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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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including parkay singh. they invited him numerous times to preach here in the south bay. >> if he has time, he helps cook the food. >> reporter: deeverything? >> he did everything. >> reporter: 2,000 people are expect forward the vigil. many fearful of a potential attack here. >> we have some who are afraid but they are feeling good because police will help. >> reporter: san jose police are keeping an eye on the temple. this family is visiting san jose from vancouver. they questioned in coming to america after the tragedy but ultimately decided to go ahead with their trip. >> this can't stop me from coming and carry on, even though i was very disappointed and very
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hurt when i heard the news. >> reporter: leaders of the san jose temple say nonsikhs are welcome to pray for their fellow americans. there will be another interfaith ceremony tomorrow at 5:30 at the santa clara county government center. thank you. just in tonight we're learning new information surrounding the chevron refinery fire. chevron officials wrapped up a news conference a short time ago. they say the fire is officially out after a flare up at the refinery early this morning. they are still investigating and do not know what caused that fir fire. a false alarm at another bay area refinery that rattled nerves. jodi. >> reporter: it has been a roller coaster week for folks who live next door to refineries, just this morning people who live in martinez woke
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up to a big scare after the shell refinery mistakenly sent out warning alarms. >> i was going to get in the car and run. yeah. that was my first thought. flight with my kids. >> reporter: that's what was going on through her mind when she heard sirens sounding this morning from the shell martinez refinery, just down the street from her home. with images of richmond's fire still fresh, she panicked. >> i wasn't the only one out front in my pajamas in my neighborhood. i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: turns out the warnings were just a mistake. shell says a worker acti stratd entire community warning system after a misunderstanding over what was actually a minor situation. >> it was a mistake and we apologize for it, and we'll work at addressing it. >> reporter: the head of contra costa's community warning system said her office got a work out
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this week. they are looking at ways to improve the system and are urging residents to sign up for alerts. >> sign up for call us or go to our website. and follow us on twitter, like us on facebook. >> chevron is doing damage control tonight. they announced they've set up a hotline for people impacted by monday's fire. >> i would encourage anybody who feels they have suffered any damage to call the line. absolutely. >> reporter: east bay residents say they've lost faith in both the refineries and in the system designed to warn them of danger. >> there's no hazardous material released at this facility and no danger to the public. >> reporter: that is the message that folks got after the initial warning letting them know it was all a mistake. now the county says in all about 2,000 people got phone calls
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this morning alerting them to shelter in place. they say the good thing out of all this they've gotten now two chances to run their system on a large scale basis and now they have -- they are looking at ways to improve that system. reporting live from richmond i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> the search for an armed robbery suspect in sunnyvale has been called off by police tonight. that robbery happened at the max coins and collectible store. witnesses say they saw the suspect run into a parking structure and then drive off in a car. but they say then caught fire. police were looking for the suspect with guns drawn before suspending that search. we have some breaking news now from the border of los altos hills. this is live pictures of the brush fire burning at alpine
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road. we hear there are several acres burning right now but it looks like you want has grown. fire crews are on the ground as well as overhead. more support is on the way. the first calls came in around 4:15 this afternoon. at this point no structures are threatened but you can see the smoke, it's visible for miles and several high priced homes nearby. we'll be following this story this afternoon and into this evening and we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> a medical marijuana grower who shot and killed an armed intruder monday will not be charged. the oakland man whose name has not been released was legally defending himself when he shot and killed 20-year-old tommy wynn. officers say wynn confronted the homeowner and opened fire first. that's when the homeowner fired back and killed him. >> the state fishing and game warden who killed a mountain lyon earlier this year has been
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boosted out of office. these photos of dan rogers with the mountain lyon he shot in idaho which infuriated conservationists. hunting mountain lyons is banned in california bullet in idaho and other states. fish and game removed richards from the presidency this morning at its meeting in southern california. richards says he'll stay on the commission until his term expires and maintains he's done nothing wrong. >> a showdown in london tonight. beach volleyball has created a lot of buzz at the games in london and tonight the women's competition will wrap up with what promises to be a spirited finale. phil rogers joins us live from london with more. hi, phil, how are you? >> reporter: we're doing good. as you watch this match tonight keep two things in mind. no matter who wins history will be made and the united states is guaranteed to win a gold medal. it will be a nice at the beach
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tonight for the united states. the scene of an all american show unfor beach volleyball gold. two-time defending champs kerri walsh jennings and misty may trainer against olympic rookies. >> we've been on the podium once this year and we haven't been on the podium with them at all so a nice experience to hear the national anthem. >> reporter: no anthem for the u.s. men's indoor volleyball team. they were eliminated in the quarter finals by italy. still in the hunt the u.s. soccer women looking to avenge a world cup loss with an encore match-up tomorrow against japan. >> definitely redemption but also an opportunity, an opportunity to show the world that we're the number one team in the world. >> reporter: medals weren't the point for saudi runner sarah attar. she wrote a page in the history books. >> to have so many people supporting me is a huge honor and i can't believe i'm here.
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>> reporter: last in her heat in the 800 meters she was the first olympian in track and field for her nation. this is a piece of the track from track and field. it's made out of a new polymer. the organizers say even despite london's soggy weather it's designed to last at least ten years. 14 gold medals on the line today including four in track and field tonight as these london olympic games roll through evening number 12. live in london, i'm phil rogers, nbc area bay news. back to you. thanks so much. a big night. >> still ahead at 5:00 the president makes a new play for female voters. >> plus is the -- >> we are looking at temperatures in the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. some of the hottest weather so far. gilroy 99. walnut creek at 96. santa rosa at 92. more potential for triple digits this week. air quality will suffer.
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spare the air alert in effect for thursday. more details coming up. >> plus is the end of the fitting room. new technology rolling out in the bay area that can change the way we shop forever.
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campaigning in colorado president obama emphasized women's health and the affordable care ac. he got a laugh when he reforward to it as obama care. >> i actually like the name -- [ laughter ] >> -- because i do care. >> president obama told the women in the group that it's up to them not politicians or insurance companies to make decisions about their own health and he warned that if they like affordable care act they should vote for him because republican candidate mitt romney has promised to overturn it. colorado is considered among the dozen or so swing states which will decide the november election. in sacramento today a new report tried to answer the question of
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how much california actually benefits from its indian casinos. the study by an independent research group analyzed data from 13 of the state's indian casinos. the bottom line, tribal gaming generates more than $7 billion a year for california's economy. it also contributes more than a half billion in tax revenue alone even while tribe members pay little in taxes. industry accounts for more than 52,000 jobs, 80% of those workers are not tribe members. and with that the casino matrix is officially opened for business. san jose's newest casino opened at 8:00 this morning. the casino hired 300 people and still looking to hire more. also expected to pay $10 million in gaming revenue to the city each year. we all know shopping can be a pain but now technology is coming to the rescue in a popular upscale store right here in the bay area. we sent scott budman to check it
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out. >> change the way to shop. a new way to check your size and it comes to us with a big boost from the video game industry. here's a peek into the future of retail. >> we got the boot cut from 7 to more of a mid-rise. >> no breaking news here. shopping can be a pain. even if you know your size, clothes are still something of a mystery. >> you step inside the scanner. >> but what if you knew your exact measurements in a way only a hi-tech futuristic body scanner could tell you. >> think it will make people pause and wonder gee what's that? >> that is the 3-d scanner from bodymetrics, the first of its kind in america sitting inside the bloomingdales at stanford shopping center where 16 sensors direct the microsoft x-box connect scan you sending the results to your ipad to help you shop faster and more efficiently. >> how do you know what jean
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fits you or makes you look good. it's really what we try to do is by doing this body mapping process you actually help to find that one or two jeans that actually will fit and flatter you. >> bodymetrics admits it's inspired by apple and this looks a little what apple would and make the it made 3-d body scanners. >> by bringing technology into you want it hopefully solves a problem for women to really find that coveted pair of jeans. and that's really what we're hoping to offer the customer. >> as for privacy concerns, yes your measurements are taken then you can either delete them or keep an account and shop from home. >> once your body is mapped in one store you can go to other stores and you can go online and just shop for garmentes that fit you. >> think of a futuristic fitting room that will make you a more accurate shopper. >> so there you go. what do you think? >> you can start scanning
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tomorrow at the stanford bloomingdales. bodymetrics has been operating in london. if it catches on expect more. it's free. >> scientists say july was the hottest month ever and for much of the country it was also the driest. triple-digit heat has hit several parts of the country including here in the bay area contributing to the drought that's covering 63% of the u.s. wildfires consumed 2 million acres in july. agriculture suffered causing prices for food to rise. july was the 14th straight month of above average temperatures. it is certainly hot around us now. meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us. how hot did we get? >> 99 so far dye. we may see that century mark. we'll wait about another hour. we still have some warming to go. for the bay area it remains bone dry as we're in the dry part the
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year. the drought monitor putting a lot of the bay area in an abnormally dry section, a precursor before we slip back into the drought. >> this warming wind in san francisco. not an onshore wind but slightly out of north that's enough to clear us out on our sky camera network. let's look outside. we have fog free conditions. there's some haze. can't rule out a little bit of cloud cover for tonight but nonetheless it is a very nice sunny day in san francisco. and it is very hot here. when you go to those interior valleys 94 in santa rosa, 95 end conconcord, temperatures back off a little more in livermore. overall a very warm night with 95. gilroy at 98. we went down a degree from the last hour but still doesn't mean we might see things warm back up. all could it take is warm rush of wind and we could see maybe 100, 101 down in the extreme south bay. right out here in the four
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corners, monsoonal moisture. we're not expecting any of that. this region of high pressure that's pumping up the monsoonal pressure is moving off to the west. that's good enough here for a small slice of this hot air. that's all we need across the bay area is a little bit of the warmth in the upper levels and we'll get it. bring 90s to low 100s for the next two days inland but here's the thing. not going to be crazy hot at the beaches. we'll fine 60s and 70s and a little bit of cloud cover for the morning hours. my best sbet by friday you're sick of some of this upper 90s to low 100s head to the dlichbt get that nice refreshing feel. 54 in santa rosa to start. south bay upper 50s and low 60s. nice recovery in the overnight hours. even when we have hot days more comfortable nights. 91 in san jose. 92 in sunnyvale. upper 80s to low 90s in palo alto.
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100 in livermore. for many of you in the east bay feel like low 100s. go to caster valley, hayward and fremont, temperatures in the 80s. 74 in san francisco which could feel like 80 in down, 94 in santa rosa and also 79 in berkeley. beach volleyball we have it on primetime tonight but also for the men it will be happening for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies on thursday with temperatures in the 70s. by friday and saturday, last two full days of competition, some of the warmest weather we've had so far this olympics. speak of beach volleyball the ladies playing tonight in primetime and first time in history this has happened. this match-up, u.s. versus u.s. walsh treanor, kessey and ross. misty may treanor going for that third gold medal. temperatures in the low 100s thursday, friday and saturday and then start to see numbers drop-off into the 90s.
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i know oil try not to do a spoiler alert. some people are saying we may know what happened. >> we may know but we're not saying. >> exactly. >> mum is the word. >> still ahead, san francisco tradition that nobody likes. searching for parking. but a new website is put agnew spin on it. >> the new potential link for a bay area community plagued with one of the highest breast cancer rates in the world.
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new research could help answer a long running local medical mystery. why marin county has one of the world's highest rates of breast cancer. a new study suggests it's genetic. in previous studies researchers have ruled out environmental causes and kmind cell samples from nearly 300 breast cancer patients in marin county. the new study examined frozen cell from that earlier study
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noting women who had breast cancer were twice as likely to have a different form of vitamin d receptor. >> san jose saying no to a half sale cents tax increase. the city council refused to approve a proposal to but the half cent tax on the ballot. council members vote to put the measure on the ballot, dead locked 5-5. those who posed the tax would have made the city the most expensive place to do business. >> parking made easier in san francisco. we'll show you how next.
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reserve a space.
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that's the plan in beings. now there's a website where you can reserve a parking place. park please is where people can reserve parking spaces. there are 300 parking spots available but they range from $20 to $90 per space depending on the distance. >> okay. jeff ranieri is here to give us a preview on what's coming up on the "olympic zone." 7:30 tonight. tune in. we'll have a lot of stuff including a look at natalie coglin. aly raisman the u.s. gold gymnast, the best moments and a few of the not so comfortable moments of the usa gymnastics team. you also know, you hear that national anthem when we take home gold. we're looking in depth at that music and what goes on every time they hit play at the olympics. >> interesting. >> a lot of pressure for those folks. >> see you at 6:00. good night.
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on our broadcast tonight, extreme heat. but more than that, the official confirmation that came today that it has never been this hot in america. tonight one scientist is calling it the new normal. also gas prices spiking again, especially in one region of the country. plus here in london at the games, the american women face off in the hottest ticket in town. lolo jones gets emotional and fires back at her critics. and some extraordinary acts of kindness at these games proving sportsmanship is still very much alive. "nightly news" from london very much alive. "nightly news" from london begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television '6 >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in london.
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good evening from london. once again tonight we begin right back in the u.s. this time it's about the summer of 2012 and the now official word that arrived today that the last month and the last year were the hottest ever recorded. the hottest of all time since they started keeping records. of course in terms of drought, we're feeling the effects this year. but look at the numbers from just today. little rock, arkansas, high of 101, tulsa 105, salt lake city 103. and in phoenix, arizona, a new record today of 114. and the news here appears to be we better get used to it. nbc's rehema ellis starts us off tonight. >> reporter: the signs have been everywhere, highways buckling, planes trapped in melted asphalt, cracked earth across the midwest. today the government scientists who monitor the nation's weather made it official.


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