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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you got the get through the day. >> maybe this will help you get through your morning at least. beautiful sunrise over the bay area. you made to the friday, august 24th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. a developing story in san francisco where police have given the all clear to re-enter an apartment building evacuated because of a suspicious device. the building located on the 600 block of jones street, this is outside the tenderloin, was evacuated for a few hours after those suspicious items were found in the basement. 75 people were woken up and forced out on the street while officers went in for a closer look. the bomb squad was called in eventually after officers determined the items may be hazardous. >> there are 12 to 15 sections of pipe that had been cut and
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capped and contained a substance, i don't know the specific substance but the bomb squad working with the hazmat team determined that the contents were not explosive or hazardous. >> several streets were shut down. the streets have just been reopened. >> 6:01. san jose chief chris moore will hold a meeting with the gang task force to talk about with options for dealing with the recent rash of violence. christie smith live at san jose city hall with details and what is expected to come out of it. good morning. >> reporter: that meeting expected around 9:00 this morning here at city hall, then afterwards we expect to hear from police chiefárj moore, mayor chuck reed, the city council, the district attorney's ofts, talking about ways to deal with this spike in violence in san jose and unfortunately it comes as the city's homicide rate justç went up by one, tha because of a fatal shooting
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after 11:00 last night at south king road near tully road. the victim believed to be an 18-year-old man. no arrests have been made. hours earlier hundreds of people marched through the streets of san jose, many said they had been personally touched by street violence. there has been a spike in violence, eight people killed in 11 days. people are calling for peace. >> we're not really safe. stay home. not affiliate with them. >> reporter: san jose police have announced arrests in at least two of the killings. with the police department short-staffed some on the council want to call in help so that police can focus on what's going on on the streets. it's believed that will be one of the focuses of the meetings with the task force. the chief is expected to come out with others and let the media know what they discovered. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you.
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6:02. in the midst of escalating violence and political turmoil san jose's police chief is getting support from a key ally. joseph mcnamara is coming to chief moore's defense. he ran the department 20 years ago. he survived a vote of no confidence and is now considered one of the best chiefs in the department's history. mcnamara says it bothers him to see moore go through something similar. he insists moore's officers should not blame him for the police crisis. >> privately i can tell you he feels that these cuts have been disastrous for the police department, but it's not up to him. it's up to the people that get elected to decide how many cops there are. >> he also gave his opinion about the idea of bringing in the chp to help patrol the city. he said it's not a solution, but a distraction. >> a teenage driver accused of killing a concord man and his daughter will be a18ed in juvenile court.
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david rosen is charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter in the death of solaiman nuri and his 9-year-old daughter hadessa. it happened in april. police say rosen was speeding when he swerved his escalade and struck nuri and his two daughters who were riding bikes. 12-year-old hannah nuri suffered minor injuries. the familyç wants rosen who wa 17 and uninsured at the time of the accident, to be charged as an adult. >> just in this morning, the man behind last year's deadly bombing and shooting in norway will spendç the next ten years behind bars. a norwegian court sentenced anders breivik to 10 years to life in prison. after nearly ten weeks of testimony the court determined he is sane enough to be sentenced for the massacre that killed 77 people last year. the self-described anti-muslim militant says he carried out the attacks in self defense to protect norway from being taken over by muslims. >> lance armstrong will be
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stripped of all of his tour de france titles, making it clear, though, he's not admitting guilt. but late thursday he said he would no longer fight the doping charges levied by the anti-doping agency. armstrong's decision means he will be stripped of his seven tour de france titles and other titles and earnings and be banned from cycling for life. it's possible the cycling union could appeal on his behalf. armstrong continues to point out he never tested positive for the drugs. he says he wants to devote more time to his family and his live strong foundation. >> a lawsuit has been filed against the 49ers, the nfl and security at candle stick park. it comes after a beating and a shooting at a preseason game last summer. two men, one beaten, the other shot, are suing claiming the league and security did not do their part to keep fans safe. >> police need help finding a
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man sexually assaulting a woman. police released this sketch last night. investigators say they found his baseball hat near the crime scene but no sign of him. the attack happened at kottinger park. the victim said she noticed someone following her and tried to get away. she was attacked and robbed. neighbors around the park are worried. >> this is a family oriented area. there are all of these kids out playing. this is a safe place that everyone feels they can go. it surprises me that would happen here. >> a look at the suspect f. you know any information call pleasanton police. >> in hopes of avoiding a pipe line accident like the san bruno explosion, sacramento lawmakers are moving to ease regulations on utilities. a bill proposed by democratic assembly woman passed yesterday. if it passes the senate new law would reduce the amount of environmental review pipeline projects would have to undergo. toç do that certain sections o
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pipeline would be exempt from the environmental quality act. >> the fire burning in northern california has destroyed more than 80 homes and structures, continuesç to threaten -- the fire continues to threaten 1,000 other structures. so called ponderosa fire was sparked by lightning, it's charred 44 square miles of rugged dense forest. crews say it's 60% contained. it's one of several wild fires burning across the state. >> yosemite rangers found the body of a 6-year-old boy who was september away in the merced river a week ago. the body of jacob adams discovered about 50 yards down from the foot bridge. the boys were wading in the river when they were swept downstream. andy's body was pulled from the river later that day. the southern california family had been hiking with a church group when they stopped to try
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to cool off in the river. >> 6:08. travelers heading to tampa for the republican convention having plans disrupted by tropical storm isaac. it's putting the damper on caribbean vacations. if you are traveling in hurricane season, it's a good idea to get travel insurance. >> maybe 2% to 3% the cost of your trip, that's how much it costs to get a policy. that would cover you for needing to cancel because of weather specific reasons. >> travel industry insiders suggest calling your airline and your hotel or resort to find out their hurricane policies before booking. >> one to watch. closer to home our forecast for today here is meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. to add to that, the peak of the hurricane season, that runs from mid august to late october so keep that in mind as you make your travel plans. to the east coast, the southeast, 6:08, taking a live
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look, san francisco mostly cloudy conditions, we expect clouds to low tear the surface. we'll show you those pictures. let's take you high above the clouds now. san bruno. after we get through this thick cloud bank, abundant sunshine over the greater bay area. we're getting a nice start in san jose where it's almost completely clear. 55 in san jose. 53 in san francisco. and 54 degrees in novato. thick fog forced flight delays yesterday. that was the case so far this week. as we head throughout the day we think that will be the case. everything looks like it's on time. we stop the clock at noon, starting to get a break from the low clouds, mostly clear over the greater bay area. we set this in motionç and we have clouds hugging the coast with the westerly flow that's going to carry in that comfortable ac into the inland valleys, as we head throughout the day and that keeps temperatures from soaring.
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86 in livermore, 74 in oakland and around 63 in san francisco today. your full forecast, coming up in a few moments. we want to help you make those plans. it will be nice. but first, let's get to you work. 6:10 on a good note here's mike. >> first you got to get through the work day, then the weekend. we're looking to the maze. and first the approach and then the toll plaza. no metering lights and no problems for the approach including the bottom of the screen. east bay no problems. the north bay heading over on the richmond bridge. a smooth drive, for the speed has to san rafael. southbound 101 is your commute direction. looking toward sears point. all weekend over at the raceway there will be activities and so between vallejo and novato, highway 37 will be packed. fog affecting 101 but the speeds showing a good flow for the two lanes in each direction.
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from the north bay to the south bay we look at 101 here. volume continues to build. speeds close to 50 and 55 as you travel from 680 up to 880. >> thanks. 6:11. petaluma's baseball stars will play at the little league world series tomorrow d. you see this last night so this grand slam gave petaluma a 5-0 lead in the first inning and our boys never looked back. umpires called the game in the fifth because of the mercy rule. mercy, mercy. petaluma wins, 11-1. there was joy all over and there continues to be joy this morning all over petaluma. fans packing bars and a theater where the game was aired. >> go all the way. they call it nascar on the bay. today we're going to find out why. up next, we're live from america's cup world series.
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>> 6:14. if you are just waking up with us a quick check of the day's top stories. about 30 minutes ago residents in a san francisco apartment building were given the all clear and let back into their building. the bomb squad was called in to the tenderloin for suspicious package found early this morning. >> the teenageç driver accusedf hitting and killing a man and his daughter in concord will be in court. the 17-year-old is being charged as a juvenile for vehicular manslaughter. police say he was speeding when
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heç serve swerved his suv. >> chris moore will meet with the task force to discuss a spike in violence. this as another man was shot and killed in east san jose marking the city's 33rd homicide this year. >> 6:15 now. america's cup world series race continues in san francisco. but it's not all about the competition. >> bob redell is live with how the race is happening to turn the waters green. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yes, in green in a good way. we don't mean like with algae of course. good morning to you. we're talking green in the environmental sense. america's cup teamed up with the healthy oceans project and they have got a different advisers trying to help and brian baird is one of those. what is the healthy oceans project about? good morning to you, by the way. >> it started internationally and is basically the america's cup wanted to do something for
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the ocean. they wanted to give back to the ocean because this is their stage, where they do their races so what they did, talked to international ocean experted and said let's do three things, support marine protected areas these areas off the coast designate forward protection, try to restrict fishing and that sort of thing. they said let's try to promote sustainable seafood caught in ocean friendly ways. so that seafood is caught in ways that don't hurt the ocean and try to keep trash and plastics out of the ocean. because this is very detrimental to what happens here in san francisco bay, but also as many of you heard some of that trash and plastic goes out into the great pacific. >> past the golden gate. that goes back to the first point, this project is trying to designate 100 square miles off the golden gate a marine sanctuary, and my first impression was boy, i thought that was the case. >> well, one of the things we're doing the aquarium is leading a group to try to prioritize
6:17 am
things. one of the things proposed is expansion of the natural marine sanctuary off the golden gate. 100 square miles of some of the most spectacular ocean area along this stretch of coast. there's seven gill sharks, harbor porpoises, it's spectacular, it's worthy of protection and america's cup is making the commitment to support that. >> brian, thank you very much. nice seeing you out here thisç morning. we're actually just on marina green where america's cup village is, you can see the 11 sail boats that will race later today at 2:00 off the shore. so america's cupç world series competition resumes today at 2:00 with both match and fleet racing. we'll have a recap in about a half hour. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> you can also see alcatraz. it's gray skies this morning. >> you know what, we told you that would be the case but it's the natural cooling that's going
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to keep us comfortable through this afternoon inland, good morning to you. the low clouds, they span all the way from the coastline, they are filling in all of your inland valleys out to the tri-valley, most of the cloudy start. we want to take you as high as we possibly could to start you out on a friday morning. this atop san bruno mountain to show you what we all get. that's full on sunshine. at least four or five hours of full sunshine in the city of san francisco later today. and because of that cloudy start, that nice comfortable ac, turned on by mother nature our temperatures will not soar. they are going to be comfortable. this is san jose, beautiful here as well. you can see santa cruz mountains off in the distance. so it works like this. 56 in fairfield, 55 to start in livermore. it's crisp out there, you probably were able to give your ac a break. over the course of this week, cool conditions persist. moderate on shore flow. as the jet stream hufrers to the north. that's going to make temperatures feel like they do in august.
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but it's also going to keep them from soaring, that means mostly cloudy mornings and a comfortable sea breeze each afternoon. today we're still going to see winds strong enough making for very interesting action out there on the san francisco bay where the best mariners in the entire world, the fastest boats will be taking on the race yet again so. 65 at 2:00. it's going to be warmer on the water than in the city of san francisco. 67 degrees out there at 4:00 p.m. and the winds increasing as we head throughout the day. if you have not been to our website has everything you need to know at your immediate access when it comes to the america's cup world series, live shows, all the best highlights so far. 78 degrees in san jose today. you can catch that action on nbc starting at 11:00 on sunday. 87 by monday. when we peak on wednesday, 91
6:20 am
degrees. taking you back toç the 80s thursday through the weekend as we head through next week. so really, no major changes there. let's see if the roads are changing out there. mike is all over it. >> ever so subtly they change. friday, a later moreç gentle commute kicks in and hits you about 8:15. we're looking at altamont pass, in the lower 50s, upper 40s. as you pass through livermore a more widespread slowing, upper 50s over to the dublin interchange. things are bogging down. 680 south through sunol not a problem, also 880 down through fremont and a smooth drive into the south bay. starting to pick up, 101 north of 680 toward the airport is where we're seeing the biggest slowdown. the rest of the south bay, the northbound routes are not a major issue. this yellow stretch, thirngs are getting more crowded. palo alto action well that has el camino but we're looking at 101 along side that and a smooth
6:21 am
drive. the speeds don't drop. the bay bridge toll plaza we have a fair number of cars, the cash lanes where you are waiting. back to you. >> wait till you see this, mike. mitt romney may agree with president obama more than he realizes. >> romney is saying similar things on the stump. >> good morning. let me set this up with history. the the republican party has given president obama a lot of grief about a single line the president said earlier this spring. here's the president. >> as i said we created 4.3 million jobs over the last 27 months, over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector's doing fine. >> mr. obama was trying to say when you carve up the numbers in the unemployment trait private sector is actually growing but government jobs declining. that's why the job market as remained depressed. the republicans were quick to
6:22 am
jump on this sound bite. here is paul ryan on wednesday. >> president obama said that the private sector is doing just fine. this is the obama imaginary recovery. >> here's the problem. republicans may have problems making hay with that line in the future because just yesterday in a stump speech in minnesota, governor romney said, quote, i'm going to champion small business, we've got to make it easier for small businesses, big business is doing fine in many places. almost exactly the president's line. romneyç went on to say they ha overseas tax havens. taken out of context it will be a tough soundbite to defend. the bottom line, they areç bot right. >> speaking the same language. >> thank you so much. >> a high school in texas unveiled its new football stadium. you have to see this.
6:23 am
it's clear they take their game seriously. >> it's amazing, really. this is the all new stadium for the allen high high school. it's a high school north of dallas. it's an 18,000-seat venue opened up with a big pep rally. high definition scoreboard, luxury boxes for the boosters and a three-floor press box. look at that. what do you think the price tag is? >> $60 million. the stadium was fund bid a bond package that voters approved three years ago. so they love their high school football. >> we had the dirt track and wooden bleachers. >> there you go. >> coming up, landing on far okay, here's the plan.
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>> this morning nasa is showing us video of the curiosity rover landing on mars. >> touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. >> you can hear the jubilation. that was nasa's control room, touching down on mars, nasa released the raw footage of the august 5th landing complete with play by play. you can see the rover dropping
6:27 am
150 meters per second. the video shows the last 2 1/2 minutes before curiosity lands on mars. you can find the complete video on nasa's website. >> request 6 clpolice investiga deadly shooting. how they plan to deal with the increase in violence.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>> reporter: a violent night on streets of san jose. another man shot and killed. in a couple of hours the police chief is meeting with a gang task force to talk strategy to deal with the spike in violence. i'll tell you what's expected coming up. >> san francisco neighborhood in the clear this morning. following a bomb scare. what police found beneath an apartment building. >> it's an experience many describe as serene but it's not always the case. a look into hot air balloon
6:30 am
travel and the safety of the sport. >> and are they ringing it? they are ringing it on wall street you can listen in on this friday, august 24th, this is "today in the bay."ç >> good morning to you on this friday. it's 6:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a developing story in san francisco where police have given the all clear to re-enter an apart was building"á evacuated because of a suspicious device. the building is on the 600 block of jones street near o'farrell and geary. it was evacuated for a few hours after suspicious items were found in the basement. 75 people woken up, forced out on the street while officers went in to look for what was there. the bomb squad was called i det
6:31 am
may have been hazardous. >> there were sections of pipe cut and capped and contain add substance but the bomb squad working with the fire department's hazmat team determined that the contents were not explosive and not hazardous. >> now all of the surrounding streets have also been reopened. >> 6:31. often ranked one of the country's safest big cities, san jose now dealing with its 33rd homicide of this year. this morning the police chief will meet with the gang task force in response to the recent rash of violence. christie smith joins us live with details of the meeting and what is expected to come out of it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is a press conference scheduled for 9:00 after the chief meets with a number of people including the mayor. they are going to talk about strategies to deal with the sudden spike in violence in san jose and unfortunately it comes as the city's homicide rate just
6:32 am
rose by one because of a deadly shooting last night around 11:00 at south king road near tully road. the victim believed to be an 18-year-old san jose man. police don't know if it was gang related. the shooting happened hours after residents and politicians marched through the streets of east san jose saying eight homicides in 11 days is horrible. it's too much. and some believe the police department is too understaffed to really keep the streets safe. >> consider taking help from either the state or the chp or other agencies when they offer. >> reporter: the expectation is that police staffing may be the focus of the meeting but chief moore is expected to brief the media after the meeting. talk about how police plan to deal with this surge in violence. reporting live,ç christie smit "today in the bay." >> 6:32. the family of a man killed in a
6:33 am
san jose safeway store tells us the attack was totally random. the suspect seen here, 27-year-old michaelápu& howard, remains behind bars. police arrested him wednesday night in connection with the supermarket stabbing on tuesday. the victim was 24-year-old juan mun munoz, a junior at san jose state. he stopped at the safeway and was killed. police ruled out gang activity. the suspect was supposed to be in court yesterday on an unrelated charge. that hearing has been put on hold. again, police chief chris moore will be meeting with the gang task force this morning and following that meeting a news conference is scheduled. we'll continue to follow the story. we'll bring you the latest at heaven clock. also tonight at 5, 6 and 11:00. >> we're bringing you breaking news out of new york city this morning where we are told that multiple people have been shot on the 33rd floor of the empire
6:34 am
state building this morning. these are aerial views ever the ground. you see that police have completely cordoned off that intersection near the empire state building. let's see, it's about 9:30 in the morning new york time so no doubt people that are going up to the observation deck, no doubt have been stopped that the time and multiple police on the street. we see a lot of people on the ground as well this morning. a shooting at the empire state building in new york city this morning, what we know so far is that melt pell people have been shot. we don't know the conditions of the victims so far this morning. or if the gunman has been captured or if there could be possible multiple people involved in this. but one we're certainly watching this morning, shooting at the empire state building. those are live pictures. 6:34 now. turning to decision 2012. mitt romney may get the official republican nomination for president sooner than expected
6:35 am
at next week's convention, delegates will begin the roll call vote on monday to officially nominate romney. officials say the process will begin earlier than usual in part over concerns for ron paul supporters who remain staunch and vocal advocates for the texas libertarian. >> u.s. capital police looking into a threat against congressman todd akin, the missouri senate candidate taking criticism for comments he made about rape overç the weekend. police are not giving details but say there is an active investigation under way. >> 6:35. the apple and samsung court bat sl a draw in south korea. late yesterday south korean courtç ruled the two largest smart phone makers inkpring fringed on each other's patents. the court ordered a ban on the sale of some of apples and some of samsung devices in south korea. the suit is part of a global multi-billion-dollar fight between the two companies
6:36 am
including here in san jose where a decision is expected soon. >> right now i think we want to check in with christina loren to look at the weekend forecast. >> hey, good morning to you ladies. we've got a great looking day shaping up. temperatures are comfortable to start but the sunrise shots coming into our newsroom are absolutely breath taking this morning. this is high atop san bruno mountain looking down over the thick clouds that are forcing flight delays out of sfo, making this the fifth day of delays. let's show you san jose this morning. san jose is clear to start. temperatures are at about 55 degrees. 55 in livermore and 53 in san francisco. a lot of people in town for the america's cup world series and ladies, lots of sailors in town. temperatures are comfortable. future cast tells the story. we stop the clock at noon. you can see the clouds will be
6:37 am
over the pacific ocean. however, we'll continuously get that westerly flow off the pacific as we head throughout the day. and that means that cool ocean air will keep us comfortable all day long as the fog hugs the coastline. we get some picturesque conditions. so it works like this. 78 degrees at noon inland, about 86 degrees in the heat of the day, even in the warmest cities across the bay. we're talking mid-80s. low 80s into the weekend. we want to talk about your weekend forecast. it's coming up a couple minutes away. let's check your morning drive. >>good morning. not a lot of major drama, no major reports on chp but they are talking about this t debris or road hazard for 101 right around marsh. you may get a traffic break as chp heads throughout so may be slowing. allow extra minutes but we'll track that so hold on there. next weekend they are closing the dumbarton bridge next friday
6:38 am
at 10:00 p.m., until tuesday at 5:00 a.m. that bridge will be chosed. your alternates the san mateo bridge which gets a smooth drive now, here are the headlights off the peninsula side. the bay bridge t east-westç connector, that's showing some backup. the metering lights turned on now and this is a bit of a backup in the fast track lanes. it's 6:38. so friday slate what happens here. >> it is peak season now to go hot air ballooning and thousands will decide go up for a ride. now safe is it? and how is it regulated. alise kircher looks as the possibility. >> we discover that accidents are rare but when they happen they can be deadly. there is a common cause for many of those incidents.
6:39 am
with the setting, napa and sonoma counties are hot destinations. >> this is a mecca. >> scott says accidents do happen especially with the high number of flights. he made an emergency landing that injured 15 passengers. he blames an abnormal weather shift that caused him to land in 30 miles per hour wind gusts. >> those are situations that are pretty extreme. >> you like to err on the side of safety. >> we found that wind was the cause or contributing factor in more than half of all incidents in california investigated by the ntsb. pilot error or bad judgment was the other reason things went wrong. >> we have a saying that i'd rather be on the ground wishing i was up in the air than being up in the air wishing i was on the ground. >> moyer says balloon pilots are tested every two years.
6:40 am
and their equipment inspected every 100 hours of flight time. >> the sport operates under the federal aviation regulation that sets forth where we can fly in some instances under what circumstances in terms of visibility weather et cetera. >> according to the national transportation board since 1964 nearly 1,000 have been injured hot air ballooning. we look at accidents and talk with a woman who nearly died when the balloon she was in rammed into a power line. tonight at 11:00. >> we continue to follow breaking newsç out of new york city where we understand the gunman has been killed. this after opening fire on multiple people. this is 34th andç 54th street new york city this morning. where you see police gathering on the ground. there was a shooting at the empire state building.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> we continue to follow the breaking news out of new york city. giving you a live look here any minute of the scene that is under way at the empire state building just outside that building, 34th street and fifth avenue, new york city officials say several people have been shot right outside the empire state building. the gunman is reported to be dead. police say three to four civilians have been hurt in this
6:44 am
morning shooting called in to firefighters just after 9:00 a.m. local time. >> we'll have more on this developing story when we come back. nice for your car.s do somg chevron with techron. care for your car.
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6:46 am
>> lance armstrong will be stripped of all of his tour de france titles. armstrong making it clear he is not admitting guilt. late thursday night he announced enough is enough and said he would no longer fight the doping charges levied by the u.s. anti-doping agency. in the past hour espn is reporting that the agency has ten of his former teammates ready and willing to testify against armstrong. armstrong's decision means he will be stripped of his seven
6:47 am
tour de france titles and all titles and earnings and be banned from cycling for life. it's possible the international cycling union could appeal on his behalf. armstrong continues to point out he never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. he just wants to devote more time to family and his live strong foundation. >> just in this morning the man behind last year's bombing and shooting in norway will spend the next ten years behind bars. a court has sentenced anders breivik to ten years to life in prison after nearly ten weeks of testimony, the court determined that he is sane enough to be sentenced for the massacre that killed 77 people last year. the self-described anti-muslim militant says he carried out the attacks in self defense to protect norway from being taken over by muslims. >> amazing video of a bus crashing into a house after the
6:48 am
driver lost control. six different cameras captured different angles. take a look as the driver tries to gain control before smashing through the front of the home on monday. the taxi driver who lived there hadç just parked his car out front. now the car and the house are damaged beyond repair. the passengers on the bus were not hurt. investigators say they are still not sure whatç caused that cra. >> that is amazing to watch. all those angles. >> watching the skies for us and the weekend forecast. >> you know it's looking good, it really is looking great. not just at the coast. i think everywhere you'll be comfortable as we head through august and traditionally we could be very, very hot this time of year. i want to show you that natural coolant coming in full force, all of the fog, low cloud cover is going to keep things comfortable even in the extreme east bay where we're only
6:49 am
expecting mid-80s so not too shabby. san jose, we're getting spoiled down here in the south bay with 78 degrees in the forecast. looks like someone paint add picture for us. marine layer is at about 2,000 feet and it's getting compressed by high pressure forcing it to the surface. you might find pockets of fog along the coast and we have flight delays out of sfo. 54 degrees to start. crisp in novato at 48 a cool start in santa rosa and that's courtesy of an area of low pressure which is going to dive to the south for us today. high pressure is in control. the ushers in the strong flow. that is what is going to pump through the bay area as we head throughout the day. the cool ocean air. on shore flow mostly cloudy morning saturday and sunday. slowly but surely the sun will come out and temperatures comfortable with a sea breeze in the afternoon. 63 in san francisco today. around 77 degrees in redwood
6:50 am
city. throughout the weekend, really no significant change to tell you about. we are going to warm up as we head through tuesday and wednesday next week. not by much. even when we peak on wednesday only talking about the low 90s. what i can tell you is a lot of kids start school on monday. a lot of kids back to it. mike, that makes for a rougher drive for some people. how does it look? >> so far it's a typical friday later for the build kicking in. san mateo county, watch the peninsula schools. out of half moon bay, police sent out a notice that kids start up there so keep that in mind. we're looking at 880, there was a stall, a breakdown, that has cleared from the roadway. mild slowing past the scene and it should continue with a gradual build up toç the toll plaza. where the metering lights are on. speeds down in toward the 50s getting down to 55 and 50 through berkeley. up to the south bay, looking at
6:51 am
101 from about story all the way up past the airport. bogging down north of 880. and 85 at the bottom starting to show slowing as well. 280 holds steady but that will kick into downtown. then toward 880 over the next half hour. speaking of 880, a look at that and see how things are shaping up. northbound, not a problem. southbound here is the truck scales toward mission starting to see a build. south of the dumbarton bridge some slowing. palo alto easy drive along the peninsula for 101, more company there too. back to you. >> two types of racing on the bay. the america's cup world series continues in san francisco today. today in the bay's bob redell is live at marina green with the latest on the race. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. looking at the flags there at the yacht club. it could be a good day for sail boat racing. yes, we are on marina green where just offshore, as you look to the right you can see all 11
6:52 am
of the ac-45 catamarans, ready to go for what will be day three of the america's cup world series competition. you just saw the two american teams right there. there are two types of racing taking place here on the bay. you've got fleet racing where all 11 teams from the eight countries compete at once. what makes that challenging is you've got so many crafts trying to outmaneuver each other in a tight course. it's only about a mile long, as much as a half mile, maybe a third of a mile wide. then this's match racing which today there are going to be the quarterfinals. it's two teams sailing head to head, similar to a dog fight between two planes. >> how fast they go doesn't matter. it's about beating the other guy. >> it's not obvious what to do and it changes all the time. currents, the wind, the fog. it's just a really cool and
6:53 am
greats for the spectators. >> we're happy a. good result. good racing. about where i expected. >> reporter: that was sir russell. there is racing today andç tomorrow. both days at 2:00. sunday starts around 12:30. tv coverage between 11:30 and 1:00 on sunday. i'll be here on nbc bay area. and oo on the top part of our website, look for the america's cup hink there. that's on reporting live, in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 6:53. the teenage driver accused of killing a concord man and his daughter will be arraigned in court. david rosen is charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter in the death of 41-year-old solaiman nuri and his daughter hadessa. this happened april.
6:54 am
police say rosen was speeding when he hit nuri and his two daughters. 12-year-old hannah nuri suffered minor injuries. the family wants rosen who was 17 and uninsured at the time to be charged as an adult. >> 6:54. san jose chief chris moore will hold a meeting with the gang task force to talk about options to deal with a rash of violence. christie smith has more on the meeting. >> reporter: the press conference is expected around 9:00 at city hall after the police chief meets with the gang task force. the mayer, members of the council and the district attorney talking strategy to deal with the surge in violence. unfortunately it comes as the city's homicide rate just went up by one because of a deadly shooting before 11:00 last night it at south king road near tully road. the victim believed to be an
6:55 am
18-year-old man so. far no arrests and police don't know if the shooting was gang related. hours earlier hundreds of people marched through the street of san jose, eight people have been killed in the last 11 days and they are calling for peace. police have announced arrests in two killings. with the department short staffed some want to call in help for police can focus on the streets, and it's believed that could be the focus of that meeting this morning. in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> let's talk good news. in fact, we're going to the opposite route live to new york city where we're following this developing story. several people we hear as many as eight shot outside the empire state building. this is 34th p the scene, barricades in place. the call came in 9:00 a.m. local time, the shooter has been reported to be shot and killed
6:56 am
himself. so again, at leastç as many as five to sit people shot. we're getting different reports throughout the morning. we'll continue to follow the story. the gunman has been killed. >> now let's talk much better news. petaluma's baseball stars will play in the u.s. championship game at the little league world series tomorrow. this grand slam seen right here, boom, gave petaluma a 5-0 lead in the first inning and the boys never looked back. umpires called the game in the fifth inning because of the mercy rule, petaluma wins 11-1. and there was joy all over p petalu petaluma. 6:56. my favorite time of the morning. gadget friday. scott, what's going on? >> we have something called augmented reality for you. you can look at our dummy, and i mean that in the nicest way. here he s. if we get a tighter
6:57 am
shot of him we'll put this ipad up in front of him. and you will see as i owy there we go, taking the ipad live. isn't that cool. it makes your shirt turn into an animation. we have a video of the hat. let me show it. here is the founder putting on the hat. you put an ipad or iphone in from the hat becomes a mask. the shirts are at macy's and places hike that. you need an apple or android with a camera to do this. the hats available by christmas. the hats are extraordinary. you have not seen the hats before. these are brand new. >> you need a buy the app? >> the app is free, you have to buy the hat or the shirt and those are regular t-shirts with a special pattern on them. then the app. >> so here's my question. what if we wore one and someone at home had an ipad?
6:58 am
>> if you would wear that hat when it comes out, would you, that would be awesome. i know ladies and their hair. maybe i should have asked. >> how interesting what that could do for advertising in the future. >> you said halloween. >> exactly. right around the corner. jast with meteorologist christina loren. looking pretty good. >> looking good, i think you'll like that as well, ladies. good morning. it's friday, 78 degrees at noon inland. up to 86 at 4:00 p.m. in ç livermore, san jose, you'll hit a high of 78 degrees. 74 in oakland, and 63 degrees at the coast today in place likes half moon bay and downtown san francisco. the giants back at it tonight. at&t park, starting at 7:15. catch all of the action on our sister station, comcast sports net bay area. they won last night. they have four in a row, back-to-back wins. hopefully taking home another tonight after sweeping those
6:59 am
dodgers. let's check your drive. 6:58. here is mike inouye. >> i'm getting my groove on. a lot of traffic going on. the raceway activities, so expect slowing for 37 between vallejo. we have slowing at the toll plaza. i do want to mention that america's cup continuing all weekend. embarcadero going to be crowded. take mass transit if you can. enjoy the day. now the toll plaza, we're enjoying this as well. a live look outside, we'll show you there is a light volume though the metering lites orin. back to you. >> thank you. >> before we leave we want to epdate you on the breaking news. >> in new york several people were shot, two we understand have been killed including the gunman after he opened fire outside the empire state building. the shooter has been killed. fire department spokesperson says it received a call about


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