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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it is 5:00. very good morning to one and all. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. first we're talking about storm watch this morning. the first rain just hitting the bay area. meteorologist christina loren is tracking it all for us. >> yeah, good morning to you. we've got a lot of rain on the way and the light showers have already started. you can see radar starting to light up and we're also getting a little bit more moisture at this point just off the coast. the santa cruz mountains we have a discern for flooding because they will be hit the hardest as these showers, as you can see by the nature of them, they're moving from south to north. so the south bay will get hit the hardest where traditionally our storm systems come in from the north and move to the south. this is opposite day for us. the south bay will be hit very hard. then we have another storm system on the way as we head through sunday into monday and that's a colder system, but it's going to come through very rapidly. as we head throughout the
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evening, the strongest wave of moisture comes through. it looks like we'll see the bulk of the moisture arrive about 4:00 p.m. and then we'll see heavy showers just about all night long. you will have opportunities to get outdoors as we head through the weekend. but highs today are going to be significantly cooler than yesterday by about 5 to 8 degrees. let's check that drive, see if showers is interrupting anyone just yet with mike. >> so far because of the light traffic right now, we have a smooth flow of traffic and dry roads right here at 101 at 680 for the south bay. we'll show you the south bay map and had roadway and speeds are not a concern. but the drainage pump at the alameda off-ramp, that off-ramp is still closed from southbound 880 in san jose and that will continue until they can fix that pump. they were hoping to get it done before the rains came in but the rain is coming. the golden gate bridge, christina talked about rain coming in from the north but we do have a little sheen on the roadway at the golden gate. we will watch as it affects all
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down the peninsula coming up for your later commute. we'll track it, guys. back to you. happening right now in the middle east, we have a brand new round of fighting to tell you about between the israelis and palestinians. overnight israel striking more targets and militants firing a dozen rockets from gaza overnight. marla tellez is in our newsroom with more details and the latest on what's happening now. marla, good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. right now it's 3:00 in the afternoon over there and sooner than later it looks like a full-out ground invasion could happen as israel moves closer and closer to the gaza border. this right here is a live look at gaza city. it looks quiet in the horizon now, but i can assure you smoke has been billowing every now and again. new video into our newsroom shows israeli tanks and other military hardware on the move toward the palestinian territory. israel calling up an additional 16,000 reservists today as military leaders threaten a ground assault. this is the third day of fighting in the air, and
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overnight the rocket attacks did not stop despite an anticipated cease-fire. israel and hamas agreeing to stop the rocket launches while egypt's prime minister visits gaza today. but that deal collapsed as both sides accused the other of violating it. israel targeted 150 rocket launching sites and ammunition warehouses in gaza, as militants there fired dozens of rockets into israel. in fact in tel aviv, air raid sirens are going off citywide as they continue to do this afternoon. so far the back and forth attacks have left 20 people dead and more than 200 people hurt. it's a very fluid situation. we'll stay on top of this to bring you the latest. >> we'll keep checking back with you as well. thank you very much, marla. it is 5:03. police in the north bay hope you can help track down a man accused of attacking two college students. officers released a sketch of a man they describe as hispanic between 18 and 25 years old, between 5'4" and 5'7" with a
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thin build. he had high cheekbones, prominent ears and dark spots on both cheeks. the man was possibly stabbed. police say he is armed and dangerous. if you've seen him or know anything about the attack, you are asked to call san rafael police. the family of a brentwood man killed in a plane crash holding a memorial in his honor. two men were flying an experimental plane when it crushed into a farm field on october 23rd. an investigation by the ntsb revealing the plane went into a tailspin, crashing shortly after takeoff. the family holding a memorial to celebrate his life tomorrow at the funny farm airport, which he owned and managed. san francisco police are reaching out to children in that city and their message is safety. the police chief will meet with students to talk about the city's safe haven program, which
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is a group of designated businesses in the neighborhood with signs in their windows showing they have agreed to provide protection to any child who feels threatened. the chief will also give holiday safety tips to students. pack your bags and brace for long line. holiday travel season officially gets under way this morning, and one bay area airport is already predicting record traffic. christie smith is live at sfo. chr what d travelers expect today? >> reporter: we're in terminal 2 and it's quiet on this side. if you walk down just a little further by american airlines, that's when you start to see the crowds pick up. the security lines as well. it's busy but it is moving and travelers are surprised to see so many people here with them this early in the morning. it's friday. thanksgiving isn't until next thursday. but at sfo they announced record passenger loads for the holiday season. this is video we shot this morning. travel is up 3% compared with
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the same time last year and that season starts today with 140,000 travelers passing through here today alone making it the busiest travel day of the season here. i just spoke with one woman who tried to leave early to beat the crowds but it didn't work. >> it was pretty busy because i took a shuttle here and there was like five other people and i expected only me. yeah, i see a really long line, so -- records how long is your flight? >> 17 hours. >> reporter: now, weather may be a factor later with the rains, but right now the flights appear to be on time. keep in mind today and november 25th, between those times, 1.2 million travelers will pass through sfo. also wanted to mention that parking is expected to be at or near capacity by thanksgiving. and if you want to know what flight takes 17 hours, that's because that lucky lady is going to spain. reporting live at sfo, christie
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smith, "today in the bay." it is 5:07. people in daly city on edge with rain expected to move in on a very fragile hillside. we have new video we shot this morning. emergency crews there shoring up that area to try to make sure this thing holds. with two big storms on the way, neighbors say they are hoping the rain will not cause another slide. >> engineers came, said the hill was stable. so even if there was rain, it should still hold up. i guess they're trying to cover this mud right now so when it does rain it doesn't spill pack over onto the street. >> that hillside collapsed on tuesday after a pipe from a water storage tank burst and that sent thousands of gallons of water and mud out into the streets below as you can see there. cars were swamped, wheel wells were filled and entire streets blocked for hours while crews worked to clean up that mess. i'm sure some of them are still there. >> not much we can do about the rain but tell you about when
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it's coming and where it's going to hit. we'll leave that to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. i have a pretty good handle on your forecast. i know it's a very busy weekend, a lot of people trying to get shopping done or you might be taking your travel plans into action. if you have family coming this way, make sure they're ready for the rain as well. all across the state of california this morning we're seeing these showers. it looks like the core of low pressure is going to cross just over us as we head throughout the next 24 to 36 hours. so we're about 58 minutes away from steady rainfall here in san jose. 47 minutes away from steady rainfall in sunnyvale. and about 40 minutes -- and 18 minutes away from places like portola valley. showers are now just starting to develop. it was relatively dry overnight and we've got a lot more rain on the way. you can see the steady batch quickly approaching the coastline. as we head throughout the day at that, temperatures are going to be a little bit on the mild side. 57 degrees. close to 60 in sunnyvale.
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we're at 55 in san jose, 51 degrees in gilroy. so grab that jacket, grab your umbrella and get ready for the hardest punch from the first system. the second system doesn't look as bad. first let's see how the showers are impacting your drive with mike. >> like you said, they're still coming into our area so right now not a major impact. that will hit later on for the morning commute so we'll track that. meanwhile the commute not really hitting the roadways through fremont, although there's a lot of activity at the truck scales. smooth drive for 880 southbound with the headlights past tesla. down into the south bay, your commute direction, we're looking at the on-ramp going onto southbound 680, but the freeway itself are clear through pleasanton and sunol. westbound your commute through livermore looks fine but east off to the left some slowing has cropped up. no incidents reported there. 880, we'll end with this shot past the coliseum. not so bad for the nimitz, guys.
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back to you. it is 5:10 right now. coming up we'll tell you about a major decision that could be putting the brakes on california's high-speed rail project. >> reporter: and i'm bob redell. we're live here in the east bay. we'll tell you how you can help us end hunger right now. we're talking about our annual bay area food drive, what you can do. we'll have live music if you haven't heard that already. we'll tell you what this is all about. no food drive would be right without a dancing hawk. >> we'll be out there this weekend. that's going to be great fun. plus the end of an era in twinkies and ho-hos. say it's not ho-ho true. yes, it is. back in a minute.
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welcome back, everybody.
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right now we give you a live look from the middle east. this is the gaza strip where a new round of fighting between israelis and palestinians has been exploding over there. there's been much fighting, strikes, more targets hit with rockets being shot from both sides. we'll keep you posted on the unrest over there in the middle east coming up. it is 5:13. well, another silicon valley company is heading to that stock market. scott mcgrew, another successful ipo. >> reporter: yeah, this is ruckus wireless. a company that puts those wi-fi transmitters in places like airports and city parks. it eases the demand for data on phone networks. the company priced its shares at $15 last night. they'll start trading on the new york stock exchange this morning. two bits of trivia here, once again seeing a silicon valley company use nyse for its trade instead of nasdaq. the company's ceo, once called the meanest boss in america. ink magazine called her a tyrant and her management style stomach
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curdling. but a few years ago she got the message and changed her management style. to the really important news of the day, the end of the twinkie. uh-oh, ho ho. hostess says it is shutting down. a strike by bakers has crippled production and it's asked a bankruptcy court for permission to cease operations. hostess already under bankruptcy protection. keep in mind, this could be a negotiating ploy, because hostess says it will wait until 5:00 this afternoon eastern time for bakers to return to work before actually putting up the closed sign. let's check your news before the bell. we turn to seema mody. she's live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, seema. >> reporter: very good morning to you. well, a quick check of the markets. futures are lower after stocks continued their downward trend yesterday. the markets are down 5% since election day. investors basically measuring the risk of the economy going
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over the fiscal cliff and the impact of hurricane sandy. reports showed manufacturing and economic activity fell in new york state and the philadelphia area this month as outages and flooding knock out factories. we get data out on industrial production today. the dow falling about 28 points in yesterday's trade and the nasdaq losing about 10 points to close at 2836. back to you. >> all right, seema, thank you much. laura and john -- jon, yesterday you were talking about lyft. also this air b & b. there's this whole industry springing up that is this shared economy. the idea private citizens can give rides in their car or renting out their apartments. we'll talk about that on "press here" after "meet the press." we'll talk about the difference between the rules and beingi
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disruptive. >> breaking it down on "press here." just in time for thanksgiving, nbc bay area teaming up with safeway stores to help fight hunger across the bay area. the food drive taking place tomorrow benefitting local food banks. >> we've got a live look this morning with bob redell live in pleasanton. i don't think he's in that bird suit. >> i hope not. it sounds like smooth jazz. >> reporter: i'm in the turkey suit. i'll be wearing that later. good morning to you, laura and jon. we've got to thank the livermore charter high school jazz band. they're participating in their own food drive and tomorrow you can help out as well. basically what you do, you come to any safeway, and this is something that's been going on but we're doing it all week, spend $10. the bags are preloaded. you put it into a bin and it's going to go to a respective food bank, food pantry to help out a lot of the needy in the bay area.
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samantha is with the livermore haven food pantry and michael with the alameda county food bank. we were talking about demands. what's it like this year compared to years past, better, worse, about the same? >> compared to last year is about the same but the demographics are changing. families that just a couple of years ago that were doing okay regarding their lifestyle and whatnot are needing help. the economy is getting bad and cost of rents are going up. >> do you see any glimmer of hope out there, michael? anything that makes you feel uplifted? >> of course. i think the one big glimmer of hope is the fact that the community is out here helping us this time of year. the alameda county community food bank is serving one in six alameda county residents. 10% of our call volume every month is from new callers. but we are making a dent and making a difference thanks to all the support from the community. >> what people can do tomorrow when they buy a $10 bag, is that just something for the thanksgiving meal or just
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stocking up inventory for general food need? both actually. it's a bag full of great staple items. it will get people through an extended of time. what's wonderful is not just for the family that say we're serving but it's great for the community as you get actively involved in our mission. there's nothing better than to take a bag of food and stick it into a barrel knowing that is going to end up with the people who need it. >> reporter: thank you, guys. we make it really easy. it's only $10, the bag is prepacked. you show up, do $10, $20, however many you want and they're right here in the front of the door. all the safeways most of them here in the bay area. you like this dancing hawk? >> he might be the coolest hawk i've ever seen. he is just chilling. >> good times. >> reporter: yeah. nothing says smooth jazz like an aviary in a costume. >> you're going to be at that location this weekend, right, bob? >> reporter: no, i'm going to be
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in livermore. jessica is here tomorrow. you guys are in the south bay? >> i'm going to be in morgan hill and jon is -- christina loren will be right over here in santa clara. we'll all be part of it. >> good stuff. >> we don't want to have the weather deter people from coming out. you're really keeping track on the storms for us. >> indeed. i think it's going to be mostly dry during the day on saturday so that's the good news. yeah, that's the good news. all it takes is $10 and you'll help people right here in the bay area, the money stays local. we'd love to meet you, come on down. satellite radar shows you some spotty showers starting to increase along the peninsula. our showers will come from the south and push to the north. there's also a subtropical moisture tap that we're worried about, so we're expecting quite a bit of rain potentially in the arena of 2 inches in some cities. so i think the south bay will
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get a lot more than we typically do from these storm systems that come over the bay area. over the next 24 minutes, steady rain arrives in pacifica. 32 minutes away from that steady rainfall in daly city. we'll have a live report on the flooding that occurred there earlier this week and what the rainfall could mean there coming up in just a little bit. 56 minutes away from oakland. so here is your weather story of the day. bring in the umbrella. we'll get hit the hardest from the first of two systems and you can see the steadier rain is starting to move closer and closer to us. you can see the system is coming from the south. what's interesting is we usually don't see the core of low pressure cross over the bay area. that will in fact happen over the next 24 hours and you can see during the next 24 hours when that core comes through, that's where we'll see the heaviest rainfall. it all works out like. this we'll start to get spotty on and off activity all the way through 2:00 p.m. today. it's going to be a rough commute home, keep that in mind. maybe the boss is feeling good today. if you get out of there pie
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2:00, you'll dodge the heavier rainfall. heavy showers come down all the way from 8:00 to 4:00 a.m. on saturday but saturday we'll get a little break starting at 11:00 a.m. if you want to come out to santa clara, nice dry conditions and that will continue until 5:00 p.m. when you are next storm system starts to move onshore. this one will come through quickly, though. at 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. sunday clearing you out. you'll get sunshine on sunday. it will be cool but still pretty nice for your outdoor activities. we stay nice and try at least until monday. we'll clear you out just in time for your holiday plans. so sunday partial clearing. monday into tuesday we'll get a little bit more cloud cover. and then maybe on wednesday a few north bay showers. there's an area of low pressure that's going to try to swing through the bay area, only impacting areas north of the golden gate bridge. thursday, turkey day, looking good, nice and dry. 64 degrees inland. >> let's hope your turkey is not dry, though, that's the concern.
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looking over here, this is the concern for the east shore freeway. heard reports of a disabled big rig. there it is. swung the camera around. awkward angle but this is westbound. your commute direction, you now have a lane blocked as well. part of the on-ramp at powell, they had to run a traffic break so everything was backed up here. there's some slowing obviously. we'll show you how this plays out on the map. this is your commute direction. slow coming after the racetrack all the way down toward the powell off-ramp. just turned from orange to red because a lot of those cars are basically stopped as they funnel over two lanes. one or two lanes are blocked right past powell. then it's clear at the bay bridge toll plaza. caldecott tunnel has cleared from the eastbound direction. westbound, your two westbound bores are open but the construction crew still has to clear and there's a little slowing for the commute coming in. looking at the south bay, no problems for your northbound commute but the off-ramp 880 southbound at the alameda still closed. they had to fix that drain pump and that has the off-ramp closed until they repair it and that
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rain is coming. palo alto doesn't show any sign of that, but the volume picking up a bit and the golden gate bridge does show signs of at least some wet roads earlier but we have crews getting ready for the morning commute. back to you. it's 5:23. we'll have more news right after this.
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. if you fly anywhere in the u.s., your pilot will soon be using a new system that relies on saltellites. it's a system that's years in the making andment to save you time and money and make you safer. but nbc bay area's investigative unit, steven stock, discovered that the system could be hacked, putting your safety in jeopardy. >> reporter: the system is called next gen, the next generation of air traffic control. critics tell us they found some serious flaws in the technology that if it is not fixed could
5:26 am
create security and safety concerns at airports and in airspace around the country. the new system, called next gen, is scheduled to become fully operational by 2020. it is a complex system of air traffic control that will use satellite-based technology similar to the gps you use in your car. rather than the current ground-based radar tracking systems to more efficiently and safely control traffic in the air throughout the united states. next gen is already being used on a trial basis here in the bay area. earlier this year, faa acting administrator showed off the technology at oakland's air traffic control tower. >> what we want people to understand is next gen is right now. there are things that we are doing that are improving the use of the airspace that will result in a lot of benefit right away. >> reporter: while the benefits of these technological changes
5:27 am
may come in time, several different sources worry about security flaws now. >> i'm not the only one out there that has access to this information. i'm far from the only one out there that has these skills. so in that sense, that's very concerning pause i would like to consider myself one of the good guys because i think it's fun to do this stuff. if i can do it, somebody else can. >> reporter: the faa maintains that the threat to the new next gen system is no more different or greater than it is to the current ground-based radar system in use today. coming up tonight we'll take a closer look at this technology behind next gen and show you a demonstration of the security concerns firsthand. we will see how a commuter hacker can insert ghost airplanes into the sky in this system with little to no trouble at all. that's tonight at 11:00. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. 5:28. a lot more ahead, stick around.
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new this morning, the violence in the middle east continues to escalate.
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tanks on the border of the gaza strip. we'll have the latest in a live report. >> reporter: and forget wednesday. today is the busiest day of the thanksgiving holiday season here at sfo. i'm christie smith. i'll give you a live look at the lines coming up. and we've got a series of storm systems slated to impact the bay area all before we even get to thanksgiving. your full forecast details everything coming up. that rain and a stalled-out big rig will both affect your commute. i'll show you where that big rig is as well coming up. right now we show you a live shot over downtown san jose. there's going to be some rain on the way. christina will tell us all. it is friday, yes indeed, friday, november 16th. this is "today in the bay." it is 5:31. very good morning to everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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the bay area getting ready for a soaking. our storm system coverage continues this morning, starting out with meteorologist christina loren. she's really got her eye on it. >> yeah, you know, the showers are intensifying as we speak. you may not have had any raindrops over your rooftop overnight but now they are coming in steadily. you can see slick conditions. mike will track your commute in just a minute. as i widen out, you can see there's a lot more rain on the way and this system has a subtropical moisture tap, which means it's able to suck in a lot of moisture. we're expecting heavy rainfall as we head throughout tonight in particular. so your futurecast works out like this. spotty activity for the first part of the day. then we'll start to intensify those showers between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. heavy rainfall continues overnight. then we get another system right on this one's heels. we'll time that out for you coming up. 5:32. first let's take a look at your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning, good morning. it looks like i put some pieces in the wrong place in the rundown. we're looking right now at
5:32 am
fremont and we're looking at 880 through this area. but i want to show you the east shore freeway. this is cam 167 on our system where we have the disabled big rig. up in berkeley coming down, there's this disabled big rig blocking two lanes at the powell street on-ramp causing a great deal of slowing. you're funneled down to two lanes. our maps will show you coming down in the westbound commute direction, this is a problem heading over to the bay bridge. we'll track this and the rain coming in. the rain is causing some wet roads on the peninsula. our storm watch continues with a live look over san jose. we'll continue all morning long with this, mike and christina will be all over it with live weather and traffic updates throughout the day. make sure to check out the latest conditions any time you need them on our website, whether you're hitting the road or taking to the skies, this weekend's storms could
5:33 am
impact your thanksgiving travel plans. today is the start of the holiday travel season. for one bay area airport, it's also considered one of the busiest travel days of the year. christie smith keeping an eye on flights this morning at sfo. things picking up out there? >> reporter: they are. i think all the business travelers here are surprised to see all the holiday travelers here, people carrying baby seats, lots of luggage, little children with them. in fact this group of people just kind of popped up. when we first got here at 4:30, it was basically empty but it just keeps getting busier and busier. i was checking on twitter inside the airport and a couple of people were sending out tweets saying they can't believe how many people here dropping off their luggage curbside at sfo. thanksgiving isn't until next thursday but at sfo they announced record passenger loads for the holiday season. travel up 3% compared with the same time last year. that season starts today with 140,000 travelers passing through here making it the
5:34 am
busiest travel day of this particular holiday season. i just spoke with one woman who didn't know this was the busiest day for thanksgiving travel, not wednesday. >> reporter: this is the busiest today, though, they're saying. >> great. all right. fingers crossed. >> reporter: how has it been so far? >> good, good. just waking the kids up, getting them together is probably the hardest part of the day. >> reporter: now, weather may be a factor a little bit later. i can tell you the streets are wet but it's not raining right now. i also checked the arrival and departure boards. both flights appear to be on time. i only saw one cancellation. also keep in mind between today and november 25th, 1.2 million travelers will pass through sfo. also parking expected to be very tight. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, "today in the bay." happening right now in the middle east, that violence there is on the rise between israelis and palestinians this morning. a brand new round of attacks
5:35 am
under way right now as we speak. israeli troops and tanks posted at the palestinian border. marla tellez is live in the newsroom with the details on all the overnight developments and what's going on there. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. it's looking like a ground assault is imminent as israeli tanks approach the gaza border and to think friday was supposed to bring a cease-fire. this is a live look at gaza city off in the distance. the violence has quieted down. right now it's 3:30 in the afternoon so we are approaching evening. we'll have to see what transpires once the sun sets there. a cease-fire was supposed to happen today out of respect for egypt's prime minister who is spending about three hours in gaza today as he shows his support for the palestinians. instead the theme looked more like this, hundreds of rocket launches. officials say more than 400 rockets taking off from gaza bound for tel aviv where it is just a ghost town there. the playgrounds are empty.
5:36 am
shops closed, as israelis try to take cover. this morning we're hearing from an israeli government spokesman. >> the attempt last night by the terrorists in gaza to launch rockets on tel aviv only underscores the danger that the israeli public faces in this formidable military machine in gaza. >> reporter: now, the fighting began wednesday after hamas' top military commander was assassinated. since then, the israel defense forces says it has targeted more than 450 sites in gaza. just as alarming, israel has hit 150 targets in gaza today alone. so far 20 people are reported dead, almost 250 injured. but considering the number of rockets that have been launched, it's amazing these figures are not higher. the situation over there is changing minute by minute. we're staying on top of this and will continue to bring you the latest. >> marla, thank you very much. well, the husband and wife accused of killing a woman
5:37 am
inside her home in hercules now expected to enter their plea today in a contra costa courtroom. darnell and tania washington were arrested near seattle last month. prosecutors say the couple killed retired schoolteacher susie ko and then stole her car and fled to washington state. the couple has been on the run since august when tania allegedly helped darnell break out of prison in san bernardino. today's hearing is expected to start at 1:30. let's see when that rain is expected to start hitting the bay area and where. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> yeah, it's already coming in and there's a lot more on the way. the light spotty showers have started. i'm watching this first batch of rain because that's going to impact you as you get to your commute this morning. so we want to stop the clock on your futurecast and show you what we're expecting from these showers. as we head through the next hour or so, we'll see pretty heavy rain in fremont.
5:38 am
27 minutes away from heavy rain in palo alto and about 20 minutes away from redwood city. what's happening is tra decisionally our storm systems move from the north to the south. this is coming from the south moving to the north and the core of low pressure will pass right over the bay area. this is where you find the heaviest rain and strongest winds. we stop the clock right at 5:00 p.m. that's when the core starts to approach the bay area. heavy rainfall will continue through this evening into tonight. we'll get some breaks to get outdoors over the course of the weekend. i'll time that out for you in my next forecast. also a third system arrives as woe head into wednesday of next week. we'll let you know what that means potentially for your thanksgiving plans, that's coming up. first let's check your drive. >> we do have flares on the east shore freeway. look at those flares, but the truck itself has moved from the roadway. it still has that big backup westbound 80 approaching powell. now, at the bottom of your screen i still see cars on the
5:39 am
side of the road. let me see the maps and see how things are shaping up as we travel through the area. looking westbound coming down into berkeley an emeryville, we do have the slowing still recovering but it looks like lanes are clear approaching the bay bridge. now there's a new issue right around treasure island and slowing up the incline. we might see the metering lights turned on but we'll see how things play out over the next 10 to 15 minutes. looking at the city side, we have some wet roadways because of the rain christina showed you on the radar coming through that will impact your drive, likely for city streets mostly. palo alto, things are dry here through 101 but that will change, guys. back to you. the time now, 5:39. ex-cia chief david petraeus testifying before a congressional committee about those attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> we'll have a live report on what he is expected to say next. >> reporter: and this is bob redell. we are talking about the best $10 that you can spend, what it
5:40 am
can buy and who it can help, it can go so far. we'll tell you more about our nbc bay area food drive that's kicking off this week. that story coming up.
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today in washington, former cia director david petraeus answering questions for the first time since he resigned over an affair. that's not what today's hearings are all about. lawmakers want to know what he knows about the attack in libya that ultimately killed four americans. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning with all the latest details. a lot going on out there. >> reporter: absolutely. that first of two hearings today should be wrapping up shortly, assuming they're on time. we did not see general petraeus go in, but we did get confirmation he is there today testifying behind closed doors with both the house and then later shortly with the senate intelligence committee on what happened. he conducted an investigation before he stepped down as cia director. that's why lawmakers want to
5:43 am
talk to him about whether there was security concerns before this attack in benghazi, whether they were addressed, whether this attack could have been prevented. it is certainly possible he could get questions about his affair and why he resigned from the cia, although that is not the focus of this investigation. the cia, by the way, is now investigating petraeus to make re he didn't do anything professionally that would compromise the agency before he stepped down when he was having that affair. but in terms of benghazi, lawmakers here have now seen realtime video of that attack. there was a heated exchange about u.n. ambassador season rice. the united nations ambassador who initially said this was the result of that attack that turned out not to be the case. democrats say she was acting on early information that was bad but republicans say it was not a good track record if she's to be considered as secretary of state. that nominating process not get
5:44 am
under way but apparently she's on the short list. jon. >> tracie potts, thank you very much. president obama will meet with congressional leaders of both parties at the white house today to try to negotiate a deal to avoid that looming fiscal cliff. the president will also meet with leaders of civil rights organizations and other advocacy groups to seek input on those negotiations. mr. obama wants any deficit reduction plan to include tax increases on the wealthy. republican leaders say they will accept new tax revenue, but not higher tax rates. it is 5:44 right now and this is always a great cause, an annual event. nbc bay area dpeerigearing up f holidays by joining the fight against hunger. it takes place tomorrow at safeway stores all over the bay area. >> we'd love to see you come out. in fact bob redell is already live this morning at a safeway in pleasanton with a lot more on how you can help. good morning, bob.
5:45 am
>> reporter: yeah, laura and jon, we can't make it any easier. all you've got to do is come into one of these safeway stores. look what's in front of you. you've got a grocery bag already packed, stapled together. costs ten bucks. you put it in the bin and it will go to people who are less fortunate and need to be fed. we've got the jazz band here as backup for chico and nee, students at the high school. i'm just curious, at this age a lot of people don't start feeling generous until they're older or more mature. what made you think about doing this? what was inspiring you. >> so the truth is about one in six americans goes hungry every day and that's a big issue, so we wanted to help a cause and donate to the alameda county community food bank to basically help those that are in need. >> and the food drive going so far. >> oh, it's going pretty well. a lot of the students are donating, same with their families and the teachers as
5:46 am
well. >> hey, thanks, guys. happy thanksgiving. and samantha is with the tri-valley haven food bank, michael is with the alameda county community food bank, you're going to be recipients of some of this food. we were talking earlier the face of hunger. who are these people? >> they're everybody. they're the kid next to your kid in the school. they're the seniors, and the community seniors are rapidly growing. fixed incomes, can't afford to get themselves food. it's everybody that needs help. >> an i know that the faces change over the years. what scares you most, michael? >> what scares me most is that this can happen to anybody. we say the face of hunger ias diverse as the county itself. it takes one medical scare, one lost job, just one little thing to set you back in an area that has a cost of living like we do here in the bay area. just one little setback and it can really affect somebody, especially this time of year when there's added burdens of children being out of school for extended period of time, higher utility bills.
5:47 am
it can be scary. >> that's why we're asking anyone tomorrow, something going on throughout the holidays, but tomorrow is the big push. come to any of the safeways, again, it's just a $10 bag. take it to the front, give them ten bucks and it will go into one of those bins and to one of the respective food banks or pantries to help people in need. i'll actually be at the livermore safeway. jessica will be here. some of our morning crew will be there. >> i think christina and marla are at river mark. i'm going to be in morgan hill. scott mcgrew is going to be there too. really we'd love to see you and love for people to make a donation. thanks, bob. >> great day out there. smooth music. nice jazz to start your day. 5:47 right now. we're keeping it cool, but it's going to get a little wet and rainy for us as well. >> yeah. you know what, if you want to come out as laura and jon pointed out, i'm going to be with scott mcgrew and marla
5:48 am
tellez, that's a party in itself. we're helping people in need right here in the community. basically it's an equation for greatness, so we'd love to see you out there. 5:48, taking a live look. showers creeping up from south to north. you can see what's barreling towards san jose now. you've got this moderate, even heavy rainfall embedded within the green. that's light to moderate rainfall. the next couple of hours it's going to start to get a little more active but we're not expecting the bulk to come through until later on tonight. we've got a really strong storm system creeping up from the south. and it's also already bringing showers, snow showers, a rain mixed with snow. at the end of the storm system, the first one, we're expecting potentially 1 to 2 feet of new snow above 7,000 feet. that's not even including the totals that we're expecting from the secondary system that moves onshore early saturday -- excuse me, late saturday into early
5:49 am
sunday. so the first system times out like this. stop the clock at 6:00 p.m. between 2:00 and 6:00, steady rainfall expected with heavy periods from time to time. we stop that clock at 2:00 a.m. saturday and that's when things will start to clear out a little pi bit. 5:00 a.m., light to moderate rainfall. by noon saturday some clearing and that trend will last until 5:00 p.m. but this system will come through very quickly. we stop the clock from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. sunday, the whole thing blows out of here. we stay nice and relatively dry all the way through sunday and monday. just a few spotty showers expected. but the heavy rain will come to a close on sunday morning. 66 in livermore, 61 in concord. as we head throughout the day today, it's not going to be all that cold. the cold blast comes in behind the first system and we'll get a secondary cold blast with that second system on sunday, so sunday will be cold, 61 degrees, but you'll get a little bit more sunshine. monday into tuesday, a few residual showers and wednesday and thursday we clear you out,
5:50 am
except up in the north bay where the tail end of a third system will come through. let's check on your drive with mike. >> you know, you should be thankful if you don't have to drive across the bay bridge. even though this is a beautiful view, with all of these lights, the lights are not moving. just one set of flashing lights at the s curve approaching treasure island on your commute direction of the upper deck. there is a very slow drive approaching at least one, maybe two lanes are blocked by an accident. reports of major damage to the cars. now it sounds like there are no major injuries, but still details coming in. a slow drive coming all the way up the incline. look at the toll plaza and how it plays back. it ripples back over to the toll plaza where they turn the metering lights on. it is 5:50 in the morning on a friday and we have the backup all the way past the 880 overcrossing. this is a big problem if you're heading over into the city. you're going to add a lot of time here. look at the maps. slow up the incline because of that accident i just showedy. the earlier accident, the big rig has cleared to the shoulder
5:51 am
but a distraction and slow through the area coming south from richmond into the area here. we're also looking at the peninsula where we show that rain that christina is talking about, the green heighting. that's where you're going to have the wetter roads. that will move farther south as the morning continues. san jose dry right now but they're trying to fix the drain right here at the alameda. that's why the off-ramp is closed from south 880. look at this, the first burst kicked in for 101 coming up through the area. so a slow drive coming up northbound 101 and building now from tully up to 680. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it is 5:51 right now. coming up, they are leaving on a jet plane heading to the big apple. a high school band teeing it up to make history today. mun what would make this golf golf better? explosive. gadget friday just ahead.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back, everybody. how's this for a pretty cool harp. the saratoga high school band marching its way to new york city. >> they have been invited to play in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. last night they held that final rehearsal before leaving town. the parade will be the first national event for saratoga's band. >> i am very excited, to the point where there's not a lot of sleep going on. i'm nervous. the kids are going to be fantastic, but i'm just worried that we are -- we are preparing ourselves for the kids and making sure we do a good job as teachers. >> total of 400 band members,
5:55 am
directors and chaperones will be making that trip. you can watch the parade right here on nbc bay area at 9:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day. >> congratulations to the saratoga high school band. right now, ladies and gentlemen, i hold in my hand what i presumed was a state-of-the-art golf club. scott mcgrew, you handed this to me, yet you say you have an even better club. >> i do. i wanted to show you the difference. john, you have a taylormade rocket blade. golfers are going to be jealous of your club because rocketblades don't hit the market until the day after thanksgiving. show yours off one more time. yours may be special. mine is specialer. there's jon's. i have an easy golf driver. this was developed in fremont. let me show you what we can do. we have a golf pro -- >> it looks good. >> we have video of a golf pro this morning. it's so fast you can barely see it. there is a piston in there that
5:56 am
actually drives the golf club using gun powder. 300-yard drive, piece of cake. >> wait a minute, so you don't move? skbr you don >> you don't move. >> that's cheating! >> if you will take camera 3 right here, i will set this up. >> wait a minute, that's aimed towards me. >> the reason i do not have a golf ball is it does go 2, 300 yards. isn't that amazing? so there's the piston right there. >> okay, thanks. can't hear now. >> you're welcome. and then i just reload it. i caulk it. open it up, take out the cap and reload it. you know what's cool, you can set different distances. now, who wants an explosive golf club? >> i'll take one. >> here's the actual serious answer. handicapped people. people who suffered strokes, that kind of thing.
5:57 am
they rent these. they rent these. sunnyvale, palo alto as well. >> so you can rent them. >> you can rent them. >> thank you very much. >> are your ears ringing? >> yeah, let's take a break. we'll be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
bulldozers, flatbed trucks. it's like a construction zone. >> bracing for rain after the sliechl slide. a daly city neighborhood hoping the hillside will hold up after that massive flood. we've got a lot of rain on the way, in the ballpark of 1 to 2 inches. two storm systems will impact us over the next 48 hours. we're timing it out to your doorstep. while we're watching the effects of that rain already hitting your roadways, look, this is the backup. i'll show you what caused that for the bay bridge as well. taking a live look outside, waiting for the sun's arrival on this friday, november 16th. you made it to


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