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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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health concerns still very much up in the air near the chevron refinery in richmond. what health experts are saying today that could clear up the confusion about the smoke following that massive fire. and just two weeks of summertime left and the heat is on this monday. 90s inland, 80s and 70s bayside, 60s at the coast. we'll take you through some immediate changes coming up. and a lot of folks are hitting the road in the south bay. we have a new accident on 101. i'll give you that coming up. and giving you a live look. that is the embarcadero covered in some cloud cover on this monday, september 10th. this is "today in the bay. " . good morning and thanks for waking up with us, it is 6:00. i am marla tellez. >> and i am jon kelley. this morning one young woman is battling for her life, another
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woman has been killed and a driver is behind bars after a deadly crash on a wialnut creek sidewalk. christie smith is live near that crash site with new information about the victims and the suspect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. i just spoke with a couple of employees this morning. they say that they weren't on duty at the time of this accident but they're very concerned about the woman who is still hospitalized this morning. wanting to know more about her condition. we're also learning more about the 53-year-old woman who died in this accident, that she was a mother on vacation to see her son and his new wife when she was hit here on the sidewalk. you can see people have left flowers, stuffed animals and notes. while the driver has been identified. after being released from the hospital, he was booked into jail on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and could be in court as early as today.
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he's accused of speeding onto the sidewalk here on north main street saturday evening right by the marriott hotel. people say that the truck he was in jumped the curb, throwing sherri hicks onto the median and severely injuring her son's new wife. she was last listed in critical condition. >> the young girl, she was laying down. she was all -- her head was all bloody. and she was conscious. i was kind of looking and then another lady come to me -- came to me and said that the mom is dead. >> according to the contra costa times, hicks came to the bay area from santa barbara to visit her son and new wife who had also moved here from southern california for work. hicks was a schoolteacher. friends say she always went the extra mile for her students, who really cared about her, and she will certainly be missed. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, today in the
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bay. new this morning, boards now cover up the spot where an out of control car slammed into a south bay home overnight. it all happened late last night in sunnyvale. police say they're not sure why the car plowed into the home's living room. firefighters say incredibly no one was hurt and the crash did not damage the home's structural integrity. happening now, police searching for the man who gunned down a store clerk and killed that store clerk at a milpitas 7-eleven. this turned into the scene of a homicide. this morning the store on millipe millipedes boulevard is open. police have yet to release the victim's name or details on a suspect description. the massive week-long search for brett olson from lafayette has come to a tragic end. his body has been found in the sacramento river. stephanie chuang is live at
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olson's former high school where this morning friends are preparing a vigil to remember him. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: marla, good morning. a long and difficult week for so many people. a candlelight vigil will be here at the high school where brett olson graduated from a couple of years ago before he headed off to cal polysan luis obispo. yesterday his parents were very emotional after identifying their son's body. it was found in the sacramento river, discovered by someone not far from a place known as the washout and very close to where friends last saw him at an event with thousands of others during labor day weekend. the olson family had been getting ready to search chico when they got the news, dashing the hopes of thousands of people from family to friends to many strangers who had all been wishing for his safe return.
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>> we all just were wishing for a different outcome. i wanted to meet this person that i had been searching for. he's been on my mind and i was just hoping to give hmm a hug. >> reporter: a facebook page called let's bring brett home had attracted nearly 100,000 followers. that's also where a friend relayed a message from brett's parents that thanked everyone and said the hope and love they received is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. as for the investigation, so far cause of death believed to be drowning. toxicology results not expect eback for some weeks. but a huge outpouring of love and support in addition to the public memorial here for 7:00 tomorrow night. a nonprofit has been set up. the olson family fund here at the local wells fargo bank. live in lafayette, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. a father and son very fortunate after being rescued by
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the coast guard after their plane crashed into the ocean along the central coast. the faa says the pilot had to make an emergency landing yesterday afternoon when his engine stalled. he was able to ditch the plane about 40 miles off morro bay. a coast guard helicopter from san francisco raced to the scene, ultimately saving the pair from the ocean. we're being told one of the two men was suffering from mild hypothermia but both refused medical treatment. a public memorial for a chp officer killed in the line of duty will be held thursday in vacaville. the chp officer was shot during a traffic stop on 680 in alamo last week. the memorial service will take place at the mission church in vacaville at 10:00 a.m. thursday and it is expected to be attended by law enforcement officers from all over the state. meanwhile the fairfield community is continuing to raise funds in support of the fallen officer's family. hundreds of people descended on jump highway in fairfield
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yesterday to honor the officer. his family lives near by. the trampoline park donated all sunday's profits to his wife and four kids. >> losing a father and having four small children, i just can't even imagine where you start when you wake up in the morning. so it's -- every bit will help. i know money can only do so much for the family but there's a lot of things that it can help. >> the 37-year-old officer died wednesday. he was taken off of life support one day after being shot. jump highway will continue to accept donations for his family in the coming weeks. air quality officials are expected to provide new details this morning on their response to the massive richmond refinery fire. officials from the air quality management district will update their part of the investigation into that august 6th blaze. they'll be joined by members of the chemical safety board and california resource board at a meeting in san francisco. more than 17,000 people visited
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area hospitals after that fire, most reporting respiratory issues related to the toxic plume of black smoke released by that fire. initially the air quality resource board said they found no air quality issues in the wake of the fire. a developing story now near ukiah where a wildfire is scorching six and a half scare miles of land. that's about the size of san francisco. right now this fire is only 15% contained. about 350 homes and outbuildings are still in the fire's path and hundreds of people are still evacuated. more than 1,000 firefighters are now battling these flames, which broke out friday afternoon. it's one of nine major wildfires burning statewide. happening now in central washington, more than 180 homes are now under evacuation orders, as a wildfire creeps closer to neighborhoods about 100 miles west of seattle. the 500-acre fire is not the largest wildfire in the state,
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but it is the closest to an urban area. that state's largest wildfire has burned more than 1600 acres and is only 50% contained. it is 6:09 right now. a cool start to the day, but christina loren says temperatures can continue to rise and rise. >> they are. it's going to be kind of a hot week but that's what you want, considering there's only two full weeks of summertime left. mostly clear to start here inland. we've got a full deck of clouds here in san francisco. yeah, look at this. you can barely see the top of the transamerica pyramid and we'll continue to see the clouds lower the next couple of hours but your temperatures this morning starting to reflect that fall-like feeling. 48 degrees, one of the coldest mornings in weeks. 46 up in santa rosa. what about 54 degrees in san francisco to start. we do have some interesting weather to tell you about. fog and drizzle for the first part of the day. you can see here that futurecast shows you we stop the clock at
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5:00 and mostly windy conditions at the coast. when our atmosphere is mixing up, that fog isn't able to settle. in fact it's not even able to develop. we're going to lose that fog and cloud cover early and temperatures will soar up to 90 degrees inland. this is the volume of traffic 101 at 680/280, the interchange. on our maps we'll show you that in the same area we see the yellow and north of there at mckey reports of an accident. until that distraction clears, there will be some slowing and that is in the slow zone from 680 to 880. we'll look at 680 getting down to the area for sunol and the southbound side there was an earlier accident. one reported at sheridan, same area, like ly the same accident. we do see some slowing at the bottom of your screen. there may be a traffic break.
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we'll track that. but the traffic continuing south is smooth. we'll end with this and send it back to you. coming up, walking out. hundreds of thousands of students sent scrambling as the count country's third largest school district hits the picket lines. how chicago says it plans to keep kids safe during the strike. plus it's back to business, possibly. the stunning admission legislators are making as congress goes back to capitol hill. plus why is nokia apologizing for its perfectly good, new cell phone? we'll take a look coming up in business. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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[ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. welcome back. it is 6:13. if you're just waking up with us, here's a quick recap of the day's top stories. the tragic end to the search for a 20-year-old lafayette native. fishermen have found brett olson's body in the sacramento
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river near chico not far from where the cal poly student disappeared. a woman fighting for her life and another woman dead after a pickup truck runs off the road and plows into them in walnut creek. the driver this hour is under arrest on suspicion of manslaughter. and bay area air quality experts will update the public on the investigation into the fire on the richmond refinery in early august. some residents say they still feel ill from the plume of black smoke that covered much of eastern contra costa county. we're being told that newest phone from noek i donkia has a powerful camera in it. >> scott mcgrew, this is turning out to be a major embarrassment. >> last week they unveiled this new cell phone has a super powerful am ra and a tv ad showing the image stabilization. it turns out the video you're
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seeing here wasn't shot with a smo nokia. you might expect the company to use their own phone to demonstrate how their phone works but they didn't. they used a regular video camera. the company has apologized but this morning the "financial times" reports some of the still photographs used in some of their ads weren't used using the phone's camera either. the company apologizes for that as well. wall street giving a lot of thoughts to friday's lousy jobs numbers. when you tear that report apart you find the private sector actually doing fairly well. it's the loss of government jobs that pulled the report down and there's been a lot of call for making government smaller. that's seen as a good thing. but when you make government smaller, you get those lousy jobs numbers. we do expect the fed to announce something, marla, about quantitative easing 3 in
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response to that jobs number. that should happen tomorrow. back to you. 6:16. happening now, thousands of teachers are hitting the picket lines in chicago for the first time in 25 years. contract negotiations between the city and the school district broke down late last night. city leaders say they will keep 140 schools open for half days so children can get breakfast and lunch. the police chief says extra officers will be on hand at those schools to keep kids safe and deal with the protests. more than 26,000 teachers are expected to hit the picket lines today. well, the goal is to be back to work at least on capitol hill this morning. >> congress is returning from summer break today to face a long list of unfinished business, but it appears they won't be getting a whole lot today. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. we just said so, but are we expecting them to get much of anything done? >> reporter: not really with this election coming up and no one really wanting to take a stand or compromise.
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we do have some deadlines coming up that congress must deal with. government shutdown yet again possible. september 30th, end of the fiscal year if they don't extend funding for government programs here or government departments here in d.c. and then also a five-year farm bill that runs out at the end of the month, not just affecting farmers but the 46 million people on food stamps. that money is wrapped up in the farm bill as well. and then some other issues that may get bumped over until after the election with a lamb duck congress and a very short period of time, the expiring bush tax cuts we've been talking about all year long. the automatic spending cuts, $100 billion being cut out of the budget if congress does nothing. then a number of other things like the postal service losing $25 million a day. they may default as of september 30th on their pension plan if
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congress doesn't help out. john and marla. >> okay, thanks. it is 6:18. christina loren steps back in. a chance for mother nature to sneak in some nice temperatures before we head into full force fall. >> that's right. before we brings the rain, the cold and everything we curse here in the bay area. enjoy that sunshine while it lasts. just two weeks of summertime left. as you know, it comes in quick around here. things will dramatically change. so look at this beautiful shot we have for you over san jose, just gorgeous this morning. that is all of the marine layer ha that was able to move. temperatures are going to be comfortable but warmer than yesterday, still feeling like summertime. a little above our seasonal averages. let's get right to it this morning, temperatures are cooler than they have been in weeks. we're at 45, you might need to grab that jacket in novato. mid-50s right here in san jose. high pressure is still in
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control. we have another system impacting us. area of low pressure dropping in from the pacific northwest. this is going to actually be dominant today, keeping that onshore flow in place for us. nice and cloudy at the coast means temperatures in the 70s of the we'll lose that cloud cover quickly, though. then it will stay warm as we head through your tuesday. so temperatures work out like this. really, really nice. you don't need the ac. you don't need the heater just yet. 70 in san francisco, 80 los gatos, 81 in san jose and 72 down in santa cruz. we don't get too much change until we hit the end of the week. look at where we're headed. temperatures soaring into the mid-90s. it's going to feel hot around here but that means you can comfortably hit the beach for one of the final weekends of summer. temperatures holding on to the upper 60s at the coast. let's find out how your drive is shaping up. >> good morning. not a great morning for folks through sunol and south 680. reports of a couple of incidents
6:20 am
around bend and it's also slow heading up into fremont. we'll look at the maps and show you the accident at andrade. we do know there is slowing all the way out of pleasanton and around that bend. when this happens on monday or tuesday, we typically see a slow drive all morning long. that's the issue coming out of the tri-valley. a lot of folks coming out of livermore and off of the altamont pass. we'll show you the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights turned on just about five minutes ago and now all lanes, including those fast track lanes, starting to fill in. the backup for the cash lanes just past the 880 overcrossing. we'll look at palo alto with the taillights away from university up into the city. a smooth drive as well and a nice flow into the south bay without any major issues there between palo alto and san jose. we'll sending it back to you.
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>> mike, thank you very much. a very talented bay area athlete is returning home with a gold medal from the paralympic games in london. she finishes in style. she graduated from los gatos high school and is now a junior at the university of arizona. congratulations to her. now, meantime, london right now closing out the paralympic games with a big-time parade this morning. athletes are being carried through the streets on floats as spectators align the streets. they also have the local britain olympians there as well. >> i was just admiring their necklaces. >> gorgeous. gold, silver and bronze. 6:21. coming up, the 49ers stadium is not built yet but it's already setting records. what you should know if you're looking to snag a future season ticket just ahead. also raising the stakes. how a lost bet could land green
6:22 am
bay super bowl winning quarterback in a 49er uniform. stay tuned. and giving you a live look. this is what's happening in chicago. 26,000 teachers hitting the picket lines today as that school district goes on a strike today. we'll continue to follow the story. it is 6:22. good morning! wow.
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it is 6:24. the 49er faithful are already putting their faith into the team's new stadium in santa clara. the team says fans have already bought a record $670 million worth of seats and luxury boxes at the stadium, which won't be ready to open until 2014. the team says 70% of current ticket holders have paid to keep their seats. officials say no pro sports team has sold as many seats this early in the construction process as the niners. based on yesterday's football game, it looks like 2012 starting off real sweet for the 49ers with a nice, bright future. the niners kicking off the season with a big win over green bay. that was last night on the road. they win it 30-22 but everybody today is talking about this guy's leg right there. end of the first half, 49ers kicker david akers hits a 63-yard field goal. that one hits the bar and goes over. ties an nfl record. i love this shot. the thrill of victory. for the record, three other
6:26 am
kickers have accomplished this feat, including the raiders kicker, sebastian janikowski. harbaugh and the boys 1-0, starting strong. fans may finally see aaron rodgers in a 49ers jersey. tmz reporting rodgers, a cal grad, greportedly told a group f the packers lose, he would wear an axle smith jersey for the rest of the week. now, the 49ers, by the way, drafted smith instead of rodgers during that 2005 draft. all right. let's check the forecast now. meteorologist christina loren, are you a 49ers girl? >> i'm a raiders fan. it sounds like we really have come to the end of the road, boys to men, if that happens. we'll be at the 90s inland, 78 bayside and 69 degrees at the coast. you might be pulling out that tank top, maybe even the swimsuit later on this week with temperatures heading up.
6:27 am
we'll take you to your full forecast. first, we want to check your drive. here's mike inouye. >> oh, my goodness, the south 680 drive from pleasanton to sunol, two accidents reported. they're off to the shoulder, reports from chp say, but look at all the slowing getting other in toward fremont where 680 clears up to the south bay. heading over the san mateo bridge, a smooth drive. flat section moving well. the bay bridge has the backup. 6:27. still ahead, making a public stand. san francisco's suspended sheriff is not going down without a fight. we'll tell you his new plan to try to keep his job just ahead. for your school h with two box tops on brands like old el paso, go-gurt, and green giant. look for specially marked packages in stores now! to earn box tops for education, with eboxtops™. shop at safeway through january 17th,
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exclusively from your benjamin moore retailer. win a design consultation with me, candice olson, at hope turning to heartbreak. the tragic end to a week-long search for a college student. and he says hees not going down without a fight. san francisco's suspended sheriff turns to the public and
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hopes to keep his job despite a criminal conviction. and right now we take you live to wall street down to the second hitting that opening bell. the jobs report last friday very disappointing. we'll keep our eye on the market today as things progress on this monday, september 10th. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:30 on the nose. good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. the massive week-long search for a popular 20-year-old from lafayette has come to an end, but it's the end nobody hoped for. his body has been found in the sacramento river. stephanie chuang is live at brett olson's former high school in lafayette where this morning friends are preparing a vigil honoring him.
6:31 am
>> reporter: a candlelight vigil to be held here tomorrow night at 7:00 open to anyone who wants to remember 20-year-old brett olson, share memories and send well wishes to the olson family. no doubt a very difficult time for brett's parents who actually were getting ready with dozens of people to search for him in chico when they got the word yesterday that someone had discovered a body in the sacramento river and positively identified him immediately. investigators believe he drowned. toxicology results are not expected back for some weeks. but the cal poly san luis obispo student had been separated from friends at a popular beach. it has been a long and difficult week not only for family and friends but for the many strangers that dedicated their time trying to bring him home. >> this has been an arduous and tasking week with emotions running high. >> i'm glad people care, even though they can't be here helping, that they're still caring for the family and
6:32 am
praying for them. >> reporter: a facebook page called let's bring brett home had attracted nearly 100,000 followers. that is where a friend relayed a message from his parents that thanked everyone and said the hope and the love they received all this time is something they will carry with them for the rest of hair livtheir lives. now, in addition to the public memorial here tomorrow night at 7:00, there is a nonprofit set up called the olson family fund to collect donations for the family at the local wells fargo bank here in town. live in lafayette, stephanie chuang. a san leandro man recovering from surgery after getting shot several times inside his home. the 48-year-old was shot around 8:00 last night on orchard avenue near thornton street. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he remains in critical condition. detectives have not released a motive or description of the suspect. one woman dead, another fighting for her life and a driver behind bars.
6:33 am
that's where things stand this morning after just a horrific weekend accident on a walnut creek sidewalk. now the driver and one of the victims of that deadly crash have been identified. christie smith is live with the latest on this investigation and new information about the victims. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. that 53-year-old driver involved in this accident could be in court as early as today. we should learn more about that after 8:00. we're also learning more about the victim, the woman who died, that she was a mother on vacation to the bay area from southern california when she was standing on the sidewalk. she was hit and killed this morning. people are leaving flowers and notes outside of that spot and if steve can pan over here, you can see that on this pole, this is where the truck came to rest. this is where it stopped. the truck wedged in between a light pole and planter outside the marriott hotel on saturday on north main.
6:34 am
52-year-old sherri hicks of santa barbara was on the sidewalk. she was the one killed in the accident, actually thrown into the median. she came to visit her son and his new wife, who moved here also from southern california for work. the wife was with her at the time she was hit at well, taken to the medical center, last listed in critical condition. witnesses describe an absolutely horrible scene. >> the young girl, she was laying down. she was all -- her head was all bloody. and she was conscious. i was kind of looking and then another lady come to me -- came to me and she said that the mom is dead. >> reporter: now, hossei hossein tabrizzi was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. they had to cut the truck open to get him out. police looking into how fast he may have been going and whether or not alcohol or drugs are a
6:35 am
factor in this accident. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." today ross mirkarimi stepping out again making another public plea to try to save his job in the wake of domestic violence charges. he will be at the main library at 4:00 for a public meeting. he's expected to tell the crowd he's sorry for the heated argument with his wife that led to domestic violence charges, but he feels the incident has been overblown into a political witch hunt. mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi from office after he pled guilty to misdemeanor charges. the board of supervisors expected to decide within the month whether mirkarimi should lose his job. good morning, it is 6:35. if you already have a case of the mondays, it's going to be a nice day in store for us. christina loren for a look at the forecast. 6:35 now. starting with a live look over san jose, the hp pavilion,
6:36 am
overcast conditions. a home game less than three weeks away on the 27th. so we're getting closer to hockey season. temperatures are going to be comfortable for the first part of the day. something that you'll notice, though, cooler than it has been. starting to feel more like fall out there. look at this, 39 degrees in novato. we haven't seen the 30s in quite some time. that's just an indication that our days are getting shorter. that sun setting earlier and we're losing that summer warmth that we love. once we lose that cloud cover at about 10:00, we'll stay nice and clear from 10:00 to 5:00. 90s inland, 78 degrees bayside and 69 at the coast. we've got a heat wave just around the corner. first, i want to get you to work on time. the only man that can help you out on a monday is mike inouye. >> if i had a chopper, i'd be helping you out more. this is the bay bridge backup. the metering lights have been on
6:37 am
since 6:15 so a sizeable backup back to the berkeley curve. now, sunol, look at all of the slow driving at the bottom of your screen. southbound through the entire stretch south of pleasanton. our map will show you we've been tracking two accidents, one at sh sheridan, one at andrade. the backup forms and now in that backup around highway 84, about sunol boulevard there, there's another accident reported and this one, initial reports say it may be blocking two or three lanes. that's a huge problem coming out of pleasanton and down in towards sunol. we have all of these folks coming out of the tri-valley who may potentially be adding to that backup. this is a problem. we're tracking this. the south bay has some problems as far as the volume goes. this is northbound as you head up toward an accident at mckee. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks. 6:37. still ahead, struck and killed
6:38 am
while protecting the president. how a motorcade assignment turned deadly for one police officer.
6:39 am
6:40 am
new this morning, in afghanistan a massive prison housing suspected terrorist is now in the hands of the afghan government. u.s. officials handing over control of the facility today. this one is located inside a u.s. air force base just outside of kabul.
6:41 am
afghan president hamid karzai hailing the transfer of power as a sign of his country's independence. a police officer in president obama's motorcade was killed this weekend after his motorcycle was struck by a pickup truck in south florida. officer bruce st. laurents was preparing to shut down the freeway when he was hit and killed sunday. so far no word on whether the driver will face charges. white house press secretary jay carney says the president did not see the accident, but he was notified of the officer's death and said, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family. this morning a college football player is stable after a spinal surgery but it is not clear if he'll ever walk again. tulane football player devon walker fractured his spine over the weekend making a tackle during a game. walker right now expected to remain in intensive care for at least the next few days. doctors say at this point it is too early to tell if walker will be permanently paralyzed.
6:42 am
6:41. coming up, a magnificent memorial at a steep price. more bad news coming out of hewlett-packard, and has the taliban figured out facebook? we'll take a look ahead in business news. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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welcome back, everybody. 6:44 right now. on the eve of september 11th, secretary of defense leon panetta visiting the flight 93 memorial today. panetta will get a private tour of the site in shanksville, pennsylvania. vice president joe biden will join him tomorrow for a ceremony to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks. united flight 93 was heading to san francisco when it was
6:45 am
hijacked by four terrorists back in 2001. the passengers on that flight fought back, forcing the hijackers to slam the plane into the field. a money dispute has dragged on so long it will not open for tomorrow's anniversary of the terror attacks and the museum likely won't be open in time for the next anniversary either. mayor bloomberg and governor cuomo have been unable to resolve differences over which government agencies will actually pay for the museum. both sides are also at odds over who will have oversight of the museum and surrounding memorial. 6:45. to decision 2012 now. president obama is back in washington, d.c., this morning, while mitt romney is planning rallies in the key battleground state of ohio. over the weekend, the presidential campaign focused heavily on jobs and health care. the president telling the crowd in florida that romney's tax plan just does not add up. >> you already have deficits.
6:46 am
you add $5 trillion of new tax cuts, $2 trillion in new defense spending and somehow you're going to close the deficit without raising taxes ofr middle class families. >> i'm not going to increase the tax burden on middle income families. >> yesterday the romney campaign launched a new tv ad in the swing state of wisconsin blasting the president on the economy. meanwhile, new numbers appear to show the president got a bit of a boost from the democratic convention. polls now put him four to five points ahead of romney. we're also learning president obama will make another fund raising stop in san francisco on october 8th. the trip will mark his eighth visit to the bay area since april of 2011. teachers heading out on the picket lines in chicago for the first time in 25 years. more than 26,000 teachers are expected to hit the picket lines sometime today and this will affect about 400 thousand
6:47 am
students there. contract negotiations between the city and the school district broke down late last night. city leaders say they are planning to keep about 140 schools open for half days so kids can go there to get breakfast and lunch. the strike will affect an estimated 400,000 students there. teachers say the sticking point involves pay, job security and evaluations. shaping up to be a good-looking monday. let's check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. you know what else is happening right now? the sunrise. 6:47 on the nose and it's gorgeous where you're getting to see it. this is not one of those places. starting in san francisco, full deck of clouds overhead, but the cloud cover is not all that extensive. the marine layer is about a thousand feet. let's get it to san jose, as you can see, you have a beautiful start here. those mountains in the background, clearly visible for now. and the marine layer that did push inland here will burn off by about 9:00 a.m.
6:48 am
let's get right to your numbers. something we haven't seen in quite some time, the 30s back on the temperature map, an indication that we are transitioning into fall-like conditions. and the first official day of fall is the 22nd of this month. 48 degrees to start you out in livermore. we haven't seen the upper 40s in the east bay for quite some time. you might be pulling out a jacket or sweater but something you can be taking off later on today. we'll still have cloud cover keeping things nice and cool and as we get the westerly flow later on, that beautiful ocean air carried onshore will feel really nice. a beautiful breeze for the second half of the day, similar to the past couple of days. tomorrow stays warm, not quite as toasty but temperatures will be up in the upper 80s. 70 degrees today in san francisco. right around 72 down in santa cruz and 80 in los gatos. if you're sad about the arrival of fall, if you want to hold on to that summertime weather, we've got it for you this week. we're going to ramp your numbers
6:49 am
up as we head into the end of the week and we'll stay hot this weekend. if you wanted to get one last hurrah in, maybe go to the beach or go camping before the conditions change. let's check your drive, here's mike inouye. >> the bay bridge has a typical backup. but sunol 680, earlier accidents at sheridan and andrade, they both cleared and another accident happened at andrade a few minutes ago. the big concern is the one at the south sunol exit. that's possibly blocking three lanes from the initial reports from chp. from the backup that forms, it looks like a good something or other is going on. foothill, some folks use that to get around a backup but that will take you right back into the jam so there's a problem if you're heading out of the tri-valley into the south bay or at least fremont right now. all these folks coming out of livermore and the tri-valley also will experience that backup. now we'll get over to the
6:50 am
peninsula side where things are moving smoothly. a free flow of traffic up into san mateo for 101. not a problem there. coming in over off of the east bay, the 92 is smooth as well. san mateo bridge moves smoothly westbound. the golden gate bridge, an easy flow but the fog is settling in for the north bay so visibility may be an issue. south of the waldo tunnel into the city, the traffic flow picking up now. a massive week-long search for 20-year-old brett olson from lafayette has unfortunately come to a tragic end. we're sad to report his body has been found in the sacramento river. stephanie chuang is live at his former high school where this morning friends are preparing for a vigil to try to remember him. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: jon, good morning to you. it will be a candlelight vigil here tomorrow night at 7:00 at the high school. this is where brett olson
6:51 am
graduated from a couple of years ago before he became a cal ppo poly san luis obispo student. his parents were preparing along with dozens of other people to search for choolson in chico wh they got the news. they found his body near the washout not far from where his friends last saw him. they had been at a labor day celebration with thousands of others. a facebook page called let's bring brett home had attracted nearly 100,000 followers. that's also where a friend relayed a message from brett's parents sayithanking people. as for cause of death, investigators believe he drowned and toxicology results are expected back in about a few weeks. in addition to the public memorial here at the high school, tomorrow night at 7:00,
6:52 am
there's also been a family fund set up to collect donations for the olson family here at the bells fargo bank. 6:52. happening now, a7-eleven store is now the scene of a homicide as police search for the person who gunned down a clerk. the store is now open for the first time since saturday morning when police found the clerk lying on the floor shot to death. the store is an estimated yards from the milpitas police station. police have yet to release the victim's name or fi information on a suspect or motive. we are learning about a deadly walnut creek crash that killed a mother, leaving another woman badly hurt and a driver under arrest. christie smith has the latest on this investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. you know, you can still see the impact of this deadly wreck here in front of the marriott on
6:53 am
north main. that truck was wedged between this pole and a planter and the driver could be in court as early as today. we should learn more about that after 8:00. a 53-year-old walnut creek resident was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. he actually had to be cut from the pickup truck after the wreck. what appeared to be a family was walking on north main saturday evening when a pickup truck ran into them. 52-year-old sherri hicks died. she was a santa barbara mom. she was actually on vacation here in the bay area to see her son and his new wife. the daughter-in-law, also hit, last listed in critical condition. now, hicks was a schoolteacher. friends say that she certainly gave her students her all and will be missed. i did speak with a couple of workers at the marriott who say they weren't here, it was appear opposite shift, but they are certainly hoping that the woman who is still hospitalized pulls
6:54 am
through. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." now to the latest from our investigative unit. board members from the bay area's biggest water district being paid to attend events that have nothing to do with water. the santa clara valley water district board of directors don't get a salary but do collect $286 for meetings and events. now, they can go to up to ten a month that relate to the water district. investigative reporter jenna susko dug through the agency's records. >> if the program shows it would benefit me, i will attend. >> reporter: take a look at the types of meetings they're asking you to pay for. the director charged taxpayers to attend the chamber of commerce awards. the san jose state engineering banquet awards and a luner new year luncheon celebration. >> so water issues were discussed at all of those? >> water issues were not discussed. >> reporter: meet director richard santos. >> he's not part of your
6:55 am
district, though? >> no. >> reporter: he's talking about a meeting with a san jose city councilman. >> do you feel that you should have charged $300 to meet with him? >> it wasn't $300. >> $298.27. >> reporter: he stayed 37 minutes. it cost taxpayers nearly 300 bucks. santos' district doesn't include san jose. >> i think the board members work pretty hard. it's a challenging job. >> reporter: the water district's ceo says it's important for directors to make a connection to the community by attending events, because they are the ones who set policy. he also says everything the district does is transparent. >> i assume they are discussing district business and issues related to water. >> the gist of the discussion is not at all about water issues. i would question why you would be in attendance. >> tonight at 11:00, we asked directors exactly what was discussed at those meetings.
6:56 am
plus we'll show you other things they're putting on the taxpayers' tab and why one director says he's underpaid. back to you. >> thank you, jenna. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. or you can send us an e-mail to the last spring it was big news when hewlett-packard announced it was cutting 27,000 jobs. >> this morning scott mcgrew says the computer maker is quietly upping that number. >> yes, good morning to you. 29,000. that doesn't sound like a big jump until you realize that's 2,000 more people out of work. hp made that change in paperwork filed as the security and exchange commission opened for work this washington this morning. the documents also say much of the planned job cuts haven't occurred yet. hp has only made about 8% of the layoffs and early retirements planned so far. hewlett-packard is up ever
6:57 am
so slightly. stocks do tend to go up when layoffs are announced. the dow is down about 30 points this morning. the fight in afghanistan, u.s. troops joined by french, german, british, australian soldiers. an australian newspaper reports the australian soldiers have been getting facebook friend requests from very attractive young women who may be in reality taliban. the australian military is going to clamp down and explain to the soldiers why it's important not to explain to any pretty girl where your troops are located or how many of them you are. >> do not judge a book by its cover. thanks so much. 6:57 right now. let's get one final check with christina loren. >> good monday morning to you. well, we are holding on to summer-like conditions for today. temps are going to soar through the end of the week. 90 degrees inland, 78 bayside and 69 degrees at the coast. temperatures are going to soar,
6:58 am
like i said. if you missed that seven-day outlook we'll have it for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. >> that series of accidents through south 680 make the drive through sunol a nightmare. foothill road to pleasanton, sunol, might get you around some of this backup because it doesn't look like a lot of folks are aware of that. but all these folks backing up onto 580 might try to go to the castro valley y. we'll also look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you have your standard backup because it's the toll plaza. back to you. >> okay, thanks, mike. 6:58. this week oakland is pulling out all the stops to show its team spirit. today mayor jean quan will kick off spirit week. it's a week-long campaign aimed at proving how much oakland loves its sports teams and how much the city wants the teams to stay in oakland. both the raiders and the a's have talked about moving and the
6:59 am
warriors have committed to moving to san francisco when their current lease ends. today the mayor will join fans at a tailgate at the coliseum before the chargers game. >> should be a good one. well, the "today" show is coming up in just a few minutes. more than 20,000 school teachers in one of the largest school systems goes on strike leaving classes cancelled and parents scrambling. plus a political gamble. mitt romney making a surprise claim about president obama's health care reform law. why some are asking if it will turn off some of his biggest supporters. an outbreak across america. what's behind the new spread of these so-called deadly exotic diseases? dr. oz is in the studio with advice to keep you and your family safe. thanks so much for waking up with us on this monday. we hope you have a great day. we'll be back at -- >> 7:25 and every half hour after that. kind of a tag team effort. we'll see youac


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