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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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fire weather conditions here in the bay area with a significant drop-off in your temperatures. 90s inland, your full forecast is just a few minutes away. still a relatively light flow to traffic, but a new accident in oakland. how it's affecting 580. and right now, we bring you a live look over san francisco right now. low-hanging fog on a crispy start to your day. it is a wednesday, august 15th. they "today in the bay. ." good morning. >> happy to see you. i'm jon kelley. starting today tens of thousands of young illegal immigrants across the entire country can apply for temporary protection again deportation. today mar las tellez joins us
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with more on the impact. marla, good morning. >> like so many programs these days, the relief policy can be found online. i say this because in order to apply, you have to log-on to this website. the president announcing this executive order a couple months ago. it allows young undocumented immigrants to apply to a renewable work permit with the promise they will not be deported if they meet a host of qualifications. they can be found on, but to give you an idea. they must be younger than 31 as of june 15th of this year. applicants must have come to the u.s. before turning 16 and lived here for at least five years. you must be in school or have a high school diploma and no
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felony convictions. we talked to a program director in san jose. >> it's a step forward in recognizing that undocumented years are contributing to our country, fruitful members and they deserve to come out of the shadows, and to work legally, and to be respected and appreciated for their contributions. >> reporter: critics argued the status will only worsen the economy by thickening competition. they also say it's a ploy by president obama to win over latino voters. go to, where you'll find three applications. they're eight pages to fill out. total cost is $465. >> marla, thank you very much. happening right now tens of thousands of pounds of beef
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being recalled over e. coli concerns. dale t. smith & sons meat packing recalling over 38,000 pounds of beef. it includes packages of boneless beef and other cuts with a packaged date of august 8th. no illnesses have been livaned to the recall. check out the family of a vac aville teen in a crash. 16-year-old kristin died from head injuries one day after investigators say her wave runner was struck from behind by one rented by tyson tagly. investigators say he was standing on the seat showing out of for his girlfriend when he hit fonseca.
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they may be the clues needed to solve the murder of a 5-year-old boy. new video of the car and sketches of the suspects. today christie smith is live with the latest. >> reporter: oakland police are hoping this leads to an arrest. i was speaking with a man who asked us what we were doing, and he said he knew the case very. a 5 -- now oakland police are releasing a -- about six feet tall with short black hear and brown eyes, last december 30th, someone shot and killed gabriel martinez while he played at his parents' taco truck. police also just released
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surveillance video of the gunman's car driving away after the shooting. they think it's a 2006 to 2009 possibly impala, they neighbors want to see an arrest for the martinez family and for the safety of the whole neighborhood. >> just the best i can to stay out of trouble, stay safe. >> reporter: oakland police think the shooter was with a woman in her 20s. and they think there may have been other women in the car. wanted to also mention there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, oak lend police telling us they're planning to reveal more later today. it is 5:05 right now. more than 50 wildfires are
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ripping through the western united states, some of the worst here are in california. in southern california triple-digit temperatures continue to fan the flames. this morning cal fire says the buck fire has blackened nearly 3 square miles and destroyed at least three buildings. at last check it was only 5% claimed and crept within a mile of the forest and the community of mountain center. it's reported so far two firefighters have suffered injuries. this one is happening in central washington on the east slope of the cascade mountains. they have it only about 10% contained. at least 900 people have been evacuated. so far no injuries reported. the fire started yesterday at a bridge construction site. 5:06 this morning, high temperatures and lack of rain continue to plague much of the midwest.
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in missouri, conditions are threatening city water supplies. family farms have been around for decades are now at risk also. in all, 114 counties in the state have been delayed disaster areas. experts say dairy farmers are being hit especially hard because they have to pay more to feed their animals. whether you feel the heat or not, it will soon all hit all americans in the price of food, which is expected to go up. >> thank goodness for crop insurance at least helping farmers out there. worst drought in 50 years. it's much cooler out here and actually will be nicer today during the rest of the weekend. kristina loren joining us.
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temperatures this morning are running about 10 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday, so keep that in mind as you make your way out the door. all those low clouds will start to burn off, but they'll hang around longer and will be thicker, so temperatures will drop off even more so than we saw yesterday. get ready for a significant cooldown, 92 degrees. your full forecast shows you we're getting some showers in the bay area, so it gets even more interesting. we'll talk about the weekend. first here's mike and your drive. >> 580 through oakland is just fine right now. we were getting reports at castro street there was a big-rig area. that's not the case. there's construction north of
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23rd without any major slowing. there is an issue at castro street, about you it's in richmond. reports of a big rig with a trailer over on its side. some folks are reported to be swerving, and it sounds like one lane may be block near the transition. the good news also, i just god the update. no injuries, the driver is okay. they may have to block two lanes if they have to right that trailer. eastbound 80, a smooth drive despite construction. no major slowing here. we'll get a live look. crossing the san mateo bridge, it's smooth across the bay. we're hoping for some of that rain, because maybe it will wash the lens. it's a little smeary. >> yeah. pretty bad that we're relying on
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the rain there. crews will be spraying in the east bay to stop the spread of west nile. vector control will be ground spraying in antioch to control mosquitos that could be carrying it. that spraying starts around 8:15 tonight. by this year, one person has died statewide from the west nile virus. up next, would you say it's offensive or free speech? the advertisements on muni buses sparking a national debate. all of that is next. plus what anky's list can teach us about facebook and how you should
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welcome back, everybody. live look outside. that's the bay bridge toll plaza early in the morning. mike inouye will talk about that. it is 5:13. a series of pro-israel ads on muni buses is sparking strong opposition. muni is reconsidering its position on the ads. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's significant, because muni has never pulled an ad before, but it is considering doing it in this instance, because the language is so offensive to some people. this message is this, quote -- the implication being that arabs and muslims are savages. it was a pro-israel group called the american freedom defense
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initiative that has placed these ads. to muni has condemned the language used in these ads, it's not making a decision on whether or not to pull the plug until it obligations and the group's first amendment right. the they sued new york's transportation agency after it refused to post the adding. the group did rule that lawsuit with the judge ruling that the message was protected political speech. the group's director telling "new york times" it was a vote for freedom-loving people. the ads are supposed to run through the end of the month. even if muni does not pull the ad, the agency says it will be review the ad policy from here on out, and donating the money it's made from the ads to support the san francisco's human rights commission's
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education efforts. reporting live, bob redell. scott mcgrew says investors shouldn't be caught off-guard. >> this should have all been baked in. the price for facebook should already reflect the knowledge that a whole lot of stock may suddenly be for sale. all we have to doing is look at other companies. shares in chicago-based angie's list crumped all in one day on tuesday, as that company's lockup period expired. it's at a record low. angie's list goss on a list of stock that haz failed to perform after the ipo. facebook, sinzynga, and groupon. linked in and yelp both founded
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by paypal founders have rewarded investors. let's check the news before the bell. let's turn to courtney reagan. >> hi, good morning. futures are slightly lower after the markets lost steam in yesterday's session, but late in that session stocks had been higher on positive earnings and a better than expected report on july retail sales, but turned lower on the report that greece is seeking an extension to implement new austerity measures. there will be data on consumer prices, production and housing as well as earnings from targets. abercrombie & fitch not so good, staples disappointing earnings. the dow closed up two to 13,172.
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the nasdaq slipped five to 3016. pinterest is adding, as it try toss broaden appeal. it's grown its user base from about 1 million last year to 23 million as of july. it opened its membership up to the gen public last week. previously when you signed up, you had to wait to be admitted to the site. i have continued to hold off. i don't have any more time to play around with the sites, and i hear it is very addictive. >> laura, scott and i were having that conversation. we have decided to skip pinterest. now because we don't like it ouring in. >> i love it. >> i know you do. there's just so many things out there you can get the hang of. >> it helps me organize, and you know how big i am into that. >> with three children, you better be. >> no kidding. it's 5:17. when you see a shooting star, do
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you make a wish? one photographer was probably taking a lot. he took this picture in whole last weekend. the perseid meet i don't shower was lighting up the sky. it's believed that the meteor shower has happened around this time of the year for some 2,000 years. actually on the drive into work, you've been seeing a lot of shooting stars. >> one of the many wonderi'ders mother nature. >> we have a lot of very interesting things we share, but one thing i can share with you at home, is you'll be able to catch the showers for at least the remainder of the week, and then you'll start to see fewer and fewer of those shooting stars as that meet i don't shower peaked over the past weekend. our temperatures are going to continue to tumble. that's good news if you're waking up with us.
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yesterday at this time we were 70 degrees. for your morning lows, you'll get back to the cool starts. we're getting more of that onshore flow, it will and another benefit of that is better air quality. and you're only in the moderate range. tropical moisture on the way to the bay area. you'll notice more and more of that muggy feel. however, we're not going to have that dry heat, something we're not accustomed to, so kind of a change for us, feeling sticky as we head into the afternoon. the further south you live, the better chances of intercepting that monsoonal moisture.
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temperatures continue to drop occupy, then back in the 80s saturday with a few showers over the greater bay area. look at what happens as we head through next week. so cooler weather on the way. here's mike and your drive. >> he walked over here to tell me this. now, we have east 580. chp just told him it's affecting only the can add boulevard on-ramp. in fact the debris has been removed and should be cleared, so consider it right into the area. meanwhile, a look toward the spot. we do have the volume of traffic web coming toward us into the
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50s. look at that even counter-commute, we're seeing some unusual slowing, but we're seeing this as a newer pattern, so i'll track this. so far no incidents, though. a smooth drive throughout the south bay. we do have at the hp pavilion, a concert here as well, and we'll look at 280. see the volume of traffic is pretty night, and we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. a warning this morning, pg & e says an imposer trying to gain access to home by prete pretending to work for that utility. a man wearing a safety vest trying to convince someone to let him in. always ask for an i.d. some maximum bling, how about five diamond rings? how five siblings ended up
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rolling all their weddings into one big-time bash.
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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welcome back, everybody. how are you feeling on this wednesday morning? as we have a live look over san jose, the sun not quite up just yet. you can expect a cooler day. christina loren says it's a nice crisp morning. do you remember "four weddings and a funeral"? it was a good one, but how about this? five sibling, one wedding. >> it went off without a hitch. five brothers and sisters, all from the same family got married on the same day. more than 1,000 people showed up. at the city's air force museum, they had to find a big venue.
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>> the family said the idea actually started out as a joke when all the siblings wound up being engaged. then the idea turned into a practical solution. >> the dad is no, that's not a joke, that's very smart. >> quickly empty-nesters. a heck of a party. kristi kristina kristina -- >> it could be. temperatures are going to be very, very comfortable. 80 degrees at 4 p.m. in oakland. 68 degrees at the coast, so, yeah, if you were planning that wedding yesterday, sorry about that. triple-digit heat. today much cooler. first, let's see how your drive
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is shaping up. any wedding bells on the drive? >> no, but we did have the debris. no major crews, right around sir francis drake. other side of the bay, it should still be of the canal boulevard on-ramp. i do see some slowing. there may be crews right now, flashing lights might be the distraction. a live look over here. that's wednesday, guys, back to you. still to come on "today in the bay" caught by something his victim created. how police were able to find the man accused of ripping off the home of steve jobs. new clues in a december shooting that killed a young boy in oakland. what police are now saying about the suspect. until i had the shingles.
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it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
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good morning. i'm bob redell, with why muni is considering pulling an ad campaign. that story is culling up. and if you can't take the heat, you will like today's forecast. we're dropping you off by ten degrees. that means 90s inland. and 70s and low 60s in some coastal cities. we'll let you know about rain coming up. and if you can't take the bridge, take the ferry. they're both moving smoothly. we're halfway through your workweek and the month. it's wednesday, august 15th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning. we are learning new detall about the shooting of a 5-year-old boy. christie smith is joining us with more. >> reporter: good morning, john, this is a case that absolutely stunned neighbors here in oakland. it came at a time when three young children were shot and killed in oakland in a manner of about four or five months. police say they have new information that they think can lead to whoever shod and killed a 5-year-old boy. they're asking for the public's health. they're releasing new sketches of who they say is the gunman. african-american made, about six feet call, 185 pounds. they say the shooter was with an african-american woman in her 20s, 5'7", 140 points with dark
5:31 am
hair. police also have the surveillance tape. they think it's the gunman's car after he pulled out. they believe it is a 2006 to 2009 model, four-door chevy impala, possibly silver or at least light in color. last december shot and kid -- we spoke with one neighbor who says he was just minutes away from bringing his own child to the taco truck that night. it's very unfortunate for the family, an innocent child at that business, just playing around like a kid. >> reporter: investigators also say there may have been other women in the car with the shooter. oakland police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. police are planning to update us
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on the case a little later today. christie smith, "today in the bay." police are looking for the man who opened fire on winchester boulevard just north of hamilton avenue. doctors say the victim is expected to survive. it is the third shooting in san jose in just two days. san jose police did make an arrest in a deadly stabbing involving a samurai sword. police and canine units tracked down a 37-year-old man yesterday. he's accused of stabbing a woman to death in front of a dozen winces. investigators are not releasing the suspect's name or a possible motive. laura, for the very first time we're seeing pictures from inside the unit of the chef ron refinery that caused last week's massive explosion.
5:33 am
while investigators say they have not pin pointed an exact cause of the fire, they do say they feel like they're on the right track. >> the existence of corrosion in an adjacent pipe is something that's suggestive and we'll look at, but we'll keep an open mind and find out exactly what happened. health officials med with the board of supervisors, they say over 9,000 people have sought treatment and there are reports that many have been hospitalized. state lawmakers calling for an independence seismic review of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. an investigation by the
5:34 am
"sacramento bee" claims -- they defended -- it exceeds -- the 6.5 eastern span is slated to open by lay day 2013, the most expensive public works project in california history. a series of pro-israel ads is sparking a strong opposition. "today in the bay" bob redell is live in san francisco where muni is considering its position. >> reporter: good morning, john. it's not because it's pro-israel because it's causing controversy, it's the fact that critics say they're been running on some buses, in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man, support israel, defeat jihad, the implication being that arabs and muslims are
5:35 am
savages, a pro-vail group called the american freedom defense initiative place the ads on ten muni buses, they've got running about the past week. muni has condemned the language, not making a decision on whether or not to pull the plug until it considers the contractual obligations to the group and the group's first amendment rights. the initiative did sue new york city as transportation agency after the agency refused to post the ads a while back. the group's director telling "new york times" that that was a victory for freedom-loving people. here in san francisco, the ad is supposed to run through the end of the month, even if muni doesn't pull the ad, the agency says it would be reviewing the ad policy from here on out. if it did pull the ad, the agency says that would be a first. they have never done that before.
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we want to check in with kristina. we have a good look day shaping up. so that's what's going to cool us off as we head throughout this afternoon. we're talking about a big cooldown. 92 from 102 on monday to 92 in livermore today, you will notice that difference. if you're someone who works outdoor, major heat relief continues. in fact we'll get some rain-cooled air on saturday with some showers on the way to the greater bay area.
5:37 am
bay side, not the coast, 80 degrees, up 68 degrees at the cost coast, but still hitting the upper 60s. the full forecast is coming up. first, let's check your drive. . canal boulevard, the on-ramp should be clear by now. we did see the slowing disappear, but then the next few minutes, i saw that heeb 580 across that richmond bridge, saw some slowing there on the sensors there as well. for the last five minutes i've seen them back up to the limit, but i'll track this trend for the next few -- i don't want any problems across that bring, so far no more problems. getting down toward the bay bridge a look at the toll plaza shows you the volume of traffic, as we see more folks streaming off the ooze shore freeway.
5:38 am
another live look outside showing you what it's down through fremont. with these head liens past the truck scales into the south bay. back to you. thanks so much. thwarted by the very gage either he stole, a burglary who pulled off a heist at the home of the late steve jobs ended up getting caught because of his famous loot. kareem mcfarland saw the home as an easy target that he couldn't pat up. no one was home, no alarm. it was unrenovation. they say they hopped the fence, and walked right in. he didn't realize he was in the home of the late apple finder until he found a letter. >> it's kind of like he hit the jackp jackpot. >> he took i pavements two iphones, one mac book, and one tiffany necklace worth $28,500.
5:39 am
police say they were able to track him down when he used one of the stolen devices to try to connect to the internet. do the crime, got to do the crime. still ahead, the presidential campaign turning salty. trading jabs, while they're saying what they're saying and how voters are responding. >> a huge fireball over spain, as a fireworks show actually ends in disaster. what went wrong, next. is
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5:41 am
. fireworks stored in a church belltower were set to go off at midnight, but instead a loose fire work accidentally set off
5:42 am
thousands. the explosion send sparks, fire burning debris raining down on spectators. a close call for u.n. observers in syria. a bomb attached to a fuel truck exploded in damascus near a hotel where u.n. observers are staying. the hotel was slightly damaged in that blast with some of the windows shattered. the blast took place near a parking lot used by the syrian military. officials say at least three people were hurt in that blast. turning to decision 2012 now, medicare and economic policies taking center stage as the presidential candidates as and the running mates work their was think some battleground states today. claire has more on the campaign. it's becoming very, very clear that both sides are shifting into full-on attack mode. >> yes, definitely, jon. good morning. the president will join forces with the first lady on his last day of campaigning in the
5:43 am
hawkeye state today. mitt romney heads to north carolina while his running mate about double down in the buckeye state for the 18 electoral votes. the candidates were all over the map yesterday. the economy, medicare and energy were all hot topics, president obama slamming the economy plan in iowa, saying we've heard about this trickle-down fairy dust before. it didn't work then and won't work now. paul ryan was in las vegas blasting the president's leadership on the economy, telling the unemployment rate there is 11.6% and that they deserve better than that in nevada. now, in virginia, vice president biden stirred the pot, trying to say that romney would favor billing banks over main street, telling the audience, quote, he'll put y'all back in chains. that enraged the romney
5:44 am
campaign. biden said he was just used their own terminology. this morning mitt romney responding to biden's chains comment on cbs this morning saying, quote, they are demeaning to the office of the white house. we're live in washington, jon? >> claire thank you. is a. here in the bay area, tens of thousands will be able to sign up for temporary status. today marla telez has molez has can find the information on this website,, where you need to apply.
5:45 am
president obama announcing this new immigration relief policy back in june. today it gives more than a million undocumented immigrants throughout the country a chance at a two-year work permit that's renewable. that work authorization guarantees no deportation. it means an improved applicant will gets a social security number, paves the wailing to a driver's license. we spoke to an advocate in the south bay who works with undocumented students. she says they're excited about the policy, but said it's not the end all, be all answer. >> they'll be working legally and less vulnerable to unscrupulous employers who take advantage of the undocumented status. it is not a path to citizenship, it's not a path to residency. >> reporter: she is right. it provides temporary legal status. critics say the new policy will only hurt an already hurting job
5:46 am
market the it's also important to know if a new administration takes over the white house in november, the temporary citizenship could be short-lived. to learn more and downloud the required three applications, log on to 5:46 right now. now we can say it's like our meteorologist, keeping it cool. >> much like you, smoking hot. that goes for our laura garcia cannon, our hot mama as well. you want to take the kids outdoors today? it will be easier to do so. you still want to apply spf 30 or above as we will have a lot of sunshine this afternoon, but in addition to the sun, you'll notice more mid left and high clouds. monsoonal moisture will feel
5:47 am
stickier. 5:46, we do have some cloud cover here. that will keep your temperatures on the cool side. this is san francisco, but i'd say over the next hour or two, we'll lose visibility as the fog clouds thicken up. 59 degrees in livermore, 62 in san jose, so a significant drop-off already, whereas we were closer to 70 in the east bay yesterday this time. weather headlines tell the story. cloudy start will make way to a big cooldown. by tomorrow, feeling even muggier, and then more heat relief, a weekend shower chance over the greater bay area. i think everywhere across the bay area will see scattered activity. we'll talk more about that. the big news is the change in the feel of the air.
5:48 am
it's going to feel heavier, have a weight to it, with more moisture surging in from just off the coast of baja. that's tropical moisture on the way to the bay area. so watch out for that. 85 in san jose, 82 in los gatos, also with more clouds in the air, we're talking about limited sunshine, so it won't be blazing, as it has been, and temperatures are going to get even cooler. down to 83 degrees by tuesday, so, yeah, we're done with the triple digits at least for now. let's see how fast you're driving today. >> hopefully no more than 65 when chp is watching. most of the volume toward the bay bridge your commute direction, we do have onens didn't in that flow that's westbound 580, heading up toward keller, we see actually reports of a car on its roof.
5:49 am
we have chp on the scene, and one lane parchly blocked, so pass to your left. it i'll track this, and we'll -- we're also looking at more traffic, lower here, into livermore, and then over towards vasco and first as well. we're looking at the northbound flow, a smooth drive, but building for 101. pretty typical peern here, and we'll catch up with 101. a look at the taillights, look at that, heavier volume there, but no slowing all the way into the -- a smooth flow as well, back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. >> keeping it on the roads, aaa's report on gas prices officially out this morning, saying the average price for,
5:50 am
$4.10, but get this in the town of gorda, about 30 miles south of big sur -- >> that's a 6 in the front. >> 6.69. that's for a gallon of regular, eight way up to 6.89 for premium. >> wow. >> that gas station can try to get away with those prices. it's the only gas station on the 65-mile stretch between big surand san simeon. and almost right in the middle. >> i understand and appreciate the supply and demand. that's messed up. >> i think it will be a good story. what do you do, though? >> 5:50 right now, coming up, ready for the road. nasa engineers preparing for the new matters rover's big excursion. and trouble for justin bieber's favorite car, plus i'll need help with my spanish. good morning! wow.
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engineers switched the rover's internal computers from landing mode to service mode this weekend. the switchover will improve the driving capabilities. a test drive is scheduled for early next week. this image that you see with the light blue line, it showed the planned route. it will be a quick couple meters to make sure the steering and the brakes are working properly. trying to solve its many
5:54 am
problems. scott mcgrew, another fisker caught fire. >> "consumer reports" had its fisker break down in the middle of the first test. this morning the company has replaced the ceo. the new ceo comes from general motors where he helped develop the chevy vote. wells fargo will pay a fine after the government said the bank sold mortgage-backed securities to its customers that it should have known were bad investments. city governments and charities invested in the commercial paper. we know that was a bad idea now, but the charges say wells faro should have known then, because it was doing the selling. wells fargo admits for wrongdoing, but will may a 6.5 million fine. the president of ecuador is denies reports in a julian
5:55 am
assange has been granted asylum. he fears if he travels to sweden he'll be arrested by american authorities and charged with spying in connection with the american secrets he's posted online. the president says reports are false, there's been no decision. he says he's waiting for a report from the chance hear -- >> are you just trying to show off? >> no, it's pretty easy. yeah, pretty simple. you know who also i am impressed with -- i speak spanish -- is mi mike. >> he was a linguistic major. >> i'm working on the english part, so give me some time. >> thanks a lot. >> always progressing here. 5:55.
5:56 am
chr chr christina, what's going on? >> 92 at 4:00 p.m., and you will be thanking the weather department for the cooler days ahead. we have rain on the way. first to the spanish lesson. here's mine. >> tires are yanos, and they are not touches el camino right here. over at keller, we do have the one lane that's stilled blocked. the gull news means there's likely a crew blocking another lane, though we don't have the details from chp. i can tell from a typical pattern, that's what happens traveling through the areas. right over here, 880 moves smoother, and we enwith a quick
5:57 am
look at the san mateo bridge. no delays. back to you. 5 a 56, no drugs or steroids, but a young contestant in the scrabble national competition has been kicked out for swiping those blank tiles. >> cheating in scrabble. >> the association says he was caught hiding those blank tiles. the tournament director said he was trying to use them in other tournaments. i can't say "tournaments" this morning. when confronted, he did admit to cheating. ahead, a new chapter the new program that helps them avoid deportation, at least temporarily.
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. it neighbors no


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