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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. a man stabbed to death in an east san jose safeway store last night becomes the city's 31st homicide this year. i'm live at the police department where the chief may be taking the first steps to get some outside help today. and a long standing arink could soon be coming down but the community is not giving up without a fight. why they are pushing to save it. the action on san francisco bay picks up this morning with practice runs for the america's cup world series which you can expect to see out there. and here's a live look, this is san jose off in the distance as it sparkles on this very early wednesday, august 22, 2012. this is "today in the bay."
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a very good morning everybody. it's 4:30 right now. i'm jon kelley. i'm marla tellez. let's first check that forecast with christina loren. >> happy hump day. help to get over the hump so we can celebrate that weekend. this morning want to point occupant it is crisp out there, down right brisk in concord at 56 degrees. 56 in oakland. we're at 54 degrees in san francisco. headed towards another very comfortable summer afternoon then things start to change. we have another heat wave on the way. we'll talk it over coming up. here's your drive. >> let's warm things up in the south bay. car fire still reported going on 280 at the meridian on-ramp. no injuries. fire crew and chp still on the scene. a lot of traffic there as well as across the bay on the san mateo bridge.
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back to you. thank you so much, mike. >> breaking news right now. we're following near the uc berkeley campus. a car has gone off the road and into a dormitory. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. several streets blocked off here around uc berkeley. we're standing on college right near channing way. we're about a block away from the scene. a driver lost control and even slammed into the building and hit a gas meter around 2:56 this morning according to one dispatcher i spoke with. the building there that's being impacted is putnam hall. this is a dormitory and all of the students have been evacuated and now at another building. everyone okay. we did see pg and e coming on
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scene as well as a tow truck out here this morning. we don't smell gas. in fact, the gas may have already been shut off. i've spoken with a couple of students who say they weren't being allowed back into their building. i'm also told the driver did survive this. so, it looks like the scene pretty much under control. again, all the student accounted for and okay. we can see firefighters on scene. we're awaiting for a spokesperson to come and update us but that is the situation from here. >> unfortunate scene as homicides are in the rice in the south bay after a man was stabbed death at a san jose supermarket. >> there are growing calls for the city's police force to take major steps to curb this violence. stephanie chuang has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. san jose police chief has said that his force is being
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stretched too thin beyond its means and so today this morning he may be taking the first steps talking to the california highway patrol and see if they can provide any resources, any help at this time. now the latest in what appears to be a spike in crime at the city happened at the safe way in san jose. a man in his 20s stabbed at least once in his chest. he died in one of the store aisles. police have not made any arrest. even the chief says he doesn't have enough people and help from the chp could be coming. >> i said first of all after a conversation see what their resources are. to my knowledge and again since we haven't had the conversation they are limited in their ability from vied services to other places as well. it's a little premature but the offer is always there. >> reporter: and this is happening as assembly woman, a former city council member here in san jose sent an open letter
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to the chief saying she's extremely worried about the safety of the people in the city, adding violence is beyond the control of the department's resource. and a quick break down of those numbers, 31 homicides so far this year compared to 27 at the same time last year. and compared to 14 gang-related, 12 last year. >> contra costa considering dumping the company that provides emergency telephone notification system. the system failed to properly notify neighbors in the critical hours after the massive fire at the chevron refinery back on august 6th. that system was suppose nod ti if i 20,000 peop -- notify 020,000 people within 20 minutes. it took two to three hours. >> the telephone system failed again. we've had some history where it's taken longer than it should to make phone calls to affected
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communities. >> we can tell the company responsible for making the calls is alerting solutions in martinez. we could not reach anybody at that company for comment. >> chevron is opening a new help center for people who want to file claims related to that refinery fire. it's in north richmond at the north richmond community senior citizen center on silver avenue. the help center will be open today through friday from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. the last day to make a claim is saturday, august 25th. that's this saturday. you can do so either at the nevin community center in richmond or call this toll free number that you see right here on the screen. >> there's a $5,000 reward being offered for answers to a which czar and alarming crime in oakland. a 25-year-old woman tells police she was at a stop sign early saturday morning when a man opened up her passenger door and climbed inside. this happened at east 9th street and 29th avenue. she then says he stole her cell
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phone and eventually assaulted her right in the car and then he ran off. if you happen to know anything about this case at all you're asked to call oakland police. organizers of the burning man arts festival are suing local officials over new rules for the annual event in the northern nevada desert. it alleges pershing county is imposing a ordinance festival fee bringing significant new costs and restrictions to that event. starting with the 2013 festival the ordinance would allow sheriffs deputies to regulate activities that are considered indecent or lewd. burning man takes over labor day weekend. this year's event is expected to draw 60,000 people. >> a push is under way to help save a popular bay area ice rink that's slated to be closed. san mateo's bridgeport shopping center said the lease will not be renewed. that shopping center plans to
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tear down the rink and make way for more stores. the community is circulating a petition which would ask the san mateo city council to help keep that rink open. it is 4:38 right now. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. last couple of days we started out with fog. >> the fog is thicker this morning. good morning. good morning to you right at home. maybe you're comfortable under the covers this morning. well, it's definitely cooler out there, that cooler weather makes it harder to wake up and get going. but what i can tell you is this afternoon because we're starting out cool with a thick layer of fog it will be phenomenal. 77 degrees is the forecasted high today down in san jose and starting out nice and grip every where. 56 in concord, 56 in oakland and 40s back on the map up in wine country. 48 degrees in novato and santa rosa. we'll lose that fog and drizzle at about 10:00 in the east and
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south bay regions. take until about noon maybe 1:00 right at the coast and over the bay. three to five degrees cooler today than yesterday and temps warm right back up as we head into next week. another heat wave on the way. enjoy 77 degrees at san jose while it last, 83 in concord, 64 degrees in san francisco. we'll show you that warm up seven day outlook in my next report. >> look over towards the maze where a lot of freeways come together. not a lot of folks on the road. smooth drive towards the bay bridge. first one is not showing. christie talked about it affects this putnam hall, residence hall off of the berkeley campus. crews are on the scene and taking care of that car crash and potentially that gas leak that's going on, evacuations in place. follow that through the morning. further south we're looking at 880 coming through oakland. north of 23rd we have your usual construction. new event, sporting event over
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at the coliseum. expect crowding through the area. on the peninsula this is the reason why i point out the construction zones. 101 south of university. a lot of bright lights and there's reason for slowing even though there's light traffic just there at the scene. slow for the cone zone. 4:40. some of the best sailors on the entire planet hitting the bay waters in san francisco gearing up for america's cup world series. the event officially gets under way today with qualifying rounds for match racing. there are a total of 11 teams competing in this year's america's cup which runs through sunday. racing finishes about 4:00 each day and for those who want a closer look, stop by the america's cup village at marina green for dock shows and stage appearances by all the sailors out there. coming up at 5:00 "today in the bay" bob redell will be live. for complete coverage check out our website,,
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just click on the america's cup link that's at the top of our home page. >> a lot of traffic happening on the bay. >> nice. >> still ahide the trial of a self-admitted killer in norway finally comes to a close this week. we're learning what may be at stake for andrew breivik. >> is the u.s. responsible for that wikileaks scandal? >> moving on up. the little leaguers advance in the world series and say they are ready to go all the way. .
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here is a look at the traffic that's make being its way, about to make its way across the bay bridge. all is clear at the toll plaza. we'll get a look at the commute in a minute. a norwegian court will hand down its verdict on friday against andrew breivik for the attack last year that left 77 people dead. breivik confessed to the attacks. it's a question of his sanity that's been the focus of his 10 week trial. on friday the five judges will announce whether they consider the 33-year-old legally responsible for his crimes. the outcome determines whether he will serve his sentence
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behind bars or in a psychiatric ward. in july of last year he set off a car bomb in oslo killing 8 people and shot and killed 69 people at a summer camp. >> ecuador is willing to consider the trial of julian assange. the president want as guarantee that julian assange will not be extradited to the u.s. julian assange is facing allegations of rape and sexual assault in so den. but fears he could be extradited to the u.s. to face charges here. julian assange has been holed up at ecuador's london. >> one can't criticize the united states for having a so-called secret database which was apparently available extensively widely accessible.
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apparently including to a young soldier. >> that young soldier she is referring to is private bradley manning. manning is accused of handing over hundreds of thousands of secret documents to wikileaks. he currently faces's espionage charges. >> under fire for his controversial remarks on aboring and rape, congressman todd aiken said he's not leaving the missouri senate race. it's one week before gop leaders reach out to independent voters at its national convention and republicans fear the aiken episode could prevent them from winning in missouri and that could lessen their chances of picking up the four seats they need to ensure a majority in the 100 member senate. aiken has since apologized and he says he's staying the course. >> the my sense is that the republican party has bid this thing up to make at it lot bigger deal than it really
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needed to be. yeah, i know everybody gets upset for a couple of days. >> aiken is receiving some support from some conservative groups saying even some constituents. >> the jury in the high-profile patent trial between apple and samsung gets down to business this morning. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we go to cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the futures are pointing a slightly lower open on wall street this morning after stocks retreated on tuesday afternoon. the s&p 500 hit a new four year high during the session but markets then dropped back. apple leading the way lower. the company got a rare analyst downgrade but traders said there may have been some profit taking after apple bake the world's most valuable company on monday. we'll get some data this morning on existing home sales and minutes from this month's fed meeting will be released later this afternoon. mean time asian and european markets are lower today and the
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dow dropped 68 points yesterday. the nasdaq losing nearly nine points closing at 3067. the jury will glynn deliberatation in the patent infringement case between apple and samsung. in closing arguments on tuesday lawyers said samsung took short cuts by copying designs and features of apple's smartphone. a verdict in favor of apple would hurt competition and reduce choice. apple is seek damages and a ban on a sale of samsung products. back over to you. >> thanks so much for your insight. 4:48. for what's happening outside with the weather, christina loren, tell us about wednesday and beyond. >> nice. one of those days where you'll want to be outside. it's going to be nicer outside at about 3:00 than it will be inside your home. of course depending on your insulation. what i can tell you is just like last night, just beautiful
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conditions. we'll get a nice seabreeze. you'll get that cool breeze off the pacific in combination with high temperatures. in the 70s and i'm talking about 77, perfection in san jose today. temperatures are going to be cool at the coast. i think san francisco will find it will struggle to break about 64 degrees today with a full deck of clouds to start and those clouds are only going to burn off for a couple of hours and then roll right back in. we'll talk about that when we get to your future cast. it's brisk out, there 48, good morning to you in novato, 54 in san francisco, 62 degrees this morning in sunnyvale. getting closer to the weekend. you want to make those outdoor plans this weekend not too hot. inland area low pressure keeps us cool all the way through the next few days. looks like all the way until monday and in the 90s return. i'll show you that seven day forecast. sunny inland tomorrow. become sunny after we get through another round of drizzle. patches of fog where you could
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lose visibility. take it easy. we're expecting the thickest fog up in the north bay. along the peninsula. we'll keep tracking that for you. mike and myself all over it this morning. 77 degrees in san jose, 79 in santa teresa. 74 really comfortable along the east shore in oakland. tomorrow temperatures ramp up just a touch but not by much one to two degrees from our average through sunday and monday into tuesday it gets a little warmer the 90s return but that's what you want when we get towards that labor day weekend. 4:50. back to you. >> we'll hit our seasonal stride tomorrow. all right. the boys from pataluma are moving on. they won their game. final score 5-0. the team advances to the semi-finals. the boys are ready to go all the way. >> i think they played a great baseball game, the team did.
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alpha sets of the game. they really played well. so if we can play like that, then we're going to be competitive. so oil take that. >> the team plays against thursday against the winner of tonight's game. they will play against texas or tennessee. >> tim lincecum went five innings, set his team up for a 4-1 victory. the giants now back in first place in the nl west. >> i saw a lot on the baseball diamond. i watched both of those games. >> busy lady. >> i was sitting on my couch watching baseball. >> that's how it should be. >> 4:51. talk about a celebrity endorsement. >> getting over the bay, san mateo bridge looking all right. but i will show you what is
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going on. the changes for that car fire in san jose. i
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this is a live look downtown san jose, still very dark on this wednesday morning. we'll get a full look at the forecast in just a moment. your time is 4:54. going from lukewarm to piping hot overnight with one status update facebook's ceo marc
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zuckerberg brought one company a within fall of customers. it's called igrill. an app that tells your mobile device how hot your food is getting on the grill. more than 45,000 people liked it. the post created so much traffic for the company's website that the servers crashed. once the igrill website got back in business, business got very good. >> it's a definite boost. how about hundred fold on our downloads. that picked up right away. >> igrill let's you see what other people are grilling around the world. zuckerberg was grilling a fred's steak. fred steak is sold at palo alto. our endorsement is not the same as zuckerberg. >> wre not endorsing, we're investigating and reporting on it. >> i'll take fred steak. >> 4:55. mike inouye has your traffic.
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>> as long as you have enough for all of us. over to the south bay, we had a little barbecue going on. a little fire. that's completely out. no injuries and all activity cleared from the meridian on-ramp to northbound 280. good news for the rest south bay moving smoothly. yellow blips depending down below the speed limit around 60. fluctuations will occur. fremont, we're looking past the truck scales. 880 moves smoothly. light volume. smooth through oakland and construction zone. we'll get another live look outside. we'll look at this fremont shot and see how things are moving. nice guys. back to you. >> cruising to work jedi style. >> a southern california company has developed a hover bike. this is youtube video posted by the company aeroflex.
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it shows the contraption in action. the pilot controls the bike by leaning to the right and left like a regular bike but much cooler. the company says this is just an experiment and at this point has no immediate plans to mass produce the vehicle but -- >> land speeder. >> it looks like a jet ski. >> i like it. >> still ahead on "today in the bay" developing story we're following in berkeley where a gas leak shut down several streets around cal. >> san jose police may be calling for back up. the move they are considering to help combat a wave of violent crime.
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>> reporter: breaking news out of berkeley this morning where a driver loses control and smashes into a dorm building, also hits a gas meter forcing evacuations. we'll have the latest coming up.


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