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tv   Today  NBC  August 25, 2012 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. tropical storm isaac lashing haiti this morning, where thousands still live outside years after the devastating earthquake. now the state of florida faces new hurricane watches and warnings this morning. will the storm impact the republican national convention? deadly confrontation. newly released surveillance video captures the moment when police gunned down the man who shot a co-worker to death outside the empire state building, as new information emerges about the shooter and the feud that led to murder. and overexposed? if you think you've seen enough of prince harry in the buff already, hang on, there may be more photos, even video on the way today, saturday, august 25th, 2012.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and good morning. i'm tamron hall. certainly, all eyes, lester, are on isaac this morning as it rolls across haiti and heads towards cuba. >> and right now, that storm's packing top winds of about 70 miles per hour, just below hurricane strength. regardless, it could be devastating for the thousands who still live with virtually no shelter two years after that earthquake that flattened so many structures in haiti, and now parts of florida, as you know, are under hurricane watches and warnings. we've got complete, live coverage in just a moment, including whether the storm will have any impact on the republican national convention, about to convene in tampa. >> yeah, unbelievable. then, a huge legal victory for apple. a jury ruled that samsung must pay the maker of iphones more than $1 billion, finding that
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the company copied the design of its popular phone. coming up what it means for you. also ahead, the raging controversy over the upcoming book that details what happened when the navy s.e.a.l.s took out osama bin laden. is the former navy s.e.a.l. who wrote it breaking a bond with his brothers in arms and maybe even breaking the law? we'll ask another former s.e.a.l. who knows him. but let's begin with tropical storm isaac. nbc's mark potter is in port-au-prince with the very latest. mark, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you, tamron. it's still raining here in port-au-prince, but it's much calmer than it was last night, as tropical storm isaac crossed the southwest peninsula here many miles from here. there was still fairly strong, gusting winds here and rain in the capital city. this morning, when the sun comes up, workers will be out assessing the damage, and what they're expecting to find in that southwest area known as the southern claw, is extensive flooding in cities there such as
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jacmel. the biggest concern throughout the country, though, is for the some 400,000 people still living in tents after the earthquake 2 1/2 years ago. yesterday, aid workers went through some of the camps trying to locate the most vulnerable people, the sick, elderly, pregnant women, moving them into schools and into buildings, moving as many people as they could find. there is also a fear that people living along the mountainside in shanty towns could fall victim to mud slides and flash flooding. and as the sun comes up and people get out and take a look, we'll know more about how all the people out there fared. tamron? >> all right, mark potter, thank you very much. now here's lester. >> isaac has next set its sights on cuba. the weather channel's mike seidel is in varadero, cuba. mike, how's it looking there? >> reporter: hey, lester. not looking too bad. we're east of havana, north of the keys. we have waves this morning, wind and rain, but nothing like we're going to see, especially across
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the eastern provinces, where they're under a tropical storm warning this morning. already some minor evacuations of the low-lying, precarious areas like fishing villages around guantanamo and santiago, cuba, where they'll get the storm first. right now the center of isaac is about 130 miles southeast of guantanamo. it will come across the country tonight and tomorrow. maybe as much as of foot of rain and the reservoirs in central cuba are flooding over 80%, so their concern there with too much rain and flooding from the reservoirs in the eastern part of the state, some of the reservoirs aren't even half full, so they can take the rainwater. still, there's going to be some flash flooding, and with wind gusts 50, maybe 60 miles an hour, there will be some power outages, and we just heard that one of the two main airports, havana and sanitiago de cuba, they have suspended all flights with isaac approaching. lester? >> thanks. >> so, where is it headed after santiago?
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bill karins has more. >> the biggest headline from isaac through the opening period is that it's taking the path of least resistance. let me explain. it's going right in between cuba and haiti, mostly over the water areas. this means it has a chance to stay stronger, and it's much more likely now that florida's going to have to deal with a hurricane isaac instead of a tropical storm. right now we're watching it about 650 miles southeast of miami, florida, raining hard in the keys in miami this morning. that's not directly related to isaac. the winds are at 60 miles per hour. it should become a hurricane in about 36 hours. that would be some time either sunday afternoon or sunday evening. for that reason, we have hurricane warnings that pretty much go from key west now to extreme south florida, all the way up south of ft. myers. miami, by the way, under a tropical storm warning. this is a huge storm sizewise, so we'll probably see the warnings all the way up the east coast of florida, even though the storm is going into the western portions of the gulf of mexico. so, here's the path. this is what everyone's been staring at the last couple of days. we'll take it quickly with the weather going downhill in south
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florida. your preparation time for south florida is today. tomorrow you're not going to want to be outside. for tampa, you have today and probably the first half of tomorrow to prepare. then the storm should be off the coast with bands of rain, possibly tornadoes in central florida with landfall around panama city, florida, somewhere in north florida. everyone wants to know, at what intensity could we be dealing with? best bet now is category 1, according to the hurricane center, but a category 2 is not out of the question. back to you. >> busy over the next couple days in the weather center. thank you very much. time for the rest of the morning's headlines. tom llamas at the news desk. good morning. good morning, lester and tamron, and good morning, everyone. police say six of the nine people wounded in friday's shootings outside the empire state building have been treated and released. nbc's michelle franzen is live now with the very latest. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, tom. this is the scene of two deadly shootings that took place right near the iconic and famous empire state building yesterday. the first, police say, is when lone suspected gunman jeffrey
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johnson returned to an apparel business that he was laid off from, from nearly more than a year ago, to confront and kill a former co-worker of his. nypd released surveillance video last night of what happens next, showing johnson walking up a busy fifth avenue when he is confronted by officers, he pulls out a gun and officers open fire. that set off chaotic moments in an area packed with tourists and pedestrians. in all, nine bystanders, innocent bystanders, were grazed and sustained minor gun wounds, and some of them by police bullets themselves. investigators now will be looking into what possibly caused johnson to turn violent. one of the things they're looking at is his background as well as the ongoing feud he had with his former co-worker. >> michelle franzen live from midtown manhattan. michelle, thank you. four months before the shooting rampage at a colorado movie theater, the accused shooter allegedly told a classmate he wanted to kill people. prosecutors made that allegation
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friday as they tried to get access to the records of james holmes at the university of colorado in denver. two u.s. government employees were wounded friday when they were fired on by mexican federal police south of mexico city. the workers are police instructors and their u.s. embassy suv had apparently been mistaken for a kidnapper's vehicle. this is a sad one. a young bride dressed in her wedding gown plunged 60 feet to her death while posing for photographs on top of a waterfall in canada. police say the 30-year-old woman flipped from a rock friday and fell into dorwin falls north of montreal. the woman, who had been married in june, wanted extra photos taken for her for her wedding album. back in the states, for the second day in a row, minnesota state fair-goers were stranded about 100 feet in the air when a new ride malfunctioned. about 24 people were on the ride friday when it stopped in midair for about 40 minutes. they all got down safely, but inspectors have closed the 180-foot-tall stratosphere swing ride while they try to determine
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what exactly went wrong. that's the news. now back to tamron, lester and bill. you want to hang out at the state fair, but obviously not like that. >> i want to hang out with corn dogs, not like that! >> on the ground. >> right, feet on the ground. good thing they closed it to figure out what went wrong. bill karins is back with the national forecast. we'll be talking politics, but what's the story with tampa and the rnc? are they going to have any problems? >> i think they will. no matter what, they'll be dealing with tropical storm conditions probably sunday night and probably all day monday with the weather improving there on tuesday. if you're in tampa, prepare as if a hurricane's coming, because you're still in the cone of uncertainty. so, a lot of concerns all the way through florida, including the convention in tampa throughout the next couple days. already this heavy rain moving through south florida. again, not directly associated with the approaching storm, but it's not going to help matters, drenching the ground already. as far as the middle of the country goes, you want the rain and you're getting it today. oklahoma, congratulations, finally a setup with some showers and thunderstorms to help alleviate some of the drought conditions, and all the way back through missouri, the same for you.
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kind of rainy and groomy along the virginia, delaware coastlines over the next few days, low pressure hanging out there. but of course, all eyes will be on florida and eventually north florida and the southeast in the we have quite eight bit of fog and low clouds which hints at a strong sea breeze, which is good news for the america's cup world series. air temperatures in the upper 50s, misty skies around lunchtime. our temperatures hour by hour around the bay area, steady sea breeze keeping inland numbers mostly in the 70s, very briefly near 80, around livermore and pleasanton. a cool weekend ahead for this time of year. back to the work week, temperatures climbing into inland valleys, back into mid and upper 80s by midweek. i'll continue with the isaac updates throughout the show. lester? >> all right, bill. we turn to politics now. with two days to go before the republican convention in tampa, mitt romney has stirred up a new controversy. nbc's peter alexander is traveling with the romney campaign. he's in powell, ohio, this
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morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you. this is the first joint appearance here in the critical battleground state of ohio for mitt romney and paul ryan, but it was in romney's boyhood home state of michigan where yesterday he caused a big stir, a storm around the campaign right now, making a comment that reignited a long-settled issue about the president's birthplace. take a listen. >> i love being home in this place where ann and i were raised, where both of us were born. ann was born in ford hospital, i was born at harper hospital. no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know that this is the place that we were born and raised. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: obviously, the birther issue is a highly charged issue in the obama campaign quickly pounce ede this, saying that any rational voter in america can't support a guy who would "directly enlist himself into the birther
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movement." the republican national committee chairman reince priebus said this was simply a distraction. and late yesterday, we heard from mitt romney himself in an interview on network television, saying that this was intended as a joke. it was not intended as a swipe. he says we've got to have a little humor in a campaign. nonetheless, this took the romney/ryan campaign off their primary message, which is focusing on the economy. that's where they plan to keep their message focused today as they head into next week's convention in tampa. lester? >> peter, speaking of that convention, how is the campaign now preparing to shift their focus to the convention? >> reporter: it's a good question, one of the things they're trying not to focus on is the potential storm that's headed in that direction right now. they are focused again on what they think are the challenges that face them in the days ahead. it's reintroducing or even introducing mitt romney and paul ryan to the american public, telling his personal story. a couple details that have already been revealed as part of the convention with its theme, "a better future." mitt romney even yesterday
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putting an op ed in the "wall street journal" embracing what has been used as a point of contention, been used by the obama campaign against him, that is his experience at bain capital. also, we will hear from some members of the mormon community speaking about their personal experiences with romney. >> peter alexander in ohio this morning, thanks. michael steele is the former chairman of the republican national committee, and karen finney is former communications director for the democratic national committee, both political analysts at msnbc, and i say good morning to both of you and thanks for joining us. >> good morning, lester. >> good morning. >> michael, it's been quite a week for republicans. you've got mitt romney's joke about the birther joke. you've got todd akin's rape comments and now you've got a storm barreling toward tampa. if you were running the show in tampa this week, what would your message be to the party faithful? >> my message would be stand firm, stay focused, let's get ready to welcome mitt romney and ann romney to tampa and then send them out with a great deal of enthusiasm for the campaign.
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>> is this going to change the subject in a good way for republicans? >> i think it has the potential to. i mean, look, the storm is going to be the story for the first two hours of the campaign, there's no doubt about that. but i think in terms of message, the romney team's focus will be to get back on message with the economy and jobs. and i think, you know, with the maneuvers that they're having in place right now to move up the nomination process to monday to sort of really put romney's empromado in this campaign early so the message there from is consistent i think is a good thing. >> all right, let me turn to you, karen, and going back to romney's comments yesterday where he said no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. he was, in his words, making a joke. has more been made of this than should or what are your thoughts? >> no, it's not a good joke, and i think mr. romney should be aware. if he's not aware, he should be aware that many americans hear that not as a funny joke but as, again, a reference to what has been i think a very ugly
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controversy since barack obama became president. between that and mr. akin's comments, it reminds american voters of some of the most extreme elements of the republican party heading into their convention, which is really i think the last conversation they want to have as they try to, you know, unify the party and get ready for the fall. >> do you think the republicans will try to deal with that at the convention in some way, soften the blow of those or pretend like none of it happened? >> i think they're going to have to, actually, because i think the challenge is, one of the things we've seen between the ryan budget and mr. akin's comments, it's actually starting to have an impact on down-ballot races. we now know that control of the senate is actually up for, you know, back in the potential democrat column. so again, i think that that actually provides an opportunity for the republicans. we'll see if they take it, to try to recast their party and not just these extreme elements, which is again a lot of what we've been dealing with in washington since 2010. >> michael, you've called this convention romney's etch-a-sketch convention, a
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chance to wipe the slate clean. do you still see it that way? >> i do. and i didn't have a problem with that term was first used because i think that's exactly what this time of the campaign season is all about. it is about a reset. both candidates get to go out there and redefine and recommit their messages to the voters. and so, this is romney's coming out party. it's his opportunity on a national stage where the country is looking and paying attention. those independent voters are coming back from vacation and kids are off to school and they're settling down to decide who they want to be the next president of the united states. this is his moment. i think he'll take advantage of it. and the comment yesterday is just a hiccup on a, you know what, so i don't think it's a problem. >> go ahead, karen. >> no, no, laughing at the joke. >> all right, let me ask you, i want to get your thoughts, both quickly. obama has about a 23% advantage when it comes to likability. in the short time of a convention, can romney begin to move those numbers in his favor? can people get to know him and
5:17 am
get to like him? >> i would say they can, but the challenge that the romney campaign has had over and over and over again is not the initial execution, like the initial execution of the ryan rollout was great. they had a great couple days, but then it dropped off because they weren't prepared. so, the question will be not exactly what happened at the convention, but can they keep those elements of the narrative, those elements they try to tell you about, mr. romney, can they keep that going throughout the rest of the campaign or will it drop off again because the campaign isn't prepared with the ability to keep that going? >> we're out of time, but michael, last word on that question. >> i think karen's right. it's so critical, all this great week of noise and banging and balloons. you've got to have the substance at the end of it and sustain that throughout the rest of the campaign because you're going to need it. the american people are looking for it. >> michael steele, karen finney, always good to have both of you on. thanks very much. >> all right. >> now 17 after the hour. here's tamron. >> thanks, lester. the folks at tech giant apple have big smiles on their faces today. last night, a jury awarded
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samsung to pay apple more than $1 billion in a patent lawsuit, finding that the company had ripped off the design of apple's iphone and ipad. so, what does that mean for you? mario armstrong is "today's" digital lifestyle expert, here with us. mario, good morning. >> good morning, tamron. how are you? >> it's interesting. these numbers. for every iphone sold worldwide, more than three smartphones running android are installed. >> that's right. >> we seem to talk more about the iphone, but nonetheless, those are the numbers. the jury decided that samsung's android smartphones violated apple's patent. what did the jury decide was ripped off? >> they decided really specifically four different things, and it's really the functionality of the phone itself more than actually how it looks. and i think a lot of people are getting caught up in the design and the look of it. it's more about what it can do and how it operates. >> so, for example? >> yeah, for example, there's a little feature that's called a bounceback, and i'm going to try to show it on this phone here. when i scroll my hand up, and like, you can see that little bounce? >> yeah. >> that's something that the
5:19 am
iphone is claiming they created first. >> and the jury bought that they invented it. >> that's right, and they invented that. also, the pinch-and-zoom, things used for photos, that, too, is another infringement that apple is saying we created that and we have a patent for that. >> so, samsung's calling this verdict a loss for the american consumer. what does that really mean? >> well, you know, i think it means a couple of things. they're saying, look, there's probably going to be more litigation than there will be innovation, from their perspective, and they're saying this may make it harder, it's going to make it very much harder for samsung and other companies to differentiate themselves maybe in the market. but for consumers, really, that should be a good thing. >> why? >> having differentiation and uniqueness brings competition into the marketplace, not copycatting. >> so, competition in bringing down the price or competition in meaning we might be better technology in all of our smartphones? >> i think it's both, but i think it's certainly not about price in this particular instance. we're talking about design, usability, the user interface, so it's more about the invention, the innovation of a
5:20 am
design of the product itself not being copycatted, which i think is good for patentright holders to be able to say if we have a patent on something and it's original to us, we should be able to have protection. >> lawsuits, $1 billion, somehow that ends up trickling to the consumer. i'll be honest, whenever you hear that figure, you think somehow, i'm going to get stuck. is that true? >> well, i think we'll see in the short term some issues with samsu samsung's phones, specifically that are on the market that are infringing on this patent. if the decision is upheld, we don't see anything else going back to the court, then in the short term, we might start seeing these phones being pulled from the shelves. in the long term, samsung is not the only one that will have to deal with this. at&t, motorola and other cell phone manufacturers will also be impacted with their designs. and many of that stuff could be happening now, but they may have to go back to the drawing board. >> so, it's one of those, if i were texting tba situations. >> that's very much what it is. >> thank you, mario armstrong. once again, here's lester. >> tamron, thanks. comedian and talk show host
5:21 am
rosie o'donnell is recovering today, days after she suffered a heart attack. she says it's a miracle she survived. and as nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman explains, it's a wake-up call for all women. >> reporter: one more four years ago, nancy was overcome with exhaustion, clammy sweat, nausea and unusual chest pains. >> i remember laying there, thinking it's a mistake, i think they made a mistake. this can't be me. i'm not the person who has a heart attack. [ sirens ] >> reporter: 200,000 american women die from heart attacks every year, and an additional 42 million women live with heart disease, many unaware of the threat they face. >> the common myth is that heart disease and heart attacks occur only in men. and the truth is, in every year since 1984, more american women than men have died of heart disease. >> reporter: just like rosie o'donnell, nancy suffered a complete blockage of one of the main arteries in her heart, the type of heart attack commonly called the widow-maker.
5:22 am
>> even that name implies this is a man's disease, a widow-maker heart attack. >> reporter: but it isn't, and knowing how men's and women's symptoms differ can save a woman's life. crushing chest pain is a well-known symptom, as are sweating, anxiety and irregular heartbeat. but for women, it can be pain in the jaw or upper belly, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, overwhelming fatigue and dizziness. because symptoms can go unrecognized, women pay a heavy price. 42% die within the first year after a heart attack compared with 24% of men. nancy was smart. she took aspirin right away, got to the hospital immediately and had a stent put in the blocked artery. and now, four years later, she feels great, is back to running and has added a daily aspirin to her vitamin regimen. >> i feel stronger and better than ever. i'm very, very conscious of taking care of myself now. >> reporter: and that's exactly what she wants other women to
5:23 am
know as well. for "today," dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news. and still to come, that controversial, new book about the raid that killed osama bin laden. is the former navy s.e.a.l. who wrote it crossing the line? we'll get reaction from another former s.e.a.l. who knows him. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ radio ] it's a scorcher out there...stay refreshed!
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still to come on "today," a high salary without a higher education. jobs that pay six figures and don't require college degrees.
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good morning. live at the streets of san jose on what is a cool start to this saturday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist roby mayeda. we have a little bit of everything. >> we do. fog, misty skies, san francisco can't see it right now, with the fog there. 55 now. 60 in sunnyvale. 57 san jose. a good strong sea breeze. southwest wind at 21 into fairfield which is good news if you happen to have an ac 45 and out across the bay today. we'll see breezy conditions. what's good for the america's cup world series is good for the ocean air-conditioning. it go around through the day. temperatures hour by hour. notice especially our east bay valley. looking at highs upper 70s to
5:27 am
near 80. it does not seem like this time of year, according to the calendar, numbers for the afternoon. a mild weekend in store. the coolest of the next serven days with low clouds and warm up next week. >> perfect for weekend act tests. a man is dead and child recovering. victim of gun violence in oakland. the shooting happened around 8:00 near the intersection of sycamore street in san pablo avenue. police found a man shot and his 7-year-old boy who had been grazed by a bullet. the man was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. the boy is in stable condition, and it is unclear what the relationship is between the man and the child. charitable with himself, that is accusation against a 74-year-old man accused of gambling away thousands of dollars for a peninsula charity he was entrusted to run. the man is president of the
5:28 am
association. the organization listed his daly city home as its base of operation. the district attorney says he was using the atm card 188 type at san mateo jockey club. the d.a. thinks he blew the money betting on horses. the d.a. says he withdrew $68,000, leaving only 19 bucks in the account of the filipino american association, which helps community members. reyes has pleaded not guilty is ex-abopected back in court septr 6th. community members on the peninsula are fighting to block the construction of a new jail in san mateo county and want to hear your thoughts on how to go about that. holding a town hall meeting to talk about ways to stop billing of the $160 million jail. the event held from 1:00 to 4:00
5:29 am
p.m. this in afternoon. coming up this morning on today in the bay, bumper boats. team usa crashes at america's cup sailing race. will they be ready for today's matchup? the latest on that coming up. and of course, all of the day's news and weather forecast coming up in 30 minute. all of the day's news also at 7:00 this morning. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. [ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you, visit
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and we're back with more of "today" on this saturday morning, the 25th day of august 2012. we're expecting a mild overcast day here in new york city. i'm tamron hall alongside lester holt. and coming up in this half hour, high-paying jobs without a college degree. >> not necessarily encouraging anyone not to go to college, but there are jobs out there that pay six figures to people that didn't earn a college diploma. we'll highlight a few of them. and we'll tell you about a woman that put her showbiz career on hold to raise her children, and now she's getting her shot in the spotlight, so she can perhaps have it all. >> might still have a shot at a musical career. >> i don't know. >> apparently not. anyway, we want to begin this half hour with the fallout from a new book about the raid that killed osama bin laden, written by one of the navy s.e.a.l.s who participated in
5:31 am
the mission. "no easy day" is due out on september 11th. it was published anonymously under the pseudonym mark owen. brandon webb knows the author. he is a former navy s.e.a.l. and author of "the red circle: my life in the navy s.e.a.l. sniper corps and how i trained america's deadliest marksmen." good morning. thank you for coming on with us. >> good morning, lester. >> none of us have read this, including the government folks who perhaps would have like to have cleared it. what are your thoughts, your concerns about its release? >> you know, having known the author, i think that, you know, you have a situation where this book is being heavily marketed as a tell-all, blow-by-blow account, but i think people are going to be surprised when they actually dig into the book and read it, that they're probably -- i would be very surprised if there's any type of sensitive or classified information in the book, because the consequences would just be really severe.
5:32 am
>> i mean, is that the rub, the question of whether there's something sensitive in there, or is there a sense that he's violating really the principles of s.e.a.l.s? i had a s.e.a.l. commander years ago tell me, he says if we do our job right, no one knows we were there, nobody knows we did it. >> yeah, i think there's a little bit of that, you know. having written a book myself, there is always a fine line between, you know, the timeliness of a book. so you know, there are people in the community that feel probably a little bit betrayed by this, but again, i think this is a situation where a guy's getting out and he's writing a memoir. and i would be shocked if there's anything really revealing, even though it's being hyped up. >> if he were to write this book ten years from now, would you have as much concern about it as you would the fact that it's coming out so soon after the raid? >> no, because the problem is, you know, because of the -- because it is coming out so soon, there are a lot more
5:33 am
concerns about operational security and other operators that are at risk, you know. even fox news releasing this guy's name creates a situation, a threat chain where, essentially, it does put other people at risk. >> well, we're not mentioning his name on this broadcast, but i know you know him and you have spoken to him about whether he should write this book. can you tell me about your conversations and what his thoughts were? >> well, our conversation was almost a year ago, and it was more around just the consequences of writing a book, not necessarily a conversation about operational security and sensitive information. it was more of once you put yourself out there in the public, you know, there are consequences. and you know, in this particular situation, there is a group in the middle east, a terrorist group that's already put a -- come out publicly and put a hit out on this particular
5:34 am
individual. so, you know, that guys are knowingly -- you know, this guy knew going into it that that potential existed. so, our conversation was a little bit more around what, just the consequences of putting yourself out there publicly. >> brandon, as a journalist, i want to know as much about the raid on osama bin laden as i could. at the same time, i have to tell you, i was a bit surprised when it was quickly announced that the s.e.a.l.s and s.e.a.l. team 6 were involved from the get-go, that that kind of information would be released. were you surprised that the government has been as open about the raid as it has? >> you know, a little bit, but again, you know, we live in a different age today, information age, where if the government doesn't come out and tell the american people what happened in this particular bin laden raid, you've got some 16-year-old in pakistan tweeting about it, and it's just, it's so hard to keep
5:35 am
this type of -- the lid on this type of operation. so, i think that the administration's dealing with a lot of that, and that probably it was the right thing to do to come out and give the information the way they did it. >> all right. we've got to end there. brandon webb, thank you so much for spending time with us this morning. we appreciate it. and thanks for your service. >> you got it. thank you. >> the name of brandon's book is "the red circle: my life in the navy s.e.a.l. sniper corps and how i trained america's deadliest marksmen." now let's get a check of the weather from bill karins. a lot happening in our world and you're keeping track of it. >> going to influence a lot of us in the next couple days. let me update you on the forecast track from the national hurricane center that takes it as a hurricane through the keys late sunday night into monday morning, jest off the west coast of florida. the cone of uncertainty still includes tampa, ft. myers, sarasota, all the way up toward panama city. the forecast looks a little better for louisiana this morning, but we don't want to let our guard down yet. how much rain could the storm
5:36 am
produce? our computers are hinting at the possibility of 10 to 15 inches of rain just to the east of the storm. so, it takes a closer track towards the west coast of florida, we could get soaked in areas from tampa to naples. eventually, this storm has to go into the southwestern u.s. of course we are concerned with the landfall, but there is the potential that come wednesday this storm could stop, halt because of the blocking high to its north and we could have a significant flooding event for two or three days in areas of georgia. by the way, georgia right now is in one of their worst droughts in history. you could go from drought to temperatures around the bay area this morning, chilly out there. mist and drizzle around the bay. san francisco, 55 right now. strong sea breeze reaching inland. not just for the morning but for the afternoon. that is going to make for a mile day. in fashion places like pleasanton and livermore, upper 70s and low 80s at best this afternoon. mostly 60s around the bay. upper 50s to near 60 on the coast. as you can see, a mild weekend of morning clouds, afternoon
5:37 am
sunshine inland and warmer through the middle part of the week. if you want your hour-by-hour forecast and updates on isaac, tune into the weather channel or go to i think i threw the word epic in there and maybe i'll pay for it later, but we'll see. >> no, that is a concern. >> it is. >> if the storm just sits there. >> and when you're going from severe drought to possible flooding, those extremes. >> they need the rain, they're looking forward to the rain in those areas, but they don't want to have homes under water. >> all right, bill, thank you very much. coming up, she put her career on the back burner to raise a family. now this mom's dream is taking center stage. but up next, high-paying jobs where you don't need to have a college degree. but first, these messages
5:38 am
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join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. ♪ ♪ saving for a rainy day this morning on "today's money," earning a big salary without having a college degree. that concept may seem impossible, but according to one group, there are jobs out there where you can make six figures without higher education. cnbc's personal finance correspondent sharon epperson is here with details. good morning, sharon. >> good morning, tamron. >> obviously, we're not saying not to pursue college if that is an option. >> absolutely not. >> but in the real world, that is not the case for anyone, so you have a list of jobs, but i would guess there are stipulations. >> there are stipulations. we talked to pay scale, and they said these are the jobs where you could potentially make six figures, over $100,000, but you need to be a top performer. this is not some job you're
5:41 am
going to get right out of high school. you're probably going to have to get some training. >> highly training, well skilled. let's start with a nuclear power reactor operator. that sounds like you have to be well trained. >> definitely. you can get median pay, average pay of $103,000 a year. >> wow. >> but up to $142,000 for the top 10% in that field. and you just need a high school diploma, convict strictly speaking. i talked to the nuclear regulatory committee and they say you need training, at least three years of service just at the power plant where you work. you need to go through an exam administered by the nuclear regulatory commission. they offer the operating licenses. and there is extensive training while you're on the job to make sure you're still up to speed on those skills. >> i would imagine also background checks for the jobs. >> background checks, drug testing, alcohol testing, medical exams, and of course, again, getting your license every six years or so, making sure that you're up to date. >> okay, on the list as well,
5:42 am
which is interesting, the health care industry, but specifically personal trainers. and i think of that as a luxury, but apparently, people pay up for it. >> people pay up and they pay a lot more to, and particularly for specialized training. the median pay is $51,000, but you could get up to $141,000 a year. now, how is this possible? again, you're at the upper end of your field, but also, if you have a lot of specialized training. some yoga instructors have to have training for at least two years to become certified, and some may even require more. it depends on the facility, it depends on the type of training that you're doing. >> all right, this next one is tempting to me, even though i can't cook, an executive pastry chef. >> yes. >> the salary? wow! >> yeah, the salaries can really escalate and the median pay there is probably the lowest on our list, $45,000 or so, but you can earn six figures at the top of your game, and here's how you do it. you have to have three years experience as a pastry chef. you have to have had employees working under you for several years as well, working for yourself, and this is according to the american culinary foundation.
5:43 am
and of course, you need to have worked in the field and have ongoing training, but it's possible. >> so, this doesn't mean you have to be a famous pastry chef, is that what it boils down to? >> it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be famous, but you're probably working at a luxury hotel or restaurant and you've had at least 150 hours of training. >> okay. on the list as well, handyman in certain fields, six figures. six figures is possible. again, it varies widely. you could start at $53,000 or so, that's the median salary, but up to $104,000. and if you're an electrician, not necessarily a licensed electrician, but somebody who does home appliance work, we get a lot of the these statistics from the bureau of labor statistics, and that's what they say, that there is a potential if you don't have a high school diploma, you can get the training. >> and last on the list, massage therapist. >> now, this requires a post-secondary nondegree award, 500 hours or so of training and educational programming. it could be at a community college or a four-year institution as well. you don't need an actual associate's degree necessarily,
5:44 am
but you do need extensive training. it varies by the location and the type of facility, but it's possible. >> a wide-ranging list of things there. very interesting. >> yeah, interesting. >> thank you, sharon. >> not saying don't go to college, but consider other options out there. >> thank you very much. up next, dreams do come true. a backup singer grabs the spotlight at the tender age of 55. we have her incredible story after these messages. ♪ two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country.
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you probably haven't heard edda briggs' name before, but chances are you've heard her voice. once a backup singer for country music's top names, she never grasped the lead mike until recently. she landed a record deal at 53 years old, proving you're never too old to get your first break. ♪ i'm packing my bags >> front and center on a new york city stage, etta brit acts and sounds like a natural. ♪ a voice so seasoned and so soulful, you'd never guess that she signed her first record deal at age 53. >> aside from the voice and "america's got talent," record labels just aren't handing out
5:48 am
record deals to older artists. i really proved that dreams do not die. >> it's been a long road to the spotlight for etta. growing up in louisville, kentucky, when she fantasized about becoming a singer, she never wanted to be front and center. >> i would stand in front of the mirror for hours and sing the supremes, and i would always be the supreme, not diana ross. ♪ you can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait ♪ >> etta went from singing backup in her bedroom to performing backup on stage with the country band dave and sugar. she even sang in the studios of nashville, but never the lead, and before she could go solo, she became part of a duo, marrying guitarist bob brit. >> as soon as my first one was born, it was automatic. all i wanted to do was sit and hold her. >> with a growing family, etta and bob couldn't afford to have both of them pursue their music careers, so she set hers aside while bob soared with top acts
5:49 am
like wynonna judd and the dixie chicks. >> always wished that she was doing what i was doing, and you know, and maybe i was staying home taking care of the kids. >> but etta still had dreams of making it in the music business. >> never gave it up. it was always right there in the front of my mind. >> over the years, she kept writing music, all while she was raising her daughters, and then her life changed forever. etta grabbed the attention of wrinkle records, a start-up label looking to sign older artists. >> and she said, i want to sign you to the label. and i just turned around and looked around a couple times to see if she's talking to somebody else, and then i said, okay, sure, why not? >> her debut album is appropriately titled "out of the shadows," and on a recent summer night at the b.b. king's blues club in new york, she stepped into the biggest spotlight of all. >> a little nervous, you know. i'm in new york city! i've never played new york city
5:50 am
before. this is my first time. wish me luck. ♪ was i lost, was i dying, maybe i couldn't see ♪ >> taking center stage like she's been there all along. ♪ >> sending a message with every song. >> if there's something you want to do and there's something you've always wanted to do, go on and take a leap of faith and step out there and do it. >> i love her story. >> yeah! i like that and i like a singer who's lived life, so when she sings soulful songs, you know it's coming from somewhere. >> means something. >> been there, done that. just ahead, live reports from the caribbean as tropical storm isaac makes landfall in haiti. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ still to come on "today," gunfire erupts outside one of new york city's iconic
5:53 am
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good morning. looking live at san jose as it starts to get a little bit of blue sky. the sun is headed our way. it's going to be mild. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist roby mayeda. you say expect to be cool this weekend? >> for august, at least. normally we say 90s or 100 degrees for the valleys. we'll be lucky to get into the mid-80s if that, in a few spots. 56 in san jose. misty skies around the peninsula and part of the bay this morning. head out to the giants versus braves game, should see temperatures 60 degrees out there. early afternoon pitch for that. on the other side of the bay, let's swing you over past san francisco, wind good for ac 45s and the other boats out there at america's cup world
5:57 am
series. see numbers in upper 50s. winds picking up through the afternoon. it's been quite chilly out at marina green. folks have been loving the winds which have been steady this week. we'll see cool temperatures inland again today. forecast for inland spots, mostly upper 70s to near 80. tomorrow may be cooler. sea breeze ramps up. back to the work week, temperatures climbing back up but below what you expect for this time of year. >> there is tile me of the yeare weather cast and sportscast combined, so much going on. here at home a man is dead, a child is recovering victims of the gun violence in oakland. shooting happened around 8:00 around sycamore street and san pablo avenue. police found a man shot and a 7-year-old boy grazed by a bullet. that man was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. the boy was taken to oakland children's hospital and is in stable condition. it is unclear what the relationship is between the man
5:58 am
and the child. is a jewelry gang at work? there have been a string of recent armed robberies at bay area jewelry stores. the latest on thursday in san pablo. this is surveillance video of the robbery in progress. watch as some of the suspects enter the store, demand jewelry, smen smash the glass cases and just grab what they want. police estimate they took more than $400,000 in jewelry. the stores in oakland, newark, also hit lately. investigators are comparing notes from their cases to see if any are related. happy birthday to sunnyvale. the city turns 100 this weekend. celebrating with a two-day festival. parade will make its way through city streets this morning. sunnyvale incorporated in 1912 and for decades it was filled with cherry orchards. now, of course, we know it as a high-tech hub with about 140,000 residents. a closer look at the parade route which will impact traffic
5:59 am
in the area. ti kicks off from fremont high school, heads down sunnyvale saratoga road toward the museum. the parade begins at 10:00 this morning. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," boating and baseball. the combination that could create a traffic nightmare in the bay area and how you can prepare and stay ahead of the crowds. all of the day's news coming up at 7:00. more local news in 30 minutes.
6:00 am
welcome back to "today," saturday morning, the 25th day of august 2012. a nice crowd on the plaza stopping by to wave hello to their friends and family back home. our thanks to them for spending part of their saturday with us. beautiful, clear day here, but certainly a different story in the caribbean. i'm lester holt along with tamron hall. isaac right now just pounding parts of haiti with rain this morning. wet weather will continue throughout the day there, up to 20 inches of rain expected in some areas. intermittent power outages have already been reported around the port-au-prince area. we'll go live there in just a moment. then, new details this morning about the deadly shooting outside of the empire state building. we're learning more about the gunman who killed his former co-worker and how so many
6:01 am
bystanders got caught in the cross fire with police. then, the birther controversy is back, sparked by a comment by mitt romney on friday, meant as a joke, but president obama says it should give voters pause. we're going to get more on that coming up. and then, oh, boy, could we be seeing more of prince harry? >> when you say more of prince harry, you mean -- >> more than that black thing covered. >> oh, more of prince harry! >> there could be more compromising photos, possibly even, oh, boy, some video, of the 27-year-old on that recent trip to vegas. apparently, as they say, it doesn't stay in vegas, it goes to london with you. we'll get more details. >> can i say i don't want to see any more of prince harry, under those circumstances, anyway? >> no comment. >> somebody apparently does. anyway, a lot to get to coming up. we want to talk about tropical storm isaac. we have correspondents in the storm's path. >> let's begin with mark potter live in port-au-prince, haiti. good morning, mark.
6:02 am
>> reporter: good morning to you, tamron. it's still raining here in port-au-prince, but it's calmed considerably since overnight. as tropical storm isaac, the center of the storm crossed the southwest peninsula here, many miles from this area, there were gusty winds and heavy rains in the capital. now, this morning, as workers are going out to assess the damage, they're expecting to find in that southwest area known as the southern claw extensive flooding in towns such as will a kai, layogan and jacmel. we've heard of downed trees and power lines, but so far, no reports of casualties there. the biggest concern throughout the country is some 400,000 people still living in tents here after the earthquake the 2 1/2 years ago. yesterday, aid workers went through some of the camps trying to find the most vulnerable residents, the elderly, the sick and pregnant women, to move as many of them as they could into schools and buildings. there is also a fear here for
6:03 am
the many people, perhaps millions, living in shantytowns, like the ones behind me in this mountain here, living on the sides of mountains and in ravines, where they are vulnerable to mud slides and flash flooding. we'll know more as the day progresses, as everyone gets out to see how much damage there was, but this continuing rain is considered a considerable threat here in haiti. tamron? >> all right, mark, thank you very much. >> isaac has his sights set on cuba. next, mike seidel is in varadero, cuba. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: and good morning, lester. typically here in late august, these beaches will be packed, but today all we have is a lone surf fisherman out there casting, hoping to catch something. this island's going to catch a storm. isaac now is about 100 miles or so southeast of guantanamo, and preps got under way yesterday. now remember, here in cuba, only 5% of cubans own automobiles or trucks, so they really have no way to evacuate like back to the u.s. of a. so, the army's on standby right now with a lot of buses,
6:04 am
prepared to evacuate tens of thousands, but they don't think that will be necessary. there have been some evacuations this morning, some of those low-lying, precarious areas, some of the fishing villages around guantanamo and santiago. santiago, the airport, the other airport on the island has suspended all flights for the time being, and the real threat here is going to be heavy rain and flooding. the reservoirs in the central part of the country are running more than 80% full, so local officials are going to be watching those. over in guantanamo, in those areas, reservoirs are generally running at less than 50% full, so they can handle more rain. no doubt, we'll have wind and rain, as lester, the storm goes by to the north, across the farther straits, heads for the keys tomorrow. the wind here is going to be howling and it will be a whole different picture here later today and tomorrow in varadero, about two hours east of havana. lester,ack to you. >> mike seidel, thanks. >> so, where is isaac heading after cuba? bill karins is upstairs with more on that and the new tropical storm warning along the gulf coast. bill, good morning. >> well, good morning to you,
6:05 am
tamron. we even have hurricane warnings up now, too, for areas of the keys and southwest florida. tropical storm warnings in miami. today is the last day to prepare in those areas. the weather will quickly go downhill on sunday. right now, the storm as we mentioned, just outside of port-au-prince, roughly about 600 miles away from miami, florida, and the storm is heading for florida. it looks almost definite now the state of florida throughout sunday, monday and possibly even tuesday, is going to have to deal with the effects of this storm. it's moving to the northwest right now at about 14 miles per hour. one what are our possible paths? we've been following these different spaghetti lines, the computer models and they're pretty much in agreement through miami, key west, and through the west coast of florida and to the north near the end, landfall somewhere near mobile most likely and apalachicola, florida. the forecast path does strengthen it, and that's the million-dollar question right now, how much will this storm strengthen over some of the warmest waters that exist on the entire planet, right through the florida straits, near key west
6:06 am
and rights near that warm loop current north of florida? that's where katrina blew up into a huge storm, where rita blew up into a huge storm. this is not where you want a developing storm to travel. it will move over those areas, right now category 1 is forecasted. it could be out of that realm, especially if it doesn't interact with cuba over the next 24 hours. back to you, lester. >> all right, bill, we'll get your forecast for the rest of the country in a moment. one of new york city's iconic landmarks was the scene of a deadly shoot-out on friday. two people were killed, nine others wounded. nbc's michelle franzen is live outside the empire state building. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. that deadly shooting took place on fifth avenue in front of the main entrance of the empire state building, and it followed a deadly scene less than a block away. police say the suspected shooter had returned to his former workplace to confront a former colleague he held a grudge against. chaos and shock in the moments after gunshots rang out near the famous empire state building,
6:07 am
captured in photographs and video taken by witnesses. >> i just got shot. they're going to rush me to the hospital. >> reporter: survivors caught in the cross fire when police shot and killed lone gunman jeffrey johnson. new surveillance video released by nypd shows johnson calmly walking up busy fifth avenue. when police approach him, he pulls out a gun and they open fire, sending crowds of pedestrians and tourists near the iconic skyscraper running for cover. >> midtown south charlie sector, unconfirmed ten shots fired, west 33rd street and fifth avenue, several shots fired. >> reporter: minutes earlier, police say the 58-year-old who was laid off a year ago as a designer at an apparel business, sought out a former company executive a block away, pushed him to the ground and shot him. >> johnson produced the pistol and fired at close range, striking his 41-year-old victim in the head. >> reporter: the victim, steven ercolino died. a construction worker followed johnson and alerted anti-terror
6:08 am
officers assigned to patrol the empire state building. when it was over, nine pedestrians sustained minor gunshot wounds. police say some may have been injured by stray police bullets. police and colleagues say johnson and the victim had an ongoing feud, a factor experts say investigators will be looking into. >> they're very frustrated. they're hurt. it's easy to look back on the situation and say this is someone else's fault that i'm in this situation and i want to do something about it. >> reporter: investigators say the gun that was used by the suspected killer was legally purchased back in 1991 in florida, where jeffrey johnson lives, but investigators say that gun was not legally registered here in new york. lester. >> michelle franzen in midtown manhattan, thanks. now here's tamron. >> lester, thank you. the republican national convention may not be able to avoid tropical storm isaac, as comments by mitt romney on friday are creating a storm of their own. nbc's peter alexander is with romney's campaign in powell,
6:09 am
ohio. good morning, peter. >> reporter: tamron, good morning to you. this is the first joint appearance for mitt romney and paul ryan here in the critical battleground state of ohio. and while the message they'll focus on today is the economy, there was a big distraction yesterday in romney's native state of michigan that caused quite a stir. with a potentially high-profile hurricane still threatening to swamp next week's republican convention in tampa, mitt romney unintentionally stirred up a storm of his own during remarks friday at his boyhood home state of michigan. >> no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know that this is the place that we were born and raised. >> reporter: while proudly touting his roots, romney's off-the-cuff comment instain tansly provides a highly charged and long-settled issue about the president's birthplace. the obama campaign quickly cried foul, insisting romney's decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across america." it's the first time in 14 months
6:10 am
of campaigning romney has directly referenced the birther movement, but earlier this year he enlisted as a surrogate donald trump, one of the president's loudest critics who's frequently questioned whether president obama was born in the u.s. >> it's my honor, real honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. >> reporter: late friday in an interview with cbs news, romney said his remark was intended as a joke, not a swipe at the president. >> i said throughout the campaign and before, there's no question about where he was born. he was born in the u.s. this was fun about us and coming home and humor. you know, we've got to have a little humor in the campaign as well. >> the next president of the united states of america! >> reporter: the romney campaign had intended to use friday's high-energy event to rally supporters ahead of the convention with its theme "a better future." >> and we're not just going to talk about planitude, small things, we're going to talk about these big challenges and how we're going to overcome them. >> reporter: the convention will
6:11 am
also spotlight romney's wife, ann, who will give a prime time speech. on friday, she became emotional in front of the large hometown crowd. >> i have to say, when i got on the stage and i didn't appreciate how many people were here until i stood up here, i got quite choked up because it's amazing! >> reporter: a lot more about mitt romney's personal biography in the days ahead. this weekend in an interview with "parade" magazine coming out tomorrow, he did open up a little bit, saying "i'm an emotional person. there is, i don't know, a societal norm that if you're running for office, you can't be emotional, and perhaps i bow to that too often." ann recommeomney also demonstrar own emotions when talking about tithing 10%. she said "i love tithing. when mitt and i give that check, i actually cry," and mitt romney next to her said "so do i," but tamron, for a different reason.
6:12 am
>> all right, peter alexander. thank you, peter. nbc's coverage of the republican national convention begins tuesday at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific. time for the rest of the morning's headlines, and for that, we turn to tom llamas at the news desk. tom, good morning. >> good morning, lester, tamron, and good morning, everyone. a young man who testified against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is now suing the university. he blames the school for trying to cover up initial allegations of sex abuse of boys. the complaint by the person, known as victim one, triggered the state investigation that resulted in criminal charges against sandusky. a teenage girl is back with her family today after escaping what she says was a more than two-year-long nightmare in which she was held captive, beaten and raped almost daily. >> reporter: police raided a home in washington park, illinois, outside east st. louis on thursday, where they arrested a 25-year-old man and recovered a 2-year-old boy. a teenager says the boy is hers and her abductor is the father.
6:13 am
police won't release the names of the man they arrested or the now 19-year-old woman. they say she told him she became friends with the man three years ago, and after visiting his home one day, he wouldn't let her leave. the accused man's family says the story isn't true. >> we didn't think there was anything there, we would not have issued search warrants yesterday. so, they did that based on the testimony that we had. >> reporter: the young woman's claims are reminiscent of another high-profile abduction. jaycee dugard was just 11 years old when she was abducted back in 1991. dugard was held for more than 18 years, giving birth to two daughters while being held in backyard shacks and tents. dugard's captor was sentenced to 431 years in prison, his wife 36 years to life. the young no one was this latest case accuses her alleged abductor's mother with helping keep her captive and falsifying medical records when she gave birth. the mother is also under arrest. a neighbor who let her child play with the little boy never suspected a thing. >> you know, i didn't see no
6:14 am
strange activity going on right next door to my house. i have a son, a 3-year-old son. you know, that's kind of scary. >> still investigating the allegations and they have until 5:00 p.m. tonight to either charge or release the accused man. and we're following some breaking news out of western venezuela right now. a state official says an early-morning explosion at the country's biggest oil refinery has killed at least 19 people with more than 50 others hurt. the outcome of the apple/samsung case could have ripple effects in the smartphone market. a jury decided friday that samsung ripped off the technology used by apple to create the iphone and ipad. it awarded apple more than $1 billion. after seeing samsung's legal defeat, other devicemakers relying on android may be more reluctant to use the software and risk getting dragged in to court. an appeal is expected. american justin howard, alias nordic thunder, is the new world champion air guitar
6:15 am
player. he was crowned friday in finland where the world championship has been played since 1996. howard looking like a viking warrior in his leather tunic, gave an energetic performance that, get this, won him a handmade electric guitar. that's the news. now back to lester and tamron. when you're nordic thunder, you don't need the guitar. you are cool enough. >> i love it leather tunic. things i need in life. what would your air guitar name be, lester? >> i don't know, but i've played my share of air guitar. >> i thought you were going to say you played your shirt off. >> he's done that, too. >> okay. some things we just don't want to know. well, all eyes are on isaac, of course, but there is other weather out there this morning. i mentioned earlier, this is really the last day to make the preparations, from the keys down to south florida. you may think that the storm's already over top of you. it's raining hard down there. tropical moisture is moving through. this isn't even directly associated with isaac yet, so this will make the flooding situation probably even worse in
6:16 am
the days ahead, so we'll keep you updated on tha here's a look at hour by hour forecast. chilly for august and et cetera through the morning. 40s and 50s outside. mists around parts of the bay in san francisco and the coast. 2:00 temperatures close to the warmest point of day, closer to 80 around livermore, sunol, pleasanton. but that's going to do it today. you can see the sea breeze winning out in the forecast today. and tomorrow, morning mist and afternoon clearing inland. and temperatures climbing some for the first part of the new workweek. and more on isaac to come. lester? >> all right, bill, thanks. up next, stripped of his titles and banned from cycling. more on lance armstrong's fall from grace, right after these messages. [ birds chirping ]
6:17 am
are you a fan of demoisier? [ thinking ] demois-a-who? okay, you know you're smart. you just ordered a premium roast coffee and a savory sausage mcmuffin for only a dollar each off mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast, so... he has a certain... je ne sais quoi. [ music playing ] [ music playing ]
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it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. lance armstrong will officially be erased from the cycling record books. it comes after he stopped fighting allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs. nbc's anne thompson has more. >> reporter: it was among the greatest accomplishments in the history of sports, seven consecutive victories in the tour de france, one of the most physically grueling contests in the world. today, the u.s. anti-doping agency stripped lance armstrong of those titles for choosing not to defend himself in arbitration against charges he used performance-enhancing drugs to win. >> decided to declare it against lance armstrong many years ago,
6:19 am
and after he passed every single test that was administered, didn't fail a one and they couldn't prove him guilty, they have now asked him to prove himself innocent. >> reporter: in a statement, armstrong blasted the usada process as "an unstunsional witchhunt" and enter admitted to doping. in may, armstrong voiced his frustration on tv. >> these things take a lot of time and energy. they suck the life of you. >> the head of usada says the case is strong with more than a dozen witnesses. >> we don't make any decision to bring a case lightly. the evidence, we've said before, in this particular case was overwhelming. >> reporter: yet, the sports governing body, the international cycling union, says it's not doing anything until it gets a full explanation from usada. david, is this fair? >> well, it's the usual process -- >> reporter: david epstein is the senior writer at "sports illustrated." >> usada also had blood tests for 2009 that they say were indicative of blood manipulation. so, i think they would have contended this going forward if that is a positive test.
6:20 am
>> reporter: but it's armstrong's personal battle against cancer and his foundation, symbolized by those classic yellow bands, that have made him an icon. live strong officials say online donations friday were 30 times greater than thursday. >> i think our supporters and namely cancer survivors and their family members feel a debt of gratitude to lance. ultimately, his legacy is going to be about what we accomplished as a cancer community, and that's what we're focused on. >> reporter: as for those who might claim armstrong's seven yellow jerseys, each rider has been accused of doping in his career. only one has been cleared. for "today," anne thompson, nbc news, new york. and still ahead, casey anthony's probation over. we'll see what's next for her. first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:21 am
excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
6:22 am
still to come on "today," the sneaky way a college student transformed himself into a celebrity. plus, we'll go behind the
6:23 am
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good morning to you. looking live at a pretty picture of some of the clouds drifting over san jose on this cool start to saturday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist roby mayeda. and, rob says this is the mildest day of the weekend. >> i think the weekend actually the coolest part of the seven-day forecast right now. san jose, you've got some of the low clouds out there. and misty skies. again, san francisco, really can't show you san francisco right now because our cameras are fogged in. 54 there. good, strong sea breeze that will be out at the ballpark today as we watch the giants take on the braves. close to 60 first pitch time. if that's not your setting head to the other side of the bay, nascar on the water as we see temperatures for america's cup world series in the upper 50s. wow, nice change of music, too,
6:27 am
accompany the graphic is this morning. upper 50s, good, strong sea breeze. good news for racing on the water. but if you want to find 90-degree temperatures not good for you. you'll see numbers around 2:00. 7:00 eastern, 80 inland east bay valleys. tomorrow, stronger sea breeze. a cool finish to the weekend and turning warmer as we head through the first half of the new week. >> i like the forecast. thank you, rob. here at home, a man is dead and a child is recovering. victims of gun violence. oakland, shooting happened 8:00 around sycamore street and san pablo avenue. a man shot, a 7-year-old grazed by the bullet. the man was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. the boy is in stable condition. it is unclear how the two, the man and the boy, are related. charitable with himself, that's the accusation against the 74-year-old man accused of gambling away thousands of dollars from the peninsula
6:28 am
charity he was entrusted to run. ruperto reyes is the president of the luzon visayas mindanao association. the organization lists his daly city home as their base of operation. the san mateo county district attorney's office says that reyes used an atm card 188 times at the san mateo jockey club. the d.a. suspects he blew that money betting on horses. reyes withdrew $68,000, leaving 19 in the account of the filipino-american association which helps community members. reyes has pleaded nott guilty expect back in court september 6th. members are fighting to block construction of a new jail in san mateo county and they want to hear your thoughts on how to go about it. holding a town hall meeting today to talk about ways to stop the building of the $160 million jail. event will run from 1:00 to 4:00
6:29 am
this afternoon at the free at last community recovery and rehabilitation services in palo alto. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," bumper boats, team usa crashes at the america's cup world series sailing race but will they be ready for today's matchup? we have the latest on that. of course the forecast for your viewing as well. all of the day's news in 30 minutes here.
6:30 am
we are back. it's saturday morning, august 25, 2012. we have a great crowd on the plaza waving to their friends and family back home. our special thank you for those spending the morning with us. i'm alongside lester holt. still to come this half hour, prince harry. >> will we see more pictures? >> i don't know. >> word is there might be more pictures from his recent trip to las vegas. we'll get a live report from london. >> grandma's upset i read. then casey anthony is officially a free woman, no longer on probization. where will she go? what will she do? we'll look at her life now.
6:31 am
>> and what's it like to be almost famous? one college student set out to find out. he got the star treatment. you won't believe the reaction he got in new york city when he posed as a celebrity. >> and this lady on her bucket list, meet lester holt. >> i signed it. you need a better bucket list. if i'm at the top, you're not getting out much. dream big! >> let's check in with bill karins for a check of the weather. >> i see lester in these photos. this is in 2008, 2010. lester's looking good. have i to ask him what anti-aging cream he uses. >> isaac, it's not so much the rain or the wind because this doesn't look like a big major hurricane, but as far as the amount of precipitation around
6:32 am
georgia, south carolina, maybe areas there around alabama, could be enough to produce very significant flooding. it looks like that storm could stall out tuesday, wednesday and maybe into thursday in that area and a stalled out tropical storm is big time trouble with the amount of rain the storm could produce. first we have to deal with the hurricanes along let's go hour by hour with numbers for you today. cool start to the morning, areas of how clouds inland. sunshine inland. look at effect of the all-day sea breeze. fairfield especially, only near 70 by noon. this time of year, it's unusual. we've got the good, strong sea breeze taking us into the afternoon. upper 70s and low 80s at best in inland tri-valley locations for today. tomorrow, could possibly be a little bit cooler. temperatures rebound high pressure building some to the early part of next week. and of course, we'll have
6:33 am
>> of course i'll have many more updates throughout the weekend here on the "today" show with isaac, especially as it makes landfall sunday night and monday down in the keys. >> thanks. by now you've heard what happened in vegas didn't stay there for larry. now there could be more embarrassing photos, even video, emerging from his romp in sin city. duncan, lawmakers cannot be pleased. >> reporter: good morning, lester. prince harry's vegas hangover just won't go away. we've already soon nude pictures of the principles be but britiss public their big stories on sundays. every moment of harry's wild vacation has been caught on camera, photographed by guests and filmed by "extra." now according to a top aide in
6:34 am
great britain, there may be more to come. >> i was offered two stills from two girls and phoned independently from the states with american accents both claiming to be at the party. i just said, no, i'm not interested so go to the papers directly. maybe that's what they'll do. >> reporter: according to the "daily mirror," that's about to happen. they're closing in on a deal to selection police it cell phone footage. harpy had a reputation for the part prince and for sometimes showing poor judgment. but this is the prince we've been used to seeing in the past year. talking passionately about next week's paraolympic games, representing the queen at the closing of london 2012 and overseas putting his playful personality to good use. for harry it looks like a
6:35 am
grown-up role in the next generation of royals. >> after the diamond jubilee celebrations, i felt that the queen and prince phillip were able to take a step and leave it to the new core royal family. harry has been seen in this instance as a party prince, his image has been tarnished. i think it makes charles' plans -- certainly derails them a little bit. >> prince charles has asked for a father-to-son chat. party is definitely over. a tough week for harry for another reason, the anniversary of his mother's death on friday, 15 years since his mother was killed in paris. i suspect harry is just looking forward to get back to his job in the army. >> now to tamron. >> casey anthony is a free woman after finishing her probation for a bad check charge.
6:36 am
what will she do now? >> reporter: the florida department of corrections confirmed it, casey anthony has completed a year's probation for a check fraud conviction. she is officially free. but where is she? her location the past 12 months has been the source of endless speculation. required to stay in florida and make regular visits to a probation officer, there were almost no sightings of her. now the 26-year-old can live anywhere and do as she pleases for the first time since she was acquitted last year of murder charges in the death of her daughter caly in a death that captivated a nation. >> she's going to face difficulty everywhere. having a normal life of any kind is going to be a serious challenge. >> reporter: a video diary that surfaced online in january offered no hint to her location. it was a different look than her
6:37 am
courthouse appearance sporting short blond hair and black-rimmed glasses. >> i'll be here for many. months. >> reporter: there were protests after her acquittal in florida and outrage from those who blamed her for caly's death. following her release from probation, her criminal defense attorney told nbc news "we continue to be concerned about her safety and security. right now she is safe and will continue to be." anthony has been unemployed, according to her monthly check-in forms and had no probe as violations. >> she's always going to be subjected to intense public scrutiny because of the nature of this trial. >> reporter: while she's legally free, she may find herself forever bound by chains in the court of public opinion. >> up next, the college student
6:38 am
who fooled everyone by pretending to be a star. we'll meet him right after this. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. are you a fan of demoisier? [ thinking ] demois-a-who? okay, you know you're smart. you just ordered a premium roast coffee and a savory sausage mcmuffin for only a dollar each off mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast, so... he has a certain... je ne sais quoi. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be.
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you know, these days, finding fame can be achieved by creating a viral video that goes all over the net or simply by pretending to be a celebrity. and one college student did both and left some people star-struck. fame. it's not just for the famous anymore. everywhere you turn, someone is getting their 15 minutes.
6:41 am
♪ 7:00 a.m., waking up in the morning ♪ >> want to be a famous singer? just upload your music video. >> whatever. >> how about a famous television star? that's easy, just expose yourself again and again on reality tv. >> crafting an orchestrated perception shapes reality if you emulate the swagger and the persona of a celebrity, you'll find people who will quickly follow. >> and that is exactly what college student brett cohen did. the video that's gone viral, cohen demonstrated what it takes to become a celebrity. an entourage, the confidence and the outfit. by the end of the day, cohen accumulated more than 300 autographs and photo requests, people who thought he was a real celebrity. >> guys, what was it like meeting brett? >> oh, my god! >> i love him!
6:42 am
>> this is what happened when we turned one of our producers into a fake celebrity a few years back. >> please, just look this way one second! >> guess what? it worked. >> i'm on a show that hasn't premiered yet, but it's an up-and-coming. >> in a world where you don't really need a substantial tv show to become famous, this proves that what you really need is the right attention-getting tricks and people will think that you're famous. >> so, who needs an oscar, a publicist or even talent when you've got an entourage and an idea? but is it really the same, or have those so-called 15 minutes of fame become a reality? >> so, true celebrities know that accolades and a fan base come by virtue of your talent. so, one should always continue to seek to be known for their talent versus just being known. ♪ >> and brett cohen is here. should i be asking for your autograph? >> if you want, sure. >> what was the point? was the point to feel famous or were you trying to prove a point about all of us?
6:43 am
>> it was a little bit of both. i wanted to make a funny video. i thought this would be an experiment and i felt like if we had all the pieces that we could create an image that people would actually think i was famous. it would be funny, it would be interesting, and it would be something that everyone can take something from, whether it's sad, like people are so stupid, or just something to laugh at. it's a really funny video. >> tamron's been if you knowing all over you. >> i have. you put the sunglasses on and were instantly famous. do you feel guilty at all? >> i feel a little bit bad for the people interviewed. >> a little bit? not a lot. >> i haven't heard from any of them. i'm sure they've gone into hiding. >> have people challenged you, said i don't know who you are? >> yes, one guy said to my face, hey, buddy, i don't know who you are! i said, all right, i don't know who you are either. >> so, you put the sunglasses on, this is part of the hollywood look. so, lester, can you put them on and see if you become famous? >> no, i need an entourage. >> i'll be your entourage.
6:44 am
>> it's all about having peeps. >> oh, you've got to have peeps. is that the key, like have a bunch of people following you? >> i didn't have that many people. i had assistants, a few photographers, because i knew the flashes would stand out at night. >> okay. >> and it was really just to draw attention. then once people started taking pictures with me, everyone wanted it, and each block we went down times square, the crowds built until we couldn't even move. >> do you see how fame could be addictive? lester lives with it every day, but you, did you see? >> it was really cool in the beginning. it got old pretty quick. it was late at night, some people smelled, to be honest with you, and they're like on me to take a picture. >> wow. >> and the adrenaline, they couldn't actually take the picture, push the little button. >> give me some shades and an entourage. >> and i'll walk around with smelly people, whatever that's about. >> thank you for being here. now back to regular life. we'll be right back. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> we're roller skating soon, right? >> oh, yeah, we're going to roller skate.
6:45 am
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6:47 am
for many brides, their wedding day could be the most exciting day of their lives. they all want to make the grand entrance in the perfect dress and nbc's joelle garguilo found out choosing the right one could be a challenge ♪ going to the chapel >> reporter: many girls dream about having the perfect wedding, becoming the fairy tale princess complete with a beautiful, white gown. from the original "father of the bride" -- >> look like a princess in a fairy tale. >> reporter: -- to "sex and the city," the images have been burned into our imaginations. in real life, bridals by laurie is where many brides come to find that one-of-a-kind show-stopper. can you guys show me the rest of the shop? because i'm looking and i see a lot. it's also the set for tlc's "say yes to the dress atlanta." >> does that mean you're saying? >> i'm saying yes to the dress! >> yay! >> reporter: this 24,000-foot
6:48 am
mega store is a wedding gown destination -- >> here it is! >> reporter: -- with a distinctively southern flair. >> people in the south like to accessorize. >> yes. >> reporter: laurie and her fashion designer monte know gowns. >> we have over 1,000 couture gowns here and it's just a play land. >> magic on hangers is what we have. >> reporter: they wrote the book on the do's and dont's that come along with finding the perfect wedding dress. >> i tried to make this very simple. the three fs. we're going to look at the fillfit of the gown, then we're going to look at the fabric, and then we're going to look at the fashion of it. do you want to be retro? do you want to be modern? are you going to be romantic? or are you going to be traditional and understated? >> reporter: as for monte's number one don't? do not forget about your budget. he says a gorgeous gown can be found in every price range. finding the perfect dress is not always easy. it takes patience and trying on lots of different styles. and the bride may have more opinions to consider, opinions
6:49 am
other than just her own. >> i like this dress. >> reporter: if these walls could talk, what would they say? >> oh, they would say that mama, sometimes you need to hush. >> i like the other dress better. >> reporter: but when the pressure becomes too much, that's when laurie steps in. >> disappointment has set the tone for their entire marriage. learning to compromise starts today. >> reporter: and for the brides who can't seem to make up their minds, in comes monte with a secret weapon. >> it's time to jack her up. >> i'm ready to get jacked up to jesus! >> laurie and i were working, and one day she turned to me and says, get over there and jack up that bride! i just knew what that meant. >> jack me up! we let you see the whole look on your wedding day, not just the dress. >> i never thought these words would come out of my mouth. can you guys jack me up? >> she wants to be jacked up! >> oh, honey, we're going to jack you up southern style. >> uh huh. >> let's do it! ♪ ♪ boom, boom, boom
6:50 am
>> reporter: first comes the "yes to the dress." >> it's a yes! >> yay! >> i've always wanted to say that. >> reporter: then the "i dos." for "today," joelle garguilo, atlanta. tlc's "say yes to the dress atlanta" airs friday nights at 9:00 and we'll be right back with a skating lesson on the plaza. but first, these messages. -[ taste buds ] donuts, donuts! -who are these guys? -oh, that's just my buds. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts.
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♪ i've got a brand new pair of roller skates ♪ this morning on "today's summer saturday," let's roll! we have our skates laced up. >> yeah. >> we've got our helmets, our safety strap on and we're showing off our best roller skating skills. >> and gypsy lucas is with us from skate truck new york. tell us what the skate truck concept is. >> we are a mobile rental roller skate truck. we roll around the city and rent
6:54 am
skates in prospect park and east river and we'll be in inwood hill today and central park pore. >> so roller skating is still cool. >> it's super cool. >> what are we doing? >> we'll learn how to stop and do the limbo. >> a moment ago, i went sailing past. >> you should have seen lester! he went straight past. >> so, with stopping, you want to use your toe stop and you'll drag it behind you. >> okay, so, stop -- >> then come into a "t" position. so, after we do the limbo, you'll stop before you hit our people, right? >> is there someone to catch us in case we don't stop? >> no, you're stopping, you're stopping! >> how do we win the contest? >> limbo, you don't fall down. we're going to put our arms in front, squat down as low as you can go. so, underneath the limbo bar. there you go! fantastic. and turn. turn. good! good! >> and now what? >> let's do it again. let's see how low we can go. guys, cheer them on, here we go!
6:55 am
>> how low can you go? >> how low can you go? >> keep it low. excellent, yeah! >> whoo! >> i win! i win! 30 seconds. bring it down, girl, bring it down. >> bring it down, here we go! >> whoo! ♪ >> oh, no. >> well done! excellent, excellent! >> lester, come on! >> i'm having trouble with the whole thing. >> here we go. this is our last round. >> last round. bring it down, here we go. >> oh, oh! [ laughter ] >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> all right! >> okay, this is our last one. one more, and we're out of time. here we go, here we go! ♪ disco beat >> good. >> that counts, right? >> i think it's a two-way tie.
6:56 am
>> gypsy, thank you for coming on, we appreciate it. we had a fun time. that does it for a saturday. we're going to roll out of here. good morning. i'm kris sanchez. a reason streak of homicides has neighbors scared and concerned. what police are doing to try to end that violence. plus, bring your patience. is it going to be a very busy weekend in the bay area because of two major sport events. we'll show you where it's hapg a happening and how to get around. a jury rules for apple. we'll break down the specifics of the patent battle with samsung and what this could mean for the future of your next smartphone.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. looking live at one of the hot spots of bay area, though the temperatures cool. this is marina green, or what is the america's cup world series weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist roby mayeda. and the breeze that will chill you to the bone in san francisco is making the sailors smile. >> it


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