limit. >> even a bolt of lightning has its limits. >> usain bolt is a great showman but it's three years now since he broke the world record. >> to break his 100 meter record of 9.58 seconds usain bolt would almost have to violate the laws
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of nature according to a biomechanics professor. >> the prediction is 9.48. >> by his calculations 9.48 seconds is the fastest man can run in 100 meters. which bolt is up against. running that speed is inhuman anyway. >> no kidding. if you were to clock usain bolt with your car, the speedometer would briefly top out at around 27 miles an hour. >> what i did was go back to history. >> he places his human speed limit on racing time and a formula that takes as much time to write as a person walking the 100 meter. >> this is really something. >> it's one over. >> c i think. >> you think there is a human speed limit?
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>> yeah but -- but i think it's -- >> spencer chase thinks man is better than 9.48. >> i take it kind of personally. you put a limit on it like -- >> people don't like to hear that. people assume things are always going to get faster. at some point they can't. >> look at horses. they haven't gotten faster, dogs since the 1970s, women since the 1980s. >> you expect men to plateau in the next 10 to 20 years. >> i would love to have anybody do better so we can know. >> bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it is amazing. >> that guy can fly so. can bob redell. i think he got up to about 20 miles per hour. a gun-toting 6-year-old. the photo that led to a father's arrest. >> a mystery in the bay revaled.
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>> welcome back everybody. the time is 6:30. you hear it. the live bell at the new york stock exchange representatives from yum up there leading the way on what could be a volatile day. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew is up next with the jobs report and the numbers coming out. >> and you're greeted with a gorgeous sun rise and a cooler day by 10 degrees. that means we'll see the 80s inland, 70s bayside, 60s at the coast. change on the way. >> plus, a live look at 101 in san jose, tracking an accident and your slowdown this friday morning. >> good friday morning. happy to have you with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning with the presidential election looming another critical jobs report out. business and tech reporter scott pouring over the numbers and
6:29 am
what they mean. >> good morning. there is what they mean and what the campaigns will say they mean. the obama administration will no doubt point out the fact more jobs were created in july than expected, the most since last february, 163,000. he'd be right. governor romney will point out 163,000 isn't enough to turn the economy around and another in a long string of tepid jobs reports and you know what, that's a correct argument as well. the other point, the unemployment rate ticked up to 8.3%. the unemployment rate is both an indication of who doesn't have a job but also of how many are looking for a job. it's not a againable number but politicians tend to grab on it. 163,000 better than we expected the nicest we can say. >> thank you. more than 100 people packed san jose city hall to meet with
6:30 am
whole foods representatives about plans for a new store. many people expressed concern about the store's exterior including a wal of steel. representatives revealed that design plans are not final and they promised to take a second look at that wall. >> the oracle racing team is not going to have a lot of competition defending its america's cup trophy. only four challengers meeting the deadline for the race. as many as 14 teams expressed interest. that sluggish world economy is partly to blame for the low turnout. officials insisting san francisco can expect a huge economic boost. >> a piece of military history that has been a long time secret
6:31 am
hiding out on treasure island. bay ship and yacht recently bought the barge from the navy. it's a submersible barge. the fascinating part is what is inside. the barge holds the sea shadow, a stealth ship built in the bay area during the cold war. >> they had reflective panels on it. it had a low radar signature, low intrafra read signal. they had fillers that would -- it was cool, very quiet. >> he paid $2.5 million for the pair but had to agree to scrap the sea shadow. the barge will be used as a dry dock. >> fallout over the news that the irs delivered more than 5 million in research checks to identity thieves. we're learning that may just be
6:32 am
the in golden gate. the audit now expecting another $21 billion could make its way into thieves' hands. one example, guess vers found one address was used to file 2,000 separate returns. the irs sighting electronic filings, it's hoping to combat the problem by putting new screening tools into place. starting this morning how about a ride on the water. to ride across lake tahoe offering two routes on the lakes west and north shores. traffic is often hv sew makes it difficult for tourists to get to stores and to hiking trails. each boat can carry up to 12 people and eight bikes. kids under 13 can ride for $7. >> disturbing picture to share
6:33 am
of a 6-year-old in a car seat pointing a gun. police found the picture on the cell phone after stockton father arrested on multiple weapon and drugs charges. it was apparently his found's background image. it matches one of several thieves during a search warrant at his home a. protest is planned outside of chick-fil-a. two days ago thousands lined up to buy chicken sandwiches. they were showing support for the ceo criticized for statements concerning traditional marriage. that set off a national fire storm that chuded some mayers calling for a chick-fil-a boycott. today supporters say they will hold a same sex hits day. it's not clear if they will get same turnout. they say it was a record day for
6:34 am
sales. >> speaking of a day, today abmonumental. we had ryan lochte live from london. you enjoyed that. >> bright. let's check in with christina loren. look, it's foggy. >> even ryan is not hot enough to purn this fog off. we're dealing with a pair amount of cloud cover that's going to keep you cooler than average. by about 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. san jose, take a look. does it get better than this? this is what you get to drive to work under. we'll check on that. first let's get to your forecast. that is spectacular in san jose a comfortable 54, 59 in sunnyvale. 54 to start out in san francisco. your day part hour by hour forecast, 57 at 8:00 a.m.,
6:35 am
mostly cloudy, you'll lose a lot of that chouk. by noon 73. perfection. and it's going to be cool for the first part of the day at the coast. you'll top out at 68 degrees even in half moon bay. let's check on the drive, how do we look? >> busy but the incident number is right. the commute doesn'ttic in until after 8:00 so. we're looking at northbound 101. the transition to northbound 880 is reopeneded. a live look shows you the volume of traffic. that's not so bad. we don't see a hot of slowing from 680, speeds into the 40s and 50s. a live look shows you it poster city side, no slowing and another look out, no problems for the bay bridge. >> thanks, mike. >> new developments in syria. we'll tell you how the u.n. is
6:36 am
respo responding. >> back to london and a new golden girl for team usa.
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>> welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside. this is the sunol grade. sun coming up over the bay area making way for a nice day. we'll have a look at the forecast coming up. it is 6:40. >> new this morning, u.n. general assembly set to denounce
6:39 am
syria for aleppo. the death toll now 21 in damascus after mortars struck a refugee camp. >> buster floyd mayweather a free man. the boxer walked out of a las vegas jail this morning after serving two months of a three-month sentence in a domestic battery case. he greeted friends and family including his twelve dollars-year-old daughter. he said nothing to the media before getting behind the wheel of a bentley with several friends inside including rapper 50 cent. >> coming up, guess what, more ryan lochte. the swimming star has won five medals. he stopped by to speak to raj mathai, had one of those gold medals on. tells us how he feels about his performance. medications?
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>> fire up the band, we welcome back, come on back. our london 2012 coverage. all eyes on the aquatic center for the lochte/phelps match-up. i think it's unofficially ryan lochte day. >> it's his birthday. raj mathai live in london managed to capture the medalist live this morning. pretty exciting interview. >> reporter: it was. you know what's interesting jon. laura tunes out, goes on line, looks at other things. ryan shows up and she was so -- did you notice that, jon. >> are you kidding. feel her eye, laser sharp focus. >> because this station we investigate. you brought us the best. >> that's what you call it.
6:43 am
investigating ryan. >> reporter: we do. and we investigated ryan lochte. real nice gentleman. he joined us earlier on our show. five medals in london. so many things going his way including what's happening at the olympic games. let's roll some of the interview from the birthday boy. i think this is the first time in like ten years where i get to celebrate my birthday and i don't have to swim. >> two golds, two silver and a bronze. what does it mean. you've gone through so much in the pool and outside of the pool. what does it mean? >> it definitely means a lot. yeah, i wanted all gold, i mean who wouldn't. but i'm coming back to my country with five olympic medals and i'm really proud of that. >> very nice. ryan lochte joining us earlier for a live interview. he said he wants to move to california, in southern california, perhaps come visit us in the bay area. like he described, wearing that
6:44 am
gold medal one of five he got here in london. now to another olympic superstar, talking about gabby douglas. 16 years old, did you see this last night. amazing. she was nearly flawless in her performance. she wins the overall gold in terms of the individual. here is the 16-year-old who just moved to iowa to train. >> i definitely knew that i was either one or two and he said you're the olympic champion and i was excited. it was an exciting moment. >> reporter: yes, it was. so when you eat breakfast there you go, get your corn flakes, gabby is on the box already released. i think it will be on the shelves maybe today or tomorrow. we discussed gabby's name douglas, you mix up the letters it spells -- you want to take it away? >> usa gold.
6:45 am
right? >> usa gold. it's meant to be for gabby douglas. 16 years old, coming to the bay area september 8 for the performance. >> a good show too. she'll be everywhere. thank you, raj. >> appreciate it, raj. is your source. check us out, scroll down and click on the viewing guide. you can look up events by sport or by viewing time, then find everything there on line for those listening. >> a great weekend for viewing that as well. here is meteorologist christina loren. >> not just ryan lochte's birthday. the u.s. coast guard celebrating 222 years of service. that will be tomorrow. so thanks for protecting our oceans that keep us so nice and cool this time of year and why we pay the big bucks.
6:46 am
beautiful conditions here. mostly cloudy conditions, the marine layer is deeper. the clouds have lowered significantly compared to yesterday. so let's show you san jose. a beautiful sun rise. does not get much better than this. we did lose the reds and oranges, this is going to indicate, you can see the clouds moving, you can see them moving right now indicating a much cooler day. 5 to 10 degrees in some cases. concord 98, today 89. 56 to start out. 53 in san francisco. thanks for waking up with us. proud to be the home of the u.s. summer games. it's going to feel like summer on track with our seasonal averages. then things start to change, so what that means is if you have outdoor plans, maybe getting the kids out, a comfortable scenario saturday and sunday. so here we go, temperatures at
6:47 am
the beach phenomenal. 70 at 4 chock p.m. highs work out like this. we had 82, that's not bad in san jose. 68 in san francisco with clouds, probably burning off at 9. 76 degrees across in oakland. 5 to 8 degrees warmer in oakland than san francisco. throughout the weekend down a touch, then we heat you back up. no extremes. let's find out if we're extremely slow. >> not extremely slow but the build is starting to kick in. here is 101 north of tully road. northbound slowing, southbound not a problem. the maps show you the same thing with our sensors show the slowing to the accident on the shoulder at oakland road. the float flew the south bay, we have slowing from story past actually into the airport. no big drama here.
6:48 am
show you fremont, moves past the truck scales. there is northbound. volume heavier out of fremont. and no problems for oakland. palo alto, 101, northbound here, southbound with the taillights. the crews getting set to set up as well. we'll see the slowing pick in as they pick in over the hour. >> check out these pictures. a police chase across four counties at times exceeding 100 miles an hour. the highway patrol was trying to pull over a driver in pittsburgh suspected of stealing a car a. spike strip didn't slow him down. sparks eventually flying off the rims. that chase went from solano county across into san francisco where the driver turned around and headed east again. the chp caught up with him at concord.
6:49 am
that's what was left of the car, his tires, the rim sheared off. the 28-year-old driver has been arrested. >> what a scene. an experiment by b.a.r.t. may mean more cramped cars on trains. christie smith is live in oakland where for the first time people can bring their bikes onto the trains during rush hour. right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. normally you would only have about ten more minutes before bikes would no longer be allowed on b.a.r.t. trains until later. but that's all changing today. and every friday since august. b.a.r.t. is conducting an experiment. bicycles will be allowed all day. what they are trying to do is see if bicycles and riders can co-exist, everyone get along. i did speak with one graduate.
6:50 am
he has his doubts. >> i go in rush hour a lot and it's packed so i'm not sure how bikes are going to fit so the spirit is good. maybe they need a bike car. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. has four secure bike stations with more to come for people who need to leave their bikes on one end or the other. they are looking for feedback from the public before any final rule changes. reporting live, christie smith "today in the bay." >> this morning we're getting our first look at a woman police say injured two officers as she tried to get away. lisa hernandez accused of ramming one mess cruiser and a second officer. hernandez allegedly sped toward the officers and clemons drive. they rammed her tar to try to
6:51 am
stop it. hernandez sin jail on charges for assault and felony dui and possession of pcp. both injured police officers were treated at a local hospital now both at home recovering. >> a south bay realtor will be in court on monday answering to charges she ran an elaborate ponzi scheme. stephanie chuang is live in milpitas at the elmwood correctional facility where jill silvey is being held. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the 50-year-old jill silvey accused of targeting victims. one of the alleged victims says she was scammed not by any one but someone she thought was her best friend. leslie spoke with nbc bay area, she says she met silvey and befriended her at her clothing store but now is one of 13 people silvey is accused of tricking out of $1.2 million.
6:52 am
the deputy district attorney says silvey convinced them to loan cash to homeowners to get payments in return. they didn't know about these loans and silvey is expected of pocketing the money to spend on cars and remodeling her home. >> that's the sad part. she would steal from anybody, didn't matter. >> reporter: the deputy d.a. says several of the targeted homeowners are elderly. the investors will likely not get this money back. in fact, silvey is in the process of filing for bankruptcy and expected to enter a plea in court on monday afternoon. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> also this morning san jose's police chief says he has no intention of resigning despite some of his officers calling for a vote of no confidence. those officers say they are frustrated with the way chief
6:53 am
chris moore has been running the department and have lost faith in his leadership. the police officers association board is expected to consider a vote of no confidence at its tuesday meeting next week. meantime t city manager who is the only person who has that power to fire moore says her support for him does remain strong. >> i have tremendous confidence in chief moore. i'm sorry that he is confronting this. i'm disappointed but have i the utmost confidence that he is professional and will continue to work with all of the stakeholders even those who might be turning their backs on him. >> we can tell you off camera other officers tell us it's only a small faction of officers who want moore out. >> new this morning, at&t park turns into a camp sight of sorts. giants fans got to have a slumber party on the field. the families set up on the outfield, a dream of the big
6:54 am
league sleeping under the stars. >> came out here because it was a chance of a lifetime and it was a great memory for my three kids. >> pretty cool, dad. the giants players spent the night but the team did provide fans with a midnight snack and pizza and right about now people waking up to the sun having a little breakfast on the field. >> a dream for kids. out on this big boys field, you got snacks, pizza, up till midnight. >> i want to do it. >> pretty cool. >> scott has a good one. >> another cool new camera. >> good morning to you. let's talk right about it. it's whatever you want it to be, it's a helmet cam or can go on your bicycle, be anything you want. it's called the air pro. it's very similar to go pro. you may be familiar with go pro. this one is waterproof right in its own case. it's a personal video camera, $229. i like it frankly better than go
6:55 am
pro. here is video we shot with the air pro on a roller coaster. there you go. and how about this. here is some video of the control room. that's dan there. then lisa off to his right. when they are setting up the ryan lochte live shot as well. there is wireless connectivity between the camera and the mobile device so when you have it on your helmet you can check your eye phone to make sure it's the right angle. nothing worse than doing a spot in a great run in tahoe and figuring out your camera was like this. then when you get to the bottom of the hill or the end of the surfing or whatever, because it's wireless it will go straight to your iphone and then off to youtube so you don't have to connect them or anything. you can show your friends how cool you are with just a couple presses of buttons. >> it is mind blowing how cool the technology s. i remember when i thought polaroid cameras were great.
6:56 am
how things have changed. >> come a long way. thanks a lot. nice forecast as well. let's check with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. you made to the friday. we've got a great looking weekend shaping up especially if you've been too hot. time taking the temperatures down from yesterday by 5 to 8 degrees, 10 degrees in some cases, 89 inland, 79 bay side and 68 degrees at the coast. eel have the seven-day forecast for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. and now check your drive. >> being friday later kick-in for the commute starting to hit. that's the concern. peninsula 101, an accident involving a big rig and blocks in lanes or debris, chp is getting there. showing in the northbound side. so both directions expect slowing there. the soud bay, 101 as you pass by the earlier accident scene at oakland road they cleared but look at that slow from the airport you see the landing there.
6:57 am
all the way from story road. that's about the worst for the south bay. the rest of the volume light. >> thanks, mike. >> here is a look at stories you'll hear about throughout the day. 28-year-old driver under arrest after leading officers on a wild chase at speeds exceeding 100 miles an hour. a spike strip and flat tires bringing the ordeal to an end. the car's tires were shredded. even one of the rims flew off. >> a realtor will be in court answering to charges she ran an elaborate ponzi scheme. jill convinced investors to loan money to homeowners. she is accused of pocketing the money and spending it on luxury cars and clothing. >> animal control officers found two bats with rabies. officials will not say where they found them. experts warn residents at this
6:58 am
point to be extremely careful around any kind of animal that is acting strangely. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be back with a local update at 7:25. good good morning. it's gab fest. >> it's a gabby gold! >> gabby douglas has nearly flawless night to become the fourth american woman to bring home gold in the gymnastics all-around. michael phelps, a gold in the final race against ryan lochte. now the greatest 0 liolympian ol time. now the greatest 0 liolympian ol time. friday, august 3rd, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
6:59 am
and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. olympic stadium is full for the first time since the opening ceremony because track and field gets under way. and in the meantime, today, i think i join millions of americans standing in front of my television set last night three inches from the screen waiting for gabby douglas' final score and of course she got gold. >> if she hadn't won, it would have been due to nothing she did. she did everything right.


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