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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we'll tell you about the mom on the run after south bay's shoplifting spree ahead in a live report. and although fall has arrived, don't put that swimsuit or sunglasses away any time soon. 90s inland, 80s bayside, 70s at the coast. near record warmth all weekend long. your full forecast in moments. as accidents start to clear from the east bay, the commute starts to build around the bay. we'll give you the latest coming up. and let's take a live look outside, san jose this morning. waiting for the sun's arrival. you made it to friday, september 28th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. this morning an investigation launched by the u.s. department of education is right now changing how an east bay school district suspends its students. christie smith is live in oakland where the oakland unified school district will change its zero tolerance policy
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when it comes to african-american students. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. that's right, big changes on the way. the department of education launched an investigation in may into oakland public schools discipline policies and suspension rate and found that the zero tolerance approach to discipline may be violating some students' civil rights here in oakland of the some of the numbers are quite startling when you look at the suspension rates, considering that oakland public schools have about 32% of their students are black but they make up about 63% of all the students that are suspended and sent home. now, the office of civil rights looked into whether black students may be treated more harshly than white students when it comes to discipline. the action plan includes a number of changes over the next five years. the district will move toward restorative discipline instead of their zero tolerance policy. instead of a select 11 schools,
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this will roll out at 38 of its 86 schools, including all middle and high schools. the top goal here is to reduce the number of out of school suspensions for all students, but as well as the suspensions for african-american and special ed students. it will also reduce what they're calling defiance-related suspensions. some civil rights advocates said on its own, it sounded rather vague. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." new this morning, highway 101 in redwood city back open after a deadly accident overnight. officers arrived just north of marsh road after midnight when there were reports of a road hazard. when they arrived, they found a car blocking a lane with no lights on and a body was in the road. officers closed three lanes of northbound 101 for more than two hours while they collected evidence. they're still trying to determine if it was a hit and run or a solo vehicle accident. san jose leaders are now turning a tragic accident into a lasting memorial.
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today a pedestrian bridge will open across monterey road near blossom hill road near the stretch of train track where a toddler was killed back in 2005. 2-year-old alexander was trying to follow his baby-sitter across the tracks when he was hit by an amtrak train. now, coming up at 6:30, bob redell will show us that bridge and how it will now help pedestrians safely across the tracks. mental health counselors will be on campus at albany middle school this morning to talk to students about a popular teacher who was arrested wednesday morning. last night about 100 parents packed the library at albany middle school to find out more about the arrest of james izumizaki who taught sixth grade and gym. he was arrested at his albany home on wednesday morning on suspicion of a lewd act with a child under 14. the superintendent addressed the crowd at a parent meeting last night. >> we're in a very delicate
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situation of an arrest being made, an allegation being made, but no charges as yet, so you have to be very careful when you talk to kids and when you talk to parents. >> a substitute will teach his classes today. a mother stands accused of stealing groceries and leaving her daughter behind to face the cops. today the daughter is safe but the mom is still on the run. marla tellez has more on what happened and who police are looking for. >> reporter: morgan hill police want you to take a good look at marcy keelin. she's been on the run more than a week now of the investigators say first she used her 10-year-old daughter as a partner in crime. then she left that little girl at the scene of a crime. this happened at the safeway in morgan hill. police say the 38-year-old mother filled a cart full of
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groceries, about $150 worth, and then had her daughter wait for her at the store's front door while she got the getaway car. officers say once keelin saw that employees had confronted her daughter, she drove off. ended up calling her daughter's cell phone. when an officer answered detectives say keelin refused to come back. the ten-year-old girl is now staying with her grandmother and police say after interviewing the girl, it's clear she was just doing what her mom told her to do. >> she revealed she knew it was wrong but she didn't want to disappoint her mom either. >> reporter: marcy keelin is wanted on burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. be on the lookout for her green ford explorer with wyoming license plate 4-11118. police worry keelin is heading back to wyoming where she currently lives. coming up about 6:45, hear from keelin's mom who is now taking
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care of her 10-year-old granddaughter. she sheds some light on keelin's state of mind. >> can't mamg what it was. thank you very much. it's 6:06. b.a.r.t. is teaming up with uc berkeley to make your ride safer. the transit system has tapped into berkeley's network of seismic recording equipment. uc berkeley has sensors in more than 200 locations all over california, and the b.a.r.t. system will react to movement, slowing down or stopping trains, depending on the seismic severity. a uc berkeley seismologist says b.a.r.t. would have had 24 seconds after the big quake to slow down or stop on the tracks. today b.a.r.t. is actually clearing the way to silicon valley. the mission warren area of southern fremont getting a $2 billion makeover to prepare for the b.a.r.t. extension to the south bay. crews will widen mission boulevard to warren springs boulevard and new on and off-ramps will be built to allow trains to pass overhead. that work should wrap up by spring of 2015.
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based on what christina loren is telling us, you should be unwrapping for this weekend. going to be a scorcher outside. >> take off the scarf, take off the gloves, you won't need them. maybe you'll need the beach ball, the sunscreen and the tankini. it's going to be hot this weekend. are those still in style? i don't think so. temperatures this morning are cool out there. i want to start with the live picture of the golden gate bridge. we do have some fog starting to settle at the surface. we're expecting the fog to be at its most widespread point at about 8:00. 48 degrees, cool and crisp this morning up in santa rosa and novato. we're at 60 in sunnyvale and close to 60 in concord and livermore. what's happening today is we're getting a little bit stronger onshore flow. as you can see most of the winds are coming out of the west this morning. so that shows you that the cool ocean air is going to pump inland for today but this is the last day. as we head through tomorrow, offshore flow pushes that marine layer way out to sea and we get
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downright hot so you're not going to see a whole lot of temperature separation between oakland and san jose. 90 inland, 76 bayside, 69 at the coast. we'll take you to the forecast. let's take a look at your drive first with mike. >> look at this over my shoulder, a bright stream of lights, this is north 280 coming toward 880/17. you see it's not that dramatic because there's good spacing between these cars. so that's the reason why on my maps you see 280 north past 880 just above where it says campbell, that's green. it's starting to slow approaching tully northbound 101. there's your burst of traffic starting just about this time every friday. we see 680 and 880 speeds coming down into the 50s. also even slower out of the altamont pass. west 580 to livermore and through to the dublin interchange, your typical build as you pass by the isabel interchange and toward 680. live look outside shows you the
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bib bay bridge. we should see metering lights in 10 to 15 minute back to you. the time is 6:09. coming up, from political prisoner to peace prize winner. the historic visit that once seemed impossible finally becomes a reality as a crusade for peace touches down right here in the bay area. plus we now know why woz wants to become an australian citizen. take a look outside overlooking san jose this morning. waiting for the sun's arrival as well as the heat it is going to bring with it. we're keeping an eye on your weekend forecast. 6:09.
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welcome back, everybody. friday morning, a lye look over san jose. that is actually san jose city college. the sun set to come up and christina loren says brace yourself, it's going to be hot. >> the heat is coming with it. >> 6:11 right now.
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welcome. here's a check of the day's top stories. the oakland school board is cutting a deal with the feds to end a civil rights investigation. the board says african-american students receive an unfair majority of suspensions. the board now has a five-year plan in place to ensure students are treated fairly. in morgan hill, police say a mom on the run after trying to steal some groceries from a safeway. officers say the mom actually ran away leaving her daughter behind to deal with the police. the girl is now staying with her grandmother. and construction crews will break ground in south fremont to clear a path for b.a.r.t.'s extension to the south bay. crews will widen mission boulevard all the way to warm springs boulevard. they are also going to build new on and off-ramps and a b.a.r.t. bridge. construction should wrap up in 2015. now on to decision 2012. and this morning we're getting a better idea of how the presidential race is shaping up just days before the first
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presidential debate. a new nbc poll shows a tied race in nevada and north carolina where republican candidate mitt romney is just two points behind president obama. but in new hampshire, romney trails by a wider gap, seven points. romney trying to pull ahead by hammering the president on the economy, telling veterans in virginia the national debt is more than just numbers on paper. >> trillion dollar deficits, that debt is owned by somebody. someone holds that. that puts america in a position of economic risk. >> more than half the country has already started early voting. the first presidential debate on wednesday in denver. the newest nobel peace price laureate will be right here in the bay area this weekend. she is a leader who is outspoken and a critic of the myanmar military. this marks her first visit to the u.s. since 1971.
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she will be speaking at the san francisco freedom forum this evening. tomorrow she'll address a crowd of about 5,000 at the university of san francisco. while both event are sold out, they're also being streamed online. now reports that apple founder steve wozniak wants to become an australian citizen, scott mcgrew had to find out for himself. >> you met him at the airport. >> reporter: a reporter probably the last thing hematomaed to see but he was grarks, woz aullways is. he just asked we not videotape the conversation. the apple co-founder seen here in file video told me he's spending a lot of money applying for an australian citizenship so that he and his wife can move to new zealand. new zealand and australia have very relaxed rules about that kind of thing, they're part of the same commonwealth. woz says he just really likes new zealand. he said he will keep his american citizenship as well, so
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this isn't a tax issue. woz is a fixture in los gatos showing up in the apple lines are zipping down santa cruz avenue on his segway. if he's leaving, he'll be missed. speaking of new zealand, the prime minister has made a formal apology to this man after it was revealed they illegally spied on him. he was arrested in a military-like raid at the request of the united states because of his involvement in a website called mega upload where people tended to store pirated films. brazilian police have released a google executive after google promised to take down a youtube video that a vertebbrazilian ju felt was offensive. those two stories are connected. in both cases you have websites got in trouble for what other
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users put online but in this case they held them responsible. >> very interesting. thank you very much, scott. 6:16. a feared ocean predator could soon be getting federal protection. >> regulators are examining whether to add west coast great white sharks to that endangered species list. this coming after four environmental groups filed petitions with the federal national marine fishery service. the petitions claim accidental catches, illegal fishing and pollutants threaten species. research suggesting that as few as 350 great white sharks could be swimming off the coast of the u.s. and mexico. a final decision on this one expected by june. >> and here i was going to say head to the beach because the temperatures are going to be hot. >> he was scared, we saw it in his eyes. he's so good. good morning to you. jon kelley, laura, we are going to be so hot this weekend and,
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yeah, you want to make sure you're ready for it, especially for the little ones, because it's going to be hotter than we've seen just about all summer long. 6:17, starting with this live picture of san jose. we do have some clouds out there to cool us off. in fact more so than this time yesterday morning. i've taken your temperatures down a touch from yesterday but even livermore hit 95 degrees yesterday, so down to 90 today. starting with a live look here at the golden gate bridge, you can see you can still actually see the surface and the lights atop the top to your still visible. however, that will not last long, the fog is settling in. 53 in san francisco, 60 in sunnyvale. i wanted to start with your visibilities just to show you these are dropping off. about a quarter of a mile in santa rosa, so deep pockets of fog up there, travel cautiously. 3 miles of visibility in gilroy. the storm system starts to push high pressure right over the bay area the next 48 hours. it really gets hot around here as a result. those winds will pump from land
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to sea and warm up along the way, pushing the marine layer way out in the pacific. that means we're going to be near records, even this san francisco. san jose is going to be hot and the hottest place, as per usual, will be the extreme east bay, the interior valleys out there. 90 degrees today in livermore. basically take your city, add an kis additional 5 to 10 degrees for tomorrow and another 3 to 5 degrees on sunday. we max out monday at about 103 degrees. staying hot on tuesday and monday and tuesday we will be talking about records, how many we broke in what cities. wednesday into thursday the storm system arrives so we get cooler, cloudier weather central command showers looking likely in the north bay by friday of next week. let's check your drive. that's a lot to talk about as well. >> the bay bridge toll plaza changed dramatically. we thought another 5 to 10 minutes from now would be the metering lights but they're turned on do you because in the past few minutes an accident
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occurred between the toll plaza and the metering lights. it's off to the shoulder but they triggered the lights to slow people down. there's the backup all the way back to the 880 overcrossing. some slowing down the east shore freeway approaching the incline and heading past the toll plaza. here west 80 an earlier accident at university, that one cleared. we might have another incident over on the shoulder. that might be enough to cause more distraction past the racetrack, down toward ashby avenue. there you go for the east bay. another live look further south and we're looking at fremont southbound with the headlights past the truck scales. both directions moving smoothly. a little slowing around eighth street coming toward the san mateo bridge. the south bay, northbound 101 smoothed out but 87 builds and slows up into downtown and a new accident reported at the alameda on-ramp to north 880. one of the two lanes is blocked.
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if you use that as your on-ramp you will have some slowing right there at the freeway. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you happen to be a stanford fan just waking up with us and didn't catch last night's game, you might want to sit down, close your eyes and plug your ears. the cardinal was ranked eighth until this, a stunning upset on the road against washington. stanford did have a final chance to win it in the fourth quarter. they go for the victory but it gets picked off. washington wins this one 17-3. after the game, stanford's coach said he wasn't happy with his quarterback's performance. but there's no plans to replace him as the starter. not a good game. oakland a's still trying to clinch the american league wild card spot after a tough loss to the texas rangers last night. the a's lost it 9-7 and are heading home for their final six games. the a's have a two-game lead over the rays and angels to clinch that wild card spot. its giants already have
6:21 am
their ticket punched for the postseason. last night the giants beating up on the diamondbacks, they win 7-3. the giants right now finishing up that season in style on the field and, guess what, in the dugout. how about this? rookie george conto, is he a super hero? a purple bodysuit. how about this one, these guys are putting on the skin-tight looks here ready for halloween a little early. all the lorookies had to sport these suits. it's an annual tradition with the giants. make sure the new guys dress up in goofy outfits. in their brains they're looking and feeling good. 6:21 right now. coming up, fasten the seat belt and unload the wallet. we'll tell you about the newest round of airline fees that are about to take off. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed,
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welcome back, everyone. what a beautiful live look outside for this friday morning. the sun creeping up over the bay area, bringing with it hot temperatures. we'll check the forecast coming up with christina. 6:24. you know, you already deal with those booking fees, bagging fees, expensive snacks, long lines when you travel. >> all the fun stuff when you're flying. now like an early christmas, airlines now coming up with new fees to b to take off here. real happy to hear that. tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c., with a look at all the brand new charges for your carry-ons.
6:25 am
more charges, really? >> reporter: believe it or not, a lot of people don't realize it but there are a couple of airlines that are now charging for carry-on bags. they say they have got to pay for that jet fuel, they just don't have the overhead space. so take a look. if you're flying spirit airlines, you may be charged as much as $100 each way for your carry-on bag. if you do it at a kiosk or ticket counter or online in advance you can get a big reduction in those fees, but $100 if you wait until you get to the gate. also allegiant airlines charging up to $35 for carry-ons. a yuf airlines raising their fees, especially in the last month or so. international flights at the susceptible to this, especially if you take more than one bag. second bags on international flights, sometimes over $100. delta has raised their fees as well as american and jetblue. $1.7 billion is what the airlines made in the first six months of this year.
6:26 am
it's the biggest six months that they have had in terms of baggage fees. that's for baggage fees alone, not to mention ticket changes and cancellation fees and things like that. all of this started, of course, back in 2008. four years later, it looks like, jon and laura, they are still piling on the fees. >> i tell you, thank you very much. >> they'll charge you for breathing next. it's 6:26 right now. tonight the streets of san francisco will be filled with bicyclists. critical mass celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special ride. thousands of cyclists expected to meet at justin herman plaza, so expect traffic delays. they started critical mass back in 1992 just to draw attention to bicyclists and to urge motorists to share the road. 6:26 right now. still ahead, closing college campuses to stay open. drastic measures in san francisco's city college crisis coming up just ahead. and the hottest weather of the year on the way, as we head
6:27 am
through the next four days. temperatures will soar. we're talking about three of the seven days on your seven-day outlook. triple digits plus. let's take you live outside san jose. the sun will rise just after 7:00 a.m. and "today in the bay" will be right back.
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the lasting legacy of a life taken much too soon. a tragic death prompting permanent change in the south bay. we will have a live report just ahead. a live look outside at san jose. the sun arriving, making for a beautiful morning. are we in store for some september sizzle? your hot and hazy forecast just ahead. and right now you're in store for a live look at wall street. that's right, they're getting ready for the opening bell and we count down now. close. okay. we'll hang in there. is it going to go? [ bell ringing ] >> there it is.
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our timing is a little off. this is "today in the bay" on a thursday -- >> friday. >> friday. did i just say thursday? >> yeah, it's friday. september 28th. >> thank you very much. this is "today in the bay." working on my timing, fine tuning it. we'll get it by next week. good morning, everybody. glad you could be with us. it's 6:30, i'm jon kelley. >> this morning the calendar does read friday. it also says it's autumn. but the temperatures certainly may feel more like summer. >> that is right. christina loren, tell us about the smoking heat coming up. >> oh, guys, well, you're not going to feel it today so you'll finish the day off, you'll get done with work, ready to enjoy the weekend, not aware maybe in some cases of the triple digits that we have in store for you tomorrow and the hottest weather of the year so far. 53 degrees to start you out in san francisco, 52 in oakland. as i said before, today will not be too bad.
6:31 am
80 degrees inland at noon, 90 degrees at 4:p.m. you'll also notice a very thick layer of haze above likely sparing the air. what's going to happen is high pressure moves in. ets getting nudged by an approaching storm system. the same system that could bring us showers at the end of next week, the upcoming workweek. however, what's interesting is before we reach that point, high pressure builds in so strong, this system is packing so much energy it's going to bring your temperatures up 15 to 20 degrees from today's highs versus monday. we're talking about 90s today. you can imagine how that pans out. we will show you on that seven-day forecast, help you make those plans outdoors and tell you which cities on the beach will get the best of it. it's also a busy traffic day. usually friday light, mike. >> usually. but we'll be watching areas like highway 92 heading toward half moon bay and the coast. right now we're focusing on 92 with those taillights westbound.
6:32 am
your commute direction. an accident reported along the flat section. i have not seen any slowing. we'll look at the headlights coming over off of the high rise. same volume going through the area so it looks like no lanes are blocked. the details are it was a hit and run and it looks like it was cleared from the span. better news. live look shows you the bay bridge. we had an earlier accident between the toll plaza and the metering lights now off to the shoulder but that is causing slowdown coming off of the berkeley curve as well. we're watching for this friday build. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 6:32. san jose leaders turning a tragic accident into a lasting memorial. today a fed bridge will open near the stretch of train tracks before a toddler was killed back in 2005. bob redell join us live at the bridge this morning with more on how it will help pedestrians safely cross those tracks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. that ribbon-cutting for this new pedestrian overcrossing in about four and a half hours. you're looking at this brand new
6:33 am
315-foot-long pedestrian bridge that crosses the railroad tracks here at monterey near blossom hill road. the vta, the ones who are running this project, are hoping that the fence that you see are new along with this bridge will keep people from trying to cross these tracks to get over to a nearby shopping center. it's been a very popular shortcut. unfortunately it's also been very dangerous. the final straw, the impetus for this new overcrossing, was the death of a 2-year-old boy almost seven years ago. alexander was struck and killed by an ongoing train at this location. his baby-sitter had left him on one side of the tracks while she went to the other side to retrieve her own child who was in a stroller. alexander had followed her and was run over. the bridge will be named xander's crossing in his honor. his mom expected to speak at this morning's opening ceremony. the bridge was supposed to be finished much sooner but was delayed waiting on funding. the bridge cost $10.5 million.
6:34 am
most of it coming from state prop tiosition 1-b money. ribbon-cutting for a new pedestrian overcrossing here now at monterey near blossom hill scheduled for 11:00 this morning. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." right now this is another story with the kind of sadness you can't imagine. a north bay family wayning -- waking up knowing their daughter is gone. this is a look at the spot where a young girl was hit and killed by an suv yesterday afternoon. that girl was out just riding her bicycle on novato boulevard near san marin drive when the suv hit her. the girl, she was flown to children's hospital in oakland where, unfortunately, she later died. the driver did stay at that scene and did cooperate with police. the police say they think -- they don't think at this point drugs or alcohol were factors in this tragic crash. in east palo alto, today marks one year since 6-year-old
6:35 am
sierra torres was run over by a teacher on her way to school. the crash prompted a public call for a stop sign and other pun lick safety measures. the city has installed flashing lights and warning signs at that intersection but there are no plans to install a stop sign. the teacher who hit torres was never charged with a crime. it is 6:35 right now. today a murder case will finally be in the hands of a jury 30 years after a tourist was found dead in a san francisco park. today attorneys will have their last chance to sway that jury in the first-degree murder case against 47-year-old william payne. payne, accused of killing texturist nicholas crumbly back in 1983. payne was arrested at a substance abuse center back in january after a swab of his dna was linked directly to that crime. two campuses are being
6:36 am
closed in hopes of avoiding a possible shut down. san francisco city college will shut them. trustees made the decision last night as part of a plan to keep the school from losing its accreditation next year. the accrediting team reportedly blamed the school for spending beyond its means. the school must address the financial instability by mid-march. we can tell you construction delays this weekend are not just going to be limited to the roadways out there in the bay area. one of sfo's two main arrival runways will be closed from tonight at 10:00 and that will last until monday morning at 8:00 a.m. the runways are shut down so the crews can upgrade lights, signs and infrastructure. changes which are federally mandated. sfo has been shutting down the runways the past two weekends and this one is officially planned as the last shutdown. 6:36. still ahead, inside the mind of a suspected killer. new details about what really happened inside a colorado movie
6:37 am
theater during a summer shooting rampage. and also the man behind that movie that ignited global outrage now behind bar, but not on the charges you might expect. i'm a professional stylist
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6:40 am
off the clash there. this lasted for hours in tikrit north of baghdad. a total of ten security guards and two others now dead. 81 inmates escaped, including several al qaeda suspects. 36 so far have been recaptured. 6:40 right now. this morning no bail for the man behind a controversial film that ignited violent protests throughout the muslim world. nakoula basseley nakoula is behind bars because a judge thinks he's a flight risk. he is being held for violating his conviction from a 2010 probation for check fraud. the film has been linked to violent protests throughout the middle east. so far, no charges linked to the film have been filed against him. the time now is 6:40. coming up, inside the dark moments of the movie theater shooting rampage in colorado. >> new details about to be released shedding new light on
6:41 am
"the dark knight" massacre. on a happier note, the gadget i won't let anybody touch until after the news so they keep their arms unbroken. a live look coming up. and a live look outside. sat knoll grade there. the sun slowly starts to peek up. christina loren talking about temperature rising. 6:41. [ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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6:43. new details about to be released this morning into what really happened during a shooting massacre at a colorado movie theater. today most of the documents filed in court will be released to the public. the documents could shed new light on the shooting that left twelve people dead, injuring 58
6:44 am
others. defense attorneys say the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, is mentally ill and may plead not guilty by reason of insanity. a lawsuit will be filed in san francisco federal court this morning on behalf of more than 20 u.s. veterans. they say they were sexually assaulted while on active duty and they say military simply turned a blind eye to it all. the 20 suing defense secretary leon panetta as well as the secretaries of the u.s. army and navy. the suit claims all branches failed to protect them from sexual assault while on active duty. following that filing, the vets will be joined by their attorney and congresswoman jackie spear for a press conference. this will be held at the alumni reception center at uc hastings starting at 11:30. the man injured in a controversial officer-involved shooting in san francisco will be arraigned today on charges of assaulting a police officer. police say they shot 22-year-old oliver barcenas when he pulled a
6:45 am
pistol from his waist band and turned towards an officer last thursday. the shooting sparked a variety of rowprotests including a vandalized police station. ditched after doing her mom's dirty work. this morning police in the south bay are looking for the mother who tried to steal a cart of groceries from a morgan hill safeway but then she took off after police arrived leaving her daughter to answer for it all. marla tellez joins us with where police think the mother may be heading. >> reporter: good morning. morgan hill police are worried that marcy keelin is on her way to wyoming where she currently lives. keelin's mother, who lives in morgan hill, said her daughter was just visiting the bay area when she took her 10-year-old daughter on a shopping spree of sorts. keelin tried stealing $150 worth of groceries from the safeway store. her partner in crime, her 10-year-old daughter. investigators say when safeway employees caught on to the scam,
6:46 am
that's when the 38-year-old mother just took off in the getaway car without her car and without the groceries. police say the little girl is now with her grandmother who spoke to our colleague. she shed some light on keelin's state of mind. >> my daughter is manic depressive and i think she's in a manic phase. that's really all i know. >> do you know where she could be right now? >> no. >> i know she lives in wyoming. >> yeah. >> do you think she might be headed over there? >> no. >> reporter: police say be on the lookout for a green ford explorer with wyoming license plate 4-11118. this is not the first time keelin has broken the law. police say she and her daughter actually committed this crime just a few weeks ago, they stole groceries from that same safeway store in morgan hill a few weeks ago. laura. 6:46. just in, apple ceo tim cook now apologizing for that map app that he says doesn't live up to
6:47 am
apple standards. cook posted an open letter to apple's website this morning, essentially apologizing for the software. he says apple will keep working nonstop until maps lives up to expectations. he even suggests you download different map software or bookmark google's web-based maps until apple fixes apple maps. isn't that interesting? >> any time you have a new release, you have to work the kinks out. i'm sure apple will be on top of it. we're on top of the weather right now and it's going to be soaring into the triple digits? >> i should just hand you all a map to the beach. >> you drive. >> actually it's thattaway. tickets to the gun show. good morning to you. we've got a good-looking day. you want to show your beach body off, you've got a really great weekend to do so. the dog days of summer have arrived just in time for the first week of fall. i want to start with this fantastic live picture. thank you to mark at toc for always getting the most fabulous
6:48 am
pictures in the morning. this is san jose, just a beautiful start to the day. we have cloud cover to cool us off just a touch and then temperatures soar. the golden gate bridge is looking good as well but we'll see the clouds start to lower and drop your visibility between 7:00 and 8:00. high pressure moves in quickly as we head throughout this afternoon and this system is packing a lot of energy. what happens is it forces everything to the surface, so you're going to see that layer of haze vividly all weekend long, likely sparing the air as we get into saturday and sunday. hazy and warm for your friday, but temperatures will only be in the 90ss are an i'm talking about the low 90s inland today. as we get into tomorrow, the upper 90s and then the dreaded triple digits. it looks like we'll be dealing with those saturday in some cities, sunday for sure in places like livermore. monday will be the peak an then tuesday just about as hot. so 90 in livermore for today, 75 in redwood city. 69 degrees in san francisco and 70 in santa cruz. look at this trend, we jump between today an tomorrow and then we will peak on monday at
6:49 am
103 degrees. just to put this into perspective for you, middle of august we hit 105 and that was the hottest reading all year in livermore. we could actually exceed that. i'm not being as bullish as i could be, but next week could be another scenario. soul talk all about that when we meet back here on monday. >> we're looking really nice as far as the flow of traffic. it is friday, but we still have delays. northbound 101, as the haze is in the south bay christina has been talking about, it's not a problem for your visibility, this is, the volume of traffic. the slowdown that it's causing, here's the same area north at 680. it's slow from capital expressway all the way up to 880 and continuing toward the airport. now, this is unusual as well. this is all right for the northbound side but the southbound side of 880 is slow from alameda down toward 280. we had an earlier accident which just cleared from lanes a few minutes ago so there's your slowing on the southbound side. that will clear up but then the burst of traffic on 880 from 280 heading north but the area.
6:50 am
85 and 87 builds. this is your south bay commute kicking in for friday as well. this is palo alto northbound past university shopping center here all the way into the city a smooth drive. low clouds but nothing big as far as visibility for the peninsula. maybe along the coast, though. looking over to the bay bridge and things are backing up here. the metering lights turned on and slow from the berkeley curve so there you go. we'll bend this shot and the low clouds again for the east bay. back to you. 6:50. san jose leaders turning tragedy into hope. today a pedestrian bridge will open near a stretch of train tracks where a toddler was killed back in 2005. bob redell joins us live at that bridge with more on how it will help pedestrians safely cross those tracks. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the idea is that this 315-foot-long pedestrian bridge along with new fencing will keep people off these railroad tracks here along monterey highway near blossom hill road, instead providing them safe passage to a
6:51 am
shopping center. this is a popular shortcut to get to that shopping center. this new bridge, which will be dedicated at 11:00 this morning, will be called xander's crossing in honor of a 2-year-old boy. it was almost seven years ago that alexander was struck and killed by an oncoming train at this location. his baby-sitter had left him on one side of the tracks while she went to the other side to retrieve her own child who was still in a stroller. alexander followed her and was run over. >> this is the greatest example of one life loss being too many. people came together as a community, the city, vta, we came together, got this bridge done. >> reporter: the bridge was supposed to be finished much sooner than now but it was delayed while the project leaders waited on a huge chunk of the funding. it cost roughly $10.5 million. most of that coming from state proposition 1-b. the rest of the money was from
6:52 am
federal and local sources. ribbon-cutting later this morning at 11:00. alexander's mother is supposed to be here to speak. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." new this morning, highway 101 in redwood city is back open after a deadly overnight accident. officers arriving on northbound 101 north of marsh road after midnight following reports of a road hazard. now, when they got there, they found a car blocking a lane with no lights on. a body, that's right, a body was out on the road. officers closed three lanes of northbound 101 for more than two hours while they collected evidence. they're still at this hour trying to determine if this was a hit and run or morley a solo accident. 6:52. big changes coming to the oakland unified school district. late last night the board made a deal with the federal government to reduce the number of students it suspends. christie smith joins us live from oakland with details of the agreement and what it will mean for students there. good morning, christie.
6:53 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. the gramagreement came after a meeting and it was unanimous after a four-month federal investigation. the bottom line here, the goal toys try to reduce the number of suspensions, specifically for african-american students here in oakland. so let's go ahead and take a look at some of the numbers. in oakland african-american students only make up about 32% of all the students attending, but they receive about 63% of all the suspensions given out. the office of civil rights looked into whether black students were treated more harshly than white students. the agreement means the end of this federal investigation and the start of a five-year action plan. first they're going to move toward restorative discipline is what they call it rather than a zero tolerance policy. instead of rolling it out at 11 schools, they'll roll it out in 38 of 86 schools here in oakland. they're going to, again, try to reduce suspensions for all students, but the emphasis on african-american and special ed
6:54 am
students and move away from what they call defiance-related suspensions. some civil rights advocates found that term rather vague. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." starting this january students will get a heads up about tuition hikes heading their way. governor jerry brown has signed ab-970. this requires officials at uc and csu schools to talk to students at least 30 days before they plan to announce any increases for tuition and fees. this also requires a 90-day period between the approval of the increase and when it actually takes effect. those new rules will go into effect january 1st. it is gadget friday. that usually means a lot of fun around here. fun and safety, says our scott mcgrew. >> yeah, for sure. lots of people have asked me if they can ride this thing and i have told them not until after the newscast because i guarantee you, somebody will break the arm. >> where's the fun? >> this is an electronic
6:55 am
skateboard that goes 25 miles an hour. i'm not going to ride it. so we have video to show you how it works. i'm not even standing on this thing. >> that's me. >> they're called boosted boards. the brain child is two ph.d. kids from stanford, wireless remote. these are long boards so they're very smooth and maneuverable, 2.5 horsepower. you can ride it three miles to work and back, and it will cost you $5 a year in electricity. you know, christina was talking about we should take this down lombard street. with the power in this thing, you could take it up lombard street. i realize that's the wrong way. >> that's cool. >> but $1200. more information on our facebook page. it's a kick starter project, which i think is super neat. so it will go. >> where's the child in you, huh? >> you're seeing the adult in me. >> you had a birthday this week and now you're all mature. >> scott, she's challenging you. >> i guarantee you, you guys come back monday morning and
6:56 am
somebody on this newscast will have their arm in a sling. >> you come back monday morning and find out. >> a dangerous gadget friday. all right, scott mcgrew, thank you very much. 1200 bucks, kind of an expensive christmas gift. well, los angeles is said to take a major step toward building a stadium to try to entice an nfl football team. that's right, get it back to the city. the city council voting today on a complex deal with entertainment group aeg to try and build the 72,000-seat venue right smack dab in that downtown. supporters hope the deal will eventually attract a pro team to one of the nation's most lucrative media markets. it's been a while since the raiders were down there. the city has been without a team since the silver and black and the rams also fled southern california back in 1994. >> i remember back then. >> back in the day. back in the summertime is what we're going to feel like, at least for this weekend. >> yeah, summer doesn't want to let go. good morning to you. this is san francisco socked in with fog this morning. i want to show you san rafael
6:57 am
where we're getting just a beautiful sunrise picture. the sun will rise officially over the course of the next ten minutes. it just depends on where you are in the bay area versus the horizon. 90 degrees inland, 76 bayside and 69 degrees at the coast. you will see that hazy layer vividly as we head throughout this afternoon, even more so as we get into the weekend. i just want to give you a little bit of information. eight days of 70-plus weather so far this year in san francisco. that's it. as we get into saturday, not even the hottest in the extended period, i'm forecasting 75 in san francisco. look at where we're headed as we get deeper into the weekend. 102 degrees by sunday. we max out on monday at 103 degrees. so when we meet back here monday morning, likely talking about records and still in the thick of this heat wave. let's check your drive with mike. >> we're getting into the thick of the commute as well. north 880 really starting to slow north past the coliseum. this is the curve right at high street because of an accident in lanes north of here at 5th, so
6:58 am
there's slowing into downtown. one lane blocked. hopefully get that cleared soon but there's the volume for the nimitz. also building, the volume across the bay. san mateo bridge moves smoothly but your westbound commute starts to slow at the high rise and getting over toward 92 and 101, that interchange, which is building up the volume through san mateo. in the south bay this is really kicking in for northbound 101 from capital all the way up to the airport. speeds where it's orange coming down towards the 40s. 280 really bogging down right around the 880 interchange. then 87 and 85, yes, like we've been talking about, 85 the slow stretch from 47 all the way up to saratoga. that is the new build, the new pattern. you still have it on a friday, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. new this morning, the search for jimmy hoffa's body is continuing this morning. in roseville, michigan. these are live pictures from the scene where investigators are going to the site where they believe the teamsters boss could be buried. they actually got a tip from someone most recently, you know he disappeared in 1975, was
6:59 am
never seen again. an there has been so much speculation as to what ever happened. >> folklore. >> really, it's true, with jimmy hoffa. now they're going to break open through that cement there and we'll of course keep tabs on that. it would be an interesting mystery solved. >> maybe he's not buried in the new football giants end zone. that was the folklore in new jersey. before we turn things over to the "today" show, one final check on today's top stories. construction crews will break ground to clear a path for b.a.r.t.'s extension to the south bay. crews will be widening mission boulevard all the way to warm springs boulevard. they'll also build new on and off-ramps at a b.a.r.t. bridge. a nobel peace laureate is visiting this weekend. she was in prison for years for speaking out against the me appear mar military. she's visiting the u.s. for the first time since 1971. >> all right, friday is here. make sure you join us at 7:25. we'll have all the loc


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