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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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teacher, 28-year-old james izumazaki has been arrested and charged with a lewd act on a chil under 14. >> it came to my attention that an allegation was made. improper conduct between an albany middle schoolteacher and an albany unified school district student. >> it is always a shock. you can't be in this business of educating children and not be surprised and shocked when allegations of this nature come forward. >> the super inten dent says he's a highly regarded teacher who coaches basketball and volleyball, and is involved in the school's student leadership program. but not everyone we talked to is a fan. >> absolutely sick. >> this woman who didn't want to show her face on camera says her daughter complained to a
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counselor last year about what she felt was inappropriate behavior on the part of the teacher toward girls. >> she saw the way he acted with other students. he was way too flirty which made her uncomfortable. she didn't respond to that, so he didn't like her a lot. the other girls, he would text them, give them rides. he was way too friendly. >> her daughter's complaints were pushed under the rug. now, he faces criminal charges and parents are anxious by waiting to learn if the accusations are founded. >> now, is he out on bail tonight, the sheriff's department tells us he posted a $100,000 bail sometime between last night and this afternoon. again, that meeting in the meantime, is getting ready to start. i can tell you we've seen a lot of parents filing in. a lot of parents with some very serious concerns and questions. the teacher, meanwhile will be arraigned in court tomorrow
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afternoon. reporting live in albany, jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. our chopper above the scene in movado. you see below, a stretch of novado boulevard is still closed two hours after an suv truck struck a student on the bike. you see the dernt on the hood o that suv. it's not clear if the victim attended the high school. investigators say she was a juvenile and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. you see the bike and the car, the driver did stop and is cooperating with detectives. they don't expect to reopen that roadway before 6:30 this evening. in san jose now, what started as a report of a home burglary turned into a complicated mess. it locked down two schools and tied up nearly half of san jose's on duty police officers. the drama ended near clayton road in east san jose, with the
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getaway car slamming into a house. police chased that car from the burglary scene three miles away. now, apparently the driver was alone. additional officers who arrived at the burglarized home were surprised to find three accomplices still inside. >> they fled and started jumping fences. two of the suspects we believe ran down a nearby street and carjacked a vehicle from a young lady and fled. those two are still at large. >> police arrested the driver of the car and at the burglary scene they captured a second suspect. the search tied up nearly half the police force, a stark example of the staff crunch playing out across the city. especially on the streets of a south bay neighborhood where ladies of the night are extending their office hours working more in the daylight, and right in view of the children walking to and from school. in about 90 minutes, parents will go out to the streets and try to take back their
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community. mary ann favreau has this follow-up for you. >> reporter: maria says she's had enough of prostitutes near washington elementary schooling in san jose, especially after one propositioned her son. she says she's concerned what her 6-year-old daughter baby will see on her way home from school. >> i just think that's not appropriate for my daughter to see. something that's just hanging around, and basically, she just asks questions a lot, like why are they dressed that way, and jumping into cars. >> reporter: both moms plan to join 100 other parents at an awareness march tonight to fight the increasing number of hookers near the elementary schools. they hope san jose cops will do more. but police say their hands are tied by budget constraints and prostitution is low on the priority list. >> we're not immune to the fact that these are happening near a
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school. doing the best with what we have to try to curb that activity. >> parents are tired of seeing condoms and syringes near the playground. if the prostitution is not curbed the neighborhood may see more drug crimes. police admit that is a possibility. >> prostitution and narcotics overlap. >> if police can't do more, they will continue to fight for their children to get the street walkers to pick another street. in san jose, mary ann favreau, nbc bay area news. morgan hill police are looking for a mother accused of using her own daughter to steal groceries and left the kid at the store. police say 38-year-old martha filled up the cart with groceries and had her daughter wait with it by the door. she went to get the car. as soon as store employees saw what was going on they
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confronted the 10-year-old. the mom took off. this is not the first time she's done this. she did it two weeks ago and got away. restaurants and bars catering to more than 15,000 sharks fans. the nhl cancelled the entire preseason. the league and its players are unable to come to a new labor agreement. the players are locked out. among those affected not just the players but the local businesses around the shark tank. even the ushers and parking attendants at the arena. no hockey, no job, no good. >> we're going to lose a lot of money here. we get crowds, big crowds, lines out the door. we're going to lose a lot of money. >> the preseason games have been wiped out the start of the regular season is in jeopardy, the sharks are scheduled to start the regular season on october 12th much. it just happened a few minutes ago, a standing ovation, not for the players but for the
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referees, the real nfl refs are back on the job. roger goodell happily made the announcement today. now, the real refs will be returning to work beginning with tonight's game in baltimore. kicks off in 10 minutes from now. the league and the officials ended its stand-off late last night. after the nfl agreed to raise the officials pay everyoand pro their current pension plan. recent polls show that gop candidate mitt romney is trailing president obama by 3% to 7%. another pivotal state, iowa drawing attention today. because it's the first of a so-called battleground states to begin early voting. strategies and researchers project that more than one in three voters will cast their ballots before election day. election officials confirmed the request for absentee ballots in some areas are already up 30% over 2008.
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he illustrated cartoon bombs, a bright red line and a warning to the world. a warning about iran. today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu described his fears about iran producing a nuclear bomb. now, the international community is reacting. danielle lee has our story. from a fight over the west bank to fears about a nuclear program. benjamin netanyahu spoke at the united nations. >> a great battle is being raged. >> reporter: just one day after mahmoud ahmadinejad accused the u.s. and the west of intimidation. >> a red line should be drawn right here before iran completes a second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> reporter: israel and the west suspect iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon, and fear the
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impact on the region. so far, diplomatic efforts to stop iran who called this program peaceful have been unsuccessful. netanyahu also spoke directly to mahmoud abbas. >> we won't solve our conflict with libellous speeches at the u.n. >> to assert the state that is palestine. >> reporter: the change would allow palestine to pursue israel in the u.n. international court as the two battle over the west bank. >> they've become targets for acts of killing and abuse. >> reporter: continuing conflicts, the likes of which will require the continued assistance of the u.s. still to come here at 5:00, he lost his cool 30,000 feet in the air. what passengers had to do to control a man accuses of
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grabbing women in flight. >> the santana row fire ten years ago. coming up, a thank you to firefighters one decade later. >> good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. huge contrast from the 50s and 60s to 93 right now in livermore. temperatures not only increasing but the pollen as well. we'll let you know when our best chance of reaching 100 degrees will be in a few minutes. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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it turned out to be one of the worst fires in san jose history. the upscale shopping center erupted when flames broke out. i remember it well. there was some talk at that time that santana row would never
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open. but it's thriving now. >> reporter: yeah, that's why there's a big thank you this weekend. these businesses have not forgotten what firefighters did for them. there were lessons learned during the fire department during that santana row fire. there will be a celebration here this weekend. >> the party has already started at the h & m store. they're new to santana row, so they don't remember the flames that nearly devastated this center a decade ago. >> the volume of fire, was over 6 acres. it created its own weather. >> embers flew two miles into a neighborhood, setting apartments on fire. the devastation forced the apartment to revamp its policy. >> when we get on scene, we assess that situation and have a protocol in flight where we will dispatch units downwind.
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evacuate neighborhoods around where the fire is. >> reporter: ten years later, santana row is thriving. becoming a destination spot for the south bay. and as a thank you. several other businesses are donating 10% of their profits this weekend to the fire department's trust fund for community education and outreach. >> the firefighters were miracle workers when they came out here. we had 11 trucks come out. they worked tirelessly to the end. >> we're grateful and humbled by the fact that a lot of the businesses want to donate money. >> it's great. we come here pretty often, so knowing that, it gives us more incentive to come back. >> i think it's awesome. i mean, because the firefighters and businesses probably survived. i guess it's their way of paying them back. ♪ tonight's gonna be a good
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night ♪ >> reporter: paying them back with a weekend celebration and a thank you to the men and women who came to the rescue. >> the celebration officially begins at 6:00 in the park behind me. now, both an investigation by the san jose fire department and this investigation by the department of homeland security have not discovered the cause of this fire. live in santana row, damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> thank you. future spartans got a taste of college life today. students from elementary, middle and high school level got to spend the day on the campus for college day. students heard from the university president of the college administrators about the importance of higher ed. the kids were excited about their futures. you could tell. >> you could -- you can get a really good job, get a lot of money. >> it's important to be here and prepare myself for college.
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when you get into college, you get more job opportunities. and you get experience in school. >> see, he's on the right track already. today's event is part of the nationwide push to encourage students to get college ready. it was a wild ride for passengers on board a flight for california. they had to jump into action and use belts to restrain an out of control male model. vikki vargas has the story. >> please help me, i can't breathe. >> reporter: according to the federal affidavit, the man you hear screaming was belligerent, uncooperative and violent. passengers say they tried to get him to sit down. they say the flight crew even pleaded with the man to stay in his seat, but he kept getting up. at one point according to the fbi, he asked a female passenger to sit in his lap, and then he offered her drugs.
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another passenger says he grabbed her. >> he grabbed my hair and goes, no, no, no, no, no. and he kissed me. >> he's an actor and model who owns a clothing company. he was arrested and charged with interference with a flight crew. david trong says it was the passengers aboard the flight who held him down with belts when he threatened their lives. >> look at every one of us and said, i'm going to kill you and your entire family. >> reporter: at one point two doctors came forward with a syringe and gave him a shot of valium. >> that was vikki vargas reporting. passengers had to hold the man down for nearly three hours. he will now face federal charges for interfering with a flight crew, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. the warmup is getting closer, you can feel it outside today. definitely a little toastier than it was the last few days. >> it's almost like you can feel it across my maps here throat the east bay. 93 in livermore, that's one of the hottest spots.
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we have 60s here in san francisco, down to san mateo. a wide mix of temperatures across the peninsula. this is an occasion where the wind is trying to get stirred up. you go out to the marina coast, half moon bay at 73. palo alto, currently at 79. we know september can bring us warmer weather, especially in san francisco. this year, only eight days at 70 degrees and/or above. while last year we had 20 grows at 70 degrees or higher. if you like that warmer september weather in san francisco, you're in luck. by this weekend temperatures will be going up, and we'll have 70s in the forecast. if you're going to be spending time outside, the air quality will be moderate to unhealthy as we head throughout saturday and sunday. let's get a live look at our sky camera. can you see what's building in all the haze here across the santa clara valley. if you suffer from respiratory
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or allergy problems, that's going to pose big time issues here throughout saturday, sunday, monday. the cooling breeze helping to clear that air out and note the marine layer is really getting squashed down. we like to call that dragon tail fog on the right side of your screen. it looks pretty beautiful. also a sign of the incoming heat. what we have happening is a huge storm system out in the gulf of alaska. no rainfall for this, for us, the next four to five days. we have high pressure moving in offshore. not only the hot air with it, this is built in like july and august. the slight offshore winds that will bring us temperatures close to the century mark, and the 7-day forecast, also as we promised, a little bit of beach weather as we head into the weekend. 70s in the coastal locations. anywhere from 80s by the bay to mid-90s expected in the east and south bay. we will be near some record setting highs. tomorrow we go up a little bit more here in san jose to 89.
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90 in los gatos. still pretty manageable for you. it's in the east bay, where tomorrow if you're doing anything outside, you want to remember the water, the sunscreen, take some frequent breaks. the 94 and 95 will feel like close to 100 as we head throughout the hottest part of the day, right through the early afternoon. 80 in oakland and also expecting 90 in santa rosa. your three-day forecast is upper 90s to near 100s saturday and sunday. low to mid-70s on the coast. there's your beach weather there. as we head throughout next week, it's going to stay hot on monday at this point. we talked about the chances of showers yesterday. here's the deal with that. it looks like everything is getting pushed back one day. we'll go cooler next wednesday with mid-80s. by thursday, the showers get near, and most of the forecast models have showers building offshore. and potentially a few raindrops by next friday. we know we have a lot of stuff. all kinds of giants action.
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we'll let you monitor that closely. >> looks awesome. thanks, jeff. up next, the new mystery in the art world. were there actually two mona lisas.
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spirited debate in the art world tonight. that famous mysterious smile only a few years younger. do you believe it? the swiss-based mona lisa foundation says 35 years of research and tests show it predates the known mona lisa by more than a decade. many people have doubts. >> i've seen the big fat book they've produced. i've reviewed all the evidence. and my short reaction to it is come off it, it doesn't sound this young. >> we drew various horizontal lines across the two images. you could see points of her hand were in exactly the same place
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in one as the other. the vertical distances between the bottom of her chin and lips or the parts of her hair were in exactly the same place in both. >> very interesting. what do you think? the painting has been in private hands since it was found in an english mansion in 1913. pulling his weight for a good cause. the world record attempt that will leave you a little guilty that you skipped the gym today.
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a navy s.e.a.l. has attempted to break a world record for most pullups in a 23-hour period. he'll do ten pullups per minute.
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he's trying to break the current world record. people will be able to see him from a window where he's expected to finish tomorrow morning. he's doing this to raise money for the special operations warrior foundation which helps children of fallen heroes go to college. >> i might be in tomorrow morning just to see how he's going. >> do we have a look at the forecast tomorrow? >> yes, it's going to be hot. mid to upper 90s throughout friday, and also saturday, close to 100, and also beach weather mixed in by this weekend with low to mid-70s expected by the coast. >> "today" show tomorrow morning? >> yes. >> we'll see you at 6:00. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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