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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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didn't like him. they issued a vote of no confidence against their boss. >> it's tough, because you really respect the people you work with, and you want them to all be on the same wavelength. >> mack na mara survived the vote and now considered one of the best chiefs in the department's history. so it hurts mcnamara to see chris moore go through something similar, surviving a potential stroet from his rank and file. >> this problem that is tearing the city apart right now has nothing to do with chief moore. it has to do with the economy, with the politics of the past. >> reporter: if anything he says moore is the peace maker between two parties at virtual war with each other, city hall and his officers. >> he's caught in a tough place, because he's part of the city administration, and he's a leader of the police. >> the hoover fellow says the idea of bringing in the chp to help patrol the city is not the
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solution but a distraction. still, he admits there is a need for more boots on the ground. >> he doesn't have the freedom of speech i have. i can say bluntly san jose needs more police. they've never been staffed properly. they've gotten by for years because the police have been doing such an excellent job. >> reporter: mack na rare ra says moore can fix the dwindling morale in his department, but he warns all sides better make peace soon. >> it's a shame to see this happening to one of the best police departments in the united states. >> reporter: mcnamara published his fifth book "love in death if silicon valley." he has a ph.d. from stanford and climbed the ranks at nypd before coming here at san jose. tonight's mass begins at a5:30 p.m. with the vigil starting promptly afterwards. around 6:00 we're told chief chris moore will also be here.
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i'm damian trujillo. police announced they made an arrest in a recent homicide. michael paul howard is accused in the deadly stabbing at an east san jose story on tuesday. we learned howard was in court today in connection with another incident in june. in that case he brandished a weapon and interfering in a police officer. the victim was 22-year-old juan munoz. he was stabbed to death at safeway. it was equipped with surveillance cameras. investigators say gang activity has officially been ruled out an motive, but they aren't saying what the motive may have been. minute ago a spokesman for the family told us they had nerve heard of the suspect and feel munoz may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. the crime was the city's 31st homicide of the year. new safety improvements are a sad reminder of a back-to-school tragedy on the
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peninsula. the city engineers says l.e.d. lights are on the crosswalk. this is the first day of school for the school district. last year a second grader was struck and killed by a teacher on the first day of school. city engineers hope to make this intersection even safer by this spring by increasing the size of the cushing and shortening the crosswalks. a peninsula city is fighting back what some call the most aaggressive mosquitos they've seen. an aerial assault is under way. a headlight kopt with the santa clara county patrol district is killing the breeding grounds of the summer marsh mosquitos. they say these insects are not known to carry west nile virus, but are extremely large, attack in swarms and bite through clothing. they are also very active during the day. it's become such a problem in palo alto that some businesses
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including the golf course and car dealership are actually losing customers. >> the most time i'm aware of the mosquitos is when i'm playing golf. we're all talking about them. it's a topic of conversation. >> i was out here about three weeks ago, and they were biting through our clothes. >> they say the best way to protect yourself is to wear long sleeves and long pants and insect repellent. they say the spray is environmentally friendly and harmless to people. in the east bay officials targeted mosquitos in brentwood. they say it's treating the area boardered on the north by selles avenue. the brentwood spraying is in result of a recent rise in west nile case. california reported the first human death from west nile virus about three weeks ago in kern county. a chicken sandwich with a side of politics. a huge crowd is on hand for the grand opening of a new fast food
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restaurant in the south bay, but not everyone is there for the food. we bring in scott budman who joins us from the new chick-fil-a location in san jose. this is an east coast chain touching a nerve on the west coast. >> reporter: an interesting time to open in the bay area. there were two big crowds here tonight. on the one hand chick-fil-a opening to a lot of hungry customers that want their chicken sandwiching behind me. a steady stream of cars coming through. behind them lining the block, protestors, this got much more vocal when the head of chick-fil-a said because of his religious beliefs he did not believe in same-sex marriage. there's been protesting all day today during the grand opening. this is an all-day phenomenon, we have heard from people like these two earlier today. >> i'm not trying to make a political statement other than i
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stand in solidarity with dan kafee. i respect his strong commitment to beliefs. >> there's a hotel and parking lot and there's you and there's people at the other end of the television screen. we need to know that gay people exist and you can't vote us away and make us go away by defining marriage against us. we're here and deserve the same rights as everyone else. >> chill fillet will be open tonight on opening night until 10:00. we expect another group of protestors to come here around 6:00. we'll be back to let you know how it stands there. chick-fil-a in the attention in the news tonight. they came out with a state that says because of company values all people will be treated with dignity, honor and respect. we'll be back at 6:00 to keep you posted. we're reporting live in evening from four saj. i'm scott budman, "nbc bay area news." >> scott, we'll check back with you at 6:00. thanks so much. a new warning from b.a.r.t.
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riders today from oakland police. thefts are way up, and the robbers want your electronics. they handed out flyers near the station advising users on ways to stay safe. the most frequently stolen items are cell phones and i foeiphone. police are advising commuters to keep their personal electronics hidden as they walk and only take them out when you can be aware of your surroundings. the sales are full and racing is furious. the world america's cup series race in the bay area in the books. today we found out why. >> laurwrence scott is back wit us on dry land. let's remind everyone of your nautical exploits on the water. the only local reporter to be invited out on one of the oracle boats. we call this active journalism.
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this is yesterday. lawrence hanging on for dear life. tonight, though, back dry and warm. the kinder version of lawrence scott. take it away, lawrence. >> i really loved it, raj. it was a great experience and wonderful lead-in to all the racing we saw today. let's show you some of the boats docked at marina green. they just came off the water. a couple different competitions just wrapped up. here, take a look. the america's cup world series hosting two racing on the bay, match racing and fleet racing. as regatta director ian murray explains it's a dogfight. >> you have two boats one on one against each other. how fast they go doesn't matter. it's about beating the other guy. >> thursday's action saw oracle team usa advance to semifinals and element moving forward as both teams were eliminated brz two afternoon fleet races were all 11 skippers led their team
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in an opening day battle. >> when you have 11 boats on a short course the long way around is around the outside of the other competitors. so, you know, when you go around the mark, you're going around another mark, you have to start thinking about how i am going to get to the inside. >> reporter: speaking of that fleet racing, at 6:00 we will hear from both of the oracle team usa skippers who now lead 1 and 2 in the fleet racing competition. plus, we give you a history of the america's cup. it dates back like a century and a half. it's cool stuff. back to you in the studio. >> lawrence scott, i don't understand what's going on, but i love watching it. >> fast and furious for sure. thanks so much, lawrence. you can watch the finals on nbc bay area. all the fun gets started sunday at 11:30 a.m. facebook is updating its own status. the menlo park-based company updated its app for the iphone and ipad today.
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they complained about how it performed on the apple products say it was slow and clunky. at a demonstration of the new app, it opened twice as fast as the older one. this year 60% more people access facebook on their mobile devices than last year. tight on time but still want to get a workout in? new information to prove you can get the same benefits in half the time. find out how long you really need to stay in the gym. mitt romney unveiling his new political plan, while a familiar face is helping the obama campaign. good afternoon. i'm jeff rainiery at marina green in san francisco. we're feet away from the action. we'll talk boat it is and weather and your weekend forecast coming up in minutes.
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decision 2012. president obama is hoping for good clinton karma.
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he's turning to clinton to make the argument against romney's tax plan. romney wants to drill. it could create 3 million jobs and bring in more than a trillion dollars. some lofty numbers thrown around. steve handlesman join us from washington, d.c. this evening. another notable day on the campaign trail. >> it's a big day because this is a big issue. the republicans' case about jobs and the economy. they say barack obama has blown it on energy underemphasizes fossil fuels playing up solar and wind. in new mexico mitt romney promised energy independence by 2020. 3 million more jobs. >> we won't need to buy any oil from the middle east or venezuela or anywhere else we don't want to. >> reporter: romney vowed to rewrite tougher obama regulations on fraukicking, on drilling in alaska and on offshore drilling that romney
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claims keep output lower in favor of renewable energy. >> i like wind and solar like the next person, but i don't want the law to be used to stop the production of oil and gas and coal. >> in a new ad he warns against any romney roll backs of obama policy. >> the republican plan is to cut more taxes on high income people and back to deregulation. that got us in trouble in the first place. >> romney's convention in tampa is in trouble from tropical storm isaac, and florida is the center of the political storm, the biggest swing state. president obama is down two points at 49% in florida and mitt romney up one point. >> florida is the big kahuna. the president is slightly ahead, and you are slightly ahead than behind but it's a too close to call race at this point. >> carl rove's super-pac put up
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an ad in florida on obama care. >> it cuts medicare spending by $700 billion. democrats hope that ryan will raise florida's seniors' fears of republican medicare cuts. a new poll found it's the economy that matters most to florida voters in all age groups, second is health care in general, a close third specifically medicare. live from washington i'm steve handlesman, "nbc bay area news." back to you. >> thank you so much. a coroner's report showed rodney king was drinking and on drugs when he drown in his swimming pool back in june. it revealed that king had a variety of drugs in his system at the time, including marijuana, cocaine and alcohol. he was 47 years old. his fiancee found him at the bottom the of the backyard swimming pool. the report said he fell or jumped in. it was ruled accidental. rodney king became a household name when he was videotaped being beaten by police after
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leading them on a chase. it sparked the l.a. riots that left more than 50 people dead. he spent years speaking nationwide about his long-running battle with addiction. in health matters having lots of friends could help you stay mentally fit in middle age. a new study finds men and women who had regular interactions with ten or more friendses was psychologically stronger than people with smaller social circles. the survey found having a network of relatives nearby improved men's mental health but not women's. exercise less and lose more weight. it is possible. researchers say working out for 30 minutes could help some people lose as much weight and body mass as exercising for an hour. a study by the university of copenhagen found men who exercised 30 minutes a day lost up an average of 8 pounds over three months, while those who worked out for an hour a day lost only six pounds. scientists say it's possible those that exercised more ate more while those who exercised 30 minutes were able to better
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regulate their diet. the take-away is you can x exercise less if you're consistent. >> i'm trying to walk his way. jeff is live at a place where lots of people exercise, and that's the marina green area. he joins us live in san francisco where it's cloudy there. >> reporter: it is. the crowds and the fog, it's all kind of par for the course for the boaters out here at the america's cup world series this afternoon. it's getting under way at the marina green, and the best part about this is it's absolutely free, you guys. it continues friday, saturday and sunday. i got a chance to see some of the fleet races, and the boats are so close it felt like you could just reach out and touch them. look behind me. the boats are somewhat docked right now i guess you could say as the racing is over for today. come on, even if you're fashion you could be into the america's cup world series. prada boat out there and team oracle that came in first and second this afternoon.
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speaking of team oracle representing the united states, they are the defending champions of the america's cup. we want to bring in chris bedford with oracle. nice to have you here, chris. >> good to be here. >> you're a meteorologist for the team. great to have another meteorologist on the platform, i must say. weather is crucial to you guys, right? >> it really is. the wind is the fuel for these boats, and it's important that they know where the best breeze is on the race course. my job is to help them find that breeze and make sure that they stay in it and have an advantage over the other boats. >> i don't know too much about sailing, but what makes san francisco i've heard pretty much the perfect place for an event like this? >> it really is a great p place. great venue because the wind is consistent, it's strong, and the water is flat. so you can get these types of boats, these ka ma rans up and sailing very fast and really exciting. >> for a lot of folks aat homecoming out for this free event friday, saturday and
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sunday, what's something they should look for out there if they really don't know what they're following. we know it's a race. >> sailboat racing is a little different because they can't actually sail directly from a to b. they have to sail at an angle to the wind. so you see them sort of going in a direction that doesn't make sense sometimes, but that's always due to getting the best wind in their sails so they can actually get up to the marks and turn around them as they need to on the race course. >> that's great. thank you so much, chris. we appreciate you coming on out, and also another point he mentioned. once the races start, they have to cut off communication because they can't give away too much of those weather secrets. we have a lot of weather secrets for our viewers at home, and we have athat in the seven-day forecast on when things finally warm up. again, that was chris bedford with team othracle placing firs and second today. temperatures right now in the it's chilly and typical for august here. we look at more fog in the next couple of days.
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let's move on to what we expect out in the pacific. we have systems forming with a lot of cold air. most of the rain and activity will stay into alaska. also in the northwest. for us what we'll find is high pressure offshore. it's not going to be too strong, but in that in between weather. not too hot or cold, anywhere from 70s and 80s as we look at the east and for the south bay. as we move on, it will be in the mid to upper 80s here expected for livermore and into pleasanton and dublin. now, for the racing out here, temperatures will be in the 60s with some sun and also some clouds. it's going to be just what those boaters want up with winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. of course, there are so many facts about this. did you know that the best fueling is at the mark or the boat's turn-around during a fleet race because they try to turn at the same time. on that seven-day forecast real quick what you find is 90-degree temperatures coming back inland as we head into next week,
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primarily about tuesday, wednesday, and also thursday. so raj and janelle, a lot of action out here. it's starting to quiet down a bit, but it is just so intense out here this afternoon. >> okay. thanks so much. >> right near the prada boat, of course. just ahead, the little leaguers causing the big commotion for the small bay area community. the pandemonium over petaluma is next.
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the game has just now started. the party is in petaluma. >> right now the power hitters from petaluma are battling to stay alive in the world series. monty francis is live in petaluma with the watch parties. >> we're here at a sports bar called beyond the glory. they took the day off to make sure they didn't miss a minute of the game. just take a look. this is absolutely packed, and so far no one has scored in the first inning. this whole town is just buzzing
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with excitement. across town hundreds of people have packed the boulevard cinema as they have throughout the series where they're watching the game on two 50-foot series. it's happening in pennsylvania, and in the petaluma national's third straight win or go home game. they won 5-0 over connecticut on tuesday. if they lose against texas, they play for the u.s. championship on tuesday. if they win that, the world series title. so it's hard to overstate just how much the enthusiasm in petalu petaluma. no matter the outcome, this town couldn't be prouder. >> just that they made it to williamsburg, that's a win. no matter what they do now, it's a win. they made it, and we're all proud of them no matter what happens. >> we're going to do it. we're going to win hopefully. >> reporter: back here live, and it looks like petaluma just scored, so it's 1-0. they're leading texas.
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now, no matter what happens tonight, petaluma is already planning a welcome home parade for their team. from petaluma tonight, monty francis, "bay area news." >> as we know, the petaluma is leading tonight 1-0. thanks, monty. we'll be right back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver.
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there are new revelations about a book offering a first-hand account of the raid that killed osama bin laden. the author of the book was outed by a news organization. brian williams joins us next.
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