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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coming up. >> the bay bridge is clear right now but heading here, we have a new accident. there we go, we have a new accident on the approach, highway 24. we'll show you what's going on. >> we're always open. we give you a live look outside. san francisco, we saw a spectacular one, the beaming light on this thursday, august 16th, this is "today in the bay." >> it is straight up 5:00. good morning everybody. always happy that you can join us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are also continuing to follow breaking news out of london where we are expecting a decision any minute now on the political asylum request of wikileaks founder julian assange. earlier this morning several police officers were seen entering ecuador's embassy where assange has been staying. there is no word on why they were there. assange is seeking political asylum in ecuador to avoid
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facing charges of sex crimes in sweden. again, a decision expected any moment now. we'll bring you an update as soon as it happens. >> back in the bay area, it is decision day for san francisco's suspended sheriff. this morning ross mirkarimi will be back in front of the city's ethics commission for the last time. the commission is expected to make a recommendation on whether he should be permanently removed from office. bob redell is live in san francisco. he has all of the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. that hearing begins at 9:00 when the lawyer for ross mirkarimi, the sheriff, and the city attorney, will present their closing arguments. then the ethics commission is expected to vote on whether or not to reinstate him as sheriff, or uphold his suspension and have him removed from office. whatever they decide, it is just a recommendation. it will be ultimately up to mirkarimi's former colleagues on the board of supervisors toç decide his fate. it would take a vote of 9 out of
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11 to force him out of office. mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi in march without pay after he pleaded to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment of his wife. on december 31 he bruised his wife's arm during an argument, something he told the commission he terribly regrets. it was a neighbor who videotaped the bruise and then turned it over to authorities, ultimately leading to his arrest. at noon today on the steps of city hall there will be two competing rallies, one by a group in support of the sheriff, the other by a group that supports victims of domestic violence. reporting live outside san francisco city hall, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> memorial services will be held for bay area sheriff who served the community nearly a half a century. sheriff ruke lost his battle with leukemia. the 69-year-old served back in 1965 before retiring two years ago. he helped expanse the force to
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1,000 employees during his tenure. the private memorial will be held in frederick hill later this morning. >> a tough day for the family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. today marks five months since she disappeared. the search continues. marla tellez is in the newsroom with the latest on this investigation. good morning. >> good morning. the sheriff's department tells me deputies and dive teams are on standby waiting for the next tip that could lead them to the body of sierra lamar. deputies believe the 15-year-old was murdered. the suspect is a 21-year-old who remains in custody after being arrested in may. lamar disappeared march 16 after leaving her home. five months later volunteers continue searches hiking through open space week after week. marc klaas know what is the family is going through since he
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lost his daughter to a kidnapper almost 20 years ago. >> there would be no effort to look for sierra if it weren't for the dedication of these volunteers. these are people that come out day after day, they put up with injury, they put up with disappointment and all they want to do is bring this girl back home. >> the sheriff's department says it's not actively searching for lamar but her case is still an open and active investigation. still ahead in our 6:00 hour i'm going to interview marlene lamar, that is sierra's mother, to find out how she is coping after all of this time. >> i can't imagine. a lot of sleepless nights. 5:04. a former school district leader accused of using school funds to remodel his home will be in court today. this morning a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to bring 55-year-old tim they henready to trial. the former school superintendent is accused of embezzling over $100,000 from the district.
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prosecutors say he turned in fake invoices to the district's solar panel fund and used that money instead to remodel his home in woodside. >> the search continues for a new superintendent for the berkeley school district. board members interviewed ten candidates over nine months. they are looking for somebody who can take charge and lead the diverse 9200 student body. not everybody agrees that diversity should be the deciding factor. some say the superintendent should be politically savvy. until the board makes a decision the district plans to appoint two temporary co-superintendents for the upcoming school year. >> this morning we're getting our first look inside the new memorial stadium on the cal campus. later this morning the bears will hold their first practice of the season at the all-new memorial stadium. the team played across the bridge at at&t park during last season during all of that construction. $320 million spent to modernize
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that stadium. it was kind of a classic so to speak. new seats, restrooms, concession stands, have all been installed. shiny new. ready for college ball. >> i think it's beautiful. that time of year, football season is upon us. >> the temperatures cooling as well. >> probably nice to practice versus what they had last week. >> we have the boys of summer and the boys of fall starting to pick it up. and yeah, raiders, 9ers, it's your turn. we'll talk all of that action but let's talk about what's happening now on the san mateo bridge. not worried here. mike's following that but we have low clouds starting to settle in. you'll see those all of your inland valleys, let's take it to the temperatures. that's going to keep your temperatures in the 50s and low 60s until about 10:00, 11:00. then the sun will be out warming into into the low 90s. we'll see about 82 in san who is a so it's getting more comfortable each day.
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as we head throughout the afternoon you'll see more clouds, mid and high level clouds, this weekend we get that chance for isolated thunderstorms and potentially some showers over the greater bay area. i think most of the activity will be to the north. we'll talk about that. then we've got the low 80s on the way so your weather pattern is changing from the sizzle to drizzle in a couple of days. 91 inland, bayside 80 and at the coast 67. so with fog and drizzle throughout for your commute let's check on that. >> the fog is not reported as problem but speed was for this one. getting to the maze you're moving close to the speed limit over to the bay bridge. here, westbound 24 out of orinda, toward fish ranch road, reports there were some reckless drivers and one of the cars got into a crash up to 100 miles per hour. we're waiting for more detail but there was a crash blocking the slow lane over to the caldecott out of orinda, there is also a construction zone so
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watch for the lights. we don't see a lot of slowing yet but we'll track is. expected to take at least a half hour to clear. the volume of traffic is light through the area, it's possible we won't see major slowing until a half hour if it doesn't clear by then. over the san mateo bridge, the traffic is movingç and no incidents here as you come on the peninsula side westbound with the headlights approaching 101. and another live look, for the south bay, northbound 280, the headlights under the interchange, most of the northbound routes not an issue. we'll show you a bet every look coming up. >> shows us a lot of beautiful shots of the bay area. any one who is from the bay area noes it is expensive to live here especially in san francisco. a new study shows san francisco one of the least affordable cities nationwide. in fact, only manhattan is less affordable than our lovely city by the bay. median house price in san
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francisco, $650,000 and the median income $103,000. what do you think the most affordable place is in the country? youngstown, ohio. the median house price, $80,000. and the median income about $56,000. >> very affordable. reminds me of a joke about nebraska where i grew up. great place to visit but i wouldn't want to vacation there. >> you need to head home. >> still ahead a milestone for the bay bridge. the work that will put the new suspension system to the test. >> waterfront property gets overtaken by the water. how it happened. >> plus, this is the big day for facebook shares. we'll look at the company and what it means coming up in business. >> and for all of the latest traffic, news, weather and intriguing things check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. release me, momigus!
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>> welcome back everyone. 5:12. today is the day some facebook insiders will be able to sell shares if they want to. >> scott mcgrew says no matter what facebook's price is they will make money. >> we're talking, good morning, about the people in the very start of facebook, people like peter teal who owns millions of shares, adventure capital firms, and funded in big part by bono. they stand to make money off facebook despite the fact that shares haven't performed well at all in the open market because those guys bought in far earlier as original investors. the big question today, will those invest terse sell.
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how many will they sell and will the influx of shares cause facebook's price to drop further? as we talked about yesterday in a rational world, the availability of a quarter billion new shares should already be priced into the market. facebook starts at $21 and change. it gained 4% in trading wednesday. as for the rest of the markets we'll turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. futures a touch higher this morning after a slow day of trading yesterday. stocks edged with little change. investors may be focusing on economic data to determine if the news is weak enough for the feed launch a stimulus program or strong enough to keep them sidelined. data on housing starts and a survey on economic condition in the philadelphia area. walmart reported earnings in the past hour, stronger than expected on the profit as well as strong same store sales in
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the united states. that's key for many that watch. the dow slipped to 13,164 yesterday, which means that will start today. the nasdaq rising to 3030. apple steps up the fight for control of your living room. the company is in talks with some of the big cable companies about letting customer uses an apple branded box to access live tv and other content. some cable providers may be reluctant to allow apple to encroach on their territory. i can't say i blame them. back to you. >> coming up we'll talk about hue complete packard. they choose a name for a product, a name you call your grandmother. >> how is that for a tease. what do you call your grandmother? working on that. >> it's going to be beautiful
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out there compared to where we started the week. we've got such a great looking forecast for your inland cities. give your ac a break in places like san jose if you so choose with only a high temperature at about 82 degrees. not too shabby. a live look at the reason why, plenty of low clouds over san francisco and right now they are starting to settle in over the bay bridge. we're expecting to drop off in terms of our visibility as we head throughout the morning hours. 57 degrees to start you out in livermore, 60 in san jose and we're at 56 degrees in santa cruz. so, good looking day for us inland. your beach weather unfortunately is deteriorating. this is some really cool satellite imagery i want to show you. high pressure is sucking up the subtropical moisture in combination we have an area of low pressure on the way. this is also going to help intercept some of the moisture, bring it into the bay area and we'll have enough instability here for potential thunderstorms as we head into friday and the
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upcoming weekend. so i want to let you know about that, especially if you have plans of camping, you want to ke that in mind. friday you'll feel that humidity down in the south bay. the temperatures are going to continue to drop off. look at your highs. 91 in livermore. 87 degrees in almaden valley. and then on saturday and sunday, beautiful conditions. at the beach, 69 degrees come sunday. so you'll get a return of better beach weather. let's check your drive. >> we still have the sigalert. it's going to take a half hour from chp's estimates to clear these two lanes of westbound 24 coming through orinda, around pablo, a car on its roof. no details on injuries but you'll see slowing. the better news is the construction crew heading to the caldecott tunnel was not involved from what i can tell and are now cleared. that's better news where the westbound bores are both open and clear. smooth drive for all of the routes toward the bay bridge, the east shore freeway in the
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westbound direction. also 880 and 580. a live look outside and see how things are shaping up. in the south bay, northbound 101, the volume holding pretty steady and no major slowing. this is where we typically see the first of the slowdowns. moving up we'll look to palo alto and northbound 101 coming toward me with these headlights around university avenue. both directions in fact moving smoothly past the shopping center. some folks stopped by to get coffee or lunch later on. equal drive up into the city on the peninsula. here on the east bay, across the bay from there we see a nice drive northbound with the taillights. the volume picks up a tad north of mission. the new shopping center and new theaters. no movies, too early. >> thank you. >> 5:17. crews have started lifting 35,000 tons of steel on a project to remove the temporary
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supports holding up the bay bridge in exchange for the cable suspension system that will carry it and motorists for about the next 100 years or so. >> christie smith joins us now from treasure island with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and jon. this is a delicate operation for the bay bridge. what they are doing, basically changing the entire support system. right now the bridge is held up by temporary steel supports. they are doing a process they call load transfer. what that does is shift the weight of 35,000 on the tower suspender ropes and the main cable. this is the longest suspension cable bridge in the world, it will be when complete. this load transfer doesn't happen overnight. it takes about three months to complete. crews use hydraulic jacks and pull the cable toward the deck causing it to move down 16 feet, then move again.
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when the temporary sports are no longer needed crews will remove. and once the whole load transfer is complete the cable acts like a giant sling to support the weight of the bridge. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. take a look at this. yeah. >> not good, is it. >> glad it's not yours, right. a home in alaska on the edge of a river. jacuzzi, that's what you call it. not getting in there. it could be swept away later today. officials say it -- the increased glacial melt helped erode the ground and sent it tumbling. the owner says he has flood insurance. whoever sold you that policy. a husband and wife in utah arrested after fleeing with four children in the back of their minivan. >> the whole thing caught on
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tape. the dash cam showing troopers following a dodge caravan sunday night. officers stopped the van earlier, then the driver decided to take off. the chase reached 100 miles an hour. the the van stopped and the officers handcuffed the driver and his wife. >> how many kids in the vehicle? >> we're not going to hurt your kids, man. >> apparently there were three children in the car and they were placed with the division of child and family services. >> that's traumatic for them. >> absolutely. >> coming up, american's own, why shoppers want to ban foreigners from their store. >> also, hey, ditch the phone. the new policy offered at a
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>> welcome back everyone. look at that. hazy shot over san francisco this morning. cooler temperatures prevailing as well. 5:23. >> we can tell shoppers at a costco store in washington state say they are fed up with visitors from canada. the store is less than 25 miles from the canadian border and the store often attracts the canadians looking for cheaper products like milk and gas. locals don't like it. they started a facebook page called bellingham costco need as special time for americans. the page includes rants about crowds, parking and people with british columbia license plates
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that take too long, they fill up with all the extra gas. costco says despite the complaints the company does not plan to change its policy. >> they are bringing in tax money, though. >> see. embrace it. >> that's something. it's money for your city. free today, the weather forecast. it's cooler. we like. >> yeah. it is going to be a nice day especially if you are someone who is tired of turning on the air conditioner overnight. we're going to see better conditions as we continue throughout the weekend. today low 90s inland, 80s bay side and you'll hit the upper 60s at the coast. we'll continue to take you through the cooldown and talk about some showers and thunderstorms in the forecast as well. first let's check your drive on a thursday. we're getting close to the weekend. >> overall a pleasant drive except for here, 24. westbound 24, still have that sigalert westbound where the accident is. i circled to the left side another issue, this is inside
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the caldecott, we had a stalled vehicle. they pushed it out but it seems like both directions to and through the caldecott a magnet for activity so we'll track that. westbound two lanes blocked around the off ramp by an accident involving a car on its roof. chp doesn't know when it's going to reopen. they don't talk about serious injuries. live look shows you the north bay, southbound 101 with taillights picks up the volume. the speeds hold all the way through san rafael and the golden gate bridge. >> thanks, mike. >> a southern california restaurant has a deal a lot of diners might be willing to stomach. >> a discount is offered if you give up your cell phone when you walk through the door. >> i like it. >> a restaurant in los angeles offering 5% off if customers hand over their devices. it's not about eliminating phone calls but they want to create an environment where diners engage
5:26 am
in each other. so far about half of all customers have taken part. >> i know we've seen it. you see five people at a table, all doing this for the whole dinner. >> exactly. >> i like the change. personal, old school. the boats are coming. the america's cup finals still a year away but the races have started. we caught up with some of the crews. we'll show you how they are getting warmed up. >> more trouble for chevron. why the company could face a class action lawsuit for the fire at the refinery. >> a live look over san jose. the sun is not quite coming up so we get that nice sparkling look there.
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>> new this morning today marks five months since sierra lamar disappeared in morgan hill.
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i'm marla tellez. i'm going to have the latest on this investigation coming up. >> i'm bob redell live outside san francisco's city hall where it could be judgment day for the suspended sheriff of san francisco, ross mirkarimi. that story coming up. >> i continue to follow that sigalert for highway 24, a car reported on its roof. we'll give you the latest progress coming up. >> a bay area micro climates dictating your forecast for today. 90s inland, 80s and 70s bayside, 50s and 60s at the coast. and thunderstorms on the way. we'll sort it out in your full forecast. >> a live look outside, it's thursday, august 16th, this is "today in the bay." >> almost 5:30. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. today is a somber reminder of how long morgan hill teen sierra
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lamar has been missing. five months ago today the 15-year-old disappeared. the search continues. marla tellez is in the newsroom with the latest. it's tragic how fast time goes. >> so sad. good morning. i spoke to the sheriff's department and they tell me the lamar case is still an open and active investigation. though deputies are not actively searching for her, there are plenty who are. i'm talking about those volunteers. the volunteer searches are a ritual most wednesdays and saturdays. more than 40 volunteers, for instance, gathered at burnett elementary in morgan hill less than 24 hours ago before heading out on their weekly search. the focus remains on the dry fields and brush not far from where lamar was last seen. the 15-year-old disappeared march 16th on her way to school after leaving her home in morgan hill. though her body has not been found after all of this time volunteers say they will continue to search indefinitely. >> we have daughters of our own
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in various ages, we have them from 8 to 30. and every daughter is everyone's daughter and we are not going to give up until we at least bring some evidence of her home. >> garcia torres remains in custody t man accused of kidnapping and murdering lamar. coming up in the next hour i'm going to be speaking live to sierra's mother marlene lamar, about this five-month somber anniversary. >> thank you very much. there has been nothing short of a rough month for chevron. first the huge fire at its refinery and now lawsuits against the company may reach class action status. john burres and two attorneys filed accusing chevron of gross negligence. a broken pipe is blamed for the fire that sent a toxic cloud into neighborhoods. 9,000 people sought treatment.
5:32 am
the lawsuit is asking the court to require chevron to implement measures to assure the accidental release of toxins does not happen again. >> in hours embattled san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be in front of the ethics commission expected to make a recommendation on whether he should be permanently removed from office. bob redell is live in san francisco. he has all of the latest on this continuing story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they will meet in a few hours here at san francisco city hall. the ethics commission expected to decide whether or not the sheriff's argument with his wife on december 31, the one that left a bruise on her arm, whether that was official misconduct. if they say yes, then they can recommend to the board of supervisors where ross mirkarimi was once a supervisor himself, to uphold a suspension and permanently remove him from office. would take nine out of the eleven to vote for that to
5:33 am
happen. the mayor was suspended without pay after he pleaded to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment of his wife stemming from an argument. he has told the commission he terribly regrets grabbing her arm. it was a neighbor who videotaped the bruise and turned it over to authorities, ultimately leading to his arrest. closing arguments are expected to begin around 9:00 this morning. a vote expected after that. at noon on the steps of city hall there will be two competing rallies. one by a group supporting mirkarimi, another by a group that supportsç victims of domestic violence. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 5:33 right now. funeral services being held tomorrow for a san jose firefighter who died from a rare form of cancer. captain jose martinez was diagnosed back in june. his cancer attacked the soft tissue near the joints of the arm, neck and leg.
5:34 am
less than two months later the 41-year-old passed away, hit fellow firefighters remember him as a man who was doing what he loved to do. >> this is you know, the bad part of our job, but you ask any firefighter, our drive, we give you 100%. sometimes unfortunate some of these things like cancer. >> so very, very sad there. captain martinez leaves behind a wife, 8-year-old son, and twin baby daughters born just weeks before he died. funeral services are being held in his hometown of fresno. >> our best to the family. san francisco giants fan favorite and all-star mvp melky cabrera has been nailed with a 50-game suspension for violating major league baseball's drug policy. one says he is far from alone. victor conte jr. says as many as 50% of major league players are
5:35 am
using some sort of performance enhancing drugs. you recall he spent four months in prison. he says synthetic testosterone, which is what cabrera is believed to have tested positive for, is the biggest loophole in drug testing. >> so easy to beat major league baseball testing. it's like taking candy from a baby like i said years ago. it still exists today. >> if the giants make the postseason cabrera would be eligible to play in the sixth game. the outfielder known as the milk man was having a career year. he actually issued a statement saying his positive test is a result of his use of a substance he should not have used. because he accepts his suspension and will try to move on with his life. >> tough luck for the giants heading for a hopeful playoff run. san francisco gearing up for the america's cup world series. 11 catamarans assembled, hitting
5:36 am
the bay for the world series qualifying races that start on tuesday. these boats used in the qualifying races may be smaller than the ones in the final races but make no mistake about it, still very fast. >> you got to get across the boat, you're basically on a trampoline. if it's wavy, it's our balance. it's tough conditions, that's a good thing, really. >> kind of looks like former new york mayor rudy giuliani. you can get a look tuesday when the boats hit the bay area for a series of qualifying races. >> triple digits this weekend, now a cooldown and christina, you mentioned thunderstorms? >> yeah, we have a potential for that. we'll talk about that in my full forecast. we're talking about some fog. thick fognd a thick marine layer at 2,000 feet this morning. this is san francisco, we showed you the shot 15 minutes ago.
5:37 am
now you cannot see the embarcadero which i promise you is down below all of the clouds. as we head throughout the day we're not going to get out of the clouds until about noon at the coast. so the low clouds linger our temps cool with a westerly flow bringing in the cool ocean air all day long. 59 in oakland, 57 in concord and 57 degrees in livermore. throughout day we stop the clock at 10:00, so still a fair amount of cloud cover from oakland to san francisco and san mateo. through about noon you get clear conditions over the greater bay area. your day part forecast works like this. 77 degrees at noon inland after which time it will be a little too hot for your outdoor activities. you want to monitor how hot your body temperature is getting. it's so hot. 91 degrees. 67 at the coast. we'll talk about the thunderstorms as i like to call them, come you low nimbus formations. let's talk to mike inouye, see
5:38 am
what's happening on the roads. an interesting morning so far. >> it is. you know, we're following the approach to the bay bridge, no major slowing except for westbound 24. a couple of issues. we have a sigalert that is blocking two of four lanes around the overturned vehicle reported in lanes, haven't had an update. we called them. they are trying to clear that. as the volume builds so i'm circling at the approach you have slowing approaching fish ranch road. the accident as you approach the area, no slowing yet there. we have debris at eastbound 580 away from that maze and down to the castro valley "y." we do see slowing for westbound 580 out of the altamont pass into livermore. speed at 30s and 40s where you
5:39 am
see the orange on the right. live look outside shows you across the bay, the san mateo bridge, the commute, picking up the the volume, no slowing. a shot shows northbound 101 picks up the volume. speeds close to 60. 55 at their worst north of tully. >> 5:39. still ahead, healing without a single touch. recoveries thank to an unusual practice. is it worth the cost? investigative unit finds its an industry with few regulations. >> a major step forward for the new bay bridge construction shifting 35,000 tons of weight. we'll tell you how they do it.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> 5:41. he claims to help heal people
5:42 am
from cancer, scoliosis and a host of illnesses without touching them. >> we're talking about dr. eric pearl promising to teach others how to do it as well. he stopped in the bay area to spread his message. vicki tells us more about this multi-million-dollar business. >> it may seem hard to believe that people are lining up to pay hundreds to learn a technique that sounds too good to be true. but it happens, it's legal and as we found out, this is an industry with no regulation. >> you know what this isn't easy. >> it takes a certain hootspa to get on stage and tell them they will witness a spontaneous healing. but that's exactly what dr. eric pearl promised. >> is it cool, warm. >> this man said he was unable to raise his arm because of arthritis and injury.
5:43 am
in moments the man was able to raise his arms owe skrover his head. he's not the only one. this woman says a healing session on her son's hernia led to a less complicated surgery. >> we were shocked when it worked. >> it had a physical effect. >> yeah. because it made it disappear like it's magic. it was gone. >> so let's bring our hands up to the side. >> and this woman is now offering healing sessions and teaching others how to do it too after her own scoliosis symptoms disappeared. >> i was able to move and do things i haven't for 30 years. >> we'll hear from dr. pearl as he explains how his techniques work and talk with consumer advocates what you should look for before you spend a dime. >> right now we're following breaking news out of london.
5:44 am
we're just learning that ecuador's president has granted political asylum, choosing to do this to grant to the wikileaks founder julian assange. earlier we showed you video that police were seen entering the embassy where assange has been staying but at this point there is no word on why exactly the police were there. so once again, we're learning that ecuador's president deciding to grant political asylum to julian assange. he had been seeking asylum there trying to avoid facing charges for sex crimes back in his homeland of sweden. we'll keep you updated on this story. >> 5:44. turning to decision 2012 this morning president barack obama and vice president joe biden back in washington after a three-day campaign swing in iowa. while mitt romney is headed to south carolina. after blows from both sides the candidates might be focusing attacks on the issue of
5:45 am
medicare. president obama attacked gop claims that his health care plan cuts medicare by $700 billion. the president says he has proposed reforms that will save medicare money by getting rid of wasteful spending in the health care system and not touch benefits. paul ryan in ohio fired back at the president inviting a challenge on the issue. >> we want this debate. we need this debate. and we will win this debate. >> according to the congressional budget office both mr. obama's health care reforms and ryan's medicare plans, slow medicare growth but neither plan cuts program benefits. >> it's going to be a long hard dirty battle there. 5:45. salty. the streets of the new span will be tested when crews lift steel
5:46 am
on new suspension systems. >> christie smith is live on treasure island with how it will all work. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. let me start by saying this is a huge step forward in the construction of the new bay bridge. that's because they are shifting the entire weight of the bridge. right now it's held up by temporary steel supports and the process is called load transfer. as you said it shifts the weight of 35,000 ton decks on the tower suspension ropes and the main cable. crews are using hydraulic jacks to tension these ropes that deekt the main cable. what happens is as the tension eventually builds, it pulls the main cable in and this causes the decks to lift up from their temporary supports in place now, eventually those supports will be taken out. the load transfer happens in a series of steps, this takes quite a while, and once that
5:47 am
loot transfer is complete, the cable acts like a sling supporting the weight of the bridge. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> all right. thank you. >> want to check the forecast. a little cooler. >> a little cooler, closer to friday. we're feeling it around here. hopefully you are as well, inland cities we started out with triple-digit heat. 102 on monday in livermore. today 91. so we're going to keep you just about as consistent as you were yesterday. 91 yesterday, about 91 today. however, a little more of the nice sea breeze throughout this afternoon. that will make it comfortable for your evening porch visiting if that's what you like to do. temperatures are comfortable because of this marine layer. at about 2,000 feet this is san jose. hard to tell the difference between. both socked in with low clouds.
5:48 am
they will not last that long, clearing by about 9:00. 57 in san francisco, 59 in oakland, here's where it gets interesting. meteorologists are excited because it's rather rare for this late in august. so you have monsoonal moisture. we've got an area of low pressure on the way to the bay area that is expected to intersect some of that subtropical moisture, come it in, making for an unstable atmosphere so we have a twiky forecast. we'll see some thunderstorms at least over the sierra nevada. some of these could be strong. in the bay area wouldn't be surprised to get that wrap around moisture and up in the north bay mountains. we're fair game for a few showers across the bay area. especially saturday. by sunday, nice deep marine layer, temperatures cooling.
5:49 am
here's mike and your drive. >> the east bay a thumbs up. better situation for westbound 24, all lanes in there cleared and no major slowing after the earlier sigalert. we have slowing heading to the caldecott tunnel. moving smoothly toward the bay bridge. the rest of the approach to the bay bridge, an easy drive. slowing at the toll plaza and up the incline as the volume starts to build. at the toll plaza, we have a steady stream of lights here under the 880 over crassing. further south we'll get a look at past fremont and southbound with the headlights toward the area down toward mission. smooth but the volume picking up southbound. no major slowing south of the dumbo into the south bay. the other side of the bay, northbound 101. down through the area through
5:50 am
san mateo. all the way into san jose. san jose a smooth drive. northbound 101 shows slowing from tully up toward 880 but no major issues. it looks like we have new debris. back to you. >> mike, appreciate it. the time 5:50. a bird, a branch and bad luck. why a hawk had to be rescued from its perch. >> apple may get involved in the cable tv business. we'll look at cisco coming up. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. >> 5:52 right now. we are here to tell you a hawk in the south bay right now recovering after encountering bad luck on a tree branch.
5:53 am
>> look at the video from the director of wild rescue helped capture the bird. the red hawk stuck on a tree branch 30 feet high. when the rescuer managed to get to it he discovered the bird's leg was caught in the crook of two of the branches. >> hate when that happens. >> the hawk was malnourished, likely stuck for days but happy to say now recovering at an animal hospital. >> always happy for a happy ending. apple reportedly work on a cable set top box. and scott mcgrew at this point not impressed. >> who is the gymnast with the funny face? remember her? we'll do that face. "the wall street journal" says apple has been talking to cable operators like time warner and comcast about building an apple tv box that would receive cable tv signals, you could get your internet video, itunes, along with regular cable all on the same device.
5:54 am
this is not all that impressive because it's something that tivo has been doing for some time minus itunes and it doesn't seem like a big step forward considering people with a cable box and apple tv do this all the time, switching between the two. so yes, i'm underwhelmed, again i've underestimated apple before. cisco system impressed investors when it announced it made more than any one expected and it's going to give that money back to shareholders in the form of a bigger dividend. cisco admittedly not a sexy company, it makes routers but it matters. first, the stuff it makes is the backbone of the internet. when governments and big companies buy infrastructure that's a good sign the economy is getting better. secondly, cisco has a weird financial calendar. it reports out of sync with everyone else so you get an early look at what other
5:55 am
companies may say a few months from now. remember palm, hewlett-packard bought it. then didn't do much with it. hp has taken the bits and pieces of the old company, will reportedly spin it off into a company it calls gram it thinks of as light but a number point out that's the name they give their grandmothers. not what you want your tech company to be. check out the new nana. >> i heard the second choice was big papa. funny. thank you. >> i'm staying out of that one. good morning to you. temperatures looking comforta e comfortable. improvement in the air quality department. good except for the east bay. you're in the moderate range. not unhealthy in terms of the level of pollutants. we're going to get better air quality throughout the weekend with showers on the way. sun rise this morning at 6:26,
5:56 am
the sun sets at 8:00 p.m. so it's going down earlier and earlier as we transition into fall. today feeling like summer inland, 91 there, 67 at the coast. we'll talk thunderstorms and showers on your seven-day. first let's check your drive. here is mike inouye. >> looking to the south bay, i showed you the last map last time northbound 101. a hazard before you get to 680. that has cleared so whatever it was, a lot of not a lot. we'll look at the traffic north of there and how the headlights, there are a lot of them, down to 30 miles per hour and heading to mckee. a live look from the south bay to the north bay, a smooth flow as the volume picks up. south with the dale lights. back to you. >> around here most of the love at the ball yard to the a's and the giants. the only bay area baseball team in this year's little league
5:57 am
championship is from petaluma and will face off a team from connecticut starting today at noon. the player families were given airline tickets to help them get to pennsylvania to watch and cheer on their little league team. comcast sports net and san francisco giants and the oakland a's teamed up to help pay for tickets. how cool is that. there will be a fewing party that starts at noon. by the way, the petaluma national all stars are the first northern california in the little league world series since 2002. so good luck. petaluma, they call them p-town. >> we're following news, julian assange has been granted asylum by ecuador. have you ever roller-skied before? yes no when? you don't know everything that i have done. salesman: oh, well, it's wife: well really easy. tell me...
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