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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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this morning -- major freeway shutdown overnight after a big rig overturned spilling its loads bruce bochy. >> east bay school district promising to make changes to protect students from sexual abuse. >> new video in overnight after a smoke alarm goes off at city hall. >> a live look over san francis francisco. beautiful shot to start your day on this wednesday, november 14. this is "today in the bay." >> lots to get to this morning. let's check the forecast with our meteorologist. >> it is cold out there for now. temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. couple of isolated 30s out will. for instance, gilroy.
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head throughout this afternoon, we are talking about a day of near record warmth. 70 just about everywhere. we want to take you through that forecast but also let you know about a lot of rain. very wet pattern on the way to the bay area. detail that for you coming up. 4:31. check your drive on our wednesday with mike. >> good morning. hey, you know, folks, let's start out with the short freeway. westbound 80 or eastbound 580 which is southbound on the map. smooth drive. month problems there. map shows you i marked the arrows where that direction is. we are going to look eastful -- eastbound is open. a pyre trucks arrived on scene. chp. everything is off to the shoulder. the car reported at one time fully engulfed. waiting important the latest update. also trying to find out whether or not there's any pyre on the hillside. i will track that. month slowing. >> also new this morning, highway 101 is back open after
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an overnight crash that closed all southbound lanes. dump truck crashed and spilled a load of dirt near san martin avenue. it shut down all southbound lanes for hours. crews had to tow the truck away and clean up the dirt before drivers were eventually allowed back on. chp is investigating the cause of the crash. month word if the driver will face any charges. along with highway 101 city hall is expected to reopen this morning after an electrical fire late last night. firefighters say that an electrical panel started smoking and activated the sprinkler system in the basement. cell phone video taken by one much our producers shows some of the water damage shown inside of the building. building was not evacuated but power was cut off to the exterior lights and including the dome on city hall. pg&e crews were on the scene last night working late. month word yet if anything was actually damaged. it is 4:33.
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new charges against the suspect in the kidnapping case of sierra lamar. santa clara d.a. added lee charges against garcia-torres unrelated to the case of sierra lamar. attempted kidnap during the commission of lee operate carjackings in march of 2009. the victim, three other young women, lamar's body has yet to be pound. experts say the new charges strengthen the case against garcia-torres. >> this new evidence and new charges bolster the d.a.'s theory garcia-torres is a violent predator capable of murder. they are very serious charges. you can do multiple years in prison on this. at the end of the day i don't think it is a bargain chip. i think the d.a. is going for life or the possibility of the death penalty. >> that, legal analyst stephen
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cla clark. he's expected to be in court december 10 to be arraign order the new charges. school board meeting again this morning behind closed doors. talking about ways to keep students safe. the board meeting last night important the very first time since a sex abuse scandal forced the board president to resign. in that meeting, the board apologizing to former students chris cunam sxe would others. it is pledging to make changes it hopes will protect its students. >> i can't tell you how sorry we are. >> nothing that my brother or any kristin's family can do to take away the pain but i will guarantee you what they would do. they would do anything to give power that makes sure that doesn't happen again. >> all three victims are agreeing to mediation and they hope to reach a fair resolution. detectives need your help to find the men behind brazen and
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bizarre kidnapping. walnut creek police want to you take a look at the surveillance photos of a man they say goes by the name aubry. he and the second machine who goes by the name of david are accused of kidnapping and carjacking a 57-year-old woman from outside of her work last wednesday. she was tied up, blindfolded, forced to withdraw money from a number of atms. they then drove her to an isolated area of oakland hills. and let her go. >> more police officers on the way to try to help fight rising crime in antioch. the department is in the process right now of filling 14 sworn officers positions and up to six community service officers. right now antioch is down 40 officers from the authorized force of 126 cops. and antioch's police chief says arrests have dropped compared to last year while crime has gone up. property theft jumping 45% over last year and violent crimes have also increased 37%. 4:36 still on the run.
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police in central america urging john mcphee to turn himself in for questioning. 67-year-old considered a person of interest in the weekend murder of his next door neighbor. it happened in the country of belize. mcphee tells cnbc i have been accused of something i didn't do. i'm moving every four hours and i'm pierful for my life. engineers say they feel confident there's no danger of another slide in daily city but it will take days to clean up that big-time mess, pipe attached to a 978 thousand gallon water tank ruptured early yesterday morning. 45,000 of those gallons rushed right down the avenue in hillside park area. the flooding just took over several blocks. you can see all the mud still out there this morning. partial burying this cars. christie smith will be there.
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two occupy oakland protesters hit by a car during a street protest last december filed a practical lawsuit. they were marching near 11th and blood way near last year's occupy oakland demonstration on november 2. a car hit the protesters after trying to cross a crowded intersection. the protesters claim their rights were violated because oakland police does not pursue criminal charge against the driver. now, this isn't the first time the protesters have sued. they sued the passengers of the car claiming she switched place was the driver to cover up the crash. okay land police have not respond responded. police looking for thieves that targeted a union hall. $2,500 worth of equipment was snatched from the hall storage shed. most were ceremonial items. so far police say they have no leads or suspects. popular trail could be expanding. plans are on the table to extend
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mountain view stephens creek trail to sunnyvale and cupertino. part of the new trail would pass through private property and people that live in the area will have the chance to voice their concerns during the first of a series of meetings that starts tonight at 7:00. held in the outpost grant park center. 4:38. after a couple of very chilly starts, christina loren, i think i heard her say something about warm record temperatures. now going back the other way. >> for a couple of days. good morning to you. temperatures this morning are rather mild. compared to where we were just a couple of days ago. we are in the upper 30s. that's the coldest in petaluma. most cities range prosecuting the 40s to low 50s. as we head throughout the day today we are going to hit the 70s even at the keyes. even san francisco. 45 degrees to start you out in san jose this morning. so your winds are coming out of the northeast. they are going to pick up as we head throughout the day. that will drive the winds wrof shore. so offshore flow means near
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record warmth and plenty of sunshine. all the way from the coast through inland cities. 74 degrees in livermore. today 75 in gilroy. 72 degrees in fremont. and 71 in fairfield. we have a lot of rain on the way. in fact, at least five days, including that rain chance as we head through the weekend and into next week. we will talk about that, how long the wet pattern will last. really want to enjoy these temperatures while they last. 4:39. let's check your drive and good morning, mike. >> good morning. still no updates on whether or not there are any closures there for that highway 24. sounds like traffic is going smoothly. still have a mess. continue to follow that. we are looking over here to the south bay with 101 northbound, volume really nice. really light now. okay throughout the entire south bay. here you go with the green. more commute is what we focus on. we will look at this area. southbound 880. brokaw. construction earlier today. i know that because i could not use the off ramp. had to gone down and loop around to come back. that crew is in the clearing
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process. down to one lane. until it is cleared there will be a lot of flashing lights. a closure over here, 880 off ramp. alameda. that has been going on since yesterday. update i have from chp should be opening soon. you have a lot more detail on exactly what happened there. we will hand it off to you. >> picking up where mike left off. san jose, flooded off ramp along interstate 880 alameda is reopening today. southbound exit was closed yesterday after water there gushed out of a broken underground pump. no word yet on what caused that pump to break. off ramp now scheduled to reopen today at noon. 4:40. bay area fishermen getting ready for the start of crab season. they will hit the watt they are morning. commercial -- the commercial season officially starts tomorrow which means the pots can be pulled up by then. crabs will arrive in stores as early as provide. lit cost you -- up about $3 a
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found for those crabs. lot of people put them on their thanksgiving mel dinner. >> traditional. 4:41. toyota issuing a massive recall. details coming up in a live report. >> will she stay or go? big announcement this morning from nancy pelosi that could be a game changer in california politics. >> it was positive. they really helped me. they saved my son's life. that was good thing. >> caught on tape. oakland officers jumped into action and deliver. we have the emotional reunion between a baby boy and men in blue coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. three oakland police officers got to meet the baby they helped bring into the world. yesterday they met the baby and the parents. baby nolan with a police badge and his stuffed animal and bag full of gud goodies. the officers helped deliver the bay five days ago. a man flagged down officers
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saying his wife was in labor. officers jumped into action to help deliver a healthy baby boy. >> the baby was crowning and -- so then i turned to charles and i remember telling charles this baby is come. >> these three guys -- month matter what happens. >> that baby nolan was actually named after a nearby park and his middle maim is shell, after the shell gas station. >> okay. >> yeah. >> shell. okay. >> mother and baby are doing fine. >> we are happy to hear that. all right. 4:45 now. toyota is issuing a new recall this morning and on wall street, traders will continue to worry about that looming fiscal cliff. a look at your news before the bell and all sorts of good things. good morning. >> very good morning to you. let's take a look at the
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mortgage rates. futures are higher at the moment after stocks sold off on tuesday on conned concerns about whether congress will reach a budget deal by the end of the year. to avoid a so-called fiscal cliff. the offset optimism. better than expected earnings from home depot that came out yesterday. we get a fair amount of data today, though, one week of sales and inflation of business inventory. as well as last month's fed meetings. the dow falling nearly 59 points to close at 12,756. yesterday's trade. nasdaq lose being 20 points. in other news, toyota is recalling nearly 2.8 million vehicles worldwide to fix a defect that could lead to problems with steering and water pump. most of the vehicles were sold overseas. only about 600,000 are in the u.s. models include the prius hybrid and corolla. >> thank you very much. we will check back with you later on. okay. get this. temperatures across the bay
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area, little cool start but boy, is it going to warm up to be a nice day. it is going to be one of the nicest days we have had in quite some time. good morning to you. 53 degrees in san francisco. we are at 41 to start you out in napa. 45 degrees in november at owe heading towards a really nice day. temperatures in the 70s, even in san francisco. it all works out like this. for today we will jump baby noon into the mid signatures. high pressure drives the winds offshore again. it is not just the immediate coastline that's going to see the 70s. most of the state today is going to be above average for this time of year. look at what happens. as we get back here friday, lots of rain on the way. let's stop the futurecast clock. right about here on friday. getting heavy rain, heavier rain moving in on saturday morning. and then as we head throughout the weekend, sunday, monday, tuesday, expecting more showers. highs today in the mid 70s. 74 degrees. liver more, rain continues friday through tuesday. back to you guys.
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>> thank you very much. 4:48. this morning president barack obama will hold his first full news conference at the white house since being re-elected. the president is expected to lay out his plan to avoid an impending fiscal cliff. the he will hold meet wings business leaders to support for his tax plan. the news conference scheduled to start at 10:30 this morning. in the meantime, just a couple of hours, house minority leader nancy pelosi is expected to announce whether or not she will step down from her leadership post or leave congress altogether. pelosi is seen by some as a liability to the president and as he negotiates with republicans to avoid the fiscal cliff. closed door hearings undergo this week over the terror attack in benghazi. the meningitis attack that killed 32 people so far. this morning, the lit nest the unpoelding scandal involving two four star generals and a
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mistress, couple of twins, and a bunch of e-mails. waiting for a statement from general john allen, top commander in afghanistan, denying any wrongdoing. high level briefings scheduled for members on congress on capitol hill. tracie potts has all the details this morning. >> reporter: at least one member of congress has already spoken to the cia about the growing controversy involving general david petraeus and john allen. >> i don't have any reason to think that there are any national security issues at stake in what is transpiring. >> reporter: there are questions about the nature of e-mails between general allen and jill kelley. one senior official says they weren't explicit but use names like sweetheart and deer. allen denies any wrongdoing. kelley is not a federal employee but suggested she had special privileges when complaining to police last weekend about reporters. >> because i'm an honorary
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consul general and i have inviolability. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection as well. >> her initial complain about e-mails touched off an investigation that led to the discovery of an affair between petraeus and paula broadwell believed to be at her brother's home in washington. questions remain about whether petraeus may be called to testify about his investigation into the death in libya. >> up to congress to make decisions about who was called to testify. the president is confident that act director morrell is fully informed and capable of representing. >> hear from david petraeus as well. >> i can't imagine why secretary petraeus would not come up here and testify. >> tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> far from it. san francisco getting ready to take a major step forward in planning for a new warrior sale. here's what's happening in a
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couple of hours now. >> live look at the bay bridge. we will give you an update what else is going on for your wednesday morning commute.
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a major step regarding the basketball arena for golden
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state warriors. the budget committee expected to approve the start of environmental reviews out there waterfront arena being planned. mayor ed lee and warriors planning to make what they are calling a major jobs announcement regarding that arena. and concerning those warriors, they will be honoring former coach don nelson in tonight's ball game. team celebrating nelson's induction into the naismith memorial basketball hall of against the atlanta hawks tonight. check this out. special performance by painter david garabaldi. he will create a portrait of coach don nelson during the halftime ceremony. the man finally referred to as nelson. new title about a.l. manager of the year. melvin won the award yesterday regarding 16 of 28 first police votes by the baseball writers
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association of america. he led the a's to the first playoff berth since 2006. today's media conference will air live on comcast sportsnet california. >> congratulations to bob melvin. right now we congratulate mike for his spectacular job on the roads. we will work on one. >> thank you, thank you. appreciate that. you know, even if i -- >> oakland, home of bob melvin. outstanding season. not so bad across the bay either. looking at 880 past the coliseum, easy, light drive now. construction that just cleared from high street. out of the freeway. i marked your commute direction with arrow here. in between basically 16th and 980 construction in both directions, not a major problem warriors play mitt against the hawks. 24 still at earlier car fire. will end with a map and all lanes getting clear. still activity there just before the exit. back to you.
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>> thank you very much. we can tell you that they transformed the democracy plaza from the election into rockefeller center. christmas tree arriving in machine hat an today. the 80-if the tall norway spruce. it will be lowered by crane and in front of 30 rockefeller plaza. this one was chopped down in mt. olive township. over new jersey. this happened yesterday. that's a big boy. once this tree is finally in place, workers will string some 45,000 lights on it. and the official tree lighting ceremony is set for november 28. >> you got a tree. last year actor bradley cooper won the sexiest man alive. first person maimed sexiest man alive, 1985. who do you hi? >> i remember well. i still have the poster on my wall. >> mel gibson. announcement will be made this morning on the "today" show and
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anticipation is mounting. >> long string of handsome men. women waiting with bated breath. i don't even know what that is. a landmark pollution law about to go into effect here in california. we will have details coming up in a live report. >> new system in place today that will let some fliers speed through security at sfo.
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>> reporter: first a major mud slide in daly city. cleanup isn't even done yet and there is another concern. vein on the way. i will have that story coming up in a live report. >> we are talking about potentially setting records in terms of the rainfall. in addition to that, record highs on the way this afternoon. your full forecast, lots to talk about in a few moments. >> just as a road crew clears the bay bridge i have another crew that may have to clear the bay bridge. i will bring you that


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