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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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on the way. we'll talk oat ver in your full forecast. >> spoiled, what are you talking about? oh, yes you are. look at that, another picturesque look across the bay area. you made it to tuesday, august 28, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. 5:00, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. tropical storm isaac is closing in on new orleans this morning. the storm is expected to reach hurricane strength within hours and will make landfall in the big easy later this evening. take a look at lake pontchartrain in new orleans this morning. the waves are -- we saw it, there we go, splashing up over the wall. new orleans airport is shut down as well as bus and train service not running. no mandatory evacuations are in place but city and state leaders urge people living near the
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protective levees to get to higher ground. we're watching isaac closely this morning. we'll have a live report from new orleans coming up in about five minutes. >> one man is dead this morning after a bizarre police chase that ended with a man shot to death on a stranger's roof. it happened about 3:00 this morning on waynefleet court. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what a night here in antioch. i spoke with officers on the scene and they are trying to sort it all out. i'll step aside so you can see how many officers are here. this is a police chase that ended up with a suspect on the roof of a home, there were gun shots, a resident inside couldn't believe what was happening. that suspect ended up dying talt scene up on the roof. it started around 11:15 involving a gun. antioch police arrived and found the suspect, they say, with the
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gun leaving that scene. when officers tried to stop him, he took off in a car. and to complicate matters more he actually had a toddler with him in the car. antioch police say he rammed two patrol cars, crashed, then started hopping back yard fences in this other neighborhood. he ended up on a roof where police confronted him. >> the gun shots and everything. it was like boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: police say it was a helicopter that actually helped spot him on that roof, that he had a gun and pointed it at the officer who is fired at him at least once. i'm told that toddler is okay, doing fine this morning. the d.a. is investigating, officers tell me they will be here for several more hours processing the scene. reporting live, christie smith,
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"today in the bay." >> a judge is barring the oakland police union from participating in unions related to the probe of the police department. the judge says union members have no right to participate in the proceedings regarding court ordered reforms to the department. the union's attorney tells the oakland tribune officers have a voice in the reform. it face as federal takeover if it fails to fully implement the reforms which were supposed to be completed four years ago. >> former oakland police chief anthony best is getting a new job in baltimore. our nbc station in baltimore says he will be named the new police commissioner for the city. he endured major cuts to the police force and butting heads over department reforms. >> san ramon, a council meeting to talk about the fate of the nearly 80 sycamore trees.
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all of the trees were slated to be cut down this past june but an uproar from the community sent the city engineer back to the drawing board. the plan will be discussed today and is expected to preserve all of the trees. >> tropical storm isaac is on the verge of becoming a hurricane. it's expected to make landfall a little later tonight. red cross volunteers are on the way to help with emergency response efforts. they are prepared to run shelters, provide counseling and emotional support if necessary. >> i'm being deployed, it's called bulk distribution. we deliver drygoods to the folks after the storm has hit and passed. everything from cleanup kits to diapers. whatever they need. >> president obama has declared a state of legislate in louisiana freeing up federal money for emergency services.
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isaac is expected to hit new orleans the hardest, one day shy of the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. how the memories of katrina have people preparing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as the sun is beginning to rise here we're getting a first look at the clouds as they roll in and you can see them just getting cork screwed by the storm as it gets closer. on canal street it's been this way since yesterday. even in the evening when usually canal would have been pretty busy. if you walk along the eat the. puts put up sandbags to make sure they are ready for this storm. residents doing the same thing, sandbags, plywood, generators, gas and food so they can be fraed they have to go without for several days. the tropical storm is coming near the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina.
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that has many on alert. as you know, this is going to be one of the first tests of that system, whether the repairs work as government officials say they are going to. some residents choose to trust, others saying after what they experienced they are evacuating and many have left out of fear of flooding. reporting live, danielle lee. >> amazing. >> meteorologist christina joins us from the weather center. >> good morning, ladies. we are tracking a very widespread sprawling storm. you can see it now what's happening when it comes to isaac, when you start to see that eye, that's when you're talking about strengthening. we've got the latest advisory. what i can tell you is isaac is still very strong, 70 miles per hour, the max wind speeds and
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the fastest are around that eye. it's 4 miles per hour shy of a category one hurricane. we're going to keep you updated but we expect isaac to become a hurricane as we head through the morning. the future path and intensity works out like this. this is a slow-moving storm. right now looks like sometime 1:00 a.m. wednesday which would be on the anniversary of hurricane katrina. it makes landfall tonight it won't be on the anniversary. right now it believes that wednesday, 1:00 a.m. we expect landfall. as this storm slows down we should be dealing with hurricane force winds in the new orleans area from 12 to 24 hours. this is a storm to watch. it will get interesting. we expect widespread outages and
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flooding. here not so shabby when you compare. 65 degrees in fair field. 59 in concord and livermore. temperatures are going to be comfortable. as we transition from summer into fall. now just about two weeks from the official start of fall. 89 at 4:00. 63 degrees at the coast. your seven-day outlook and more information when it comes to isaac as we track its every move here at nbc bay area. we're tracking traffic. that's busy. back in session for many. >> yes. local roads, and looking to 101, a smooth drive. construction is here and south of there. and no major slowing, a light volume. and it continues with the light flow where there is more construction crews. santa rosa, 101 is clear, alternate for you so highway 29 as well.
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the further north we are tracking this though this is out of the sight of most of our viewers. highway 29 north of the city you have the closure between tubs and washington because of a fire in the area. we're following that in the newsroom. not a great concern other than 29 itself is chosed for that stretch. a live look outside. the bay bridge light flow here. shows you further south and the san mateo bridge, for 92 westbound and the south bay, the volume picking up, just under 680. >> sacramento could soon give the green light to add ground rules for red light cameras. arturo is live with more on the legislation and what it means for commuters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are a number of facets to
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this bill. it tries to make sure these are not used as a way to make money and that they are only uses as a way to improve pub safety. it makes it easier to challenge a tick kentucky sometimes you don't know that these are at an intersection until you get a citation in the mail. state senator of palo alto introduced the bill that would require locations or cameras to be chosen using only safety considerations. the cameras would be prohibited from being used as a tool for revenue and cities and counties would have to follow one set of standards. it would be mandatory to let drivers know they are in use. the legislation was set up, a process for drivers to overturn citations. the governor has until october 30 to act on this bill. last year he said he wanted the local government to take the
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he'd in enforcing or regulating these red light cameras. we'll see what he does. hive in fremont, i'm arturo santiago. >> hurricane isaac pushing up prices at the pump. what experts are predicting. >> also, low voltage, why chevy -- >> pilot uses their ipods. why can't you? void it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> welcome back everyone. a good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look at the republican national convention. things on hold as we're keeping our eye on tropical storm isaac. certainly affecting the
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festivities going on there. they are having to condense everything into three days. we're also looking, getting a better look at how tropical storm isaac could affect gas prices. analysts say prices at the pump could go up at least 10 cents in the coming weeks depending on the severity of damage to gulf coast refineries. it could prompt the closure of 12 refineries. the region produces about 22% of the nation's gas supply. >> chevrolet is temporarily pulling the plug on its volt electric car. its parent company general motors says it's stopping production until october to control inventory and prepare for newer models. the down time will affect 1500 workers. gm denies reports the move was made in part to slow sales. the automaker says it has sold more volts through july compared to the same period hast year. >> the federal aviation administration is rethinking the
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ban on gadgets during takeoff and landing. you may be able to play angry birds any time during the flight. >> yes, seasoned travelers know the chime that comes on a minute or so is a signal the aircraft reached 10,000 feet and they take out their ipads and happen tops. the faa says it's going to look at the policies starting this fall though we probably won't hear discussion until at least late spring. and cell phones, still will be forbidden. the problem is not really that an ipad will throw the plane off course. many pilots use ipads in the cockpit. there are so many different devices with new devices coming out all of the time that airlines have created a blanket ban just to be safe. shares in apple hit an all-time high monday, one business day after that big verdict in the san jose federal court. otherwise it was quiet. good morning.
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>> good morning, scott futures in the stock market are higher today after they faded on monday. it was a lazy summer day on wall street, the lightest trading volume for a full market session for this entire year. investors now may be waiting for big events later this week including a speech by ben bernanke on friday. we get data on home prices and consumer confidence with the dow slipping 33 points to 13,124 t nasdaq up to 3073. a new york attorney general launched a probe on how energy drinks are marketed. the investigation centers on whether companies deceived the public over the ingredients and health value of the drink. the the probe is looking at monster energy amp made by peoplecy and 5-hour energy. i guess you have to get your kicks elsewhere. >> you remember this hipster
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facebook, took too many liberties with information. it was the rage a couple of years ago. the organizers of the project, they call it quits. >> pulling the plug. >> actually t website will stay up. you can connect with the other five users or so. but they won't work on it. this is one thing we learned, you can upset the status quo. who would have thought apple would be gigger than microsoft. or myspace would go away but in this case facebook definitely. >> in the span of what, seven years. five years. >> i would never have thought. >> and you're a business and tech guy. you should have thought. >> maybe i'm the bad business and tech guys. >> you are fabulous and you know it. christina is joining us. i can't stop talking about tropical storm isaac. i know it's not in our neck of the woods but is fascinating to watch. >> it is. it will impact us, we're going to see impact even if it just
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comes to gas prices up or down. scott is all over that for you. right now we're looking pretty good. as you know when there is a disruption in the gulf and it comes to production and supply, yeah, people get skeptical so that has an impact in and of itself. 58 degrees right now to start you out. we're nice and crisp in san francisco, 59 in concord. to start the day getting some of the most beautiful conditions across the nation. an area of low pressure, this is our friend, it sits and rotates all week long. this is going to usher in a strong on shore flow and keep high pressure in check. keeping it from bringing our temperatures up to record levels. throughout day, repeat from yesterday. taking your temperatures up or down by a couple of degrees, we're not expecting much change. a full deck of clouds to start. clearing by about noon. we'll continue that cooldown toward the middle of the week. i think winds will be a factor.
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you get the yellows and the oranges, that's the stronger wind speed. not great news for mariners but better boating days, as we head to the weekend, 80 in san jose, 77 fremont, and 81 in redwood city. thursday, temperatures peak and then look at the drop-off between thursday and friday. we are going to really drop off into the 70s and then you hold on to that kau tum air on saturday. then up to low 90s. here is mike inouye. >> they are busy t the road crews so i have to report what's going on. i'm notg going to complain. i'm looking at the routes moving. these blips of yellow, dipping below the speed limit. around 60 for cupertino. the road crew cleared on the southbound side but we have the
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connecter that is blocked. 101 still the southbound side has slowing as you approach university, you do lose a lane and bright lights. here the dumbarton keep us in mind 10:00 on friday this weekend, highway 84 closes all weekend, reopening by tuesday's commute. that should be cleared by then. >> fremont looks nice. 880 a smooth drive south and northbound. all the way up to oakland. a look across the bay, this is looking at the bay bridge and a smooth drive, a city on the upper deck. light volume as well and no problems at the toll. highway 101. still closed north of calistoga because of fire in the area. no one injured but we're tracking that. it affects 29 and drivers there.
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>> artistic license. how a centuries old spanish fresco got a makeover. >> a live look, this is the -- these are the skies above new orleans on this tuesday. tropical storm isaac is expected to make landfall later tonight. we're keeping our eye on it.
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>> good morning to you on a spectacular shot, the embarcadero in san francisco. nicely lit for us this morning. we'll get a full look at the forecast in a moment. in spain, art restorers are trying to determine whether a century old fresco damaged by an elderly woman can be repaired.
5:24 am
the pictures have gone viral. here is the original. it was disfigured by an elderly parishioner who said she was trying to restore the painting she thought was damaged by humidity. the professional restorers will determine whether it can be improved but when asked they were cautious regarding its fate. she was trying to help. >> a for effort. 5:24. i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at the forecast for today. >> we're giving today an a-plus. temperatures will be perfect if you want to hit the beach. 74 in santa cruz. not hot inland. you don't have to drive to the beach. 89 degrees there. 79 bay side. i really wanted to show you the 7-day. it's going to stay hot until
5:25 am
thursday. then we drop like a rock, saturday, sunday. 5:24. we want to check your drive. >> thank you. look here to 880, where we still have your road crews but no major slowing. both directions between 23rd and 980. look further east and we'll check the volume of traffic. out of the altamont pass. the merge with 205. heading through almost. a quick check of the north bay looking at southbound 101 a smooth flow, the volume picking up. a few more cars, all the way out of santa rosa down to the richmond san really bike. >> a little dance magic. >> a local couple takes a top prize at the annual tango festival. the pair have been dancing for five years in buenos aires. they beat out more than 40
5:26 am
couples in the dance to win last night. it's the most traditional type of the dance. >> in rio de janeiro some of the best skateboarders as riders wowed the crowd at the mega competition. riders compete on a giant ramp nine stories high. riders showcase their jumps on a ramp that is high. but only one was hurt and walk away. >> that is amazing how high it is. still to come a rude awakening for a homeowner in antioch. how he woke up to a deadly shooting on his roof. >> and the read lied legislation say evens the score.
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>> reporter: developing news out of antioch. an officer-involved shooting turns deadly a. man is shot and killed up on a rooftop. and somehow a child is involved in all of this. i'm christie smith. i'll explain coming up. >> the future archbishop of san francisco arrested and embarrassed, this morning his response and the impact on the catholic church. >> and we're keeping a very close eye on tropical storm isaac in addition to that your local forecast does not get better than 80s inland, 70s bay side, 60s at the coast. change is around the corner. we'll talk it over. >> more kids back to school on a traffic tuesday, we'll show you how that commute is shaping up. >> and giving you a live look, off in the distance, that is san francisco from our san bruno mountain camera on this tuesday, august 28, this is "today in the
5:30 am
bay." >> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning a bizarre police chase in the east bay ends with a man shot to death on a stranger's roof. it happened around 3:00 this morning near neil way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what a night in antioch. this started with a call on a domestic dispute on the other side of highway 4, and then ended up where we are here this morning. there was a pursuit that ended up with a suspect shot on the roof of a tomorrow. this is where he died and there were people in that home when the shooting started. it was around 11:15. a dispute involving a gun.
5:31 am
by the time police arrived the suspect was getting into a car with that gun and leaving the scene. officers say he led police through the streets of antioch and rammed at least two patrol cars along the way, then there was a toddler in the car they discovered. they say the man crashed, got out and started hopping fences where we are, will was then he somehow climbed up on a roof where he was confronted by police. >> i heard some shots go off. sounded like a firecracker. but i knew it wasn't. >> police say there was a chp helicopter that spotted the man that he pointed the gun at officers who then fired at least one time. again he died at the scene. the toddler in the car is safe,
5:32 am
doing fine. the district attorney's office is investigating which is customary in these situations. they said they might be here throughout most of the day. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 5:32. the man who will be san francisco's roman catholic archbishop has a date with a judge less than a week after he is due to be sworn in. the archbishop was arrested at a dui check point saturday night in san diego. he is currently a bishop of oakland and was appointed by the pope. father james matthews says he needs support. >> it's a moment of understanding and compassion. and i think that they would certainly give the archbishop the benefit of the doubt. >> late yesterday the bishop
5:33 am
apologized for his error in judgment and expressed shame. he is scheduled to be sworn in as archbishop october fourth and will be in fourth october 9. >> a trip to yosemite has turned deadly. there are three confirmed cases with two deadly. a fourth potential case is being investigated. the hantavirus is spread by rodents. all four people have stayed at curry village. officials want visitors to be aware of symptoms, especially those who stayed in tent cabins from mid june through the end of august. it can take weeks for symptoms to surface. >> san jose's crime wave one of the worst in its history and citizens calling for action. at city hall more than 200 concerned neighbor, some of them
5:34 am
families of homicide victims, gathered for a vigil and prayer rally. several families held pictures of love oned killed. >> i don't know what's going on out here. the killing has got to stop. are we safe or not. our kids, what is this querld world coming to. >> the past days have been relatively quiet. police have been tracking down known gang members in violation of parole or probation. >> 5:34. divers could find it easier to challenge red light tickets and win. >> reporter: good morning. the basic idea behind this bill is make sure these red light cameras are used to improve public safety and not as a tool to raise revenue. it also makes it easier for drivers who get tickets to challenge them. the bill was introduced by -- it
5:35 am
would require that locations for the cameras be chosen using only considerations for safety. it would prohibit using them to raise revenue. cities and counties would be forced to follow one set of standards and the bill would n man -- a smoother process to overturn a wrongful citation. >> shouldn't be up to anybody who wants to put a camera out there to try to give you a ticket. >> reporter: there is some opposition to the bill because it would allow information that's collected by these traffic enforcement cameras to be admissible in a court of law. the bill did pass the state senate last night with a vote of 34-0. it's on the governor's desk. they have until september 30 to act on it.
5:36 am
arturo santiago, "today in the bay". >> tropical storm isaac is expected to become at least a category 1 hurricane before it makes land fall. louisiana and mississippi are in the storm's immediate path. many in new orleans and other coastal areas are staying put or heading to higher ground. isaac will be the first major test of the pumps, canals and flood gates. >> i want to assure you all there is nothing that this storm is going to bring us that we do not believe that we are prepared to handle. >> you may remember hurricane katrina, she hit the same area seven years ago this week and despite assurances many in new orleans don't want to change the new system. >> i know you are of course tracking the local forecast but you also have your eye on isaac.
5:37 am
>> i can tell you interesting developments, still a thunderstorm right on the cusp of becoming a hurricane. the next six to seven hours we'll see the nat nat hurricane center upgrade to a hurricane. you can see new orleans starting to get the outer bands, thunderstorms and showers moving on shore. we're going to see a storm surge potentially, six to 12 feet high. that's going to be a problem also. talking about sustained wind speeds. as we head through probably wednesday at 1:00 a.m., that would be on the anniversary of hurricane katrina. there are two different storms. no two are the same. the biggest component when it comes to the damaging of this storm, isacramento action we expect to the slow down and stay put so new orleans and louisiana
5:38 am
dealing with hurricanes for winds for a long period of time. i think that's where the damage will come in to play. we're talking about with another story. it doesn't get better than the forecast we have for you today. we've got the fog creeping in around the coast starting to move over the san francisco bay. hasn't made it here, in the upper 50s, a couple 60s in san jose to start. by noon 89 at 4:00 p.m., not too hot. bay side clearing by 11:00 a.m. and at the coast 63. here is mike tracking something else that could slow you and your drive. >> we've got a lot of. . what's going to happen, the slow down at the interchange, the crew has deared the area. we'll give it the thumbs book up. that means better traffic for 85
5:39 am
and 280. we'll show you more, construction north of the dublin interchange. your commute direction as you head to 680, the construction is southbound coming down out of the ran ramon value. without slowing includes there overnight. we'll show you how things are. proproblems. another live look outside shows you what things are like, san mateo bridge approaching the peninsula as the san mateo side coming down the high rise, over the wall. >> it's 5:39. mitt romney, paul ryan arriving in florida today for the national convention.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> welcome back. giving awe live look, this is the scene right now in new orleans which is of course
5:42 am
bracing for tropical storm isaac which is expected to become a hurricane a little later today. of course we are tracking this. christina is for us here at nbc bay area. 5:42. >> the republican national convention has its first full day today. mitt romney and paul ryan arrive in tampa today to accept the gop nomination. and convince voters they can turn the economy around. tracie potts is live above the convention floor this morning with more on the presidential race. and it's only getting tighter. tracie, good morning. >> getting tighter and louder here, too, off and on you might hear some of the sound techs going on behind me as they prepare for the first day of this convention. i wanted to show you where the california delegation is sitting. if you are looking out from the stage as you may be when you see this on television they are to the right of the stage below where i'm standing right now back where they will be when these role call vote, the nomination for president and vice president, happen later
5:43 am
today. normally that happens later on in the convention toward the end, but now, after they gavelled in yesterday and really sort of officially start today, that is going to happen today a little earlier. who is speaking today? ann romney is one of the keynote speakers, rescheduled from monday, the day that was delayed. she will be talking about her husband and part of what they are trying to do is get people who are swing voters, undecided voters to identify with mitt romney as someone who can understand the middle class americans. also tonight, we're going to hear from new jersey governor chris christie who said he'll talk a little about new jersey's example as well as about what he thinks mitt romney can do for the country. >> thank you very much, tracie potts live from florida. family members of some of the 12 people shot during the movie showing in colorado plan to go public about some behind the scenes events they say need to
5:44 am
be discussed. the families have not said what those were but they did say they would speak with one voice for the benefit of all of the victims. back on july 20, james holmes shot and killed 12 people during his mass shooting at a movie theater. he faces more than 100 murder charges. >> chicago's jw marriott hotel, two people have died after contracting the illness between mid july and early august. eight others who stayed during the time have also fallen ill. the disease may have developed in water which was spread through air conditioning ducts or as a mist from a whirl pool spa. >> americans in the gulf coast prepare for tropical storm isaac, typhoons are wreaking havoc in asia. the south korean coast guard said a powerful typhoon blew two
5:45 am
chinese ships into the rocks leaving four crew members dead and 12 missing. the typhoon's winds and rains knocked down street lights and church spires, joint u.s. and south korean war games were halted because of the storm. >> i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren keeping her eye on this tropical storm. >> yeah, you know, our weather here is so tranquil i actually have an opportunity to watch what else is happening. what i can tell you, still a very strong tropical storm, 70-mile-per-hour winds and all we have to do is see in the tense fi by four miles per hour. we'll keep you updated. right here look at what we are waking up to. this is san jose, it does not get better than this at this hour. right now we're mostly clear, expecting the low clouds to push all the way inland. but what i can tell you is our atmosphere is going to get mixed up later on by strong winds and
5:46 am
that means if you wanted to hit the beach, if you don't mind a breeze, it's going to be perfect out there. we're going to get clear conditions early and hold on to the claire if i just about all evening long. 56 in sunnyvale, we're at 62 in san jose. i saw that live picture clear for the time being. we stop the clock at 11:00. mostly clear over the greater bay area as the winds pick up. watch the coastline. we continue that future cast as we head through tonight we get rid of the fog and it stays offshore all the way through 7:00 which means we're going to get a gorgeous sunset. if you wanted to hit the beach a lot of sunshine. remember, we have a high uv index. you'll be at about 74 at 4:00 when the highs are coming in. san jose forecasting 80 degrees, 77 fremont, 68 in san francisco, a touch warmer for you in the city today.
5:47 am
as we head throughout friday look at the difference between thursday and friday. this is the big weather story i have to point out. from 92 to 79 degrees really not that bad. it's not going to be all that cool at the coast. temperatures in the upper 50s, pretty traditional for this time of year. that's our big weather story. temps tumble thursday into friday. here's mike inouye. >> pretty typical for a tuesday. we're starting to see the build kick in. 24 eastbound, only one bore open that might be the reason for the slowing d caldecott is here t slowing from 580 over to 13 so we'll track it. or toward the maze in your commute direction. north 880 a smooth flow through this construction area north of the coliseum to 980 but no slowing there, you lose a lane. also the transition project there. to the other side of the bay, the dumbarton bridge has road work going on eastbound but over
5:48 am
the weekend, friday night at 10:00, till tuesday at 5:00, the dumbarton will be closed for that work. phase two so use the san mateo bridge. a smooth drive, we do have construction crews on the move through the area and also flashing lights off of the southbound side. no big issues for the flow. san jose, volume for 101 and 880 for fremont so mild. back to you. >> thank you very much. pet a who ma's little league team, they head back to school today after returning home to a hero's welcome. the team arrived yesterday and the party continued when they arrived at the fair grounds. arriving in style t white stretch limo you saw. they had a police escort as well
5:49 am
and plenty of fans to greet them. officially they are the third best little league team in the world after impressive run in pennsylvania at the world series. >> we placed third in the world, it would have been nice if we were second or first, but still third in the world from a small town, that's cool. >> third place in the world, i'll take it any day. >> any day. you know what t celebrations aren't over yet. a welcome home parade planned in petaluma for sunday. >> i think the only thing they didn't get was a red carpet. >> congratulations to them. the bay area will get its own taste next year. livermore has been selected to host the event in 2013 and it will be a new division of play with the longer pitching
5:50 am
distance. little league is 46 feet from the mound. in this division home plate will be 50 feet from the mound with 70 feet between bases. if you are comparing it to major league baseball, home plate is 60 feet from the mound and bases are 90 feet apart. >> coming up, a college student found a flaw that has the tech world buzzing. it has apple engineers here in the bay area scrambling. >> the strangest story about burritos. with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> welcome back everyone. isn't that beautiful. i really love this shot of the palace of fine arts san
5:53 am
francisco. near the marina district. you see a little bit of traffic picking up in the background. we'll check the full traffic report in a moment. 5:53. >> a college kid from connecticut getting well deserved praise from apple this morning. the computer wiz discovered a big security bug with apple's remote desk top software. the computer giant had to fix the problem and now giving the university student credit for finding that bug. smith was surprised when he heard back from the computer giant after submitting a bug report. >> in a couple days apple responded yeah, there is a real problem there and we're going to fix it for you. >> big grin. >> not surprisingly, smith has received a few job offers. to remove the apple desk top flaw the company recommends upgrading to the newest version. >> no flaws in apple stock. the most valuable company became that much more valuable. scott mcgrew, a record?
5:54 am
>> right. we were talking monday, if someone bought you a share of apple for a graduation gift or a mother's day gift back in may you would be up 25%. if you bought around christmas you would be up 66%. apple shares will hop at $675.68 after jumping more than $12 on monday. a record set on the nasdaq for all-time least interesting day. the fewest shares traded all year. this is not unexpected. lots of investors are on squeezing in one last vacation. interesting article in the new jersey star ledger says chip polt ta restaurants round to the nearest quart tear speed up the lunch line. that can be rounded down from say, $7.12 to $7 or up from 7.13 to 7.25 charging more.
5:55 am
the paper contacted them and the company says it's common practice in a high volume restaurant. obviously we want to know if that happens in california. 25 restaurants in the bay area. i sent out e-mails. it is 5:55 in the morning. if we learn anything back we'll let you know but in the meantime if you go today, take a picture of your receipt and send it to me. i'd be interested to find out. >> i'm going to bring my calculator next time i'm in line. add it up myself. >> i like when people can count back change. >> you were that person, weren't you. extra two cents. i have no idea what to do with this. >> oh, come on. math. 5:55. let's check the morning commute with mike. >> wait. we're going to weather first. we rolled ahead.
5:56 am
we cannot, you know, avoid the weather. it's fantastic, christina. >> mike never looked so good. good morning to you. just kidding, mike. 78 degrees, 89 at 4:00 p.m. these numbers tell you it's going to be really nice. 74 degrees there at the coast 63 degrees, and we're starting out clear, expecting the fog to roll in. between the hours of 6:30 and 8:30. here he is, mike inouye. >> folks who looked up quickly thought i had my hair lightened. that's the only difference between us. looking at the south bay, the only difference between a few minutes ago and now is this slow zone from northbound 101, from actually up the 680 interchange. we'll see how it sorts out. we see the burst and it spreads up to the airport. in toward the livermore area now, the volume builds, yellow here, speeds into the 50s and down toward the upper 40s but
5:57 am
really holding steady through toward the dublin interchange. a look outside shows you how things are shaping up at the san mateo bridge to the peninsula side. a beautiful silhouette of the hills. the sun comes up and the volume increases as well here and the toll plaza at the bay bridge also. a beautiful shot. back to you. >> funny how traffic can be so pretty. still ahead, keeping an eye on tropical storm isaac. we'll have a live report from new orleans. >> and a police chase ends in a deadly shooting on a stranger's roof. hear from the homeowner.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> coming up, tropical storm isaac on the verge of becoming a hurricane. we'll have the latest in a live report from new orleans. they are certainly bracing for the storm. >> plus,


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