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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> the standoff continues 24 hours after julian assange was granted asylum. we'll let you know how british police are responding. >> the fate of sheriff ross mirkarimi now rests in the hands of the board of supervisors. the outcome of the final ethics commission hearing. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in the south bay, the only second city in the bay area to enact a new anti-harassment ordinance when it comes to bicyclists. that story coming up. >> right now how about a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. nice and easy very early. guess what, it's friday, august 17th, this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning. it is 4:30. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. sorry to step on you. i'm jon kelley. we start with breaking news. san francisco firefighters right now still on the scene of an early morning house fire. that fire happening at a home on vienna street in the mission terrace district located north of john mclaren park. we're hearing at least one victim has been reported. it's unclear if that person is still alive. we will have a live report on that scene coming up at the top of the hour. >> let's hope the firefighters have calm conditions. . let's check the forecast. >> good morning. happy friday everybody. temperatures this morning are nice and mild. it's cool to start. we don't have a lot of wind which is good news. as we progress throughout the day those wind speeds will be picking up. 56 in oakland, 50 in novato, headed toward the upper 80s. finally seasonal weather in the bay area and then thunderstorms
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and rain arrive as we head into the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. first, let's check your drive. >> good morning. here you see over my shoulder the golden gate bridge. there is fog because the air is still. there is also construction there, but light traffic. further north, san rafael through novato, heading in the northbound direction. another look outside, we'll show you fremont, 880 moves past the truck scales, through oakland we have construction north of 23rd but no slowing despite the fact you lose two lanes, and across the bay an easy drive across the san mateo bridge. heading over to foster city and san mateo. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> a south bay city going out of its way to make sure the roads are safer for bikers. >> starting today an anti-harassment law for cyclists goes into effect in sunnyvale. the ordinance gives extra legal protection to riders. bob is live with the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morn, plarla and jon. this ordinance goes into effect today gives the cyclists more protection against drivers who might try to menace them. it's going to reinforce the laws on the books. some of the actions are clearly already illegal in a criminal sense, this ordinance basically gives cyclists more power in civil court if they decide to sue the driver. it gives the court the authority to triple the amount of damages awarded if that bicyclist should win the lawsuit. sunnyvale likes to point out this is part of a larger commitment to make the city more bike friendly. it has expanded the biking network by more than 70 miles, added more safe routes for students riding to school and added bridges so bicyclists can get over the freeways. as far as we know, this is only the second city in the bay area to enact such an ordinance,
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berkeley was the first. they did that in february and prior to them was l.a., reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> new this morning, nato says a new police recruit in afghanistan opened fire on his american allies today just minutes after they gave him a new weapon as a present. two u.s. troops were killed. there have been a string of recent attacks by afghan security forces on the international troops training them. >> a stand-off in london continues at the ecuador embassy where wikileaks founder julian assange is holed up. ecuador granted his request for asylum but british officials will not allow assange to leave the uk, he is there trying to avoid extradition for sex crimes. the international police agency interpolish ewing a statement saying that assange is still on the most wanted list regardless of ecuador's decision. >> a memorial continues to grow on a sidewalk in front of a san
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jose walgreens. dozens of people left flowers and notes and stuffed animals for a homeless woman stabbed to death there. 37-year-old marcus reynolds used a samurai sword to kill her. the president of the naacp jeff moore says he knows reynolds well. he says he is a religious man and a role model for kids. that's why he's shocked reynolds is the suspect. >> would drive a man to do anything like this. nobody knows what's inside a head. there are unique places they could reach out for help and feel safe and secure. >> this monday night at 7:30 the community will hold a candlelight vigil for the homeless woman. it will happen at the site where she was killed. >> oakland police offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrest in a deadly shooting that took place in a drive-through lane of a kentucky fried chicken restaurant last night at the corner of international boulevard and 73rd
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avenue. after being shot numerous times, the victim managed to drive the car out of the drive-through and across a busy international boulevard before hitting a building. he unfortunately died at the scene. a female passenger was shot but she is expected to survive. >> this morning san jose police looking for a gunman who opened fire on a teenage boy. officers were called to the scene late last night on sanders avenue near interstate 680. investigators say the teen was shot once and they say his injuries are life threatening. the suspect took off before police arrived. so far police say they have no motive. >> a bay area man wanted for a string of armed robberies is behind bars this morning. miguel was wanted for several holdups in and around redwood city. tips from family members and this video you saw captured during a robbery helped lead police to his home yesterday but he refused to come out. it took a few hours but a
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hostage negotiator convinced him to give up. the business owner who he robbed says he's glad his video helped police make the arrest. >> they don't realize they are helping business people like my parents and others robbed before. we don't say anything. just keep quiet nothing is going to happen. they keep coming back. they do what they do elsewhere or get a real job. >> a robot was used to sweep his home. >> the state of san francisco's sheriff ross mirkarimi now in the hands of the board of supervisors after 11 hours of deliberations, the city's ethics commission voting 4-1 to uphold the charge of official misconduct related to a new year's eve fight in which mirkarimi bruised his wife's arm, determining that he is unfit for office and will forward the recommendation to the board. mayor ed lee issuing a statement
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thanking the ethics commission for carefully weighing the evidence. he is urging the board to do the same. the board is expected to make its decision in september. >> 4:38. president obama's oakland campaign office was occupied by more than staffers. this is video from a live stream posted by protesters, hard to see anything here, though. who took over the building. they began a sit-in yesterday afternoon. eventually six people were arrested. protesters demanding justice for bradley manning, the army private accused of leaking thousands of documents to wikileaks. >> it's friday, i know we're all very happy about that. and christina loren says might have gray skies with clouds around. >> yeah, but that's going to make for a cooler afternoon, jon kelley. good morning to you. marla, good morning to you. we have a good looking weekend. you may not have had to use your ac yesterday, the first daydy not in campbell and boy, i'm
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going to save that pg&e money for a new dress. temperatures are running nice and comfortable. we're in the 50s, however, i want to point out deep pockets of fog in the north bay, santa rosa, 3/4 mile visibility. we're looking good but the fog will continue to settle this morning. as we head throughout the day we're going to get a mix in our atmosphere with an area of low pressure approaching the coast. temperatures are going to be a little bit on the mild side for the first part of the day. and whatever fog does develop isn't going to hang around for long because we'll have that movement in the upper levels, so 55 degrees in san francisco, 81 in redwood city, comfortable along the peninsula. even here in san jose, i've cooled you off by a degree. 81 today. 90 in fairfield and even livermore has fallen back in the upper 80s. now, as we head through this afternoon, you might get some rain. we'll show you where we expect showers and thunderstorms in the bay area. that's in my next report. first, here is mike and your drive. >> i want to take folks to the east bay. we talked about 880 and the
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construction going on over to 980. and no major slowing near the bottom of your screen. we have an icon, this whistle mean there is is police activity in fact going on there at 7th at maritime. this is not on the main freeway but affects the on ramp out of the port of oakland. i'll shout it out throughout the morning. there was a deadly accident and a police investigation continues which we're following as well. coming out of the port of oakland. on the peninsula, smooth for 101, past the embarcadero you get down to one lane at times. light volume of traffic shows on our cameras over south of there past the university avenue. the live camera shows a smooth flow though the feed sometimes stutters. and further south, 101 through san jose, an easy drive through the area. no slowing on our sensors, so back to you. >> it is in slow motion. thank you. a group of visually impaired
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students get a rare opportunity today at the horse and acrobat show in san jose. students from the center for the blind will be guided through a one of a kind interactive tour that allows them to experience through touch and sound. the students can touch the horses' coats, brush and groom them. at the end of the tour riders bring the horses to a full gallop allowing students to feel the power of the animals as the ground shakes beneath them. >> what a cool program. >> great experience. >> love to see. 4:41. still ahead a texas community dealing with a west nile epidemic. how they are fighting back against the mosquito population. >> plus, finger printing your iphone. why your fingers could do more than smudge the screen. >> a big time victory for a north bay little league team. what the players had to say after tasting victory in their first game of the little league world series.
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why your fingers could do more
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>> giving you a live look, this is downtown san jose, still dark on this early friday morning. your time is 4:44. we'll check the forecast in a moment. >> the aerial assault against
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the west nile virus in texas is under way. mosquito spraying began focusing on dallas county's northeast quadrant. 49,000 acres will be covered. this is is the first time in 45 years that aerial spraying has taken place in dallas. the west nile outbreak has killed ten people there and infected at least 200 more. >> progress this morning for firefighters battling a fire in central washington. 33% of the fire has been contained. officials say they hope to have it under control by the end of the weekend. 70 homes have been destroyed and 35 miles have been scorched since the fire broke out earlier this week. >> 4:45 now. the white house is behind a new push this morning to try and get the nation's roads up to speed. the obama administration announcing today it will make nearly a half billion dollars available for improvements. states will only be able to tap in for transportation projects and creating jobs. political analysts say the move
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is part of the president's strategy of sidestepping congress during this election year. >> time for a check on the markets. for that we turn it over to our man hampton pierson live at cnbc's bureau in washington, d.c. good morning. >> happy friday. futures are a little flat this morning after a rally on thursday, markets were boosted by comments from german chancellor merkel who says that germany will do what it takes to protect the euro currency. the european markets are a touch higher. we get data later on this morning on consumer sentiment, the dow rising 85 points yesterday to 13,250, the dow 29 points shy of a 4 1/2 year high. the nasdaq closing up 31 at 2062. apple may want to let your fingers do the talking. the rumors are growing that the company's next smart phones and tablets may feature state of the
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art fingerprint technology. that's what recent fcc filings seem to suggest. apple bought a company which develops fingerprint awe thentication technology that allows devices to recognize even if your fingers are dry or oily. back over to you. >> thank you very much. here's an interesting new list out this morning. it shows the states where iphones and ipads actually suffer the most damage. one of the largest warranty providers looked at iphone and ipad damages and found that america's clumsiest state is mississippi. one in three iphones were likely to be broken or damaged there. we don't know why but we've got the facts. california, a little more careful with their gadgets. 15% to 19% casualty rate. guess what,ç our state wasn't , the state the most careful,
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right there, iowa. a low 5% to 9%. >> we're in silicon valley so we break it, go buy a new one or fix it. >> or you keep it until it's completely done. >> run into the ground. >> mine has several cracks but until that dies. and i have insurance, yes. told you a little how i operate. good morning to you. i don't like to be wasteful. this morning you don't want to waste your opportunity to get outdoors before it does get on the warm side in the east bay. about 89 in livermore today. live look, this is the golden gate bridge. right now you can still see what's happening. flashing light this is morning. that always gets my heart pumping. we'll talk to mike about what's happening. 4:48. a little fog out there. and this is reducing your visibility up in santa rosa. this is the first morning i had to pull out the visibility map at this hour. take it easy, give yourself extra time. we're not going to see the fog for long, but a lot of movement
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in our atmosphere. high pressure is still in control but an area of low pressure is quickly approaching coastline and this is going to make for instability so we've been studying the forecast very closely for you. this is what it looks like. late friday, late this afternoon we expect isolated showers and maybe some thunderstorms. the best chance for that will be on the western facing slopes around the south bay, you'll see clouds bubble up. as we head throughout tomorrow, same scenario, we're not dealing with as much moisture in the atmosphere so one humid day in the bay area, especially down south. 73 degrees in santa cruz today. temperatures are going to be a lot more comfortable than where we started out. we had 105 in some cities, today 89. good air quality across the board. the seven-day outlook tells the story. a little more fog each morning and that will make for a comfortable afternoon. we're done with the triple digits, it's going to be nice for a while. back to you. >> thank you, christina. sounds good. >> baseball news now. and the fans feeling the magic.
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cheering them on to victory in petaluma. >> p-town. the little league team won its first game in the world series. the community was watching. love it. more than 500 people gathered at a movie theater to watch the petaluma national beat the fairfield americans 6-4. the team is the first from sonoma count tee make it to the big game in pennsylvania. the young players were thrilled but they sounded like pros after the game. listen to this. >> they were hitting. it was a good learning experience. >> the team plays again on sunday at 11:00 in the morning against an opponent that is yet to be determined. >> i have a feeling you'll keep a close eye. >> take me out to the ball game. >> more heroes to talk about, more bay area olympians coming home to a hero's welcome. some of those stories next.
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>> judo star marti malloy explains why her bronze medal victory almost didn't happen. >> a live look at it. fremont, mission boulevard overcrossing smooth. a warning for another part of the south bay coming up.
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skbr >> welcome back. we give you a look live over san jose for that sun coming up. but kind of a cool look with some of the clouds and the
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lights sparkling in the early morning dew. it's going to be moist. we'll have temperatures. mike's got the road. 4:54. >> olympic gold medalist maggie steffens is home in the bay area. she will show off her gold medal in danville at 11:00 this morning. she helped lead team usa to the first ever olympic gold medal. she scored five golds in the match against spain and led all water polo players with 21 goals in london. she tied the world record for most goals in a match. the 19-year-old will attend stanford in the fall. >> going on campus as the big hero superstar. >> she's excited to do home work. go figure. >> proud of her. >> another local olympian back made a stop in our studios. >> judo bronze medalist marti
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malloy. she told us that bronze medal nearly didn't happen. she had to compete in the bronze medal round an hour after losing in the gold medal round and no doubt the emotions were raging. >> i was fuming, i wanted to thw my water bottle, but the coach pull me aside and was like this is a terrible feeling that you're feeling right now but if you go home empty handed after this great of a performance he's like that's going to be 100 times worse. >> did you channel that? >> yes. totally. >> that's how champions do it. look. scared of her. for rio, the 2013 judo world championships happen to be in rio and malloy says she will be there for that competition and also planning to be at the next olympics in 2016. >> she's awesome. >> and tough. 4:55. let's see if the roads are tough. early, probably smooth. >> it is. quick shout out the guy she was flipping, that's corwin, her training buddy. that is the reason she got the bronze as well because she
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trains so well. a shout out to corwin as well. san francisco, the bay bridge, we'll take it over to the screen and show you a couple of things. construction for 880, no problems for downtown. where it says west in west oakland, that on ramp from seventh is closed because of police activity. there was a deadly accident near the port of oakland so we're following that. here in the south bay looking at a smooth drive, green and yellow speeds, 60 and above. we're looking at construction, southbound 85 from 280 down in through cupertino. and also, jon and marla, this is a concert going on at shoreline. it's a music fest starting at 2:00 p.m. i'm so old i no none of the groups playing at the identity fest there. that's how old i am. back to you. >> ah, these kids. still ahead, we'll have the latest on the house fire in san francisco. we've confirmed two people have
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died. christie smith arrived on the scene. she'll have a live report. >> the city of sunnyvale becomes more bike friendly today. we'll explain how the rules will help keep cyclists safer on the roads. >> a rare virus surfacing at a popular yosemite camp ground claiming the life of a bay area man. how park officials are responding.
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>> reporter: good morning. we're live in the south bay where bicyclists have more protection against drivers as a new ordinance goes into effect. we'll tell you about it coming up. >> more good news for bicyclists, you can get out there and it will not be sweltering hot. throughout this afternoon we're talking about a return of the 80s inland, 70s bayside, 60s at the coast. thunderstorms on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> a smoother drive for most of your bay. i'll show you crossing the bay what the issue is coming up.


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