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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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lafayette man whose body was found yesterday in the sacramento river. i'm live with more on the memorial that's already being planned for him. and new this morning, we're learning much more about the victims of that horrible car crash in walnut creek this weekend. plus the driver could be in court as early as today. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. and just two weeks before the start of fall and that summer sizzle stayed. 90s inland, 70s bayside. plus flashing lights, we've got changes on the roads and i'll give you a look at where you can't drive later on today. >> that's always good to know. you can drive along the embarcadero, people attempting to do so on this monday, september 10th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning and thanks for waking up with us. it is 5:01 on the nose. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon quekelley. sadly a 20-year-old's body has been found in the sacramento river. stephanie is live at his former high school in lafayette where this morning friends are preparing for a vigil in his honor. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. already a few facebook page has popped up with 4500 people following it dedicated to remembering brett olson. and a memorial being planned for people to come in person here to the high school where brett os n olson graduated from before heading off to college. tragic news for his parents, who were very emotional as they hugged each other after identifying their son's body yesterday. a fisherman had discovered it in the sacramento river near a place known as the washout, not
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far from where friends had last seen him. they had been tubing at the river with thousands of others on labor day weekend before getting separated at a popular spot known as beer can beach. the olson family was getting ready to search cheico when the got the news. thousands of friends and many strangers had all been wishing for his safe return. >> we all were just hoping for a different outcome and positive one. i wanted to meet this person that i had been searching for. he's been on my mind. i was just hoping to give him a hug. >> reporter: and news of the 20-year-old's disappearance had spread very quickly through social media, from twitter to a facebook page dedicated to searching for olson. that page had nearly 100,000 followers. as for cause of death, so far investigators believe olson drowned. toxicology reports will not be in and results will not be in
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for some weeks. so far no word yet on funeral arrangements, but there will be a vigil held here at the high school planned for tomorrow night at 7:00. 5:03. a san leandro man is hospitalized after being shot inside his home. police responded to gunshots around 8:00 last night. they found the 40-year-old victim in the back of the home but the suspect had already left. police have not determined a motive for the shooting or released a suspect description. this morning one young woman is battling for her life. another woman has been killed and a driver is behind bars after a deadly crash on a walnut creek sidewalk. christie smith is live in walnut creek at the crash site with new information about the victims and the suspects. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right, we are learning more about everyone involved,
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including the woman who died here, that she was a mother on vacation to the bay area from southern california to see her son and his new wife. she was right where we are when she was hit on saturday. now, people have been coming, leaving flowers and bears and notes, while the driver has been identified. after being released from the hospital, he was booked into the county jail in martinez for vehicular manslaughter and could be in court as early as today. he's accused of speeding onto the swaidewalk. saturday evening the truck he was in jumped the curb throwing 52-year-old sherri hicks into the median and severely injuring his son's new wife. she was last listed in critical condition. >> the young girl, she was laying down and she was all -- her head was all bloody. she was conscious and i was kind of looking.
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and then another lady come to me -- came to me and she said the mom is dead. >> now, according to the contra costa times, hicks had come to the bay area over the weekend from santa barbara to visit her son and new wife who had moved here, also from southern california, for a new job. hicks, we are told, was a schoolteacher. friends say that she always went the extra mile. students really cared about her and she will be missed. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." south san francisco police are still trying to figure out exactly why a father abducted his two children and then sailed off into the ocean in a stolen wo boat. the coast guard caught imwith him. he took the children last week and then stole a sailboat and headed out to the coast. the children were unharmed and he did not resist arrest. the children's mother had recently told him that he would
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not be allowed to see them until he found a job and place to live. he is now being held on suspicion of kidnapping and child endangerment. this morning a new memorial is in place marking two years since a deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. city leaders and some survivors held a memorial at san bruno city park yesterday, unveiling the new memorial with the names of the eight people killed by the blast. however, not everyone impacted by the explosion attended the ceremony. some chose to hold a separate memorial in the neighborhood where the blast actually happened. san bruno's mayor says the city is talking about placing a memorial plaque in the neighborhood after the construction and rebuilding is complete. it is 5:06 right now. a father and son are recovering after being rescued by the coast guard following a plane crash into the ocean along the central coast. the faa says the pilot made an emergency landing yesterday afternoon after his engine
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stalled. he was able to ditch the plane near san luis obispo. a helicopter from san francisco raced to the scene and saved the pair from the ocean. we're being told one of the two men was suffering from hypothermia, but both are refusing medical treatment. san francisco mayor ed lee's popularity appears to be slipping. the "the chronicle" reports ten months into his election victory, a new citywide poll has the mayor scoring a favorable rating with 49% of voters. that's in sharp contrast to a 60% plus favorable rating back in july of 2011 when he was still interim mayor and a few face to most voters. some campaign experts say many people find lee likeable but blame him for their muni bus being late or for their $68 parking tickets. 5:07 right now. if you like heat and you like the sun, i imagine you give a favorable rating to this forecast from meteorologist christina loren.
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>> good morning. temperatures are crisp this morning. 45 in novato and 47 in santa rosa. as our days are getting shorter, the sun is going down earlier, it's starting to feel like fall out there. we will notice a building breeze today. you'll notice on the key where you start to get those yellows and greens, yeah, that's 20 to 30-mile-per-hour sustained gusts at the coast today. tie down any sort of lose objects in your backyard. as we head throughout the day, temperatures will feel very much like summertime. 89 in fairfield. your full forecast shows you a little bit of a heat wave on the way. we'll take you through that coming up. first we want to check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. a good look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems here. so we'll take you to the san mateo bridge where we had reports of a stalled bridge. despite that report i haven't seen any slowing. you might find a little slowing as you approach the high rise. another live look outside shows
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you the peninsula, 101, easy drive south with those taillights away from the san mateo bridge. construction around university but no slowing because it's out of the lanes. look at the south bay. the maps show you a smooth fully. flow. we'll take you down to bear creek road. it will be closed from 9:00 to 5:00 doing some mud slide repair many days this week so 17 is your route straight south down through the area and it's a better way anyway. it's shorter on 17. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:09. it is one of the biggest school districts in the entire nation and this morning almost all of its teachers are staying away from their classrooms. still ahead, what's behind the largest teacher strike in two decades. speaking of students, how about a tablet just for kids. we'll have this coming up in a live report. that means more ipad for me. a new iphone ahead, and what
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welcome back, everybody. 5:12 right now. teachers in one of the largest school districts in the nation hitting the picket lines this morning and this is monumental, affecting nearly 400,000 students. a big deal back in chicago. 25,000 teachers are walking out after contract talks break down last night. at issue, pay, job security and evaluations. chicago mayor rahm emanuel even getting in on this action calling for these teachers to return to the classroom while these talks continue. the district says it's doing what it can to help students during the strike, saying they will keep some schools open for limited hours using fill-in staff members. this is the week apple unveils the iphone 5.
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scott, apple has some real challenges ahead of it. >> we talked about how apple beat samsung in court but in real life it's samsung that's ahead, selling more phones, so apple will in some ways be playing catch-up. it's expected the fifth generation iphone will have a bigger screen. they'll have a press event on wednesday. its stock is at a near all-time high closing friday at $680, about two bucks short of its zenith. apple has been shining despite poor economic news. so too has google. google over $700 a share. if you are a google shareholder, you are better off than you were four years ago. the other item on our calendar this week is the fed meeting. a possible third round of quantitative easing or what the cool kids call qe-3. sima is live with more on that.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. let's take a quick look at the markets right now. futures are lower after the markets come off another positive week. that's despite friday's disappointing jobs report showing the economy only created 96,000 jobs in august. now, at tension turns to the fed this week which meets wednesday and thursday. more economists believe the weak job data could push the fed to launch another stimulus program. we get data out today on consumer credit. in terms of how the market closed friday, the dow rose 13 points. getting you some tablet news, toys r us is getting into the tablet business. the "wall street journal" reporting the retailer will announce plans to start selling its own device for kids. it costs$149.99. to prevent people from testing
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it out there and buying it cheaper online. it comes preloaded with 50 game apps, including angry birds. they also have an app store with 7,000 titles so be sure to watch out for that. back to you. well, you remember last week nokia unveiled this new cell phone with a super powerful camera and had a tv ad showing off the camera's image stabilization. well, it turns out this video that you're seeing where you see the examples of it wasn't shot with a nokia. you might expect nokia to use a nokia to demonstrate a nokia, but they didn't. they used a regular video camera. nokia has apologized not just for that, but this morning the "financial times" reports some of the still photographs that nokia used as an example of what the camera can do, wait for it, were taken by a regular dslr, so nokia is very sorry. >> how do they think that's going to fly? >> honestly, i think they
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contracted out to a third party. they tried to sort of mash some images together and careful bloggers figured it out. it's an embarrassment. >> smoke and mirrors, getting busted. 5:16 right now, but nothing to complain about. we don't need smoke and mirrors, we have spectacular weather ahead. >> yeah, it is going to be fantastic. this is the time of year where if you don't make those outdoor plans, you might be picking yourself come fall. it's going to be really, really nice and hiking, bike riding. yeah, that sun will start going down much earlier so keep that in mind especially if you're a 9:00 to 5:00 worker. temperatures this morning are nice and comfortable. maybe give yourself a little extra time right along the pa z peninsula. we don't have some drizzle and will continue to see that through 7:00, 8:00. after that the fog will start to clear and we'll see completely clear conditions by about 10:00 a.m., so much earlier than
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normal. hence, a warmer than average day. as we head throughout the day, high pressure still in control but we'll see that monsoonal moisture. patchy fog will be the case until tuberculos10:00 a.m. 70s and 80s around the bay. hottest cities like livermore will hit 90 degrees. but look at all those 70s. the east shore looking really kbch good. make the trip over the hill if you're looking for the cooler conditions today. as we head through tuesday into wednesday, 87 degrees so temperatures will fall back to the upper 80s closer to average and we'll bounce right back up thursday and friday into the mid-90s. it will be a little hot towards the end of the week but if you want to make one last hurrah to the beach, you'll be able to do
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so. let's check your drive. we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic. i wanted to show you the volume. this is just north of tully. all moving nicely here. up the peninsula, we'll check on that san mateo bridge. here's the westbound commute. we see a few more cars heading over in the westbound direction. the commute builds a tad and is moving smoothly despite reports of a disabled van. to the maps we'll show you the east bay with a lot of activity. south 880 around 23rd, reports of a tire in lanes may cause a little slowing. we'll look over to 24 as well, westbound in your commute direction, reports of couch cushions in the roadway. now, that's not a major concern but if you hit it and it gets on the windshield, problem. here's the double interchange, 580 and 680 moving nicely. this morning from our investigative unit, board members for the bay area's biggest water district getting paid to attend events that have absolutely nothing to do with water.
5:19 am
thousa now, the board of directors doesn't actually get a salary but they collect $286 for meetings and events. they can go up to ten per month. those are meetings that relate to the water district. investigative reporter jenna susko dug through their records. >> if it shows it would be benefit to me, i will attend. >> reporter: take a look at the types of meetings they're asking you to pay for. the director charged taxpayers to attend the chamber of commerce awards, the banquet awards and a lunar new year celebration. >> water issues were discussed? >> water issues were not discussed. >> reporter: meet director richard santos. >> he's not part of your district, though? >> no. >> reporter: he's talking about a meeting with a san jose city councilman. >> do you feel that you should have charged $300 to meet with him? >> it wasn't $300. >> $298.27.
5:20 am
>> reporter: he stayed 30 minutes. it cost taxpayers nearly 300 bucks. the thing is santos' district doesn't include san jose. >> i think the board members work pretty hard. it's a challenging job. >> reporter: this is the washington district's ceo. he said it's important for directors to make a connection to the community by attending events, because they are the ones who set policy. he also says everything the district does is transparent. >> i assume they are discussing district business and issues related to water. >> the gist of the discussion is not at all about water issues, i would question why you would be in attendance. >> reporter: tonight at 11 we ask directors exactly what was discussed at those meetings. plus we show you other things they're putting on the taxpayers' tab and why one director says he's underpaid. back to you. >> thank you very much, jenna. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, you're asked to all 888-996-tips or send an
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good morning to you. giving you a live look at san jose, still in the darkness on this monday morning. we'll get a look at the forecast with christina. oakland mayor jean quan is hoping a lot of people will step up and show love to the local teams by showing their team spirit. all week long oakland planning events to show support for its professional teams. the mayor hoping the rallies will help convince both the a's
5:24 am
and the raiders to stop looking for homes in other cities. both teams have talked about leaving the city. maybe she should get those raider nation guys to help convince people. the warriors also have committed to moving to san francisco when their lease is up. tonight mayor quan will join raider fans at the tailgate before the chargers game. the 49's stadium not complete until 2014 but the faithful snapping up season tickets at a record pace. fans have already purchased $670 million of seats and luxury boxes. 70% of the current ticket holders have paid to keep their seats. officials say no pro sports team has sold as many seats as the niners two years before the opening of a new stadium. >> they beat green bay 30-22 yesterday. i'm sure you already knew that. the london 2012 paralympics wrapped up last night and a bay
5:25 am
area athlete is coming home with a gold medal. shirley riley won the women's wheelchair marathon on the last day of the games. earlier she had earned a silver and bronze on the track. last night the games closing ceremony included a fireworks display over olympic park and performances by cold play, rihanna and jay-z. this year's paralympics games were the most watched and best attended of all time. the united states won 98 medals, coming in sixth overall. right now we take you live to london. how about this, a picture of the fans checking out the parade for the paralympics. it's a nice celebration, a great party last night and the fans getting a chance to see their athletes up close and personal. they had quite a celebration, jay-z, rihanna. >> did you catch any of the action? >> i have a little bit. it was fun to watch. i bet a lot of people
5:26 am
watched football yesterday. let's check the forecast. >> new workweek, new forecast to talk about. it's crisp out there this morning, temps in the 40s and 50s. it's going to be on the hot side later on so as you're getting your kids dressed for school, dress them for the two parts of the day. 67 degrees at the coast today. we have got a heat wave just around the corner. we'll detail that in your seven-day forecast. let's check your drive first. we'll do a quick bridge check. the san mateo bridge westbound has seen a good amount of traffic. traffic does look smooth as far as the speed sensors go but it looks a little heavier than we typically see on a monday and the report of a disabled van still on the charts. here's the bay bridge, a smooth drive. easy flow toward the toll plaza. and a live look outside we'll show you also the golden gate bridge. no problems between the north bay and the city, you can see those lights across the bridge but the fog may affect you a
5:27 am
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the driver arrested in a deadly accident in walnut creek could be in court as early as today. i'm christie smith coming up in a live report. we'll tell you what we know about the victim and the woman still clinging to life. and preparing to say goodbye. family and friends are already planning a memorial for 20-year-old brett olson who was found not 24 hours ago in the sacramento river. and turn up the thermostat just a little bit. 90s inland, 70s bayside, 60s at
5:30 am
the coast. then the heat cranks late week. and as the volume picks up for san jose, i'm also tracking that stalled van reported on the san mateo bridge. i'll bring you the latest coming up. a live look outside over downtown san jose. the south bay waking up with us on this monday, september 10th. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i am jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. one woman dead, another fighting for her life and a driver behind bars. that's where things stand after a horrific weekend accident on a walnut creek sidewalk. now the driver and one of the victims of the deadly crash have been identified. christie smith is live in walnut creek with the latest on this
5:31 am
investigation and new information about the victims. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, first that 53-year-old driver could be in a martinez courtroom as early as today. we are also learning more about the victim, the woman who died. we are told that she was a mother on vacation from southern california up here in the bay area to visit her son and his new wife. now, this morning people have left flowers outside the accident scene and a couple of teddy bears and notes. also real quickly wanted to pan over to the other side so you can see where the truck was wedged in this morning at the light post. it's completely marred up this morning. but what a mess. it hit a planter outside the marriott hotel on saturday. according to the "contra costa times," 52-year-old sherri hicks of santa barbara was on the sidewalk here. she was killed in the accident. she was thrown we are told at least 80 feet out into the median. she came to visit his son and
5:32 am
new wife. they had moved here for work. the wife was with hicks. she was taken to the medical center, listed in critical condition. witnesses described a horrible scene. >> the young girl, she was laying down and she was all -- her head was all bloody. and she was conscious. i was kind of looking, and then another lady come to me -- she came to me and said the mom is dead. >> now, the 53-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. again, that truck he was in, so smashed up they actually had to cut it open to get him out. police are still looking into how fast he may have been going at the time and whether drugs or alcohol were possibly a factor. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." right now milpitas police looking for the person who shot and killed a 7-eleven clerk. this shooting happened at a store on north milpitas
5:33 am
boulevard about 2:00 saturday morning. this is located just blocks from the milpitas police headquarters. investigators say when they arrived, they found the store clerk with a gunshot wound and dead on the scene. police have not yet identified the victim. they also haven't said anything about a possible motive or a description of the suspect. 5:33. a public memorial for a chp officer killed in the line of duty will be held thursday in vacaville. the chp officer was shot during a traffic stop on 680 in alamo last week. the memorial service will take place at the mission church in vacaville at 10:00 a.m. thursday and is expected to be attended by law enforcement officers from across the state. meanwhile the fairfield community is continuing to raise funds in support of the fallen officer's family. hundreds of people descended on jump highway in fairfield to honor the officer. the family lives nearby.
5:34 am
the trampoline park held a silent auction and donated all profits to his wife and four kids. >> losing a father and having four small children, i just can't even imagine where you start when you wake up in the morning. so it's -- every bit will help. i know that money can only do so much for the family, but there's a lot of things that it can help. >> the 37-year-old officer died wednesday. he was taken off of life support one day after being shot during that traffic stop in alamo. jump highway will continue to accept donations for the family in the coming weeks. the massive week-long search for a popular 20-year-old from lafayette has come to the end that everybody had hoped against. his body has been found in the sacramento river. stephanie is live where this morning friends and family are preparing a vigil to honor him. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: yes, to honor him,
5:35 am
say goodbye, share memories and well wishes at a candlelight vigil here at the high school tomorrow night. this is where olson graduated just a couple years ago. now, his parents were actually getting ready with dozens of volunteers to search for brett olson in chico when they got the news yesterday. his body had been found floating in the sacramento river near a place known as the washout. that's not far from where his friends last saw him. the student had gone up for a labor day celebration with thousands of other people, river rafting, river tubing. it has been a long, difficult week for not only his family and friends but strangers who dedicated their time in trying to bring olson only. >> this has been an arduous and tasking week with emotions running high. >> i'm glad people care action even though they can't be here helping. they're still carriage for ting
5:36 am
family and praying for them. >> a facebook had almost 100,000 followers to twitter, where people wrote about olson and the search. as for cause of death, so far investigators believe olson drowned. toxicology results are not expected back for some weeks. and already a family fund has been set up to collect donations. that's in the works here at the local wells fargo bank. for anyone who wants to say their goodbyes, a public memorial planned here at the high school tomorrow night, 7:00. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." thousands of firefighters are battling nine major fires up and down the state. one of those is near cow mountain. the so-called scotts fire has burned six and a half square miles. that's almost the size of san francisco. gusts of up to 40 miles per hour overnight have not helped firefighters gain the upper hand. the scotts fire is just 15%
5:37 am
contained. about 300 homes are still evacuated and authorities are warning residents to be aware of unhealthy air quality from the smoke today. air quality officials expected to provide new details on the response to that massive richmond refinery fire. officials will update their part of the investigation into that august 6th blaze. they'll be joined by members of the chemical safety board and california air resource board at a meeting in san francisco. more than 17,000 people visited area hospitals right after that fire. most reporting respiratory issues related to the talksic plume of black smoke that was released by that fire. initially the air quality resource board said they found no air quality issues in the wake of the fire. it is 5:37. good morning to you. we're talking about that scotts fire burning up in the north bay and gusts up to 40 miles per hour. christina loren, are they going to have a break from that today? >> no, actually the winds are going to be strong just about
5:38 am
all day long up there. for us they'll be strong at the coast as well. let's start with this live picture here. bay bridge, you can see mostly cloudy conditions. once the sun comes up you'll see a gorgeous sunrise. the official time is 6:47. 40s to start in places like livermore and concord, making this one of the coldest mornings we've had in a couple weeks. it is starting to feel like fall out there. temperatures are going to be comfortable. we'll lose this marine layer by with 10:00, but you can see the fog will be a little more extensive before we hit that time. before 8:00 and 10 :00 it starts to push back out to sea. look at this, we stop the clock at 5:00 p.m. once that marine layer pushes offshore, we're talking about complete sunshine in the city by the bay and up and down the marin county coastline just about all day long into the evening hours. 80 degrees inland, 90 at 4:00 p.m. at the coast about 69 degrees. today you'll have your full
5:39 am
forecast. that seven-day is ready to go in my next report. first let's see what's happening on the roads. >> a little less as more happens as far as the volume of traffic. we have the incident cleared from west 92 san mateo bridge. you're looking on the peninsula side as you head to foster city. easy drive now that the incident has cleared. we'll look at the maps and see how things are shaping up for your westbound 580 commute through the tri-valley. a little slowing toward the dublin interchange. no major drama. you're heading toward the bridge, a smooth flow as construction crews continue to clear. we have a tire southbound 880 which has just cleared from the reports around 23rd so that shouldn't be a problem as you head away from downtown and toward the oakland coliseum. a live look shows you the volume for 101 northbound builds but no major slowing yet. this is just north of tully. congress will be back in session a little later this morning, but lawmakers are already admitting they likely
5:40 am
won't get much done. go live to washington for the latest coming up. also, hunting for big dollars in the bay area. we have new details on a presidential fund-raising trip to the bay area. we'll let you know when mr. obama will come back. ( telephone rings )
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welcome back. it is 5:42 now. overseas in afghanistan a large prison housing suspected terrorists is now in the hands of the afghan government. u.s. officials handed over control of that facility today. it's located inside a massive u.s. air base just outside of kabul. afghan president hamid karzai hailed the transfer of power as a victory for his country's independence. afghanistan was previously given authority over another 3,000 detainees back in march. a new piece of a 9/11 memorial being unveiled this
5:43 am
afternoon. it has four glass panel that say will bear the names of the people killed during the attacks on september 11th. they will ultimately be part of a large memorial on napa's main street and it will include a garden and sculpture made from steel recovered from the twin towers. meantime in pennsylvania this morning, the secretary of defense will visit the flight 93 national memorial. park officials say they are still adding to the site and will break ground on a visitors center next spring. united 93 was flying from newark to san francisco. passengers on the flight fought back and forced the hijackers to crash the plane in a shanksville field. many of the passengers were from the bay area or had family out here. 5:43. lawmakers are getting back to work in washington this morning. they're return from a five-week vacation to what's expected to be a short preelection session.
5:44 am
>> reporter: we've said it before and we'll have to say it again. september 30th, funding runs out. if congress doesn't deal with that, we could be looking at a government shutdown. plus the farm bill, five-year farm bill that includes 46 million on food stamps, that also needs to be reauthorized. republicans want deeper cuts than democrats there. and we're looking at a number of really big issues that could be bumped over until after the election into the lame duck session. bush tax cuts expiring. $100 billion in automatic spending cuts if congress does nothing, not to mention the postal service which this month will default on its pension payment. they're losing $25 million a day. again, if congress doesn't hop in. marla. >> we will continue to watch this. thanks. to decision 2012 and president barack obama back in washington, d.c., this morning while mitt romney is planning
5:45 am
rallies in the key battleground state of ohio. over the weekend presidential campaign focusing heavily on jobs and health care. the president telling a crowd this florida romney's tax plan at this point just does not add up. >> you already have testify dits. you add $5 trillion in new tax cuts, $2 trillion in new defense spending and somehow you're going to close the deficit without raising taxes on middle class families. as this battle rolls on the romney campaign launching a brand new tv ad blasting the president on the economy. meantime, new numbers appear to show the president got a little bit of a bounce from that democratic national convention. the tracking polls now put him four to five points ahead of romney. and we are learning president obama will be making at least one more stop in the bay area before the election. details are still being finalized, but we know he will
5:46 am
be here on october 8th. it is a fund-raising stop. his eighth since april of 2011. the president's appearance will be similar to one in february when he met with small high-end donors at the knob hill masonic center in san francisco. it is 5:46 right now. let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren to find out what's happening. we are at monday. do we have a good-looking week ahead? >> it always looks good once you get past monday. we've got it made in the shade. that's what you meant to do later on, it's going to be hot out there in livermore. up to 90 degrees. overall we're looking really good at the coast. in san francisco you get some of the best temperatures and the most abundant sunshine. as we head throughout the day today, we'll see that sun. we'll have to wait a little bit for it as you can see low clouds are coming down, starting to bring down your visibility here on the bay bridge, but not so bad just yet. this is san jose, good morning to you. beautiful start. you can actually make out the
5:47 am
mountains in the distance, and temperatures will be comfortable if you want to head over 17 into santa cruz later on, in the 70s today. 49 to start you out in concord, 57 in oakland, 46 novato and 54 in san francisco. good morning to you in the city. as we head throughout the day, high pressure is in control. this is going to keep us nice and warm, but we've got another system impacting us. an area of low pressure in the pacific northwest, will usher in a nice, strong onlower flow. as we head throughout the day, that ocean breeze will pick up and be comfortable in san jose today. we're talking about 81 degrees, a comfortable degrees coming out of the west carrying in that cool ocean air. 80 in redwood city, 72 in santa cruz today. we'll hit about 70 degrees in san francisco. we do have changes just around the corner. nothing major. we'll swing your numbers up to the mid-90s as we head through thursday and friday. and it will feel hot but we'll bring it back down for the weekend. 69 degrees saturday at the
5:48 am
coast, 67 on sunday. already thinking about that weekend? you've got to work for it first. here's mike to help you do so. >> you've got to get to work. northbound 101 coming toward me, northbound underneath that 680/280 interchange. the volume really bumping up. the map shows you the slowing on our speed sensors as well. here are most of your northbound routes. but what we just showed you, that's where we see the north for northbound 101. the rest of the south bay moves smoothly, the volume just picks up here. we'll talk about bear creek road. that was an option to get you around the problem on 17. today not an option. from 9:00 to 5:00 they are closing the roadway to do mud slide repair work so 17 is not an issue. if we do have problems, we may have to give you a reroute. 101, palo alto moves smoothly on the peninsula. an easy drive past university all the way up into the city. oakland, 880 moves nicely as
5:49 am
well just north of high street and we'll end with the bay bridge getting a little more company. cash lanes having to wait a tad bit. today san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi making another public plea to try to keep his job. he will be at the main library at 4:00 today for a public meeting. he is expected to tell the crowd that he is sorry for the heated argument with his wife that led to domestic violence charges, but he does feel the incident has been overblown into a political witch hunt. mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi from office. the board of supervisors is expected to decide within the next month whether mirkarimi should lose his job. the little league frerz petaluma continue to bask in the glory of their third place showing at the little league world series. they attended a pizza party courtesy of matt cain this
5:50 am
weekend. during the little league world series a few of the petaluma kids named cain as their favorite baseball player. cain had said he was a huge fan of the team. >> that is awesome. they got to go out on the a's field last week and now they're rolling with cain. >> deep dish pizza. >> you're making me hungry, by the way. 5:50 right now. still ahead, a little music, big-time star power and a lot to celebrate. we'll let you know what the raiders are doing in hopes of getting fans to come out early toemt. and has mitt romney changed his mind about obama care? we'll take a look at what the candidate said ahead. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. welcome back. hopping over the pond, giving you a live look at london, what's going on there.
5:53 am
this is the parade honoring the paralympians. the united states won 98 medals, coming in sixth overall. the raiders should be high tonight looking and feeling good ond monday night football. they open up the season against the chargers, kicking off at 7:15. this will be a star-studded ooef event. people arriving early will be treated to a performance by ice cube. he's been a lifelong hard-core raider fan, once wrote a rap anthem for the framplg inchise. this is trying to get fans out early and get them through the metal detectors. tonight's game is sold out. the lines will definitely be long. in addition to performances by ice cube, how about this, gene simmons of kiss will step up to king the national anthem.
5:54 am
>> in his platforms. >> meantime the 49ers 1-0 beat the packers 30-20 but the buzz focused on this guy. kicker david akers tied an nfl record. feeling the magic there. he hits a 63-yard field goal. you could hear it ping on that post. jim harbaugh pumped, so is the stadium. three other kickers matched that feat, including the raiders sebastian janikowski. time to talk some business and tech now at 5:54. over the weekend mitt romney appeared to temper some of his criticism of president obama's health care plan. >> it's interesting. it would seem romney, who, remember, established universal health care while governor of massachusetts said he would actually keep key parts of president obama's health care plan, including most
5:55 am
importantly, and most notably requirements that insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform. one is to make sure i'll put in place people with pre-existing conditions have coverage. paul ryan was on cbs on sunday at the same time defending his participation in the so-called budget super committee when he voted in favor of huge defense cuts to be put into place if the government doesn't reduce the deficit. candidate ryan has railed against those very same cuts. it's not just american politicians have trouble. in france, the guy who's been president 90 days is on the defensive because he hasn't fixed the economy yet. the first socialist president in 17 years says he will cut the country's deficit by cutting tens of billions in services and raises taxes on the rich.
5:56 am
the financial world watching the fed as the open markets committee meets one business day after friday's terrible jobs report. if the fed were to do something, now would be the time. also on our calendar, apple on wednesday will announce, we expect, the iphone 5. will they call it the iphone 5? remember, ipad 3 is really just called the ihad pa. apple has dropped the number. >> just to confuse us a little bit more. >> slim it down. 5:56. we check back in with christina lowren to find out about our forecast. >> the numbers on the temperature map are in the 90s today. inland getting those kids ready to go, we're in the 40s and 50s right now. so a 40-degree jump before we hit that high later on today. 78 degrees bayside, 79 at the coast. your full forecast reveals some changes. let's check your drive with
5:57 am
mike. we're looking at cars starting to stack up at the bay bridge toll plaza as is a typical pattern about 6:00 on a monday morning and a smooth drive on the approach through the maze. we don't have the golden gate bridge but it's moving smoothly, trust me. this is sunol moving smoothly southbound with the taillights away from us. there's a little slowing as you make your way up the grade. back to you. >> we'll be right back after this.
5:58 am
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a heart-breaking end to a desperate search. the body of a bay area college student pulled from a northern california river. an east bay city has a new plan to remember one of its favorite sons. also one woman killed, another gravely injured by an out of control car. the round-the-clock effort to save her life and what we're learning


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