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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning the red light legislation some say evens the score. big changes on the way for california drivers. we'll explain in a live report. >> soon to be hurricane isaac bringing bad weather on the gulf of mexico. >> gearing up, a new warning about camping in yosemite. >> and giving you a live look, that is the city by the bay, it looks clear but we'll get the 411 from christina loren on this tuesday, august 28th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon
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kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good tuesday morning to you. >> good morning, ladies, good morning to you at home. we've got a lot to talk about not just when it comes to isaac. our own forecast is getting a little interesting across the bay area. we're starting out in the 50s this morning. 61 degrees, though, in san jose. 58 in sunnyvale, 58 degrees in san francisco. pretty much a repeat for today and then things change. we'll take you through the forecast. i want to tell you the 5:00 a.m. advisory that comes through when it comes to isaac will be a critical advisory. it could become a hurricane so we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. first, let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. overnight road work the only thing on the blotter and that's great news. gives me an opportunity to point out palo alto which moves smoothly. and highway 84, the dumbarton bridge, there is the weekend
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closure all labor day starting friday at 10:00 p.m. until tuesday by 5:00 they should reopen for the commute. live look at the san mateo bridge, one of your alternates to 84, the other is 237, that's the land route. it's cheaper too. >> 4:32. bay area drivers who received a ticket from a red light camera may be able to fight them like never before. new legislation passed changes the rules for red light cameras across the state and its drivers who will benefit. live in fremont we have a look at what it means for commuters. arturo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the idea behind this bill is to make sure these red light cameras are used to improve safety and not as a tool to raise revenue. it would make it easier to challenge them. the bill from the state senator
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would require that locations for red light cameras be chosen using only considerations for safety. it would prohibit using them to raise revenue. when it comes to placement cities and counties would follow one set of standards and putting up signs that let drivers know that the cameras are in use. there is also a provision that would set up a smoother process to overturn a wrongful citation. >> shouldn't be up to anybody who wants to put a camera out there to try to give you a ticket. >> reporter: there is some opposition to the bill because it would also allow information that's collected by the cameras to be admissible in a court case. the bill did pass the state senate last night with a vote of 34-0, it is on the governor's desk waiting for him to act on it. he has until september 30 to do so. live in fremont, arturo santiago, "today in the bay."
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>> the man to be sworn in as the archbishop has a date with a judge. he was arrested last saturday night in san diego. he was driving with his mother when he was pulled over. he is the bishop of oakland and appointed by the pope to be the archbishop of san francisco. father matthews of oakland says the soon-to-be archbishop needs support. >> this is a moment of understanding and a moment of compassion. and i think that it would certainly give the archbishop the benefit of the doubt. >> late yesterday the bishop released a statement apologizing for his error in judgment and expressing shame. he's scheduled to be installed as archbishop on october fourth and will be in court october 9. >> the fbi hopes a death row
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inmate will lead them to victims of a crime spree. wesley sherman led agents to several locations in linden east of stockton claiming he and a childhood friend buried victims there. they searched four locations off flood road. he and sherman were sent to death row for a killing spree. herzog committed suicide earlier this year before shermantine tipped off investigators on the location of several victims. >> a trip to yosemite has turned deadly for a second camper who contracted the hantavirus. that makes three confirmed cases with two of them deadly. a fourth potential case is being investigated. the virus is spread by rodents through urine and feces. all four people stayed at curry village. park officials want people to be
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aware of the symptoms especially those who stayed in tent cabins. fever, aches, dizziness and chills. >> chicago's hotel reaching out. at least two have died after contracting an illness between mid july and early august. eight who stayed during the time have also become sick. health officials say the disease may have developed in water which was spread through air conditioning ducts or as a mist from a whirl pool spa. >> san jose's crime wave is one of the worst in the city's history and is prompting citizens to gather and call for action. at city hall last night more than 200 concerned neighbors gathered for a vigil and prayer rally. several families held pictures of loved ones killed. their tears and emotion did the
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talking. >> i don't know what's going on out here. the killing has got to stop. are we safe or not. for our kids, what is this world coming to. >> the past few days have been relatively quiet. san jose police have tracked down known gang members in violation of parole or probation. >> family members of some of the 12 people shot to death during a midnight movie showing in colorado plan to go public tuesday about some of the behind the scenes events they say need to be discussed. the families have not said what those events were but did say they would speak with one voice for the benefit of all of the victims. james holmes shot and killed 12 people and wounded dozens in a packed movie theater. he faces more than 100 murder charges. >> the republican national convention will start today after being postponed a day because of tropical storm isaac. mitt romney and paul ryan are expected to arrive in tampa today. and there is speculation romney
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could make a visit to the hall. he is due to speak thursday after he is nominated. it's a tight race, several polls have romney and president obama essentially dead-locked. >> tropical storm isaac is expected to become a category 1 hurricane before it makes landfall. louisiana and mississippi are in the immediate path. many in new orleans and other coastal areas either staying put or heading to higher ground. isaac will be the first major test of the $14 billion renovation of new orleans network of pumps, canals and flood gates. >> i want to assure you all that there is nothing that this storm is going to bring us that we do not believe that we are prepared to handle. >> what a memory because hurricane katrina hit the same area seven years ago this week. and despite assurances many in new orleans decided they don't want to take the chance with the new system.
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>> i don't blame them. >> a lot of tough memories. >> we've got it made here in the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning, ladies. good morning to you at home. you'd want it made in the shade later if you're waking up inland. it will be on the warm side, temperatures just about at that 90-degree mark. still staying comfortable for this time of year. as you know, we could be soaring, triple-digit heat could be the case. that's not the case today or tomorrow. we have a cooldown on the way. 57 degrees, good morning to you in oakland. 52 in santa rosa. san jose, temperatures are now at about 60 degrees and headed to about 80. you can't beat that this time of year. breezy though. a nice breeze especially at the coast. that will ramp up. travel cautiously over open water bridges throughout the afternoon. temperatures really, really nice, we're just getting spoiled. 77 in oakland, 77 in fremont, 81
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in redwood city. you can hit the beach at santa cruz. 74 is the number we're waiting for concerning isaac, whether it's a hurricane. we'll know in less than 20 minutes. we'll find out right now how your drive is. it's back to school. >> a lot of folks are busy. hillsborough got notice that -- watch more and more local traffic. the south bay, top of the screen, highway 237, you see the yellow and 101 and 880, those are dipping down toward 60 miles per hour. larger trucks moving slower, that brings the averages down. no major traffic concerns than road crews. 85 south into cupertino a lane blocked. the transition from 85 to 280 should have construction. there is a detour but no big drama for folks in the area. light flow of traffic.
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highway 9 a good alternate. the volume of traffic, 101 with the headlights under the 280 interchange g. space between these charges as well as across the bay bridge. at the toll plaza hardly a backup. and in the north bay no problem through 101, i'll show you those coming up. >> it's 4:41. in a few hours local clergy will perform blessing of the grapes. it's a centuries old practice which honors the annual harvest. it will be in livermore. local growers predict a bert harvest due to a much warmer spring and summer. the ceremony kicks off the annual valley harvest wine celebration. >> request god bless that glass of wine. >> 4:41. still ahead, he found a flaw that has the tech world buzzing. what a college kid in connecticut stumbled across that
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has apple engineers in the bay area scrambling. >> it is welcome home. they won't soon forget. see why today is important for the little league team from petaluma.
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>> this is a live look at the bay bridge. a gorgeous shot on this tuesday morning. christina says get ready for a little warm-up if you are inland. we'll get a full look at the forecast in a bit. it's 4:45. samsung started the appeals process in friday's billion-dollar verdict against it in its case against apple. a jury said samsung willfully infringed on several apple patents and awarded the company $1 billion in fines but that may not be enough. apple also wants a judge to block the sale of certain samsung smart phones, asking for an injunction banning samsung from selling eight of its phones. they include the galaxy prevail. a decision is not expected until there is a final decision in this case. >> drivers are keeping their eye on isaac and its effect on prices at the pump. investors have eyes on friday and a key speech by fed chairman
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ben bernanke. for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to kayla tausche. good morning. >> hi, good morning. we have futures in the stock market that are higher after stocks faded on monday, lazy summer day on wall street with the lightest trading volume for a full market session this year. investors may be waiting for big events this week including the all-important speech by ben bernanke on friday. we get data today on home prices and consumer confidence. the dow slipping to 13,124, the nasdaq edged up 3 to 3073. we could see the higher prices at the pump in the next few weeks. gas prices are likely to tick higher once tropical storm isaac which is expected to become a hurricane today, passes through the gulf of mexico. the storm could prompt the closure up to 12 gulf coast refineries, gas prices could go up 10 cents or more depending on
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damage. the refineries produce about 22% of the nation's gas supply. we're not out of the wood on prices yet. >> thank you for the update. >> meteorologist christina loren joining us on set to talk about a warm-up today. >> it was beautiful. >> it was nice, right. san jose, we were so spoiled. a repeat performance, so if you like what we were cooking yesterday you'll love what we're serving this morning. temperatures are comfortable in the 50s and 60s. 59 in livermore, 61 this morning in san jose. that's where we're starting and only headed toward about 80 today so really comfortable conditions. if you are tough enough you can probably give your ac a break. even in livermore as we expect 89 there. so, area of low pressure hovers to our north. this is really impacting the pacific northwest. actually bringing light showers, for us the tail end when it comes to the impact. that means a strong onshore flow. we'll see mostly cloudy mornings throughout this week, making way to sunny finishes, comfortable
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conditions and no extreme heat with that area of low pressure kind of keeping the high pressure ridge checking it. this is what we were talking about when it comes to winds. we stop the clock at 5:00 p.m. you can see right now we expect gusty winds along the coast line, even gustier than yesterday and the san francisco bay as well, winds will pick up. so not a great day to be on the boat. however, temperatures will be comfortable if you want to sit on the beach and get some sunshine. 81 in redwood city. 80 in san jose. as we head through the next couple of days, temperatures drop off as you head from friday into saturday, holding on to the low to mid 80s throughout the weekend so. another cooldown on the way even when we start to heat you up again on monday, a holiday. happy to tell you it's not going to be extreme heat. and one more thing. we're still watching tropical storm isaac. it's a 70 miles per hour and so
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74 miles per hour is a category one hurricane. we'll find out in 15 minutes when we get the latest advisory whether or not we're going to upgrade isaac. back to you. >> we'll check back with you. thank you. 4:49. college kid from connecticut getting well deserved praise from apple. computer wiz mark smith discovered a big security bug with apple's desk top software. the giant had to fix the problem and is giving the university student credit for finding the bug. he was surprised when he heard back from apple after submitting a bug report. >> in a couple of days apple said yeah, there is a really problem there and we're going to fix it for you. >> well, not surprisingly, smith has received a few job offers to remove the desk top flaw the company recommends upgrading the software to the newest version. >> i'm glad that they are
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offering him a job. >> still ahead, we watched the petaluma little league team. now another city will be in the spotlight with them, the role that livermore will play in next year's world series. >> looking at fremont, we'll see how it plays in your commute as well as the north bay. we're watching a couple of issues.
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>> welcome back everyone. taking a look, live look, in new orleans this morning. lake pontchartrain as we're waiting to hear what will become of isaac this morning. we're actually about 10, 15 minutes away from a new advisory. christina is keeping her eye on that as well. it's a much calmer bay area weather. >> 4:53. members of petaluma's little league team head back to school after returning home to a heroes' welcome. they are superstars. look at that. the team arrived at sfo t party continued when they arrived at the fair grounds. they arrived in style. look at the crowd. a stretch limo with police escort, plenty of fans to greet them. officially they are the third best little league team in the world. after an impressive run in
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pennsylvania at the world series. >> we placed third in the world. it would have been nice if we were first or second or first, but still third in the world from a small town, that's cool. >> i could have played a little better. third place in the world, i'll take it. >> so cute. so a welcome home parade is planned in petaluma on sunday. >> and the bay area will get its own taste of little league world series action next year. livermore has been selected to host the event in 2013 and it will be a new division of play with the bases further apart and longer pitching distance. in traditional little league home plate is 46 feet from the mound and bases 60 feet apart. in this division home plate will be 50 feet from the mound with 70 feet between the bases f. you are comparing that to the big leagues, home plate is 60 feet from the mound and the bases are
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90 feet apart. >> wow. run, for rest run. >> i was on a team. the bench was very comfortable. i threw an opening pitch in little league. i don't know if i can make the 50 because i barely made the 46. we're looking at a road crew, this is san rafael up to the richmond/san rafael bridge. you see no slowing but it does have an effect on the drive as you head down toward san marin. another segment here, i saw some northbound slowing but the crew was on the southbound side. golden gate bridge, a look across the bay, you can see the lights across t flashing lights, the crews are getting the cones moved for the morning commute. and highway 29 just closed, a fire in the area and they closed the highway.
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the north bay commute is moving smoothly. >> a new thrill ride is coming to the boardwalk. >> it's california's only spinning roller coaster. it's as fast as 40 miles per hour. it features one portion that leaves riders straight up in the sky or right down on the ground depending where you're sitting. the coaster will replace the 20-year-old hurricane coaster and it should be up and uning by next summer. >> looks like it's fluorescent as well. >> up next on "today in the bay," a police chase ends in a shooting on top of a man's roof. we'll hear from the homeowner. >> new rules for red light cameras that could help drivers. the bill now on the governor's desk. >> check us out an facebook. search nbc bay area news. >> a live look outside, look at
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that. picture perfect, bay bridge, city by the bay.
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>> reporter: developing news out of antioch this morning where an officer-involved shooting leaves one man dead on a rooftop and there were people inside the home at the time. i'm christie smith. coming up hear from one of them in a live report. >> reporter: the governor is considering new legislation when it comes to those red light cameras. it could help you out as a driver. i'm live in fremont. we'll have details coming up. >> could have helped me out two years ago. we'll help with the morning commute. where you might find slowing coming up. >> we're moments away from the latest advisory when it comes to tropical storm isaac. getting spoiled here in the bay area today. 80s inland, 70s bayside, 50s and 60s at the coast and a


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