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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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an 11-year-old boy shot while she was sound asleep in his own bed. "today in the bay" the first to speak at the boy's siblings. we're live with a look at the violent look against an innocent victim. a warning to women jacquesing along on peninsula trails. and from fighting fires to fighting for his life. a major milestone for a south bay firefighter hospitalized nearly a month after nearly dying at a fire scene. and it's another chilly start to the morning but we're finally seeing some warmer changes ahead in your seven-day forecast. i'll have a look at that coming up in just a few minutes. and by contrast, i am tracking a car fire off the nimitz freeway. i'll have that and your other hot spots coming up. taking a live look outside, hp pavilion. a little cooler start to our thursday, september 20th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we begin with a developing story out of oakland where an early morning shooting has sent an 11-year-old child to the hospital. bob redell is live at the scene of that shooting. bob, i know it's early out there but you had a chance to sit down with the family members, correct? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, jon. at first angelina thought it was the sound of fireworks that was ringing out around 1:00 this morning outside her home here on macon road in oakland, but she realized that wasn't the case once she heard her 11-year-old brother, luis antonio start screaming. that sound, as i mentioned, was gunfire randomly aimed at their house. you can see some of the bullet holes right there in the front. another one of those bullets passed through a photograph of luis antonio. as you can see it was just inside their house. and another one of those bullets hit him in the chest. he's at oakland children's right
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now. his family just spoke with his mother who's with him. that bullet did hit him in the lungs, but he is talking and his family is under the impression that he is going to be okay. he was hit as he slept in a room located in the very back of the house. >> the bullet went through over there. there's two right there, one right there and those two got him. he got shot on the chest and then like as soon as he felt it, he got up and he started running around like the whole house, like really scared and crying. and so like he couldn't take it anymore. and, yeah, he was just bleeding so much. >> reporter: what's remarkable is that no one else was hit by these bullets. there were people sleeping in the front portion of the house who were not hit. ten people total, all family members. they do, again, believe this was a random drive-by.
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they have counted 16 bullets that entered their house. according to police, they believe it was a .38 and .48 caliber bullets fired from a handgun. the family has heard gunshots fired in this neighborhood many times before. none of them have ever been aimed at their house. they do not believe they were targeted, they believe this was random. because of what has happened this morning, they say they are definitely looking at moving out of here. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> amazing what is happening because an hour and a half earlier, there was another shooting on oakland streets leaving three adults injured. it happened on seminary avenue near mills college. this is about five miles north of the shooting bob just talked about. two of the victims are in stable condition. the third in serious condition. the suspects are still on the loose. happening right now, a warning to joggers as police are searching for a sexual assault suspect who continues to prey on one of the bay area's nicest
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neighborhoods. christie smith joins us live from palo alto where police have some very specific advice for women this morning. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. you know, i did see one woman jogging this morning but i have to tell you that she swung way out there and didn't come this way. the latest assault happened on this trail that we're on this morning very early, around 7:00 a.m. yesterday. and if steve can pan over here, i wanted to show you on every light post out here there are warning signs, sketches up this morning. police are concerned number one tham that this latest incident could be linked to two other assaults. number two, that the person doing this could be getting more bold and could escalate. a woman was joining yesterday morning when police say that a man came up behind her, bear hugged her and groped her. he tried to pull her to the ground. she fell and the suspect took off. >> actually started jogging after him, still screaming. picked up her cell phone that
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she had with her and called us on the phone while she was following him from a safe distance. >> reporter: now, the signs up this morning show a sketch of the person they believe is responsible for the two other assaults. likely this one as well. the suspect in those incidents, 25 to 40 years old of east indian or hispanic descent. 5'9" tall. women advised, as you said earlier, not to wear headphones in both ears when they're jogging. carry a cell phone with you and if at all possible, jog with a friend. reporting live in palo alto, christie smith, "today in the bay." uc berkeley police are warning students to be aware of robbers posing as magazine salespeople on campus. on september 10th, a student reported being robbed by a man selling magazines. the victim claims when she declined the sale, the man and two accomplices threatened her, forcing her to withdraw $400
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from a campus atm. sips the warning went out, multiple students have come forward with similar stories. troubling new details in a high profile homicide near watsonville. police say they believe naval professor lawrence jones repeatedly shot his 29-year-old estranged wife inside of his home and then cut her body up before dumping those parts near watsonville. 69-year-old jones is being held without bail at the monterey county jail. an oakland teen accused of killing his adoptive parents will stand trial as an adult. an alameda county judge has now ruled there is enough evidence to try 16-year-old moses cayman. prosecutors say he killed his parents in january during a fit of rage over trouble in school. cayman's lawyer is planning to appeal the ruling. he said cayman suffers from mental disorders and other conditions due to a traumatic childhood. this one is a very scary
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scene. this morning we're learning more about the crash that started a major fire at an east bay gas station. have a look at the surveillance video. you can see a car backing up and it goes right into a pump at a gas station in martinez yesterday. that pump, you can see immediately caught fire. firefighters there say if that station manager hadn't been on the scene making a great move here, he jumped up and hit the emergency shutoff. if he hadn't done that, the fire would have been almost impossible to control. police say the suv's driver likely pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. it's nice to bring you some good news. a san jose firefighter back home nearly a month after his heart stopped while battling a fire. marla tellez is live in the south bay with more details on his recovery. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. station 1 right here in downtown san jose, this is where frank ryan has been stationed for about ten years of his 15-year
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career with the san jose fire department. his captain inside tells me that frank, as soon as he got released from the hospital yesterday, his first order of business was to come see his crew here at station 1. captain brian endicott says frank hung out with the crew for about an hour yesterday afternoon. he says he looks great and was in good spirits. you'd never know august 30th ever happened. that was the day frank's heart stopped, he went interest cardiac arrest at the scene of a three-alarm fire near downtown san jose. captain endicott was there and in fact remembers seeing frank collapse. >> it was almost unbelievable. i mean to see one of your own guys go down, you know, right in front of you. very tough, emotional day. but to see him, like i said, come back, to be able to walk through the doors here yesterday was a great day for all of us. >> reporter: doctors say it was a blessing in disguise that the 41-year-old went into cardiac arrest on the job, surrounded by
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fellow firefighters who, of course, are trained to save lives. otherwise the outcome could have been a whole lot different. now, the captain tells me that frank actually remembers everything that day, right up until the moment he collapsed. he says he is absolutely looking forward to making his comeback here at station 1 in a few more months. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> we wish him a great recovery. >> just a month later, already back and feeling pretty good. amazing. 6:09. rob mayeda is here to talk about the weather. a cool week but you said we might get a warm bump tomorrow? >> it looks like we'll see one warm day in the last couple days of summer. 40s and 50s outside. look out in santa rosa this morning, you've got quarter mile visibility due to patchy low clouds and fog. inland upper 70s in the warmest places around the bay. only low 60s out on the coast. so yes, tomorrow, inland out towards the tri-valley a little bit of warming and cooling as you approach sunday. we'll take you out to 880,
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the nimitz freeway, where the northbound side picks up the volume but also picking up this. the map shows you we picked up the car fire. no longer an issue. in fact they just cleared it off the board for chp at 23rd. the off-ramp is clear, so is the freeway. the yellow, speeds just below 60 in the upper 50s because of the volume of traffic heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. look outside and we'll see how things are shaping up at the toll plaza. we have all lanes suddenly filling in. looks like they have turned those metering lights on in the last two minutes. another live look shows you the volume of traffic building for the south bay. we have slowing for 101 just north of 680. we'll give you a bigger look coming up. >> thanks, mike. 6:20 rig10 right now. fast and furious under fire. the inspector general gets ready to get grilled on capitol hill. why he says he cleared the attorney general in a botched drug trafficking sting that sent hundreds of weapons into mexico in the wrong hands. and the new apple maps will get you to point a to point q. we'll take a look coming up in business.
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new this morning, a south bay man who lost his life trying to save others is now being honored as a hero. william walker of san jose among 19 people receiving this year's carnegie medal for heroism. walker died two years ago after plunging into the ocean in carmel to rescue a group of people knocked into the water by a big wave. all but one of those victims survived. walker, sadly, drowned while trying to pull the last victim up to shore. walker's loved ones will receive that medal and a grant in his name. if you're just waking up with us this morning, here's a quick check of the day's top stories. a warning to women jogging alone on palo alto trails, after police say a serial sexual predator has struck again. police say their suspect is
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likely responsible for several recent attacks, including one yesterday morning on a path through el palo alto park. sadly, an 11-year-old boy is in the hospital after being shot overnight in his own bed. the boy, one of four people injured in two separate shootings in oakland overnight. and a san jose firefighter now out of the hospital after collapsing on the job during a three-alarm fire last month. 41-year-old frank ryan spent weeks in critical condition after his heart stopped as he was fighting that fire on august 30th. >> it is 6:14 right now. if you heard like a loud noise this morning, it might have been apple fans groaning over what has turned out to be just a botched attempt at replacing google maps. >> bloomberg business calls the new apple maps directionally challenged. scott mcgrew says the mistakes are actually not hard to find. >> reporter: yes, good morning. apple erased the city of berlin. though that has been fixed. i spent about six minutes
6:15 am
looking around my neighborhood and discovered apple maps have a particular problem finding schools. case in point, here is valley christian high school. well known in san jose. on the corner of branham and meridian in san jose. except valley christian is nowhere near there. just a few blocks away, we have poineer high school. we're pretty sure that's supposed to be pioneer. if you follow the directions to valley christian to see the valley christian warriors play the poineer mustangs, you'll actually end up at branham high school, home of the bruins. in fact even the school right next to the apple headquarters is listed as collins elementary. there you see it down near the clock. that's actually lawson middle school. now, why does this matter other than apple maps might not get you where you want to go? not only do the maps not reach
6:16 am
apple's high standards but it appears they dropped google maps more as a business decision not because it was best for the user. all of this, jon and laura, can be fixed. arguably it's not entirely apple's fault. the bad data comes from tomtom and yelp. ultimately the apple name is on this and the apple maps do not work. back to you. >> it's a tough debut because everybody is looking and now they're talking. >> the silver lining, though, at least they're consistent. bad but consistent. pretty too, right? and the weather, is it going to be pretty too? >> later on it's going to be pretty nice. right now we've got the fog, chilly temperatures. you'll want to bundle up outside. jacket weather again this morning. the calendar says it's summer somewhere, but just not here. right now you can see the bay bridge looking nice. look at the reflection off the water. not too windy. let's show you the south bay and we can show you what's going on in san jose. there's the nice view, mainly clear skies, patches of low
6:17 am
clouds. i do hope we'll see the same tomorrow right around this time as we'll be watching the shuttle "endeavour" getting closer to the bay area friday morning. let's show you the forecast for the giants game. early start today, 12:45 game time. 65 degrees first pitch. magic number down to five for the giants to clinch the nl west. 45 in santa rosa, patchy fog there. 51 in san jose, 55 in san francisco. the sea breeze not quite as strong. it's starting to back op a little bit. you can see it there in fairfield. this time yesterday it was up to 25 miles per hour so the ocean air conditioning backing off a bit. but quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. look out for some of that fog on your morning commute. tomorrow we're going to see a brief warmup and then temperatures cooling down as we go through the first weekend of fall. upper low offshore keeping the sea breeze going and clouds on the coast except in santa cruz. you'll find 70s there but cool, low 60s into half moon bay.
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san jose 72 degrees, upper 70s around morgan hill into the east way out towards the tri-valley. close to 80 in pleasanton. 78 in walnut creek, 75 in -- 63 in san francisco, 73 around san rafael. your forecast heading into tomorrow, we'll see warming in the east bay valleys and midway through the weekend we'll get more clouds and cool down as we head into the second half of the weekend. mike. folks, look at this. we have all these lights behind me. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have slowing up the 880 overcrossing and coming down the berkeley curve. but the bridge itself moves smoothly. look at the map on the approach. the maze looks like a nice flow of traffic. eastbound 24 toward the caldecott we typically see this because only one bore is open and we do see some slowing heading toward orinda. we'll also look at your typical build on westbound 5 yakt. red shows you where it's 20. orange is 40s and 50s. really starting to clear once
6:19 am
you pass north livermore and in toward airway, but still you do have bunching up over at the dublin interchange as well. 680 holds up just fine through pleasanton, sunol and into the south bay with your northbound routes holding up pretty nicely here just around tully and just north of 680. 101 shows typical slowing. and we'll get a live look outside the peninsula. here the headlights are northbound past this construction zone. starting to bunch up a bit but the peninsula does mostly move at the limit. north bay a smooth drive southbound with these headlights. a sig alert for highway 29 in calistoga. dwraps acro grapes across the roadway so they have to clean that up. it is a home stretch for top honors in major league baseball. >> in just two weeks the league will announce the winners for mvp, rookie of the year and all cy young award. among the front runners for the nl mvp is giants catcher buster
6:20 am
posey. but he faces very stiff competition from pirates center fielder andrew mccutchen. former oakland a's pitcher could win the cy young award. gonzalez sporting 19 victories. also yoenis cespedes up for rookie of the year but it's more likely to go to mike trout. meantime melky cabrera will most likely get to keep the national league batting title if he wins it. the baseball commissioner said the league likely won't interfere in that process. cabrera is serving a 50-game suspension for a failed drug test but still has the national league's highest batting average. he's seven points ahead of pittsburgh's andrew mccutchen. 6:20. is the bay area bracing for a tsunami?
6:21 am
there are some new warnings being posted over north bay beaches. plus tough questions in a botched gun trafficking sting. the country's top investigator getting grilled on why he's letting the attorney general off the hook. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys!
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welcome back, everybody. 6:23 right now. under fire this morning, the country's top investigator facing some very tough questions about a botched gun trafficking
6:24 am
scheme. >> brian mooar is live on capitol hill where the inspector general is about to get grilled. good morning, brian. >> reporter: hi, laura and jon. his name is michael horowitz and he's going to be somebody a lot of people are talking about on the hill today. he issued this scathing report about operation fast and furious, called it a seriously flawed, irresponsibly supervised operation. it, of course, was intended to trace guns, but put thousands of guns in the hands of drug cartel members, only a few hundred ever recovered. attorney general eric holder, he's sort of the focus n this report for members of congress here on capitol hill. the report finds no evidence that he knew about this botched operation before members of the congress started asking some tough questions about it. republicans want to know more about what he knew, when he knew it and how. they're saying that the obama administration should have been more plugged in, but this inspector general's report is calling this a problem that was
6:25 am
bad communication compiled on people just not doing their jobs and checking on the safety of this. the fall guy in this is kenneth nelson, the former atf acting director who resigned yesterday after this report went out. the report says that he should have asked more basic questions, should have done a lot more communication. there's another top official who also resigned. 12 others facing disciplinary action. laura, jon, back to you. >> that's one to watch. thank you very much, brian. >> definitely a messy scene on that one. 6:25. rob mayeda will tell us what's happening. cool, but warmer on the way. >> we'll see a little warming inland today, more so tomorrow but this morning it's jacket weather again bay area wide. mid-40s in the north bay. also look out for patchy fog. visibility down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. afternoon temperatures, looking at 60s around san francisco and oakland, low 70s san jose, upper 70s in livermore. tomorrow finally some warming
6:26 am
for our valleys. but tomorrow the last day of summer. mike, say it ain't so. >> it ain't so. but it is. i look over here, and this disabled vehicle blocking one of your northbound lanes just at the construction zone northbound 101 at university. it's not yet on the chp report. fortunately we have some pansy camera to show you what you're coming up with heading into palo alto. north of here you meet up with the folks off of the san mateo bridge and that volume builds as well. back to you. new this morning, right now shuttle "endeavour" is back airborne on the second leg of its cross-country farewell tour. checking the schedule, the shuttle lifted off from houston less than an hour ago and today it will be making low-level flyovers at the white sands test facility and other nasa locations in new mexico before eventually touching down at edwards air force base in southern california. guess what, tomorrow morning the shuttle is all set to fly over the golden gate bridge here in the bay area and moffett field. we'll be, of course, tracking
6:27 am
the shuttle all morning long from nasa ames in mountain view and starting all on "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 a.m. >> that will be neat to watch. 6:27. still ahead, swept out to sea. a walk on the beach turns deadly for an east bay couple. plus bracing for some major waves. the new warnings being posted around north bay beaches. we'll also have more on an 11-year-old boy who was shot inside his oakland home early this morning. we hear from his family. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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a south bay firefighter fights back after collapsing on the job. the major milestone in his recovery just ahead coming up in a live report. and a sleeping child struck as bullets pepper his bedroom walls overnight. we talk to the child's family about that act of violence against an innocent boy.
6:30 am
and there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, right on top hitting that bell on wall street. national bank holdings slapping some high fives out there as they get their day started. a lot of good vibrations on the nasdaq and wall street this morning. we'll have a look coming up today, it's thursday, september 20th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. we're gettingere with a developing story and you are looking live right now at a home in oakland where sadly an 11-year-old child was one of four injured in oakland in two separate shootings. right now the people who pulled the trigger are still on the loose. officers say at least three adults were shot about 11:20 last night at seminary avenue
6:31 am
next to mills college. two of those victims are in stable condition, the third one in serious condition. just over an hour later and four miles south, an 11-year-old boy was seriously injured after somebody opened fire on his family's home. we right now have a look inside of that home on macon road where that child was sleeping when somebody, a random drive-by shooting, started firing outside. this morning the boy's brother and sister, they were here to help explain what happened. >> when i got out of my room, i saw him running around circles like bleeding so much. and then my uncle, they grabbed him and stopped him and then we saw him. he had a hole right here of the bullets. >> talking about a terrifying scene there. bob redell continues to gather information at that scene and we'll have another live report coming up at six:50. we also have good new news this morning. a san jose firefighter resting in his own home after spending nearly a month in the hospital
6:32 am
after his heart literally stopped at the scene of a fire at a church. marla tellez is live in san jose with more on what can only be seen as great news this morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. it was definitely the day that firefighters right here at station 1 in downtown san jose have been waiting for, the day that frank ryan would be released from the hospital. that day came yesterday and the captain said the minute he was released, he came straight to station 1 to say hi to everybody. they say he looks great. captain brian endicott said he was one of the nearby firefighters who actually witnessed frank's collapse when he went into cardiac arrest on august 30th. it was at the scene of a three-alarm fire at st. patrick's church near downtown san jose. the captain says while he is trained to save lives, he never imagined having to save one of his own. that was three weeks ago today. so from your desk to yesterday's release, it's been an emotional ride for the entire department.
6:33 am
>> i mean just to see him walk through the door was amazing. everybody just wanted to spend some time with him, ask him some questions, you know, see how he's doing. just -- you know, just be happy that he's back with us. >> reporter: in all he spent about appear hour's time here yesterday. ultimately frank was never alone in the hospital. firefighters kept a vigil at his bedside 24/7, rotating in shifts literally. now, captain endicott says by the look of frank you'd never know what he's been through over the past few weeks. he said that he will make his return here to station 1 in a few more months. certainly everybody can't wait for that day. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." and happening now, a stranger danger warning at an east bay middle school. police this hour looking for a man trying to lure young children into his car near a
6:34 am
moraga school. the latest incident outside joaquin moraga middle school yesterday. the driver pulled up and asked the student if he needed a ride. police say the same man was seen about two weeks ago asking another student that very same question. in both cases, the man was driving a brown pickup truck with a camper shell. 6:34. the family of a teen shot and killed by a south san francisco police officer will hold a rally today on what would have been the boy's 16th birthday. derrick gaines was shot at a gas station back in june after police say he reached for a gun that had fallen out of his waist band. investigators later determined the gun was not loaded. the department has ruled it a justifiable shooting. the teen's family disagrees and has filed suit against the city. the rally and march starts this afternoon at the arco gas station where gaines was shot. 25-year-old dereck ohlsen
6:35 am
was last seen at his house. he had been home bound for the past two years but recently for the past couple of months, he had started going out on very long walks and recently talked about wanting to walk to san jose to visit his grandparents. if you happen to see ohlsen, you are asked to call police. a mexican vacation turned deadly for a walnut creek family. authorities say a giant wave dragged a husband and wife into the ocean as they walked along a baja beach this week. the 72-year-old man drowned. the 66-year-old woman was badly injured. well, people living along the marin coastline are now getting some very important signs of potential danger. county officials planning to start posting at least 60 tsunami warning signs along that coast. this is all part of an effort, trying to make sure people are prepared to head for higher ground, even in the event of an offshore earthquake. some of the signs you can see
6:36 am
feature a big tidal wave heading for a figure trying to scramble up a hillside. others warn visitors that they are entering a tsunami hazard zone. >> something to watch out for, certainly. not too, though. 6:36. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. we are looking at the forecast. >> and the forecast right now, still fairly cool outside this morning. you'll want to bundle up again. it's been the story of the week, mid-40s in the north bay. the paerp that will keep us cool for the afternoon unusual this time of year. this is strong sea breeze which means 60s and 70s across the bay area, even into the afternoon, including livermore today. only upper 70s right around 3:00. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. tri-valley getting into the mid-80s and turning cooler as we get through this first weekend of fall. mike. >> good news/bad news for the peninsula, folks. let's show you this camera shot close up and you can see in the bottom left-hand corner, you can see the flashing lights. that disabled car made it to the shoulder. two folks had to push it there.
6:37 am
i was a little nervous watching that but they got it out of the roadway so now there's backup approaching university avenue. northbound 101 slows out of mountain view and up to the scene and the volume really picking up for 101. you will have the slow zone from mountain view to palo alto. another slow ozone for san jose. it is slow approaching tully road all the way up to 880 and building. we'll show you the rest of the freeways and their sensors coming up, guys. it's 6:37 right now. still ahead, a high-stakes life to support a habit. wait until you harry how far police say one bay area man was willing to go to play a game of texas hold 'em. >> unbelievable. plus he's already handed in his badge. the question now is, is he about to wind up in cuffs. we'll let you know the officer involved in this infamous incident will end up facing criminal charges. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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6:40 on thursday morning. the suspect accused of killing 12 people inside a colorado movie theater could face more charges today. the "denver post" reports prosecutors are expected to file ten additional charges against suspected gunman james holmes this morning. he is already facing over 140 charges of murder and attempted murder in connection with a theater shooting that killed a dozen people and wounded 58
6:41 am
others last july. this man has taken a lot of heat, but the officer who pepper sprayed a group of students on the uc davis campus last november will not be facing charges. the county district attorney says there is insufficient evidence to prove the pepper spraying was actually unlawful. now, the officer, police lieutenant john pike, was relieved of his duties. the campus police chief also resigned after this video surfaced. you can call it a bat pet with serious consequences. >> a san jose man accused of faking his own kidnapping so he could go out and do a little gambling. 25-year-old juan darwin martinez allegedly telling police he was bound, gagged and robbed of $1500 after leaving a san jose liquor store on monday night. he said his three kidnappers left him in a shed in a rural part of san joaquin county. martinez then claims he was able to escape. he found a car and then drove until he found police tuesday afternoon. well, the truth ended up
6:42 am
surfacing after police found security footage of martinez gambling at a casino during the time that he claimed he was kidnapped. 6:42. coming up, we'll check in live with bob redell for the latest on a shooting that injured an 11-year-old east bay boy as he slept inside his home overnight. and a tech company jumps 33% on its ipo. we'll take you to the markets coming up. and why rooting for the home team could now cost the 49ers starting quarterback thousands in fines. here you go little man.
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welcome back. we're following a developing story in mexico where the death toll is rising after a pipe line fire at an oil plant near the
6:45 am
u.s. border. we now know a total of 29 people were killed in tuesday's blast. 46 others we're being told were injured. initially a company spokesman said at least five other people were missing. now we're being told more people may be unaccounted for. new this morning, military helicopter now just a mangled heap after crashing into the ground near the capital of syria. witnesses say they heard several explosions and gunshots as that chopper went down. so far it is unclear why the helicopter crashed but rebels have been known to shoot down helicopters in the past. happening right now, hundreds of pakistani protesters involved in a mass if clash with police in the country's capital city. officials say all this violence broke out when the crowd, made up mostly of students, attempted to march on the u.s. embassy. television footage of that protest shows the police there using tear gas and batons. officials say the students are demonstrating against that
6:46 am
anti-islam film which was proud here in the united states that ridicules the prophet muhammad. >> mitt romney is firing back at president.c obama. the romney camp now accusing mr. obama of supporting the redistribution of wealth. something normally advocated by socialists. to make the case, romney's campaign using a 1998 recording of then state senator barack obama talking about making government more efficient. here's a clip from that video. >> i think the trick in figuring out how we structure government systems that pool resources and, hence, facilitate summary distribution, because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has got a shot. >> both candidates are in florida today participating in televised spanish language forums and quoting the credit --
6:47 am
courting the hispanic vote. also tomorrow mitt romney will return to the bay area for a private fund-raiser. this just days after that secret recording of another fund-raiser went public. that was not good news for his campaign. romney will be at hillsborough on friday at the strawberry hill estate. tickets there, extremely pricey. try this, $50,000 per person. the guest list includes hp ceo meg whitman, former giants own peter mcgowan, sun microsystems co-founder, scott mcneeley, and former secretary of state, george schultz. now, just in case you happen to be wondering, no, the media not on the guest list. >> well. >> you're not broken hearted. >> let's take a look at the forecast this morning. that is free. and fall right around the corner. >> yeah, it is. we're counting down to fall which gets started this weekend. this morning it is chilly again but a few spots waking up to sunshine fairly soon right around san jose.
6:48 am
you're going to see patchy low clouds there. also notice mid and high level clouds coming in out of the south. further north into san francisco we've got patchy low clouds across the bay. not important unless you have arriving flights into sfo where we're seeing some delays due to low clouds but this time tomorrow we'll closely watch the low clouds because the shuttle "endeavour" piggyback ride on the 747 scheduled to fly about 1500 feet above the golden gate bridge about 8:00. the flight level would take it through some of those patchy low clouds so we hope the base is at least higher than 1,000 feet. i do think we'll see patches of low clouds and not everything filled in by fog. continuing on to moffett field near mountain view, we'll see clearing skies going through the morning so bundle up if you're heading out tomorrow morning. patchy low clouds, fog in santa rosa. visibility down to a quarter mile. 40s and 50s outside. if you wake up and have sunshine and think it's kind of warm.
6:49 am
not so much. sea breeze not quite as strong as 24 hours ago, a sign that we will see warming for our inland east bay valleys but more so come tomorrow. satellite/radar view shows you an area of low pressure offshore. the storm track way off to the north. all that low is really going to do is crank up the winds and cool us off. morning clouds lingering around the bay through mid-morning. as we go through the afternoon, we've got clouds just on the coastline moving back across the bay. low 70s around san jose. tri-valley locations that you normally see near 90-degree temperatures, again, upper 70s. mid-70s around santa rosa. 60s from san francisco over toward oakland. tomorrow will be the last full day of summer and fall gets started saturday and falling temperatures through the weekend. at 6:49 we see the slowdown for 85. look at that, really slamming down. this is the new fall pattern for
6:50 am
85. 87 shows a good slowdown all the way into downtown. 280 has an accident that's the least of your problems because it's off the shoulder. capital for 101 all the way up to the airport, we have good slowing there. the volume continues to build for that northbound route. then it also slows north through mountain view and into palo alto. you notice the incident, the disabled vehicles here. the slowdown all the way back now, it's the ripple effect that happened after the earlier accident cleared. look at the live shot past university. there's no problem as far as the bunching goes. there's that disabled vehicle right under the home depot side off to the shoulder now. looking at the other side of the bay, volume builds southbound for the headlights. 880 slower down into the south bay and also the bay bridge toll plaza, of course we had the metering lights on. the east shore freeway is incident-free but getting filled with cars, of course. back to you. right now to the latest on a developing story we've been covering all morning long. an 11-year-old child rushed to the hospital overnight after
6:51 am
being hit and shot when somebody opened fire on his family's home. bob redell joins us live from oakland with the latest on this yop going investigation. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. the family just got word that in spite of a serious gunshot wound to the chest, the boy is going to survive. this happened around 1:00 this morning. there was a loud series of sounds. at first the family thought it was fireworks but they realized that was not the case once luis antonio woke up screaming. he had been shot in the chest by one of 16 bullets fired randomly at this house here on macon road. some of those bullets traveled through the front wall. once through, one of those bullets punctured through a photo of the sixth grade boy. another went through another wall and on the side luis antonio was asleep with his older brother in the bottom of a bunk bed. that bullet struck him in his
6:52 am
chest and the family who's with him learned it did enter one of his lungs. >> as soon as he felt it, he got up and started running around the whole house, like really scared and crying until he couldn't take it anymore. yeah, he was just bleeding so much. >> it's crazy, man. why y'all doing this for? we didn't do nothing to y'all. so like you're hurting our family and we didn't do nothing to your family. my brother is suffering right now. >> reporter: the family believes thamgs was a random drive-by shooting. they do not believe they were targeted. there have been no arrests. they counted 16 bullets that went through their home, believed to be from a .38 an .45 caliber handgun. again, there are no suspects but the boy is expected to survive. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> traumatizing event for that child. thank you very much, bob. about an hour and a half before that little boy was shot,
6:53 am
another shooting on oakland streets injuring three adults. this one happened at 11:20 last night on seminary avenue next to mills college. that's about five miles north of the shooting bob just talked about. two of those victims listed in stable condition. the third in serious condition. and those suspects also still on the loose. happening now, police warning women to beware of a sexual predator in palo alto this morning. the latest attack yesterday morning right around this time in a very popular park. christie smith joins us live from palo alto. she has the specific things that women right now, police are warning them to watch against. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. that's right, the assault did happen about this time yesterday morning and the trail at some points can be kind of isolated. but women seem to be getting the message. palo alto police putting out jog with a friend, don't wear headphones in both years and carry a sell phone. a woman was grabbed from behind
6:54 am
and groped. police concerned this could be linked to two other similar assaults recently and that the whole thing may escalate. i just spoke with one woman, but she said she's worried. >> this morning i was surprised, because palo alto is such a safe neighborhood, i thought. so i decided to go a different route today. >> reporter: now, the sketch shows the suspect from the last assaults in august in the same area. that man described with a medium build, dark hair, about 5'9" tall. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:54. it's news an entire fire department has been praying for. a veteran south bay firefighter resting comfortably, finally at home this morning, just weeks after his heart literally stopped while fighting a church fire. tellez is live with more
6:55 am
on his amazing recovery. good morning, marla. >> reporter: laura, good morning. station 1 right here in downtown san jose, this is where firefighter frank ryan has been stationed for about a decade. you could call it kind of his second home, so it's no surprise the minute he was released from the hospital, he came direct low to station 1 to catch up with everybody. now, the captain on duty this morning, captain brian endicott says frank hung out would the crew for about an hour. he said he was back to his old self, in good spirits, as if august 30th never happened. that was when frank's heart stopped at the scene of a three-alarm fire. captain endicott was right there and helped revive him, so to see him walk through the doors yesterday was something else. >> loves the fire department, long-time station 1 guy. >> reporter: is there a little more pep back into station 1 now that he's back? >> i think everybody was emotional.
6:56 am
it was just a great day when he walked through the door yesterday to see him come back and visit was wonderful. >> reporter: doctors say it was a blessing in disguise that the 41-year-old went into cardiac arrest on the job. of course surrounded by fellow firefighters who are trained to save lives. otherwise, the outcome could have been much different. now, the captain tells me that frank remembers that fateful day up until the moment he actually collapsed. he said that he's looking forward to coming back to work here at station 1 in a few more months. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> talk about a brotherhood there. >> indeed, wow. 6:56. some business and tech news. another san francisco tech company trading shares for the very first time. >> tr uchtulia will start tradi >> the nyse has really been able to attract a number of bay area companies and tech in general. in fact trulia just started
6:57 am
trading and is trading well. it's a real estate company, a real estate website. it's up 31% this morning. $5.30 to the positive to 22.30 after pricing at $17 a share. last night's giants/rockies game was the first where you could use the new iphone pass book feature. by all accounts it worked just fine and the giants won. the mets, the red sox and the kansas city royals also accept apple pass book. jon. >> thank you very much. well, speaking of passports, the nfl now ordering niners quarterback alex smith to stop wearing a san francisco giants hat. yes, smith started sporting that hat in postgame interviews this season. you can see it right there. that is until the nfl grabbed him and said you have to take it off, my man, or pay $15,000 in a fine. under contract, well, the nfl players can only wear nfl-sponsored paraphernalia 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after ball games. we want to check the
6:58 am
forecast right now with meteorologist rob mayeda. he's in for christina. how are we looking? >> looking pretty good. 40s and 50s outside. by the afternoon, not all that bad. 78 degrees in livermore, 72 san jose, 65 around san francisco. tomorrow will be the day it kind of feels like summer and good timing too. that's the last full day of summer, folks. we move into fall saturday morning just after 7:30 in the morning and then breezy and cool on sunday. mike. you know, big change in palo alto looking over here. we do have the northbound side moving smoothly, but the southbound side now passing university jammed up as you're heading south in toward mountain view. so both directions into mountain view now a big problem. there may bow a new accident to report but chp hasn't told me about anything going on for 101 just yet other than that volume of traffic. heading over the san mateo bridge, you'll join up with these folks. might be some gusts across the high rise but no warning from chp, so just be prepared. back to you. the "today" show coming up in just moments. >> yeah, coming up at 7:00,
6:59 am
dualing videotapes. how mitt romney's campaign fund-raiser remarks are actually affecting his run for the white house. and more on a new video of then senator obama that's now attracting gop attention. now giving all the secret recordings and the revealing new photos of the dutchess of cambridge, is privacy dead in today's society you have to wonder. today's professionals will weigh in. plus, not so amusing. the three-minute ride that turned into a four-hour scare at a california amusement park. what riders are now saying about that thrilling experience today. >> well, get ready for some laughs. >> always ready for that. nbc thursday's comedy lineup ready to hit the air waves tonight. 8:00, snl weekend update thursday, the first of two primetime specials. they'll of course have a good time talking about this year's election. they spoof all the candidates. at 8:30, up all night followed by the first


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