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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we look into why baseball just can't seem to clean up its act. >> plus, emergency room overflow. why east bay hospitals say they are still operating in disaster mode after the richmond refinery fire. >> and another summer stunner inland with 80s on the way, 70s bay side, 60s at the coast. we heat up quickly. i'll show you when in your full forecast. >> with the wrong way driver and the traffic break cleared now we can settle on how the build-up is happening for your commute. >> at chick-fil-a opening in the south bay, why they are there. we'll tell you in a live report on this thursday, august 23rd, this is "today in the bay." >> 6 dl >> happening right now, a van stranded in water in scottsdale, arizona. crews are trying to rescue the
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driver that is trapped in the white van toward the center of the screen. we're told the driver tried to drive around a barricade and got stuck in the water. the van apparently used to transport handicapped though it's not clear if any one else is in the van right now. we no water rescue crews have an inflatable raft there. we'll continue to monitor this breaking news in scottsdale, arizona. >> the signs are in place and the planes are gassed up and ready to go, santa clara county launches an aerial assault on a fast-growing mosquito population. marla tellez is live in palo alto there with all of the details and all of the mosquitoes. good morning. >> reporter: i hope not. yes, but you are right, jon, there are plenty of mosquitoes here at the palo alto bay lands east of highway 101 at the bay lands where the aerial assault is going to happen in one hour from now. that's why it's going to be hard to miss because it's going to be
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done via helicopter. helicopters will drop spray to reach as many as 400 acres between spraying 150 to 400 acres. take my word there are plenty of little mosquitoes here. one happened to land on my script before one of my live reports this morning. officials say this is the summer salt marsh mosquito. the good news is while it's not known to carry west nile it has a vicious bite and has become problematic enough to do today's spray. over in the east bay for folks in brentwood help is on the way as well at 7:00. the district says it is treating a specific area, the area that's bordered on the north by wilkins way, the east by sellers avenue, the south by armstrong road, and the west by walnut boulevard. ultimately officials are reacting to a rise in west nile
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virus cases throughout the united states, california just reported its first death almost three weeks ago back on august 3 in kern county, it claimed the life of an 88-year-old woman. wear long sleeve, long pants at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are out in full force. it's a good idea to throw on repellent. get rid of standing water. the the aerial assault automatic more gets under way at 7:00 this morning. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> san jose chief chris moore will meet with the gang task force in response to the city's rash of violence t the recent victim was 24-year-old juan miguel munoz who stopped at a safeway on his way home from work. police say someone stabbed him in the chest. his body was found in one of the aisles of the store. he was a third-year accounting student at san jose state.
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last night his family and friends and some who didn't even know him lit candles and prayed. >> today, unfortunately, was our cousin but tomorrow it could be someone else's child. it could be someone else's family member and you know, it needs to come to an end and needs to stop. >> there have been 32 homicides this year in san jose. police chief moore will hold a news conference after meeting with the task force. we'll bring you details as soon as we know more. a south bay church is taking up donations for the burial of a homeless woman killed by a sword attack. members of the church want to pay for her cremation and burial cost. her identity is still a mystery. neighbors called the woman gail so. far church members collected more than $1,000. donations can be sent to the
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church at 1100 shasta avenue, san jose. donations can be made on line at call the church to make sure funds are credited properly. >> fall-out from the chevron fire creates an emergency. doctors medical center says this morning it is still operatesing in disaster mode. the e.r. is still crowded with patients seeking treatment for symptoms they say are related to the fire. the medical center called in extra staff. more than 4,000 patients have come through the door. >> the congestion, you can see they were in distress. and with asthmatics you could hear the chest. >> chevron says it will cover the medical bills.
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the deadline was actually yesterday. chevron says it received more than 12,000 claims. there is no deadline for filing a claim. >> new this morning, first lady is heading to wisconsin to visit with family members of those killed on a sikh temple. she will meet with family members later today. investigators say a white supremacist walked into the milwaukee temple august 6 and started shooting, killing six and injuring four others before killing himself. one of the injured victims is still in critical condition. the other three are recovering at home. a court hearing in the aurora movie theater rampage a. judge will decide if the suspect's records can be turned over to prosecutors. prosecutors say they need those records to get access to a note book that reportedly contains violent descriptions of an attack. homes is accused of killing 12
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people during a midnight movie july 20th. >> to baseball now, does the funnishment fit the crime. the suspension of bartolo colon. christie smith is live in oakland with all of the reaction and really how this could affect both teams' chances of making the playoffs. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're right across from the coliseum speaking with fans. as soon as we ask them there is a sigh and they start shaking their heads, certainly they are disappointed. starting pitcher for the a's out for 50 games. the fans don't like it but they think that given the circumstances it is fair. b bartolo colon out after testing positive for testosterone. it's a week after cabrera tested bosstive. colon will miss the regular
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season and couldn't play until well into the postseason, at least 11 games in, if the a's go that far. this comes as the a's became an unexpected contender in the american league west. this morning fans say that stricter drug testing isn't 100% but does look like it's weeding some out. >> we're going through the whole steroids thing. hopefully we'll make it through. they are going to have better testing so i think this is the beginning of many more. it's unfortunate. >> the a's, they have young pitchers. they are looking good in their farm system. the giants, same thing. give other people a chance. >> reporter: as fans for both the giants and the a's feeling very positive still moving forward. colon has issued an apology to the fans, teammate and the a's saying he accepts full continue for his actions.
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tyson ross will start in his spots on thursday. live in oak pand, "today in the bay." >> back live to scottsdale, arizona. there is a van stranded in a fast-moving stream in scottsdale, arizona. we've been watching it for some time as rescue crews are trying to rescue a driver caught in that van. the driver got stuck in the water. the van apparently used to transport handicapped people though it's not clear if any one else is inside the van. looks like they developed some kind of a crane system. you can see the water is moving pretty quickly so they have to make attempts to lift that person out. >> watching this they made progress getting out there to make contact. >> we'll continue to watch flout the morning for you.
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>> time to check back in. meteorologist christina loren is here to tell us decent looking weekend. i like to use the word weekend as much as i can. >> looking good. no doubt all of that flooding becaused by thunderstorms a. reminder turn around, don't drown. 57 degrees in san francisco, 61 to start out in sunnyvale, temperatures are going to be nice and mild today by august standards. that's because after thick marine layer. your visibility is dropping, an indication the marine layer has filled in your inland valleys so keep that in mind. we'll get the full update from mike. you want to enjoy this tranquil weather while it lasts. comfortable conditions inland. 78 at 9. 87 at 4:00. the bay shows you 70 degrees at noon, up to 74, perfection.
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a little cool at the coast. you get better days as you head past the weekend. first let's check that drive as promised. i like to tees him because it's trushl in the morning. >> less trushl for the peninsula because i want to confirm that chp we called and yes, no issue for that reported wrong way driver for 101. that's good news for the peninsula and a nice flow along 101, 280, you might get fog through half moon bay along the coast, highway 1, but no slowing. a live look outside, the other side of the pbay. picking up the volume but not slowing the pace for 880 and the south bay does slow the pace. >> 6:11. coming up, squeezing into slimmer seats.
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>> reporter: the tents are coming down here in north san jose after a 24-hour wait for food. what's so personal about this new fast food restaurant. we'll try to answer that coming up. >> dramatic video as a tanker truck worsts into flames. we'll show you what happened in the moments before impact. >> back live to scott where a driver of a van is stuck in fast moving water. you can see the rescue crews attempting to kree him and get whoever else may be in the fan. back in minutes.
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>> we take you back to scottsdale, arizona where a van has been stranded in fast moving water. you can see the rescue crews now
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pulling it looks like somebody out of that van. we are told it's not confirmed though that the driver has been pulled out of the van. a patient or a passenger may still be inside as they pull out you'll see the white van to the right. you can see the heavy water there. these crews have been working for some time trying to free the passengers up out of that van. we're told the van takes handicapped people around. tried to go around a barricade and got stuck. we'll keep you posted as the crews continue to try to rescue all on board. >> a crash in texas after a train hit a fuel tanker early this morning. that train got stuck on the track at the union or the truck got stuck as the train approached. the driver of the tanker was able to escape before the huge impact. the conductor and engineer on the train also ;qá(p(ed, remarkably, without injury. >> a developing story overseas.
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taiwan bracing for a powerful system. thousands have been evacuated from a mountainous area as a typhoon is approaching. heavy rains will create massive land slides. the typhoon is expected to make landfall by tomorrow. in the meantime, tropical storm isaac gains strength and taking aim at the dominican republic and haiti. experts say isaac could become a hurricane late tonight or early tomorrow. the storm is expected to move on to cuba where the base has canceled hearings in the case of five prisoners charged in the september 11 attacks. >> just waking up with us, tuning in, a quick check on the top stories. first lady michelle obama meeting privately with victims after sikh temple attack in wisconsin today. a total of six people died
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during the attack, four injured, when a white supremacist walked in and started shooting. >> calls for tougher penalties for major league baseball players caught doping. bartolo colon and meltingy cabrera both suspended 50 games after testing positive for testosterone. >> we can tell you vector control will be spraying in palo alto and in brentwood, spraying in palo alto starts at 7:00 this morning, in brentwood is scheduled to go off at about 6:50 tonight. >> happening now, how does this sound. free food for an entire year. >> the doors flew open a short time ago. some are showing up because they have a beef with the chicken chain. bob redell is live at the grand opening. good morning. >> reporter: those people will show up 'll explain that
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18 minute 100 people showed up, they had a raffle. the first 100 could go to this new chick-fil-a, they just opened about 15 minutes ago. they received coupons for 52 meals. you have people who are die hard about these chicken sandwiches. you're not even from the bay area, you're from florida eating chick-fil-a sounds like all of your life. you fly out to these grand openings, i'm trying to understand what makes this restaurant so special. you're traveling across the country. >> yes. this is actually my eighth hollywood or california grand opening and coming all the way from florida for each one. >> what makes the food special? >> the food is delicious. it's got to very, very high, the number one health rating by men's health magazine for five
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years running as far as the number one fast food or quick serve restaurant food in the nation. >> reporter: the president came out, of chick-fil-a, in support of what you call traditional marriage. there have been protests for and against. are you trying to make a political statement? >> i knew that question would be asked. i'm not trying to make a political statement other than i stand in solidarity with dan kathy. i respect his strong commitment to christian beliefs. what people say dan kathy has said and if you would go and research the matter what he has actually said are two entirely different things. >> reporter: thank you. i appreciate it. nice meeting you. have a safe trip back to florida. there are going to be members of the gay and lesbian community, supposed to come here this evening, to show support against what they believe chick-fil-a
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represents. reporting live in north san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 6:20. an airline is going slim. trimming down here. starting next year united says it plans to install slimmer seats to allow the airline to squeeze in more?xpassengers. the airline says the new seats will be thin enough to add a row without reducing leg room. officials say the new seats will be lighter, reducing fuel costs. i'm sure that they hill hand that to us. >> stay away from my arm rest. >> i'll give it up to you. qantas airlines is cutting more than seats. >> that airline is in financial trouble. >> it is. qantas announced it would not buy billions of american-built
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boeing aircraft, here you see the french-built airbus. qantas says it won't buy 35 of the new dream liners that we make in seattle, qantas hit by those high fuel prices as well as a strike and reported its first loss in the history of the company. san jose chamber of commerce tells the "wall street journal" business owners are extremely worried about the ballot measure to raise the city wide minimum wage. worried it will cost too much. other cities have citywide minimum wage, and san jose does have a $14 living wage for companies that do business with the city. the guy who doesn't have to worry much, has sold some of his stock. a small portion worth about $8 million.
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>> pocket change. >> i wish i had a small portion to dump hike that. christina loren is filling us in. it's thursday. what's happening? >> another beautiful day all across the bay area. the only caveat is we do have thick low clouds and reduced visibility. we're getting back into our foggy season in the bay area. i want to start as far east as we possibly can go, that is sun sunol. the marine layer, filling in your inland valley. we're going to lose the cloud cover in the east bay and in the south bay by about 8:00 or 9:00 with windspicking you. this is a gray start here and just about a half hour we're going to close this gap. then the sun will break through the clouds so. temperatures comfortable, in the defendants, a little on the cool side with low 50s. 61 in sunnyvale. 56 in san jose.
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it works like this. an area of low pressure came through right on its heels, a cold front. that is working against an amplifying ridge. the two systems work against each other and that is what generates the strong winds. we'll see gustier conditions than yesterday, especially in the area that lacks friction. it's going to get interesting for the america's cup. i wanted to talk about our giants. they just swept the dodgers. swept the dodgers at dodger stadium. yeah, we're on a role now. we might make it to the playoffs so tonights game is critical versus the atlanta braves. it's going to be cool, grab a jacket. 78 in san jose. about 64 degrees in san francisco. dreary conditions for the first part of the day in the city. then the sun for a few hours
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between 12:00 and 4:00. temperatures stay comfortable, then we start to climb mons, tus and wednesday. >> we're going to cover the bay. slowing into livermore. the dublin moving smoothly. i did see early -- i'm tracking that through castro valley. a smooth drive, a new accident at 280 around the transition, connector may be blocked. we'll let you know about slowing through cupertino. north of 680, then up the peninsula which is clear right now. a live look outside shows you how things are shaping up at the bay bridge, the metering lights on. all lanes are backed up. ears shore freeway is smooth. visibility okay on i-80. san rafael we have the follow kicking in but no major slowing. >> the time is 6:24.
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how is this. a turtle, duct tape and helium balloon. the wild ride that theft guy up in a free.
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>> 6:27. a pet turtle in southern california, can you see the poor thing in the middle of the tree? he had to be rescued from very unusual spot. he was tied to a bunch of balloons stuck up in the tree. animal rescuers say someone attached the turtle to balloons,
6:28 am
jon. is that sad. let it float away. i don't know what they were thinking? what was the point? the san diego humane society are caring for the turtle as they search for suspects to tied it up. we'll be right back. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> coming up, state of emergency. 24,000 acres up in smoke as massive wild fires inch closer to northern california neighborhoods. >> and a back-to-school tragedy. we'll tell you what changed in a deadly intersection after a second-grader was killed. >> a live look outside, a wave of sunol, a few clouds out there. christina loren says we'll also have sunshine on this thursday, august 23rd, this is "today in the bay."
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>> it is 6:31. good morning. happy you could be with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. vector control is launching an aerial attack on an aggressive species of mosquito. marla tellez is live in palo alto. she's got the details. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. you can blame it on the warmer weather we've been having, what are we t-minus 30 minutes until the aerial assault where we are this morning. this is the palo alto bay lands just east of 101 off embarcadero road. the nature preserve here. officials with the vector control district say helicopters will spray between 150 to 400 acres. their tar get the summer salt marsh mosquito. it is not known to carry west nile but it does have a brutal bite and can fly as far as five
6:32 am
miles from its breeding ground to feed on people. if you are fed up with mosquitoes in the east bay, in brentwood, help is on the way. 7:00 tonight the district says it is treating the area that's bordered on the north by wilkins way, the east by sellers avenue, the south by armstrong road and the west by walnut boulevard. an alarming trend is behind this action as of tuesday, 1,118 cases of west nile virus had been reported, the highest number ever reported at this point in the year since the disease was first detected in the u.s. in 1999. 41 people have died so far this year. compare that to 43 people for the entire year of 2011. again, the spraying gets under way at the palo alto bay lands at 7:00.
6:33 am
they used onlily environmentally safe spray. we saw a runner. the trails will close once the spraying starts. they will reopen upon completion. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> governor jerry brown declaring a state of emergency in northern california where the ponderosa fire continues to threaten 200 homes. the fire destroyed at least 50 buildings and scorched 38 square miles. crews say they are working hard making some progress but flare-ups, the rough terrain and the hot temperatures making this blaze very difficult for the 2,000 firefighters battling it. it is now said to be about 50% contained. >> a look at the man suspected of groping a woman. palo alto police say this is a man who assaulted a woman from behind on fulton street ond afternoon. the suspect reached under the
6:34 am
woman's dress and grabbed her before running away. he is still on the loose. >> new safety improvements, a back to school tragedy in the peninsula. city engineers telling us that l.e.d. lights line crosswalks at the intersection of bay road and gloria way as today is no the first day of school for the ravens wootd city school district. if you recall last year a second-grader was struck and killed by a teacher driving on the first day of school. engineers say they hope to make the intersection even safer by springtime by increasing the size of the curbs and shortening the crosswalks. >> 6:34. a 24-year-old cal student crashed his hall in a dorm. he was taken into custody on suspicion of dui. hundreds of students were
6:35 am
evacuated. pg&e managed to cap off a leak but the students in the hall still without hot water. today, the first day of classes. >> a news conference today at 10:30 this morning to discuss the state of uc-berkeley. over ten years california's budget crisis has changed the school's financial model. state hunding dropped a quarter billion and only counts for about 11 percent of the operating budget. tuition has increased sharply over concerns whether it can retain its quality and character. >> the forecast now with christina loren. how are we looking? >> looking good. good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us on a friday eve. i wanted to show you a live look at sunol where you have low and mid level clouds. it's going to be a phenomenal sun rise t orange and yellows coming in as we speak. we'll start to show you those pictures. 57 in concord, 58 in oakland and
6:36 am
57 in san francisco, we're headed to another summer stunner inland temperatures cool at the coast. through friday stick around to fog and drizzle. sunny and warm. we have flight delays but this is the fourth consecutive day this week with dlat delays. bay side, 74 degrees, cool at the coast, requiring a jacket for the first part of the day. inland 87, not too shabby. livermore around 80 degrees even here in san jose. so your seven-day forecast is coming up, first out the front door. the only man to help you is mike inouye. >> or a helicopter pilot if you can fly to work. 101 you might need to get to work. up toward the airport, 101 is the slowest, picking up the volume and the surface treats.
6:37 am
we do have a new issue for cupertino. an accident involving one car and across at least one lane. emergency crews there and there may be a traffic break though nothing officially scheduled. a live look. we'll show you how things are, up past the shopping center and a smooth drive into or out of san francisco. a look at the bay bridge, the backup because of the metering lights. other than that a nooth drive. visibility is okay as far as the drive. >> 6:37. still ahead, a sweet treat with a bad aftertaste. the lead warning at a bay area candy factory. >> sounds like an old girlfriend of mine. older dads have a higher risk of children born with autism. it affects men over 40.
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>> a fiery crash in texas to show you. a live look, a train hit a fuel tanker early this morning. the taver got stuck on the track. the driver was able to escape before the impact. the conductor and engineer on board the train as well also escaped without injury.
6:41 am
they are trying to water down what is left, the shell remains from a lot of smoke. >> a new study suggests that men might have a biological clock as well. the research shows that for each decade a man ages, his chances of fathering an autistic child increases by 22%. the study comes from a genetic lab in iceland and shows as men age their sperm cells undergo genetic mutations that are passed on to the child. one in 88 children in the u.s. has autism or related disorder as diagnosed in 2008. that was the latest data available. the figures were up 23% from 2003. >> there is a health warning concerning certain red vine candy. american licorice says recent
6:42 am
lots could have high levels ever lead. there is a voltary recall. the candy sold 18 one pound pack with the nameç in white letter and is best before 020413. if you have eaten any you are asked to get to your doctor and see if medical testing is required. >> showdown at the state capital. why your taxes could go up and what you can do about it. >> your federal taxes as well in 129 days. the countdown coming up. stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> 6:44. today is casey anthony's last
6:45 am
day of probation. she may come and go as she pleases. anthony was acquitted in july in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. she was sentenced to a year of probation in a separate case. she has not been in jail but required to remain in one location in florida over the past year. >> in colorado, a court hearing in the aurora movie theater rampage. a judge will decide if the suspect university records can be turned over to prosecutors. prosecutors say they need the records to get access to a note book that reportedly contains violent descriptions of an attack. james holmes is accused during a midnight movie july 20th. >> michelle boeb is reaching out to a community that is recovering from a shooting rampage heading to milwaukee to visit family members of the victims in a sikh temple shooting. a gunman opened fire during
6:46 am
sunday service, a lotful six people were killed, four injured. investigators say that shooter who has ties to several hate groups took his own life. >> a member of the u.s. navy seal team who killed osama bin laden has written a book. the book "no easy day" is set for release on september 11 but there are legal and intelligence concerns. special forces often sign the publisher says the work was vetted by an attorney with military experience, however, two years ago the pentagon paid thousands of dollars to destroy copies of a book by a former army intelligence officer claiming it exposed military secrets. >> continuing coverage of a water rescue in scottsdale, arizona we've been telling you about. we have updated that one person trapped in the van has made it out safely and is fine with the
6:47 am
help of those rescue teams, they did great work. now the driver of the van tried to go around a barricade and got stuck in high water. the good news, nobody was hurt and we're also told that nobody else was stuck in the van. >> on to decision 2012. after days of distraction gop presidential candidate mitt romney trying to refocus on the economy. he is set to unveil a new energy plan that he says will allow the country to be energy independent by 2020. he says the plan would decrease costs to consumers by increasing domestic production. romney is trying to turn attention to the national debt and the economy in a way from todd akin and the legitimate rape controversy. >> we have now had four years in a row with the president that built trillion dollar deficits. it's bad economics. >> aides say the energy proposal would result in more than $1
6:48 am
trillion in revenue and millions of jobs. >> when it comes to november's tax initiative california voters prefer governor brown's prop 30 over prop 38. the reality is neither is a shoo-in. both raise taxes for supporting schools. prop 30 would raise $6 billion a year, prop 38 would raise $10 billion a year for 12 years. we all know that initiatives that raise taxes notoriously tough to push through. the rule of thumb is that tax measures need to start the fall campaign with about 60% of the vote get through all of the negative ads and actually ultimately pass. >> happening right now, a plane has landed on a freeway a little off the roadway there it looks like in tampa, florida. looks like a small plane that went down close to the roadway. we don't know, you see emergency personnel there, we don't know if any one was injured in this
6:49 am
landing. pictures just coming in. that happening in tampa, florida. >> we'll give you that one. we'll keep you posted that the moment, christina loren. >> it's changing moment by moment. >> as it does. >> it does. especially here. especially when it comes to those low clouds. one of the hardest things to forecast is fog. this is the marine layer this morning in sunol it's pushed all the way inland. san jose, i told you that break of sun was limited. you can see the clouds are enclosed completely around the city of san jose, all your local valleys are filled with low clouds. let's take it to your temperatures where it's comfortable. not too cold out there even with a gray start. 61 in sunnyvale, 57 degrees to start in san francisco. as you're getting your wardrobe ready for the day you want to think windy later on especially along the coastline and the higher elevations, not a great day for the flowing sun dress.
6:50 am
however, it will be warm enough for a sun dress, temperatures are comfortable as we head through this afternoon. not too hot and not too cold at the coast. let's talk winds because this is going to be critical when it comes to the racing out there. on the bay today. 6:00 a.m., you stop the clock on future cast, nothing to report now. we continue that, you see all of the blues, you look to the key. and locally heavier gusts at the coast. that will come into play when it comes to the america's cup world series. you can watch that race on our sister station comcast sports net bay area, starting at 2:00 p.m. today so. wind out of the west-northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. the strong gusts that could knock some of the vessels off course. so it's going to be interesting. we're pretty excited. 73 degrees in fremont. 77 in redwood city. giants are back at home taking on the hotlanta braves.
6:51 am
after a three-game sweep against the dodgers at home, yes, they are looking better and better. as we head through tomorrow, we're going to level off saturday into sunday. perfect bay day on monday, 78 degrees. a little warm tuesday into wednesday. still not too hot. let's check your drive. >> let's start off with the live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a look at the backup. this may need work. they might slow down because there is a stall reported on the san francisco side. just past treasure island. we do see slowing from treasure island to the center and also the mega phone shouting out the giants are playing today. a smooth drive but slower now. 580 off of the castro valley "y" and slow into hayward. that's heavier than we see down into fremont. let's catch up with the live look, see how things are shaping up. though it's not so bad approaching mission there is slowing around whipple by an
6:52 am
accident just clearing from lanes. ending with a live look to the south bay, san jose, there is 101. slow up toward the airport. back to you. >> mike, thank you. the planes are loaded up and about to take off in a few minutes as santa clara county launches an aerial assault on a mosquito population. marla tellez is live there in palo alto front and center with all of the details. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. the helicopters as we speak are getting ready to go up in the air here over the palo alto bay lands, a nature preserve east of 101. this is where the aerial assault is going to happen at 7:00 this morning. joining me live is bob kauffman with vector control. thanks for being out here. >> good morning. >> reporter: so tell us why is this -- how big after problem has this become for the peninsula? >> basically t the mosquito breeds out in the flood basin, the mosquito that bites during the day, it's an active biter as
6:53 am
everybody here noticed this morning in the van. and out here we're getting bit pretty good. it's a reoccurring mosquito and as the tide gates are flooding so the mosquito will constantly breed, fly off, bite us, then lay their eggs back in the marsh, then breed again and fly off again so. we're trying to knock down the population with the helicopter today. >> i understand that this breed is not known to carry west nile. >> that's correct. this is more of a nuisance biter, very aggressive biter. >> reporter: all right. bob, thanks so much for your time so. the spraying gets under way at 7:00. he tells me it's going to last four hours and the trails here at the bay lands will be closed. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thanks. 6:53. the a's and giants making a push for the playoffs but new scandals involving doping, costing them key players who
6:54 am
helped them all season long. now some are asking, 50 games enough of a punishment to deter players from cheating? the reaction to the recent suspension of bartolo colon. >> reporter: good morning. a's fans we're talking with this morning are disappointed. one fan told me he thought the 50-game suspension was fair but said that he thought bar too low was like super man, 39, kept coming back despite injuries, got the job done. now, 50-game suspension for the a's starting pitcher out for testing positive for testosterone, a week after melky cabrera out for the same thing. out until at least the 11th game of the postseason if the a's get that far. a veteran on the team, fans disappointed but they say the team will recover. >> start rooting for him and think he's superman, this is
6:55 am
captain comeback. next ling lithing is like he's cheating. >> it's unfortunate but the a's are really strong at pitching so we're going to make it through it. >> colon has gone on to issue an apology saying he accepts full responsibility for his actions. for now tyson ross will start in his place. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:55. looks like things could get worse. >> scott says new number shows the fall off the fiscal cliff. >> the budget office, try to tell what you the numbers mean, they say that so called fiscal cliff where american law will require tax hikes and budget cuts will cause another recession. unless something is done mark your calendar. we're 129 days away from that cliff. turning to wall street the dow
6:56 am
industrials down about 60 points this morning, safeway out of pleasanton will give 17.5 cents of a dividend to its stockholders, we saw a slight rise in jobless claims. oxford online dictionary published this, the definition to -- mwahahaha. used to represent laughter especially manic or cackling laughter such as that uttered in a cartoon character. don't confuse with it its sister the oxford english dictionary. you know what the difference is? >> it's mwhaha. >> the finger tips with that as well. >> there's a new option for fast food.
6:57 am
chick-fil-a is up and running. >> bob redell is there live where 100 lucky people got to walk away with more than chicken. >> reporter: good morning to you. you can see this is all that's left of camp chick-fil-a, the last tent being packed up. there were over 100 people out here waiting for the past 24 hours for this new chick-fil-a, the only one in the bay area right now outside of fairfield to open in north san jose. this is the moment they were looking for. this happened about an hour ago at 6:00. they opened the doors to this chick-fil-a. you had customers rolling in. they were here for two reasons. one, if they were here 24 hours ago and they won the raffle, the raffle for the first 100 people to come in there get 52 weeks of coupons for a free meal so people are getting free food. and the second reason is they love this chicken and here's one girl's explanation for why.
6:58 am
>> what make this is restaurant so special? >> i think the way the customer service like they care about you, and they are super friendly and awesome and the food is like in its own category of amazing. the chicken is just oh. >> was your being out here in support of the company's stance on marriage? >> had nothing to do with it. just like the food. >> reporter: there have been a lot of protests recently throughout the country at chick-fil-as, both in support and against the company after the company's president said he was in support of traditional marriage between a man and a woman, so you had counter protests and in support. there will be a counter protest tonight when members of the gay and lesbian community are said to come here to show how they disagree with that opinion. there is going to be another chick-fil-a in walnut creek some
6:59 am
time. >> thanks, bob. >> let's get a final check of the weather. what's going on? >> mostly cloudy. you saw that in north san jose. also san francisco completely socked in with fog. we have flight delays out of sfo. the fog will clear. between the hours of noon and 4:00 the most sunshine. highs around 63 degrees, 74 in places like oakland and 87 in livermore. san jose doesn't get better than the 80 degrees. >> we had two accidents for union city. one north and one south. that caused this backup. northbound, southbound it just cleared. look at this. all the way back into hayward. slow for 880. back to you. >> thanks, mike. thank you for joining us this morning. we'll be back at 7:25 with local news.


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