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tv   Today  NBC  August 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news, tropical storm isaac taking aim this morning t florida keys after pounding cuba and haiti with high winds. now it's expected to be at or near hurricane strength when it hits. already, isaac has forced republicans to push back their convention by a day as tampa prepares to get soaked. this morning, al roker is prepared for the storm. remembering a hero -- >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mine kind. neil armstrong dead at the age of 82. a look back at the man who
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walked on the moon. and remember that picture of jesus that got a botched restoration? it's hard to believe, but now the refurbished painting is more popular than ever. today is sunday, august 26th, popular than ever. today is sunday, august 26th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolf. tropical storm isaac is now taking aim on the florida keys. >> and picking up speed, a storm packing top sustained winds at about 60 miles per hour. expected, as we know, to strengthen as it moves over the warm waters of the florida straits. the wind and waters are starting to pick up in the keys. officials are saying if you haven't gotten out already, you
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should remain indoors as isaac prepares to arrive. >> isaac dumped torrential rains on highty. in cuba, the storm surge covered the entire seaside. storms have delayed the start of the republican national convention in tampa by a day. >> there's a lot more to get to this morning including a utah doctor behind bars charged with the murder of her wife. why the delay? we'll take a look at the case. plus, with the economy struggling, a lot of adult children are being forced to live at home with their parents these days. forget the empty nest. this is called the full nest syndrome. if you heard of this? >> i have. >> oh, yes, you have the adult children, but they've moved up. coming up, advice on how to cope and let your kids spread their wings, if you will. but first, we have complete coverage of isaac. mike, who is in havana, good
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morning to you. >> good morning, jennifer. the storm first hit haiti and yesterday was wide rainfall. officials are now worried about a worsening cholera outbreak. that country is a mess. then it arrived in cuba yesterday. thousands were evacuated by the army. many of those have moved in with friends and family this morning. they've evacuated thousands of head of cattle. on that eastern town, they got hit pretty hard. huge waves are destroying homes. this morning, we're hearing flights to and from miami and havana have been canceled. these are the charter flights that bring in thousands of americans per week from miami to cuba and back and forth. we're watching isaac, a tropical storm. it's going to move along the coast, behind me, across the
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florida straits over to the keys today. we're going to get some strong, gusty winds, heavy flame. there's no real stopping this from intensifying in its past. jenna, the water behind me is a soupy 87 degrees. so cuba coming through this in pretty good shape. back to you. >> mike seidel, thank you. stay safe. >> we want to go to al roker where isaac is expected today at or near hurricane strength. al, good morning. >> good morning, lester. this is still a massive storm. 850 miles roughly in diameter, that's the distance between atlanta and new york city. as this storm system makes its way out over the warmer waters, the worst is yet to come. >> we're going to rent a car and drive, drive out of harm's way. >> here in key west, tourists have been warned, get out of town. officials taking no chances with just hours to get ready for isaac. storm shutters are going up and everyone who is still here is
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hunkering down. plenty of survival supplies are on hand. if the storm knocks out power. meantime, power crews have taking over the daytona speedway, now a grounds to stabilize for emergency repairs. the red cross is in action, as well, sending tons of basic supply shelters across florida and the gulf coast. >> we have everything from supplies for shelters, food rations, everything they could possibly need to shelter a large number of people. >> caution now, the watch word from key west all the way up to tampa where the gop is scaling back their convention just to be safe. >> we need to be prepared, not afraid, but prepared and ready to take action to protect ourselves. >> and this is the latest just in from the national hurricane center, 28 o'clock advisory, currently we now have this system, it's about 135 miles -- 135 miles east-southeast of key
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west, florida. it is moving northwest at 20 miles per hour. west-northwest at 20 miles per hour. it has 65-mile-per-hour winds. we have right now the watches and warnings that are up. the hurricane watches are all the way up to parts of the gulf coast. we're looking at hurricane warnings right now making their way down through southern florida. the tropical storm watches are all the way throughout much of coastal florida and the bahamas and the path of this system, basically, is going to be bringing it right over the keys later this evening. and by sometime early wednesday morning, this system makes landfall along the northern gulf coast at a category 2 storm. it's very concerning because the track of the storm now has been moving slowly to the west. that now includes new orleans. if it stays on this track and makes its way farther west, that will be big problems for new
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orleans, lake pontchartrain. we're basically looking at 8 to 12 inches of rain before this is over and storm surge is a big problem, as well. including tampa, anywhere from 3 to 5 feet of storm surge in that area and that could cause big problems for the republican national convention. lester. >> al, thanks. >> al, thank you again. even though it's not set to make a direct strike, isaac is as you mentioned forcing republican officials to effectively push back the start of their national convention until tuesday. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." at the at the convention site in tampa. david, good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning, jenna. >> it's been a tough week for republicans, the todd akin situation, mitt romney mentioning the birther situation, then you have the convention pushing ahead a day and now we mention in the op-ed
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former governor of florida, charlie crist, throwing his weight behind president obama. >> there's a lot of distractions and mitt romney has to cut his way through here. you mentioned mitt romney cutting short the convention. the mission for mitt romney is the party has image problems, he has image problems. when you look at top advisers, they say, look, we're in a very top race. we're in a very good position. nevertheless, he has to deal with these negatives that are started to pipe ul about him, his perception among voters, how he plays with certain voting groups, latinos or women. he has to go to work on that and there's a lot to accomplish with his own convention speech. >> we've come to see romney connect on a political level, not so much on a personal level. we'll have a chance to do that this week. do we know the specifics of how he plans to roll that out? >> you know, conventions really matter, even in the age when
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they're not decisive because they are an opportunity to talk about vision for the country and a road map of how you're going to get there. i think that's really how romney wants to approach this where he talks about why he's running, what he wants to do. he'll certainly go on the attack and assail president obama's record. but i think he has to let people in a little bit, too. he has to debunk this idea of him being out of touch and super wealthy and disconnected from people's problems. he has to amplify on the strategy and reputation that he has and talk more about his faith and what really motivates him as a person. i think all of that is on the table for him to do. even as you has to try to rebrand the republican party. i think it's crucial for romney to assert his leadership over the republican party. because i think there have been questions all along about whether the party is leading him rather than the other way around with some of these issues that you're seeing, whether it's todd akin and the abortion issue o
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the tea party issue. >> david, we look a look back at 2008 and what the issue was then. then it was tun decided vote. at that time, that vote made up 38%, that according to an apgfk poll. today, that figure is down to 23%. how are republicans looking to appeal for the discrepancy there? what are they looking to do? >> well, again, i think that's a test for governor romney. i think part of this is do you demonstrate some practical leadership? can you use this opportunity to say, look, not only do i have a vision, but here is how i'm going to get it done. you know, you look at focus group data, you look at polling or you talk to people around the country. people are so frustrated with washington, they don't believe that the election will change anything. i think that romney has to deliver a message that, yes, it can change something based on what he's willing to do. he's certainly going to play to his base. there's evidence that this is more of of a based election. but make no mistake, there are people who are watching, who may
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be just tuning in, who may be flat undecided. >> david gregory, thanks. we're going to check back with you in a little bit to preslew on what is coming up on "meet the press." meantime, nbc's coverage of the republican national convention begins tuesday night at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pc. now here is lester. >> jenna, thanks. this morning, neil armstrong is being remembered as an american hero, a man who made his country believe with enough no-how we can do anything. the first man to walk on the moon died on saturday at the age of 82. tom, good morning. >> good morning, lester. it was remarkable. consider for a moment what apollo 11 was all about. it was the more daring mission ever undertaken in human history and neil armstrong was selected commander because he was the epitome of cool under pressure. >> they are words forever etched in the world's collective memory, transmitted from 240,000 miles away.
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>> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> with those words, neil armstrong gently touched his foot down on the moon moments later followed by buzz aldron. moments later, you described wait was like. >> much like the high desert of the united states. he it's different, but very pretty out here. >> jay barbery has covered every one of nas ta's manned missions and knew neil armstrong permanently. >> neil armstrong was, without question, the greatest person of the 20th century. historians will write his event with the greatest event of the 20th century. >> these are the astronauts who were orbit in the gemini. >> americans were first introduced to neil armstrong in
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1962. he was the quiet farm kid from ohio who had flown tighter jets in korea, then became a test pilot and a rising star at nasa. another ohioan and the first man to orbit the earth, john glenn. >> all of his life, he was someone dedicated to this country who was willing to dare greatly, i'd put it in those words, dare greatly. >> in 1969, just before his mission to the moon with buzz aldron and michael collins, he spoke to frank mcgee about what he expected. >> i hope -- i hope it will be relatively mild. it's well intentioned to make a smooth touchdown that you might expect in a airplane or helicopter. >> in fact, the final seconds of apollo's landing were anything but smooth as the spacecraft was headed straight for a boulder field. with fuel running low, armstrong
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grabbed the controles and flew to a safe landing in the lunar dust. >> lights on. forward, forward. 30 feet down. picking up some dust. >> and then the radio message that meant humans had accomplished something truly unbelievable. >> houston, base here, the eagle has landed. >> back home, the crew of apollo 11 were hailed as true american heroes, but neil armstrong never cashed in on his fame or name recognition. instead, he returned to ohio to teach, rarely giving interviews, never signing an autograph that could be auctioned to the highest bidder and always sharing credit with others. he talked to the "today" show in 1984. >> i think it was about 99% dedication of the people who put our spacecraft together and ensured it worked the way it was supposed to work. >> in 2009, neil armstrong celebrated the 40th year
6:15 am
anniversary of the middle and talked about the next generation of explorers. >> young minds in our own country and around the world now believe they can do great things. and they can. >> you know, we think of him as an american hero, but i've heard this story. in belgium, a father of four was jumping up and down when he landed on the moon screaming, we did it, we did it. that was my father-in-law and he did it for all of humanity. >> and you and i were doing that when we were kids. i was struck by that thinking we can't even put a man in orbit now, can we? >> yeah. and actually, he took issue with the current administration's position on the program. he felt we had lost our focus. >> thanks very much. time now for the rest of this morning's news stories. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. there's been a fatal grizzly
6:16 am
bear attack in alaska's denali national park. 49-year-old richard white of san diego was photographing the bear when it mauled and killed him. photos he took showed he had walked within 50 feet of the bear, far less than the quarter mile buffer required by park rules. authorities are charging a 25-year-old man with aggravated criminal sex abuse in connection with the st. louis teenager who said she was held captive in his southwestern illinois home for nearly three years. authorities say 25-year-old steven elliott johnson repeatedly had forceable sex with the girl who was only 15 when she disappeared. overseas now, syrian rebels are accusing government troops of committing a massacre in a town the army had just retain from them. rebel leaders say more than 200 people were killed saturday, most of them execution style as troops conducted house to house raids southwest of damascus. and, of course, we have big reality tv news.
6:17 am
mtv is reporting that tv celeb snooki has given birth to her first child, a boy. low republican zoe dominick levai was born this morning. we're told the jersey shore star, her fiancee and her child are all doing great. that's the news. now back to lester, jenna and -- oh, wait, we have an update. little lorenzo apparently did his first fist pump, so mom and dad are very happy. >> good for lorenzo. bill karins is here with a check off your national forecast. all eyes on -- >> all eyes are still on isaac and what that storm will do. but i'll tell you what, yesterday, in southeast virginia, you probably felt like you had a hurricane overhead. it was one of the heaviest rainfall events in the history. extensive flooding, as you can see. even i-95 was closed in both
6:18 am
directions at one point. police are urging people to stay home if possible as many of the roads are still closed. again, isaac, the effects most of you felt in south florida today, it will be a tropical storm and a minimal hurricane tonight. we have rainfall in iowa yesterda here's a live vie over san francisco this morning. mostly cloudy, mostly windy. a few breaks in the cloud. allowing sun to creep through. as you watch america's cup coming up at 11:30, it will be gusty and rough on the water. wind gusts above 30 miles per hour this morning. our temperatures hour by hour, not warming up a whole lot. a sea breeze, cooled day around the bay area with 60s and 70s for highs. as things start to warm up for the work week. > of course, more on isaac later in the show. back to you, lester. >> bill, thanks. up next, a botched attempt at restoring a popular fresco in spain may be the best thing that
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good morning to you. looking live at san francisco. you can ee the flag in the distance. there is a lot of breezy, breezy wind coming over. it's breezy and windy, both. >> if you have a wing sail on your ac-45, or you'll have fast speed. all the action coming up at 11:30 this morning. gusty winds, sea breeze not just for san francisco but all across the bay this morning. how about fairfield. look at the wind. southwest at 32 mile per hour into solano county. that gives you a sneak preview not just for the america's cup,
6:27 am
sunny skies, mid-50s, could get gusts around 30 miles an hour. if your plans include the evening, perhaps, watching the giants, we'll be looking at 50s then, too. also cool and breezy out at the ballpark. notice hour by hour for temperatures, try to find some 70s on the map. you can see how cool it's going to be this -- for this time of year. mid-70s and only the warmest places inland. once we get past today, a little less wind and looks more like august. we'll see temperature warming up to the middle of the week. petaluma baseball stars get one more game at the little league world series today. the boys will hit the field against panama for the consolation game at 8:00 this morning. petaluma and tennessee scored a little league world series record, 40 runs in yesterday's u.s. title game. that includes the ten runs petaluma scored in the bottom of the sixth. they ended up losing 24-16.
6:28 am
state pension reform legislation could be passed in sacramento this week. democrats see the legislation as a major victory -- rather, a major key to convincing voters to approve governor brown's tax hike initiative in november. mercury news reports democrats will hold conference committee meetings on pension reformerly this week. then they plan to hold a floor vote before friday's midnight deadline. samsung might be forced to pull fonz from u.s. stores. jury awarded apple over $1 billion, agreeing samsung violated six of apple's smartphone patents. now a hearing is scheduled for september 20th. that will decide whether or not to ban phones that violate apple's patents from u.s. stores. the l.a. times reports experts predict the ruling will send other phone makers back to the drawing board to avoid violating those patents. the birthday party continues
6:29 am
in sunnyvale. the city turns 100 this weekend and celebrating with a festival at heritage park museum which highlights achievement of the city. a parade kicked off the fun sunday morning. people taking in the fun say sunnyvale is a special place to call home. >> i love sunnyvale. it's part of me. part of my life. when i retired people asked, what are you going to do? i said i'm going to live in sunnyvale instead of leaving to go to work every day. this is the first time i felt that i'm at home. >> we have all the day's news coming up for you at 7:00.
6:30 am
we're back on a sunday morning, august 26th, 2012. a beautiful day here in new york city. our thanks to this lucky crowd for being here with us outside on the plaza. still to come in this half hour, a utah doctor arrested for the death of his wife, which happened five years ago. >> and you might be surprised to know it was the couple's children who fought to have this case reopened and to have their father arrested. then all eyes will be on tampa, florida, this week for the republican national convention. we're going to find out why the candidate's families will play a pivotal role even if they never say a word. >> the that, plus the storm is down there.
6:31 am
plus, looking for sunglasses. we have some help for you because, actually, you have to fit the shape of your sunglasses to the shape of your face, which i did not know. and also, we're going to talk about something called the full nest syndrome. we've talked about empty nest syndrome. this is when your kids either never leave or come home. >> you didn't have that problem, though, right? your kids left right after -- >> well, my youngest just graduated college, so he's around. >> so you've had the full and the empty nest. >> and the empty nest. but we want to head down to key west, florida, because they're the next to feel the effects of tropical storm isaac. let's talk to al roker now. will it be a hurricane or tropical storm when it hits there? >> it will be awfully close, lester, but it certainly will make its way, then, into the atlantic and certainly strengthen. here in the keyes and in throughout much of southern florida, folks are not taking this lightly.
6:32 am
they're getting their preparations, boarding up is going. people are laying in supplies. they are getting ready. plywood is a very hot commodity as people get ready to board up their windows, their doors, their homes. they are not taking -- they're getting generators, fuel, everything to ride this system out as it gets ready to make its way and its effects felt. even though the path of the storm has moved farther to the west, this storm system is 850 miles in diameter. so that means we are going to feel the effects in quite a wide swath. 135 miles east-southeast of key west, 60 miles per hour winds. it's moving northwest at 20 miles per hour. so we are looking at a very, very strong storm. the path of this thing will come over the keys tonight and make its way towards the northern gulf sometime on wednesday. now let's get more of your weather with bill karins. >> thanks so much, al. be safe down there. other areas of concern out there
6:33 am
today, over the weekend, not a lot. it's typical before we get these big storms to have quiet weather conditions. we have rain out there up through maryland, especially, trying to work its way up into central pennsylvania. the other rainey spot, we're loving the rain and appreciating it, west of dallas, heading towards central missouri, a good soaking band up through eye where a where some areas got four inches yesterday. we saw those horrible drought conditions. here is the forecast map for your sunday. of course, the west is now starting to head for serious drought concerns. a lot of smoke out there for the fires especially burning the areas of idaho. that's a look at your sunday forecast we've got a cool sunday lined up. breezy and some drizzle for the morning. watch these temperature hour by hour. i think we'll maybe manage mid-70s inland around the trivalley and areas south of san jose. not what you expect to see this
6:34 am
time of the year. highs for the weekend, 60s and 70s. may feel cooler than that due to gusty wind. toward the work week we'll get warming. sea breeze will back off to allow our inland temperatures to get back to mid-80s and cooler as we approach next weekend. we have our friends here, our cleveland friends going across here -- where are you from? connecticut? i was going to say kentucky. trying to confuse me. i had them all over the map. if you want your hour by hour forecast, get that at or on the weather channel. back to you, lester. >> bill, thanks. a utah doctor is behind bars charged with murdering his wife more than five years ago. when michelle mcneil died in april 2007, the cause of death was initially ruled natural causes. as nbc's kristen dahlgren reports, it was the couple's children who demanded the case be reopened. >> i was murdered that day too. my whole life changed. this was -- she was my whole
6:35 am
life. >> reporter: five years after her mother's death, alexis summers is still grieving. and still convinced it is her father to blame. >> it was horrifying. i mean, he killed my mother. he killed my mother who was my best friend. most wonderful, incredible person. and she was murdered by him and he was released waurking the streets. >> reporter: on april 11, 2007, 50-year-old michelle mack neil was found dead in the bathtub of the utah home she shared with her husband martin, a prominent doctor. at the time, an autopsy ruled the death was from natural causes. but authorities now believe martin urged his wife to get cosmetic surgery and drugged her while she was in his care. mcneil served time in federal prison for fraud. it wasn't until friday that he was arrested for his wife's death after some of his children pushed to reopen the investigation. in a statement to nbc news, an attorney for martin mcneil
6:36 am
writes, it is regrettable that other bad acts which mr. mcneil admittedly committed have apparently led to the wrong conclusion that he's a murderer. such determination is seemingly ignorant of the conclusions of the medical examiner who twice found that mrs. mcneil died of natural causes. mr. mcneil will vigorously defend himself and is confident the truth will set him free. mcneil is scheduled for a court appearance monday. his daughters say they'll be there. >> i miss her. you know? we all miss her so much. >> reporter: vowing to do all they can to see their father spend the rest of his life behind bars. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. up next, their moment in the political spotlight, how all eyes are on the families of mitt romney and paul ryan during this week's convention. i've worked hard to build my family. and also to build my career. so i'm not about to always let my frequent bladder urges, or the worry my pipes might leak get in the way of my busy lifestyle. that's why i take care, with vesicare.
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mitt romney and paul ryan will spend this weekend getting personal with voters. they want to use the republican national convention to communicate their life stories, sending the message that they are the best choice to lead the country. it is also a chance to introtuesday theintroduce their families to a national audience. here is nbc's ron mott. while mitt romney and paul ryan are household names by now, their respective households and extended families are not. but with an expected national television audience in the tens of millions, this week's rnc convention will put them center stage, directly in the spotlight, some for the first time. and while ann romney has a speaking role in tampa, most of their family members will speak volumes without upering erinupee word. >> this is different than what it was in earlier american history. you couldn't imagine eleanor roosevelt going before a
6:40 am
democratic convention and telling anecdotes about what a great guy franklin is. but nowadays it is essential. >> reporter: for the romneys and their five adult sons, 2012 is another round on the national stage, this time in a leading role, where the ryans, wife and mom janna and three small children, it is a sudden brush with fame. for both families making just the right impression is paramount. >> traditionally american voters are looking for almost any clue they can get into what the candidate's soul is. if you see a candidate and his wife and his children are all on good terms, they seem to like each other and have a happy history together, that sends a message to the voter. >> reporter: the message is in conventions past are as varied as the families who headline. who can forget al and tipper gore's lingering smooch, or the bush twins all grown up the second time around in 2004. >> ladies and gentlemen, one of the two most loving, thoughtful people we know -- >> your president and our dad,
6:41 am
george w. bush. >> bristol palin's closely watched baby bump. >> hi, daddy. >> sasha obama's scene stealing performance in denver four years ago. >> hello, everybody. >> the applause, the winks and nods, the colors of the clothes, it is all on display now with no do-overs. >> conventions are now largely a commercial for the candidate. and one of the rare times a candidate gets the opportunity to display his family in a crowd pleasing with a for a long time. >> reporter: for "today," ron mott, nbc news, columbus, ohio. now here's lester. >> jenna, thanks. remember the fresco in spain basically ruined when a church parishioner took it upon herself to restore it? the botched paint job may not be such a bad thing after all as nbc's duncan golestani tells us, it is more popular than ever. >> reporter: the lines reached the door and everyone wants to get a photo next to the art work
6:42 am
of cecilia gimenez. of course, the fresco of jesus suddenly became cecilia's art work when she painted over the 120-year-old original thinking it needed restoring. we fixed it, she claimed. but not everyone felt the same way, especially the artist's granddaughter. >> translator: she's destroyed this painting. >> reporter: the fresco known as ecce homo, meaning behold the man was becoming famous as behold the monkey. >> this is not good. >> i cannot even look at it. >> reporter: maybe someone was watching down on the elderly churchgoers and saw her good intentions because the painting's value has gone from simply sentimental to being so popular, the crowd have to be kept back. a visitor says the original was beautiful, but she likes this one. even the mayor is leaving flowers for cecilia and parodies are sweeping the internet. the last supper, leonardo da
6:43 am
vin vinci's mona lisa and the scream raises a smile. all getting that distinctive gimenez restoration. >> doesn't have any artistic merit at all, but it has a social quirkiness to it which makes one want to go there. >> reporter: tomorrow, a group of professional art restorers are expected to arrive in the town to decide if the fresco can be saved. but maybe they'll think this was the divine intervention. for "today," duncan golestani, nbc news, london. just ahead, how to handle it when your adult children move back home. [ female announcer ] kraft singles have no artificial flavors
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6:46 am
children come back home to roost. joining us, "today" contributor and parenting expert michelle borba and cnbc personal finance expert sharon epperson. sharon, let me begin with you, it is clearly a growinging trend. there was data from 2007 to 2009, almost a quarter of americans, 20 to 34 years old, were living with their parents, up 17% from 1980. fair to state economy has driven these numbers. >> fair to say that and the most recent data on unemployment holds that to be true when you look at the fact that youth unemployment is more than double what the national unemployment rate is, over 17%. and for black and latino youth, of course, much higher than that. there is a real issue in terms of young people being able to find jobs, that will be able to sustain them, to live outside of the home. that's a major reason why many of them are coming back home to live. >> is it all economic or is there a case where sometimes young people get very comfortable living in the nest
6:47 am
and uses this as a way of delaying taking on major responsibilities in life? >> economy is certainly what is fueling the largest trend, but we started to see a trend that was prior recession, and that was what we called the boomerang generation. a little too micromanaged, a little too dependent on us and as a result, they were failing to launch. their development was kind of arrest and we called them the peter pan syndrome kids, weren't growing up. if that's the case with your child you need to start taking that step back so you can launch them. >> let's talk about the effect on mom and dad. sharon, the survey says a quarter of parents have taken on debt to support their stay at home kids. how do they deal with this or having to put off retirement, what do they do to make sure the stay at home kids don't bankrupt them. >> one thing you don't want to do is jeopardize your own financial future and one of the things that a lot of young people have come to be very comfortable with as michelle said is the sense of
6:48 am
entitlement, that i grew up this way, so that way as soon as i graduate from college, i should live this way, not realizing their parents struggled for years, for decades to get where they are. >> why not charge them rent? >> you need to let them know that's what i did. i had to stay with someone and pay rend. you're staying with me, but still going to have to pay rent. that's a good idea and a lot of parents say why should i do that? figure out how many rooms you have in your house and charge them a fraction of that for rent. make sure they're doing chores or something to contribute to the household. >> michelle, how would you set up boundaries in the case of stay at home kids? >> have the family talk asap and you're going to be doing four different things. first, you're going to spell out your expectations and we're talking immediately that you will be helping, but you're not going to be running a bed and breakfast here. you're expecting the kid to chip in, lend a hand, do the chores. number two, this is probably the hardest one, you want to respect your child's privacy a little more because they left as a
6:49 am
teen, but they're not comie now back as an adult. you want to make sure you keep fuelling that relationship so they see themselves as an adult. you need to help them set an exit plan, create a plan so that eventually they will be leaving that house. you need to sit and most importantly figure out the why factor, what is stifling your child from keeping on. is he lacking interview skills? he doesn't have an internship and needs to get out there and do t maybe his resume needs tampering up and maybe that degree he had isn't right for the political job market. he needs to go one step more with it. most importantly, you also need to create what is called a time limit. there is a point where you keep watching your child's intention, you keep making sure he's out there trying to get that job, but if he's not, now you are going to be doing boot camp parenting and that's a little tough stuff. >> tough conversation. i love you, but get out. time to go. >> no bailouts, no handouts,
6:50 am
stick to your guns. >> you're tough. michelle, sharon, thank you very much. now here's jenna. ♪ get yourself some cheap sunglasses ♪ this morning on "today's style," finding the right sunglasses to your face shape. they frame your face, protect you from the sun and can be classic or trendy. you could even call them the most important summer accessory. style expert jackie stafford is here to show us how to choose the right look for our face shape. good morning. can sunglasses really make or break your face? >> absolutely. sunglasses can make you look ten pounds slimmer, can make you look younger, they're a miraculous accessory if you get the right ones for your face shape. >> we'll start with claudette. she has a square face shape. let's take a look and talk on the other side. >> i'm claudette and i have a square-shaped face. my challenge is with sunglasses is that i never know what is
6:51 am
right for me. i try on tons of sunglasses. >> the key if you have a square face shape is to look for rounded frames. when that does is soften any angular features. angular lines are going to make your face look more angular. you want to soften them with round shapes like this. >> all right, jackie, why do you like these sunglasses? >> a square-shaped face you want to contrast that by adding roundness. it makes it softer. you think about sunglasses, they should counteract with your face shape. you want to counteract the square shape of her face by adding nice curves. >> claudette, thank you very much. i appreciate it. the next face shape is a round face and dawn. let's see what fits a round shape face first. >> i am dawn and i'm extremely picky about my sunglasses and i have a round face. >> the rounder face, the squarer the frame should be. you want to try and look for opposites. something like a very round ones
6:52 am
like this won't necessarily do you any favors. they're beautiful glasses and would look great on somebody with a square face shape. so when you're looking for things, you want to look for glasses that have more of a rectangle frame, maybe something like this, and always look for pieces that are the same width or wider than the width of your face because it slims down your face. got it? >> thank you, jackie. >> all right, jackie, why do you like these glasses for a round face? >> it is very modern silhouette. but also take a look at the actual color of these. these are by nine west. the reason i love them, look at the tan, very flattering for her skin tone. >> dawn, thank you so much. next up, the heart-shaped face, which i didn't know what this was until i looked it up. debbie has a haeart-shaped face. let's see how she did shopping for her frames. >> my name is debbie and i have a heart-shaped face. i spend hours shopping for sunglasses. >> when you have a heart-shaped faces, one of the styles that
6:53 am
looks good is something like an aviator. the reason this one looks good on you, it mimics your natural face shape. it is broad at the top and narrow at the bottom, so it complements a beautiful heart-shaped face. what you wouldn't do for this shape is go for a very big rounder face shape or big square, an oversized sunglass. what that will do is overwhelm the delicateness of your face shape. >> like the oversized shaped glasses for her? >> no, i like the aviator. you want to go for an aviator. that mimics with the natural face of your shape. >> last one we have is oval. oval. that's my face here. suzanna has an oval face. let's see what looks greatest for the oval shaped face. >> hi, i'm suzanna. i learned today that i have an oval shaped face. i love fashion. i'm open to trying any trend. >> so when you're lucky enough
6:54 am
to have an oval faced shape like suzanna here, you can basically wear anything. what try to recommend is embrace the trends. you can get away with anything you want. this is what we love. maybe like something printed frame for example, neon, a big trend, for the cat eye trend. so any one of the style trends you can embrace with gusto. >> suzanna, come on out. so is the gist here if you have an oval shaped face, you're in the money because you can pretty much sport anything. >> you are in the money. when you have an oval face, can embrace any trend. you're very lucky. you have -- >> i >> so, what do you got? you something you think would suit me? >> i brought these for you. i know you love an aviator. i brought these, these are very modern, squarer, modern cat eye. they're a very, very -- >> just you describing them as a square, modern cat eye makes me feel fancy. >> look how fabulous they look on you.
6:55 am
doesn't she look great? really well with your hair as well. we have the beautiful light lifted sides. >> thank you. i can keep this on as i read this, as we bring everybody out here. jackie stafford, thank you and all the models. we really appreciate it. wool be right back. all the models. we really appreciate it. mornings are a special time for the two of you... and now you can make them even more special... with new fancy feast mornings. mornings are delicious protein rich entrées... with garden veggies and egg. each one perfectly designed... to start her day with a little love. new fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. the best ingredient is love.
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