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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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possible. >> new this morning, his son caught in the middle of the deadly crime spree. for the first time a father shares his pain as police search for his son's killer. plus hitting the picket line. nurses at a number of bay area hospitals getting ready to walk right off the job. and for the fifth day in a row, violence between israelis and palestinians continues. now this morning president obama says he is taking action. and right now we take a live look over the south bay, that is san jose before the sun comes up on this tuesday, november 20th. this is "today in the bay." it is 4:31 on the nose. very good morning to everybody, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. first let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. you'll need your jacket and the
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umbrella today, we are tracking showers on the radar and it's only just begun. we've got a lot more rain on the way as we head through the second half of the day. showers will mostly stay north of the golden gate bridge all the way through mid-morning and then the heavy rain arrives later on. showers aren't going to last long. you'll be happy to hear they'll clear before thanksgiving. let's check on your drive with mike. >> it sounds like we're okay for the morning commute. it's traffic tuesday. over here through oakland, 880 moves smoothly past the coliseum. north of here you do have a construction zone and no major slowing. let me show you the map south of here. we'll look at the castro valley y. getting onto southbound 880 at marina boulevard, there's an accident blocking a couple of lanes. it is 4:32. a campbell father is speaking out for the first time this morning over his son's death in a deadly crime spree. rory pediford said police came
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to his home and let him know his son had been shot and killed. investigators say he was murdered last friday during a carjacking attempt at a san jose 7-elev 7-eleven. investigators have linked two suspects on killing him and then firing on officers. he said what happened to his son is violence beyond imagination. >> we just thought where we lived and how we raised him, that nothing like this was even possible. >> police have arrested one of the suspects. his accomplice ecapscaped and i still on the run. investigators hope a $20,000 reward and this sketch will help find that suspect. pg&e is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a man who kidnapped and robbed one of his employees. two men kidnapped and carjacked the 57-year-old woman as she left work november 7th.
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these are surveillance videos of one of the suspects. she was tied up, blind folded and forced to withdraw money from east bay atms. they later let her go. a warning to students after a brazen armed robbery at foothill community college. it happened about 9:00 yesterday morning. college officials say the suspect approached two men on campus, pulled out a gun and made off with their backpacks. no one was hurt and police are working on a sketch of the suspect. they're urging students to call police if they see anything suspicious. four men from southern california are in fbi custody facing terrorism charges. the fbi says that group allegedly plotted what it calls a violent jihad to kill americans here and abroad. they were allegedly planning to join al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. now, the four suspects were arrested last friday. coming up at 5:10, we will have a live report from southern california with the latest on this current investigation. 4:34. happening now, air strikes
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pummeled gaza overnight and rockets hit southern israel as secretary of state hillary clinton heads to that region today. we've got a live look at the gaza strip this morning. israel targeted 100 sites overnight, including terror tunnels and ammunition storage facilities. at least five palestinians were killed, ten wounded so far in those attacks. in response, gaza militants fired 60 rockets towards southern israel. in the meantime an israeli man with a knife and an ax attacked a security guard today at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. the guard was slightly wounded in the leg but was able to file a warning shot in the air and catch the suspect. the suspect's motives are still unclear. secretary of state clinton is heading to the middle east in a big show of diplomacy with a goal of trying to get israel and hamas to stop fighting. tracie potts has more details on what the obama administration right now is hoping this trip will accomplish. >> reporter: more explosions in
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gaza this morning as tensions between israel and hamas show no sign of ending. negotiations are under way with egypt as mediator. >> we're encouraged by the cooperation and the consultation we've had with the egyptian leadership. we want to see that, again, support a process that can deescalate the situation. >> reporter: but the two sides are far apart. hamas wants israel to stop killing its leaders. israel insists on a cease-fire first. that's the message secretary of state clinton will take when she meets with israel, egypt and the palestinians. >> we need a little bit of a period of quiet diplomacy to try to de-escalate this. >> reporter: president obama still traveling in asia was on the phone till 2:30 this morning trying to keep this from escalating to a ground war. >> if israelis push across the border, the narrative changes, the picture changes, in way that say will make it that much more difficult to get back to a negotiation. >> reporter: but israelis want
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more than just a temporary cease-fire. >> if the cease-fire is going to take place, what is the guarantee that this is not something that's going to break down after a couple of weeks. >> reporter: a thousand rockets fired by hamas so far. over 1300 targets hit by israeli missiles. gaza under fire for one more day. palestinian tv reporting today that russia will introduce a rez la -- resolution at the united nations to end this conflict. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. new this morning, president obama is praising the u.s. relationship with china as he wraps up meetings with asian leaders in cambodia. the president sat down with china's outgoing premier tuesday at the summit of the association of southeast asian nations. the president said that america and china should cooperate to build a secure and prosperous future for the world. the meeting most likely is his
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last with him. the premier and china's president are stepping down. here at home nurses from ten bay area hospitals walking off the job and 7:00 this morning. this marks the seventh strike by nurses represented by the california nurses association since september of 2011. you're looking at a strike earlier this month over a long-standing contract dispute with the sutter health organization. the two-day strike will affect eight east bay hospitals operated by sutter health. nurses set to hold a one-day strike at two san jose facilities affiliated with the hospital corporation of america. this marks the first strike in more than a decade for san jose nurses. all hospitals have hired replacements. taking a live look this morning at the port of oakland where workers are taking part in a 24-hour strike. employees walked off the job there at the port and oakland international airport at 9:00
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last night. they say they have gone 16 months without a new contract. coming up at 5:00, we'll go live to the picket lines with a look at whether the strike will affect holiday travel plans. 4:38 right now. to see what will happen during those pickets outside and beyond, christina loren is here to say rain is coming. >> oh, it's coming. not much we can do about it at this point except for prepare. grab that umbrella and make sure you've got your jacket. temperatures today will be just about as warm as they were yesterday but kind of a cool start to the day. satellite radar tells the story, areas to the north of the golden gate bridge getting a little shower activity, not a whole lot just yet. there is certainly more on the way. we have two competing systems working in all the microclimates across the bay area. areas to the south of the golden gate bridge are still under the area of high pressure. we're not expecting a lot of activity here in the south bay until tonight. you can see, though, getting kind of hammered right along the coastline here in the
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northernmost portion of the state. set your futurecast in motion for you and stop the clock at about 5:00 p.m. the front really starts to arrive in the north bay so not a whole lot of activity between now and 5:00 p.m. tonight. then that front will slide to the south between 5:00 and 11:00 p.m. getting a little bit of rain tomorrow morning but the whole thing clears out just in time for your travel plans on wednesday unless, of course, you're headed to southern california. the tail end of this system is only going to go as far as bakersfield, maybe not even past fresno. 68 in livermore, 65 for fremont and 67 in los gatos. your seven-day outlook, to let you know how the weather will be for your thanksgiving feast, all i know, mike, is i'm ready to stuff my face. >> i'm ready to stuff my face and whatever else gets in the way. looking over to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic moves smoothly. nothing going on as far as backup on the bridge itself, a
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smooth drive. between the altamont and livermore, we're focusing on eastbound. notice the orange coming into the construction zone and then at the end of the arrow just above it we have at the grand line road an accident. a solo car spinout. there might be glass on the roadway as well. light traffic eastbound. westbound a little slowing at the altamont. pleasanton with some construction down into sunol. there's two lanes through the area but light traffic keeps it smooth to the south bay. in the north bay, there's some mist on the roadways so in san rafael, there's a sheen on the roads. it is 4:40. the santa clara vta is planning to extend the reach of its light rail line. plans to add an extra one and a half miles to its original project. the line would connect los gatos to downtown san jose-campbell line. the vta will hold a public meeting at december 4th at the
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campbell public library. a myth buster is hoping to bust a burglar. adam savage, co-host of the popular discovery channel series tweeted out this picture of the bag made pie famous artist tom sacks. someone broke into his car saturday night. he said there was nothing valuable in the bag, but the bag itself has sentimental value. savage is offering a reward for its safe return, the rope and all. >> the utility bag. 4:41 right now. here's good news for all of us. hostess may not stop the production of twinkies after all. the new order from a judge coming up in a live report. and is there trouble in toyland? the new report out today every parent needs to see before starting that holiday shopping. also the new niners stadium in santa clara won't just be hosting pro football. we'll tell you what else will happen there coming up.
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good morning to you. taking a live look outside. >> that was very pleasant. >> well, you know, people easing into the day. it is early on a tuesday, nonetheless. 4:45 right now. you know the workers at that oracle arena could be pretty happy. plans for a new arena is moving
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forward. today the board of supervisors is expected to sign off on the financial feasibility of the project. the arena is expected to bring 4300 jobs to san francisco. and this is the part for those oracles work others. the warriors promised to give current oracle employees, first crack at those new jobs. the new niners stadium will also be home to the kraft fight hunger bowl. they are expected to make that announcement later this afternoon. the bowl game us currently played at at&t park. it would move when the new stadium opens in 2014. there's still hope for the survival of the endangered twinkie. that's right, hostess ordering into mediation with its workers to its efforts to try and save the treats. plus the chairman of the federal reserve is expected to speak today. seema mody is live at cnbc world headquarters with all the details. seema, good morning.
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>> reporter: let's start off with the markets. we did see a rally on monday. the dow had its best point gain in two months on optimism that the white house and congress may reach a budget deal to avoid the year-end fiscal cliff. we get data on housing starts and building permits and earnings from hewlett-packard as well as best buy expected to come out today. fed chairman ben bernanke speaks in new york around noon time. the dow jumping 207 points to close at 12,795. the nasdaq rising nearly 63 points in yesterday's trade. all right, here's the story, guys. the twinkie gets a stay of execution. hostess brands has agreed to enter mediation with its lenders and striking bakery workers at the urging of a bankruptcy judge. the maker of wonder bread, twinkies and hostess cupcakes announced it was shutting down after the union walked off the job the week before. hostess is seeking permission to liquidate the company and sell assets. the judge wants to try everything in order to save about 18,000 jobs. back to you.
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seema mody, thank you very much. >> those powdered doughnuts big nits our house. >> you've got to have that sugar boost in the morning. >> can you believe that, $65 on ebay for a box of twinkies yesterday morning. it was insane but i was sincerely thinking about it. good morning to you. what you want to think about as you make your way out that front door, grab the jacket and the umbrella. it's going to be a cool, cloudy day in addition to that cool, cloudy weather we'll have wind in the bay area so that's going to make it feel even colder as we head throughout the afternoon. you're at 48 to start in livermore and we have showers on the radar. but mostly it will be confined to the north bay. we're not going to see the showers even get into the san francisco bay area until we hit later on tonight. as you can see the front is draped across the northernmost portion of the state extending all the way to the pacific northwest. for us we'll see a pretty good
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day. light north bay showers this morning will continue through mid-morning. start to see a few of those showers spread to the south as we head to this afternoon. i'm talking 1:00, 2:00 p.m. in san francisco. the heaviest rain arrives between 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. so we've got a 12-hour window of wet weather. when we meet back tomorrow morning we'll be tracking the tail end of that system. 68 in livermore today, 65 in fremont and good morning to you in redwood city. you'll hit about 67 degrees down there. we've got a really good-looking weekend shaping up, especially if you've got family and friends and want to show them around the beautiful bay area. it's so pretty with all the leaves, oranges out there, it's gorgeous. 68 degrees by friday into the weekend. 70s return and a few north bay showers on sunday. back to you. it is 4:49. state officials are asking a federal judge for more time to reduce prison population. the stay was ordered to lower
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its inmate population by 110,000 by june of next year. as of right now they're still about 9,000 short of that target. california was ordered to reduce its prison population after a federal judge found that substandard medical care was responsible for the death of on average one inmate per week. the court said it would consider a six-month extension but only if state officials first tried to identify inmates who could be released early. a consumer group today sending a warning to parents over some of this year's most popular toys for christmas. the public interest research group relying its annual trouble in toyland safety report. that will happen later on this morning. that's when the group names specific toys the organization has found potentially hazardous for kids. as soon as that report is released, we will have it for you and put it on our website, the richmond city council will talk about ongoing repairs to the chevron refinery damaged
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by fire back in august. chevron wants to replace the corroded carbon steel pipe with an alloy called nine chromium. however, contra costa times reports federal chemical safety board is challenging the choice, saying stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion. the debate could cause delays in efforts to repair the refinery. the san francisco board of supervisors today deciding whether to ban public nudity. supervisor scott weiner says his proposal would extend the ban on nudity at parks to all public areas throughout the city. nudity would still be allowed at certain events like san francisco's gay pride celebration and the bay to breakers. coming up in our next hour, bob redell will be live from san francisco city hall with the man who proposed this ban and what he's saying about it. 4:51. a bay area homemade famous by alfred hitchcock getting a
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makeover. why not everyone is happy about the change. and we're happy about this, look at that, a smooth drive. misty over the city. we'll talk about your morning commute and i'll bring you to the changes to the accident i'm watching in san leandro.
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a san francisco house with an iconic film history will no longer be on public display for all you movie buffs out there. the owners of this lombard
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street homemade famous by alfred hitchcock's 1958 classic, "vertigo" say they're sick of being a tourist attraction. this is a clip from the film or a still shot. they want to stop all those spying eyes so the couple has put up a six-foot wall right in front of the house. they say this is after years of tourists ringing their doorbell, not cool. strangers picketing on the fence, also not cool, and tossing garbage in their front yard. really, really not cool. >> yeah, that isn't. a little privacy there. it is 4:54. a group of bay area kids being honored by first lady michelle obama. >> the next award goes to youth radio. >> students in oakland watch a live feed of first lady michelle obama awarding youth radio with the national arts and humanities youth program award. it is one of just a dozen after school arts programs recognized from across the country. >> i think youth radio has been doing amazing work for years and
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years. it's really great that we're finally getting recognized for the work that we do for this community. >> the program has helped to groom young journalists, fosters budding musicians and helps many kids find their niche in the media world. it's cool to hear. >> you said you were listening to them? >> yeah, they have them on local radio. >> very nice. good luck to all you youngsters out there. good luck to you, mike inouye, telling us what's happening on the road. >> thank you, thank you, thank you very much. my wife has worked with some folks from youth radio. outstanding group of folks. we're looking over to the san mateo bridge crossing the bay, outstanding group of folks here heading west with the taillights, eastbound with the headlights. although there's a wind advisory just issued by chp for the bay bridge just to the north. heading over to the right in yellow, it's eastbound 580 suddenly showing just a little bit of slowing for that dublin interchange. i'll track that.
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we have a stalled vehicle, sounds like a semi truck might be blocking maybe your slow lane getting on at 98th but the freeway itself is open for business. 880 no problems and the golden gate bridge moves smoothly. it's not wet here but it is a little samp through san rafael. no, it's not quite thanksgiving just yet but it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. swarovski jewelry has unveiled their ornaments sitting atop the christmas tree. crews busy covering the 20,000-pound tree with more than 4500 l.e.d. lights that will stretch some five miles long. it will be lit on november 28th during the annual traditional tree lighting ceremony. >> all right. pretty. >> the tree looks a lot nicer when it's in bloom.
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>> beautiful. >> 4:57 right now. we continue to follow all that fighting going on over in the middle east. the secretary of state is currently on her way to the region. we will have new details just ahead coming up on all that unrest in a live report.
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new this morning, the white house getting involved in the israeli/palestinian conflict. what president obama decides overnight as the fighting in that region intensifies. >> reporter: after hitting the picket lines at the oakland international airport, port workers plan to shut down the port of oakland today. i'm christie smith. we'll have that story coming up in a live report. and if you're planning to hit the highway for holiday travel today, we've got showers on the radar. we'll show you where you might be able to beat the rain, though. we'll talk about your forecast coming up. and i'm tracking the highway with something you don't want to hit. i'll let you know what's going on for the peninsula and where to watch out. and


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