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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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death in a safeway store last night. the san jose's 31st homicide the year. i'm stephanie chuang live at the police department with who the police chief may be calling for help today. >> that natural ac is cranking off the pacific this morning. that means we'll hit the low to mid-80s inland, 70s bay side, 60s at the coast and warmer changes around the corner. >> 5:00. look at all this going on outside. oil explain why this isn't even as exciting as you want it to be. that coming up. >> and, here's a relatively exciting shot. yeah, right? this is downtown san jose sparkling on this wednesday, august 22, 2012. this is "today in the bay." it is straight up 5:00. good morning, everybody. always appreciate you joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. we continue to follow breaking news happening now in the east
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bay. a car has gone off the road and into a dorm at the uc berkeley campus. the driver has been detained? >> reporter: yeah. they are still trying to figure out what went wrong and that's why the driver was detained. but not arrested. i was briefed by uc police and a much calmer scene out here right now. we're on college avenue right near channing. it it was around 2:56 this morning and a driver jumped the curb and lost control and crashed into the building. this is putnam hall, a dorm. students start school tomorrow. the dorm was filled with people. someone hit the fire alarm and the students evacuated. everyone got out okay. but that driver actually hit a gas meter outside and fractured the gasoline. there was a gas leak for some time but i spoke with pg and e and they told me that was capped within about 20 to 30 minutes so the latest we have here is that
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those students that were evacuated and brought to another hall here near uc berkeley are actually being allowed back in at this hour. everyone is accounted for. everyone is okay. and we asked if perhaps drunk driving might be to blame for this and what uc police are telling us is at this point they don't know. they are trying to speak with the driver. that's the latest. a developing investigation this morning in san jose as police try to figure out who is behind a deadly stabbing at a safe way in east san jose. it all happened late last night. the victim was found inside the store on story road between capital and white road. it was the seventh killing in eight days. the city may be calling for back up as early as today. stephanie chuang is live in san jose with what may be happening there. good morning. >> reporter: john, good morning to you. the police chief here in san
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jose says he may be reaching out to the chp, to the california highway patrol as early as today as you mentioned. this after he repeatedly and officer have said this department is just stretched too thin beyond its means and all of this happening during a very violent august, the latest happening after 8:30 last night where someone stabbed a man in his 20s at least once in his chest. he died in one of the store aisles. the police have not made any arrests. the chief says while it's premature network with chp right now he's willing to start a discussion that other city leaders support. >> we need to do everything that we can to make our streets safer and if that means to accept an offer from the state to help bring in more resources, you know, in the form of california highway patrol, then i think that we are 0 bring gated to
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accept it. >> reporter: this was an idea proposed by a former city council member. she sent an open letter to the chief saying she was extremely worried about safety in the city and the violence is beyond the control of the department's resources. to add to that the department is plagued by morale issues. it was about a week and a half ago that the police officers union had almost decided to vote no confidence against the police chief but decided against it last minute. live at the police department in san jose, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." more details now on the city's recent crime spike. san jose's homicide numbers this year stand at 31. that's three more compared to this time last year. so far 12 of this year's murders have been gang-related versus 14 last year. three have been the result of domestic violence versus four during last year. >> federal regulators want to
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know if beef from sick cows hit the nation food supply. sick cows were being shocked and shot before slaughter. under federal regulations sick animals cannot be slaughtered for human consumption. fast food company in and out burger has cut all ties to this company in the wake of the investigation. public workers are literally breaking the bank with unused sick time. the oakland tribune reporting more than 370 government workers who retired last year received final paychecks worth tens of thousands of dollars. they amassed the huge amounts with unused hours of vacation, sick and comp and personal time. firefighters averaged the highest pay outs in the survey, about $93,000 each. government administrators got about $87,000 and police around
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$68. >> ex-apple employee is suing that company over the guaranteed of a job for life. wane goodrich says he was a close advisor to apple co-founder steve jobs who says told him he would always have a job at the company. goodrich said he was fired in december for what apple said were business reasons not expected to his performance. goodrich was the executive producer of apple's public presentations which were always very popular including new product releases and he said he played a key role in coordinating major product events such as the debut of the iphone and the ipad. we're seeing the day start off in the 40s depending on where you are. meteorologist christina loren -- i know that's up in the north bay. >> your home town. you know it better than anybody. good morning. you likely have mostly cloudy conditions. the only region that isn't socked in with low clouds is the east bay. the extreme east bay. concord this morning waking up
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with a temperature of 55. 55 in livermore. 48 degrees, chilly cold enough for a jacket in novato. hour by hour forecast works like that. thick fog, pea soup fog at the coast until noon or 1:00 this afternoon. and that means temperatures are going to be limited with limited sunshine about 64 in san francisco, 65 in half moon bay. bay side, oakland about 74 degrees. 76 in fremont. temperatures start to really warm up as we head towards the end of the weekend into next week. so you want to enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts approximately we'll show you when it changes when we get to that seven day forecast. how is that drive doing on a wednesday? >> not a whole lot of folks out there. i did show the bright lights and activity, 101 at university. here it is on the maps. northbound side still slowing. southbound side just cleared up as construction crews cleared. more exciting with both sides seeing construction and that
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changed. northbound side should be clearing over the next bit of time. we'll watch this but no big deal for the peninsula and bayshore. over on the east bay, heading into 980. 480 slowing through the area but light flow of traffic should be all right. sign on the bay bridge. let's get a look at the toll plaza. light flow here. disabled vehicle report opened the incline but just cleared from the area and no slowing shows up just yet. that's good news. drive down the east shore freeway and north bay some fog but barely touching 101. no big surprises there. watch montero, half moon bay along the coast later on today. >> 5:08. seeing the world through the eyes of a college freshman. you might be surprised at what the class of 2016 considers normal? we'll explain. >> and i'm bob redell. taking you live on the water on the bay here for first day of
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competition of the america's cup world series. that story coming up. >> worry over facebook gets down right silly and single book may save a book store. we'll take a look ahead in business news.
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welcome back. it is 5:11. tesla motors is branching out to the north bay. the new complex will be located at dubois street. the 8,000 square foot building will be tesla's first standalone service center in the bay area. tesla currently has two dealerships here and located in the south bay. >> new calls for facebook's ceo marc zuckerberg to step down.
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the company stock now worth less than half of what it was at its peak. scott mcgrew has one simple question. >> the "today" show has been discussing this. "l.a. times" has been discussing this idea. my question is name his replacement? zuckerberg probably doesn't take all this talk seriously considering he owns a majority of the voting shares in facebook, he really doesn't have to. studies by the way show companies run by their founders do much better in the long run than companies that replace their founders with professional ceos. now, a company which has replaced its ceo after just 11 months, hewlett packard will report profits after the closing bell today. actually it's unlikely to report profits, associated press predicting the largest loss in hp's history. hp largest maker of computers but that doesn't mean anything if people aren't buying computer and buying ipads instead.
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for a broader check of the markets we go cnbc. >> reporter: good morning. the futures are pointing to a slightly lower open on wall street this morning. after we saw stocks retreating on tuesday afternoon. the s&p 500 hit a new four year high during the session but then markets dropped back a bit, apple leading the way lower. the company got a rare analyst downgrade but traders say it may have been some profit taking after apple became the world's most valuable company on monday. we'll get data this morning on existing home sales and minutes from this month's fed's meeting. the asian and european markets are lower today and we saw the dow dropping 68 points yesterday to 13,203, the nasdaq losing nearly nine points to close at 3,067. the head of the national urban league is urging nike to abandon plans to sell lebron james new basketball shoes. he received tons of calls and
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consumers upset about rising prices. it comes with new technology that tracks how far you can such and how far you can run. it's expected to retail for $300. nike will sell a version without those sensors for about 180 bucks. >> we were talking earlier about profits. barnes and noble said they lost money but less than expected due in large part to sales of yes "fifty shades of grey." this book is so successful it's driving sales of ereaders. some prefer to download the book. this is apple's list of best selling ebooks. number one "fifty shade of grey." top seller. number two," fifty shades freed."
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really comfortable conditions little bit cool for the first part of the day. 88 degrees on thursday and temperatures kind of level off as we head through friday and upcoming weekend. warmer monday this to tuesday. 90s return. enjoy both in the 70s while they last. >> looking over here to the
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altamont pass. orange means speeds are coming down into the 50s. lower 50s at times. volume picking up. east bay away from the area, around grantline two cars. fender bender in the center divide. we see this yello east bay heading out of livermore. there's no other incidents and nothing in the roadway. smooth drive for 580. dublin interchange no major issue. live look outside things are moving smoothly in the south. 680, 280 and 101 with the bulk of the traffic just starting to ease into the morning commute. next 20 minutes will bring a lot more cars through this area. another look outside and we'll see if things in fremont at 880, north past those truck scales all the way through oakland where the construction zone still in place, no major slowing. another look across the bay this time looking at palo alto,
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construction zone northbound side at university. quite a distraction and smooth flow into the city. >> 5:18. today is day one of racing in the beings bay. the america's cup world series qualifying races start later on and "today in the bay" captain represented red has a preview of what to expect. is it cool we call you captain or do you prefer skipper? >> reporter: i go with commodore. >> nice. >> reporter: good morning. talking about america's cup world series. second season starting here in san francisco, competition beginning today and these are the sail boats that you have, 11 teams will be sailing. eight different countries. these are ac-45s. when america's cup come back next year these the first time these have ever been used in america's cup. jeffrey is with us. we were talking about these early these are like aircraft on the water happen how so?
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>> because they are wind powered. people tend to think of sail boats being made out of fabric. these are different. these are a skeleton film. like an aircraft wing. >> it has that aerodynamic effect pulling itself along the water and lifting itself up in the air. >> yes. it really is efficient. generates more speeds and above all they have very high levels of control abilities. the sail trimmers, the guys in charge of making the boat go fast have near instantaneous control. >> reporter: i see we have four sail boats out here. what happened to the rest of them? >> a few capsized. they are back in pittsburg but
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this afternoon there will always be boats here on the mooring. >> are they easy to repair? >> if you're skilled and have time, the guys are able to do it but under the pressure of the clock. >> the village opens at 10:00 this morning and the competition this afternoon. >> correct. racing is at 2:00 and show at 11:00, 12:00 and 4:00. >> reporter: if you want more information on the world series click on america's cup. bob redell "today in the bay." >> we'll have more from commodore bob. >> exposed bra straps as a fashion statement. the class of 2016 thinks that's a good idea. hear what else college freshmen
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consider normal. the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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. welcome back. it is 5:23. a new crop of college freshmen will start classes in the coming weeks and we have a brand new study that shows they have a different view of the world than some of us did. the class of 2016 does not remember, never knew some things that older guys like me take for granted. for instance the incoming college students most of whom were born in 1994 have never seen a paper airline ticket. in their life times women have always piloted war planes and space shuttles. these new freshmen watch tv on almost everything but television. and then how about this. exposed bra straps. they've always been a bit of a fashion statement. that's why i wear a jacket. >> yeah.
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>> 5:23. healthy eating for everybody is a must out there at the white house. >> that includes the family dog. the secret is out this morning, bo obama is on a diet. word came straight from the president who leaked the news during a surprise appearance at the kids' state dinner. bo, a portugese water dog has put on a few down. comes as no surprise the first family thinks he needs a little bit of help watching his weight. >> you become the first dog, free food, you get lazy. time for him to step it back up. >> meteorologist christina loren is standing by, working that forecast. >> have a little dog. every time everyone sees it first thing they point out 0 oh, that a plump little animal. first family temperatures are perfect to take you and your animal outdoors to get some of that fresh air and exercise. 86 degrees, that's it in the hottest cities across the bay.
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perfection bay side. now mike i know your family is physically fit, is a drive this morning? >> my family is, the drive is looking nice. the maze and flow towards the bay bridge. one quick thing we're following this situation college at channing off the berkeley campus. christie smith is there. you'll find out more about that. live look out at the bay bridge. toll plaza shows you the traffic focus. not a major issue as far as the flow. low clouds hovering around the oakland hills. things are moving smoothly for the roadways. we'll show you how things are shaping up in the north bay. fog touching the areas at santa rosa, petaluma but down here smooth drive for highway 101. >> 5:25. close call for at that homeowner in seattle. he says his glass dining table exploded in his kitchen. take a look. this is all that's left of the table. not much.
5:26 am
the homeowner says he was home monday morning when his table suddenly shattered sending chards of glass across the room. he has it tested and doesn't know what caused it to explode. it's not common for this to happen but stress or extreme stretch changes can cause glass to shatter. >> not common unless you have a bottle of jack daniels. >> a car crash crashes in to the uc berkeley campus dorm. >> and big changes for burning man. sweetie, you have to scrub it first.
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developing news out of uc berkeley this morning where evacuated students are let back into their dorm after a driver lost control, hit the side of their building and a gas meter. i'm christie smith. coming up you'll hear from one of those students who had to
5:29 am
leave. >> reporter: i'm stephanie chuang, police are investigating the city's 31st homicide the year a deadly stabbing at a safeway lasting night. who the police chief may be calling for help as early as today. that's coming up. >> we'll take a live look outside. fremont truck sales busy a second going. we'll show you other changes on the other side of the bay. >> live shot spanning across san jose. beautiful way to start your this is your "today in the bay." we're approaching 5:30. 5:29 to be exact. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. another homicide investigation is under way in the south bay after a man was discovered dead at that safeway grocery store you just saw there. on story road in east san jose.
5:30 am
it's the seventh killing in just eight days. mean time san jose's police chief is mulling growing calls for help. stephanie chuang is in san jose with more details on this plan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. from a vote of no confidence that almost happened by the police officers in their own police chief to a department who said it's understaffed stipulate leaders even state leaders asking san jose police chief, chief moore to call on the california highway patrol, the chp for some help, for some resources and the chief telling us it is something he's considering that may happen today, a call may happen today. there's been 31 homicides this year in the city, the latest victim a man in his 20s stabbed to death in in a aisle at the east san jose safe which on story road. police have not made any arrests although investigators have been talking to witnesses and will be going through surveillance
5:31 am
footage. the chief said he's not ready to start a partnership with chp today, but he's willing to talk about it. >> after a conversation and see what their resources are to my knowledge and again since we haven't had the conversation they are limited in their ability to provide services. i think it's a little premature at this point but the off certificate always there. >> reporter: and the chief said he may call chp today. he also said he may call the assembly woman who proposed chp collaboration. the former city council member at san jose sent an open letter to the chief yesterday in which she said the department doesn't that have resource to deal with the growing violence in the city. here's a breakdown. 31 homicides so far compared to 27 the same time last year. 12 of them gang relate this year compared to 14 last year. we're live at san jose police department, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> we have an update on breaking news to tell you about in the
5:32 am
east bay. a car has gone off the road into a dorm, shattering a gas meter. christie smith is live at that scene where she talked to a student out there where most of us have seen the accident. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are rattled and happy to be back in. everyone is okay. pg and e left the scene. they capped that broken gas meter. you can see some of the parts just sitting there on the ivy. what a night for students at putnam hall. they just got here three days ago to start classes tomorrow and a driver lost control, crashed into the gas meter and hit the side of the building. they tell me it was around 2:00 in the morning. a lot of students were awake. just getting to know each other. then they say they heard the crash and came outside and they say right afterwards they started to smell gas. they say inside someone hit the fire alarm and it was hectic. >> i heard a large screeching
5:33 am
sound. we felt the body shake. we didn't know what was going on. we went to the balcony and there was a big car crash. so we started like, we were like seeing what was going on like everyone else. we ran down stairs. >> reporter: this was hundreds of students involved, all of them went to another dorm. they are okay. let back in at this hour. the driver was detained according to uc police because they don't know why this person lost control but you can see a little bit of the path the car took here on the corner, this is channing and college, much quieter scene here now. but what a way to start the school year. reporting live at uc berkeley, christie smith, today in the bay. >> costa contra county is considering dumping the company that provides telephone emergency system. they failed to properly to notify neighbors after the
5:34 am
massive fire at the chevron refinery. it was supposed notify 20,000 people in the affected area within 20 minutes. instead it took two to three hours. >> the problem is that the telephone system failed again. we've had some history where it's taken longer than it should to make phone calls to affected communities. >> the company responsible for making those calls is alerting solutions located in martinez. we tried but couldn't reach anybody at that company for comment. >> chevron is opening a new help center for people who want help filing claims. it's at north richmond at the north richmond community senior you citizen center. the help center will be open today through friday from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. the last day to make a claim is saturday august 25th, that's this saturday. you can do so either at the nevin community center or
5:35 am
calling the toll free number. >> a $5,000 reward is being offered. a 25-year-old woman tells police she was at a stop sign early saturday morning when a man opened up her passenger door and be clibd inside. this happened at east 9th treat and 29th avenue. she says he stole her cell phone and assaulted her in that car and then ran off. if you happen to know anything at all about this case you're asked to please call oakland police. happening now the massive upon pondupo -- ponderosa fire way. the fire is just 35% contained, firefighters hope to reach full containment bipartisan sunday. locals say as many as 26 buildings have been destroyed. >> organizers of the burning man
5:36 am
arts festival are not happy and they are suing the local officers and officials over the annual event in the northern nevada desert. they allege pershing county sim posing an ordinance fee, bringing significant new costs and restrictions. starting with the 2013 festival the ordinance would allow sheriffs deputies to regulate activities considered obscene, indecent, vulgar or lewd. burning man takes place over the labor day weekend and this year's event is expected to draw around 60,000 people. not necessarily going to be burning up around the bay area. >> cool outside. >> meteorologist christina loren, take it away. >> not quite as cool as jon kelley said it. this morning -- love that voice. good morning. grab that jacket in san francisco. you want to peel it off later on today. temperatures at about 64 degrees. temperatures are going to be comfortable. you'll have to wait for that sun until about noon in the city.
5:37 am
oakland you'll hit that sunshine at 11:00. expecting the sun to break through the clouds in the south bay and east bay. 62 in sunnyvale. afternoon a little bit on the breezy side not quite as breezy as it was yesterday but i did want to point out between thundershowers of 12:00 and 3:00 winds picking up, and you can see wind coming in 10 to 20 miles per hour sustained. hour by hour details, 78 degrees at noon inland up to 86 degrees in the heat of the day and warmest cities across the bay. livermore you'll hit the mid-80s down from the upper 80s yesterday, san jose forecasting 77 degrees. down right perfection later on. changes just around the corner. we'll take you through those in the seven day forecast. >> we'll make you out to the san mateo bridge because in the commute direction westbound those taillights away from us reports of some sort of traffic hazard not any details from chp. bridge crews heading out there.
5:38 am
a good number of cars, i see them steadily moving away from us. watch for any flash lights, bridge crews and track this carefully throughout the morning. the map shows a smooth flow off of 880. we see that yellow section on the bottom of your screen. starting to slow down past the toll plaza. something is going on the bridge. 580, this is more cars coming out of the altamont pass. tri-valley slow. san jose, northbound 101 at 680, smooth drive through the area and that's good news. and we'll send it back to you. 5:38. he's not backing down. missouri senate candidate todd aiken says he'll stay in the race despite calls for him to bow out. why his comments on rape and abortion were blown out of
5:39 am
proportion. >> reporter: the ac-45 one of the fastest sail boats of its time must mean that the america's cup world series is in town. i'm bob redell, live on the bay for a preview of this afternoon's competition. >> looking forward that. for the latest news, traffic and weather and all sorts of spectacular things find us on facebook. search nbc bay area. back in minutes.
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welcome back. how do you feel on a wednesday morning. right now we have a live look outside at hp pavilion. smooth sailing out there at this time of day. mike inouye will tell you about the traffic coming up in a matter of minutes. first deadline for missouri congressman todd aiken to get out of that senate race on his own accord has come and gone. he's insisting no he's not leaving. "today in the bay's" claire is live on capitol hill this
5:42 am
morning with a story that seems to get more messy as each day passes. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's for sure. good morning. congressman aiken making the round on the morning talk shows including the "today" show saying it's all about principle for him. he can still withdraw from the missouri senate race between today and september 25th but now it's going require a court order and his campaign also must pay the cost of reprinting the ballots. the congressman from the show me state is the digging in his heels. he said that he's in it to win it against the democratic incumbent senator claire mccastle whose campaign thanks to akin now has new life. aiken apologized for his remarks stating legitimate rape rarely results in pregnancies. now republican leaders are calling on him to step aside
5:43 am
including the rnc chairman. with less than a week to go until the republican convention in tampa, mitt romney is joining in the chorus asking aiken to leave the race and this is with good reason. there's a new nbc/wall street journal poll that shows that the negative feelings towards republicans have reached 45%. but despite the short fallout over aiken's remark he's received some support from conservative groups and even some constituents back home. we're live in washington, john back to you. >> thank you very much for the report. this morning ecuador is ready to negotiate over the fate of julian assange if britain withdraws a threat to raid its embassy in london. the president said he wants to guarantee in writing julian assange will not be extradited to the u.s. julian assange is facing allegations of rape and sexual assault in sweden but fears he could be extradited to the u.s. to face charges here.
5:44 am
julian assange has been holed up at ecuador's london's embassy since he was granted asylum last thursday. >> britain's spy agency is blasting the u.s. over the wikileak scandal. >> one can't criticies the united states for having a secret database which was apparently available extensively, widely accessible. apparently including to a young soldier. >> that young soldier she's referring to is private bradley manning. manning is accused of handing over hundreds of thousands of secret documents to wikileaks. he currently faces espionage charges at a military court. >> 5:44 right now. and it's been a long time coming, the bay area gearing up for this years for years. >> the america's cup world series qualifying races finally he here. bob redell is live on the bay.
5:45 am
what's going on commodore, bob? >> reporter: good morning. with these ac-45s, the new classic catamarans racing in the world series. you'll see a lot of fast action. 45-foot long. what makes them unique they have a fixed wing sail that extends roughly about 66 feet into the air and with that fixed wing sail combined with the soft sails it can travel up to 30 knots, around 35 miles per hour. you have 11 of these crafts out there and a tight course. they designed it specifically so you can see the tight-action, about a mile long, third to half mile wide. it's the job of this gentleman who is the martial. you're out on the water, can't paint lines. how do you know, your job is to make sure they are on course. >> we got a system on my chart i can see the virtual boundary that they are racing and also
5:46 am
shows if they are getting close to the down rice. >> it flashes a light saying you're getting too close. >> yes. the green light on the back of the boat will start to flash and the closer it gets faster it flashes. >> radio technology and advanced technology that we didn't have back then where you're yelling hey you're going off course? >> right. >> tim jeffries is with the cup. good morning. >> good morning. >> america's cup the big race coming next summer. what does that mean for the spectator? >> it will be harder, faster, meaner. more challenging to sail. ac 45 and ac 72 sounds like about twice as big. but, there's only 11 crews but about four to five times more
5:47 am
power on the bay, real beasts and really challenging to sail. >> if you want to see the competition that's going to start today, right behind us the marina green for the america's cup, a village has been set up. you have bleachers you can pay for or areas you can walk out and take a look. close to shore. how close? >> i would say you'll be close enough to hear the guys talking to each other but no swearing. '1that competition starting at 2:00 this afternoon. click on our link. reporting live here fortoday in the bay," hope i won't end up in the bay. [ laughter ] >> i don't think you will. >> make sure you have a life preserver. >> you can see the boat rocking
5:48 am
and he said it's a little blustery out on the bay. >> he's living up to his name bob. >> we got a great looking day now. it's not going as exciting as yesterday because winds play such a critical role in those race. even if the wind speeds are strong enough depending on the direction they have to reconfigure the whole course. today winds have dropped off. however still exciting out there and of course you can watch the races on comcast sports net bay area starting tomorrow. beautiful start here. sun is now starting to make an appearance. the official sunrise is around 6:30 this morning. foggy san francisco, slight delays yesterday expecting another round of delays probably about an hour with very low ceiling starting to develop and lower around the city. oakland is pretty cloudy as well but we don't as much as thick low cover. in terms of your temperatures today it's comfortable,
5:49 am
especially in san jose, we're at 58 headed to 77 degrees. one of those days where you want to make those outdoor plan. great day for outdoor lunch plans. little bit foggy, little bit of drizzle to start. right at the coast and over the bay this morning as low pressure has now deepened and crossed over our area as we head through the next 48 hours. tomorrow same deal. thick fog but the sun will come through earlier. makes for a little bit warmer, warming temperatures up. let's get to the action. when it comes to the america's cup world series, coverage tomorrow on our sister station. for today 65 degrees at 2:00 between 2:00 and 4:00 temperatures at their warmest on the bay. 6 trees at 4:00 with wind on the west-southwest at 20 miles per hour, 10 to 30 miles per hour yesterday so they have dropped off. 76 degrees in livermore, 77 in san jose, 64 degrees in downtown san francisco and now that we've hit that seasonal stride hold on to the mid-80s all the way
5:50 am
through sunday. >> if you do head out to the marina green area a lot of congestion. take mass transit if you can. the build starts to slow things in livermore into pleasanton. that section of the tri-valley. and slowing for 238. slowing we saw for 92. live look from the toll plaza looking west with taillights on the flat section. leapt me get out of your way. chp told us, we called them and they said indeed there's a stall on the fast lane as you head over the flat section towards the i had rise. other side of the bay let's catch up with these folks past the incident on the peninsula side. smooth drive getting into foster city and san mateo. 101 smooth as well as through palo alto. northbound, past construction zone still in effect with bright lights. coming north not a big deal. northbound 101 showing some
5:51 am
slowing. 5:50. still ahead kind of like george jefferson, they are moving on up. that's right. petaluma little leaguers advancing in the world series and they say we're ready to go all the way. >> plus who is the most powerful woman in the world and keeping apple jurors awake? we'll take a look coming up in business news. [ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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welcome back. it is 5:53. the boys from petaluma are moving on. they won last night's game the
5:54 am
little league world series against fairfield, connecticut. final score 5-0. they advance to the semi-finals. the team manager said these boys are ready to go all the way. >> i think they played a great baseball game today, the team did. alpl facets of the game. they played well. if we can play like that, then we're going to be competitive. so i'll take that. >> the team plays thursday against tonight's game so that means they will play against texas or tennessee. >> scientists getting ready to give the mars curiosity a test drive. they found a few dings. >> curiosity was lowered on to the martian surface. the idea was you put the rockets up on the crane and lower it by cables and that want way the rockets don't kick up rocks. that worked mostly.
5:55 am
curiosity's master say this morning a martian rock may have damaged a wind measuring instrument on top of the probe but they are still investigating. jurors in the apple/samsung trial finally done hearing testimony. this morning they will deliberate deciding if samsung cop chipped apple's iconic iphone and ipad. yesterday jurors were subjected to hundreds of instructions. two reporters were asleep. jurors stayed awake. one juror named video game guy could not sit still. forbes will release its list of most powerful women in the world later this morning. last year, german chancellor angela merkel was tops followed by hick and then president of brazil. last year cheryl sandberg of facebook was fifth and google's was 16th. hard to imagine facebook will do well this year and hard to
5:56 am
imagine angela merkel will fall from number one. most of europe is depending on that woman. i imagine she will stay in the top five. >> good guess. thank you very much. >> let's check in with a woman who is at the top of our list, christina loren. good morning. >> the dog house list. good morning. we got a great looking day shaping up. you want to get outdoors today. one of those days where you'll be treated with just the perfect element especially in san jose. 77 degrees. gentle breeze off the pacific. this evening 86 degrees in places like livermore and concord. need a jacket for first part of the day but the sun will be out between 12:00 and 3:00. let's check out on that drive. here's mike inouye. >> heading over the richmond bridge, a truck fire reported on the lower deck that eastbound from sanofil.
5:57 am
we'll follow this as the bridge crew gets there and gives us more details. orange section up here fog may affect your drive through santa rosa and into petaluma. highway 1 as well, no big surprise. south bay shows volume building for 101. we'll send it back to you. >> 5:57. still ahead a gas leak forces a cal dorm to evacuate one day before classes start. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed,
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sleeping students pulled from their beds after a car crashes into an east bay dorm. we're live there at the scene. >> plus calling for back up, a surge of violence in a city known for safety. we'll tell you why police may not be able to deal with a surge in crime without some help. >> and just perfection today. not t


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