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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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at the coast. we're talking about 80s, 60s, 70s and a hot pattern on the way. >> the commute kicks in i'm looking at a fire at the richmond center bridge. we'll bring the latest coming up. >> here's the south bay giving you a live look. that's hp pavilion as it stands tall on this wednesday, august 22, 2012. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for waking up with us. it's 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. happening right now a car has gone off the road and right into a dorm near the cal campus up in berkeley. christie smith is live at that scene. we're hearing that driver has been detained this morning. >> reporter: that's exactly right. investigators are still trying to figure out why that driver lost control in the first place,
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and wanted to say that students are all okay. they are back in their dorms but what a night, what a wake up. a driver jumped the curb and george washingtoned into a g ee into a gas meter. students on the way out could smell gas. the line was ruptured. this was around 2:00 in the morning. some students were up in the lounge area getting to know each other when they heard a boom sound. it got hectic after that with everyone trying to figure out what was going on. one student is a freshman who just got to uc berkeley. >> the fire alarm wrapping. people were saying get out, get out. it was really scary. i was screaming because i didn't know what was going on. then we were like running down these stairs. and like the grass was right here. we could smell the gas running down. it was not a good experience.
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>> reporter: again that driver was detained. the car towed out of here. maybe 30 minutes after the accident. again, there was a gas leak but it was short. i spoke with pg and e. they confirmed the gas is off and running for only 30 minute. the students who were evacuated went to other dorms and waited it out. they tell me they are definitely glad this is over. they just want to get some sleep because they start classes on thursday. reporting live at uc berkeley, christie smith. >> new this morning right near the uc berkeley campus an unusually high number of alcohol poisoning cases as the fall semester at cal gets ready to start. the cases are reported at different locations overnight including bancroft way and ellsworth street. they are treating at least a dozen people most of them women as christie just mentioned school starts tomorrow at uc berkeley. we're following developing
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news in san jose where crime scene tape and flashing lights are becoming a very familiar scene on the city street. a deadly stabbing last night on story road marks the 31st killing in the city this year. and as you can see from these red dots on the map there it's the seventh homicide city wide in just the past eight days. now this violent surge in crime is prompting calls for back up. stephanie chuang has a look with how the city is planning to crack down on the crime. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. the crackdown on this crime may require some outside help. police chief chris moore telling us he could be calling the california highway patrol as early as today and to be clear it's a start of a discussion of a possible collaboration. this as you mentioned as the police department is facing the 31st homicide in the city this year. it was just after 8:30 last night when somebody stabbed a
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man in his 20s in a safe way off of story and south white road. the person died in the produce aisle of the store. chief moore thinks it's premature to work with chp right now but willing to start that discussion an it's a move other city leaders say is critical. >> do everything that we, that we can to make our streets safer and if that means to accept an offer from the state to help bring in more resources, you know, in the form of california highway patrol, then i think that we're obligated to accept it. >> reporter: and so again the chief may be calling chp today. he said he may call the assembly woman, former council member here in the city who proposed the idea of the collaboration with the chp. she wrote an open letter saying she's extremely worried that the violence here is beyond the control of the department's
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resource. now this is all happening as there's been some morale issues with the department. you may remember about a week and a half ago that the police officers union has brought up this idea of a vote of no confidence in the police chief. at the last minute deciding against it. live at the san jose police department, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> more details on smoej's recent crime spike. the number of homicides city wide is 31. 12 of this year's murders have been gang-related versus 14 last year. three have been the result of domestic violence versus four last year. more this morning federal regulators investigating whether beef from sick cows have reached the human food spy. the central valley meat company sunday fire after video showed sick cows being shocked and shot before being slaughtered. the meat company is being shut down during this investigation. fast food company in and out burger has cut all ties to the
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company in the wake of this vestigation. bay area public workers are breaking the bank with unused sick time. the oakland tribune reports more than 370 government workers who retired last year received final paychecks worth tens of thousands of dollars. the huge amounts of unused hours of vacation, sick, comp and personal time. firefighters averaged the highest pay outs in the survey. about $93,000 each. government administrators got about $87,000. and police about $86,000. peninsula ice rink will soon be torn down permanently. the bridgeport mall in san mateo says it plans to replace the ice rink with more lucrative retail stores. this rink gained fame as a raining facility for olympic gold medalist kristy yamaguchi.
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>> fog making for reduced visibility here in san francisco this morning. you can't see anything except for the very bottom of your screen you can vaguely remember some lights off in the distance. give yourself plenty of extra time. san jose, quite the contrast. just a beautiful sunrise here. can see the mountains off in the distance. blue skies already making their appearance for the morning. sunrise isn't for another 20 minutes at about 6:27 to 6:30. it works out like this for today. we got these big pockets of fog in santa rosa, less than a quarter of mile of visibility there. three quarters of mile in gilroy. no flight delays out of sfo. likely to be the case as we head through the next 15 to 20 minutes. we'll continue to check on that and update you. chilly start. fog and drizzle along the peninsula, even parts of the silicon valley. three to five degrees cooler. robust marine layer out there.
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temps start to warm up as we head to ten of your seven day forecast. first want to put out your hour by hour detail. 78 degrees at noon inland. up to 78 degrees. san jose state back to school today. classes start out there at san jose state. hope you have a first great day. 76 degrees at 4:00 p.m. at bay side and the coast. certainly more traffic out there picking up each and every day. >> definitely. we talked about those students at cal dorm. over here to the east bay from the north bay better news, much better news. chp and crew traveling across the bridge. they were unable to locate the truck fire. whatever was going on cleared. no problems on the upper or lower deck. toll plaza, let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. cash lanes starting to santiago. we'll get a bump in volume over
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the next 20 minutes. another look further south, san mateo bridge away from us, taillights that's the commute direction that's also where there were still reports of a stalled vehicle over there on the flat section. we have seen traffic moving smoothly but more cluster than we typically see. you may lose the left lane over the next 20 minutes. you don't need an alternate. froch 92, southgate 80 gets crowded off of 238 in san lorenzo. a stall report over there. >> very good attracting the traffic. thank you, mike. >> indeed so. 6:09. bridging the gap. we'll let you know if mitt romney's running mate is giving the gop an edge. >> silly questions this morning about marc zuckerberg and tough day for hp. >> mike just gave you a live look at the san mateo bridge. not as busy on the golden gate
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welcome back. 6:12. if you're just waking up with us here's a quick check of today's top stories. in and out burger are cut ties with central valley slaughter house accused of abusing cows. federal regulators are checking to see if beef from the central valley meat company has made its way into the human food supply. in san jose, the chp may step in to help out the city's police department to help fight violent crime. seven people have been killed in the city in the past eight days alone. 31 people have been killed city wide so far this year. >> a driver is detained by police after crashing in to a dorm near the uc berkeley
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campus. the crash sheered a gas meter but that meter has been tapped. no injuries have been reported. >> now to decision 2012. the presidential race is still a daddy heat, 47% of registered voters say they favor the obama/biden ticket. 46% prefer romney and ryan. the poll suggests romney's pick of paul ryan has not had much impact on the public opinion just yet. >> youtube is also stepping into the race for the white house. it says it will launch a dedicated presidential campaign channel that will feature live streaming video from the two parties conventions and nationally televised debates. the 2012 conventions will be the first streamed over the internet and youtube will serve as the official one. >> new calls for facebook's ceo marc zuckerberg to step down.
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scott mcgrew has one question. >> name his replacement. there isn't one. we've heard the "today" show discussing this idea of marc zuckerberg stepping allied, "l.a. times" has been discussing it. zuckerberg doesn't take any of this very seriously considering he owns a majority of the voting shares in facebook. studies show companies run by their founders do much better in the long run than companies that replace their founders with professional ceos. now hewlett packard which at one point replaced its ceo after 11 months on the job will likely report the largest loss in company's history today after the closing bell. hp is the largest maker of computers in the world but that doesn't mean anything if people aren't buying computers and they are buying ipads instead. barnes and noble also lost money but less than expected in large part thanks to white hot sales of the book "fifty shades of grey" so wildly successful it's
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driving sales of ebook reeders as some people prefer to download this book instead of being seen in line trying to buy it. and the internet is piling on u.s. dedicated todd akin. take a look at your screen. it's in the red there. i want says tell mccaskill that you're standing with todd akin. this is the updated version. that's not right. you're standing with todd akin. they did change it to you're. got to make sure your website guy is able to spell. >> that has to be one of the most common mistakes that people make. you're and your. >> drives me nuts. it drives me nuts too. even on the text. >> download the app for that. right now, time to hit the high speeds. >> let's do it.
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some of the best yachting teams set sail for america's cup. today the america's cup world series continues with match racing out on the bay. >> that's right. we're going right along with them. christina loren will look at race weather conditions. we start things off with mr. bob redell who is catching some wind and catching some waves out on one of those boats. bob, hopefully you have your life preserver on. >> reporter: dramamine. these are ac-45z, new catamarans, 45-foot long and what makes them unique they have a fixed wing sail like you have on an aircraft extends roughly 66 feet into the air. the sails are not up. with the fixed wing sail it holds these crafts at 30 knots, the equivalent of 35 miles per hour. imagine you have a 11 of these crafts out there and a relatively tight course and it
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makes for a lot of action. what are they going to see when this starts? >> they will be blown away. these boats are action high driven and high work. >> crew with five people. they are specifically understaffed for a reason. >> yes. this is part of the concept about reinventing the america's cup. they actually, they were some of the top sailors guys what do you want? do you want more athletic. the answer was athletic. >> what will these crew members be doing? we were talking earlier, there's a lot of action, a lot of moving around. >> nonstop action.
6:18 am
the course area is so tight the crew maneuvers in terms of changing direction of the boat, hoisting and lowering sails, responding to interaction with other books means every 20, 30rks 40 seconds something is going on. these guys have heart rate monitors on them and they are hitting 180 heart beats a minute. >> slightly elevated. tharngs. if you want to see the action come out here to marina greenwich is behind me. we're offshore about hundred yards. the village opens at 10:00. it does kouft but you can find spots to stand. the course is roughly a mile a long, a third to half mile wide. competition starts at 2:00. don't forget 2013 next year, ac-72s, much larger than these craft maybe closer to twice the size and that's for the america's cup. reporting live here on the bay,
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bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. great to see you from the golden gate bridge. for complete coverage of the america's cup check out home page. you'll see our special section on the america's cup race in the upper left-hand corner. >> right now let's check in meteorologist with lower to check in on the weather that the sailors and suspepectators can . >> what's cool about this event motion in the bay. different than the motion in the ocean. because you have different currents in there and the water kind of moves around like it's in a big bowl. so that's why it makes it so great viewing conditions for today. we'll have winds not quite as strong as yesterday which will make for an easier time for the sailors to keep a hold of controls of those catamaran-like vessels. we have to wait for this fog to clear before you can see anything out there. especially if you live in a high
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rise. mostly cloudy conditions to start over san francisco. no flight delays. we'll check on those every five to ten minutes. san jose we're getting a spectacular sunrise, just a picturesque start over the south bay. we'll see clouds thicken up just a touch before we hit 7:00 and between 7:00 to 8:00 the clouds will be at their thickest before starting to burn off. burn off about mid-morning in the extreme east bay and south bay. great looking day shaping up. just spectacular and i don't say that unless i believe it. gentle breeze out of the west coming off the pacific. san jose today that's your forecast. 50 in santa rosa. 50 degrees to start you out in novato in wine country. hit the low 80s. very comfortable if you work outside especially if you have agricultural interests that will make it easier for you today out in the fields. temperatures will be comfortable as we head through this afternoon and start to heat up next week. we only get four to five days of temperatures right where they should be, right at their
6:21 am
seasonal averages before things change. the can only caveat you have to deal with that thick fog along the coast in the morning. but that will keep your temperatures opportune mid-80s today. let's talk america's cup the best sailors, fastest boats in the world all right here in the bay area. wind will play a factor. they are coming out of the west-southwest at 20 miles per hour today. however we'll see those winds pick up by mid-day and that's when the race begins. between 2:00 and 4:00 winds will be at their strongest. 86 degrees in livermore. 79 in santa teresa. tomorrow you can catch the races on our sister station. tonight i want to point out the giants are taking on the dodgers right here on nbc bay area. we have all your sports coverage right here. temperatures today perfect for throwing that ball around. let's see how are you drive is doing. lots of people on the roads compared to last week. >> also the change the commute times because school coming into session, peninsula, then you can
6:22 am
solidify those times focusing down to our typical commute. westbound 580 build now kicking in through livermore. tri-valley heading over towards the dublin interchange. look at this, caster valley, 580 north, 238 just jamming up now as folks head over here. south on 880. accident single car accident reported on the transition to east 92 heading into hayward. that will be blocking one lane car hit a guardrail there. further south another accident in your commute west 237 at north 1st street. off-ramp partially blocked by an accident here as well but no injuries reported. should clear quickly but that's a distraction off of westbound 237 already slow off of 880. volume builds for some slowing north of 6 i'll for show i 1. live look out there shows you things are getting a little bit crowded just north of the 280 interchange. b.j. toll plaza, metering lights
6:23 am
are on. they are moving. back to you. >> mike, thanks. 6:23. coming up prince harry caught with his pants down. we'll tell you about the nude photos that will have you wondering what in the world was he thinking? >> plus stepping up to the plate. working their magic pushing forward in the little league world series.
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what has been a very good run a group of little leaguers putting the petaluma all-stars on the map. >> fans watching on the big screen at a movie theater in down petaluma, the boys won last night's game 5-0. the team plays tomorrow against either texas or tennessee. course we wish them the best. >> lower you say it's will be in the 80s? >> if you're going to be there let's ramp that temperature right up. temperature wise today we'll see 86 inland, 76 bay side, 65 at the coast. just perfection. we do have changes on the way. want to talk about that coming up. first here's mike with a look at your drive. >> san mateo bridge, traffic is
6:27 am
moving smoothly. low clouds of visibility by the pen. we'll catch up with folks on highway 101. palo alto moving nicely. southbound side starting to pick up volume as you approach university and into the south bay. back to you. >> 6:27. you know the saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> heard at it few times. >> done apply when you're royalty. >> not even close. this what happened to prince harry in vegas is all over the internet. nude photos and the of the aspirin in a las vegas hotel. surfaced on entertainment news websites. taken from a strip poker game. sure not why we're showing brian lochte. he's good locking but had his clothes on. prince harry had some women up to his room, played strip poker. buckingham palace confirming the photos are authentic but not commenting any further. apparently buckingham palace
6:28 am
thinks prince harry not a great poker player. >> 6:28. we'll be right back.
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calling for back up. why the bay area's largest city may need a hand cracking down on violent crime. >> plus back to school booze. >> and how about a live look at the traffic that's heading through san rafael, southbound 101ing traffic moving along just fine on this wednesday, august 22, 2012. this is "today in the bay." straight up 6:30. good morning i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. developing story we're following in san jose where more violence is breaking out on city streets. deadly stabbing last night means seven people have been killed in san jose in eight days.
6:31 am
now new concerns with city police department may not being able to hand tell surge in violence on its own. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is live in san jose with the police department may soon call for back up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know hear morale issues coupled with the fact that the police chief and officers here have complained about their staffing just way too low here. can san jose police deal with all this crime on their own? some state and city leaders think they cannot and that's why they are asking the police chief to contact the cal highway patrol and ask for some help. all of this is happening as the city is investigating it's 37th homicide after a man in his 20s was stabbed at least once in his chest. that was after 8:30 last night. he died in the store's produce aisle. police have not made any arrests in that want case but overall the big picture to help with the surge in crime, the police chief said he could be calling chp as early as today to start a
6:32 am
conversation. >> i said first of all after a conversation to see what their resources are. since we haven't had the conversation they are limited in their ability to provide services to other places as well. it's a little premature at this point but the off certificate always there. >> reporter: moore may call the assembly woman, the former council member here in san jose she prosed this chp collaboration idea. she said it doesn't have the resources to deal with this out of control violence and to give you details on numbers. 31 homicides so far this year compared to 27 same time last year. 12 of them gang-related this year and 14 last year. live at san jose police department, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> happening right now, it was a shaky start to the school year for uc berkeley students this morning. a car went right off the road and crashed into putnam hall at about 2:00 this morning. students say they smelled gas
6:33 am
and felt that building shake. students in the dorm were evacuated. they have since been allowed back in. coming up we have a live report from christie smith. she's out there gathering new information from the scene. >> new this morning near the berkeley cap plus in an unusually high number of alcohol poisoning cases. they happened at several locations overnight including bancroft way and ellsworth street. berkeley city dispatch telling us they are treating at least a dozen people most of them women. school starts tomorrow at uc berkeley. >> there's a new twist in oakland's fight with federal courts over its police department. here's the situation. sources tell the chronicle city administrator claims a federal police monitor tried to hit on her. according to the chronicle, she accuses the monitor of making private comments to her that she considered inappropriate. now the police monitor was sent to the east bay to evaluate the
6:34 am
department in the wake of the officer misconduct case. the department must now comply with a variety of new rules or else could it be taken over by the federal government. >> costa contra county is considering dumping its emergency telephone supplier. that system was supposed to notify 20,000 people in the affected area of the chevron fire in 20 minutes. instead it took two to three hours. >> the problem is that the telephone system failed again. we've had some history where it's taken longer than it should to make phone calls to affected communities. >> the company responsible for making those calls is called alerting solutions. it is in martinez. we could not reach anyone at that company for comment. chevron is opening a new help
6:35 am
center for people wanting to file claims. in north richmond at the north richmond community senior citizen center on silver avenue. the help center will be open today through friday from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. the last day to make a claim is this saturday the 25th. you can do so either at the nevin community in the center richmond or calling the toll free number you see right here on the screen. >> this morning dozens of bufldings are now destroyed as a wildfire rages. 50 buildings have been wiped out. it's unclear how many of those buildings were homes. the blaze which wassing sparked by lightning on saturday has ripped through more than 33 square miles of land and it's still threatening hundreds of homes there. >> we have some pretty nice conditions near perfect actually around the bay area. let's check them with meteorologist christina loren. >> perfect for august means you won have to use your air conditioner pap beautiful start this morning. this is san jose.
6:36 am
you can see the sun coming up. beautiful, beautiful blues out there and purples as we head through the next couple of hours, i want to show you san francisco which is very foggy. we now have flight delays out at about an hour. see that thick pea soup fog settling to the surface. check ahead with your carrier. we saw those ripple you want to about 10:00. we'll update you throughout the "today" show. hour by hour forecast work out like this. bay side 76 degrees, 65 at the coast and 76 inland. >> north bay, live look for san rafael. we'll look at the maps. we'll look at something because traffic is starting to build up there coming out of petaluma. southbound, traffic building and some slowing shows up but low clouds are paying a factor there. maps show part of the region. involve traffic there as well as the fog, that's why it's marked
6:37 am
with orange. readings showing problems for highway 101 coming out of santa rosa in towards highway 37. there's a smoother drive down the east shore highway. towards the toll plaza. toll plaza metering lights are on. back up here. south bay, volume builds to the 101. back to you. 6:37. still ahead shouldering the blame. one of britain's top spies says the u.s. is at fault for the wikileak scandal. stay with us. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
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is. welcome back. casey anthony will soon be free dome and go as she pleases. anthony's probation sentence for check fraud end this week. anthony has not been in jail but she's been required to remain in an undisclosed location in florida for the past year. anthony was acquitted last summer of kill her 2-year-old daughter caley. but anthony's legal troubles aren't over. a florida woman is suing anthony for using her name as the name of her daughter's suspected kidnapper. >> this morning ecuador is willing to consider the trial of julian assange.
6:41 am
julian assange is facing sexual assault charges in sweden. he's been holed up in london's embassy. >> the former head of britain's spy agency is blasting the u.s. over the wikileaks scandal. >> one can criticize the united states for having a so-called secret database which was apparently available extensively widely accessible. apparently including to a young soldier. >> that young soldier she is referring to is private bradley manning. manning is accused of handing over hundreds of thousands of secret documents to wikileaks. he currently faces's espionage charges. 6:41. coming up a baseball ban. why a friend of a suspended giants slugger is no longer welcome around the major league. >> new ways to pay as you check out the stores.
6:42 am
>> reporter: i'm bob redell. we're live on the bay. it's the start of the america's cup world series. action starting later this afternoon. we'll have a preview in a couple of minutes. care for your car.
6:43 am
[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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this morning a lot going on with the america's cup yacht race setting sail in that san francisco bay. yes, indeed, some of the best yachting teams on the entire planet catching wind for that first-round of match racing. >> we're going along with them. lower will take a look at the racing weather conditions in just a moment but we begin with bob redell who is catching all the action aboard a boat.
6:45 am
bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we do have some wind. head a boat. we need your sailors and spectators but that's not until 2:00 this afternoon. that's when the america's cup world series kicks off in san francisco. you'll see 11 ac-45s. these are a new type of catamar catamaran. built specifically for these races. 45 feet long. they got a fixed wing air sail. extending roughly 66 feet into the air. the power of that sail pushes these boats at speeds of 30 knots, around 35 miles per hour. not fast if you're in a car but very fast if you're in a sail boat. on a very tight course that's roughly about a mile long, a third to half mile wide and that makes for some very intense action and makes it a big job for tom who is the course martial. how do you make sure they stay within the bounds.
6:46 am
>> basically, we got imaginery line on our computer screen. >> they have sensors? >> yes. the closer they get to the boundary the light flashes and if they cross the line then they get a penalty. >> you have the best seat in the house. what's it like watching these teams compete? >> it is quite amazing. these boats are so physical, so ready, never seen any yacht racing like that in my life before. >> reporter: if you as a spectator want to watch this come out to marina green village. they will open up at 10:00 this morning. >> marina green or on tv.
6:47 am
racing will be at the revised from thursday through sunday and also online. these boats have on board cameras. you get the total immerges. you feel as if you're alongside the sailors. you can hear the conversation. you can hear the calls. you can hear a little hurry up calls as well. >> reporter: competition beginning today at 2:00. the village opens at 10:00. next summer, summer 2013 is america's cup competition itself. that summer ac-72 as you can imagine much larger crowd. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> for complete coverage of the very regal america's cup check out our home page on see our special section on the america's cup race in thor left-hand corner. >> we check in with lower. she has all the weather conditions to talk about for the sailors and spectators out there in regards to the america's cup. >> and everybody else around the
6:48 am
bay area, whether you're a land lover or you love the sea, we'll see some fantastic conditions today. especially in san jose. 77 degrees. let's go ahead shine what we're facing this morning. beautiful sunrise over the city of san jose. you can see those thick clouds have moved all the way inland here but that's making for a prettier sunrise, lots of yellows out there this morning. meanwhile contrast, we'll show you san francisco where we're mostly cloudy and this here is starting to get mostly cloudy here as well. temperatures are nice and comfortable to start. we're in the 50s. the thickest fog is developing in the north bay. half a mile of visibility this morning up in santa rosa. beautiful san francisco. one hour flight delays out of san francisco. we'll let you know when that changes throughout morning. low pressure is the reason for the stronger onshore flow. pockets of visibility up in santa rosa three quarters of a mile to half a mile. in the gilroy area over 152
6:49 am
you'll find thick upslope fog. elsewhere we're looking pretty good. all that natural cooling is going to make for a comfortable afternoon. tomorrow more sunshine. and that's going make for a little bit warmer day. we're only talking about temperatures coming up by two to three degrees. here's where i want gets interesting. we're talking about the america's cup world series, nbc bay area you may not know this is the actual sponsor of the event. we're going to be the home of the america's cup when the big races take place next summer. that's why we're so excited about here. 2:00 p.m. 65 degrees. choppy on the bay. winds coming in south-southwest at 20 miles per hour. tomorrow catch the action on our sister station. perfection in san jose at 77. fairfield and livermore, if you're tough enough you can give your ac a break today. we want to point occupant those giants are back at it taking on the rivals, the dodgers.
6:50 am
tonight, wednesday. we're talking about a good game, though. hot down there. they are coming home soon. we'll have that forecast coming up. big news in the weather story temperatures stay steady until sunday and then we warm you back up. here's mike with your drive. >> getting pretty busy. highway 85 slow all the way up. saratoga showing spots. cupertino and into down. 101 from evergreen up to at the airport speeds coming down into the 40s and 50s. big double plays for westbound 237 off of 880. volume of traffic builds and accident at north 1st still there off to the shoulder at the off-ramp but a distraction for folks heading through new businesses and continuing on to sunnyvale and mountain view. 880 through fremont. that's fine. northbound, southbound with headlights in towards mission boulevard. 101 northbound past university smooth drive from both directions northbound with these
6:51 am
headlights all the way up fast 92 interchange with the san mateo bridge. let's get a look as folks come off the peninsula side. headlights come on. smooth drive. volume holding steady. and course we have fog that's affecting you in the north bay and coming into the bay. this is the golden gate bridge but can't see the marin side. >> can seen see the bridge towers. now moving on to decision 2012 missouri congressman in the middle of a political firestorm is dig in for what could turn out to be a brutal campaign. gop lettive todd akin is refusing to dropout of the state senate race. he's been under fire for his controversial remarks regarding rape and pregnancy. he has since apologized on tv but his comments may have rejuvenated claire mccaskill
6:52 am
trailing in the polls. >> he ought to get out of the race. >> make a decision which is in the best interest. values he has for the future of the country and for the country itself. >> the gop has pulled the plug on $5 million in campaign funding which was originally headed to akin. >> new this morning a just released poll of san francisco voters shows two-thirds of people want the city to mirkarimi should be removed from office. in an exclufsive joint interview with our own raj maathai are trying to remain hopeful mirkarimi can hold his job. >> is plan b right around the corner? >> every single day i've been
6:53 am
thinking about the prospect of not having my job. >> the mayor suspended him from office after he pleaded guilty to a misdeamnor stemming from a domestic violence incident with his wife. the city's board of supervisors will decide whether or not to remove him from office as early as next month. watch raj's complete interview. go to and search mirkarimi. >> crime scene tape and flashing lights are becoming all too common on city streets pap deadly stabbing on story road is the 31st killing in the city this year. as you can see from all these red dots on this map it is the seventh homicide city wide in just the past eight days. the violent crime surge is prompting calls for back up. we have a look at how the city is planning to crackdown on this crime. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the police chief here says that
6:54 am
he may be calling the california highway patrol as early as today to start a discussion about a possible collaboration because his force is stretched too thin. his officers right now are investigating the city's 31st homicide, the fatal stabbing you talked about at an east san jose safeway. he died in a store aisle and police have not made any arrests. chief moore says he thinks it's premature to work with chp right now but willing to start the discussion. it's an idea other city leaders support. >> we need to do everything that we can to make our streets safer and if that means to accept an offer from the state to help bring in more resources, you know, in the form of california highway patrol, then i think that we are obligated to accept it. >> reporter: it's an idea that was prosed by assembly woman
6:55 am
norah compost. she said the city doesn't have resources to handle this growing resource. this is in addition to morale issues. a week and a half ago the police union brought up an idea of a vote of no confidence against the police chief but then decided against it. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> a friend ever giants slugger, milky cabrera is banned from major league baseball. juan nunez is not welcomed in any clubhouse opinion he took responsibility for building that website to help milky cabrera fight doping charges. he was suspended for 50 games after testing positive for testosterone. cabrera dropped his appeal last week. >> happening now a shaky nights for students at a uc berkeley dorm when a car came crashing in to their building. christie smith is live at the scene and just spoke with a witness. what a way to wake up.
6:56 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. what a night for new students here at uc berkeley. they tell me they were gathering most of them on the seventh floor in their dorm when they heard a loud boom and a car jumped a curb and hit a gas meter here at putnam hall. pg and e capped that line. students tell me it was after 2:00 in the morning, they were in that lounge getting to know each other when they felt the impact of that car crash. they say they were told shut their windows because of the gas leak. fire alarm went off and then forced to evacuate. >> we heard a loud screeching sounds. we felt the building shake. we didn't cho what was going on. we went to the balcony to look. it was a big car crash. >> reporter: the car was towed out. driver detained because uc berkeley police still don't know exactly why he lost control in the first place. the good news all the students are okay, back in the dorm telling me they really just want
6:57 am
to catch up on their sleep because they just arrived a lot of them on sunday and classes start tomorrow, we're back here live and see the path of the car, it was towed out. what a way to start the new school year. reporting live at uc berkeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> pay pal has a big time announcement. >> the company has inked a deal with discover. you can use pay palin far more stores. >> anywhere that takes the stuff. instead of swiping your credit card use that same credit card machine to type in hour bill phone number and a special pin and pay that way. you can do this at home depot and a couple of other chain stores but today's announcement widens pay pal's reach toni store on the discover network. the company said it should be in place by the end. year. taking a look at e-bay stock, e-bay owns pay pal, e-bay is up better than 4%. otherwise fairly quiet day on the markets. jurors in the apple/samsung
6:58 am
trial will deliberate this morning, deciding if samsung copied apple's iconic iphone and ipad. they've been given dozens of cell phones to examine in the jury room though the judge in the case instructed the jury while they could play with the phones all they wanted she admonished them not download any music or games on it. back to you. >> i'm a huge fan of that judge. she has been great. >> stay awake. let's check the forecast one last time with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. want to start out with a live picture in san francisco. tracking those flight delays. the fog looks like it's starting to clear. we'll keep you updated. san francisco 63 degrees at the coast. here's one last check of your drive with mike. >> general build all around the bay. 101 really slamming up pretty much from evergreen to at the airport. 280 jamming up around 880/17 interchange. caster valley slow from redwood
6:59 am
valley south 880 to san mateo bridge. typical pattern. no major accidents or on the maze. focusing around the bay bridge toll plaza. >> the "today" show stars at 7:00. >> an interview with embattled todd akin, why he says fellow republicans are overreacting to his comments about women and rape. >> then diana nya speaks out for the first time after stopping her swim from cuba to florida and it's her 63rd birthday today. so hope she's doing okay. >> hopefully she's doing well. quite the warrior in the water. i've worked with her and i wanted to see her make it. >> we hope you're doing well today. thanks so much for waking up with us. we're back at 7:25 with local news update. >> see you every half hour after that. see you tomorrow.


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