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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. >> we are down to the last few days of campaigning in the 2012 presidential election. and as brian moore reports, both candidates today turned to some famous name for help. >> reporter: form he president bill clinton may have been losing his voice -- >> he has done a good job. >> reporter: in virginia, he spoke up for president obama,
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trying to help in the swing state. governor mitt romney is trying to hold down iowa. a battleground state where he has followed behind five points in the latest poll. >> with the vote of the people of iowa, we can't lose. >> reporter: the candidates cross paths within hours of each other as they barn storm to iowa and six other states making their final arguments in the last weekend of this campaign. while the president was joined by musicians john mellen camp and katy perry, governor romney got a boost. >> this is what you hear when you're in a nascar race. >> reporter: with only two more days of campaigning left, the candidates are just beginning their blitz of the battleground states. brian moore, nbc news, washington. "the new york times" blogger studies all the polls and he says the latest statistic shows president obama leading in 19 out of the 20 swing state polls.
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silver predicted the 2008 election correctly in 49 out of the 50 states. he said there is a 16% chance that the state polls could be wrong and governor romney will win the race. governor jerry brown is spending the last few days before the election campaigning for proposition 30. he visited some phone bank workers in l.a. this afternoon. proposition 30 would temporarily raise sales tax a quarter cent and hike income taxes on individuals may knowing more than $250,000 a year. it is expected to raise $6 billion to help fund education. but there are mixed feelings about the plan. >> essentially what they're going to do is use the money they would have had to fund education this year and spend that on other projects that they want to use. >> we stand for schools and we stand for the future. that's why i think proposition 30 will have a very strong win on tuesday. >> prop 30 faces challenges from rival prop 38 and an arizona
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group spending millions of dollars to defeat it. one of the hotly contested races in alameda county is for the supervisor seat vacated bied in aier locklear. voters had a chance to hear from three of the four candidates that performed today. the missing candidate has some controversy of her own to overcome as well. >> reporter: voters pack a coffee house in union city to hear from district two candidates during a forum sponsored by local religious leaders. the board of supervisors pointed richard as nadia's replacement and he is toward finish out the remaining two years of her term. he said the first priority would be to preserve st. rose hospital. >> 20 hearse do not have health insurance and there are few places where people without health care insurance can get good quality health care. st. rose has been an exceptional
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hospital for over 50 years. >> reporter: the mayor said he has the edge because of his long experience and success as a public servant. >> i've actually been in local and regional government for 20 years. when you add up all the elected experience of my career opponents, it is equal to all three gintd. >> reporter: retired for 23 years as a deputy in the alameda sheriff's department, mark said he would make public safety his number one priority. >> from anybody that you call 911. it is delayed because the more you cut, the more you lose. with the big loss to public safety services, people are going to lose their security of having them around the corner. >> noticeably absent from the forum was state assembly woman mary who organizers said canceled at the last minute. she is terming out of her assembly seat has be assembly seat. stealing $2,400 of closeding
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from niemann marcus in san francisco. valle said her past is an issue in this campaign. >> i think unless you have your head in the sand, you're not paying attention for the realities of the people in this race. >> her campaign manager says the assembly woman is gaining door to door this weekend and will not be available for an interview until tuesday, which of course, is election day. the attacks don't appear to have hurt her ability to fundraise. she's raised more than $200,000 for her campaign. in hayward, monty francis. the weather around the bay area is about to change and then it will change again. meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we're about to see a little of everything in the next seven days. in the short term we'll see temperatures looking more like summer coming back to the bay area as high pressure starts to build in for the second half of the weekend. we'll see a few things tomorrow morning. first, some patchy thick fog. as we get into the afternoon,
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70s to some low 80s tomorrow. the effects of the cooler marine air will be staying offshore and the temperatures will climb up a lot more by the time we get to monday. here's a sneak preview. tomorrow morning, 50s and 60s. look at our temperatures. after lunch time, at 1:00, you're seeing some low 80s in the north bay. pretty much 70s all across the bay from san francisco into san jose. and believe me, those temperatures will seem fairly cool compared to what monday and tuesday are going to look like around the bay area. we'll talk about that first half of the week warm-up and then the temperature come down with rain returning toward the end of the seven-day forecast i'll have a look at that. >> thank you. thousands of grocery store workers across northern california may be on strike in less than an hour. management from union leaders have been in contract negotiations for more than a year. they also operate the bel air markets and nob foods. so far they haven't come to an
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graelt. the main sticking point, health care benefits, a proposed wage freeze and the elimination of premium pay for sunday shifts. it expires at midnight and workers say they're ready to walk. >> i talked to my family and we're ready. we're ready. we're going to fight for solidarity together. >> management says the company needs to cut costs in the face of the weak economy and competition from nine union stores such as walmart. if the 7,000 workers go on strike, it will be the first in the 77-year history. and coming up next, the hockey lockout has left businesses near the shark tank struggling. we'll show what you they're doing to try to attract customers. plus, people are waiting for hours just for a few gallons of gasoline and that is creating a plenty of frustration back east. we'll bring you the latest on the aftermath of hurricane sandy. and the possibility of storms on the west coast. we'll show what you expert are
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[ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. a new york nanny suspected of killing two children in her care has officially been charged with first-degree murder tonight. police arrested and charged 50-year-old yoselyn ortega while she was still in her hospital bed where she is reportedly recovering from self-inafflicted stab wounds. she is the only suspect in the death of leo krim and his her. she returned to the family's apartment on okay 25th in new york. the children's father is the senior vice president for cnbc and a former yahoo executive. the family moved in the bay area
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for seven years before moving to new york. tonight the clean-up and recovery from hurricane sandy continues in new york. tonight, rationed gasoline as nbc reports, thousands of frustrated people waited in line for hours. >> i got an emergency. >> it's bad, man. >> reporter: 8,500 gallons of gas can't pump fast enough. >> people out here freezing. >> reporter: on bedford avenue in brooklyn, people carried unconventional containers in lines that wrapped around the corner. >> this is out of hand. we need help. i need help. i got a broken down car up the block. >> reporter: firefighters and other emergency responders took priority at the front of the line. fuel circled slowly after one hose stopped working. >> a long line. i guess you have to stick it out. >> i know my information. >> reporter: frustration flared.
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>> this man was not in the line in front. >> reporter: nypd officers tried to keep people in line. in queens, a similar scene. with the sun setting and the temperature dipping and no guarantees. >> i don't know. it is crazy right now. you know? the lines are so long just waiting, hoping. hoping that when we get there, they won't say they're out of gas. >> it's crazy. >> again, scientists say climate changes that brought the super storm to the east coast could bring extreme weather to the west coast over the next few decades as well. they say if nothing is done about global warming, california could have more torrential rains, snow, flooding, fires and drought. california is one of nine states to develop strategies for dealing with climate change-related problems. on november 14 interesting california air resources board plans to launch a new program for cutting carbon dioxide emissions. it will be the first of its kind in the country and they hope it
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will lead to a clean energy revolution for other states. we'll be right back.
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management and union leaders went back to the table today. many bars and restaurants in down san jose are having to come up with some creative ways to attract customers. nbc bay area joins us now with more on what is going on. hello, arturo. >> reporter: health officially there should have been hockey
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here at the shark tank. there should be thousands of hockey fans all over downtown san jose. instead, the bars and restaurants are catering to a slightly different crowd. a casino night birthday party. it is just one of the ways to help the loss of business that was created by the nhl lockout. >> we just use facebook, social media to say come down here. use our back patio area and use a bar and enjoy yourself. >> down the street on o'flaherty, there is a beer tasting event. the bar is invested in serving twice as many beers on tap to draw in more customers. >> they focus on other events and you have to try different stuff. like we do trivia. >> as the shark tank is drained of thousands of fans, bars and restaurants are cutting staff.
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o'flaherty's usually has about ten wait staff on the hockey night. right now there's only five. >> the bonus rather than something that exists for you. >> all hours are cut all around. even my own hours are being cut. everybody's pocket books are being hurt. >> as the nhl and the players continue their stand-off, downtown san jose businesses are making a plea to the fans. >> come down and support us. we're here for you guys when hockey season does come. >> the start of the regular season is now delayed to december 1st. the league and the players' union did sit down face to face today for the first time since mid-october. live at the hp pavilion, nbc bay area news. >> now for a look at the latest in sports that's actually
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happening, not in a lockout. what's going on, henry? >> there are plenty of thing to talk about. the warriors were keeping their fingers crossed for their teammates, brannon rush. they didn't get the news they were hoping for. rush will miss the rest of the season with a torn acl. the small forward injured his knee again the grizzlies last night. we wish him the best. speaking of the warriors, they were in southern california taking on the clippers tonight. chris paul turns it over. steph curry picks it up and gets to the looky. harrison barnes with the jam. the warriors will he by four at the half. the warriors up 12. jarrett jack to carl landry finishing the foul. over 15 seconds remaining. a 2-point game. chris paul called for the charge. the warriors get up to celebrate and they win. 114-110. >> it was the dog fight tonight. we kept grinding and grinding
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and grinding. at the end of the game you see david lee, the lockdown on chris paul. swung it over to jamal crawford. at the end of the game, a couple seconds left. defense. possession by possession. >> let's get to the gridiron. stanford at colorado for the first time since 1990. look out for that wild buffalo, baby. struggling. josh nunez. second quarter, hogan completes the 32 yard pass. and four plays later, hogan was back at i again. this time a wide open sack. no one will catch him. 28-0, stanford. they went on to win 48-0, the first time colorado has been shut out at home since 1986. what about the san jose spartans trying to become bowl eligible against idaho? the second quarter, game tied 7-7. david finds jabbari carr.
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carr goes up and get that one. 14-7, spartans and then to chandler. he is deep in the end zone. san jose state wins. 42-13. they are now bowl eligible. congratulations to them. the oakland a's made a move that might surprise their fans. the team signed bartolo colon. he was suspend 50 game last season for using steroids. he'll complete that suspension by missing the first five games of the 2013 season. also, at santa anita park, there was a purse for the classic race. a horse won the classic. his jock, brian hernandez, celebrated his 27th birthday today. congratulations to them. >> did you know bartolo colon ended up getting a million-dollar raise after getting suspended last season.
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that's unbelievable that's unbelievable. >> can we get suspended and get more money? let's try it. >> don't come to work tomorrow and i won't come either. >> he is there to explain the weather. whip lash. >> it is going to be summer right into winter. it looks like behind the second part of the week outside. 50s and low 60s. not too breezy, the sea breeze will go away. it is one of the reasons why the first half of the week. warm temperatures. if not somewhat hot by the time it gets on monday afternoon. then starting wednesday and thursday. big drop in temperatures and speaking of drops, you will see the rain drops and probably some snow is the lowest, the higher peaks around the bay area. the next three days. high pressure builds in. we can see some patchy fog setting up in the north bay. as we go into the afternoon, mainly 70s. bay area wide and slykely some
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low to mid 80s inland. through tuesday. the pattern shift that will take place wednesday and thursday. this pattern starts to buckle and we'll see a cold pock of air drop down out of the gulf of alaska. this will bring rain by thursday night and the coldest air we have probably seen this fall. one extreme to the other. the hot temperatures for the first half of the week and then rain in the 50s for many spots by friday. so speaking of 50s, we'll see that tonight with patches of fog. tomorrow's high temperatures, upper 70s to low 80s around the south bay. probably over toward pleasanton. low 80s across the delta into solano county. for the north bay, highs in the mid 80s for tomorrow. then monday, upper 80s in the forecast there around sonoma county. the next three days look warm. the next three days after that do not. we'll see 50s and 60s for highs as we go from the trend to the cooler by thursday and friday. that air so cold on friday,
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we'll see snow levels down to at least 4,000 feet. >> no! that cannot be true. >> yes. a strange seven-day forecast but there it is. >> thank you very much. coming up next, we'll show you a high-tech scavenger hunt with the san francisco world series twist. plus -- >> look at this. i got you a canned good. >> that's very nice. >> tonight, saturday night live makes the most of the presidential campaign wrapping up.
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olympic gold medalist and bay area native christy
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yamaguchi has a new program. >> welcome to washington! >> she introduced the pilot program washington elementary in saab jose along with another school in san francisco and a third in oakland. her always dream foundation donate ereaders to the schools that partnered with the program that provides hard book books each week for children to take home and read. the combination allows children to read the same book with their families that is available on the ereaders in the classroom. yamaguchi, you probably remember, won gold in figure skating back in 1992. >> today some fans from across the bay area took part in a giant scavenger hundred for a chance to get their hands on a world series collectible all for free. louisville slugger had 30 commemorative bats in areas from san francisco to san jose. then the company posted clues throughout the day on his facebook page and twitter feeds. the first clue read, the best clue to start the best hunt. come and get it in sf.
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and he did just that. he was the first to find the limit edition bats hidden near where else? mccovey cove. >> i woke up really early for this. a die hard giants fan. this is amazing. >> this is a picture of the lucky winner. bat number 30 which is hidden in san francisco where bruce bochy and brian sabean apparently went for a martini after the parade. the apple versus sam sung battle continues. a judge ordered apple to apologize on its webb for accusing samsupg of copying its design. at first apple put it on its website but the judge that it wasn't a true apology. so it was ordered that apple install code that makes it impossible to see the apology without scrolling to the bottom of the page. it is not clear whether it is a deliberate attempt to skirt the ruling and it still does not include the word sorry or apology.
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progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. york mayor, michael bloomberg. >> thank you. good evening, and welcome, everyone. it's now been six days since hurricane sandy hit our city. while we're not out of the wds yet, i'm happy to rt


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