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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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elevated fire danger, i'll let you know if we're expecting thunderstorms in your neighborhood coming up. >> damion's got the sigalert, i've got the rest of the commute including a closure in oakland to tell you about. >> and i've got a live look outside, look at the glorious bay bridge, it's thursday, september 6, friday eve, this is "today in the bay." >> and a good thursday morning to you as well. 5:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. we're just figuring out learning this, southbound lanes on highway 17 about to reopen this morning, they had been closed overnight to clean up from a nitrogen truck fire that spread to a hillside. damian trujillo is on the scene. sounds like still a fluid situation but it's likely going to open earlier than expected. >> that's what i'm told. i spoke to the chp officer at
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bear creek road as far south as you can get right now, he says about 5:00 a.m. was the estimated time for the opening but those big rigs, they are parked in the fast lane of southbound 17, most have been there overnight waiting for the highway to reopen. it has been a nightmare for a lot of the drivers waiting to get to santa cruz. chp opened the northbound lanes early this morning but not before a big rig forced a closure of all lanes for several hours. the chp isç investigating the fire on the rig. no one was injured but the potential was there. the 18-wheeler was carrying non-flammable liquids. that helped in knowing that they were not dealing with hazardous material. the hill did watch on fire. >> with the winds on the hill, pushed it up the hillside and the fire was extinguished.
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>> reporter: northbound lanes have been open for a few hours now but southbound remains. i was told about 5:00 a.m. before they reopen the south bound lanes. i'm looking down on southbound 17, they are allowing big rigs to go past the road closure, maybe waiting for that opening. we'll keep you posted. live at the base of the mountains, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> 5:02. later tonight there will be a screening of a film on the 2010 san bruno gas explosion. try by fire is a 30-minute documentary on the victims and first responders. after the showing there will be a public meeting hosted by san bruno's mayor and others. trial by fire will be at the history museum in redwood city,
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tonight at 7:00. >> a state report shedding light on pg&e and allegations of poor maintenance. the california utilities commission says the company did not cut corners on pipeline welds to cut costs. it had to be following state and federal guidelines and the company is following up on reports of effects that were found. last year several whistle-blowers alleged all repair work. >> a memorial is growing for the p officer. kenyon's grieving co-workers are back on the job. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the sad news has affected so many people with one fellow officer saying this has affected us to the core. i'm going to step aside so you can see what the front door of the martinez chp office looks like, flowers and cards, this is
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where officer kenyon youngstrom worked, that he was on the job, a 7-year veteran, he was announced dead at the medical center where officers and family held vigil since he was shot tuesday in the traffic stop. he was taken off life support this as friends and supporters gathered at a park, there was a vigil. he was a feign of faith, shared his belief even with his children's friends. >> his family would take me out to church on wednesdays. his dad was a real cool dude. >> reporter: officer youngstrom's organs will be
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donated and a fund has been set up for his wife and children at wells fargo bank, he is the 223rd chp officer to die in the line of duty since 1929 and i wanted to show you briefly before we check out what the fence looks like. this is from the high school saying thank you for all you do, you're in our thoughts. just a real outpouring of support from the community. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a true tragedy. thank you. stay with bay area news for continuing coverage. find the latest on our website and sign up for breaking news e-mail alerts. >> another sad story, the family of teen sierra lamar says they are not giving up hope. they reaffirmed that last night. the family, friends and volunteers holding a vigil in front of the morgan hill library staying optimistic as they can
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for her safe return. it's been almost six months since sierra lamar disappeared. her mom is thanking volunteers for raising her spirit. >> there are days as it gets longer and longer, sometimes i question about her recovery and then these people do things like this and it helps to lift us up and raise my hopes as well. >> the suspect in this case will be back in court later on this month. he has not entered a plea to the murder and kidnapping charges. >> san francisco's board trying to figure out what to do with contamination on treasure island. the city is buying the island from the u.s. navy for $100 million. the deal requires the navy to clean up any toxic contamination beforehand but a report suggests there is more radiation there
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than first thought. the board will meet to discuss the options. >> i never had the pleasure of checking her schedule but it seems that now she's back in action. >> she went to the bahamas for the summer and now coming back before fall. a lot of people talking about the weather. you always know the facebook reports come in when you hear thunder in san jose. it was loud, certainly upset my two little pugs. throughout the day today we're going to see the same activity for the first part of the day. not as widespread as it was, however we expect most of that action before 10:00 a.m. right now this is what we're concentrating on. gilroy, morgan hill and san jose starting to get wet. most of this is concentrated around the foothills for now but
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look at that. a thunderstorm developed. fair game for the thunderstorms until about noon. we'll keep the slight chance in the mix until about 5:00 p.m. 87 degrees at 4:00 inland, 65 at coast. more change is ahead after we get rid of this pattern we've got more to talk about. first, mike is a busy man on a thursday. >> not good for the drivers if i'm busy. we'll show you the two areas of concentration, this is the east bay, it may move, the construction for the east shore and the nimitz freeway moving through the areas. here, east 580 away from the toll massa. actually san pablo is closed because of police activity. 580 moves as long as east 580 is not your exit. to the south bay, the northbound
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commute moving smoothly as well. if you're heading over to tannen ta cruz side we follow the closure of southbound highway 17. folks are held up or prouded off if that's a viable alternate. it's not for the big rigs. damion is straking that, they were saiding for a 5:00 a.m. opening. we see the indicators showing up, there may be some movement. we heard vagrant being ready to try to -- back to you. >> looking for a job out there? santa clara county has an unusual opening to tell you about this morning. the county is now accepting applications for two-year term as poet laureate. applicants must be five-year residents of the county and have
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published work. applications must be submitted by november 19. you are a poet and don't know it. >> maybe you'll get the job. the san francisco giants trying to work art, fighting for a playoff spot. the san jose giants opened up a playoff series with the modesto nuts and they win this game, 3-1. in the best of three series. the nuts and giants get it back on tonight. >> 5:10. disney targeting a younger market starting today. we'll explain in a live report. >> reporter: what calfire is doing to keep the bay area saef as this produced red flag warnings and lightning. f oats? i love those.
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>> good morning. 5:13. we can tell you the city of san jose is under scrutiny from a list of credit agencies. the "mercury news" reporting ratings agencies continue looking at city finances trying to figure out its credit worthiness. all of this worry coming from a string of cities across california declaring bankruptcy. a ratings downgrade in san jose, that would mean an increase in multiple borrowing costs. a few city bonds were downgraded earlier this year. >> scott, you talked about this before, that the next economic iceberg is city debt. >> not san jose's compared to some. san jose, places like stockton have run out and aren't paying anybody back. that's where the dom knee knows
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could start to fall. one of the biggest bond buyer, you can see where that could go. arizona state university business school study looked at all of the cities in the united states and determined when it came to large cities san francisco had the fastest job growth in the country. san francisco is first, san jose is not on the list, houston saw 3.2%, followed by denver, phoenix and seattle tied up at 2.9 percent. these could be a bit confusing because they use the u.s. definition listing san francisco as much bigger than san jose because the census considers oakland and contra costa county part of san francisco. let's look at the news before the bell. we'll turn to courtney reagan
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live at cnbc. good morning. >> good morning. futures are higher after we saw a mixed session on wall street on wednesday, the markets have received one of the keys. they decided to leave rates unchanged at 3/4 percent. there is a new sfim you lus program buying up bonds in order to drive rates lower so the government cans pay their bills. we're waiting on more from the ecb president. european markets are higher at least at this point. data this morning on private sector jobs, unemployment and the u.s. services sector all domestically. the dow rose to 1347. the nasdaq to 3069. "át youngest demographics, babies, the media giant is opening its first disney baby retail store in
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glendale, california. there are about 1.6 million new moms. disney plans to put a baby section in its more than 200 u.s. disney stores. if you can get one mom to buy it you could probably get a lot of moms to buy it. >> coming up we'll have important news. am i pronouncing that right. >> wait. christina like no. you know those shoes with the red soles? >> goes both way. moving along hooer, dangerous weather across the baysh thunder, lightning, even the threat of wild fires have cal fire crews taking special precautions. bob redell is live in morgan hill. he has a look at what they are doing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the national weather service had
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issued a red flag warning. they have lifted that but cal fire is still on card because of the unusual blast of tropical moisture that has been producing these conditions. >> with the 200 strikes included in western santa clara county that there may be additional fires so we have additional resoreses. ten additional resources in the area to be able to assist if we have additional fires. >> reporter: 200 lightning strikes in the south bay, more in cocoa and alameda county. cal pryor has been cupping it. the agency started managing its talk toout towers, at least one water was able to guide to a guyer and get it knocked down. the nation has plagued the crews
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on round the clockvilleability. they are taking these precautions in the only because of the lightning butç we had hh fire danger. this summer left a lot of vijtation tinder dry. reporting live in morgan hill and cal fire, problem redell, today. >> the red flag warning but everyone is talking about the forecast. >> we have elevated fire danger. it's not as conducive as the dry lightning strikes as it was yesterday. conditions are improving. this is yesterday. look, 80 to 100 lightning strikes in the south and east mostly. so yeah, it was an active day. a little active for the first
5:19 am
part. dime size hail in morgan hill and picked up measurable precipitation which is very unusual for early september. so the ride at the end of the tunnel look at this. this was set in by a viewer. didn't help the giants but it is pretty to look at as we get a rain dow when our atmosphere has all of that moisture available. we'll see moisture, then things are going to here clout probably noon to 5:00. after five we'll eliminate that. light activity. most of the action in the tahoe region. along 101 you might find slick conditions, we'll get that official update from mike inouye around the corner. stay tuned if you're getting ready to head out the door. we stop the clock on your future cast, temperatures are going to hit their highs at 4:00 p.m. it's not all that sunny. a mix of sun and clouds.
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temperatures will be comfortable so it will feel warmer. we have a feels like temperature. sticky, not as muggy tomorrow. crisp this weekend. sunday about 83, if you still want your summer breeze returns tuesday into wednesday. check your drive. 5:20. >> a traffic flow, the volume for 101 holding pretty steady approaching 680, and 520 on the clock here. a smooth drive for the south bay on the maps, no nobody slowing. 17's southbound as where we continue to watch this. we have a vossure. chp gave the update of possible hi 530 clock. if you're not familiar with that
5:21 am
roadway, hold off until we give you the all clear. and damion will. live like shows the peninsula, 101 moves slewly and no major issues. the volume picking up. eemt, 880, starting to pick up. northbound bat and into oakland. >> time for decision 2012. all eyes on north carolina tonight as president obama addresses the nation for the last night of the democratic national convention. he is expected to official ly assess his nomination. president obama made a surprise appearance at the convention, he appeared after former president clinton's 47-minute speech. to deafening cheers. they hugged. sam pretty i won't back down. we'll take you live to charlotte with a look at who else will take the stage and the one thing
5:22 am
former clint ted that brought the crowd to their feet. first lady michelle obama may be more popular than her husband. she presented the top 10 list on david letterman's show. her top 10 reason to watch the convention, as a healthy alternative we're using low fat confetti. five, if you were appearing at a national political convention, and one, at long last, reveal who i'm voting for. >> she's on ellen's show doing push-ups. coming up, a bay area city files suit. >> prison versus schools. a look at how much california is spending on each. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious?
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>> a new report out finds money spent on california prisons could be hurting millions of students. researcher from the california common sense say state spending on prisons has increased by 1300% since 1980. spending reaching $9.2 billion last year. meantime, spending on higher education continues to decline. that report will be out some time today. you can access it at and search california common sense. >> to assess the wardrobe, what to wear, what's the weather? checking win christina. >> well, save yourself time. don't even try to curl your hair. keep it up every five to 10 minutes it's so humid. the air has a weight to it. we're going to be out of this muggy showery pattern as we head to the second half of today.
5:26 am
we saw showers on the radar, mostly around the foothillings and we expect this to ramp up between now and 10:00 a.m. and then slowly deteriorate between 10:00 and noon. by 5:00 p.m. we're going to rule out the chance of thunderstorms. the hour by hour forecast tells the story. still going to be warm. 87 inland, 74 bay side, 65 at the coast. changes just around the corner. what else, the weekend. so close. now we'll get to the forecast coming up. here's mike. >> can't reach around the corner. southbound 680 you don't want to touch this. a ladder in the road across your left two lanes as you head past. that may require a traffic break. 680 on 24 moves through the walnut creek interchange. construction through orinda but no major slowing in the westbound commute direction. a drive to the caldecott, the san pablo avenue, the off ramp
5:27 am
closed. 580 is open in both directions. there is the maze and a live shot will end with the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> still to come on "today in the bay," we take you live to highway 17. it has been rough. a tractor-trailer fire closing down the road most of the night. >> new details in the minutes leading up to the massive fire of the chevron refinery. >> we step outside on this friday eve and look live at the embarcadero in san francisco. a nice one outside. rain coming along, though. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world.
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>> reporter: condolences and a huge outpouring of support after a chp officer dies in the line of duty, taken off life support. i'm christie smith. i'll have the story coming up in a live report. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo along highway 17. southbound remains closed at this hour. the latest is coming up. >> and we've got showers on the
5:30 am
radar, tracking a few thunderstorms as well as we wake up to thursday morning, big time changes çahead. we'll take you through your full forecast. >> then we have damian's sigalert and the rest of the commute. we'll show you where coming up. >> we'll show you a live look outside, that is the hp pavilion, downtown san jose. this thursday, getting close to the weekend, september 6th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 5:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. we can tell you chp officers in martinez right now returning to work one day after the death of a fellow officer kenyon youngstrom. christie smith is live in martinez where a memorial is growing for their fallen officer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. a very sad day here in martinez.
5:31 am
this is where officer kenyon youngstrom normally would check in for work. you can see that this morning flowers and cards are here at the front door. people who never knew him dropping off flowers offering condolences to the family and to fellow officers. officer youngstrom was taken off life support last night after 6:00 at john muir medical center where family and fellow patrol officers held vigil at his bedside. youngstrom was shot in a traffic stop tuesday and the tragic news has really struck an emotional chord with the crowd. many people gathered where the husband and father of four was known as a community leader, a man of faith. friends say youngstrom's son often shared concern about his dad's safety. >> they knew the dangers of his work because his son would talk with them and tell them you know, he'd be worried about his
5:32 am
dad when he was out there. >> reporter: officer youngstrom's organs will be donated and a fund has been set up for his wife and children at wells fargo bank. funeral services are being planned but of course thousands of people are expected to attend. reporting live in martinez, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> the motive behind the shooting of the officer still not clear. christopher lacy whoç was kill at the scene by youngstrom's partner was a computer programmer. he lived for many years in sausalito, moved to a rural area about a year and a half ago. lacy's neighbors expressed shock saying he didn't seem violent but that he was very private. >> the only information he would give up is that he had been raised in oregon and they said every time they steered the conversation to anything about him, he'd change the subject. he didn't want any one to know about him. >> police say lacy was well
5:33 am
armed, they found a semi-automatic handgun, two extra clips of ammunition and a knife in his car. his only other run-in was a drunk driving arrest. >> this morning new information on last month's chevron refinery fire, a flash fire was discovered and then put out about ten minutes before the massive blaze erupted. chevron submitting a 30-day report to contra costa officials. the report detailing that. it includes an event timeline of the incident which starts with the discovery of a leak three hours before that massive fire. >> also this morning we're continuing to follow the tanker fire that shut down north and southbound lanes of highway 17 overnight. the northbound lanes have reopened but southbound lanes, they are still shut down. damian trujillo joins us live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're still waiting for the opening of the southbound lanes, the big rigs that were parked
5:34 am
behind me in the fast lane, they have now inched closer, farther south. looks like they are getting read the open this stretch. but these cars are being diverted off southbound 17 on bear creek road where i'm standing. a little confusion how soon they will be able to open these. let's show you the video. the call came in after 10:00. a truck carrying nonflammable liquid caught fire. the accident made things difficult for people trying to get to and from santa cruz. the northbound lanes were open this morning, the southbound still closed. a tow truck has been there for the last couple of hours but crews have to get all of the debris cleared. the chp says the good news is there was no hazardous material on the burning rig. >> these vehicles are designed to carry the liquid nitrogen.
5:35 am
what did it the fail-safe mechanisms of the truck went into effect arrowing the vehicle to stop and not roll back and the venting system allowed off gases, but it's an inert gas so there was no real threat of an explosion. >> reporter: there are several other big rigs near the crash site wait since last night to get through. and there is no way they can turn around so they spend the night here on southbound 17. here at the bear creek road exit there are about six cars where i'm standing now. they have to get to work on the other side of the hill so they are waiting for this road to reopen. the big rigs that inched farther south. but again, you see the cars behind me, they are being diverted off southbound 17. for now, that's the latest from the base of the santa cruz mountains. >> thank you. 5:35. berkeley law firm is suinging in
5:36 am
and out burger accusing it of discrimination. it claims the restaurant maintains hiring practices that discriminate based on race, color and age. it was filed on behalf of two african-american men over the age of 40 who applied but not hired. in and out denies the discrimination claim saying it hires from local communities and the staff look like the demographic of the community. >> one of the oakland a's hospitalized after he was struck in the head by a line drive. brandon mccarthy on the mound and oh, caught him right in the back of the head. that's in the fourth inning. he was drilled by that line drive taking on the angels. amazingly does not lose consciousness but doctors do keep him in the hospital overnight for observation. got to do that to be safe. he was able to walk off the field. >> amazing to me.
5:37 am
>> the ball close to 100 miles an hour. >> where's the forecast moving to? >> it's moving through the south bay right now. i'm talking about showers and thunderstorms. and really not a lot of activity compared to 24 hours ago. we're going to see half as much activity as yesterday. all of that will deteriorate. this is what we're tracking. light showers making their way from south to north all the way from gilroy to san jose. might find slick conditions on 101. and this is going to be the trend throughout the morning. we might see a few showers up to the north bay but the best chance for showers south of 92, until about 10:00 a.m. today. after which time we'll start to find down. you can see a little bit of yellow. that's moderate and we've had a couple of isolated thunderstorms so far this morning. one thing you will notice, humidity. it is muggy out there. a tropical feel with the
5:38 am
tropical showers around. things change, more seasonal. the dry heat through tomorrow. today what you need to know is you might want to go ahead and grab a jacket or umbrella. it's going to be hot later on. 87 degrees in places like almost. right around 65 degrees at the coast. where you get sea breeze, probably still notice that additional moisture in places like half moon bay. here's mike and your drive. >> i'll pass the message that damian trujillo gave us from the scene, they are going to reopen lanes southbound 17 at bear creek road in about 10 minutes. sounds like they have started moving traffic past the scene of the closure and will take a few minutes until they let traffic back south bound. ten minutes from now we'll track the traffic flow. that's the reason for the
5:39 am
holdup. the rest of the south bay moves smoothly, the northbound commute, no slowing through san jose. live look outside will show you what things are like for the north bay easy for the southbound direction and we'll end with our final shot as we look at oakland. >> thank you, mike. >> later on tonight the democratic national convention is wrapping up. coming up a live report on what everybody can expect from the final day. >> reporter: what firefighters are doing to tamp down the fire danger in this unusual weather. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ]
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>> president obama is expected to accept the democratic nomination tonight wrapping up the party's three-day convention in north carolina. but this morning all the talk is about former president bill clinton and last night's speech that brought tens of thousands
5:42 am
of americans to their feet. tracie potts live with a look at it all. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. it was a long speech interrupted more than 100 times by applause in the arena. in that speech not only did he formally nominate president barack obama but step by step former president clinton what he considers the successes of the obama administration on jobs, health care, on a number of issues including welfare to work which he said is a pet peeve of his when the republicans argue that president obama stripped the welfare laws of the work requirement. he also talked about mitt romney and the republican convention, he talked about their plan to eliminate the debt in this country and boost the economy. he said it simply will not work. and probably one of the most memorable lines of the night. that no one could fully repair the damage that had been done to this economy in just four years. arguing for a second term for
5:43 am
president obama. the president surprised him and appeared on stage and appeared with president clinton after. tonight is his night. he'll be here not in the stadium as planned because the threat of thunderstorms so they are bringing as many people as possible here. however, there are tens of thousands of people who had tickets to see him live tonight who won't be able to get in. this arena is much smaller. >> thanks so much for the update. 5:43. arizona police are now enforcing a controversial section of the state's immigration law. the federal judge gave approval for officers to carry out the so-called show me your papers position. it allows them to question the immigration status of any one who has been stopped for other reasons. critics say it opens the door to racial profiling and ethnic discrimination. the requirement had been under a two-year legal battle which the u.s. supreme court upheld in
5:44 am
june. >> tropical like weather over the bay area forcing cal fire crews to do something they haven't done 18 while. bob is live in morgan hill now with a look at why firefighters are worried of what could be coming our way today. dp morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. things have gotten better. christina has been telling us there had been a red flagç warning but that's still -- that has been lifted but there is still an elevated fire danger which is why cal fire like here in morgan hill, they are on guard. there were 200 lightning strikes yesterday. more in cocoa and alameda counties. yesterday the cal firings did is started manning its fire spotter look out towers like this one. it's good they did, at least one spotter was able to guide his or her colleagues to a fire. the agency placed those on duty firefighters and inmate crews on round the clock availability.
5:45 am
they are taking these not only because of the unusual lightning we saw yesterday and could see later today but because we added high fire danger. it's a dry summer that left a lot of that vegation dry. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. >> christina loren is here to talk about that weather. though there is rain there is always that chance of bad things happening. >> the isolated thunderstorms you never know where they are going to pop up. it's hard to tell. we can give you a general vicinity, the east bay t the south bay. you have the best chance of seeing thunderstorms but tracking exactly where they do pop up is nearly impossible so we all want to go ahead and be on the best of fire safety the next two days especially with our resources spread thin with the fire in southern california. so let's talk about what's happening here because if you put aside the showers and thunderstorms and the humidity
5:46 am
it's really, really nice here in the bay area. we had beautiful clouds out there. i don't know if you had a chance to see that sun set. starting without some low clouds but our atmosphere is mixed around. a lot of instability. the low clouds aren't going to last. we'll see more sunshine than yesterday. you can see the difference between san francisco and san jose. mostly cloudy but we have the fog starting to blow to the surface. storm reports 80 to 100 lightning strikes, reports of hail reported in the morgan hill area. and brief heavy downpours producing measurable precipitation. right now most of the activity is in the central valley and pushing into theç lake tahoe area. throughout the day today, the first half of the day, we'll see these light showers stream on shore. we've got a couple of thunderstorms. you get that red pop this up. so we have lightning in the area. you want to keep that in mind.
5:47 am
when thunder roars go indoors. i don't like saying it but it makes sense. you don't want to be exposed. 80 degrees in san jose, 74 fremont, 87 feeling muggy in livermore. back to the dry ate if we head through tomorrow. temperatures drop off to 83 by sunday. a beautiful weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. it's always nicer on a thursday. knowing there is just one more work day left. let's get you to work. >> now we hear that southbound 17 has been reopened. damian trujillo is on scene. i waited. he said yes. at bear creek road they are letting traffic through. fist bump here. smooth drive as all of the trucks have to make their way through. plan on extra time down into santa cruz but it's moving again. there you go. >> the rest of the south bay, the north bound direction starts to jam up up to 880. there is a burst that should
5:48 am
smooth out and be able to build up to the airport. here to the east bay, tri-valley moves smoothly. in through livermore, and no major issues with the dublin interchange. live looks and show you what things are like at the toll plaza. we're having the cash lane, a back up but no major issues for approach into san francisco. palo alto, the volume picking up past university avenue but no major slowing up through san mateo. >> all right. got that going. 5:48. a nation wide group of doctors, a surgeon -- an increase in calls about children under the age of 5 consuming those color approximately packs. the packaging can be mistaken for candy. the pods are often more potent
5:49 am
than typical detergent with strong cleaning agents which can destroy tissue and block air ways. put them up high if you use them. despite declining numbers it's linked with popularity. surveying 2,000 high schoolers, they found popular students were more likely to smoke than their peers with fewer friends. and the smokers who were popular also tended to pick up the habit at an earlier age. >> this is like straight out of hollywood and a movie. police in los angeles looking for suspects who kidnapped a bank manager, forced her to rob the bank she worked at. the manager says she was taken from outside her home on the way to work with two men with a gun. they made her drive to her bank and rob it and strap add bomb to her back while it was all going down. >> the employee, the suspects gave her a device, forced her to
5:50 am
wear a device she believed to be an explosive device. and gave her instructions to retrieve cash from the bank and pass it out to the suspects waiting outside. >> wild scene there. after the robbers made off with the cash the manager called 911 believing she was strapped with explosives. that was later blown up. it was not a real bomb. the suspects are out on the loose. >> it is 5:50. coming up it could catch hire. we'll tell you which popular suv is at the center of a new recall. >> the secrets given away 18 tv commercial? take a look. holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust
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>> 5:52. a heads up for you. ford recalling its new ford escape, this latest recall involves 2013 escapes with the 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engines. a loose part may call coolant to leak to lead to potentially fires. ford says it's going to fix the problem at no cost to owners. that's nice. less than two months ago ford recalling 11,000 2013 ford escapes and took the step of telling drivers to stop driving them. >> would privacy be more important than angry birds. half of american who is use mobile apps will not install an app that asks too much personal data. they found that 30% of app users removed an app when they found out how much information it had collected about them. >> a string of gadgets continues
5:54 am
as amazon takes the wraps off. >> amazon beating apple to the punch. the success of kindle like the one jeff is introducing have cut into ipad sales. we expect apple to introduce its own low cost tablet as early as this month. amazon will show off new gadgets at 10:30 this morning. though the website points out it may have given away the secret in this commercial seen last night. eagle eye tech watchers spotted tablets with features that amazon hasn't announced yet. are these the new tablets? we'll find out. later this morning. michelle, if you would open christina and laura's mikes, these shoes pronounced what? >> go ahead. >> louis vuitton. >> a federal appeals court says
5:55 am
what? they can trademark its red soles. companies have used red soles. but one case everyone is allowed if the shoe is red this according to the second district federal court. so there. >> that's interesting. >> i'm glad we cleared that. >> a patent on your patents. >> those shoes are expensive. they are like 1600 and up. >> no kigd. >> good christmas gift. >> obviously a good gift giver. >> i would be more inclined to take red nail polish to the bottom. i'm a frugal gal. what can i tell you. you don't want to pull out your best duds today as we have showers on the radar this morning. and we're going to see more shower activity through probably now and 10:00 a.m., that's where
5:56 am
we expect the bulk of the moisture after which time we will start to calm down. it's going to be mug sew keep that in mind. mike, very busy man on a thursday. >> thankfully things are calming down for me and the commute as it starts to build. it's cleared, though, we see slowing now bear creek down to the summit and south over to the santa cruz side. that traffic that built up is starting to move through the hills. there has been a second accident at bear creek. that will top, so take your time. we don't want to have it worse. further north, san jose, north 101 at 680, the volume builds up. slowing toward tully. fremont shows steady flow on 880. >> thanks, mike. this morning breaking ground on a $1.2 billion expansion project. here is a look at what the hospital is expected to look like when completed in 2016.
5:57 am
the 521,000 square foot facility will add 150 patient beds to the hospital bringing the total number of beds to 361. the project will add space for answered diagnostic and treatment therapies and expanded support services. >> as you head out the time is 5:57. still ahead keeping hope alive. i'm a professional stylist but styling my friend's is my favorite. they all love the latest trends but none of them want to pay full price. they each have their own unique style, so t.j.maxx is a great place because they have such an incredible mix of designers for so much less than the department stores. when my friends feel beautiful i just feel like i scored. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i'm a maxxinista and now so are all my girls. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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>> commuter confusion. we're waiting to see when highway 17 will reopen between the south bay and santa cruz. the new estimate from the chp next. >> killed in the line of duty. this morning the growing memori for officer kenyon youngstrom. >> why the forecast is forcing cal fire to


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