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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, a coyote scare that has the south bay neighborhood on edge. see why it's not just residents affected. >> bay area help now on the way for victims ofç tropical storm isaac. >> the hero's welcome waiting this morning for the members of the petaluma little league team. >> a live look outside for this monday morning overlooking the golden gate bridge. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it's monday already. 4:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> just getting ready. i'm laura garcia-cannon. good to see you. republicans in tampa this morning readyç to nominate mit romney for president. >> theyç have to wait another
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day, the first day of the convention has been scrapped because of tropical storm isaac that is expected to turn into a hurricane. the latest from the national weather service shows isaac moving away from tampa and gaining strength over the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. even so, the gop released a new shortened three-day schedule for the convention starting tomorrow. republicans hoping the weather won't completely steal the show from mitt romney. >> to get mitt romney and show >> to ge&háhp &hc&ney and show ayrñ this a officially open the convention, then recess five minutes later and come back tuesday. by then they hope the focus will be on romney, not isaac. >> meteorologist christina loren keeping a close eye on tropical storm isaac. and its every move. >> good morning to you. right now tropical storm isaac is rather strong for a tropical storm. you start at a hurricane at 71
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miles per hour. isaac is packingç winds of 65 miles per hour. you can see what aç sprawling storm it is, a massive storm. it's looking like it's going to make landfall in new orleans as a category 1 storm tomorrow at about 1:00 p.m. central time or 3:00 p.m. our time. we're going to keep watching this. it looks like the most damaging component of isaac will be very strong winds. this is an area of the country, though, that really needs the rain so we're going to sort it out for you throughout the morning plus we'll take a look at the new week, we have a new forecast. i think you'll like it. that's coming up. >> we'll look forward toç that. many california republicans are on the way to florida or there already. one going by special invitation. 25-year-old ricky gill running for congress is one of the selected speakers. kimberly tere caught up with him before he left and has this report. >> they are going to hear about
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my family first generation story, how we can revive in this district and new leadership can provide the difference. >> 25-year-old ricky called a young gun by the national republican committee has two minutes to address the thousands of delegates at theç convention. >> i would like them to know i'm a young person who cares immensely about this community and the reason i ran in the first place and there is so much urgency behind this campaign, the people of the ninth district are more underrepresented than any in america. when i announced my campaign there was not a single state or federal representative who lived in this seat. we're going to restore the people's place in politics. >> gill is hoping to unseat jerry mcnerany in november. his spokesperson said this highlights a clear$ráur'ction between jerry who has fought foç the area for six years and a proven independent voice and a young kid who never had a job
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and just wants to follow in lock step with the ultra conservative washington republican leadership. the ninth district which was created during the 2011 redistricting process includes mountain house, tracy north of interstate 205, the majority of san joaquin county and a portion of contra costa county. gill says the republicans are pushing to bring a better brand of politics to young voters and he's happy to be part of it. gill is taking the red eye to though the schedule is in flux because of the tropical storm, speak on tuesday. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> a rally is held in the south bay to call for peace in that city of san jose. there have been eight homicides in san jose in the past two weeks and police say much of this violence is gang related. in san jose some of the church members are ex-gang members and so are two of the senior pastors. the church is starting a 30-day outreach sending teams of former gang members into the highest
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crime areas in san jose andç trying to reach those gang members with aç spiritual message. >> i think that what our experience of being there at one time is able to relate to them and being able to say look, i was there, i've done that, i know what you feel. >> tonight's rally gets under way at 6:30 in front of san jose city hall. >> today we're hoping to learn more about a deadly plane crash in lake tahoe that happened just after takeoff from the south lake tahoe airport saturday night. the crash started a one-acre fire. though the plane wasç register toç francisco lee la mora of fresno. >> we'll learn more on what caused a deadly air crash in reno. the ntsb says it will release its conclusion to their nearly
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year-long investigation. they have focused on loose screws in the tail when a section tore off before the crash. the accident happened during last year's reno air races. 11 people were çkilled, dozens more çinjured. this year's air race will be in a few weeks and extra pre-flight safety inspections will be used. >> we'll learn more about the explosion at the chevron refinery in richmond. >> the first in the series of meetings will update residents on what went wrong on august 6. christie smith is live with a preview for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've been out to one of the claims centers here in richmond. the lines were long and people had a lot of questions. so today, city and county leaders are going to be holding a meeting here ine let people know what's going on withç the various investigations. there are at least five including those going on with state, federal and local agencies. the idea is to give residents insight into the process and
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what they learned so far after that massive refinery fire at chevron on august 6 in richmond. this comes as chevron has closed its claims centers here in the city at those two locations but says that it will still process a claim on an 800 number for people who have health problems. about 18,000 claims wereç processed so far. &háhp &hc& would pay medical expenses and they also said that they received some questionable claims like those for viagra and $2,000 dental bill but say they are paying for legitimate and appropriate expenses. today's meeting is at the city council chambers, 440 civic center plaza in richmond. that meeting starts at 10:00 this morning. reporting live in richmond, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 4:37. hundreds of small to moderate earthquakes continued to rattle southern california today an u we learned a hospital )q first day
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of school postponed near the epicenter. the strongest quake was 5.5 and happened just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon near the town of rawley east of san diego. the shaking began at about 10:30 -- rather 10:00 yesterday morning with a 3.0 quake, and the hits kept coming. this video shows one of the stronger quakes shaking books off shelves. >> every earthquake makes another more likely andç especially if you're in rawley you're going to have çevents. we're having something around 3.5 right now. and that will be continuing today and perhaps for many days. >> 30 mobile homes near the epicenter were knocked off their foundations. the pioneer memorial hospital evacuated patients and the first day of school in rawley is delayed until the buildings have been inspected. inare no injuries reported. >> firefighters battling a fire south of redding have a new
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challenge today -- wind. strong winds are threatening to cause the fire to jump its containment lines.ç the national weather service issued a red flagç warning acrs much of northern california because of the wind. the warning comes just as firefighters were able to get the fire about 75% contained. the fire destroyed 64 homes so far, another 300 are still threatened. >> good morning, it's 4:39. a new work week means a new forecast. >> hey, good morning ladies, good morning to you at home. we're in that transitional period between fall, rounding out the summer and we get some of the best temperatures all year longç in this timeframe s. this is how it works out;htoda. we're starting out nice and comfortable in the 50s. we don't have a lot of fog to point out. partly cloudy conditions. other atmosphere getting mixed up by the winds so yes, breezy today. temperatures all week just a
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touch below their seasonal averages. throughout today it works like this. between now and about 8:00 we'll see your valleys fill up with low clouds, but as we continue through the remainder of the day that will push out to sea, abundant sunshine for the greater bay area. through the second half of the ç day, highs comfortable, 78 degrees in sa% jose. 74 for fremont and 64 degrees in san francisco. we get the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes, it's not going to get out that front door now. mike's here to help you out. >> look at the north bay. christina is talking about not as much fog as there was so we don't have the warning for drivers but i have to tell you about road work clearing north of highway 37, northbound 101 but the yellow zone, speeds below 60 and not a major concern. also crews south of that, richmond/san rafael bridgal tht would be around sirç francis drake. both directions have construction crews. over to the east, smooth flow,
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yellow on these maps. a live look at the toll plaza crossing the bridge. a light volume. you can see the east shore freeway and then further south through fremont, 880 past the truck scales. an earlier accident that has cleared and no major injuries. >> everything looks so clear. win dex shine. petaluma's little league team coming home afterç finishing t run in the little league world series.ç >> bradley smith, nice shot. >> very nice, bradley smith. yesterday petaluma took on panama in a consolation game. they scored early and often, cruising to a 12-4 win to finish in third place. the team is scheduled to arrive at sfo around 11:00 this morning. petaluma city leaders planning a parade for next sunday. for the little league world series title game japan beat
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tennessee, 12-2.>> we take thir >> come çon. great. great stuff. >> 4:42. still ahead, tropical storm isaac has not hit the gulf coast but it's taking a toll on the country. find out how it's affecting gas prices.
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>> welcome back everyone. a good monday morning to you. taking a live look outside. hp pavilion in san jose, all quiet right now. 4:45. >> tropical storm isaac is gaining strength as it heads into the gulf coast. people living in that region are preparing for the worst after what happened during hurricane katrina seven years ago. hurricane warnings are in effect across the entire coastal region. in louisiana people have been sandbagging throughout the weekend forç likely flooding. forecasters say;hrápph could tn into a category 2 hurricane as it marches toward new orleans. >> now is not the time to panic but it is the time to engage to get ready throughout the year we talked about being prepared. now is the time to begin to execute. >> later today tropical storm isaac is expected to pass through southern florida and thousand there is have been left in the dark without power. >> i know christina, you're keeping your eye on it as well.
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>> very close eye. i actually worked in miami for three years. i have colleagues there giving me upç to the minute reports a what i canç tell you is of coue you think of new orleans, of course the first thing your mind goes to is hurricane katrina. this is not as powerful of a storm, not even close to as powerful as katrina was. the projected path and intensity of isaac as we head through tomorrow. very tranquil in comparison, lucky that we're waking up on the west coast this morning as the entire eastern seaboard is focused on that storm. for us, an area of low pressure. this is going to keep us cool all week.ç i'm happy to report that temperatures are going to be in t 70s and 80s all week long. except for maybe wednesday. temperatures might approach the 90-degree mark but san jose, 78 degrees today. 80 degrees tomorrow and 82 degrees as we head through wednesday. so staying comfortable in some
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of the south bay cities. as we head throughout today we're going to see the breeze pick up. by 4:00 p.m., winds will be gusty. look to the key, you see you get the yellow and the green by the coastline. pretty strong winds throughout this afternoon. you want to keep that in mind. might get a little bit difficulç when it comes to driving over bridges through the second half commute home as now more and more people will be commuting home, the kids are back at it. a look at the drive in a minute. mike's coming up. 87 degrees in concord. 74 in fremont and 78 degrees right here in san jose. you cannot beat it. now, as we head through wednesday and thursday a touch warmer. we'll cool you down just in time for the weekend. back to you ladies. >> thanks so much. tropical storm isaac could send labor day prices soaring. we turn to bertha coombs for more. goodç morning. >> good morning. i wish i hadç better news. oil already trading above $97 a barrel, gasoline, natural gas
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prices are higher as well. that possible impact of the storm already has a lot of production. 85% of offshore oil production could be temporarily shut down, 68% of nat gas output. what is more critical to watch is when isaac makes landfall if it does as a hurricane, possibly on wednesday, forecasters think up to 40% of u.s. refiners alonç the gulf coast could be affected by the potentialç category 2 storm surge. futures are higher, the markets off a week when the dow and s&p 500 snapped their winning streaks at 6, even though both of the indexes hit four-year highs during the week and we did see a nice rally on friday. this morning not too much action, asian and european markets are mixed. we're going to get reports this week on home prices, consumer confidence, and the pace of economic growth better known as gdp. the big focus likely the big
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speechç on friday, ben bernank expected to speak atç a conference in wyoming in jackson hole, not a bad place to go in august. he's likely hopefully to make some sort of indication as to what the feds' next move might be about the economy. the dow starts at 13,157, after rising 100 on friday. the nasdaq at 3069 up 16. i'm always jealous of our economic reporter this time of the year because he has to go report from jackson hole, wyoming. >> does what he can. you as well. thank you, bertha&ç >> san diego man has been identified as the first person mauled to death by a grizzly bear in alaska's denali national park. areas are closed after 49-year-old richard white was attacked there friday. >> first the back pack and then torn clothing was discovered by
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some other day hikers in the area. and they then turned around, hiked back to the road and reported it to park rangers. >> rangers sayç they found hr(tc photos of a grizzly taken from about 50 yards away. hikers are told to stay at least a quarter mile away from bears. rangers shot a 600-pound male bear that was guarding white's remains. tests confirm it was the same bear that attacked him. >> how sad. up next, oakland giving its sports team some love. the one team already making plans for a new water front stadium across the bay. we'll have the latest on the warriors. >> go warriors. here is 101 in the southç bay, smooth drive, a couple things to that coming up.
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>> welcome back. here is a nice live look, yes, that is the city by the bay, san francisco all lit up on this early monday morning. we'll get a full look at the forecast in a moment. it's 4:53. >> the city ofç oakland is celebrating its professional sportsç teams. mayor kwan will lead a rally. the mayor will be joined by business leaders, sports stars and fans outside city hall at 11:00. festivities start september 10th when the raiders host the
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san diego chargers on "monday night football." lock at that face paint. it concludes when the a's host the baltimore orioles. >> officials with the golden state warriors announce the name of two firms they are hiring to build a planned new sports complex in san çfrancisco. the team owners say they are hiring snowheada and icon for the sports and entertainment complex. it's a san francisco-based firm with experience in sports facilities and the other a norwegian company. >> we worked with the great library of alexandra in egypt, the opera in oslo, the world trade center pavilion in new york city and recently and exciting commission has been the expansion of theç museum of modern art in san francisco. the complex is planned for piers 30 and 32, and would serve not
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only as a sports arena but also as a concert and convention venue. the project, if and when it wins final approval is expected to create thousands of jobs and pour hundreds of millions into the economy. it's due to open in five years. >> nice piece of real estate too. great to enjoy. if it all happens. let's check in with that morning commute. one thing at a time. >> we're looking all right. there are twoç things for the south bay, not just one. speeds for the freeways, we did get a report of an accident but more detail also came in, this is south 280, an accident but no injuries. this is a hit and run so unfortunately hi we're looking for information on that but there is no lane closures because of this. good news. also off the freeway here, tully at mclaughlin. 101 itself is moving smoothly as well as the on and off ramps. they get gummed up because of
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the volumeç later on. easy flow throughç the dublin interchange. that's pretty much for the whole tri-valley. no incidents reported. palo alto moves smoothly. 101, northbound with a few headlights. similar for southbound along the stretch. in the north bay 101 smooth drive, southbound 101 here in san rafael curves at terra linda, and a few heading north without delay. back to you. >> thanks. 4:56. the video game madden nfl 13 hits shelves on tuesday. preorders are up ç25% comparedo last year. fans say playing theç game is like being on the field. >> it's fun making those touchdowns and everything, the excitement. >> real is lick. >> yeah. feels like the real super bowl. >> it keeps getting better. >> let's hope it doesn't feel like it as well with the hits. along with various visual and
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technological improvements users can connect to facebook and twitter throughout the game to brag about victories. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," safety concerns in theç n jose neighborhood after coyotes were spotted inç the streets. how residents are responding. also tropical storm isaac gathers strength in the gulf of mexico. we're tracking its movement, next. >> for all of your news, weather and traffic updates check us out on facebook.
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preparing for isaac, the tropical storm barreling toward the gulf coast, bringing with it memories of hurricane katrina. how the coast is preparing. >> and we just received the latest advisory on the future track and intensity of isaac. we'll have that plus it's a new work week and a new forecast to talk about. that's coming up. >> and that forecast


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